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T his is N um ber 5 7 O rganization s Is P ow er I S. Cý- - -
HE VI E the E
Owned by the Rebel Lumberjacks of Dixie l( An Injury to One is an Injury to AlL
All Woodsmen, Attention!
Some Questions Relative The Proposed
Strike of the "International Union
of Shingle Weavers, Saw Mill
Workers and Woodsmen."
The question is beinig asked: "What position is
the I. W. W. going to take in the pending strike for
a shorter workday on the first of May 1''
I am not sure that. I ean give a satisfae'try answer
to that question, luit will. however, offer my opinion
on the matter.
As to the eight-hour (lay agitation, I don't think
there is any doubt in the mind of anylnily that we.
of the Industrial Workers of the World, intend to
carry on this agitation. We have done so for years.
In fact, we are the Pioneers of thifs movement that
is now elaiming the attention of all men working in
the Lumber Woods. It has cost us four years of
agitation and thousands of dollars in money to de
velope this movement that is now expressing itself in
the A. F. of L. Then you ask us, what position we
are going to take in the matter? Why, it seems to
be rather absurd, to think that we would lay down,
or that we would repudiate the positive position we
have taken on this important movement in the past.
Then, again, we have already taken a position that
Iwe, not only want a shorter workday, but, by CGod.
we are going to keep fighting until we get it.
You know, Logger, that were it not for the long
years of constant. and persistent agitation carried on
by the I. W. W. in the Lumber ('amps, that the A.
F. of L. would not be bold enough to undertake the
job of getting it on May first. They know that we
have paved the way, that we have prepared the
ground, and, if they did not know this, they would
not utldertake to organize this strike without tirst
preparing the ground.
The qujestion, after all, resolves itself into this one
thing: Ilo you want. a shorter workday, Mr. Lumber
jack? If so,. get yourself in position to tight for it.
Never mind what the I. W. W. is going to dc . We will
the on the jcb as usual, doinrg our part toi whip the
Lumber Trust.. The great lueiitio agit;ating the
mindiils of the iaf tie cficials of the A F'. of I. is. not
what position the 1. W. W. is going to take in this
miove, for a shortAer workday. hlit what. poesition are
,ut, Mr. I'norga:nized lunbherjaek going to take on
the. mcatter? Never mind the I. W. W. If you show
the samen fighting spirit in this fight as the I. W. W.
h\ vs have shcow nl ill the past. or will in the future.
yoiu will have v\'cur hours olf laiicr reI.i i ce to a very
ioltii'caile e'xtentll
I ;bhall. ill ill next article, deal \;thi oither asplec'ts
of this Ilproposed strike. I shall ask the Shingle
Weavers. \VIIAT P'OSITION AR Y O)I" (;O)[N( To
l)AY .
'o1rs f'r Ii-ndustrial :'re .Ido\mI.
S`t : Treas.. N. . 1 . F. arild L. .W.,
VWestern I )istrc,"
ONE ilt1 ; I NI)N i., a inrplli propsi, .itiorl. It
ccc'cma 's all 1 ,Irkir-' ii ;I c'i .r i shc1, ill till' slip ir;anillc'.
It in c;ii all wot rle.rs II i ! n ii r iicllst rir c ,f a loi alit'v
in oun'' d! . al ibct rl i *c cI i t c iccruS all; i wc crkrs
im a ,.''c r o n l istr" thrliy-,,ilc, ut t hi iat ijn iln uric
,all ic a,,; inc' clcntri:-, c iii i, ,, ;ili ind itric's in
ONE Bid; I I'eN F-' T'lE \\:WcKINN '!LASS.
,withl lI tl'rn lat aI ' :. t ;i ilit Inl. .\-ni YOll iu el
*"* S \licrity.1
t' mlar. th l ilt ' ,th ,'nn'c . d d!i fcntcls i " .h. w whrl'c
I'unc'ii slncicl a; just . 4ulcilc islccec1ci if l hih
.i ifl cc. 'iti i, ra i ,l I ,, lt i sh ni, in . 41 itl.iN i
tic I iG rmmiam. I mciiio.s. ni : , ictnicl, r 'listnributedi inc
Jr.,tiirti, s 1oct ,tate"1l n: 11c ui. \\~kir,'rs f all , L ithenr
,lnitri 's whern' lniu ni-:ni tlc,,ir hes. l. Thie ,crllhini.I
mnmi b rihli p'sl u:c if "ill kluiw ln I cii Il' is r,,ctunrucI it urlde'r
si'xtheun illIns (Gret Brittinl hluvimutr ine ficmirth ,f
tle;ce' m.c'cinl'r'.s Lnd,,n Iliil " lHeralhl.
l= ' I ýýý ýý ý ý ý ý I ý kr
Bodineites Nailed to Cross.
Th1e I4Hliri otutfit have;i cove.red this Irt with a
lldodger which, like the outfit that gt it uit. starts at
Iowhe-re and endl there.
It. claimls to he a part of The International Long
shoremenll' Asi' c'isain4 when, as a matter of fact,
the I. L. A.. a'ordling to the hLaws of the A. Fi L.
c'annot issue a charter to, an organization over which
it has no jurisd lict ;n.
Int the seeniid place t tiy have been virtually ex
I1pelled from the, only "hulna-fide" organizati(,n of this
chiss r'ecognized bIy the A. F. L.-the I. S. I'. A.
I'hevy miake the ciairm ,of' being part and parcel of
the labor ,movement of the wirlid. H1ere are the facts.
'1Thir c·arl is worthless nn the Pa;cific ('oast and every
where else an open. shlopl revails. The I. S. 1'. A.
i,,, the I'acifie ('oast give's the hI.e-haw to any Bodine
ili;arl \w'hoii clomes that way.
lThe I. W. W. is growing stadily aind insistently
S1 the lPacific (',ast. and we have learned that the
I. S. F. A., which organization is headed by Andrew
F'lr.sei th. ;s only i,,4 glad to get, 151n who have
ijined the I. W. W. back into the 1. S. I. A. When
e.v.r an 'gent. of the likeline ontfit. for it is not a
Inlinrl. giveis you the1 gfulf abot their 1thxks being
LMil all over. MAKE THEM P'IIOl)CE THE
I'RO(OF. If they .1annot ldo this. treat them as you
11ud1 any othier cnfidenc,.I man who would try andi
,ork a sh1. ll, game on .vu.
'I'hl. Ib,linIin outfit Mtarts from nowhe.re and is headed
for he.ll. aInI that is wh,.re y.ou sieamen are going to
.. if \u allow y'rscl:.s to, I. fuirther hiam:rbozled
I, this pirate- crew.
'The M. T. W. of the 1. W. W. has a definite plan
iand progral a,1dl we. are giinf to ,giet. there in the
i.lI. Hlow s,, n ,only +l.p4,wils ,,n yoi. We want you
t, join thl I. W. W .. andi when I say join. I do not
1114',0 for you t nmerely pay ,ihes. but to study its
principle aind program, attend riegularly and take an
.wItive ipart at, every mnejeting when you are in port
lie a live wire. unite ini the I. W. W. Make yourself
f,,it and hlrd.;r and do y,,ur bh.st towards developing
t'he rest of .Iyour fellw-workers into, fighting units of
the I. W. W.
Which do you prefer, a "union" like the Bodine
outfit, that is controlled by "Headquarters," which
meIans HIodine, (read their ºconstitution and by-laws)
or the I. W. W., which is not controlled by any in
dividual and is yours body and soul?
And not only does the I. W. W. state this but it
INSISTS most positively upon every member exercis
ing his full right of ownership.
You have sbeen a slave to every form of graft
long enough.
NOW, TO-I)AY, resolve to be a MAN, a REAL
MAN, an I. W. W.
Join the Marine Transport Workers of the I. W.
W. and show that you are a man.
Marine Transport Workers, I. W. W.-W .J. Parks.
Secretary; Frank Albers, Organizer. Hall 307 N.
Peters Street, New Orleans. Meetings, 7:30 o'clock
every Tuesday night
And this is what our reporter saw andl heard in his
wanderings up and down and through the jungles of
the River Front.
Down by the Leyland Line, on Saturday, Jan.
24th, he saw a man said to be Wm. Mr. Fannem and
a money shark who charges 20 cents on the dollar,
and this is direct deIfiance of the mandates of the
Christian religion. Also, on top of this interest, each
man hooked must give Mr. Fannem his time cheeks
to keep, unless he is "honest pay," as Mr. Fannem
has no intention of taking any losses. Saturday Mr.
Fannem had a cigar box full of checks. When the
victims come to the pay table he stands at the door
and gives each man his check to go in and get his
money and, when hi comes out, Mr. Fannenm receives
his rebate-all the sucker sweated for. The dear
old Leyland Line is. of course, absolutely ignorant
of this 20'W4 that gets by it or we guess it wouldn't
get by.
That's all for this time. bhut it isn't all our reporter
saw and heard, no, not by a dernsite and. if you
don't believe it, watch TIIE VOICE.
Woodsmen, Attention!
Fellow-workers and all slaves, stay away fWa
Sweet-Home, La., Front Local 275 on strike. The
strike was called to keep one of the Compeay's old
tricks off, trying to break the Soidarity aml driv.
ing the workers.
But, as always, the L W. W. got wine and best
them to it. The job is tied up right, not a mad
working, So all workers help keep it so by staryng
away untill we drive the boss into unmimsuoma, and
make another step toward the GOLD.
Yours for victory,
It is reported that, unable to starve the striking
Woodsmen at the Sweet Home Front, near Ball, La.
back into submission, the struck Lumber Company
or the Association, has filled up that section of the
country - ith gunmen and Burns' hounds, and that
these lawless Rurales are snooping around the homes
of the Workingmen and Working Farmers at night,
evidently for the purpose of potting some man they
consider a leader and then to try the old gag of
arresting every one of our boys for "inciting to
Therefore, all Rebels in East Texas, Louisiana,
Arkansas and Oklahoma should hold themselves in
readiness and. when the association starts its "riot,"
see to it that enough men get to the Sweet Home
country to aid and defend the workingmen and work
ing farmers there against the Thugbund. Norate
this all over the four States.
Our NEGRO fellow-workers should likewise ~a
all NIGGERS headed for Sweet Home Front to stay
away from there. All Whitetrash should likewise
be warned.
Stand together. MEN. in ONE BIG UNION and
prepare for the d:ENERAIL STRIKE of all Southern
Woodismen and Sawmill Workers!
The West strikes May First.
See It! Read It!
A plan to put within the reach of every one; a
series of lottures, accompanied by the latest high
class motion picture and stereopticon entertainments.
A clean amusement and educational program, su
perior to anything hertofore furnished by traveling
This program consists of motion pictures and many
beautiful stereopti(con views, accompanied by lucid
and witty explantions from an experienced lecturer.
No intermission to this entertainment, "something
doing" all the time.
No admission is charged for the show; all we re
quire is a receipt showing that the holder is a three
months subscriber to "TILE VOICE OF THE
PEOPLE" or a purchaser of one or more of our
many books to the amount of 25 cents and, believe
me, the papers (,r books are well worth the price
we charge for them.
All local Unions of Forest and Lumber Workers,
Southern I)istrict, should get in communication at
once w'ith ,Jay Smith, Secretary Southern District.
~ox 78. Alexandria, La., and arrange a date as soon
as possible.
Defense Funds Notices.
WHEATLAND: Send all funds for the defense
of the Wheatland Victims to, Andy Barber, Sec. L
W. W. Locals, 114 "I" Street, Sacramento, CaL
TEXAS VICTIMS: Send all funds to Vietor
Cravello, Box 1b91, Los Angeles, Cal., Secretary
of the Rangel-Cline Defense Committee.
Carl Person Defense: Send all funds to
Carl Person, Box D. Clinton, Illinois.
Railroad Workers, Get Busy! ACT

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