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The Voice of the People
(Formerly "The Lumberjack.")
Entered as Second-class Matter, July 5, 1913, at
the Post Office at New Orleans, La., under
the Act of August 24, 1912.
Published Weekly by National Industrial Union of
Forest and Lumber Workers, Southern District.
District Headquarters . ._Alexandria, La.
Jay Smith .... eeeetary
COVINGTON HALL ...... _ Editor
UNITED STATES: 52 weeks, $1.00; 26 weeks, 50
cents; 13 weeks, 25 cents.
CANADA: 40 weeks, $1.00; 10 weeks, 25 cents
FOREIGN: One Year ........ _._ $1.50
To all Locals and Rebels ordering 10 or more
copies and paying 10 weeks, or 50 or more copies
paying bi-weekly or monthly, or 500 or more copies
paying weekly, IN ADVANCE, we will make a rate
of, in United States, 1 1-2c per copy, in.Canada, 2c
per copy. Charged accounts 1-2c per copy extra.
No account carried over 30 days without a remit
UNITED STATES: 5 copies, 13 weeks._. _$1.00
CANADA, 4 copies, 13 weeksl _ $1.00
Might Is Right.
The root-thought of 'M"light Is Right" lies in this
quotation: "Property, remember, is an integral part
of freedom and manhood. They who have no proper
ty are at the mery of those who have. Woe unto
him who has 'nothing.' Economic dependence is a
flaming hell."
If every Lumberack, Worker and Working Farmer
in the South would read this great book they would
clearly see how they have lost their inheritance in
their native land by themselves losing the oldtime
fighting spirit of the Clansmen.
You will not agree with all Redbeard says no more
'than I do, but YOU should read this extraordinary
book. One thing it will do-it will show to you how
the "Mighty" rule and rob proletarianize the race
and then, it is up to you to THINK FOR YOUR
If you want to read this tremendous Epic of the
Strong, send us a DOLLAR and we will send you a
copy of "MIGHT IS RIGHT" and THE VOICE for
30 weeks.; or we will send you the book alone for
FIFTY CENTS. Address THE VOICE, 520 Poyd
ras Street, New Orleans, La.
II s.Iit. of the valrious fIormis of o)pposition, we
\vwere f'r.i to cop. with, w.. have at last .established
a h..l \whi,.h at lpresetit, has a tnernbership of 33.
'Codit ions at iresetnt di. not warrant much head
wa;y, but we hople to ,!, fefect iv. work in the Spring.
;at whichli timie ,on arc all invitell to visit anid aid us.
A erma ,lnt hall arnnot , Ia. hai as .,or K. of C.
f''ritls are -till acti\v·, Ibut \\we arc undler the imiprtes
sin that the.y \will s,.on get tired of paying rent for
Iutilhling.s hl~i, ti ..hey do nit expelct to use.
Fcllow-wrk*,rs Ir'.ec i,,tl I'a.i.sewalk have been re
,leascll the latter being at lilberty onily b.'cause tihe
attelttt ,to railroad himi was to, raw. 'ven tbough
part of th.' hjury was in the game, they could not
agr,4. s4 t lie ,.s,. against them were dismissed.
.\s t. a,' hr11,' t, stay, all cl itnIulnl i'atiolts shouhl
he ;wilrss.,l t,,: E. W\. Wilson. S,'4r,.'ary Local 355.
:,,x 7t)i. : l in,,t. N,,rth I)ukata.
Enclosed find $ .................._for which seid
me THE VOICE for.. .................... weeks, at the
following address:
Street or P. O. Box.
City . ......
State ............. . ..................................... ............
If renewal, please mark an X here ( ).
If you like THE VOICE, cut out, fill in this blank
and mail us your sill) to-day.
At this moment millions of wage-slaves are drifting
along the railroad tracks and country roads or through
the streets of all the cities of the World in search
of work, the Unemployed Army is growing larger
and larger every day, yet I say the future belongs to
thel working class because the Army of the Unem
poyed in now several times larger than the Army of
the Nation, and so the World's great "DEBT" to
the "Three Ball Money Sharks" goes up by leaps
and bounds, a "debt" that never can be and should
never be paid by the workers.
It is too much to ask, it more than even wage-slaves
will stand for, to fight all the wars for the Capitalist
Class and then be thrown out into a world of naked
ness and hunger and denied the right to make a
living for themselves and families, for none but the
workers fought the wars, and none but the workers
suffered privition and death. Yet they who made
all things, the workers, have nothing and are mort
gaged through Government to pay "debts" they
never contraelted and, yea, every horn and unborn
child of the Working Class is mortgaged to the Three
Ball Emperors of Gold. Therefore to say that the
Revolution is not close-at hand is to deny the inevita
ble, for such "Debt" as has been imposed upon the
Worldl can only be liquidated by-REVOLUTION.
The only way to solve this question is outlined
in the l'reamble of the I. W. W.-through ONE BIG
UNION of the Working Class, organized regardless
of Craft, Creed or Race. Every Lumberjack, North,
S-1outh, East, West, every Working Farmer of the
World over, every Wage Worker in all parts of the
Continents should take up this matter of the ONE
BIG UNION at once.
Every locality should have a Local Union. Every
worker should learn that the workers have only one
enemy, CAPITALISM, and therefore they should have
Each Local Union should be a perfect Commune
within itself, and every member should work to the
end that the users of all tools and means of produc
tion shall own and contirol them in common, and the
products thereof. Let every worker inscribe on his
banner the Revolutionary watchword: Death to the
wage system! Long live the Commune!
"Take down your sign! it should no longer hang,
You loco-l leaders of a locoed gang."
"Foreigners" and Syndicalists Grossly
Insulted by "The Timber Worker."
The following gross insults to "Foreigners" and
Syndicalists are handed to us by "The Timber Work
er" of Jan. 24th. The same scarcely need comment
so gross are they in their insulting nakedness. The
article in "The Timber Worker" is quoted from the
San Francisco "Labor Clarion" and published on
their editorial page under the headline: "Hypo
(ericy At Work."
Says "'The Timber Worker:"
"These hypocrites, (the 1. W. W.) have about ex
haansted the field of ignorant foreigners in this coun
try and they are now devoting their attention to the
unfortunate migratory workers who find themselves
in distress.
"('reat is the world-saving syndicalist who works
the worker by preying upon his miseries.
"The Industrial Workers of the World, is rapidly
dlecaying anid now consists of but a handful of inem
hers. It is lI,~ssing because tile American workers
have become familiar with tile methods and practices
of its leaders and will have nothing to do with them.
It dolubtless will pass coimple 'ly out of existence short
ly after the adoption of the litercy test as a requisite
to admi'ission of the imnnigrnumt. When the supply of
igunorant imigrants is ('ut off, this organization of
lespalir and dlisaster mus1l of necessity die. It can
only live where ignolrance abounds. Intelligence and
svndicalisln blends about as well as nmilk and
Ilw d(, yo,1u "'Foreigners" and Symldicalists like
thises coinIplinlemts so, free'ly handled to you hy thIe oli
'ial organ of WIn. 11. HReid, Yellow P'olitical Socialist;
1JayI Fox, Safron Anarchiist, anld Jesuls G. Brown,
('hronie Craftist ? A heluiva "omnbination. ain't it ?
e gulless that by the tilme this gang gets through
with the forest atlld llllumber workers whlo are fools
'lenoughllI to fall for their dope. they will all be mem
hers of the Fox's naked "'coulmune."
This dirty sheet further speaks of IIelen Keller's
donation of $100O to the strike, fund o( f the Mic'higan
coIpper mliners. hullt it is carefll lnot tohi state that Misis
Keller is a plNLsionate supplorter of the I. WV. W.,
and for the reason thati it would show up some of
their lies ahbout. the I. W. W.
As for the 1. V. V. "decaying" land "''passing olut
o(f existen'c'et." well. we've l'ehin doing that ever since
we were born. ai.(ording to the "'slandereld"'' slan
tlerers. but we are still on deck and still a thorn in
the sides of the Labor'rats and Plutocrtes, as these
hlowls and insults fromn the aleged,' "Timbher Worker"
and "'Labor C'larion"'' cnclusively prove,.
Jesusm (('lirist. not Brown wept. If hie ever had
the pleaslure of reading the dpe handed to ''Dear
Ja~ck lumber." we don't blame him.
On the Farfluugnamhtde.
(We are indebted to the "Daily Herald" of Lon
don for most of the foreign news printed under this
Employers in Spain seem to have learned from more
Northern countrie the use of the lockout weapon.
The carpenters of Madrid are still locked out, and
there is an attempt to destroy the Union of the coach
builders in Malaga by the same weapon. The attempt
to settle the general strike in Ferrol seems to, have
failed, and the butchers are now joining it. Some
English workers are still black-legging in the arsenal,
iwhere the strike originated, but many of the English
workers have now left Ferrol.
Popular agitation against the Marrocan brigandage
continued, while, on the other hand, Alfonso has
promised an amnesty to any of his hundreds of
thousands of subjects who have emigrated to escape
military sewvice, provided they will serve three years
in Africa. No responses to this royal offer are re
ported. 4n one month 21,079 Spaniards have emi- -
grated. Meanwhile, out of 48,851 children in Madrid,
32,385 cannot find room in the schools.
A writer in "El Reformists" has been prosecuted
for commenting on the trial of Colonel Juan Labrador.
who is being court-martialed for refusing to attend'
Workers of Madrid have promised solidarity with
the 12,000 Rio Tinto miners in the souk, who are
striking again, owing to the failure of the bosses to
carry out the promises given in order to get the men
to return to work last month.
On the day fixed for the election of worker delegates
for the Insurance Board of the district of St. Peters
burg it was found that only 13 out of 19 delegates had
appeared. On inquiry it was found that the missing
six delegates had been aiested the previous evening,
without any charge being made against them, at the
offices of the Metal Workers' Union. With refernee
to 30 metal workers arrested in the Viborgaki district
of St. Petersburg, a member of the Duma, Bedaiev,
has obtained the information that they are at present
in the cells of the Petrovaky police station, and that
most of them will soon be released.
On the Russian Christmas Eve the police raided the
premises of the publishing firm "Priboy' 'and
searched the correspondence for six hours, trying,
without success, to find some letters from the Kras
noiarsk Shop Assistants' Union. In the end the police
arrested nothing more than a few manuscripts.
Agricultural problems in Italy are at least as im
portant as industrial problems--possibly more so
Before the "unification " much of the land be
k.nged, in fact, to the people, which now belongs
to individual landlords. This dispossession of the
peasants, added to the industrial depression and
financial strain caused by the war in Tripoli, makes
the unemployment problem specially acute, and the
Labor "unrest" in Italy anything but passive.
Almost on the anniversary of the outrage at Rocca
Gorga, where peasants were murdered by soldiers.
a similar tragedy has occured, the murder this time,
however, being by private instead of military gen
Altogether 35 of the peasants were wounded, anli
two men have been arrested; the authorities are mak
ink inquiries, and the red flag is flying from the Trades
Council building, the "Camera del Lavoro."
In Sicily 5,000 miners are unemployed, because
the mines have been choNsed. Most of them are try
ing to emigrate to America, which fact is significant,
seeing that one of the excuses for "colonizing"
Tripoli was that unemployed Sicilians would
have a place to work.
Among Italian sailors there is a great deal of un
rest, and a strike seem. imminent at Naples and
othlier Iports; in fact, about 1(K) ships are already un
able to leave their ports.
Lisbon, Jan. 21.--In consequence of the Board of
D)irectors of the Portuguese Railway Comnpany the old
Royal Company-refusing to grant certain dema nmts
made by their employes, a generay strike was de(lared
to-day. All the railway stations are guarded by mili
tary forces.
SThe latest news from South Africa is that the entire
'nion is under martial law and a General Strike of
all workers has hten declaredl. Beast IBotha has de
ported all alleged strike leaders and boasts that when
he is through with this war on the workers "another
strike will not ocwcur in the Union for a generation
to come." We will see about that. Botha. like mn:ny
other boastful brutal pollies, is pretty apt to find out
that our Sabeats can whip any pack of Bloslhounds
on earth.
Brnusel is almost entirely without taxis, and there
is every hope that the drivers m. trike wdNw ther
In Pranee the Paris maddlrs have bese oh std ftl '
nearly seven mnths; the glove msk~of Mlieu for
two mouths, and the dookers of Saist.Nasaire fm r co
month. A joint fund tas been staied. ft4 ak rs.
Deserted by the Parliameatary ConowI ee of the
Trade Union Conugr -which wfnthhok food and
money-faced by disgraceful exhibitions of British
Trade Union scabbing and by the mingled short
sightedness and treachery of sundry British odeials
(shown in detail by our Dublin Correspondent), many
of Larkin's heroic followers are returning to work
with his cousent after twenty-one weeks of srule,
but as determined as ever to resist the Murphyite
ban on the Union.
It really means that the battle has only entered
upon another phase, and will probably grow more
embittered than ever. For if the British offeialshm
is covered with contempt, the Irish bosses and their
parasites have developed a. hateful spirit, and the
workers find a fell combination against them in their
own land--where there is so much empty boasting
on the subject of ideals and idealism.
The great Irish Labor war in the broad sense is in
point of fact only in a preliminary stage; those who
talk of "defeat" or "end" at this juncture are only
trying. to deceive themselves or others. Churehl and
State in Ireland have a rude awakening before them.
The British rank and filers have been grossly be
trayed by their leaders and officials, and we trust
that will call them to strict and severe account with
out delay." At the same time, as our Dublin Corres
pondent urges, let them continue their unstinted and
noble support of the Irish brethren still out. In the
last analysis their cause is the same. Economic
freedom and full life are the common goal.-From
The London "Daily Herald."
The above shows that the Politicians and Gom
persites are the same traitorous crew everywhere.
One of the "labor leaders" who led the treason
against the Dublin Workers was Havelock Wilson,
the betrayer of the Seamen of New Orleans and the
World. '
On top of this great war in Dublin, England and
Scotland are seething with rebellion and there, as
everywhere else, the workers have not only the Boses
to fight, but their own traitorous officials, as well.
On with the One Big Union I
Construction and Marine Transport
Workers, Attention!
The above Locals are determined to push forward
the principles of Industrial l'dionism, here in the
Seattle District, and we request the nembers to com
municate with the Secretary of these Locals. Write
in and give us the conditions and everything in gen
eral where you are in regard to the class struggle
and what dhatce there is for the I. W. W. in your
Send your address and we will forward you all
literature and will try and co-operate with you in
the line of Agitation and Organization.
We are now ?t our new quarters, 208 Second Ave.,
South, up stairs, and in t. very good location. All
Rebels coming this way give us a visit. We are hold
ing good hall meetings, so when in the City make it
a point to attend same.
Construction Workers business meetings has been
changed to Sunday afternonm at one o'lehwk; Marine
Transport Workers meet Wednesday evening, 7:30
Address all communications to Harry A. LaBranch,
Joint Secretary, Local Unions 382 and 252, Box 886.
Seattle, Wash.
New York Rebels Denonnce
Inhuman Deeds of Texas Tyrants.
Sunday afteriion. January 2.5. an I nternational
Mlas'sMeeting was held at Majnhattan (Casino iin Brook
lyn, to protest against Texas tyranny where fourteen
men arc being sentenced to internfinable terms for
attempting to eross the border into Mexico.
"J. M. Rangel and (Charles Cline, with their fifteen
comrades were merely helping P'resident Wilson to
rid Mlexico of here murdered, usurper and despot.
Huerta. And there is no better example of the hypo
crisy of the American government than shown by
the stand it takes in this disgraceful affair, siding
with the Texan tyranny in hounding, harra.ssing and
jailing these fourteen men, after having shot down
in cold blood their seiintinel, dleei,.. t hem. h.y giving
them a false passwordl, and then 'onhilng upon tIher
with superior numbers, killing some anl( threate.ning
the rest with lynching." So spoke the ('hairmnian.
M. II. Woolman.
Speeches were delivered in Jewish bAv Bernardl SMer
naker; in Italian. by Pdclro Esteve. the e.iit,r of
"Cultura Obrora;" in Russian. by R,,ch,v,,ie,: in
Spanish. by Gteorge GaCllart, and in English by Tan
nenbaum. A collection was taken upI tro l, sent to
the men in jail. and a protA'st of sympathy will be
sent them as well.

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