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Southern Lumberjacks & Oil Workers, Organise! Unite! Revolt!
This is Number 58 Organization Is Power I 59""'--'
Owned by the Rebel Lumberjacks of Dixie t An Injury to One is an Injury to
The Man, Carl Person
.\ 11.\[. lie's ira jrisec c,'lII in thlce' lle' , city tof
('I lirt,, . hlln ,is l is aIie' is ('Jla l'.rsea , Str'ik,'
,''eI'ti' rt a' the Inrai''ilamnii NS .stc'iraoI n ;I]al v Shoh 'ii 's
I'e.h.er'at ir, . I1I' isa ,ha;argat'l \\ith lrclalrae'r. ill th;lat Ile'
killl i l'', 'i ta" r ss if hi a , an lif' a. iualr iana -seJ'i h ef
thie' Illiais I(' cntrt at l t ilrcaa, ..
l',lt iet l,,r tins is ('Iarl lersaca, i, .jail .lhaIrg'dc
lrtah "r'ilnaar r il the lii'e i ht ere.." 'fe',r ih;irlly ln weSek
ltass.s i, a bul ihe guialnlaran at' ttae' l Ilaorais ( 'te'trail Jire
h.lniaee iag ,ctw jir e,'chi hlhlt wacrkinrrgmlcc', aiad Ilc)
;a rres,tsl. ire' raarla , I lanca race nn ra tar is e'|achr,'c'c. N,.
na t ,r thi.ts is ( Jarl tero.rnser ira .jail tee-night.
Ilis raI' I 'nr illce iN rlict rlllrtflc', (ft'r te ec.etlllllit alla r.
aI r ccia' Ilrlarst firt ki lill illll i raai a'i i l c'eeld inc l)
his. rI'J e.rimre is this: Ie tteck III) ia fight that
s.'c',rinrgly \vwna lost . ie hihalte' I a .rarr, elisc.eeragael
anret ii re'tr'e',Jc tie ijistilhet iiJtce it Ja r'w hice'. Jr
n.'\w slirit; Ie. h c.is re',ihrilizi.ii its sluItterntl re'gi
rrIa'11is rural tarrarinrg the I'e'tr'.a't irte ,an aiii, ri aUllt
r'i.tariueis Iaareih. Thins is the' rea.d 'rne.' tirhat hiJI
t'a''n ce,' rrmit te't 1,v ('arl I'e.rse. II , /ai'gIa a'il and
rcal/ 0cc cc/lily uf ii (/4 aaaciuae cmnaca ide ' Jug' Iha fri c
c/inc cef lees /a lss.
Ne'v.cr has his gle';lllllerir paI l'be'rn liftc'tl exc''plt te,
stir hIis c.laJss, tlhe \Werkingl ('lass. tee I'TNI'Y fir thic
Iast grn(':e Iettthi' fcr iIa;I aIn Iihe'rt... It is tf'r this
thiat hie lic's ia th, .ail rit (ei ivhllrta te-Irgrht with that'
rrllllr'lerlris c'allta;llist itr''ss sthrie'tkiig to a he~tile 'iaiin
rllllnniiv tae tlake his li ife. rt tr'r',emi himr. btut frcml thie
e,'at ,,eterl. tl'cliw-w, iarkal'rs, ar rrarl n likc. hifiun givenr
uIata s, s. lI IIY Till LI\IN( I(;)))S IIe K IALL
I)0 YORl'h I)1'TY ilY 11I.1i ASlIE IIAS DONE
ItY Yan"
Icoael ,er Jarcahtr iagem. hiris great lr'cs pJ,. ricl. "Jail
t'Jciei'i's," ;i''anal tI llrm' if .eaIl thillk this .\lAN
shiuiltl (aitr ?
let tihre .1,sta,.r ('l;acs~' taa'e' yeer unalisw.ar in tcane'sI
,el trharete', rarcr ;rl at thIat n;Irs1wer ae': ( '.\ItA EIIlSON
('O VINI;TriN lIlaisI.
Boyd, The Saboteur
'Ie ,.r;\ ,vst ,f s ill ir.is I. ',re . tit, ('cirts ef the
IrI ite. I State'; s a ite m i'er , ,nle e l thi 1th it lcst.. it I';ater
seare N. .5.
It is neaot a trial a1r' i'ietl rg,. rier' aI'V'In fear in retll ' ,r.
tctll ii i. el r' eter rr rtarII 'aIl rllri . ; l, llll ie le' s..
It i5 a trial lr' ;, istlli ii ' a 'etiv(e la'V eef S .naatrtca' rias .
a terinr .ipl..
ian tie llhate I; at.l~rn silk strike. ''ra'elriek Sirrucr
iHavel elar,.ei ,+el,,Il, tee Jc.e\'a, ene' Snrblfe e ainie tire
amrastr .hss as rrew s.'e'kirrt tea ,at a ,ver with hitu
l ' ,r it.
Ilis nasa' is iiiiee'retaape'al neiinirst e se'ita'rcee eel
a'a'n11r a l' a l ' ll l ire . Ilrisll|r)ri,ll It .I.
tla',li~m rikr'.1ai. ,l'a r ra e narc .,le't : thre h wyv .re ra'
Isells' t ,e Itrepe;r'e the' e'i'e' crailites tcl .a ' e' t lcl ir naer1.11c'.
\\ill \ial ;ili,,\ ecilar' lri ri lcl. tea Ilee ele't'nate-,. milc|
tre ,aeo'k, rC's ,e,,l,., irrc t',,;rrt e" e 0l' mie itic t er If rera'ch
i "'ribo , l. ,e_, I',tr Ilutek at tr ael' i s 7 r n ill .c'err hralta
ti e.st.itehlisih tihe ri'l iilht e' ef eril, er's nare. i er'ituiiiza'r' nJlcit
sjec':iker's ti re I '. W . t' t ler'.nei'c reical te Ieria tice'
nirtrihii.tnr ald e'r' i irlhirgi tlhea see' lit ncr ailly linac'?
Thie clt'i'ret, ,," l;anete re'ac',ah's oler thre 'itarls
tfire' Mael'ters tire-ia loeethai i cks. lDe tourrr anweeriar
e,1 Ir h, . ,r.li' s ,i ar'a ' I ... real l , . I) t I ra ,a11an tea ' cihr
vi-t lki ! 7
S'atrt all tir , ti .l'essic' \sihil'a. "rc',astire'r. 127
'a lar SItrect. \ ,t " "k I'it t.
\\h,'e hall s ir . hI I , Ir, i t\ . 5 ''t reita ,f ,it cern ' ai,'e'
rti est iite ei'5 .
I'1 1' rrls i': ci I ',-Iisla.r i tsburt
t'cle a'pts that ;i l;ii''Zc' i 'lrci. .i ',f the- t'reeiri, tar's ccl'
i it, l ct' ut latei cs erc mi,;rr'.e I rate.
ii i'ee , ec,,u l l t'c >s , ,i ; iiii tie,,! ih , a',,ia ,,iic te/ .
rarla-r's enal Iwe tree thiker'.
ii ,i l isr ai/h fl , , l 'i ' a tiiir i lf ,iaee , i/icei'ei * lTr
An Un-Crimed Crime
f Yesterweek it was a "erimle" to try to take arms
ilt, i .lxitc,. Yestl4rwe4k Range'l, Cline and their
,n comlanions we.re, hunted down. shot iup, maltreated,
S ,jai.led. nslnlltncetd. antl are slill be'ing "'tried" and rail.
f oadled to theIll infar)oltuIL priJsonIs ofi he savage State of
rTexas, fr Ino other crill.
II This was yesterweek but yesterday the Iresident
k hof the Inited States issued all ordler and, so, the
e "rime" for whiclh the savages of the Whiskey and
a andlollr Ring-run State of Texas is .seeking the lives
4. ,f ('line and Ranlgel and long years of slow and tor
turing death in their prisons hells for twelve other
s44liers of human lilwrty, is no more a "'rime.'
The "crime" of yestethteek has. by the order of
t yesterdayl l'o.mn,.' lawful, right, virtuous. yet still
are. our .,n'orahdes fa'ing Johu, henry Kirby's were
S l lves and fighting with empty and nak'ed hands for
their lives and lilrties. For them nto ordler issues
Ifrom the President carrying a ntllie*age of liberty.
SThey are,' workinigmen, taken with the warery,
'" ILlnd and Liberty!" on their lips, aind to raise that
cry in l'xas is a c'rime bw'side which the "inpardon
ab.le. sin" is white as driven snow.
And 4so nur cornraihs ('line and Rangel are to dlie.
.\lid w; tw.elve others are to rot their splendid lives
away ill ldungelons he'idiou.s beyond des'ription, to get
a faint idea otf which read the article on another page,
"Jail C4londitionts in Texas."
Thus our ciomrades are to be tortured, shamed and
inurldered, for a crime that is no more a crime.
IT! a
Fellow Editors of the Rebel Press. again I appeal
I, yi. to tlIurn' your mighty batteries on the savage
go4verllmentl of the savage State of ''e4as and force
it tI, rele.ase. our comnrade(s in the war for Human
Liberty. I alpeal to you! ('OVIIN(TON HALL.
Sweet Home Scab Shot?
The' t'o llowin·,ig dislJpatch is from ''"The States" of the
Âșth instant :
"'Aleh'x ria Ila. Strikers inl alllbullsh are believed
to have fired i'. Ihi'I ',,llins, e'mployve of the Sweet
Illne (lul4mber (',IpaiyV, ten miles from Ball, La.
W ,11ul.ed inl the Ieatld. ('cllins will r'ecover."
As youi will hobserve Ithe shllstiilg isn, of 'ourse, laid
ai 1the ,hr of lthe strike.rs. hilt as the whole Sweet
l,4m4' c,.ountlr. is loa,.ed1 up with gunmen, we have
,uir douhlts. 4sl4p.ciall\ as TIlE 'VO('E hais no news
fri, ll there. except thal llhe boys are still holding the
'runt lhwn fight.l and this tholugh the Company is
sai a be ipaving strike-hbreakers TH'IIREE DOLLARS
I'EI? El;lll'T 11I'01 I)AY ANI) BOARID.
Y'(,I will re'e'mler. yuI Iam hberj,.aks, that the dear,
,!,n.I Iiurmler Kings swore by the Et 'nial that it would
i'4eak therln flat to gralnlt our I 'NIO)N DEMANDS for
$2.53) pe'r ninei' houir dlay, won't you '
N4w., here 'hey co('lile. paying sea.bs. the lowest thing
ill hlumnai forhm on e4arth. THREll E D)OLL.ARS PER
EI;I'T 1101'l D)AY ANI) OAR)D!
Nu;f slI. If .unm don'l Zget ill the I'nion and make
them .ote4. a.ross with at. least; at seab's wages for
'( )I'. w'.ell. v.,in ,ight to go ,' ;rd dlie. 'OIll) REB.
th. f1,,, ,,f sc.ientc.', ftr ht' realiz,'s that sc'incttee is his
fri,.nI, a1. l thalt h 'ienltitic. ,r;rgaixaltii, will emanei
paf,' himi. ()tar llait4trs ''p'lps '.i"'Itilf', fa,'ts wit'h
I;llt;aistic . I he', 'ies.
I, I I I1,,, isthat 111 ,'xlh, i;ahh, so~ 444t1hintg that tells
,,I " Ith,' o,,rkiii'. c'lass 14an44 41nl44,,yinl g .lass have
I41 hilli ill ii lll1ll( 11.
1/44e r ,s 444,r, 144,4r il 4 I 1H.kinig a t4o ' over with a
k ili' t I 114i1 tlher, is ill kil,4kiug at 5444114' w(,rking
41;111S Ibac,'k ,1,,4r.
1/4h r' is 4,,r, /, r'is,, inll starvinig than .anl)hing. ibut
Itith thle 'i,'nlrmni,4s ;alll,,4lut of fo,,l prolluc'ed4 annually
it is 14,l nc',',ss.iary t1,, h ,'it'hl.r.
I',r,' rl'/ is the, c('a1s4' ,,f dlisease. C(al)italism is the
..u1s,1 ,ft p',vrtly. I'n'rga;tnizte4 working men are re
,1l4ponsihl' f',r 1,4th. ORGANIZE!
Rebels Called To Kansas City
Special wire to The Voice.
Free speech in Kansas City requires support of all
locals and members to maintain organization in mid
die States. Police using tactics of clubbing to avoid
arrest. Men in jail standing firm. Money is needed
to aid and men to fight.
On to K. C. You Bebels!
15 West Missouri Ave., Kansas City, Mo.
Power of the Voice
We are not boasting. You who have read and
watched know that this we say is truth.
THE VOICE took up the fight for a cleaning up
of the Lumber Towns and Camps, and the Aiaoeia
Ihtion was FORCED to make a move in the direction
of better sanitary conditions.
THE VOICE took up the fight against the Loan
Sharks preying on the Working Class of New Or
leans and FORCED a fight upon this nefarious
TIHE VOICE called on the Robbed Homesteaders
to get together for action and offered its columns to
aid them in their fight to maintain their rights, and
the next w eek it was announced from WAshington
that the government had affected a compromise with
the Land Thieves, but we want no contpromise-we
want every acre of stolen land in the South to be
returned to the Workers.
TIHE VOICE. but for it our Negro Fellow-worker
(aines would have been railroade'd to the levees, and
but for it th,, Fruit Trust would have been, able to
victimise many of its striking Seamen.
But all this, and more. much more. THE VOICE
has been able to do only because it is YOUR paper,
only because YOl' have stool behind it, only because
it has unflinchingly told the TRITH regarding the
co(nditions in which they lived and the TRUTH of
the great struggle of the Workers toward the light.
TIIE VOICE, its power is only the power of the
Rebels who have stood back of it in the long strife
of the long days that have past since it was given
birth by the Rebel Lumberjacks of Dixie.
It, TIIE VOICE, is the greatest machine they have
yet created for the Revolutionizing and Civilizing
of the 'South.
TIIE VOICE, your pIapr, shall it fail and die?
It will take action on the part of all Rebels to save
it and make it a still greater machine than ever in
the cause of Labor's Eman.cipatiou, the only cause
on Earth worth dying, worth living for. 1
So far this month the donations to the Maintenance
Fund have been as follows:
Candlido Vtiga ............................. $ .50
Win. Loree ................. ................ 2.00
N. B. T. ......... ...... ............. 1.00
Total ................................$3.50
This is up to Saturday night, the 7th instant. Do
all YOU can to help and urge your Local to remit
AT ONCE its account owing THIE VOICE.
see that POWER working as I can see it here, you t
wouJd kno. how great is the POWER of the
REBELS, he they but a handful, who aginst en
trenched and brazen Wrong take up the sword for
Humanity and Liberty.
There is in me no power but that which comes from
the REBEL UNITY of my Fellow Rebels.
There is no other power in me- 2
Call to Southera Oil Workers
The Oil Industry is ripe for organisation, not only
in Oklahoma, but all over the country.
The slaves of the oil fields have been exploited to
the limit, for years they .have been working their
heads off, each one trying to out-do the othr.
Especially was this the case on the Pine lines where
each gang was trying to beat the other's record. And
the poor slaves were more interested in the race than
were their foremen, and if one of their fellow
workers failed to hit the ball, he was considered a
poor excuse for a man. The work on the Pipe line
is so hard and fast that few men last over a month
at a stretch, two weeks being about the average
But at last they are beginning to realize the itet that
the shorter the hours and slower the pace, the larger
will be the pay envelope. Ove one hundred are al
ready ined up in the One Big Union, and more are
WORKERSt You Drillrs? bol dressers? Gaugers?
Pumpers and connection men? Don't you think it
is about time to get together for a shorter working
dlay Don't forget that shorter hours and Bigger Pay
go hand in hand.
Organize Indusrially and you can have an eight
hour day throughout the oil fields by the frst of
April. Read the press and the literature of the I.
W. W. Educate yourselves and agitate among your
fellow-workers. Line up in the One Big Union and
the goods will soon be coming our way.
For further information, write to Jack Law, Secre
tary, No. 586, Oil Workers Industrial Union, I. W.
W. Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Calgary Rebels Fighting Armed
Bosses With Bare Hands
Walter McConnel, former Secretary of Local 79,
while taking active part in the unemployed movement
in this city (object of movement being to force city
to provide work for unemployed) was arrested for
acting as spokesman, explaining the position of a man
without work or money, and how circumstances force
starving men to act.
For stating the truth he was arrested and placed
under prohibitive bail, in company with Frank Nolan,
a member of the unemployed whose trial shows clearly
that prohibitive bail, was nothing less than brutal.
Fellow-worker McConnell stands in danger of a long
term in prison, if Fellow-workers and friends do not
contribute towards financing a legal defense.
All locals are requested to contribute to the defense
of this Fellow-worker. The Calgary authorities seem
to be determined to make an example of F. W.
McConnell, oMving to the agitation which is causing
the employing class of Western Canada a great deal
of unrest, and if they succeed in sending him to
prison for a long term it will mean death as he is an
old man and not robust.
All thru the local at Calgary has contributed gen
erously in the past to all appeals for help from other
locals, who at anytime were fighting the battles of
the workers. At the present time this local is on the
verge of bankruptcy owing to the fact that the Mas
ters of Bread in this city are determined to wipe this
local off the map. When the unemployed problem in
this city became acute Local 79 'in order to take ad
vantage of it for propaganda purposes, moved from a
small hall into a larger and better located hall, and
after paying one month's rent and spending about
one hundred dollars on repairs the, city authorities
ondlemned it as uninhabitable.
We will be compelled to move out in a fety days
and so will be in no position to raise funds locally.
Unless the I. W. W. in other locals can come to our
assistance financially not only is McConnell liable to
a long term of imprisonmment, bult Local 79 is liable
to have to suspend business for some time to come.
All this is brought about owing to lack of funds. It
will be mluch to be regretted, for there is a splendid
opportunity for propaganda work as at present, there
are about six thousand men out of work in this city
Hoping you will see your way clear to come to our
aid. Send all funds to Jahn Terrill, care C. Jackson,
2115 Foutrth Avenue. G. T. P. Sub, Cagary, Alberta,

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