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Rebels! Shall The Voice Die? It's Up To You.
This is Number 59 Organizatio Is Power 60
Owned by the Rebel Lumberjacks of Dixie W An Injury to One is an Injury to Al
Notice to Subscribers.
.1la y subs wilu l E .lspirt, 'ih the issuIs bEltd'Swnl
.V mnb ,. ., :s and 4 7 t I, D, l. rn t it, (Sh a.s ,r: would
like to d(, so, nili/y "t.E% o , !/lilt of your c"ynraution.
TI'IIEREI"'klH'. pltast. traich h, .VI(',I t'Ek oilpositl
oua,' vann on, .1 IIA.RES, LAKIEL. us it inldi al, s the
iss5tu with a'hich l~y/ur sub .rz'irl's.
As San t rai'up "sohns. n kEl b-h.i." , dli'alts theat
IB, h's slub .,rpi r, s nJith . usl ~' r Ifit and he should ,r nto :
atI Ilaf TiOI II( . Eh'SN ahead / II, is f hE d.hlo ,no
'rish Ito miss aºt issun oif the FOI('AE.
I'tElaE , in s, !diI! slnaps, s. nd O tN.\ or l 1 I'E..
anid do ,,,t .s It . us ('aS,,ldia, m i.'.y, i as sf,,,, i, u -
.S., ti 14dis,,,,nl hi r.
* . .la i rD'nItilon'rs by I'istof/lii 00!1, i ,,r,1.Is, 1.0. 1to/
hml to I'rintllon I Hall, Editor.
Rebels Called To Kansas City
Spelu'rla wire to '1'Th Vnice I.
I"r',. tsp)'rO .h in Ktsasllmts ('its re'luir.'s sitIIpIr' t of' all
arrto.f . *i, ll ij til stan iniZ firit . tI .i,'y is ieel0. d.I
to aid i ll l 1 , nl ,'n to fight.
( ln to K. 4'. Von I I'Iels
1. W\'st Mi,,eunri Ave.. Kansas ('ity. MI.
Defense Funds Notices.
WHEATLAND: Send all funds for the defense
of the Wheatland Victims to, Andy Barber, Sec. I.
W. W. Locals. 114 "I" Street, Sacramento, Cal.
TEXAS VICTIMS: Send all funds to Victor
Cravello, Box 1 ,91, Los Angeles, Cal., Secretary
of the Rangel-Cline Defense Committee.
Carl Person Defense: Send all funds to
Carl Person, Box D. Clinton, Illinois.
Railroad Workers, Get Busy! ACT
All Woodsmen, Attention!
Fellow-workers and all slaves, stay away from
Sweet-Home, La., Front. Local 275 on strike. The
strike was called to keep one of the Company's old
tricks off, trying to break the Solidarity and driv
ing the workers.
But, as always, the I. W. W. got wise and beat
them to it. The job is tied up right, not a -Ilan
working. So all workers help keep it so by staying
away untill we drive the boss into submission, and
lpr.lare. I't tie (l':Nll.1., TA'I IKE ,f :ill Siiith,'rtt
\\',4..ii' t'lI 41111d Sa;w ill \h V rkri's,'.
Yours for victory,
\''t 4 l'Il A.I .NN 1I. l". 11 IIWVE 7'IT \;N.
.1. al 7. A1aris.' ''Iranlm.rt W 'Vrk.'rs. I. W . \\'
M i'.'t.. '\. 'ir\ Tues.:sI at 7- 0 q cl k at its I1all.
:1117 \N )RTII I'T:'1l'I. s STRItI T
.I 1l 4"4l| 'ri l . 'li l ii. (, !1 o' a , ll W l ,.,m v.
Every l);is
.• sllN I \ \\ IS. Ser,'tar'..
N.II T' ll rtHt'i ' i lI E I 1. lhll'.n hi l. :t
IF I \VE riE 5 01 . , i, I ,,r TIruI 'r,,,h.r
unam ., if I wer,, 1;,n
=_ __- -   --- - '_ __ -
S - - - -
-~~-~~ --- =.--- . -
- - PITALI -
Organization Is Power
.uis.1t'r i, is I'( FI. V 1and1 the (INIY pio er. ort I eI A'I''T power at tilte i'oniiaiil iof
the' ,wor'kers to-,l, for tiie' \VeWri I of' T'l'-dty is :Iu III (;ANIZEI) World a id. so. the I' tiorganimizi are
ii i W:i' h lelhe' i g on .Machiine I'rdltl,.onu, where Indlistry runis into Indlustry. from the Farms
andli I es liOto 1he ail'roads andl ianks. anid bark aguain. Or'1ni:ntiiin I/u !hrA! to Poiwr aul iby
,orr.allialioii I o'nlani the' I industriHl I nity of the \Workiing ('lass.
IFoir it i. I, llostrial Iirgi:,l iatti,,i th:,lt ' uilis. siisce from,ii the Inlduiistrites flow the fodl., shelter and
,ltlllllh g t li i li'a; . JIIand it s I Ih,' ('()II ' I l ,1 l ht ' Ilihese' NE('E ISSI'I' I S that gives I'()IW EI. that tie
,l'e lii le, Ithe rght ,,1' MIll'rlhl andI Iltl.:' hip. aid e .ell the ri gh.t of tu n 1i4 w ,lli, to ho e adl re.ar
It is ,r lhis ' 'iint11. lthe mfutri nl of the Ilnlltistllis. atinl ltherefolre of the iprtduts that flow. from
the'Ii. airo'illsl thlh ii sItIngs the great iiolern war of thlie classes known as the "('lass Struggle.'
* 'Ihi' I'lass Struggle iansilin tlhat the Workers are for'ver strvilng to keep all they produee in the
ilii.stries while t li' eploye rs,. or Capitalists. are f',rev\'e'r stri\vilg t t anllliltain the wage-system and no
Ikee'I lfrimi the' \\',rkers the full jprohliets of their toil.
.\11 r.,ecorded h.I istoryl sw\ilngs a;ronllldI this struggle of the lhasses,. all wars have had their origin frem
I. nIl for the r;eason lit tllh ('leass lhiiel cntrols th Inhlllstries '.,,.trols the. w\iealth of the World and.
Ihi'refori. akes thei laws. religions. 'custols ant govern w nillllts of their tiue.
Th,' li 11114,,l'ir whlihi it moves is known as " Eone, ilii' le)ter.ninism." which is to say M'nI are
_ ic,\,' me'l hlr l'the meanslls anid imethlods they uselin to, produchie t a listrilbute thei n.ecessities of life and, these
II'II, ad 111i'll'tlhs changingi change thl r lives and ideas. As ;ll, illustrationll. we. neither live the lives
ior think Iti ' ildeas of lh., mI'en wh4iN' ,il on ImeanIs of ti lasportation wa. it a lgliont can: WE live iunder
h alutelatic macll hine ail ou' r a i deas move oni the willngs of aerioilaies.
It is this lawh. the' law of eoiomii0 )etermuinisml. that is .junkpiliing tlh- C(raft Inion and making
lsls.h lh a ior taiit ie f only ye.Nstrdayl, for the a1itfllttic' iimndlil.s witwh whi.h w4'e now iiprduLCe and
listriilbite tilhe neIesls'.itis of lit', have desIi troyed the .skill of tlhe (Crittsmanli aitnd s abolishedI his power
in a l14 over Imiilstr..
lThis, ithe ,h,,lition of thle Skilled Wo'irker lbyv tilltnatif lailchiellry, whlicilh imaehinry has I'nskill-d
illllis i,' I' 'il'ftsI 'i andl is even now tearing mlliiions of Working Fariers froni the soil, has brought
lthe \\'o'rkerIs of the entire ss,-eaIhledI (CivilizedI Worli, fia tc to face with the greatest ('risis in the history
,,f the' liai' lInd l ps". d ii th lhlI' hquest1ion: Will llyou or'glliz' lio ti only plans laid down by the
hI . f 4" inIo.lli I• )etl'rllillismIl. IN 1I)'I'R'IALLY. IN NFE IIt I 'NION. \ arild 1.volutionizy. the Wo.rld
,,f T1",-,I . Iiit't tlhI' I i'5 Ik,' M,1 i hul 1 h le, v' h Free " r ei. hlie i Id .",,. fir fail like slaves whii hlia',e
ohI t lihe i4 1'r tIi wouslipI lihe pa.ji t
N., I ',litIal I';l'.t aii sl'tt lIh t his (q:est. ii,. fior it is ht (40 ' ,lu i . |iol anf Pll iti-s is illit the,
4/1l r./r- ii r, ,,1" I 'a utlal ist S ''il't.v. The v'i'ry be-st a I'llit l.II 'aryv ,.,, 1hi f.t'O llru lish for he \Wforkf'I's
\,,lhl hI.. ,Ili,'i' ill li,\h l'r. ti ,Ii, ; ll ill its 1l.w'r tIl kl'l'i tllh' Statll friim f'ui,'ti, ningi . and, to (ll, this it
1N a i ;ai \ii i ' s.ettlel. t.hii. Ql . ii' n h, . tlhr it i h lilufl ie'st 1 . I e lt r1,ll t.Il'I alil the hillsiiess of ain A\- . is to,
,. r .I t i '' i l 'r\ i ie.t ai Armi ,.1 niel 'lie t',or lh,' \\',rkr's wiiili I is ti Ihlestr w " (I nlpitalisill. f',r.
lil, 't ;ii TA,':. it has iin lle'r to't IlI(I). fi' the' I(OWE th I'IOf))('F the nT..essGities if lifi- i'
Si 'tvi it' tIi' \\'W,,'kl'rs ll'' tl'r,'f'i 1,4 jiut a Ar.iiy ill the tilhI hf fIrivi' thil ' iitalists' gu
i,' F! )1lE'!'1 I,, ti'i'enIf ao I rga 0 i/atiion that will hav' the l'( )\E ft Ie 1l1)LI) the Worhl the-. have ea!
I 'I. it, 'hr,' is hlut 411i' ()rgaiizationii i'lil'l'i., hiivll that i' -HiIIOL thI.Irth, \ il fo-r the Woirke'rs antI that
It 14,11 iwouhll h| FIKEE. set Y(OI' a.hoit the wrk of irgalnzig it TI -I)AY for-
BIy W. If. Lawts.
Iet us recall a few years; let us go back to the
joyous days of your maidenhood, back to the time
when he courted you.
fHow happy you were! flow bright the future
loked to you. How you planned and talked of the
little home you would have.
Hllere you would have your dower garden, there,
dlown by the' spring. yout would build a beautiful
arbor. andl the lest room you would have nite-ly fur
nislhed for mother and father when they came to see
y, it. l)id not these or similar thoughts present them.
to yon ?
'Tm true. yan saw poverty on every aide. You aaw
twe toiling mothers of the' Holuthland slaving 'neath
the burning sun in .cotton, fields or factories. You
saiw the children of the dear old South working in
fields or miills when they should have been in school.
O(n every hand you saw poverty and all its aecom
panying evils.
But "John is not like other men, he will provide for
mn. better than father ever did for mother," you said.
Then came years and years of nerve racking toil
andl anguish, years in which the fear of starvation
haunted you night and day.
These were the years in which you almost lost hope,
and optinlisam all bhut vanished.
lBut these were the years in which you discovered
all was not right. You wondered why some did all
the work and had nothing. while others did nothing
and~had everything. These were the years in which
you grew resentful at the undeserved abuse heaped
upon you and yours. These were also the years in
which the race saving spirit of rebellion had its birth
within your l~tantt, but you did not know this spirit.
so you vented it on poor .John.
You held the individual as being responible for
your a tnl ition. You did not know that it was and
is this inxcr, Sshxtte ,,[ of soci4y we are living under.
T7ha lab hor,, Ithr realor of ieealth/t, sholttdl harve that
ret'llh. nearr enhe reed loup'r itintd.t.
Oh ! ye women of the Sonthland. I appeal to you
to, heed i t lh', message of econtomic' liberty, for upocn
Ihe, r'orkinq .rss ar.eplineg or reje'cling this life gir
int ! mºessatri deprl,Etds lth .saulatison, or distruction of
A noble handl of re'lwlions spirits, men and women.
art-e stitndling far antd wide this message. They are
fig;hting the. he.idious mnonster. capitalism clay andt
night. year in andl year wuit. and will do so until every
'lave is free,. until every man. wonman and child arei
masters of their own ldestiny.
For the' goal is "a fre' racr ite a fre'cr iuor*l!"
Many of them have given their lives, while others
ar,. rotting inll tlihe prisons to the end that this messagie
le given you.
Yoeu will find henm. slandered. tutrst and lied ablntt.
hy pulpit. press and all the fiwns of humtan lilberty!
For itpon toer iynoraner, and the ipnoranrv' of the
rlire woerkin! til assx rrlaer'vhg the tfrunth of this nrx
seitre. dle,,peds the ir "keeI aI i tfl4 thP'nserl'rs in ponerr antl
.poeu in slarcryl!
.. The re is nothinte thel ft eir as thely dtj a class on-
x 'cxs oild tniltd workieng e dx.es.
The c.lass that nailed the r'bel. 4'arpenter of Naz
aretlh to a eress of gold. the c.lass that murdered old
Sc-rtat'es. ".'rre.r and Spies. the e'lase that is to-day imn
pIris.nne wor'king men whio have manhescl enough to
assert thieir rights. is thIe sane class, the, Induslrinl
itorlv rs of thr i'orhl art fiqhtie . !o-daeh!
All the ve'now of the'w* murd.erers tf the Christ, ,.
l.ein tg i,Oured oit tIIpIIa theose nihhl chl'ln andI women.'
lolt all t, Ito avail.
For IIt l'euh, l/tc.x! Lirt',.!!
Thi'r,. i, work ahllea;,Il. work tIhat 1 ,t. all ill cctiili
O)h. ye' oitt hers ,' I)ix '. Ira th at ime f' our .311r
tyre.d dl.'l. in t l' tinl,..' f a ,H igyh.r Imanhlwd. a no
hlwer wimanhil'.d Y'a! in thi' nanu' tf lift' itself. I.
y'.ut werking 'lass hrotither. apae'al tet yu t
"Th.' Stlate. iii e,reh'r' to alalisth pauilnrisnl. nmust
t.ttlish ituelIf. t',r tlhe ke'rnae'l of the' evil lies in the
ve ry exicast,' 'e' ,of tht· State'.' -Marx.

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