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This is Number 61 Organization * Is Power I-.' 62 ----
Owned by the Rebel Lumberjacks of Dixie M An Injury to One is an Injury to All.
o fP
40 ' (I
Cý* 2 SP - - ilC/'
Wherein the Rattler Boards the (lood Ship "Commerce," Chases the Sharks Overboard, Tears the Black Flag From
the Plasthead and Throws it After Them, Then Shakes His Tail in the Face of the Octopus.
Tre Editor of TIE Vlt'olE'l; is neither a pr,iophet
or the son of it prophet but you Long.-sh,,r \Workers
will remember that he predlited to you and the
other workers of New Orleans that if you did not go
to the assistan'rce of the Lumberjacks and aid them
to resist the attempts of the Lumber 'Irust to cn
slave and stockade themn that the next thing this G(ang
wouldl attempt would e to put the ilty under the
same infamous rule and stockad le Yo'l ). too, and now
come the osses andl prove it.
lHere a-e tiihe priipositions, backed. byl the B~iard of
Port ( 'onulnissionersr arndl the Assn eiation of C, intllilr e,
according to "The item" of F'b. I th, 1914. here
they are:
"7. Etall ishrienrt of a zinc alrong the river fronit
to be fenrced oilf and reserv,,l folr harblr and freiglit
handling purposes.
"S. All labor clhairgl"s andi w'ilrktn1e ,, itiiiis i,,
the river front are to be fixed by the guverning
lHow I,, yiu like the prospect 7 They are drawin
up by . John II. BIernhard. Mr. lecan and Walter
Parker." IIw I1, yu like thtnlr You said the,
fight of the I.u itiierj;acks tasn't your fight, but if
this s~.chehi . du,,i n't;,rv,'v %,u a liar we l,il't ktinow
what calr. Al.o() it prIoves the 1. W. \\. isInntely'
right in its ,,utatirtjni that the nily thine left fr
workers is ONE Ilt, I Nlt\N. that i, L .\L t" W\,rk
ers fronting all the lit.s with the M11 ,llI11T 1)' A
SOLll) \ALL I' FOLIEl) .\1.1IS wh,. rI I,
tie in which the riHirs ani1 1 .er:,, of th, \\.ri rf
is on. whetnever the int ir,..ts ,t 4) It ( I.\.s. 5
menaced by TIIEII (LASS.
What arc Y0I goiirg to d1, ;,,u" it tl'icre '
but one way out. and that \ay .s to .iin lthe A
RINE TiA\NSiOI'OT W )tI{KER:. 1. \V. W.. ;il
join it TO-D)AY. The D)ok aiit (',i ',unnil, as
a fighting machine. is deah r than II, ,r 's pupi
and it's up to you to build a .r, ter tighi ti mita
chine than that of the B~;ses ,r go t u t, tok
'h114' \larlnli Transport W'torkt'r' in Nt'\\ (Orleans are
itnto up agailist a l%% \alrity ,f snalls. \We have
hadi expetrie:llc wll tIhe. l'Blii'e brawlil, tI en the nig
g.r variety, their lthe ( Ihie'-. and 1neI\\ we are up
igaiinst what is knioIIw as the "hoIe crew" kind.
Them" -1hoimt! tews." \\ ho are "white" men, are
recrilitt'dl in Nora.'.i aniI Sw\\e1,l anli they are the
11111l \ ,r'd til S i Hi,-ir,v I ,.li,' . .,,. i t '' ay as they
:1, 'ori.t i fI',r It s 1. l ; 1' 1 hi' 4 t i -i-. , und many
.f,"l l h a r'' .ar l'rry tig ulio, Ib ,.s fr,un `.orway and
'T'h'lse' "holllue Irews who are a dlisgrace to the
'aiueasianl race anlti mort: partii-ulaly to the Scan
denav;ian, are the imist dtcilte, spineless bunich of slaves
the writer has ever run 'i.rt,.ss. A\id, it is said.
til,- ('linese are kept tractable by threatleing to fill
th,.ir plaies by "'1l,,i' crew" stabs.
)i the last trip of the ".\ign,'lla her crew were
pIt :asir,.' ant a s,ab "ihoie 4-.'\\ w \,re taken aboard.
I ask,,l the 'aptata n why 1idid't he get ('hijnese and
hli ,rtllitt. " I pr'fe:r \\l:itle l11.11, and they are
ch.lapir.'' Sat', naites, w\\hat. h,1 you think of it! We
1 tholught that \\h, li we hadl ,n joytd (  the u aquaint
a. t' " of the Bttlihie. niggt,,r ant,1 hine-t sab we knew
tiui ;All. but it si'tiiis that lthere are a LuLuiiber of
ir-il'lio ltl-~u in the lpriiues sa.l.ts, and we are won
!,,riI \\hllt kimll the' l,,..'.s J ; 1','a gi ng ll 7 .sl,spring on
is text.
'lh,. l' I,, c 1 w, ." it' "'1\A n, 'llai' \w,.r. all munlll
ti'-iio-w ' ,, it' .s,.'i O-a thi;t i tk itlii.r illaceis. and the
11111 ;, ll i ,1 f thei al' ,iri' is thil lI: I m 'ell whoi were
.,,litiI ti, l t i, f ia jitob I ,I t re1d a i t-. that they were.
(tnt, of the' tlisplla't',l crtw h k h,:iiiis with one
if th  saibs i x iS ias llit I' frililnly wihtil hiim. I
.', 1 ,Ii that th y .. \.. c ilill . If o(ne of my
t;,llil w t'" ..I o "ilt l li lt I w\',,lli a l ,l .-hIlake his hand,
iInt his neck.
lThis-i . ,,ry mst anti ian lthe stopped if our
8 -i iiiinat i a f, l'w-wiwrkers mwake up their minds to
d I it. Thet\- .hlialtl by\ w\\-rd itf ilitutIii and the writ
te'n wir-I apprise thle'r trntryiimen at horne of con
ditions here. Every effort should be made by our
Scandenavian fellow-workers to enlighten these
"home crews" to the damage they are doing their
class. Special efforts should be made to get these
"home crews"--when an opportune time presents
itself, and opportune times are but our own creation
-to seriousy inconvenience the ship on which they
are employed.
Letter should be written to the Unions and the
labor papers of Norway and Sweden asking their help
and co-operation in preventing the enslavement of
their own people.
Lastly, they should, in every means possible, urge
these men who are, for the most part, unknowingly
committing a crime against their class to become ac
quainted with the plans and principles of The Ma
rine Transport Workers of the Industrial Workers
of the World.
Toilers of the Sea, you have been slaves long
enough! Arise! Be a Man! Join the I. W. W.
Marine Transport Workers of the I. W. W. Halls
in al principal ports.
Any Seamen who have had any experience with
the United States Shipping Commissioner's Office and
the United States Marine Hospital Service in New
Orleans, will please get in touch with the under
I want your actual experience; I want the facts.
as it is only upon facts that I can act.
The proper administration of these offices is of ut
most importance to seamen, and more particularly to
seamen sailing in vessels of American register.
FRANK ALBERS, Organizer, M. T. W.,
307 N. Peters St., New Orleans, La.
The capitalist class want you to work for all eter
nIty for them. and they have gall enough to say that
it is God's will.
All Woodsmen, Attention!
Fellow-workers and all slaves, stay away from
Sweet-Home, La., Front. Local 275 on strike. The
strike was called to keep one of the Companys old
tricks od, trying to break the Solidarity and driv
ing the workers.
But, as always, the L W. W. got wise and beat
them to it. The job is tied up right, not a man
working. So all workers help keep it so by staying
away untill we drive the boss into submlsaon, and
prepare for the GENERAL STRIKE of all Southern
Woodsmen and Sawmill Workers!
Yours for victory,
Sweet Home Strikers Standing Solid
Despite Association's Armed Assassins.
Ball Front, La., Feb. 26, 1914.
I suppose THE VOICE readers are wanting to
know what has been going on in this neck of the
woods. I shall not begin to tell all that has hap
pened since the boys have been. on strike at Sweet
Home Front, for I do not know.
The country is full of detectives, thugs and gun
men armed with high power rifles and shotguns,
loaded with minnie balls and buckshot. So you see
what we are up agaiuat.
With more than a score of "guards" whose jobs
depend upon the expected work of some maddened
striker, so just by looking at the economic interest
of the "guards" one readily sees who "Pistol Pete"
is: It is genrally believed they are the fellows who
set fire to a trestle, with which crime three Union
boys are charged and held under bond of *600 each.
Then, on Feb. 7th, four or five gunmen who have
some kind of a "commission" or other, entered the
home of an aged widow and arrested her son, Fel
low-worker Tom Torry. They now have him in jail
at Alexandria charged with shooting from ambush
at strikebreakers. Also three other Fellow-workers,
Oscar Chandler, Demksy Coleman and Columbus
Coleman, are in Colfax jail waiting the action of
the grand jury. It is reported that they are charged
with being members of some kind of a "White Cap
Clan." I guess they have reference to the I. W. W.
If it takes men to make money, then surely the
Sweet Home Lumber Company is growing rich, for
they sure have the men. There is one crew on
strike, solidarity unbroken; one crew working, who
siever grumble; one crew coming, that ask no ques
tions; one crew leaving, hard to catch; one crew of
gunmen to see that everything goes on lovely. The
latest report from the mill shows that everything is
alright, only they can't get any logs.
Well, Steve, if any one happens to ask you, tell
them the fight is still on at Ball Front and, if you
see any one one headed this way, tell them about those
"guards" that are all armed with dangerous weapons
and doing all they can to hold their jobs.
All Rebels are invited to come this way and help
win the fight, as this is not a fight for more pay or
hours but simply a fight which "spells shall the
Forest and Lumbers Workers' Union stay here or shall
it be blotted out " No financial aid is asked for
yet, and will not be until the grand jury meets; then,
if the Fellow-workers are indicted, we ask all to help
free them and not let them suffer for the crime of
a gunman.
Yours to win the World for the Workers,
Kansas City, Mo., March 1, 1914.-Eighteen of our
men were arrested Saturday night at conlusion of
Sstreet meeting. The new c·harge is that of "disturbing
the police." Men in jail are standing firm. These
last arrests have substantially depleted our ranks,
men are urgently necrled to win this fight.
On to Kansas City, your Rebels!
Local Union 322 has nothing to do with the associa
tion of enforced unemployed idle as it is a SCAB
layout, or in other words "A CITIZEN'S ALLI
ANCE." R. SrLLIVAN, Secty No. 322.

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