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I's. Th' O',rs. ----The followi'ng poetic gem was
mailed to THE REVIEW and signed "Evanston
Owner." Evident'v one capitalist was highly indig
nafit over the poem published in last nmnth's
REVIEW hy C(ovington Hall entitled "I's, The lio
hoes. "
Yoll won't lalugh to s'corn our power.
Nor the terror ,f our lr aw;
YOl are bit a hiiuneh of .owarlds.
And "if siiuh we'r ,e ,ot in awe
. lust hlarie to break your fetters.
()r toneh ONE titlel deed:
Alnl we'll :sweep poll l! to blazes
With edouhble lightning speed li!
,e'ye got the nerve; we'veu'.rt the power.
We've goit the weapons, too
Yiour fathers' fathers feared uIs.
And you shall fear is. too!
From the May "'Inlt rational Socialist IR ri'.'."
Our fathers' fathers feared your fathers. and we
shal! fear you, too.
We, who feed the World. who clothe the World
house the World. fear Iyou?
Our fathers' fathers feared your fathers---you
dirty lying sneak.
You never faced the cannon's roar. the rifles
raucous shriek !
Where were you at Bunker Hill, at Valley Forge.
at Yorktown. say !
• You were aiding British gunman, licking HIes
sian boots for pay.
You are the vilest ruling class man ever did
The nruelest and cowardliest the race has ever
When Spartacus strove for liberty and life and love
and home,
When Paine stood in his prison cell and braved
the wrath of Rome;
Where were your fathers' fathers then, where were
they then. I say ?
They n'tre bartering and selling still their native
lanuls aug..
You, where were !you in Sixty-one, and where in
Six ty-four ?-
You ut're !rafling! bonds in I'ashinlgton, dip
ping gold from gore:
While our fathers fought anl famnished., drained
to diregs the war godl's 'cupi.
l'our s wtrvc rcarcliini for the Ircasurtl, wcrre
hIlding Lti/+n110 up.
\\'heii the Nation shook and trembled, in the days
when all senmed I st,.
You were bluisy then filtancinlg. fishing fortunes
fromn the elst ;
Yo7, wtent to war-- -on plat formsl; your heard the
|Mtin,- of hands,
You fouhlt fc-r armiy iintrts; you marehed
illn ptublii llands.
'l'lTus, thus thrin all the agits y.ui have skirted
round the fray.
I'rT ing Ille to rile' aiiil slia ghter that i olur
guil'fl breed might p[rey;
Till the cartl is ,,e vast shanibles. iwheIe voll
'cole iup for ail o rll llriulrts
With ('ihrist uIpoiln vvoir hl'ch'rous lillps, with limur
der in lyouir he irits.
Frim th ll hlains of Pat agonia to Alaska's ice
hound hills.
We. the I hoes and the ll l)relamers, preach Re
he llion in your mills:
Thri v'oulr f',rests. down Vi lr railroads., n the
ships that plow the sea.
(oes the 4 )N E lIlt I NION ever erying.
" l leath or Liberty'
All the troops of our rreat I'nion. all, all are
\olu, nt eers
l'ightlimig for the World they builded. to avenge
the wrongs of years;
All v.nur guns are used b" hirelings. yi'ulr soldiers
all are slaves.
W'ho more and ilo~ ire womnlerinir why they
they shouhi die for knaves.
'%\V shimi ll ashes niaik' 'iu r ti'he leeds. abolish all
your I . ,
\W'e shall take yvor arms anl heat t heli into
harvesters and saws:
We shall end industrial warfare, its savagery
and strife.
And ,,iI .'\ our ruined .'v.stiiil build a free and
noble Iift. ('oeingloni Hall.
April Donations.
A Rebel ...............................$ 4.00
Wencil Francik .......................... 1.00
L. Hangen ............................ 1.50'
(h',. Ieke ............ ..... ..... 40
E. ,. ................................. 1.00
A. .. Su'lem .............................. 1.00
John Ik we ................. .............. 2.00
W eneil Franeik ........................... 1.00
john Ratgen ............................. 1.00
•Jean lAst .................. . .......... 50
E. .I. S. .................................. 1.00
Total ........... ..................... $14.40
Fellow RHt$wls, TIlE VOICE thanks you for your
aid: only by your he'p has this paper lived thru its
hard 70 weeks of life and only by you has it been
able to carry the message. of the ONE BIG UNION
farther and farther into the jungles of the South.
As we tell you in the article above. "How to help
The Voice." we wi'J need your help to pull THE
'OI('E out of debt an dput it where it will not be
eternally in danger of suspension every time two
or three Locals happen to fall down on prompt re
mittances, and IPROMPT REMITTANCES are of
VITAL IMPORTANCE to a paper that rung on
the etndless chain basis as does THE VOICE. There
fore, please herqp us all you can during the month
of MAY.
We make this offer. GOOD ONLY FOR MAY:
To all Rebels or Locals sending in ONE DOLLAR
SI:BCARDS. we will send ONE copy of "Might Is
Right" for each dollar's worth of Prepaid Subeards
taken. Now, get busy an diet us hear from at least
MONEY. Yours1to win.
Covington Hall.
The Machine Longshoreman has arrived in New
Orleans in the shape of eletrie motor trucks and
other devices for "saving lalbor"-to the foreigners
who contrIol our "puIb',ily owned wharves."
A great holler is on, a yawping yell goeth up
and there is the devil to pay.
As usual our eminently "fair and impartial"
Sup-Press is '#ying it all on the starving workers
and the kept hirelings are busy as bees preparing
the "publ)lic mind" to accept as "the will of God"
and the sublimation of "law and order" any out
rage the 'Changes may deem necessary to crush any
attenipt of the River Front workers to get their
full share of the "prosperity" that is to flow from
the use of these "labor-saving" machines and the
l'anna ('alia's,.
Already it has started, the attempt to terrorize.
for thot ugh there was absolutely no shadow of trouble
on tihe wharf over this effort of our business men
to uphlift thi Longshoremn. i. e., by turning them
upside dlown and emptying their pockets of what
few "coppers still hide' there --- not a sign of trouble.
,, hat Y(I ' longshoremni get for staying on the job
when the Seameni were being shot down.
\Wel's what are you workers on the wharves going
to do! about it ? Stick to the old. dead form of Craft
I'nion that has brought you fair and square up
agaiinst starvation, lpow'rliss Isforen the Bosses'
gunsllll. r llare yoi goinlg to show some sense and
ALL the Louigshor' Workers anid Senamen line up in
one solid wall of labor. in the ONE BI( I'UNION OF
piis'td by the I. W. W.. and tell the flosses you
ie;an to have an EI;IIT-IIOt'R DI)AY on the who'e
River Front. on all the ships. IMPROVEi) CONI)I
TI(NS a;nd Ill;I ER WAt ES all along the lines.
or that they can handle the Wharves and Ships
ihemselve's ?
(let together, hbys! Let's (quiit fighting .ach other
and figh tlthe ,.sses. Tel', them straight out that we
ain't ippo1)'d at all. at all to "lahor saving"
machinery but that fron this hour ,on wr mcan to
hr, son,, of fl1 lahtr sa,, ,b tei, maclhins for
o,,rsth/es. that we ae d:iniined tired of them getting
al', the "saving". halu ling us the i.omb and keeping
allI the honey.
In falt. let'.s de nalt the use of "laHor saving"
nw.hines all over the wharves and seas, but let's so
,organise as to sort ti, srliallps for ourslres---or
ganize to control the mac(hines, thet? it wont make
mucIll.h diffren'ce who ,'owns them. ,s you can see by
,our "lpubl,''ll. owned wharves"'. (ontrol, that's the
he' s.ecret of powtr in imodtlern industry, not owner
ship. AnI the way to do,,nrol the Ships and wharves
is for all th' Longshore Workers and ali the Seamen
to, et together in ONE BIG I'NION, the marine
Tl'rspolrt Work'rs Union if the I. W. W.
Let's put aside all pe'tty differences and unite.
Let's get t,rt'thli'r and bring the plunderers of Louis
iana up ag;,inst a solid we'll of labor, a brotherhood
they can neither bre'a, caje'd, or dri'e.. Let's get
tpgethiir and control the labo r sa'ved by the labor
saohite mDachi, s for o,,trsi les.
ILet's get together.
Some fellow-workers believe ill they have to do
is to take out a card and pay one month's dues, and
they wiM be emancipated by the I. W. W.
FeMow-workers, you ire the I. W. W. and the I.
W. W. will do nothing for you. You must do for
yourself and help make the I. W. W. an educational
bureau on economies, to teach you that you are a
part of society and that you, a wage slave, have
brains and can think for yourself. This is what
the literature of the I. W. W. wil! help you to do,
think and oct for yourself and your wife and babies.
Don't stay in the old rut and say you will help
to elect men to think for you. Remember, you have
a brain just as fertile as the man that has been
doing your thinking. Nature endowed you with
the same reasoning capacities that any of your so
calked statesmen have. The trouble, is you have cul
tivated the mlmsle,while he cultivated the brain;
he is overgrown in brain and you are overgrown
in muscle. Now I ask you for the sake of those
dear to you, get in the Revolution, and try to raise
your standard of living; stand up for the eight-hour
day and more pay. Remember, short work days and
high wages go hand in hand. Take this for an ex
ample: If four men work forty hours per day at
the rate of ten hours each, then you reduce the hours
to eight, it would take five men to perform the
same work, and you woud take one of the unem
ployed from your backs. The eight million unem
ployed are not on the backs of the masters, but are
being fed by those on the job, and the poor devils
on the job had rather feed them than to force the
masters to come across and give them work at liv
ing wages.
I say, up and at them! Take the sab cat on
the job morning, noon and night. That is the one
part of the O. B. U. that works night and day, in
jail and out of jail. Never lose sight of the cat.
Get into the I. W. W. and get wise.
Yours for the whole cheese. C. H. Edwards.
President Wilson orders Huerta; he APPEALS
to Rockefeller-never by simpler acts was the con
tention of the I. W. W. as to the REAL seat of Gov
ernment more clearly proven; that is to say that
TRIES is by that very fact its GOVERNMENT, for
that class owns the LIFE NECESSITIES of all the
people and is-THE GOVERNMENT. Hence, Pres
ident Wilson ordered Iluerta and APPEALED to
Rockefeller. The Baptist Pope turned him down hard
and cold.
Again, the President orders Iluerta out of office
on the ground that he is a savage, yet no orders to
vacate are issued to the unspeakable Ammons. Why l
For the reason that the class that owns a Nation's.
mines and industries is its GOVERNMENT, and
the KING( can do no wrong.
Again, by all the laws of "civilized war," what
everinhell that means, the Vespasians of Colorado.
"(General'" Chase and "Captain'" Lenderfelt. should
Ihe liable to summary e-xecution for the fiendish mas
sacre of Ludlow. But wil', they? We are welling
to wager that they will not even be arrested, for
-the class thal owns a Nation's lands is its GOV
ERNMENT. so these hyena.s, like the werewolf Me-r
Manigal, will go free until - the REVOLUTION
which they are whipping into fury comes.
Again. how!ing for the bhlod of Iluerta, the kept
pre'ss d'oes all in its power to smother the trunlth' as
to the awful massacre of working class women and
,.hildren at Ludlow. The New Orleans Sup-'Press
leads the world in its efforts to iburke the truth
"The Item" lays a'Jl the blame for the atroities
.committed bI the militia on the I. W. W. "The
Tirnes-l'icvayne'" seems to justify the holoc.aust on
the grounl that muist ,f the murdered workers were
"freigners."' "The States" swears its ewcause
Haywfdl won't work. Anti this is so lbecause-the
class that owns a Nation's mines and forests is its
GOVERNMENT. aind there is no lie the Assoeiated
Sup-Plress will not tell in the interest of the Inter
ests. forasmuch an curs always~ lie kthe h(oots of those
who feed them.
Again, in all this horror out in Colorado there
was only one great redeeming feature, and that was
the mutiny of 350 DI)enver militiamen against serv
ing iii the inhuman war. This and the heroic brav
cry of the fighting miners.
Last, the saddest chapter of all, was that NOT
NIEDI). so far as we have been able to leanl, against
.serving with the murderers of their cass. l)umnbly,
as the Ilessians served of old. served the Roadmen
against their class.
This i. the message Red (Colorado is ihrieking to
all the hosts of Toil: I'nite! IUnite! IN ONE BIG
I will answer all your letters if I can ever get
the time to get tihem. Am rushed to the limit with
work that must comnc ahead of all else.
Yours to winO
The oil companie in Oklahowm have been trying
for some'time to head off the I. W. W. in the Oi
fields, but have met with very little soesas.
Their first move was to hold beck the week in the
oil fields, and teM the wage slaves that the resoa
the pipe gangs were not working in full blast was
because the companies could not get the pipes fim
the East, but the real reason was that the oil sam
panics wanted to drive the active members oat of
the oil fleks.
This did not work,as most of the pipe linems that
that could not get a job in the oil fields went in jun
gle near the gang that was working and held meet
ings and sang I. W. W. songs.
The chance came for the oil companies to act on
Friday night, April 24th, 1914, when a free laneer
by the name of W. E. Clark gave a talk on Anti
Militarism, this is what the oil masters wanted, so
the next day the business men in Tulsa got together
and organized a slugging committee end had the
Aocal papers, the "Sun" and "World" to put in
a big write up on the front page that the street meet
ing on Friday night was an I. W. W. meeting, and.
the I. W. W. orators had insuted the flag, and that
if the police did not take a hand in stopping the
I. W. W. meetings, that they (the business men)
So on Saturday night, the whole police force and
the business men in their automobiles, armed with
guns and ropes were waiting to lynch any one they
thought was an I. W. W. man, and was going to ta.k.
The fun of it was that the police arrested four
men, and they thought they had hold of I. W. W.
men, but the fact is that not one I. W. W. man
was arrested at last Saturday night's raid.
The fact of the case is that the I. W. W. have not
had a street meeting in the last two weeks because
we did not have a fellow-worker with us that could
talk on the street. but have been expecting a speaker
from a nearby city in a few days.
The press here is trying to make the peop'e think
that the four men arrested Saturday night were
I. W. W. men, but the fact is that one of them is
a Socialist, and the other one, E. W. Brink, is an
anti-religion speaker, while the other two are single
The "Sun" goes on to state that the I. W. W
vacated their headquarters in the basement of the
Crescent Hotel at the urgent request of the owner
of the building, which is not true; the leason that
we vacated the headquarters at Crescent Hotel, was
that every time it rained we were flooded out, and
had to wade around the hall on a plant.
The master class are trying to start a free speech
fight with the I. W. W. here in Tulsa so they will
be able to draw our attention on the free speech
fight, and off of organizing the oil workers in the
oI ,il fields, but we will not bite at the bait. We will
keep on organizingr the oi, workers in the ONE BIG
Yours for the Eight-Hour Day,
George FPen ton, F. S. No. 586.
Editor's C'omment.-Our cold-b'ooded advice to the
Oil Field Workers is not to be drawn into a Free
Sl'eeh Fighf. If they Vigilante and Bloodlhound
yvo. yonu Ku Klux them and Sabeat the oil fie'ds.
Further. it begins to look like its about getting to
wlhere t1he Oil Workers. Ilumberjacks. Working Farm
ers. Iongshoremen, Railroaders. Sailors and Miners
of the South will have to lay in a liberal supply of
rifles and eartridges In'ess "the States" see fit to
pitt a stop to these violations of their "Contitutional
Things are beginning to, hut in Vaneouver, B. C.
The reorganization of IeanL's 322 is going along, fine.
This vicinity is good ground for Russian propaganda.
We helld a Russian mneeting in hall last Sunday,
April 19th. Fellow-worker Ted Fraser, spoke with
intterpreter of the Russian language and a col'ection
of $7.40 was made for the Ipurpose of spreading
literatuire among the Russians.
We have written the "RAY" Publishing Com
pI:ny. of l)etroit. Mich., a Ruia;ian 1. W. W. paper,
for inftrmation antd sulbslcribing for same, also
socle pamphlets, etc.
Streent meeltings are. held every night with a large
iind interested attendance. An I. W. W. soap-boxer
/us been a stranger or s.areity in this city for a
long time past.
Fe"',ow-w,,rkers Ted Fraser and Albert B. Prash
ntr. ire the speakers, hut others are sorely needed
here. atnd. as live memnbers are few. all soap-box ora
tors andl militant "Wobblies" will be certainly wel
iItIe to Vancouver.
We have ineara.'axd the HBund'! Order of both
"Slidarit'y" and "The Voice" to two hundred per
ve.k and hope, to soon make it 1000.
We have left on hand a few cpie~s ,f the MAY
l)AY VOICE. As long as they last we will sell
the,.n to you for I ceent in the Inited States and
1 1-4 e'nt in Canada.
These palpers are good for prapaganda use any
where and for all timue. Better order tilay. First
,'ortue,' firstl served.

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