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Death to Peonage I Down with Tenantry!
This is Number 71 Organization 10 Is Power 7 U2 - ---a i
. .of
Owned by the Rebel Lumberjacks of Dixie t An Injury to One is an Injury to All.
It xiil, a'fter .tlune 1st, if thliere Is nio tlaljority olb
jit'tl . u ll, all si i l 1 1~ tiit1 .|r. \\ it . t-x\It.,. i1t ,of
'1o ie' u,11i111il. I \\ I ill I t 4111 ,t | a '' 'T h ' 'lt'. T hliis %% Ili
give' e 11 sI'.;i ,' t'I" : it. 1) 1 tIll ' i)il i ' '" \\ l s of" Il\
'a'ailll qg' \ \iI '' \4'4'k, lal t \i11 ails ll i 'els ;I ll ta 'a.ls
ilng f .' l l 'h ' 'i I IT' '-e 11 i ]i]dlls 4i l a s''l' s t' tl a the
follItw ing
Ili the I 1ait', l ,ltai l's r1 ('; lllailaa : I )rl ' 'lrs fI or l t1 t itr
mI,.ar', ' 41011'1 lI-hil p /l.., thil/l , .11 r " I n I' l. 1 ' -c1pi s- 11ai311
1, l.I,1! I N A.\ I)\ANt'E. 2 ,''elts cI'r tsupI. ()rdtlrs
p1 i it' fur ith lih t ' \etli h they ' a e rei..ivel'd by jai'
.hlasr I \ill I 'e .' Inte as pail iin aualvalv e.
I 'uirge' al'aunilts 2 1 I ants per ".py, nu cI. h lllaileV nt
a11,rr]i'l ,'11 'r :111 :tlu lts anal . il haflh ia ' D ) olar 1't1".'
4'444i,'s. reI' itt:in,' '.- u I .lt h i m a iti 1 '1V'I\ I1 d Vais.
Will i0pleas take' ntiacl eha' r.of . land allvis. Its b forE
.kil ti st h.ua nialnv ]illes tihay \%II take weekly at
lih . ' a1 t's1 give'i ail".e., i, l illn' it lfisr ss.ue No N . r4 alh.e
'"u\ weakl.
WIlY l" TIlls .\("i'ltºN.
'l'his 11 .1i4 i a. al ','ll 'o11n a- iii lºiint l'ranim S 'te etarI
1Th. W'h iti'h.a.il l.I and s.'r.l tlher ft'llow-w'arkers
Ilat l ,ajeeua ln le' il.s la'4ig atla0 to Si tillh tlliisaldng
11aat tar ini The V4a1. 4 e-aalditI4,en laver \\hlth as tIall
1le' ''li tra' . Nill I .1 1 1 ;a,1a, ?l 11a I,i v fl'r; li ila Jlll -
lsher.".s ily .s nfiliiel »I4l 1il mlire printing thaait w
\.er' get t g l ltno lili 'iea.\' II'a lay foe . Tha'i t ii Ito si.
t he IL''ails a1.1 lIiabIs iiake The Vaaiaa11 wil all stour
other piapers, ni't tl. a.hlileors. It's u111 to VI)" to say"
.hethatr Th. \'V, sehal live or dia'.
.AS\ T N I": \EWS.
It hais I.een t'furthi.' .tnplilaitnel thatl ther i. nit
ani1' .\i'ws iI 'T'he Vo',a,'. sl,ly. ,.iThe sitt ltiait hats
Il'been II ' s to 8ti)I, il)A.\I'I'Y., I be'lie'v'. NoIw.
% hat I u.ailt t,I kw a is l IIIIW I I'AN. I'lll\'I' NEWS
V)II I) IN"I' SEMNI IN' ('nrisi as. ibut imiast 44 this.'
ulakilig this 4 .,inlaliiit i''.alr have sent Illus ili a single
\I':W'S itemi. II'f u'i u-avlt to s.. more Ina's..'senl, its
il stai1ia'. \\'" hae l. , \\i . -t'less.
.\n, 11 sa-tialitg ,ii nie. . I I)N'T lluu embodyl in your
artih-I a's all tIII ' tilhl 'ysof a' 1 thai1" I ai ]r Mlva'.'aigt' . Fi'r
lti'hr . , ' t cu ti hI o\llrls il sa' 'I'al liines f .i l W l "r ai'til'Ie
Ithll 4'-''t. t the' ,11tu1 e. 'r of lila... thet l lt e1i ly the
t11us 1 ti at eei Ik i airis lIne aine "i will have asuat
theI'. lIiiai r l' f 4,t r lelk in tur artlilI' 'l'his will en
ali h e t1 .i, g, hi \ te ut.eh siaaue. \ ,11 slhialll leave.'
toa' tile eathliar telfeellows. whi uah 1441i auai is;iiu' arrive' at
iu knia iig the tact that thar, are only ieabout Il)Nlll
\ 'rls t a, Ii. l .e,111a1 *ii 'T'h , \'e e .,' A .\ \ 'ril,'r 'ca
get a \\a e l Il elt 4-14,a1, 41 ne1,1 s eoe' p1e1 aja4, 1.': a 1ie4ha1 \\it i11 .1i111
\V a l'ls i1' i l. .i' , ,' it '.lieala
A\t this \'rltimue Mi "' ilh. 'Ith \Va ie'e is lila
.,ialis it 1 i aeee ,;1 ,14l ihale r , all i.'Ilnt elf si\'
evaI I 104'a s aIt l it\ e_ a411l e\ l reItta 1 I cili a-a's ellt' C for
\tril alland peast hlutll,. o'elairs. W\\' e'caitIt
11IIi t-le l i e ' 4,l1 thiait eati. it. f4.e . at tIle' a1 a'14.s e'liari'ga') 1
tri-.ih( aell li111.!i1 thee' l i ch 114 tie1ael i hl'e'aik the .li{x11.
'lhi r't'ffore,. uIil .: it is their \ish it l slle'l .n al. II
'1'1i' \',ie.. lie' cI,.. il iI1'., these' I.ee'als te 1 1 t !11 is
Ih,'' alli el i s lths \ I ,\' e ."
like, the T'l, a:s ee'*, blee I. ' 1 ee I,,e' ,,\ el*a''hi 'al,'st '
It' ii1p tee V'I)'.
Y ,'.e l'fer the' i , . I '- e,,Ia Ii''l'relhe,, .
( erel'llqe Ihul.
\\hia'th'r st&'aliwi.. ias sta'clin,.. l dilee'tijs en lhi
:I1 ee eeui ' tila li It i , Sleell '11 1n it S !ee e elr i 'ei aili'
I!aw leelig S.n" eie' IT'hl- r"'li..ian wi laist depa'na.s
Cell the ah-llrulaility ee" their elheak eef hy'po.rie.y.
\Vheit her a mau i. i a a,: pn'e''.t'r eil'laenes on his
iialuInt of heat-l-ir an'I hi. "'ktok'" ,' f dilstributing
* P
*- e * *
The above gr.,at .artoon. "War-What Fort' is by Phil. Porter in the TaComa, Washington.
Tinmes." It has been alre.ady rtprodtluied ini Solidarity. but will bear repetl ition. Says the "Times" in
its 'commenll t oil the cartoon:
"Don)'t florget that ill a war withi Mexico, the p)lain pteople of the I'nited States will shoot down
theI plain people o' .Mxi.co. Not  uch different to takiling down your gun and shooting your poverty
striaken. uliiuneducatted neighbor ar a'utid the corner.
" W\lhre,'s the glory !
Slon't 'forget that thie fllows who are shrieking for war are not going to fight. The men who
Neill haiv, to fight fevers. smallpox, .jungle horrors andI the pJi"r, downtrohdden pjiens down in Mexico are
,it"r ttOn No s ot f the' mill n11i shop anld field.
' Youi'll lirul no plultorats, potliic.ians or war-shiriki n . rnewspapejr editors on the firing line!"
That 's it in a nutshell. Iemeimber, the same gang of I'irates who, want workingmen to shoot down
%o% rikingimne in M xito want workingmen to shoot dowi\ WE terkiigiiten, womene antl children in the mines
if (',oloradlo aii the forests of loloisiana.
Further, already there are straws in the Sup-'Press t hat indicate that our troops lost their heads
at Vera ('t Ii and SIlOT I)DOWN WOMEN as well as mt.I, in t te taking of the city. But that's
Lar. and "war 1S hell." The Sup-Press is even no\\ Ireparing to, "justify" the the MURDER OF
W\\ IhEN in Vera Cruz.
If ({as.ke.felle.r, iRothiehil. I Hearst, Otis, John HI enry Kirby aInd (Company want to steal Mexico.
I.ET 'TIIEM (O AND FItIIT ' { IT TIiMS S iet ins stay at home and organize for free.
lon in the 4 )N1E I~IO I 'NION.
t hir r'.porter happelned to Iw on the Iliefinery Wharf
\u \eIilesolayv. lMay 6, at the no1in hour, and this is
0til4 cnver\'rsat i'oll hle overheard. Two theekers, onll
frIm N.o. :; hatch tof the S. S. Isabella, the other from
No 2. u re speakinlg o the a onllllit o.f sugar taken out.
1 'hck,.r N`o. :2 had 25 sW ks o,ut in one hour and a half
-1,1 No. 2. :Ihi sacks. as I un ierstool, in two hours. Oh
\,u Iules I r, ther I'resi hunts it ,gives me the greatest
;pleasull' 1t1) h t ;11e at ni1g '','o r IneIl, as I aHii anxious to
Ih ait toel ahiouit you all. Now. here is another one
I;rother Keegan. \\ho ,re tlhe Big Five we hear s1
much, ala ut 'Th 'imhle ers are all talking about it
I,. T'.urslay. .May 7. at 7 .',lo'k. or a little after, at
tlie ;rmitan stcramship BIranneniurg. they were ar
guiwig ,1,n tIh. best way to break up this combination.
Now won't you please tell us who this combination
is'? We have colme to the conclusion that the Dock
li;rd will have nothing on your Mules with their
latest improved trucks, as your animals will out
speedI any of the latest 20th century improvements.
More yet. "' Transport Union ( ) 857, Harry Gliddy
andl .1. ('astile, delegates, March, 1914. are in no way
,InI'ecteflI with the Longshore or Seamnen's organiza
tirs. (;iddy has "gone on a vacation" and Castile
is e'xpected to follow. They did not appear before
IhI. I',uncnil. Also many workingmen are growling
at (itlhlv and Castile. both going after Secretary Dan
';riflin of the M. T. W., and then. when Griffin's
,)l inlte'rf.freI in behalf of his father. these Sharks
rushinig into a ('apitalist court an~d having the boy
indli( t.ed for "assault antd maiming." Yes. the Long
slihorniemn and Seamen are getting wise to the "Labor
lieutenants'" of the Bosses. They can't head-off
much longer the ONE BIG UNION. I. C. Mo.
Free Ford and Suhr or Let Hop. Rot.
With a singular unanimity, that one instinctively
feels to be inspired, the capitalist papers of this State
have published sicmultaneously during the past week
a paragraph to the effect that the hop-growers of
California are prepared to accept the recommenda..
tions of Dr. Carleton Parker, and so amend condi
tions in the hop-fields during the picking season that
is now rapidly approaching, as to prevent the pos
sibility of another spontaneous outbreak such as took
place on the Durst ranch last August.
The Sacramento Hice, while ascribing all the praise
for this result to l)r. Parker, at the same time naively
admeits that if this remodelling of camps and condi
tions is put into effect, then last year's uprising will
not have we'in in vain, thus confirming, strangely
enough, the statement that H. M. Royce, one of the
attorneys for Ford and Suhr, made before the Court
at Maryaville, whetn Judge McDaniels passed on them
the outrageous sentenslc of life imprisonment, that
"These men, by their work in helping to organize a
iprotest against the intolerable and indecent condi.
tions on the Burst ranch, have done more good for
humanity than if they had lived long and useful
lives in the midst of a peaceful community."
It is a remarkable fact, however, that the recom
Mendations that the hop-growers now signify their
willingness to, accept at the suggestion of Dr. Carle
ton Parker, are essentially the salme as are embodied
in a certain mysterious sticker that has appeared
broadcast in every county in the State, setting forth
the demands of the hop-pickers for the season of
1914. At the head of these is the demand that Ford
and Suhr be granted a new trial at once and dis
distinsed, OR NO 1101'S WILL 1BE PICKED.
Now, while the hop-growers are now expressing
their willingness to the rest of the conditions,
through the intervention only of Dr. Carleton Parker,
the State and Federal investigator, of course,-yet
they have given no sign as to their attitude on the
first and chief of those demands, namely, the release
of Ford and Suhr, still unjustly rotting in the jail
at Marysville.
Soume of them may consider that it is no affair of
theirs, and that as the imatter has still to come up
before the Appellate Court next July, they can have
nothing to say on that particular demand.
But as the same' hop-growers are already entering
into contracts for the disposal 'of this season's crop,
it might be expedient for them to make perfectly
sure that their crops will be picked, by out and out
ac.ceptance of all the demands in the sticker.
Such officials as Governors and Judges of every
d(egree, in this State, as in all others, owe their ap
pointmnents to their economic masters. And it is a
very old proverb that those who pay the piper call
the tune.. The hop barons in this State are strong
enough in importance and influence, to pass the word
along that Ford and Suhr must be released, with the
certainty that their word will be listened to atten
If they will not do so, then they must be made to
realize, by the action of the working-class, that their
contracts for the disposal of this season's crop are
both premature and vain.
l)an 1D. Scoll, Secretary.
We don't know of anything new on this case. The
last letter we had from Cline he said he would send
us a.n artic.le for the May D)ay Voice. But it never
e'liec. lie was at that time and had been for some
tione prior thereto held in "solitary." But he MUST
Ie freed. Things MI'ST ble stirred up on these cases.
The Kirhyized governmaccnt of Texas MI'ST be forced
tf, recoglnize the "'rules of civilized warfare." The
namie of tle' sheeriff hleding ('lin.' in solitary is John
T'biin. lis adldre'ss is care' ('lounty Jail, San An
t,,nio, .Texas. i'erha,.s a; fe~ loUn ia podstards anti
letters cdript in e,,i him frc',c,, several parts of the
'1,orldl with the a, lvice' tha It he' gi\vec the'se imprisoned
men ,ehl'e.nt tre'at mc,.nt as plriseners a f war might be
e'ffe'ctive'. A\lIs, a -fe'.w \wo'lds to the' REAL ruler of
'Te'xas. "'Ih,,." .ldhn I I'nry Kirhy, Ilouston, Texas.
meight nct le anciss.. Thus saith The Sabcals.
The sue'cess of a lawyer depends on his ability to
rake up lies and paes them off for the truth.

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