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The Voice of the People
Entered as Second-clam Matter, July 5, 1913, at thl
Post Office at New Orleans, La., under the
Act of August 24, 1912.
Published Weekly by National Industrial Union of
Forest and Lumber Workers, Southern District.
District Headquarters ............ Alexandria, la
Jay Smith ............................ ecretary
COOVINGTON HALL .................. Editor
UNITED STATES: 52 weeks, $1.00; 26 weeks, 56
cents; 13 weeks, 25 cents.
CANADA......40 weeks, $1.00; 10 weeks, 25 cents.
FOREIGN: One Year ....................$1.50
SINGLE COPIES: .......................5 cents
UNITED STATES: 5 copies, 13 weeks, $1.00; 26
weeks, $1.75; 52 weeks, $3.00.
TEN or more copies paid ten weeks is advance,
1 3-4 cents per copy.
In the United States or Canada: Orders for 10 or
more copies paid monthly, or 50 or more copies paid
weekly IN ADVANCE, 2 cents per copy. Orders
paid for within the week they are received by pur
chaser will be counted as paid in advance.
.Charged Accounts 2 1-2 cents per copy.
Law can and sometimes does jail innocent men. But
even law cannot make them slaves. A slave is a sur
renderer. A slave is a compromiser. A slave is a
Liberty lost can only be regained by reconquering
the conqueror.
Organized gold has fastened its shackles on us. Or
ganized man will set us free. We must not give up
the fight. The only defeat that spells ruin is sur
Until on the ruins of the last tenement a happy
home is built. Until the last slum colony gives way to
a public playground. Until the last soup house has
fallen in decay. Until the last poor house is a vacant
curiosity. Until the last child slave is taken from the
factory and shop and returned to school house and
home. Until the last cry fdr bread is forgotten. Un
til the word charity is unknown. Until poverty is
banished. Until the son of man is free-free-free-
'ntil then, the organized workers will not give up
the fight. Carl Person.
Shall the man who wrote this and many a stirring
battle-call to his class go to the gallows or rot his
life away in the prison-hells of capitalism? I do not
believe the Rebels will allow it. His "trial" is near.
Let every Rebel do his duty. Let us take the bloody
hands of the Railroad Magnates off the throat of
'Person !-TIIE VOICE.
New York City, June 30.-The second and last mass
meeting of the I. 8. U. of A. was a failure from its
very beginning. Andrew Furuseth was interrupted
(luring his speech by different sailors and names such
as "grafter," "disrupter" and even "liar," were
heard. lie said although two years had passed since
he was in New York, it would be a long time before
he would comne back. If he'd known, he said fur
ther, that the seafaring men of New York did not
want lhim, he would not have come to New York. In
his alddress he stated that if the seamen's bill was
lpassed by the Congress that the seamen would be free
men. lie further stated the seamen were strong enuf
to tend to their ,wwn affairs without the aid of the
landammen. (Craft union pure and simple). The sail
ors to organtize in the .sailores' union, firemen, cooks
anu stewards the same. Longshoremen not to be con
ni'ettel with these unions, they could not help the sea
ion. The seamen need laws.
The I. S. i'. of A. can get no f(,othold in New York.
'The seameimn arte against their policy. There is a big
hall kept by the I. S. U. A., all the expenses are paid.
by themi,. That is the glory of the so-called Sailors
:,'ml Firemen's 'Union of the Atlantic, A. F. L. Now.
Mr. Wage Slave. what are YOU going to dot Re
,ain the way you are nowt The "International" is
Ilad. o~dimn. is gone, but the Marine Transport Work
rs. I. W. W.. is alive. Let the dead ones bury their
dia. allmi, yun join a live organization-the M1. T. W.
if 11, . T. W . lie a man and not a fool.
Dan R4eckcrt.
If \\. had iuhysicians to prevent sickness, ,courts to
rtwarl virtue and policemen to discover merit we
shid ,ll mat have to kill one-half the world to save the
tefllr half.
Fellow-Workers-In this brief lecture to the eil
workers on the condition in the oil irna try, JI s
not tax your patience with a long list of stlti
which at best, can only add confusion to your arwad
confused minds. Neither shall I attempt to eover the
subject In a complete manner in so short a spaes at
time, but shall content myself witi the simple pop..
sitiond a showing how helpless you are in your prw
ent unorganized condition, together with the advan
tages you can gain over the oil companie should yea
orr"anize along the lines proposed by the I. W. W.
It does not require a college education for eta to
r,nderstand that the Standard Oil Company is the
richest corporation in the world today, and, being the
richest, is the most powerful because in its control
of industry. The Standard Oil Company has, thrn
the appropriation of the surplus product of labor, as
cumulated a fortune of over ten billion dollars worth
of wealth, so large that it is almost as hard for the
average mind to eoneeive as is the Kingdom of Heaven
to the mind of an Atheist.
This capital is invested in timber, raihead, chs,
iteel mills, and some of it is even being used to rob
pI ons of their land in Mexico as well as to murder lit
tle babies in Colorado and elsewhere. But this vast
ae' umulation of capital by the Standard Oil Com
;)any, which we read so much about, only gives us a
faint idea of the degree of robbery to which the em
ployees of that corporation have been sabjeeted.
Then there are the fine mansions on Capital Hill, is
Oyster Bay, Fifth Avenue, New York City, all oa
which reflect so much poverty, misery, sufering, ka
miliation and shame for the slaves employed by the
owners of them. In the shadow of each of those man
sions you will see the erowded tenement house dis
trict, because extravagance on oem hand means want
on the other; the mere wealth showered upon kings,
priests, parasites, of all description, in any country,
the more poverty-stricken will the workers be found.
It is the lot handed to them by the capitalists in ap
preciation for the long and arduous toil in the beam
iug sun.
In this district, Drumright, Oklahoma, teamsteM
are working from 10 to 20 hours for a day's wages of
$2.25. The teamster as well as the private team own
ers receive a day's pay for each trip, even though it
should reqluire 20 hours to make the trip. This is a
sample of the "Freedom of the individual to work
for whom he pleases and for what he pleases without
being hampered by tyrannical labor unions," a eon
dition that John D. Rocke said he would spend all the
money he had to establish in every place where labor
was employed.
The workers are .unor i d and have belesnN
to accept such working eondition as a result of being
unorganized. The Oil King is notiaterestd In fixing
up the roads so that the trip ean be made in 8 hours
instead of 20, neither do these "chosen people of
-God" (the oil kings) care how many horses are killed
hauling unreasonably heavy loads, because the east
is all the same to them, $2.00 for a single teamster,
and $5.00 for a man and team for each trip.
You say, "Well the company ought to fix the road,"
we say "'why should theyt" You teamsters sad team
owners seem to be satisfied the way things are, so they
should worry.
The Preamble of the I. W. W. says "These eoadi
tions can be changed and the interest of the Wrking
C'lass upheld only by an organization formed in saeb
a way that all its members in any one industry or all
industries if necessary, cease work whenever a strike
or lockout is on in any department thereof, thus mak
ing an injury to one an injury to all."
That is to say that teamsters, riveters, earpenters,
blacksmniths, linemen, boiler makers, all hands organ
irved in the Union of Oil Workers, thus building a
union in the ranks of the oil workers as broad as the
If you are working in the oil industry, do you
realize that you are doing yourself an injustice, as
well as all other men working in that industry, by not
affiliating yourself with the Oil Workers Union of this
district ?
Who, although few in number at present, have been
fighting for better conditions for all ment They are
trying to shorten the "orking day that those who
a re, out of work may find employment; also to raise
Swages in the degree that we have power to do so.
Now. do .you think that you are doing right by staying
out of the organization and fighting us? Do you real
ize that every day you stay out of the union that just
tlhat much longer you are fighting your own clarsset
l)o you realize that the power of the worker is his
Ihbor power.his power to produce wealth, and only by 1
uniting that power for the common end of bettering
·onditions for all can we resist a reduction in wages, i
or a lengthening of the working day ? By organizing
ai the I. W. W. proposes, a feeling of independence
and self-reliance is developed in the individual, he is
less timid when imposed upon by the boss; it over- 1
comes the jealous feeing toward other working men a
and develops a feeling of brotherhood, which is the
straight road to better working conditions, a better a
world and a better place to live. Your duty to your
self and to your family (if you have one) demands
that you do your part to build up a Union in the in
dustry in which you work. Moreover, your common
sense approves it. Have you got the courage to do
ra5 aso ts per emnIt aW* a sq .
Yours for better uaiom Iea the woees.
Pwvuet $4AdP bwedey LI
-- h.W w k.
Joe Hill was emrieted of murderl ithe
e* ef e a Jury of his "pms," e lag ut
eslhtemsh , d sa trkatenersarmab liW td am lore
ingman. aIn rality he y watriei bty d,
and convicted als, long betfors, and durigs 'tritaL
Evidenee of the iuiset eb raeter, if put on by
the presecutir was admitted, but iTe deltle tried
to get in anything it was vermled by "bhis her"
as hearsy. One woman witness unbl n-hly ad.
mitted to a subpoena server that even if Joe Hill did
not emmit the eiam he should be eonvieted man mon
desirahie eitism. The sam witn ess we at the
trial that a an f Jos dssi was i the neho igh
beraed, while at the pelmrwy hereleg she amid
that she coamld not my as to b mas heght or gea
eral deseriptiom. HBr hmsrad am dsst had been
spirited out of town, bhesas the dlfem wanted to
un him a a witness. The eH wlr s te the shoot
ing, a boy of. 14 years old, admittd under cremex
amimation that the proeseutieg attorney told hi dur
lg roes.. that a gray hat was wera by the taler man.
Witases, by wham the defense wated to prove
that the dead man had -iva enemie who had
sworn te kill him, erd that he had been hot at amay
times that he had ad neespaper reporters that he
expected to be killed y day, weo overuled by the
judge, and net admitted. Snsatihl newspaper asr
tieles were uad to preudico the publi mind, sree a
"The I. W. W. will rese Joe Bill it oand guilty."
"'Sherift iemess guards at Bill trial," were pub.
lished regularly.
The proseenting attorney's speech was only abuse,
appeals to the prejudices of the jury, and is his clos
ing speech he admitted that he had no evidemse, but
that Hill should be convited on genral prineiples,
. Witneses wanted by the defese ecoul not be
founa by the tate subpoena server, and when found
were "seen" by the prosecutie. At leat two other
men were shot the rme ight Morrison was shot, but
none of them were held, the they are till supposed
to be under uspicion.
Now,. Fr low-wesor s, this ease mag be appealed
and an appal tahbe mosey. So get boey and do the
very best you ean. We m- t sw them that the
L W. W. hes t started to ight yet.
Sead all fueds to Ge. Bids.
Tres. Joe Hill Defense Committee.
118 W. S. Temple St., Salt lake City, Utah.
A year ago there appeared in The Industrial Work
er an article by Fellow-worker Nilmes, entitled "The
Mailed Fist Against the Revolution."
One sentenee in it impressed me very much, and
recent events prove the orectness of his eontention.
The sentene follows: "Onli the rdnel le. can cosa
vieco M we rerbrs that violesc. shel nste the que
Colorado, West Virginia, Michigan, California,
Ludsiana, and other States where there has been in
dustrial strife aecompanied with eat loss of life,
prove that the ruling class will convince the workers
that violence will settle the question.
Commenting on the Colorado situstion the editor
of "Solidarity" while approving oa the direct atle
of the miners in arming themselves concludes, "That
the question is an economie one and should be serattled
with economic weapons," or words to that effect. The
only economic weapon is the One Big Union with its
But the function of "Government by Gunmen" is
to prevent the creation of the One Big Umion.
That which does not exist cannot be used to remove
the stumbling block which prevents its prospect of
Then, we conclude, if gunmen's function is to pre
vent the coming of the One Big Union, and as the
One Big Union does not exist, what method will we
pursue in order to remove this obstacle in our march
to industrial freedom t The writer believes the action
of the miners in arming themselves the correct one.
Had the United Miners of America been a real in
dustrial union they would have all gone on strike with
their brothers of Colorado. There would have been
no Ludlow masacre. But they did not. We must
meet conditions as they are, not as they should be.
Then to prevent the further murder of muembers of
our class it is absolutely ceusary that we arm our
selves, for our own protection against the anarchy
that has overthrown popular government ard has sub
stituted in its place "Government by Gunmen."
"There can in what we do be no thought of aggre
-on or of selfish aggrandizement. We seek to main
tain the dignity" and lives of ourselves, wives and
children. .
The law of self-preservation is superior to man
made laws, and not all the flends of hell can render it
otherwise. Yours in the fight. . W. H. Lemwis.
th the SeA a, m "Mm th" at ýtMsm
a.ftrd ast.m t.a a a. s sase C.. t .
- toui. l a a .rpisd semns tr si e ,nsesr
" so -is' d fagAr I B aidn a
h si l' le aki up a asAs ano
t se sad amt.W ad orpa tie
"The t iat a omanubt be grtatd the .aewas At
affrd a apportasity to prpar a pai ms is the
osmer b which ao m paled ao trial ar unde
the otiss ae d spirit a e a4, entitled. If
these mum amr guity, a postpeasemet soanat deat
the ends of jtime; if innoeeat, a eoatinume may
help to prevnt the disgrace to Texas  d to the
United States of a counvietim, imply becamse of lak
of times and meaus with which to prsent a defeinse.'
I-ndoa's antswer was as follows:
- "Pila taok a running jump into a country where
theren is o a o. When I need your advise or hlp I
will eal upos yeu. W. C. Liads, Distric# Atty."
The '"xpres" further quotes this lowbrow as ay
"There is no doubt but that this merage was sent
to more by hoials or sympathisers of the Industrial
Workers of the World organieation," Mr. Linden de
elred. "The men who now seem to be solicitous about
the welfare of the men now in jail have had ample
opportunity to come to their defense, to raise funds
and do anything they wanted to."
"I de't intend to have the Industrial Workers
telling me what to do. When the time comes to try
these eases they are going to be tried."
A more hideous insult was never hurled into the
face of the World's Labor Movement. Rebels of the
World, will you stand for it Charlie Cline and
M. Rangel have served well and truly on the battle
line of their elass. For this reason alone the Land
lords and Lumber Kings are seeking to accomplish
their ead. They will succeed if you, the REBEL
CLANS OF TOIL, do not HUBBY to the sistanceu
of Cline, Rangel and their companions.
Their only real "crime" was in trying to get guns
into Mexico. According to press dispatches of last
week, the President of the United States and his CON
FIDENTIAL AGENT, John Lind, are likewise
GUILTY of this IDENTICAL "CRIME"--gun-run
ning-yet neither of them, nor even William Jeman g
Bryan, have been even arrested for the "ofenae." In
the first ase, that of Cline and Rangel, only one
beast, "deputy sherift" Ortiz, wasr killed, in the aee
cut ease, that of the Rulers of the United States
thousands have and will lose their lives. But this
is the REAL CRIME of Cline, Rangel and their com
panions-THEY fought for HUMAN LIBERTY
the others for STANDARD OIL.
Clear-cut is the isue-it is the INDUSTRIAL DES
IANS of the world. Where do YOU stand? The
fight is on, and all FREEMEN are called to rally to
the defense of Cline, Rangel and their companions in
arms and against the gold-erased, blood-mad tyranny
that is laying Texas and all the Land of Dixie in
ruins. Sons of the Southern Clanmen, the defense
appeals to YOU to aid the man who served your eause
so well at Lake Charles and at Merryville! Into the
"By an' by I'll get my pole,
By an' by.
There'll be heaven in my soul
By an' by.
I will steal away from ma
Down to where the fashes are.
I will spit upon my hook,
An' I'll drop it in the brook,
By an' by.
"Ma will miss me from the yard
By an' by.
She will holler for me hard
By an' by.
But the gurgle uv the stream
Like enough will drown her aecream
An' It' ish an' fish away
Where the speckled beauties lay
By an' by.
"If I ketch a likely memI
By an' by.
Ma will smile with happiness,
By an' by.
If I have an empty creel,
Somehow I kin sorter feel
How that apple sprout will dance
On the seat uv my ole pants
By an' by.

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