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KIE,'w iii"riiI,~r ; w""."1 Inf ru Ith. ''r'.rniruz
titiin aIIIEI Inll les I1II;n ;i a v'r" wi' wVi( l
havi' tIill l,ui ulrl~r I ralust rv on-,:u m/9'9l
from fit, (II Ie' .. I NeI \1."ox II uIl. ,\1.1.'l
()/".'Iii 111 411 the k.', .'1(' \011111 to ;1 t 1'';1%
'I'iuill.i1' +,\ ul.Sr." E95 "9 Il1 I!\~ l', 111.'1''.
I:"i 19999l· ili(· l,\ 11991' 5 'hars all! r''r 1st. 1i1;
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gYi\ I'. i l i.'iu lviii. 9' t l99Kn'.
11.'11, w 9 itiidit 11 19.1 169K I' 119
911611 .el' :nlr" "''lass! R"'EIt "I'll.' Luvuva
119115 at El tho' t ruthI.
'I lits suvitli The. 1. \',. W\. S~trikl' ('"euvvvit
t t'".
( u r several 4*l l~tier"44144lit1 .%) andfll
nronnnl %Io·rr··\·ill e al\·iuc us that that
111d 1Bri t is1 t'Ina fig trleiril. at ias th jig 1g ta
'e It:air1trad, ohlejgels 144 ' forgi'iia'r,
iggerii s1igItie Lrgllgra igtios) r4Umiti4. 14114
M1g'rr"\villlg and IIalviti!. rn\i"Ihi4L 14o dol
4cr say ,I'141)1 heW "lear 4141 l.44isia111;
as l"iiit 4 oIi ig:4lI. .l,44414' sL~. Istles. 14141 it.
Jc141.l l. e 1114'1. . I'l'44111 I lie 441r4 4I1 o ' 4Is -
iiic1ti III "The I6e'l.el arlot her 441 rilr;t
444 11:1 ' r s . ii t V \ "i 1 IIIlls''1 54 1 1 I hat I ) 114111 V
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1iL' :111141W44 :ii 111:I11\' 4'4"'4'4 4111 III, 114V.4'111
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1141" ":44I 114'41\, Itht .I .1441' O\1'1111 444 11141
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their 41 it i21 hl, 1. tl4. 41r in \1'' .244
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I 44 44 1144 Iat ;I 144 1\' 1\ I1 11 . 4ti ft, \
14:4 V 41f 1444 41 .11 1' ' I h111 1 I It I 4444I
I )\I.1 I h* wr l'- -II I: 4violate It
la\ 111 it.. ''.14 1 ' . .14 "1.i- 114 14.444' 14 i1
\ 11 4 .4 . 1' 1).4114.4 111 j ~ t 4 1 I44:41'." g1'\'1'
Il 111'1' 44 1 11 441/ 441 1 4' 1 4i1 141'\'111_. 44.
1411114I '5 4 4'4 lit'.
11. 1!1 \1 .14'' \ II.. 1. 1'r' li .
;44444i:1 11 14'1.' ' 1 tI,,' '':1:1. ;11411 Ii''
1:111 If flii. \ 11'11 ''4 ' II k 1114 4 -it 1r14'1
'Fht ('lt44j44441 2'nets h:4In; ilftil 411 4)4:4144
in everv o 111W f1li then. 44r s44 it thinks.
flit'' fie1 lilt they~ hav bee 114 ied1'4 to
,hun44t444 rolltos and54111 tha1t 41 STRI}KE IS
ON. One of the last bmnnehes was sent
in. it is repeortPed, by one (Chas. Swift, a
salE on41 keeper il I14'flllhoi et. TeUxas, whII)
has lived ill his life off the lumbher jacks.
All I he hlim ther jiks a rad aill other work
ers shidieiIl renjitlehe'r aIl ays that anO
1l4.jliIY t1) fine Iis the" e44i4 elii of all.i
Statement of Five Shanghaied Men.
")11' h' ilI \NeaI 41jj44a4' 1e.)4 115s oi the
to li · i' i or saw till woirk, and w44 ill
h.t W;44414'4 to sem'i If,, toe Mel -iii or M ii
\''v. Li.a., and el rt her staitede thait. there
\i\ n'ItAike' Ioi heriei at1 M4'rrv"iI. and
i t. 11t . tl: l s'14: 111, 11l :4IlVs\'411'11.' 411111 4 i" 4
111111. '4:1411 I, l t rni " l. ' l, he e s44 $.'. that till , lay
thui t all folu iIi'Ill'l11111' 4 1.e'1 j1:1erahl'i :I\ -
141111 hel . i r11, : Ia ltr we' ef't \estJ Ik ltfll\
I'.1141,!4' 4444 the' I'ris'ifell . 1[. ., 41,t 1141111
.nn null his n~r\il'Ii'"ti i. ;I \~l~nil it hi ,ri';
'4414 14)1 44144 444ilL n I~l)'4 c~l)): llc 4)4 4(11 hIide
k'\ 'I'lain fI *elins lhr;hhI :4441 \e f'ui'i
lI'l' 1 I -I I II 444 I' 1 11 4'\ '" ' i " \" ' 1144' l i l*. X
N 'a 44. ll'.14:.'i ',"\ 1 4ll` ` 'll tll4' l' ee
'I:II I' lIs I Ir:i 14 44 4 i 1 44 ffe'et i4444 11 11 i t
:11111 t" 11; 4 IO \\' 4 l l ii :141 all s irte' (414
ill\ 444 441 r llr 144'l 44. . 14ft Ii I -4 ! at
:II1I the mene'~4 in 1:he 1n4:ies to1 put their
l4':4'Is "~i:1411 and hIll'4 :41)4 -e1 a~l4t t ha' t441
44f their 441445e. Ad 14 14f44r4' lt'':4v141 lIa
111 'l(l l444.V4 re, \ill \4'i1 t44141 44 \We' 41141 441t
hav1 t.' 144 1 al4 n4\" tr'il'14141 41' 4444~, ;4441 f1r.
tIer said v41 l0l,1* tL4,! 4(4 1,4f'es'.14 ll f1 it Ii
lia ' :11'1.10:II 141' I'''\ 444 4V44'r 111t tll 11441 4411
44:1 t l' ' .. :4 I 14 144' 1 \ " ' l 1 :441~ 4i , . :11i41
1:,~ '.4 4 li. 1141'' 't11. .4 ' 11:111 tI' 'el4 te 144441
'41 14! II14 1111 i '1 2 I tI 4:4 4441 4444 fhI'' Iirt 11)1
I'4 ;" tel \`.4 ij :i i Il t ' :4'I 1 414 1144 \ ii I't \ ''5
'4 r :1 ;'1 24)Il 14 \\he ll n $4 "\-'l '45 l '144 III
i+ 1 'i 4 ' ra44t* '1 til 444' 441 t i fro 1n44',
1 I I' 4444ý r'4 4 1.! 44')')'' 44 Il l . I '14.
r''4 '\'"4 4 , 441 4','. 14'11 4i'4 \\'e 11;141 tI 1:44- f'Ir
I: 1 ,re. \\"1 '1\".4 :4444 '':4144, ("n r*4r'
I 'doý A\ 'l1du 4411 4!lt 14'r' 1144\' 1441411 445
"'Ir 1"4:1r'41 \\4..,1:1 20 11'r 4444ek. :4nd4 We
.:44'1 Ave \' 4V1441 (44t41ply" ('ir 444oh41l4r that.
4441''1. ELV4rV\(11lre' 444 4V4'4t 444' 444t
-'''4:44ll "i'4142 444 ('4i114i71'ia. 444 it 441:(1e
fine* thine:k frtom theloo 1(k oIf thiiliLs a45 if
#4444 14'4re 14e '4 pi'41itenrtiar\ irnstla(l of a
freer 4044141 4W. Yes'i4"r~la4 the' foreman
'am(14' t'1 us and told us to all holler at
Ithe to1p of our voi4ees when the train
caine in from the woods and we holler
Frank M11LElt.
----- --- ----.---- ------ -
l ,lki, ,n,14 drnlk on fihtin," whis
ky afil then havinvl thl'ern heat uill
when they f.ret so,,Ier anl refuse' to work
IIdler w\i"rsi' than c'o ie\it 'c'i llili
tii is, is rertainly la w anIl eordelr" ear
ri'h I to th extr'eme of  pe'rfi' tion , liut
r-nat is th . iawildust I wini.r.
The Liars.
Plant Closed by Timber Workers' Union
Starts Off Early Monday Morning.
S Il'' al to Th'i.' tat';es.
1 I':II Y\II.tll I'1. I.A.. .an. 11.--0n
sihe'le i'r l ime. thel saw.iili of the Amer
i.,an I,iimhir (' om.panv h. 're, that has1
hben i.lohd,, " ," the strike of the Timber
W\orkeri . I ,nio. hilriai operations
u in ti .I;v. ,Jafter a shmt lo,,wn of several
Tlioiths. oir ever si'e the refusal of the
lumb.er colmpany to neinsLtate employes
who, had ieeven wvitnesses in the timber
w,,rkers' f:nmons trial at Grahow A
to, ka tl, wava lat0,r Ih ilt in antitipation
of eomrine, treouhle, and armied iards in
stalleh . T'he tro, le nld v,, r ,a s., low
'vr. Is lthe idh ie x-eantlovl,' eradvnally
left the' w i'hhorlhoodl. The planin n mill
was startid ahbot fiour wi'ks a_'eu and
the 'i a likr sawillill was be rnn last Mon
day andil l-lit in a full we.'k. With the
reisIlption of thlle hi, mill the ent;re
plant will e in operation,. inelml(in. the
woods erewvs and tram road. The man
altmenlt annomnees that it exp.'ets no
Sfurt fier trouble."
Dispatehes on the lines of the above
appeared in all the great (1t daily news
papers of .Tanuar- 14th. The "news"
that the plant is working with a full
crew is a lie out of the whole cloth, for
there were less thian 100 senbh in the
stockade when this dispatch was sent.
and it is also a lie that all, or even the
bulk of the Union men have left the
town. There are enough of them on the
ground and in the surrounding infected
territory to. with their farmer allies,
hold down the plant and to prevent any
"trouhle"' ' the management" may ''ex
peet" to start. All such lies are put out
for the double purpose of stolping
fuinds and provisions Ieinr sent the
strikers by their friends and fellow
workers and to fool more men into the
stockades, there to be at the rmrer.y of
, un'lenr anrid "'I d ('itizens LTean ruers."
Ifr yo have any senise. and want anr easy
jobh. you will apply at the penitentiary
I'before your will .ro to Mlerrville and
work on Assoc'iation terms.
'This terrible disease, ildue to shame
less ilsan y diai c lnditions and ehron mi
stlarvation, is agalin spreading. throungh
the entire Louisiana-Texas timber belt,
as see tlhe official reports of I)r. ()sear
I)Dowling,. chief health officer of Lou
isiana. Then go into the stockades, if
you will. Enijoy life in "d''ear old Lol,
isian:a"---.et a Ieatirn for breakfast,
mInciingitis for dinner, roui.h board cof
fin for supper. and then "peace that
passeth understandnru," in some pot
ter's field of the Lumnlber Trust.
Sawing "Holler" Logs.
The little mill, the big nill. both plan
ers. the cho,-hoo ears rawnl the woods
are all running, as the Santa F'ee and
its liars elairi. The only thing that
troubles the Bosses, however, is the fact
that the plant is sawing no lumber.
It,,t for this the Aasoeiation would lie
happy. The plant "starts rip an.w"' al
ri-'ht : does so every muornin,,. aind ha
ben doing, so ever sine . tIhe strike, st:,rt
d nea;rly ten weeks anL'o. It starts riip,
the whistles blow: the lrrnien "hol
ler:" the wheels tuirn. but IlowinrL
whistles and hollerinr and turnirngi
whe'els doesn't saw lumber, for (10 gun
men. scabs and srcker# can't do the
work of 1300 lumber jacks lhnaked by
the whole I. W. W. Its a ease of the
flosses whistling to keep up a front. If
they enjoy it, we don't mind. Let them
shoot themselves in the pocket hook all
they want to. That's what we say.
All log cutters of the Looney-Rivers
Lumber Co. (formerly the Dunnam &
Robinson Lumber Co.) are out on
STRIKE against an eleven (11) hour
day and a wage of $1.60 and $1.75 a day
in bum timber.
The boys are demanding a ten hour
work day and a minimum wage of $2.00
per day.
Strenuous efforts on the part of the
Boss to get scabs has thus far failed.
Stay Away.
All "flatheads" are asked to stay
away from this rotten job and help the
boys there get better conditions.
------------ WORKERS, SOUTHERN
Whole I. W. W. Backs Merryville Strike
The Union That Has Never Lost
4 Figt.
General Headquarters, Room 307, 164
_.W. Washington St.,
Chicago, Ill., January 6, 1913.
Secretaries are Instructed to Read This
to Their umbers.
The strike at Merryville, La., has
reached a critical point. All the forces
of the capitalist class in the South and
Southwest have been lined up against
our fellow workers there. Kirby, with
his following of lesser lumber barons.
Burns, with his host of hired thugs and
-Wu:, ani'l, f the ktrat "ýsiae Ps-.Bakimed-**.r4
Company, with its millions of dollars,
are all arrayed against our fellow work
ers for one common purpose, the extinc
tion of the I. W. W. and the ONE BIG
UNION in the South. 4
Our fellow workers there have put up
a valiant struggle. Their fighting spirit
has not dliinished one iota. but they are
up aga;inst forces with greater power
than they ),possess. The power that you
and thety possss, however, is greater
than their enemies. We must unite our
forces and win the day at Merryville.
What is needed is food and shelter in
lerryville. The boys there will furnish
the fivhlt ing, ; you have gt to furnish the
foodo The IrI,,ber IHarns are trying to
starve the lumber jaeks out. They be
lieve if they can out off their food sup
ply, they will break this strike and then
break the spirit of the workers. We
must show thern that they have not only
the lumber .jaeks of the South to deal
with. but all the workers organized into
the T. W. W.
R1ush provisions into Merryville. Raise
funds and send them in. Do no,t put it
off. do it today. The winning of this
strike depends upon you. See that you
do your share. I)o your ditty to your
self and your class and the lttulmber work
ers ,If the South will add another vi.tory
to the long list already won.
Sendi all money. prIovisions. et·., to
","itrs for T,,ltustrial l'n ionism.
Gen. Secty-Treas. I. W. W.
The strike at Merryville is still on.
Don't go there to work until the plant
starts up with a Union crew, as it will
start, or never. Be a MAN. Don't be
a peon.
Fellow Worker Chas. Cline has been
elected Secretary of the Strike Commit
tee in place of Lee Lovejoy, resigned.
So send all funds and provisions for the
strikers to: CHAS. CLINK, Secretary,
Merryville, La.

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