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; ElT¥ ATUlt).\ýY.
OrEICE: 601 Splrilng Street, I I, twIl
Milam and Cro·kett.
Entered in tbt Pst iattte .tt tShre eolt1
as S4e 'onhl-CiaU'$ Malt'tl.
SHREVEPORT, LA., FEB. 6, 1897.
THE PI:tiliEt s ItlnolIitll '.a it-|',f it
candidate for public patronage.
In presenting this request for the
favorable consideration of a pro
gressive people, nothing is claimed
in consideration of great achieve
ments gratuitously performled. Int
must ask that our motives and in
tentions form the basis of your
This journal will be dlevoted to,
the advancement aof all irldustrie:
of Shreveport andl North Louisi
ana. It will deal with practical
ideas for the A itli'r.' r lIsT,. II,'lIrI
'ULTUHI'ir, MEC'II.NIC andl the 1 -ail ;
KEEPER, with a hearty stisalsrt to
the PIrBI.I' sIo.s. It will he a
HOUSEHOLD PAi'EIR. while as the
friend of all legitimate vocations.
its contents can be perused with
pleasure and improvenient ariound
the fireside.
It will take no part in tle fac
tional embroglios of our politics,
but will ever be found in the van
in resisting the encroachments of
public enemies to the comnuon
wealth, native or foreign.
We think Shreveport and vicin
ity needs such a newspaper as THE:
PROOREss proposes to be, and we
requestly ask that this venture he
made a success by giving it your
hearty support.
Put Your Shoulder to the
In common with the entire
country our State is just emerging,
weak and debilitated, from a pro
tracted struggle with the giant
Finance. While to some extent
this great dictator has been over
powered, the contest has left the
opponent ; thereof with little means
and as limited resources with
which to weather the dull season
which now comes on apace. To
meet the coming demand is what
all should unite in preparing for.
By acting in unison the matter
can be very successfully man
aged, and yet no one will be called
on to give alms. The capitalist
desires an investment for his
money, the mechanic, laborer, etc.,
employment. Shreveport furnishes
the field and material, and all that
is .necessary is the display ofa
little pluck and energy. There
are several enterprises which
ashould be put in front again after
their sleep during the monetary
stringency. No industry has ever
yet failed in North Louisiana
where it had been properly cared
for and ooerated on business prin
ciples. Shreveport has never yet
turned a deaf ear to the claims
of any enterprises on her bounty,
and she and her friends, the sur
roundiog parishes, are still willing
to yield up their rich treasures to
thosiwhbo have the honest industry
to delve for them.
Litevery citizen contribute his
mit, whether it be in the value of
meon, work or encouragement, or
all thrci, and see if the anticipated
daull smon can not be made a very
active, thrifty one, which will re
mit in bringing on a period of
prapYui which will certainly add
to the growth of thetown and in
wres she wealth of the country.
Let every man, woman and child
give eat one push to the ball
It eartaialy augurs well for
hreveeortthat nearly all of the
m ea candidates for alder
Sroe declared themselves in
fewerea paulie shbools and ti* ees
tibM·ene of free marlab in dii
gsao age of the city. The old
tam iu uildu* ,awaking fro,
bs esIe wSlwi was worked
- with .iihable cisrvity ad
_ eii about 90ol 0 oa of
- . , I. d th a work
haL- .!~,o as int h ler, -r
The | liii;t.: will fir ti' , ,
ent employ no agerlt-. lut l :i y ,i,,
is autorized to soilicit u,-i(':,i t. .t1
and advertiselllents for t!ih I aper. I
anll will be allowed theifrt'rfur i ir !
c.it of the amotsiunt ~seo : i!lter
A Gool Wife and Motlhler
It wa- with rezret ,f .i , t1,,n
ordinary intet,-itV tlhat n liri
IIInumLber if men, womll olt illi chlil
dren of this and adj,,iinig ,ar 1
ishes learlned of the death of IMr
.Josephine Lake, which occurred in
this city T'lhurldav afternoon at 5T
Mr-h. Lake waq ie a rIre w omii:uli
Sichl It. , xallti the ,iI. , f \if''
al1 reders .uldini e thle M.,e
Intlh,. Imb eln d w. ilh th,,-e ;ltl t,.
whith Irlld hlov, ,eaie' anutil thaI;
ordnV art the tieive. htr litfe w
a rich etxaliple f welf iucrilhi. f!l
the eaihisrei -and rnifrtfiti i t
witlh \ho ll .u hl W ,- I '
is e i:ltlel the i e;iC t oI,'f Jir
famnily hoing liih chief ih,
.ire,iali, ton alce lihilti. hI thli i' ul,, lriii
vathion otf elf wa-l l cva fler'iT tl
greLat. A good W ill 11 L hai 'lle
(cale dalhove, itnidl ill olbeyingt lhul
5lullllllOliS a I'eiouC)l \i.if'. a lovingll
muother, hasleft desolatoe f haII?
home. eUnt as in all thiiits., tIriIt
to ler faith. when the Master s. piket
the ichiplo and Illaveti has otile
more jewel for the Saviour's crown.
For the husband and children a
friendly and sytipat hetic publlli
invokes ithloe coifollrtilg iillli.,Illece of
a just and a1 . ierciful (hl. : 'or
comfort ill sustaining thei, ill the
loss of her who is liow in HiltavnIli.
a peaceful homl won byl tritls ilal
crosses here.
Mrs. Lake was the wife of our
popular ansd highly d -iteeilned slher
iff, Mr. John Lake, and H TalE h'aoe
arss joins the entire COimlliuity inl
expressing their heartfelt sycl
Give Us a Fair Tial.
(live this issue of Tile ltlnitEos;
a careful, plrnusal llil then statl,
if you canl coii scietitiollly wil.h
Iholdor extend us youlr Srll, t.
We \V invite chle a i earnet criti
ciani, but having so lpla.sts5d iup , i
our effort. wesimply ask that a fair
and ihmpartial ve.rdict lh rendered
in the case without prejuIlice for
or against the editor and llroricy f
tors. It is human to he swayed by
sentiment at times, but in this
latter day when busineuss respo'isi
bilities are thrust upon the major
ity of men at quite an early ,period
of their lives, the pratical side or
the question from whitch ndearly all
draw their snppomrt. must Iso cwld -
sidered and it is this view of thie
casel that Tir t'lru ,ia:us dheires the
'public to take of its attnliapt to so
Icure ptronsag e. 'IThir are two
ainl question's which this parllOr
esaires ausweiredu, ltht i., is such ai
journal as it prolposes to Is,
neredt? if so dot.s it till the bill
Kindly conlsider these before re
plying in the negative.
We are indebted to Mr. Tonuey
Suhren for favors extelndedl Toney
is bMr. l. S. Elliott's right hand
man, and is a tine workman, as
will bel seen by an inspection of
the building recently linibted by
these gentlemnen. The buiildling is
the one recently so badly datiageIl
by the Times tire. There are no
traces of the tlalmes ahout it now,
however, and TE'i: Pa:,;lnes: s hopes
Sto do honor to this olt newspaper
stand, as it is a modell printing
Advertise i'i Tu. PaL'loxll.ss and
learn if it will not pay you.
Will the farmers of North
Louisiana diversify their crops to
r any great extent the conming year?
s If so in what portion and of what
-will it consist? Short communi.
n cations on this subject will Ibe pbnh
-lished with pleansure by THE
SThe mechanies atd laborers
should be greatly encouragid by
the prospect of employment in
I Shreveport. The b ':ling and
Soperating of the new ms ..ing worku,
f the new elee*lrl 'ist railway line
kand the ice faibry alone, will fer
aniah work to a good ronnd aur
t.libe. Beide teem th. are otLer
el ii mmoamt which ra
-aged iL i
ir .a t ;r lri-. - al a pa .r \.l t: i
ft. .,-r (of tlhai. i i t,, a. 't; :tl ,.t,' aII
1:,,l1 tital i ally a '" ar. I: a ti.' t I no
' hat trll: 1, l - i . ll,' t l0 l; t ' -
.t . l ' 11-l, Irit "lha t all l , ' f .:t ,t
Thadt S~ahra·e iaL~liil w , le Iit
T ha t ,hr. .\.l .,rt ' -t :u:l uý,,,tJ..t , I .. ,
Iea "i"f att ll lki l it thl' y tt f houohtw
that l. t h.r. w\..n11 I,, l ,h telitel
That Shreveptrt's must relent
le-s traducer. are those who owe
their stc'cess to the old toas It.
That Shrovelort will never makle'
any 'very rapid strides aon the road
to .Xa vaniia-lelp.lt un1tl ( 'lu.u- arte
'" .';t.1 f , .l ." " i, I ll * fti lrc : t,'
,,t .l; it ., ;. 1 l ,,laal r .la. it. i, ,a. ,
I il::t l,, l -,' . t .alu ait!. e ru- lt
o;a.;.. i a .a aaa t i uit l aaW i-ll ia tae \\ a1i%
t.a. ll I,. I ht 1f-r 1 "' h 'a " la llit. a al lt":
C.a:.!1 {. tIa"gPiiaa1 It wa aillu t .a.aet ract
i"la . whiat a mi ,1 h 1 e1u1 "I" anr I oi, as
Ia. Inc a l .'lua a f tht 11.' aw1.
ent ide l nuI : lltht iL , 'b, a will Hit.
-in late r.
IThat Slhiurt-' a"'it is at hleIar lowest
ebb now' that thet tidal wave will
soujn he upol i.
That se,\'eral low entlrpri ..es,.
though now ot1ly pil aeal. will
sot.l It' lin t iato ipractt'ial woarking
Thata the' authl.k f.,r ,aura.\'v'
port is exceedingly ..., ."'a;-:iig.
and Iwtter times are coiillig.
That though .ul, e ofr our Inu-i
ltew,S llolen nIlty have b eell tardyl
public measures, they have iduly
part now.
'lthat l.ufore the .n.ll oaf the preti
ait. year Sihle\.l.ort will have
trhre. lices of eh'.tric street, rail
'i teat the farimer haveo grown
ience of thie oast. are ripei for any
oiutuwent wIich will add ti , tlr .
proslerity of the country.;
'That everyaone is going to sup
port 'lT' 'r n,.l.-', ttecaose in .l o
doing tht'y promote Ithe interest of
the entire In blat'i.
Tlhat ")nr Ca nicu" had Ibetter
leaveo tiate tiwn far the lattaer's
Now which of the two has given
the correct ve*rsifon '
Vagneor Brothers will dteliver
mnats frea of charge to all latrts of
the city.
Is our aiming factory tor renainl
idle for atnther season ' Let the
stokholder. either olwrate it them
selves or turn the fbusinea over to
'some one who will take enough in
tIorest in the ausiness management
ito iake it a succs.. It can Ie
donW, anld to let it remain closed is
not only a detrinment to the machii
ery, ult to our town a' well. Cer
tainly Shreveport would be iana
ital by giving the propirty to
someone who will obligate hintelf
to run it.
Last year during the agitation
of the question of permitting a
new railway to parallel the track
of the City Railway Company. the
latter promised the citizens an
electric system to take the plate afi
the mules. What is preveting
the compliance of that promise.
Will someone authorized to speak
I answer.
Choice meets of all kinds at
Wagner Bros., the butchers.
What are our business men
going to do a an ofettothe
p city's loss by the Jow ps of
To the Ln! ics of North
fllu ICI', t fritl 1i . dait. r i
that i, . g :. I 1. ,t , ft
d rei, l. t., .. .It . t. ' :-,
edlitor wu ill ret . ; : "' .c.
th i t r '- , . . e h ,ritter
l a tt ti,: t . - - t
hrin iem tl,:t 1 1 :,.v - ,:t1 I. +,ril tl' ci.jr
,I) A .... ,' .,t1 11 ,f 1.. 1 :t1 [Itr :' lu
a1(',' 1.p1 i ;u . I !-:lv t ti,. "(' 1 ,, .t,,-.0r'
"-. 'i:It Ill,.
-- +41,- -4.
If , . -i' -tl at l tracltial birdnt,
t I ., .:..,,tl hl , , i a' t I 1, r"" w s.
+,r" 1'41['11 . ` hill- 4a4.h aw l h0e
,..i :l--i',,l that h1e kirnw.e . all
,i, ln l d ;,,,.
1ii II! Ii '. t \\c' li s nct ie l.,I r tilt
l1 I tn i l it aui*.e,,edi i
at any thinir \wrilttle in thi-, lal.er
it l tart', t ', , , t i lit leitcide . all
that 1: ewt'.". r to I't' 41,0 is to
eall ce 1 rll'. \i ',1,4 anal tell hin, ,if
1i-, In;rievemenit : inr ii st 'lI'r I' ,.
ar~ a- tl! he \%ill ilurnediattly de
I tart for i hie it her w ,rh.
'Try 1 .giner Brhoth, rs' SouIhtI,
Slilii, ,l111:1 .e a ..u'
t(rlt]i +' lmll's atitiu ,e towards
'IChili. reminds tumRef the little boy
whi, tld his father that he was
afraid of cldh devil. Ibnt wlhen hl
canght a little eLoe uit lie
-- ~
wo'nMII], l i t'k tlhel ",tulTiflu" tilt of
Meat.s dree'.d in grarl style at
Wagner brot thers.
Frank Pierce.
lIG. 5`7 .ITAFR:E. ST.
'lThe ei'-i ti w tlkneen ill e I4i e itv 1r'c
ellhr i .i1 e I. .A iepe, ei1t ple,le w. wh I r
all Ili I4l e-tineler ' et their h:air-ellt
! ird -hr i4 ... ',,lih*i. tller111 i he , le .- e s
For Rent.
Th* blir lin 61 .eil Spring ll treer, wil
Ilee N s t. i 1 11 11e that, p t'IA.e j -el -
Ided by TII: Ilt l.u ss. Apply h,
!.. F. ('AI t.''IIl
- I-EAlFI{ IN -
All kioiile ir lninilirr. IsJe'retli , g,
I lt'., cihi ee e1r slhrce IElceijed'.
SPECIALTIES: Paper Hanulag
sad Sigp Palatilg.
i'rrinllric1 ord etr+ li lehtc. All goerli"
eh,,tsIc v"el dihh I,) l y I t elleelle
h esl o" ie el * -"*e irrel tr'ci r.lm , I w ill ltkt
.lrait 4ir.. i le rri te ei. rr. . e ll
)le el l e orl'le e i ll ce11 ure,
edt l.'es rii i, " 1'S e t4 l
21 . r '19 r 'r4wk'l l1.. bhrereport, La.
_ stuems airet em spag asse
L 9
: o o
W 0 00C O 3 0
-- -
Row Prepared to Roceive all Kiids of
Bil loads, Leer loads,
Note Hoels, StaotoeIts,
Besiness Cards, Circllars,
Envelo ps, lDoe.rs, EIs.
-AT-- -

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