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The Progress. (Shreveport, La.) 1892-1900, September 03, 1892, Image 3

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Cut m Ceater a Skirs sad d lee-e- t
vwrSr i 1,Vtqe-CttSm Goa.a
Very large sleeves and bodices, with fll pr
he-ts of distinctly diferest material let
1m, are well worn, hi
very oert is bdlrn made to mske some
variety in skirts, and in France they are
arranging double skirts, not at all like the
double skirts we used to wear, but actual
y ea skirt over the other. A good exam
pios this was a deve olered cloth over er
viaus se, whihe was out an the ces
thoiougbt, adigo al bader placed a
he trout. The swathed bodice discovered c
sabt silk undervest. This had a mova- w
ble Zonave, and, in addition, a mantle i
made of fllinp avawu in the frost.
Aather new h skirt has two deep
bees edged Sousees-oe falling from the
wait- o o the aes, the other from the w
knes to the hem.
Yellow std whit has always been ao
ed o a becoming mixture, and ot late b
stay and white ,
have come into l
favor. A pretty
Inetance isawhite w
estin gowb. the
fews covered with
silver embroidery.
having large fall
gryL atn da ees a
and a gray bnd
iag to the skirt.
an soensed by the
lU t es make of t
silk la. Gray is
also worn ftor tes
gowas, for is I
Sdudorable ad cear
tainly becoming
to fair skhLn
The nw ase·o- t
dli eplaitebeldes S
or gauss drmse
Is a very petty
1S! COrN Ua. thing to wear, bust
1wl U be rsy to *t* the makissg t
o ns Mo ybut a lent ens mdte
Rim whits pigs has bee revived fo
iaboreod evut sws as faseoaMe
--g--, ad for thin whito deasses oblRom
irnbe mls rm uek aed. acy eepoms,
ilp materials. gandy masain and i
'weed s a ail wrm. sat t would a
be dsso to smay whek of them looks the
msebA pprWomt aoto drasses are
ry mpl made A dark blue cottom
inlea o eoveredwith lace as far
- the elbow, and pisi deep ets. The I
Io rleaad rt paesre beak sad
the awefar otrimming for
n s bve little narrow Mrills around
e bitm, all edge with arrow lace.
Suretsmel Imaf teentme-prntt, ]
h , wish htis ait an logss sshem ds of
a gsel am'
fdi mof ae m , - sthe loug
hung fYl. The hats i Is eream
sear wlh fal bews o the am tint as
np* a bemseeltw'l twrheto snltnS1
h. - wlm w iti ais initial biter I
-s mea do oded beth mans by
SeS* baler astwe tis and the
oa "bkagleb" slng, whore two
a, e ithe Initial lapes of whise
4 the Acs ab ws d the Isomer' Chri
'11w as ssas minplr nas esM sad
i W *m&w MtbMAaglmmals"m a
a . I am e s su asm z ed by ad ot d iuam e
mewr 1asbs m aum s pce a far
manne us ae srl m sm -
siabm 5slm d Inm sLwmes d
- o h t ealeL
1r~· ^"
feather edged chiffon, with an osprey. The
crowns of a good many of the new hats are
either of lace or jet. A novel trimming
for broad brims is an overhanging frill of
A passing fashion in French blossoms
for millinery is for hydrangeas. Women
of fashion, too, are showing a predilection
for lavender.
Tiny pyramid crowns rise amid a bank
of cherries, and even shells are called Into
the aid of fashionable millinery. A nau
tils shell Is an excellent setting to a
pretty face, the brim rounded in a curve
on one side, the point of the shell almost
hidden by sprays of yellow laburnum; the 1
upper crown resting on an under one
makes a hat look charming, for beneath ,
this pper crown there is geerally a vista
A legorn hat with a wide brim is
crampled up in most ploturesque fashion,
two white wings, placed like those on the
cap Mercury, covered when a crown
shoudbe, and a green velvet bow, clasped 2
with a diamond backle, formed the back
Theo elm amd Ceueet Thing.
Pak shirts trilled down the middle al
ways look pretty with morning dresse 2
and are generally becoming. Worn by
men they are, I belive, a mark of respecta
bility, and f you a man wearnlag one
with a black it sand a pearl pin you ma)
feel quite sure that he is perfetly "calmni
and corret"sort of person, saysu asthl 6
authority on dres.
Two oddly named borses ae Wooloa 8
mool2 o ad R1lu11.
August Belmost has named his eot by
Mr. Piekwek-Honlopes. Peehs dL.
Prines Menshlkdo, a wealthy Russan, 2
recently pealhaed the masse Aletra for
Saeders thinks Fram lees 0aS) aaý
wipe ut an ll yre d moords aAe Ason's 1
The Lrillard stakes were worth $17,790 1
to Tammaqy, 1,000 to The Pepper and
04,00 to Ara.
One of the highes pies ever paid for a
weanllag in Kentucky was 1,050 for a full
brother to Primes Karl. ML
At a eetag dof the eo e ds and lovers of
bhoes held in London it was unanimously
resolved thatof all the materials for pa -
lag neds asphalt is the worst for seams.
The sam set 00, Is being expended in
improvements a the Twin City wees
Common horses sell n Austrain fr
fourteen dollars per doses In New Baoth p
Wales they ae so Hameseea that property ,
ownaes have them shot. Wltitatwoyemss
between 0M000 and 1000 head were do
"Snapper" Garrison snym "Many ros
se nthrown away by inexperned boys. Is
Sthresraesout of lve where the Sid I
large the Jockey ws the ases. Old Man
Hayward, Taal and MeI mgh are
weorth tea pounds say day."
Rudyard Kipling believes in ghosts
WUbdm dssb, th German enrietu s
Id, has made a milsln dollars rioes the
al of his tfasy beaks.
eansems aae..w nd mast P-lr
Spatles, "The Mamder of the Gle," was
r semtly sold r SNi4 .
I Can Le Talid, tnhe Re n pe and
Saeelis, era headm f implements as
Swell as the psn. ais Is w lhal a aklt
h shoemaker.
ol ispri a s t arnsn tha 6wot, t re buch
a e dd, amo paw note than 700
os r , yet there have bees 1!Om
d smaples d his work palmed upon a pis
lire buying pabbs.
h o em d by ager (reIr .e Te m a
rmS Rem, a asbempe painter whem
webs Idled a es5 atthearis
pe- hai teo b at Mse oan li dtof
te hbsme, siled t up ad emari t away
wilt h. The Jay of wat hal t samsd
rta t hiMd was ems for est
3dtheknlfe bythheld d navnev
bt Ieagem reash upteteo bnds.
ten a the anheld
I W1ebtopr ba hb Ib
S_ pe l L· I*p, s he is
e t nore~r e t pse r Lean rs
lame -essas ene Si si -
S i rin m _
r-s--W C~inenjN uinL
Lot Ground on Jordan street, on
Belt Line, 140h150 feet extra, .ne
for family residence.
L Plat of Ground corner of Texai
Avenue and Murphy streets, em
bracing an rea of 185x208 feet,
usd opposite Izard's store
2 very Beautiful Lots on Crockett
street, on one of which is a nice
and comfortable two-story resi
denaeo sMpplied with sewerage and
good risten.
" Good Lots on Murphy street, in
the rear of Hospital, on one of
which is a tenement house which
s a ertain rental of $8 per
6 Lots on corner of Sprague and
Lawrence, on two of which there
are three tenements which bring
20 per month. 7.
8 Lots on Donovan street, on Belt
on one of which are two
tenments which rent for
1 per month.
2 Lots on Davis street, on one a
house which rents for 8per onth.
2 Lots near Butler's Hill.
14Lotsnr ee of Judge A. W. O.
Hiek. honme plaSc
iHoussand Lot which rent for i
per month.
Call and se me at my oac, No.
905 Milam stree
Absteter eL f la Ttlse.
Fall abstracts of al lands In Caddo
Parish, and all lots in breepor List
.t all vacant United States, B alil
road sd Scd bool Lands.
Ooke m Texas et. P.O. Box U.
Barber - Shop.
The best workmen li the city are en
ployd. A ee, quiet place where all
Ii. ..41mm5 get thei hair-cmt and
-haves. Polite attenetm to custoenw
with wa us s r or
--Bt It is -
BRpsirng Outfit,
aMd raeasea s u goe work with it,
He.K-eag, Harnm AFrchiang.
ye heesehe wh @ m as a oY to
. ouplets Oasi sOr
Farm and Household.
This 0Thr esiasls
wleL. emmmer W o s
Weegot t.h h eshN
e a snV ddtrems
m c m x r orq r eer
;fl.C?.UEIa bftW
The Very Best Ever Offered for the Money.
I @Y+ this Set of Harnese as Premium for 17
Subscribers to Tf Paouas0.s We will
. send the paper for one yes., and the Set of Harness, to any address, for
$7.00. Address all orders to Tas Puoouns.
0. -WITH
Your lai Pratel on Then,
Will be GIVEN AWAY with Every Club of Two New
Subscribers to THE PROGRESS; subscribe yourself and get
your friend to do the same.
Cut out and use the following Cupon:
lacroSed Find $2.00. Please Send THE PROGRESS
T Peet o. I-
I e P****t** f
Each for ONE YEAR, and send me 100 Stylish VISITING CARDS, as per
vr, offer, with my Name Printed in TYPE No...
(8igm Your Nme NltnWay)
A 1. CL.. Wilsf.atle 8. e.H.Q.
Na 2. MtUS xante jwtft.
S No 3. Fuller 6, H. Cash.
Na 4. 7le otinet f.
s No. 5. 4le d yoaL4A2
i. ____________
s Will be Given to each person already a subscriber to
S Ts Paoo0ne, who will send us one new subescriber.
Cut out and use the following Cupon:
Icloesed Find $1.00. Phes Send THE PROGRESS
Fr OlE YEAR, 1ansed me 50 sItish .VISITIsG CARDS, as per veer
eFer, lh my hue Printed a TYPE N..-
We lad the cash plan decidedly superior to the old
' methodof Usabearibe and pay when you feel like it," as
- we know exaetly what we are doing when we carry on a
strictly cash business, sad our patrons are also beneafited
a by it, s it enables us to give them a better paper, and
manyood induements to supply themselves with a
Alum mHems P e -
PmkC~ an....- ea.e.e s wea

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