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The Progress. (Shreveport, La.) 1892-1900, September 03, 1892, Image 4

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Hak-s £ Wuliams.
Entered in the Postofie at Shreveport as
iecond-Class Mail Matter.
Orsca: 6n2 Spring Street, between Mlam
and Crockett.
One Year. ........................One Dollar.
si Mobth.....................Sixty-vre .ents.
Three Months................ThirtyAve Cens..
C. D. HICKS, - - Erroa.
G. 0. WILLIAMS, r- - MnaNre.
Officials who arrogate to them
elves dictatorship, instead of realiz
ing that they ar bat public servants,
are unworthy of trust, and are alwaysI
and ever delicient.
Call on or Telephone
W. L. Bare°s a Co.,
523 and 5a Louaisiaa street,
for Family Groceries
Country Produea
The cheapest house t
in the city.
Small cottages for white tenants t
rind a ready oseupancy in Shreveport.
eom i
They me genall renatd bfre
Dr. Wm. P. Terry, late of Balti
imor-ersMl.and a regular gda of p
he Batimr of "*dentaLl nre t
golry, eshas ý loasted at Dr. e
awles old stand ad associated ti
huef with Dr. . C. Martin as a d
partner. Dsr. Marti and Terry's li
dental ohse is No. S Milam street, Si
oppoit the r y Hotel, where they a
ll be pleased to meet every one a t
need ofany and all kinds of dental as
work Prices reasonable and etin
faction guaranteed. rit
Distric Attorney Land I. wih d.
on his aueor f oi the tfray i i(
will take plae between him and the P
law violatars The contest will be- do
gin Monday week. in
e lNeur Water set. of
Large g, rtabldh s ad trayo
atJ e, we $aL.5, at The Fair. Pn
There will beb heavy eriminaldoeket ti
at the next term of the Distriae
oot, which wil eoovene Monday. to
laprovements are being contin- tu
ally made in Shreveport, th cry of a
dall times to the cotay notwith- pt
Iendies- so
Cotton is begining to open in ea
aest, and soon the plantation wa
con, with their oc peikers,
begin to line or stres o the river
. ,or
It is better to raise Irish potatoes CO'
Sf br Tets pr beushl than sotton v'ot
or ents per pound.
Am" at tts lash mammna tussed amn
ashoulder to her wasrm-hearted bod
compaiom emer, and rped the and
had of the older rd atuama. whi
Do the eool nights of the lash two mi
o thr dy portnd am ely PFall nt
It cat oy has a e Ta
aom of February fn eo o sT riqi
not speclally raluabto the owaw, pe o
we woeld esem i a taor to havei I
a t thoimeisa
A anuber d gentlesea me en- V .,
hea te 4ast s a th dl *
etL~q y th itrCome l p~ lr the
SIs. Thin soud# u *e*thte* p*
Jset a deqt
Th. water r at thin pies. has Main
ea * 0 It
seeks e teebm by kulk a
elthe helhehu, -m
~iNQ~~~w he mlehw
sport as The Nearer the Day ot Moving the Greater
the Slaughter of Goosl..
And as this will be about the last
_ Monday in the old store, will still
e a further reduce my stock ofering
ear the greatest sacrifce that l ever made.
Eoroe. Now my friends, for ur own, and
solely your own good, come and see
what I have to offer; see the price list I
in Sunday morning's papers, and
you can readily see for yourself
rvants, that you will get three for one.
always Everything will go regardless ofi
cost. Move I will, and sell Imust. I
s everybody had better take ad- I
vantage of thegreatest bargain day 
eve offered in Shreveport.
Come early and get satised and ti
ba convinced that the greatest chance
of your life for bargains will be on a
uAs ual always ready to serve.
Yours Truly, HIEmma ZoDIao.
Balti- Tan Paonsas, while not seeking a
re of personal warfare is ever re to en
Sur- ter the lists when challengedb an
Dr. seemy of the publi we interests. k
ated this it meansr that any oecinl who s
as a chooses to eater hloes on hisa pb
wry's iio er. witba public journal wrill
b u- ad bTeE frl p noes aed, r
in spean We sks tisto
thnoey so moed and its fhly to cpisr oem
a i oed for the affray, whe i the intn rp
ensal etshof the publcs weal is art ataks he
t hen public mattr are bsng oveland
ride.. Bo if.Mr. Sam Benjaumn, sal
eoeasilmah from the Second ward, fI
dn desires toamtenr the arenao hisor
. sition in all ethiso e imne Tie
hPe Pao m o mae m wiu is tohry di of
la-tam itwill ta,tao to Mr. 1
abe- deie bdar the last motes are
in spa e. We make this statement or
nt ao mnnes in rplyto thisr a itieim a
of lest shUareday onys but in reply tho
tray to the eates n ad in front of twhe d
Nair. Phemis hotel that "if no one offred _
cheaperpomade he would vote for
Maet the ae at Mr. Clurris' land at Te
ris o thepus mmasd Iwa s more h
y. tons than adl ese that incites T pam
Pamm e to mtaeathis retoar Adin
ma- turn it will tate to Mr. Benjamin a h
Due aim Tsa Panemass asms 1b8 er dra
So thsat the burglar has the oýb
1uth- 1i1We w s ltm
power to eask abanek sat s brt the
iss all w thte mmins a wful. no, fe
se and the r rl who has nothing 14
Staut himp in the poerblauma oe
iran a tdoes net anrese, ner has
. ea tea his reputation as a man ,
fo r pasasmo of trust The Citj
. ao ime e physical power to
te vote the it's moesy away to r. a
Currie for this land at the pie. as.
na ed, but whenLitdoesit will mss- and
red mteas etwhi will brand it was rTou
e body absolutely unworthy of tretI anm
the and win crearalg a of dhditr thes
_a which wil bode goo to thfsatres whe
rwef eof or city. So Mr. Bsejan me
sremin, Ti. PaoEns hark baot your civil
AlL moteat debase d Meadete s t yo pe
tt while h the phsalthe IM
power to u the public's rah
u mosneyto the wiadS you have no rels
is rgh rom m to pay that Mal
Pmot E. T. Nileiseadof 6s -&
ku eiasbool e Doeeing this _I
he - ahead ho" Lis me es Fi- tUgs
w il mteeth h - modI aearesr. t dsele
Since last week Tua Psnoouss has
AT AT learnd several things about this i
cemetery matter and Mem. Toombe'
and iBenjamin's reoommendatio
which theyas public servants, sho '
eo_ xplain. of the most important
is an explanation of their reason for
u latnot examining and pricing oame of a
Slast the other suitable tracts of land in I
1 til ity limits for the purpose de
ering sWed. Mns ran, Ca, Tom- a
kissm ad others had very d l
sites, and yet it appears that they a
and were not interviw a all. There
d were others named in Mr. Yousa's p
midt ret who seem to have
asce list been ed ith the ame inditer
and e by that ineoimpreheiuble ma- th
anl No w, Msers. Toombe and Ben - m
on mi, T Paooums is not charging m
you with malfeasance in ofce, but
s of when you consider that ;ou have a
must passed by, without examining or r
prcing, so many sites equally as eli- th
ad- gble athe one you so ethusiastio- t
day ally recommended the purchase of, ho
you must admit that your actions
should be explained, not only in jus-th
m Messrs. Toombs and Bejamin ar ,
Son certainly aware of the fact that $1· -
000 is almost a fabulous priace for the Fa
Currie trac They sm both good lo,
erva business men, ad the pomcal oppo-d
sne aent who would make aharg to the gsp
contqary would be charactisisd as a sj
EAN. mampeagn tricksters then how can all
they explain their recommendation thu
ng a that the sty's money shoald be so
S Thefat that some kind friend has 10
y1 loed Mr.O rrie $10, (as his card the
who oees to state) on this sa piss of w
ji property is no agumnt ovaluecon
thatitwort 000 at alL His C
Sfriend maybe quite a philanthropist,
'Pm orat last a vry warm rimad of the
te owner of the lad, ode anuMl y if abn
She was to be a d by this trasas abo
Stion, he s anwould b a very an- pýe
'sue afe aad bininyps man, aba
Sonnsncanal affair. be e atl T
view in the light that Mr. Ourrie fw
pae him. No man or corporation ish
stouldlong have money to loan if he '1
i or it ade ita apaetie to lead ash ih
Sa asm on opsty of that valae So low
tre tay be ' and- ansisted
forwrilter owner of theOPm the
gatbi do not loss sig 't f test I
ahis thi amea me ntae me ill
Sar e bound to know is eaorhatt. W oe cot
ca maee this ad ista t in s eong that ths e
f therwold rEatber b a dd indif ford
t r a m.. fo
f insit on this nur will add noth ahoy
s W 01to1the104Eutwilla-u -dat. asho
th adin in th oad M ell and Ao
i their resutatio as eliMnsfe
to a UU3Y. A
Ir. Wil some kLndr dea of the PToe.
nme sam o state rn to a s*i i
a- and bewildered publis *bwh ]
a Toobm ad Besjamia load ma Am
met we to teaa"t am indasse fr Oa
t " Ceity MlU r000 anewesmetary, If
re wt the d, fora k d se toa
ar ivliaastiat The appmeaes o our and
ao pesssmir is a utieion a ie.
ml the humane oYIe oloar Ppeople pty
's a rebte to arr a of
so renlaeat,, a ro lof our ela to
at sa ohearyanse tf the (Maistlmeil
Wo It ereesnts mom amwi a a gaett
g he- e tlo ea ~im m oa t1 to
m , their tee4 to &h
ma lp·ese ti adi e Mln
wantd d d he1 tL.- egs. Ua an
I h. at-esdt.. gem-s epe es a
m in wo a
h sim Y.w
s has
ombs' PrOURING IN.
im ertarle Cose tantly Busy Rlespeond
ortant Is to *ork.
a for It seems that right here on the
ne of sooe ewh te big x ition of the
ad in Louisiana State and Sheeport Ex
Sd- position is to be, some, in fat many,
Tom- are not as well posted on the matter
irab. and magnitude of the neua ig shown
the a the people abroad.
hhere A query of Tur Psooass pro
mas's pounded to Secretary John J. Horan,
have a to the prospect of the coming
lier- Fair, elicited from him the reply that
ma th oi n rr eo aging. He
muia- sw ndin treto srol
gung rnnf ons a
bt Mr. I loran i thMat the
have agricultural exhibits will be far
or greater in both number and variety
s ll- than they have ever been, and that
- the country generally will strive to
Sof, holdu its end of the line in the dis
slay of its produets. In connection
ja th it might oe eluable to our HI
and readers to name here the different
presinmse olered:
a are Y iOU cuves.
15- "These prices are offered by the
r the Fair Assoiatin, and under the fol
rood lowing rules:
Thi t tte s to be ied in th
.a iu ipp or Tex. No carded cotton
can allowed, and no bale to weigh less
tion than 40 pouenb. I
l5a Ootrunto be of enop 18
All cotton mass be on ound by
has 10 am. Wedandy, the thid dy of
aId the Fair The Awarding Committee
Sf will examine the cotton on Thursday,
the bset baletofextra
On saple cotton, nat lees than inch,
the  or t second best bale
`i abov4 e,5; forthird bust bal ,
an pie. $$O for the second so a
Saboveº ; fooe third best bale, a
all, To ohe havbeen uadded those of
.o erud bythe police iurya this par
S"The eotan to he raised inthe par
as, ish of Caddoh.No uded eoton. al
So lowdad a bale to weiLgh les than -
if- o ed ae b $10; -
Cotton to bs of crp 18 alh
All ano mt boe n do aent
mby 0 orh eadu, tbe aeod day
a muttee will examine tsthu s on
Ve cotton, not lee thn it hash, at
at th second best bale asabove i0;
1!' for thhhird beet bala aabove: $10;
for th best bale of eedinary staplq
y 8W; for th seoned etet bale as
- above $ for the third best baleS
ad Also Asab aC beenof
a edlam a oraheboo bale of long
ý `Ts eutely mab s a song P
Senouagh imnative to mahe eanse
owuer stive to win soa ot the
Y If boa weat to be a te Amer w
ho can asihu. mt toh w how to
o east wrow You not do this s
l n ned ea lyatd eae de fte qus .
41a . The Baikl 1>., Fl
mh a the (11 wM sid beasves
Is od dr am tsed ys les. STeI
- get oebattle Plag eme yar. - he
I Uvery horshold shoulu bem his to
r ydar is put in as dm- -
i ofthey eas
e aoaeThuuupal. of the Go. u
mMeshI l Ollue of D r, m ak
a thrwhhis Seety as n a. he W
- suins easae s 5. das s
wat mawse awuub b. ....'.
theo Met the *&* gwle,
uar rN.sat he ua ms warn seu
ttr brrW oo -i.m O b#
HInllTE. H1@ E &
Iron Fences as Low
80O per Foot.
Agents for IUFL'' NIB"
Aiorr D Jm lLll.
S Send for Catsloe and Prices be.
h chaslng. SI Jordn 8t. Shreveport.
. di All Work Gausanteed. Repaltria
at Reasonable ,Ra
erent - - OLD GOLD AND 3i1
Will rir CloIks at prvels redsim
sd ll for work when oodUed,
sad deliver same.
fol- 511!Umar 51r31, $NI2VUe
4ay, 5t soe.
SdiliIp a rPain as I
- Op.m ou.e Sloek.
Ten Street. . . . s uvawep ,
C. C. MArrYr, D.D.S. W.P. Tuaak,
(Sueseser s Gues.)
S-Ad eeee k ah
eFruits and Nuts,
m ea. m Tobe oo~ u
s. iD DA, alEr. , a s, -
- t Lo D. It. -
SFor Sale--A Btarda
I bh a omu malyl 1seeo em s.
a.aldime, L .t da, ý de&
I WtDbMk pwv
% rmeeasi g an wlbsrII1

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