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The Progress. (Shreveport, La.) 1892-1900, September 03, 1892, Image 5

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Thattbere is an open well at the «
eAaen place, corner Fairfield a
Sand Olive treet, which should II
looked after by the proper author
Sasit is dangerou to both hu- vi
and salmal life so
Tha the well in the rear of the
on Olive , in whih as
_a- eatRl o lea hi n i ad wh'ich
been partially filled--about auffi
to deetroy the sent of the putri
earea.--should be filed en- a
, a it is ill deep enough to be Y
That the coming term of the Dis
SOort should forever eloee Mr.
SSnday beer garden. I
That the Sunday law violators
be aveely punished, to pro
other in the eame business who
law abidhes.
That tere shouldbe some law to
take the franhie of the City o
we Company .from it entirely,
abs ait render better prvica to o
Mat th dianrt tne will
ins  aral talents full be
iasiy convri Messra, ao
Pisuma, DiCk, Dilleuber- C
a of violating the und,
MaMr. Dray! econ b
t4 Weibel, Leman, rý bp
rsand other saloon men b
thZ Sunday law, abond h
b11 the wfall who
thepublie wouli like to know
the Board Hbealth n steaord
the health ofieers salar a
straintened finameal times. S
oe lseewem of the aIatltar
q s --r at this t . was a
transaction for lt
s.amiedm publie or'v°an to
it rseqkires fisnanil ailitr of
sort to defray an anasIl es- i
et$1,4% from a $lOi0 i
but b sems that the Board of
bh eastakIing the Jobe
satG Water Works company a
oumrehip it in to be g
fih/ eltinaa win get bet
tp. erIr r.'01 FALrN
s a ss r Ma
se wham emm n fa e e
mbeeat i ain&,
ise amd for all. Cado
is b k MMb ilIag
Uhaaft Minambi
ar a .M _ :
ia dosftr
Mr. F. A. Tusten is buildings nest
t* cottage on Cotton street, near Me- I
d Neil, and it will soon be completed.
d It is intended for a tenement.
r- Mr. C. F. Coke has established [
1- vinegar works in Allendale, and is
said to be making a fir-cla article.
o Mr. W. Fory is reeting a nest
a eottae in the Shepherd ad George ii
Ssubdivision, n the Narrow Guage
i- depot.
i- Mr. R. B. Poindexter is building y
- several tenements on the outer end of
e Marshall street, in the vicinity of Mr.
T. C. Johnson's residence.
The sw and hammer have been u
r actively at work in the suburbs of Al
lendale, and many new tenements
dot its surroundings, under their T
S everal plans of bandsome reai
o denoes are in the hands of
architects and will are long assume A
0 practical shape to adoran some part of
V our proseros ity.
I, The handsome two-story residenceu
0 of Mr. E. John will soon be com
and will be an ador nan b a nment to
a Broae street.
SMrs. Jennie B. Nolan is building ay
5, nest cottage on Marshall strel near
r- Crockett
Theresidence of MrsH. Blastein, y
corner of Crockett and Marhall, has
Sben much bePtle by the yr d
beinfilled in and boaed by a
N iron fen. Fresh paint r
has likewise been applied to the
dwelling and the entire view presents
an attractive appearance. A
d The following resolutlon was
y adopted at the ast semon of the I
SState board of ednestion:
eolA d, that tate board of
edation respectfully requests and
urges the several police jries
ed the State to a
eo spared fom tpmeacesry t ar
Sent epanse of ithen irpet pere
sbahs to the support of the publiH
BResolved, that the State board urge
the perish sobool boards to insist on
i a fall sad complete collection of the
i pdll tat, and upon failare of the
- sher tor tas the laws diaret,
th souits be instituted again the
tea oilectors for the enatire amount
of the roll, as thelaw retin seo
tion 2 and 4 t 89, approved Jutly
l ed, that the State board of
AeduatioJ calls the attention of the
parsh bards to the nesem ty of
e.taliingy of high sebools wher- a
ever the of students justiies it,
-etablihat of a namber of high i
sehools in the State will contriabute
pj-hL to buld aup both the
pes c a Sem and collages
Ua em mities.
esolved, thattbe sevem al
sheool bodSe * emitlt on
noaet a urate ad to
s tei beet enoadcvs to esere the
l sevices of comtnt eashams thab I
e a of our olds, Smtel
an ofther colleges entiled 0o'
a psrlesime la tihe eraplenSt of
seems rdeiar poILIoas in our
a- ools- e wh Lm hav pp
ro e .r ItSni .
at he will thuir sms sa d
&aums aon : acd weange
th *local to seeam am
swas ofdth d the usi
m Dseulvui, that the ate board do
s. eiasdom. assebedsi i ealled met
edvrb in.vemsde #tthe L uII
ds maineatat de the
o ee the t the leltW
* lead thsag b lde...i gk aase
bh this be ist
Sald fres the bld uemne th
Ste a--iai ofhMi q o
iWrlttfe for Taw Paoosass.]
It has often been sild, and quite a com- o
mon expresIlou
My frieno. list, and I'll put a bug In
your ear
But I must proceed, without further di
To tell how a bug In the ear, to me, doth ti
appear. e.
Its a whbrr and a buzz, as It moveth gl
along, t
Up the opemng, and into theeustachian a
You feel, and you hear, its melodious Ws
And i asked what's the matter, are in- fo
cllued to be rude. A
He's at work now, with wingsl, fluttering
sad humming, Pu
"Dad burn It"-you're bearing NiL- ra
ara's wild roar;,
There's more racket, than when the old
woman was ohurning;
And the blIly goat entered, buttlng.all if
over the lour.
And now comes a calm; yes, a soothing
You fany his bugship has laid him to
"Gras e " be commenore again,
and with quickened plmstion,
Puts your small stock of relaon to an bt
unusual test. b)
You now have a saw mill and plainer In
full operation.,
And all this within, one sore human re
You're terribly arassed, and say, "Of
And fora drop-In acquaintance, Iav w
a. wtrd of obeer. as
Nuw be's sawing and rippng,. but Inosw
dust Is lSyll,
While the planer, in fancy, Is throwing in
And you feel far worse than the oowboy
when dlng.
leavl ke of the Plas" alone to
drnu on lie's tide.
I stood tbis rcket until almost wild and
whe Lrhappily thought of a big bottle A
I fraulealy emed it, and en leg I pro- m
To my aldhbor-for I wa s n a queer,
nerrous boll.
He took In the dtuelloo,aad like all .ood
Knew that the machinery nededgreas
loa o'er sad o'er.
The sawyerd planer soon stopped itsl
qer us.
And from mutanly owurlagllkeory
Now In a or writig, by the eal
I ping my anvlor atpeadages with
eattoe called "Pair,
So r seI waea mre jingle, look for
ort I ll ia srylag,bewareof a bug
In eyour ear. "Koumn."
seplteaber 1, 11. p
SIf you want to read a traigbt out a
tI IIonu O ne eeete. Pte yew;
ed 8amu W aoodro th o rl "The
SOlIdOaken Bueit" is ill kept in
oodd condition ad many visitors to
e aa and at a draught
ýt iýsbr, w amdo~ es pued
Io as pat. Th old mill and pond
e iN t iherebt not meek is got owlrthe
th deeplteaglh wldwood."
Abbeile Saiber: "Tir ad idet
wait for ma," b thes
iar and ts j ar wais 1D
aln to i g i bo O sd, tas b oid tp
ridei 6 m nso e ,, md happla.s.d
a nosthudr yeaor r arie mil.
Fam and earh: One o the i
c objects ofo labor s prI t Z
I a a. t wth iiigoale at c hi
Ng lab.o Umar mrse la a s
I " ,i -. To r . ai
aiups l to aeeammlat. ban
a it lm soblems week
ri ange v tht y mmq anI
I f the i SW e bel
a 1a 1a Rm Whit -lig
m me Iasb u
thought to the cultivation of our au
boyst The returns in the latter I,
ease will at least equal those in the in
former. he
Exchange: Another use has just tri
been found for electricity, and d[
this novel application indicates that
even the ingenuity of Americans as
guessers has been unequal in the lay
task of imagining to what vast variety v
and multitude of purposes this won- of
derful power can be put. It is now P.
msed at the gun works of St. Etienne, Jo
for smpering springs used in gnas, of
steel wire being wound spirally. wi
A current of twenty-three ohms as p"
passed through the spiral coil and
rapid heting follows. When the re- wi
quired temperature has been reached be
the current is broken and the spring
falls into a trough of water beneath, m
which tempers it. By this procem M
one workmaan can temper 4,030 zi
we each day. th
Donaldsonville Chief: Rice cut
ting has fairly begun in all sections,
bat is being continually interrupted I
by rains. The aoresge of rice is i
treble that of say previous year, and p.
with favorable harvesting weather, a ar
remarkably large crop will be made.
Ioak Charles Echo:, A gentleman
who has peased severaladays in Alex- a
andriasaad came bere on business, ln
remarked that apparently there was
more business done in lake Charles
in a day than in Alexander in a wef.
What have the Alexandria boob u
papers to say about thist a]
Exchange: A serious affair oe
curred at the Presbyterian chrceh in
Amenia, Dutahem county, N. Y., re- n
cently. The pastor, Rev. Mr. Bell, a
mistook a bottle of vitrol for eom
mnnmion wine and passed, it through
the ehurh. Albut twenty p on
sipped the poison. On Em Wil
son diseovared the true nature of the e.
liquid and gave the alarm. The an- l
nouneement ereated grat exeltement,
almost a panic, in the congregtion.
lU who had tasted the vitl became
violently ilL Phyiiao were sum
moned and the church resembled a
hospital ward. The poioned p
farmerl should have a la turnip a
patebandnoiw a good time to
n the Al a growing ort. Turnips io
aegoodfeed fo r aettle and hogse,
and nothing wil make a greater
BattleFl"o: Woenotled on our
ouldtto fed thao.t met y eery
fenmnontheway had a divrity
ga erop, sroring We sma ae ,
rtees haw beanm grow signs ofly
beoo f br the f,, that,--.e ops ,
lsws mads e to obeed sad
c thebr cbed ense e aoly the
s . whr~m eour The rags eas ;
t r W wil knowk
-gl ol amid di,,law.-Pcagresive
Sevual po et faportv dram dat-p
Laws are and to re omeyd lyan s
I politrisetths ealy sand b ryig
lwq harst *o* Bu ar t tn or
sis yin illa . ma.-a ogrsarn
e eBae o a...pat d sr asop
l pol or ahis a and ab e e rying
k Ther e om i g ai gern.-Bas.
sh lemse the Plaw diad
SImailee at (lb
~Wanbs~r( C_·
upon the people for support in the
matter and every mae who has the
interest of his town sad country at
heart should come to his support.
It seems that Calasieun has a dis
trict attorney who wishes to put
down the Sunday law violators.
American: Charles J. C. Puckette,
late editor of the Baton Itouge Ad
vocate, will soon start the publication
of the Baton Rouge Gazette. Mr.
P. is a racy writer and an experienced
journalist. We place his paper on
our exchange list in advance, and
wish him success in the new enter
This writer is well acquainted
with Mr. Puckette, and know him to
be a splendid all-around newspaper
man. He is the father of Mr. Chae.
McD. Puckette, who is well known
in this city, having been engaged in
the newspaper business here for a
number of years.
City Chaiseh.
[In this department we will be glad to
publish notices of regular, and special
services of all the eburchbs in the city.
Pastors, or thoee suthorined by th-m.
are Invited to furnibsh nfomnaston as to
any ehanges for each week, not Ilter
than Thursday evening of the week pre
-First Methodist Epironal Chuhrch
South, Rev. J. L Pierce, Iastor. Pre.uh
lag Sabhbath 10:45a.m.and 7:M4p.m. Snu
day sobool .S. m. in. 1 lass meetitg. 4 3)
p. m. a , and 7:4 p. m. Tuesday.
Prayer meetig p Pn. Thurlday.
-Methodist Misson, supplied by tr-v.
L. F. Jackson. Preachibg 7:46 p. m. 1uu2s
day. Class and prayer meweing Fritnlty.
8 p.m. Sunday subooll4: p. . Sunday.
-First Baptst Church, Rev. W. S..
Penlok, D. ., pastor. Priachineg Sab
bathil a.m. and tiS p.m. Sunday sbhol
-J0 am. Prayer meeting Wednesday
night 8:15. Idlas' Misslou Society meets
at b p.m. irt Sunday in each mouth.
- 41lsndasl Baptist Missi.n Revr. W. 8.
Penick, pastor. bervie 8 p.m. Sunday
school 4 p.m. Prayer meeting Thursday
night at 8 o'oioo.
-Holmesvtlle Baptist Mtss'on, Rev. W.
8. Pauk. pastor. Sunday s. hool 4 p.m.
Player meetUg Tuesday nigbt st. 8
There msb 80000 muscles In an elephit's
The shepherd dog Is the best mother in
the sanmal kingdom
No bird esan y backward without turn
ing; the dragonfly, however, can do this,
sad am eutstrip the swallow in speed.
Germany has a bearding establishment
for Mrds, where the feathered ones are,
taksa ease while their ownears a away.
It is not generally known that Great
Britaia, In spits of the progres a cultiva
tion still possesses more species of wik~
fowl than say other European country,.
ofavored by nature as regardi
There is a eat i Portland. Ind., which
ameiatest mtArly with hens, eating every'
thing they sat, eve to shelled corn, anad
every ight t rches Itself ean the roose.
alongeid et the old ooster. The hbra
look upon the eat as eae of temselve
Althegh it may ot be geernly known,
the woods of nrtbe British Anera are
still Infested by huadmrds eet qar
Sbiason known as the "wr s b 7"
He i.muek large than the Misn at the
I plas, which formerly abesadmd ia en.
A eurikdty was lately fsand in a hat
had of lobsters brought from New BruoI
wick waters. The strange cruatosan wan
of blush wke.-ea of the rare sad rs
makable albino lobsters Only one other
white lobster has been takem In these bi
any other waters
A Germeameologlst e.tlmat that the
Dead sea will be ae ma of solid sal.
withi lehs than a0 years.
Germeas sdmana are now making sa
I ixloiv. aqasi to dynais t out ci tom*
of atbtrs sad alphad iuS ad .
IThe mm astae empoaad kewam to
SeemMrtur m* ther t*mohe nest expe"
*vi vusem a f ardlsceeerIeh aeodre
ofi l beee wit oeI t of
The deTmdli ear tha whe tweety.
harhenrday Is deemed The day Is s
seamlisto tea ho the hear wll bail
ensla 'mlates, gash aubta te ses
C ends sad seek e sageda te shes. Upon
a ibs had. aLe La aheady be an
the ndsva e to he mouseeldg in'
s elm. The aiba eldea fem which aikb.
m a e amegy the lost ang s mea
inheisht fse awh bunii yas tea
I mhibs or theanbet The l
S 1"w 1e usdeass me sa'rl
ark rlnl insemd tlsma

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