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The Progress. (Shreveport, La.) 1892-1900, September 03, 1892, Image 7

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a W.. ad 3d.er war Seu.seftly
Crewm a 5w.ee. Strease.
There may be readers who run a
of havtng toride across a swollen
_ and it may be to swim. The
of both rider and horse may de
an the action of the rider in such
emergency. Pictures are often seen
sing horsemen sitting bolt up.
in their saddles while swimming
hosnes across a stream, the whole
So the horses' backs being visible
the water. The artists who make
pictures can hardly have ridden a
while the animal was swimming
set the thing done.
A hrame cavalry omcer in a military
.t Paris gives this account of
way a horn should not be ridden
the way be should be ridden in
a stream: To begin with, it
net be epposed that a horse al
S imse mtarally and with ease the
he is orf his feetin the water
S mial under such circumstances
SIs e no mtion, to keep his head out
teo water and to lift his shoulders a
as posbleb la doing this his hind
sink and e EnSds himself stand.
almet en his tail, or la a positotln
ereot. Inech apostlon,
the driver draws upon his ales, or+
lis body bac  i the least, the
bind qurters will sink more
Iam, his body will take a vertic,
m- d beating the water inslesly
SM re s het will a k.
tig /y to the bor yr ide.
I e is horb eteo b le feet o a[o
T I e atho ratr legraspanhad thl
th inale amm, leaineg at the
wliut tenshlsg th bases'
The rIerss kness should 4
ghly toh ell orse's sides. I
h is liky to beswepte ta
wAer. This is the only poeltion
tS mh le as en rttlemain la thet
-i- II I
Wow sed i oldtt r ilhe
* na esuasme r. pe I
----- Il
esees' ]res.
The namin of horses that are in.
tended as candidates for popular sup
port on the turf is sometimes of tim
Sportano, because an attractive name is
apt to influoence to some degree the large
-clam of bettors, especially of the fem
inine gender, who make their modest
invetaments with no other guide than
s, chance. And certainly in the selection
of appropriate and euphonious names
a the good taste of an owner is clearly
en shown.
'he An instance of a singularly happy
e. Same must be credited to Mark Twain,
ich who alled his horse Bealbec, "because
Ian he is such a magnificent ruin." adding
P the further rmmarkable statement. "He
o is a mar." It is not given to all owners
De to find such felicitous names as this, but
bi the list of prominent racers of the day
he reveals much ingenuity and affords an
a interesting field for research.
a Boston, the great long distancerunner
nd the sire of the famous Lexington,
y ws not amsd in honor of the o "hb of
of the universe," but after the fascinating
n game of cards called "Boaston" in
In Hoyle but more generally known as
it Boston, ard the horse received the nmea '
. becamse ihe was purchased with the prof
he its of a lucky bout at the gam,--New
ar York Herald.
as The m Laws L sw Thae av Dserre
Ad Iat AutrasUa.
4- By latest reports there is not a dis
s eased sheep to be founnd inthe vast pro.
, vi s of Victoria or New South Wales,
or thanks tostringent and strictly enforced
be laws. As soon as it was settled that
we Australia was adapted to sheep raising
M. and the growth of the finest wool in the
ly world, those engaged in the busianess set
themselves to work to fix rules anad
is regulation by which they should be
a governed and protected in their indus
le try. Laws for eradicating "scab" were
1- secured without daisulty.
is The prevailing publie sentiment that
demandled and secured the passage of
a these stringent laws stood behind the
y wrers . charged with their enforcement
a and compelled them to perform their
a duty. Infected iSoks not promptly is.
Shiaed and treatse by their owners won
wd takm possesio of by clms, appraised
S sar slan pterer and their carces...
S ap nd burned, together with the
w ildig a ences with which they
- had bee ia contact. In such instances
a hew-tourths of the stimated value of
the stock was made good to the owarn
from the public treasury. To meet this
epeeditme a tax was laid against each
it lck owner according to the number of
a sheep he poaseasei This rigorous po
k. icy had the desired euset
I Ina pfew yere scab disappeared and
d the succeas of sheep husbeandry was as
s sated. These maee were supple
a meted by stringent laws agaian the
Sinterodation f sheep hfr for4in ooeana
ries; even these trbamierd from one
colony to another were subjected to
quarantine nad were dipped before o
ag re ease; indeed all hbd end still
hav to madergo a riorous qumrsatin
for six weeks preous to their removal.
Under the taspector all sheep lave to
be dipped whether ileemted or ot by
th meea th disease is kept perlfetly
uder comntol
art f therees, who is the. a them
f they ame ae eonisee ai miie
- sh- pes in connetion with cur
sea shtook Wi-s tthey -eaai -eek
with the dbafn, th assehis sheep
**m** g scab whaser they 9s%
Supe i~hed pbys s ti telsdof by and
r -up.t ?M ae ee pe-
O in e etSa bn water.
Th Um seepeasses u uu at al own.
habeer aer them nmd or and
-'~a seses ase ashlento
I bem rto Mel ea leo
e h. eri Lpammaa g
Up -- orsan -
n-Book Bindry,
lest Sas Fauma str.et,
an _ lShrevepat' La.
SAnd homeopathic Physician.
ng pecial attention given to dilsease of
He women and children.
OMoue: Second floor Doll block.
Residemcv: 28 C'otton Street,
u, Attorney at Low
g and Notary Pic.
a Oace at Court Hoon, Shreveport, La
mE., dome on abort moue.
A & Im p , Dscai,
M i'gmms a'shes.sitees wa wei wnst Tas
aIssam~mpme, I ms .
I abe hs s
* sme..ss..
' Our Best Premium Offer.
T 1Jm.t Wes of the veryt. lr].t arbe n. ad the bet quality of Oak r walnut
wm eryvr yoe prefet. nlue an ttratie instyle and elaborate ln finle.
'J , at whichi this maechine ba been held while the mnuf..rctun of them
s ne company placed them beyond thle reach f the masa of consumers.
se_ , onre weth ech M cuhn'e m H a it at elfn* I t fLa he ltb
am inch. one Bider. one Thread Cutter.
w ,aN -- great Is the eonudenee e the manufacturers in the Oxford liaget
tte' r noet only urnishl a e gistered Cera te of Warrantly wlth each Machlne, I
yars bm t of salde, bt lse shilp every lMachlne subject to approeal upon inspetle .
and tr by the prchaser. y Machine not satifacory ean e returned and the ea
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whatever of sewing mc hines.peso a k... d
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TPrhem wilm be end the perfeeten af smeha lam as 1.egrda simplicity. des.
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