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The Progress. (Shreveport, La.) 1892-1900, September 10, 1892, Image 1

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Our Main Mission: The Upbuilding of Shreveport and North Louisiana.
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.. D. LEE,
The Grocer
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ftlMW% lute Wornt Hammoaks,
buemelbi eios, sYeag, wit pillow
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f~-is~s llr~,~Prar~e"*
They Adveeate Orematie, Doing Away
]etirely Wlth Grave Yards.
mureroas La., Sept. h nisL
Ts the Editlr ef The Prrgres:
While our grave city fathers are stirred
from "oemter to delemfersace" over th.
grave yard quetion. and am aso earer
th purehse of a suitable plat " ground
for a cemetery, mud m view at he facti
that the old one is bout "full up," It to
deed becomes a "ave"a- question as to
wbst s.bal we do with ourdead, so-called.
These thoughts lead te writer to uguesdt
cremation as the only progresdve, send
ble sad easitar y o disposing of
these decomposing earthly bodies, which
are of ao further use to the spirit once
dwelling ih them, but often the means of
poisoe the tmophere and Impairing
the hbealth o the llving. Having wit
naesed arenmate of human bodies, I ind
othbig ia ths proses of r Ctar.ng the
body ob M primotdial deaeme whch is
in the least diSLegat t the contrary It
s a haslmtma, redvig, oleanly proces.
ays the Rev. Dr. -. etser Newton, as
quoted hI she trn:
"or may years I have therohy be
liMeed Ia eremathae-ea a variety of
Ik at a mefaeml a my fetbaw I I je t
S th penwasyea slrlmgmem after
I am dead. The lught Se what 1
eadaetLhe awry with me to higlr
farm blSe it Mhe its as mean f
poemisng lie, b aiheses to me. I pre
fer that my bu4y aould be sedspsed o[
aMtoM paltus eatf eL e qei. The
-iaa soeofm is W alwaies s.no
-dealet bM mea nd. IaeYSr. agh.
4lea, aito aem I t I hs m a.
.let .-N sý e ale Mhts inda.s
hmavd MheW 9a ras wase
wlght, sught e he me. and rdi-"
 eis ve I "am, urr tm In
teasest hoMuer trimshmb alemaemmS
n we mats sdeem byaeil wShe.
serdr e I erl s bi er as o
them form ease der t meas, Uri every
elmeenm hm m
ýIe me nse a st s eI ante ea m e t at iA
whie I et o m
Saae* t** ::.w
w ap .. _ . t -- he.-M -
i e-led e il h! pin
`I sled beMe t oe If e-le
ermaaptyIka Wa ege a£
s de the 1bwm oe wh I heag ted
whesIu iseyseeer l eape
t .Inoa e eesfta ilia '
aremw ther Shlr e fi I t4ut mp
,,lasels me s I
haess a phasing So i
a -- -eri-neoetartn
r Gar m iesereht.,L1hr " . en
po s M a i Y pe
usbilnlibllhe m II le eM
g w ttt # ,k r irdi a ae
IPI ~ . -C -4L O~ti~I ~
Notes of Interest Gathered Prem Aru ad
About the Natlsewl Cpettat.
Waanseroa, D. C.. Septmber I. a,.
special Correspoadeaeae to The PFrees:
Quite a sesation was created hebore by
the statemet that Preadett Harrison
returned to Wahington to iall a extra
sesson of Uoagres for the purpose of
passing a bIl to prohibit mmigratiou
during the obolera epidemic In Euape.
Senator Cllom, who is berr, said: "It Is,
In my oplmion, only a seation. I
fall to see the woaeselty for any
such law. If the beath otllurr of
the country do their duty-and they
seem to be vigilaut -we tean keep the
oleraout. Shboud there be a promies
of a great pedtUone we mirht be com
pulled to resort to such a bheroo measure,
but there no resmo we should do so at
this time. Our eoeias bhae ample time
to quanraotl e pesmages and to pro
hbi the nding of susplous eargos."
Assistant oretary Spauidmag, of the
Treaury department, was net so pesiive
as was Aeter Oulom about there hens
no un cusely for proibitag ImlgraMes
He sad: "I will mt expreas an epsniss
thats.. eld be left to the Praidest. Of
conre the s.apensios of immigratieo
wouald materlly husea the danper, yet
It would be pomibte eves the fer the
holera toget hera We are de all
that e e an. We hare essablishd a
dsam .rmeate to p.se thas essa ry
a wery pa IIt aM deem"d p Diem
PlrwIdaoe that we sh hme eimsa
Imwe eanest pa e it, but t I as
amar Impeedbe Ler it to ret are as we
ean mase it."
the labor oranlsatons of WaeIgntes
me dil emmethag that is net ealy to
te pleseg to the sweutyem vem memeres
of the Hessem wh. gaeagsla the eas
tram.IN stlns t a sim ase him bet,
A pamphlet eadramed to "tMe wwag.
m ofr te oUnted ates," has bee p e.
passe, gieavn a brier habery .t esia,.
the eorIual bii m Is to the udlgaig of
the law eaucted at the late smies of
s ease by the preMdeat, sad the vet
et sad againes it u opres. P vthmsu
Ned of these pamphist are M be dtrtb.
ated d ee ame the worklagoes hr
the districts of the twenty-srese mem
ber wh wlepied the .uL a the Hense.
The pwaphiet requesl all who reselee it
tes tseet the mew law is rglMly es
ierees h thirrboealty, ad sayer "Tie
law eenwea Uh Ue eremasapilnpesay
by the Ulmed steatu, sad by eemusassse
aed seheema sseee me nvramemtwerk,
tietedlSag pabuo beMings. dry dese 
pad river aed hmer omeesece eewat
Inme dew Aaget 1, 3M."
It bps. land, of Umberis, at peaeut
ia WedM tmes, speaks by me eaed, be
ado beass dsea of suseia. ae says
" i E Al et base dewsn sl te mias.
ptweMsr tetes doeeem. t e enly
eu otbe pebatastes wit hi to pul
the wk w real., the oestress
of whlis wra be st th oesoe,
ag.SWlrew, a ase tat hres
Maur atss meawbits the s aesh a
tee ls Impend oe (usdas veslee wi l
be errlided tie shippers by the (arn
dins avImess" It Is hardly, msre.
ary is y that bpt. Leoa viow do
Me psons weu hasee by tlgb esr
smean agls the smre bye hys Rne
war eesi of e* A elesep* ad domr
uesta din esuksmso uihlages wr
SwM kb Ruasame i me' e . Id
dst O.. e thL esaty, edtulsese
h a .. bueqs tt by k.t se I
sttenmb bs sals ametes eaeems w
mies sagmest ever tbrgs.e tp i
V a Wsstesesse Admassmee.
5eibg bad soma bk . Ties and Asa
r _Ni as hew he hah ite.
Mdvg ma weg s he weg ates
A Visit to the Old Nome of the Aethor
.of "Metsp."
pecidal Correspondence to The Progress:
WATraVOww, Conn., Sept. 8.-Few ir
any-16 omRtUTy literary - ioef 5s ,.
more interesting subject of study than tl..,
satirial poet, John Trumbull, the authb.
of "McFlnal." This village boasts th
place of his nativity, or rather would d.1.
so if it sit umcletly appreciated the bono.
for but few of the townsfolk know abo..
him or can Inform the traveler where t)i
old Trumbull house stood. I Inalli
located the spot, on the read to Watem
bury, less than a mile from the center of
the village. Mr. Hickox, the aged seal. ,
ot weights and measures, who has had.
that oflie In the town for over forty year.
now owns the property on which stoodl tl •
poet's home. He well remembers ii.
demolition, and gave me some details
The house stood on the northerly side. r
te road, at the obettem ofa slope of u -
land; below it a short distance floa.
Street's breok. A bar~ now eeeuples t
old site. In demolishing the venerabk,
bolding huge heart of oak timbers wenr
found, and from several of thee a numb.
of chairs, etae., wee made. These Man
mail piece of the timbers were sent i..
varaosdireclos In response to reqnetet
Same went to Boest. New York, Spri -
Seld, Haierd, Now Orltans ad eba
wher. The mantel of he dining roo.n
was a heavy piece oa , hewn on a bevel.
so that It fsemd a mSld bracket.
The Trumbull boums was the seened
boaes built in Watertown, and the ps..
was lee thuemi mIBslbme was tL.
bheween p-r and pulpit. Be oven wens
further, and was ea acted at ad ha
dlerof equgaie. Iond at wrestlUng and of
bhoars hegid tethtleca "Jokey Trun -
buIl," and o saved the ebampeasdohi,
of wrestileg tr his vililse when it we.
se rnsemef by rival town. aete,
fug the dimnde when his villagp
see fp te dof s dthe d
Though thm a o sek a dee, the ps.
wa ad wsee be sd ly dbpenltaeasaenes
for, hewer, bhr the mesommem brllaacy
ad hiYs mi. A the almset iemdlbis ag,,
o sevhe sad W ater e all the require -
M- ri adfMides to Yale sele sandl
Jallowd to enter suckh an ere, he
aiMed till tbetm years old. meanwhlev
prsu M Studies well Into the callege
wor D with h thne idaent and
dry a dues teaM sad uerriuelum of
the time, e weatse hlist as atie, "Tbhe
PRer.s of Dullues," at the ae of twen
y Jan Trnmbull, .hler, udgLe
and pet, was a pewerthreg the d evoi
tim and a pillar of hi state nr assay
yes after. His bblf work, "Mlrl ,
Savagely atrl a e thltor, to e dlb.
of the p let. re at d ab to arn
ether pem thi si seeal dau.-dies d -
quea. At Hautlemd e ermed md et d
talented mielp hamws as e "autfordt
wits." ad at leugth, ramoring to Miei
Ps, died e DeILch Ia 1.
Aeaer J. Poresa.
Thim seM tsh the lo mbs ampte
C laws sds nner i ther wholly of
wers wm lt ei gisd Shward mea t
t oaeles Ih rgn. Jmes II sMi ,
emermean sut fee a esevat of V bas-h
to be were a ls esmetim. Wilism I[
was Wery lmu of lens.
St if p uesd aseemdig to tm er
man, woMud We enksis.
Uucqp .h u I·set. e
Padmeley w. s e of Calalg, X.
TWpi-s mAllg bsha m af k et o
weass tin medalse,
ama in prad timn to am
M wis ah ML P eelis as se.o

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