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Our Main Mission: The Upbuilding of Shreveport and North Louisiana.
mum mn!! mani a I • mH • N il lm am Ha n! NN a
1.31S Teze. u e..t, Over
~~L -I~·
OCHARTrL MAY 8th, 1841. a
en Mutual Life Insurance
No. 46 Camp Stret,. New Orleans, La.
• r
PMW is Is purely Mutdal Company. I
eas guarease of its Solidity is its record for nearly half a century.
seuameuement it has stood always in the advance as the Largest Annual Divi
Company, combitngi absolute security with minimum cot to the lansured.
Pq1iey lased by the Pens is protested abolately against lapse or forfeiture.
wthh the PKIQ( MUTUAL unites more desirable and advantageous features
beused I. ay llm lsned by any other company, and Imposes no harsh or
-IaMi~N, adig She beat embodiment bf the best and most liberal and pro
Is the ssme~eI Lite Underwriting.
Simeveport, - - - i.iislinna.
Home Industry.
- :DO(WNS £ 00.'S
Seesaor to JOHN W. TABER.
---in td maauhtWreee at an kiads of Amaesa .mma Iteaiem mh3
t -m- mmes AI s deal in all kinds f Aneleasa dt les.deg
ptj WIROWI O s e r e byo r YMals Inhe 'tude state, direct f
tbi4 all d ear wert nl Ihsewveprt theseere a hems iaustry. We are pac.
sad de saglersnd oeur pas epetaIsue as mb hem fdbneea. When we no
Seeke  Mdok igh4 ert , right dS 1'g will aso MdMwew
,- sad u t N lwu eeai Se aiq Bd lt bu, t e. , a5.- we ar
te -rs anheeed Ilads tem tomed o Sidewalk
Steps,. Giess Tops, Windw Eips. ets. b isheset Ssheo Sirdewalks there
P it tabe staeares aitidlel sess, that wemso mee ee baIs et e it all geins
it is mentas eteen sat er ae ubil ef Mtssut, sadt these s a eo U ae nds abou
Wahy hoel we pa doe G etak sidewalks when we ea revp *tw* or U a
- ae as laid!? The bseas ot a meoden day ,a net es te eomes t and
he. why seolde ys pet up wooden asps ws re n a en abt e4 fI
!bdes thih, er S.U pter smIs lo** We se mn ea se for much
vitsto gotr t sW as vit3a Las i wg ebefes erdeflu. If any -e
that yoes shsaid thme ipal. e he sae io gie us a hamee-t will ne sei
is do s. e eier wai e help to bhes setyr, and will e appeated
owr" %' &OcO
- eae .. llo or.
3ht. nmewar La
J. D. LEE.
The Grocer
Qalek ale.., Imall Pr.It.,
- r pt Delivery.
Nos. 728 uand 780 Texas Street
Iron Pe3noe as Low as
8o0 per oot.
,rob .r en uV arsA asesa
$e.d hIr ao s es e Mil mlsre ue r
ghm lU S tilenern .
Another North Louillana Enterprise lin ,..
Balvoxr, Li s eeptember 2.8 'i;9=
To the Editor of The Progress: W
The .behrter memintrs and share. hold- ian
era of the Red and Ounchita Rivers Rail- tie
road Company (Timler Belt Route), mlet n
at Bentou oI the 7th inatallt and ete, te Iiii,
Messrs. %. IL Thompison, W. ii. Simpson, I
F. M. Hauks, T. M. Vaughan, of Ilelttl, ii
and 8. H. Balanger, of St. Louis, d rect- pl
ore for the company. This is purely a se
local organization for the purp·se of in
ducing capital or capitaliets to invest ii. o14
the building of a narrow pauge or cheat al
railroad from a potut on tied river viIa i
Benton to Lake Bodcau, thence to Oua- .a
chila alver. There has not yet teeni asI
survey profile made of the route, but It it
is located to oross the Cotton Belt and fo
St. Louis Southwestern rat road at Ben- at
ton. Luke Bodoau is from twelve to toI
fourteen miles east of Benton. Red a ivei w
is about one and a half to two miles we.i w·
making the dirtanoe from the river tu a'
the lake about fifteen or sixteen miles. a
It is estimated that with a timler rail- at
road connecting the lake a ih the river. e
600,0.00 feet of lumber and timber F.
alone can be secured for transportation. it,
Lake Bodoaubeing navigable for lumber of
and klos a distance of sixty miles, and ye
there is any amouunt of bea"lly timbhered at
laud on either side, with no outlet except at
by this route. pI
The directors. stockholders, a Itizens G
and others Interested in thIs enterprise pl
own vast tracts of finely timbered land pl
on tbhis robt, and it is them who are the tt
pr oilpal promoters of the scheme, as- pf
iabted by some Easter capitaliiets. This t
reed will, when oumptmsd, have railroad N
oosneietlo with the UOnton Belt at Ben- ,
t.e, and will uoumret with a SLne of
which wilim toe. udmnsete by eater with
therelte oouthwestern sysnt of rail- «
road, ad with vessels at New Orleans ,
for tirdan cLouutres.r a
The oouutry throegh whidb this route b
rult, from Red river to the Ouiacita a
rhver, has been esretully Investlgated by tI
railroad experts, and proononced by ,
them to be tae best r isrod sSpportiig a
teirrltuy i the Soath now unoocupied r
by a railroad.
It the people of Beaton, and those r
allues the proposed rute, do not seeure
this roed, they will wise the mums kItd of a
upportualty which Shreveport did about i
twenty years ago, when she fled to re- t
Sacure the Western teraltous of the gr at I
SIrl, Mountain railroad, then building D
westward, and tnally located at Texar
katur, then a dene Safest, now a pros
he poes o y. t
There is capital, millions of it, lying g
Idle and seeking satestactory Invesetnt me
in the South., We are utformed that
these are large capitalits leady to ·veset
-, i this road when aosuldek t inducements
a. have been otfered, Upital Is seeking
ts other Selds tf investment besides mier
-s enlle persaMt and tfaring. We ac
Stailnly wish the rad and Its promoters
ueses. Yours truly. Peooama
S"Why Stead Ye Sreo Itdle An the Day
ast PasaI LTsALe5, Ia. Sept., 29, la,
SI To ti dteU o Thel Progm ,:.
Whon readlg of the progreas of other
Stats mud leclitae in ourdearDonUand,
Ssad hmen lookUing around at our country,
our own adopted State, we are made and,
and sased to esnolae, "why stand ye
have as goed soil sad as favorably lo
sated "ountry adjacent to LShrveport
ls toe be found im all this uo, bland.
bet wham we leek sroe the Mastebippi
tirva we ed that thiopiop, that is, the
mrmInd•g ldas, L far ahed of us. On
laUd that has bees Is sldt loo fur a
Sceatury or mea, they are today rar
Sm sWi hla i i t our per se..
Ibsesare htl that mu buehg dome* nl
I bsamehg r..uh h old ha me,.
m hI ,-t n buikl up the "lIe
fle asu ear seet wales is cent cu
toll to buy ten c('Out hion anid seaveoity
five cent(- corin raised ill the Wetea? Ilow
(lonJ thre cleair up new ia.od and tu.shle
wita theli ronats flir year.- -conltialllltl ? A
'lungl n man roei graIowl old at such work.
Whyi nit improlve the ola, lad l ald uor"
iim ipiovd Lfar, ing imtplahleitils? Work
I li lanud orc'lri.ap with tluch more rsrae
allid maike muiicth Ieltter crilp? Whty ido
I hey hot plant sahrublllery and trlees to
beautify thIl homte rland maklie it what iGod sial
inteallded it to I--i a IHven of rest utand
pIleas ll? '~heli, Mr. Editor. we would e
see lour acaouitry baloom as the rose andl
,lir y. iIag i)piple remain near the dear y(
old holLiU in piice of Uiltila around stair
I'lsU andl saloons holding down goods at
I)boxes oald telliuig and hearing tAildd vul
-ar tale., anll often doing worse. Will ti
our waplel turn over a new lear along
Ltis lis., ,or will theay let the "Yankee" or ol
Iforeigner comlie in and crowd th min out.
aind get rich where we get poor? Julst. 01
Iook over in ieorgia, Mr. Editor, anld see
wI I. is beilg done in the fruit line; and y
we cati do as well here by the same curet
a-nd ilnauLgemenLt. Somlie of our people "
should take a trip to FPot Valley, Ga..
Sand many other places tio that Slate, and to
.to the peach and pear orchards around
r Frt Valley. There are over 1000 acres b
ito peach orchards. One firm. 11llL Bros.,
r of t'ountetut, (but they are Yanukeels,
I you know) Itave bought 80) acres there 11
I and have laid it off in streets, avenues
t and squares like a town, and have L
pahoted 91,00 m peach trees. The Albougb, a
Ga., Land Mlid Fruit Company have
Splauted 80.000 fruit trees at the same c
place, (aud they are Yankees to Q,) anid
e this was all brought about by one man
'prtuiiply, a Mr. Rumph, who orrigina- c
ted thai Ebelto peach, and shipped it o
d North, and these men saw, believed and
- I ctd. Right here, Mr. Editor, I want to e
- ,say for the benefit of the oad oggles who
Ft at are' bese that
Si seellligoiusadered of sumleit m r
-to be prepaated for commerlmil per
Sposes, and these are all budded res,"
and not seedllogS, at $1at. per done, sold
e by parties who are atelrug to the wauto
*and notions of the *oigdes, and gettimo
7 their mousy for bedd d trees at thee
1 or four pries.I Now, ar. I make the as
l strtiia., iand ean prove it, that we ca
d raise *s ae peahbes and pears here lui
Bossier parish as can be raised anywhere.
e Wiasilea he fruit exhibited at the Storea
re por air for te lastu two or tlee years,
o and when the Californal frat allow was
t i,, Shreveport, meun were heard to say
Sthat "andeir of Boeler could show as
it good f ult as that," and you, Mr. Kditor,
S eau witaess that faot.
r- I raised and thipllWd from here to
Sthreveport and Texarkana near 100i
bushels of peahobes atd apples at from
15 93 lets to t1.78 per bushel ,u.k, and
at could nt Ill orders. Early apples sold
LI about Ifm same as peaches 'We have In
Saaorth Bossier asome as gd fruit land as
t can be foued aaywhere. We have hills
5r that are above the late Spring treet level,
- and they hardly ever miss a crop of
r" fruit we also havg some very it ie vIe
w yard' land ltolg' the bhlls border log
Phelps lake; there are wild viines In
places that are very large, atid doubtless
alit a e ~eutry old, sald Bossier s not
alone; three lands can be foead through
ar out Noe th Ioulslata, and can be bought
cheap. Yours ttuly, "iDIr"
L '
A Ttttlaral Ide.
wr A South tlde man took his little
ld* girL just able to talk nicely. to the
7. lake shore on a Suaday afternoon.
Rd, The waves were gently rippling oe
7e the beach. and when her father was
sly aot looking the chld speaged to get
o- one foot wet. She ran to her father
wt with tears in bereyes and soibed;
ad. "'1 ap . lake step. on baby's foot"
Bpi Baby hoot , .
Ar Almeream Pertes.a
Ponasoby-That man yonder Came
ra to Ameriea two ytas aO. He was a
poor watchmanlke He wet west and
Sopened a lIttle shoi e Is now
ws worth three mfitleoe.
S V.paj,-l-Thougt there was a.
o- amoney is the bealao
. I sb1-T-ll erelet. He mrrid
l so elriss -JI westa OCreIlar.
row Le0k th gb thr pprMl a md
tu ur etwhader d oeer do pemiml
.-. br uma wimi to Tar Puoqmam.
A Few Don'ts by a Valued Contributor Ito
()ur ('olumni..
lWrittein for Tut PRO,'e rrES 1
KEi. I HI. La, :clt. $0, l'y.
Dn,,'t slep In a ,draught.
)h't go tC, b1,l with cold feet.
Don't staud over hit air re-i4ters.
1)1,' eat what you do not Ileed just to,
satve it.
I)ou't try to get cool too quickly aft.
exer.I: lg.
D)ont sleep with insecure fa!se t'eeth .:
your mnoutlh.
Don't stnart the days' work without :L
coedei lre kfast.
Don't sleep in a room without rentila
tion of some k ind.
D)oll't stuff a cold lest you Is' l'x
obliged to starve a fever.
Don't use your voice for loud sleakiu;:
or singing when hoarste.
DoIt't sleep in the same undetg;armnert"
you wear during the dcay.
Don't try to keep up on coffee anid a'
cholics when you ought. to go to Iwd.
Don't drink ice-water by the glase;
take it. in sips, a swul;low at the tiae.
Don't oat snow to quench the Ihirst; i.
brings on luflammlatiou of lhe throat.
Don't strain your eyes by reading o.
working with insufficient or fltick rilm
Don't use the eyes for reading or fin,
work in the twilight of evening or earlv
oTn,'t try to lengthen your days by
cutting short your ilght.' rest; it is poo
Don't wear heavy, elose furs or rublb
cap or hatrouts if your hair Is thin or falls
out ea-ily.
Don't eat anything between meals ea -
Sept f' uits. or a gios of hot malk, if yo,
feel fihat.
Don't take some other person's med'
asb yo a tarou d someh
Don't conM.ulde that say thing that
Ok lake water t li to drink; Is asy Ib
a fatail poheia.
Don't act upon the supposition that e -
Shautesl physLe.J energy is streugtheb.
Slug t is debllitnattg.
PI.n's permit yourself to think ton
amob on one subject; the brain is reted
b, a change of thought.
Don'L attempt to cool of quickly whegn
ovtrbeated; many a fatal cold has been
, caught by so doing.
Don't o,sader brandy a remedy for
t half he itis th a& esk is bedr to; ate med
knul uses are 1r"aUl quite few.
r Don't punish a child by boxing or pul:
' g its ears; there is a better place for
the application of the palm when necee
0 Mary.
Don't be too anxious to obeck a cough
d by some quietaig syrupl the uIous is
d better raised thas sewt to &ccompoee, u
rltate asd cause pleeration.
SDos's du that hltab you know to Ib"
s hartfui, thinking that )to may 'estua
the penaltt. Natare is runrir.usIiig and
rthere I so a' artous astuL mens fur sin
a gaitt her, for he wr l nut b ar it.
E C. L.
a speariag fnea Uaperleme.
While crossing the public garden a few
days ago a Boston gentleman came upon c,
ht very little boy who was lustily crying.
"I'm most l'm last s
"What is your name?" asked the gentle
is Harry B. B. Bown" blubbered the boy.
This common name scarcely afforded a
w clew to the child's identity. so his woul.
be rescuer pursued his inquiries further.
" "What is the name of the street yo
is live inl"
et "I don't know," was the answer.
or Trhn. thinklng that it be could aseertal a
the father's beslam he mit be able ta
locate him, the genatleman msd:
'What doas your father dot"
Pmrem experleas Ia "g*tnag lost'
erilantly flashed across the child's mint!.
e ra with a sudd asce nd sos he replati
a "He whip mr'
d A poleemae took the little truant Is
ehare.--Yout,'s Compaeia.
iMess It Ueey Day.
S If t dtak queIak could be db
ema d only on Momlajy there woalI
to be l onhto t. T flatur
da~Y orA as ~ay cam of fatal ar
.dsddaad i·rolta due toaloohOl.
em avIragtr a ir h eyt a ntags p aI
Er t. de.em. of tbe hebLd--ew York

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