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It Threatens to Overwhrlm the Country I
with a flooad of Wooe.
So great is the disaster, from an sco
nomic point of view, wrought by the
blnor traffle that (er:nany thas insti
Lited a most exhaustive ill\n'vtigation.
This investigation has resulted in the
d,.c'laration that the ahlohol habit re
,i tees the available military etrength of
the emrilire by 15 per cent. The investi
, .tion was conit:lted a: coriing n Ithlie
1i ;hest standard of (;Gerin::I thorough
t.... c'onlucted in a contry where pub
i opinion is stro ngily in favor of he.
and wine drinking, andl the reslLs do.
i.rad must be lc isidt red as ,trr:ved a.
very conscrvatively.
Will our social rnformer of, the eco
In uic schoxols in Auntirica panue one
"v ,nent and consid,.r it( th',rlh;- r'l. m vu
"urey have in the I ,q r- traflic? 'Ilthe i
I;ctnettnt against liquor can beo made
:lore severe in Anieriecs than in Ger
.any. The pens of poverty are not
. led alone front tl:e hunmller walks of
ie. Those front th:e ranks of wealth
: frolll the great collnlloners come
,ny-t lin'e toward :t terrible destiny
;-'til they find themselves among the
.1, pend,,nt poor.
One million people in these United
a-e':tts are at work lay and night to push
t.c- terrible traffic.--P'rogressivo Age.
lypoerltle Temperance.
We have grave doubts of the sincerity
i" a man who professes to feel deeply
enor the horrors and miseries caused by
ae liquor traffic, but whose feeling doer
it go deep enough to cause him to put
a way the bottle or the cup from his own
lps. All other arguments aside, it I
SMouild ippear as if the simple weight of l
nadisputed facts and figures spread
i,,fore all the world day by day, show- 1
i:,n the fearful ind heartsickening array 1
: crnmes and miseries tiowing from the i
I.,luor traffic, would be enough to move
v.very thinking and reasoning man to
--chew at once and forever all complic
t;y with that traflic, even to the extent I
, tihe "'ocasional"glass. The man who I
*. not willing to give up what he pro- I
"sses to consider only a alight indul.
once for the sake of the larger good t
., ,rtain to follow his example in total
a rstinence, has very slight grounds for
his claims to the title of a temperance
juan or a true Christian.--Christian at a
Work. y
FThe Awful Spectacle of Drunkenness. b
In The Conqueror, a new monthly to
magazine published by the Salvation o
.\rmy, Commander Ballington Booth. a
writing of the widely prevalent dissipa- it
|ion and drunkenness in our large cities, M
cnd of the popular indifference thereto, h
a.tys: "I cannot understnmd the cool in.- f
*;ifference with which some can hear of at
tile awful dissipation and drunkennes ki
:u our large cities. The mere contem.
!,lation of the number of our criminals nU
,,aving so largely increased of late years, in
ad of their cost of arrest, trial and at
noard reaching nearly $20,000,000 a year,
.one would have thought sufficient to
rouse the most easy in Zion to the ne
,-ssity of divine equipment." a
A Telperauce Town. dc
The town of Harvey. Ills., is estab. ar
L:shed on a solid temperance basis, and be
Las proved that manufacturers can be TI
rmore prosperous when their employees fa
re prosperous and are free from the lo'
- aloon curse. It has been fully demon- Y(
trated there that 'met can do better
wiork in foundries and iron and steel
works without beer than with it. They
;ave just located three additional in
*.natires. One hundred andsixty eight
.ew houses re under contract, and di'
;here is great activity in thi manfac.- v'
:aring town. Hanvey :% without a sa- wa
loon, and the wretrictions are. such on du
very lot that saloons oanat cosme in Uan
'.he future.
Aleehlku and Cy4a . ter
Mgr. LeRounxin as article o 'PmBased X
. f Crime e Paris" ha The Fortnightly
Ieview, attributea to "hereditatry al- d
voholists" two-thirds of all the crimes y
,f violeuse committed in Paris. Andl
till we re tob by tourists who have p"
-pent as mnuch as a week or two at
'he hotels of raoe tha.t hrd1 any
*ne Uts s to excess bl that country!
Wvitus dnkla ngquestiorapidJlr over
Shadowlmg all ether the t)ypcl winse
trinking irad el Fance sd tltypica ail
'eer drinkg hd of ( anr, what Thi
Will the aiwal eI wi aad  eer do wia
oon for iUtasatis. d the harmles tha
charctet at thess bagagses-Vojce. t
tle ces atk sh Esema Awaksa.
The tIw eams which are ienditedal
with mw inath sle am peopl to
the se~e ,hedly e_ .
;ug isa h the u5.. She sasiala* k a
nSS. necessity of turning the be r matefrial
I into bread. Statistics slow that GCr
Entrl many devotes about a quar',r ,f lihe
productive energy to the litio,,r trafic,
c and that the "demand for I,..lad canm
the only be met by the denial of beer."
nsti- Union Signal.
li th How Drunkards Are Mad,'.
[hre- "Tell mI." said a gentlelalln to a
i- wretche(d looking man, who had ounc e
tti- mUoved in good societv, "\where it wani
1e you first took the first step in tliis down
an- ward couirse." "*At my father's table,"
p replied the unhappy luau. "''s a youth
bbefore I went to busness. I had learne i
to love drink. The first drop I evetr
a tasted was ihanded to me by Iay loving
but now heartbroken mother."
lly Evangelist Moody Denounces nWhisky. i
i In his Scottish eva;ngelistic tour Mr.
alt Moody is unsparing i:1 his denunci ation
ier of the whisky drinking habits of thit
not Scotch peopie, and l('preises. hiuself as 11
s of exceedingly shocked at seeing lpophl,
,1ith making light of young men gettul.,
'nIe drunk. tt
the, line-teutlhs C'aured by Drink. I1
General Lixoth, of the Satlvation Army,
ted says that nine-tenths of the evil that hi ti
usah has to fight against in the social depart
ment of his work is caused by d:-ink.
Remember Your Own anults.
rity In our criticisms of others, let us re
ly member that we have faults whic'h our
by friends have to excuse. IHow much it
oca would be left of us if all those who se,,
put inconsistencies in us should clip away
wn from our character and reputation: It
it is an invariable rule that those who te'
of make the roughest work with the name::
,ad of others are those who have themsel l le,. Ii
»w. the most imperfections. The larger the
ray be:sm in your own eve, the more anxiou to
the are you about the mote in somebody
)ve else's eye. Instead of goiing about town
to slashing this man's bad tem.esr and the
lic- other man's falsity, and thi- womian's c
nt hyplocrisy and that one's indcli:cretion. ge
he home with the ten commandments as a
ro, monitor, and make out a list of vyul ,
ul. own derelictions.-Dr. Tiamage in Chris. of
,id tian Herald. wil
tal roc
for Searr'e the Scriptures.
ice The cruel I erod gives orders to the 'h
at wise men to search diligently for the 1 I
young child he is bent on destroying. ur
But the loving "child," saved of God to 1
" be at last a sacrifice and redeemer, o
1ly teaches the best and most profitable kind
on of search which caa be known. To know
"h. and fear the Lord is the only sav
6' ing knowledpg there is. The kind of
*5. which Solou»an says, "If thou seekost
:0, her as silver, and searchest for her as to
n- for hid treasures, then shalt thou under- her
Of stand the fear of the Lord and find the the
sy knowledge of God." And Jesus Christ C
n' goes further, telling where the best, most !, .
.1 needed knowledge can be found in say- ur
' ing, "Search the scriptures."-Christian
dl at Work. the
to Christianity Is Life. log
e- Christianity is more than a belief: It is er
a life. It furnishes not only truth:; to be 5 ,
believed, but things to be done, and the "
doing of them is by no means a second- be
ary consideration. The truth which we "rii
d believe is to be exemplified in our life. lie
c The life that we live is to be "'by the he
a faith of the Son of God," who hath h~
e loved is and given himself for us.-New eg
. York Observer. Ii
1 _15.(
y Ti
8et- Tour Faee to the Enemy.
it "Right about face," said a young sol.
dier,. in giving an account of his con
version. "This is what I did when I
was converted. My face was toward
sin and pleasure and self indulgence,
and I turned squarely about and set my
face toward God and bared my breast tc
the devil, and said, 'Come on. old temp Fi
ter and soul destroyer, I am going to Part
fight you to the end.'" of al
And this, soldiers of Christ and sol. road
dier of the country, is the attitude for
Syou all. Your face toward deathl, your
breast presented to the enemy; for the
Ipeace of God means war with the devil L
a1d all ia legions.-Rev. A. J. Gordon.
Caush t, r Pride.
We went our pride killed, and we 1,000
ased an sssy on that sweet grace of hu- 1.
uility, and we go on as proud as ever. i'j
The pleasant losenge does not do the 3,000
work. Rather let us set oursewlves to do
that for Clrist which is most oppognant
to our ustural feelingrs. You do not B
take part in prayer meeting becamuse yeou
eanot pray like Fward Payson or ex.- -
hart a .John l Souwersbld. If you
want to crus .omr pide1 get up any
hb, though yer'knmtshack together' At.4
4 yos tongs. atohes lat, and you
me ome Godlas beaer in prayer meet
The Leal Fraternity will
finl it to their interest to bring,
,i. their BRIEFS aroulnd to TlHE
I'lOGRi: ES office, where theyl
4ie." will be( printed quickly and
,, correct I v.
neel ·
Constable Sale.
No c7-27 (I. . ('aritir Il)o, k",t)-lienry
i zluuer Ns. Timntlll Ie Jons.
Ilv virt 'll of it writ of ntert facias issued
y. ,o iii il Iht " Hillvt'h t. Iitled and 111cil
Mr. e'r ied I t i 11% lion. I[Mo, - (tlitkeies, jtlics e
oif lite I eii.t o albnd for ithe 411h WUrd of
I('hilo pI rishi, Lt l.. I lave -ized 1 dll will
thl ll-j it I imhli• nimelti ait the texas -(tiet
F,9 Ir lioit do',i  . lie t euiiirti.uu:e of ('adtlt
pl] I pat 'i. Li., on
u S.\TATU'IAY, (('T. 13, 1802,
the followiingdeI'll~eril  roperty. ton-wit:
I.ot No. I of bliiock No. 3. of Ili .Johnll N.
RoLiwell 'mulmdivi-imni, with all the ,builblin;
ulild ii limlm,,rts thll ereO,.
y. T'eriiis of smle urash ol the spot. sublject
he to alppiai.eielit. L. M1. Mc(I'F' IE.
trt C('ostable.
The Progress, Sept. 10, 1:92.
Constable Sale.
No. ld10-('. Lilhim liI Ih. vs. Will Rine.
re- ly virtilue of writ 4f tleri amctias islted
l: to ie IIIP It l ult)ve entitled iand i -lil
tch herl-,I siit bIy Il"ra. t'. I). kicks, jllustice of
i, Ite pealce ill atid for thie ourth Ward of
I 'll Caddoit p:,rils, La.. I have seized aid will
~'ll at puI iill iluctlinll at the i uit rt-rot ni
ho.,ror, No. 21U5 Milami street, between the
lh egal ihour- 'f sile, oli
SATUItI)AY, OCT. 1. 1892,
JIhe. followinlg ldeerilwd Iproperty to-wit:
hI lot thousehold aiil kilichee lifriitire.
lhe Terlsli of sale'. sah oil the spot, subject
u1a to apprlai.eelltt.
y C('. W. KELLY. ('onstable. g
Vi) The Progress Sept. 17, 18 2. On
11E Constable Sale.
No. 3434-Mrs. M. 1). Agllrs vs. Bell Davis.
By t irtue of a writ, of tleri fai.las i-sued
i to nie hv the Ilo'i. C( . D. Hiks, Justice lis
ut of the Peace in and for tIh Fueurlh ward
ji. mof ('llldo, Parish. Lai., I hate siezid and
will s i it pulilec aniltiou, at the courtl
roollm door, No. 215i M1lum street, be
Swt-en Ihe* legal hourll of sale, nnl
A'I'TURDAY, OCT. 1. 151j5,
he 'he following aiecribed pIroperty to-wit:
1 lor hous hold aund kitcheu furniture, I
eu.wing mllachiue, " trunks and live ule
or ure 1Irat ca.
to e'rrms of sale cash on the r-spot., subject t
Sto appraisemeut. C. W. KELLY.
The Pronre+. Sept. 17, 189.2. tiN
Constable Sale.
No. 3~i11-James Cook vs. Geo. Cole.
St By virtue of a writ of lienr facias issued or h
t to me in the ,boeve enlitlel and lutoneT
r- Iwred skit t,y H, li. C. 1). Hicks. lust'*. ofThe
le the peace in and for the Fourth ward of
Caiddo patrisal, La., I have .eiz.-d and will m
sell it Ilpubhj e auction at the Texas etreetl
it to limt door of the court house of Caddo
artah ou
n SATURDAY, OCT. '2, 1892,
bthe following described propewrty to-witl:
A certain one square acre of grounllld, he
inlg ine the inortheast ceoruet, o1 lot No. Uetl
Coo'mk's subdivision of the reorthw-es quar
e r of seti, li b, town hip 17 Inortll. ralng,
e i. west, with all the builmingl and im- -
l'irovetlluent theren. Also 10 saw log'-.
e T'ziC AND ah,.DITiON5.--'1 is Itbllnk
he s-e'oud nucti, on, I he foregoing de
e .'rlbtad piopenrl wilt lie adjudicated to
ie highest and last bidder, for whaterv
lie same will bring, at 12 umonths' cre dit.
he purchaser to give bhold, with g, no
n curity, for the pllichase motiey, beat
Sag int erest, at the rate of 5 per -eslt per
et lunm fronm the day of satile unltll pat.
atid payitsg cos ouet of the amount (f I It
,11,, all the osl iof suit ailrregatiug aboutl
15.00. ('. W. KELi.Y. Culi,,tabie.
Tie- Proeress deptenmbr 17, 1803.
Abstrzat.er of Lana Title..
Full abstract. of all lands in Caddo
Parirb. alnd all tots in Rhreveport. Lists
of all vamant Up ited States, State, Rail
road aid ht(ho 4i Lands.
Omlt 520 exu at. P.O. Box CS.
COPlBiu : C0 hUI3.
1,000 Oallon ......................*l1 on
1.51I Gallou....................... 14 00
2,000 Gaons. ... ............... 27 0e
25511 Galkles.. .................... 3U 00 I
3,000 Gal.ous. .................. 3. 00 of -e
B.'H. GA RDN ,R,
Afteney t wo w.,
aidY Pary Arblic. .' w
QO.e a voCmart HRn t egsjout, 14 six mu
i""iGeneral Insurance Agents
tn 112 Texas St., Shreveport, La.
Read Our Premium Offer for
d F------
"ingl Carefully co!!latr and ar - :h ::e edi.ioig
/ct HIIr"1"4 n ·:Tz., =_i:T=z7., " :i -,
e. t 5 , Comprehensive Lilo of the Great Dramln .
Magnmificently i~llstrate 1 th n:umernui fu
.n . E RA IN(;., C -.I".. ,,rtr.ots In charact
ted of the most distia;gulihic A.ni A Across.
of ICPreTaroD In Ct'tAAOTcR:
will a3 *EE Gu,,"u. ZkI,
cite e mrst t. , as ." t ety 8al
3$. EM"JT, as Falstat
vit: Er. z 7.I ZI, as Mlot
W.: Z=WW 70EECT, t:2 -1E:.
tct a Mr CHatL-CE CC=E=dA, as La¶y Mat
r- 7^ ',. !7 rt~3ET, as rag Iea
AlsaOf thise!dtao hlraebrhincbes ncthesk. EL`. ='A"00'1' , O I
one lasatmloth qurth.ol amd uink tntaann l" hrtnd f The above are full-pae Fine Steel Enravinlt,.
bri.tl 15Ra with sP.ha, e ne- o tie pye,& a magnificent Stecl . ,rtrait of the author truP
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II ___- _,,-"i_"__ý ........
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fow rl Bomas...
Charmlng Deu.crl.;tosi I
DelUh t, l Ar.ct.rtes cf all
mal,, botl L. nrstie sad WIM
liT is the treastc ant rity in
land. It gics tinitey a·d
the samplest lartcage, the
S£ naunts, diseasis and peculiarities
s the entire Anitral Kingucn.
great aork is Ly the auorld-frp
asturalibt, the Rcv. J. G. W
M.A., F.L.S.,nutl:cro ,e%' erl
celebrated WorL3 en Antnr 
urut none with so great a fund of
formation s this great ,(:k.
published fr the ft timein A
o the writer isA
Embefllated with 500
by ch es'rrent European
s Wor . Wvt. Zwscaaa, Coam
ar. Havai and others.
no Libra l ernrmplete wulhebel
tsll omeas werk.,
~I is impreible to give in this a.
tnt ecrment sore than a sIhht ide
of the mrnagitude of this great His.
trrv. . itih its anyriad pictures anl
accurate descriptions. It vtrtullly
. res into the hunts of all anials
a1d hevat-. the y re ther tire.
Is the rergnlpired sehtrity all oter
This mamoath clr opr e a of the Animat Wl d cons t the w"rld for acnraste in at rcir I
of over ctinl t-hand-"i pae ard Is runn lruirlwlv The reardl..lnl the habits, haunts. pe 7
a inches thick. It aoannam I of w al r· able tnea. rem
paper witigi escellena illhstrata ....f clear prInt on goo us orf laeable tnftnatloIs.
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