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Na-k * Wlllia, .
In the Postowce at Shreveport as
Seesmd-Class Mail Matter.
cm 12 Spring Street, between Milam
2, 'LlSrIPTION :
...............................e Dollar.
. .. . ....... irty- ve Ceqts.
iioi".:......... Thirtyl-voe Cýýs
p. HICKS, - - EDItTOR.
., WILLIAMS, ," ... MaNGOER.
I W pN ET--
i ats Otes.. a rlat,
-Of all Classes of
1 l which we endeavor to
Spsse. Prices moderate.
Te? i ,. - . e12 Spring.
No, thisL is not our big issne. We
S1ow it is of sufficient size to war
am ts passing for that, but still it is
p' : beIause our big affair will be
ei inls this, and will, we
_ii.k, 9t . entertaining as it is
This large issue will be an adver
* IdiaUm which will be of great
e to our meahants. It will go
the hands of many people who
read it earelully, thereby bring
the advertisements under the
Snooesm of the readers. Our rates
are extremely moder
as we are now far more desirous
Pamioas than Sacom
elas That we
suesh of our paper at
admit, but we do not
there. We determined
rouest to spend one year's hard
ia pushing T im Paoeass be
we attedpted t make a dollar,
we have not ch.. ed our minds,
abseo q onateJdion from the
geabe we say that
Sisses s but an advertising
paper. To make
Lnet hate excellent
aiettr. This we have se
Sie as your ads., and
' us,,4 ..w reap the benefit
.,W1U Bros, for See
Mes, and corned
lonnuds on
has. been remaovd.
who bad the wear
- Gomukis med
mI.en is ther o
as rm the action of
The p tingo o the
to the two city
ie m d-, an ad
emint S SA6makirg the
riee or prli
Wef Will
eey em teaader of
week That was the
C t. W. Kelly to
ut abiladmema by
d t eme p rseu
:2- .L the wo
Before We Are Bound to Give r
Up Our Clothing De- a
Closing out
Means a sacrifice. t
Money is not so I
Plentiful that you t
Can afford to waste any of it.
We recognize no competition. No
matter under what pretext some mer
chants advertise bargains, we will die- c
count any and all of them a clean 25 t
per cent. Don't fool your time away j
with the old fogy system.
Da get out of the old rut and see a
what you can save by going to Her- t
man Zodisg's, the most liberal of all i
merchants. I
If you can make one dollar do the t
service of Itwo. what is the use of d
waiting. d
This beautiful stock of gents' and
boys' clothing and furnishing goods, '
(itnts' and boys' shoes, a
Gents' and boys' hats,
Genta' and boys' underwear, b
Must and will be sold. ii
Don't you think it better to buy
some nice present for any member of a
your family and have it laid by for a
the holidays? It will simply save a
you the annoyance of being caught o
in the rush, and your chances for a i1
selection are better now than it will F
be when all the populace will be on t
the hunt for the same purpose.
Try our place; it will pay you well
to see what Herman Zodiag is doing. I
At the meeting of the Caddo Levee I
Board held Wednesday, the bids of 0
Mr. A. R. Thompson to build the l
Cavett and Doles levee for 23 1-3 t,
cents per cubic yard, and that of Mr. o
J. C. Beasley to build that of the <
Coushatta and Dooly were accepted, J'
and those of B. K. Cquitt to build
the Cedar Bluff ard Crescent for 20
14 cents, and of Martin & Gray to a
build Wild Lucia for 21 14 cents, h
were rejected. Bids for those re- I
jected were readvertised to be hand- P
ed in December 11. at 8 o'clock p. m. e
Have You Seen b
The beautiful China Goods at The n
Fair. t]
Advertise in our holiday edition;
it will repay you for the money ex
The finest of all kinds of meats at f
Wagner Bros. b
Give Ts PRsoorns your finanMial a
and moral eneouragement, and we t'
will give you a paper worthy of such
Lees wrangling and more discus- I
Less demagogaer? and more ain
Less selfshness and more gene
Lees parihmany and more public
Les rivalry and more industry a
woul dbep Srvport wonderfully.
Omurfragd will e sier a favoro. a
pr in tli pap~ ad tell them that i
pyo do so Br that zeo.
T- aters ihee saphd o as ma .
easy m'ar a pjMie measreme i
woald he beam of musk aamistense
bth teea____ t
G . Wagnq e Br s.. r Souther a
hamesab pork sa sm and ah
kinds ot sameage
T the stamnt ta aiee. aet
cadada em Frdag of last weak 0
The sIde~nce a t Dr. started ml
Bem the hsin da oelth. whak
The following is respectfully com
mended to our Supreme Court. attor
ney general, district attorney, jurists
and would-be jurists throughout the ]
VAaran IN Hrs TAeri.--Tesday at
12:30 o'clock a negro manl amed Monroe
('linton was arrested by the city guar
dians, who had in Lis possesson two linin
bosom shirts purchased from H. Drey
fuss & Sou, several suits of balbriggan t
ladies' underwear, appt eutly recntUy
taken from a clothes line or wash tub, as v
they were quite damp. Monroe was yes
terday consigned to the" roc'k pile for d
a period of thirty days to prevent his
soon again violatieg one of the positive ii
commandmenuts.-Shreveport Times, De
cember 1, 1bIT'.
Tai PaooEnss gives this as a piece
of information, because it believes
that every other man in the State- P
the judges, lawyers and all-save the p
judiciary who tried the case above
degeribed, has all along been de- v
ceived into the belief that the State
alone had jurisdiction over such mat
ters. Of course all whc rad this will
immediately know their mistake, be- J
cause the present city administration
has never yet committed an error,
though it has performed acts which h
threw the entire country into bewil- a
derment and put the people to won
dering how could such things be. fi
As a further evidence that the
State, as far as her laws have been
administered in Caddo parish is con- o
coerned, has been previously usurping fl
authority which belonged exclusively
to Shreveport's mayor. we are told v
that his honor rose to the dignity of f
his position again Wednesday morn
ing and discharged a man who bado'
been been seen when in the act of s
snatching money, and was only
caught after quite a chase. After
having been run down by citizens, tl
as was the order of the day, a police- k
man appeared on the scene, the story it
of the crime related to the vigilatt a
oflier, who, as waa right and proper
in cases of larceny, carried the cal- '
prit to the police station, and on be- t]
ing araigned before Mayor Vinson
the following morning was ordered
released and out of town, on his re
funding the money stolen.
Shame on you, Judges Looney,
Boarman, Taylor, Jones and Hicks,
and you, District Attorneys Wise,
Slattery, Shepherd and Land, that
you have so misguided the justices of
of the peace and constables of Caddo a
parish, and led them, by your false
teaching, to commit usurpation in
office by handling cases which, not
the State, but the mayor only, had
jurisdiction over. a
Oh, shades of Ashton and Crain! b
how despondent and gloomy they be
come when the people realize now to
how badly they were deceived in ci
your ability, which lit was once their ti
pride to bonor respect and aknowl
edge. How the judicial stasod all
these, both dead and living, nop,peles a
before the legal effulgence of this a
new Daniel, who now appears to over
throw and destroy their long-borne M
Our big holiday edition- will be
gotten out more to adverthi Tma
Pones than ught else 'here
fore, the ing matter will be
bountifl andn sleeted, and the
advertising rates low. Take advan
tage of this.
There will be preaching at the 2
Methodist Mission church to-morrow a
morning at 11 o'eloek and again in I
the evening at 7 o'elook.
Sunday school begins at 8 o'loek
in the afternoon. Everybody is ar
dially invited.
sm.evepert Oyster sad Chomp Mnue.
Market treet, in Bogel's block. seals;
served at allbou oystrs on the
half shell or cooed in the best man- '
made to e ard. Polie aedda.i
Everythingew, eat and it£lsr 8m
in evray respect. Noealonaahed.
Bulk or earn oy delivered to all
partsofthe cit or leve your
ader, or tb No. 9 Plae
open allnight. Frank Serwieh pro
If yoa admire the s rad sub
- matter whish Twa can
taine, tell it to yor ellow-passem
ger in the street earsnmayes oto
ad hom dinner, or to amd hom townI
in the moraning and wrig:
Let gelget up ahbig Iireim
that North Ln iwill soom ho em
of the taaet beogrodneng
A ssetim ot ne nea mals
tie . in .st eftreem I
Aswea a. luedi* y 'a ped
III~H 1mmlli
P ~ ~ sS~ b.
Everybody Should Go in For at
Good Time. How to Get Hap.
py and Make Others so.
Christmas tide is here, and the
thoughts of every one are turned to
wards the possibility of enjoying the
day as much as possible. and striv-1
ing as much as lies in the power of
each to make another equally so.
There are various ways of accom
plishing this end, bat nore would
prove more sucessfiul for each indi
vidual man or boy to first.
Dyke Out In a New Suit
of clothes which can be bought at
Jordan & Booth's, and then look
over their fine stock and select a,
handsome present for some one near;
and dear, either by ties of kinship or
friendly relationship.
Jordan & Booth have a nice line
of Christmas novelties, embracing
fine silk handkerchiefs, necties, cra
vats, scarfs and the like, besides a
full line of extra fine shirts, all of
which can be bought for a modest
It would be vain to describe every
thing this well known clothing house
keeps in stock, but will embrace all
in this declaration: that if you want
anything in the clothing line, over
wear or underwear, simply call for
them at
Jordan & Booth's
NWe. 818 Tu.es setaset, Ove '
Sheriff's Sale.
H. F. Doll vs. P. M. O'Hara-No. 4073, in
1st District Court, ('addo pariah. La.
By virtue of a writ of tleri faeas. dated
Dee.. 8189f. Issued in the above and en
titled and numbered suit, and to me dire
cted, by the Hon. Judge of the 1st Dis
trict Court of Caddo parish, La., I have
seized and will sell at public auction,
subject to the benefit of appraisement.
within the legal hours of sales, at the
door of the court house, fronting Texas
street, of Caddo prish, La., on
SATURDAY, Dscember 2t. IAS,
the followsýn described property, vin A
lot of mtr handise, furniture and Ix
tures, as per lnveor to my oe...
JO f N S rVONG,bhesrlE
The Progress, December 10.
I respectfully call the attention of the
readers of this paper to the faot that in
addition to a full and complete stolk of
Staple and Fancy Grooeries, for sale at
wholesle only, I also carry a full line of
Produce, Potatoes, Onions, Cabbeae, and
Apples, also Cheese under my pri aste
brand, which are superb and unexceilld.
Pig's Feet, Sausage n Oil, Bologna,
Vienna: in shot, I am prepared to fill
orders for anything in the Grocery,
Grain and Produes line.
I give my personal attention to all Cot
ton shipped to me for sale, and make
prompt retur u of acconut sales and
proceeds. Promptness and Punctalihty
are my rules in busness. I do the best I
can, and having done so, 1 can do no
I epecall4y call attsatio totre "Boes'
sad "veIrjl Pateat" brands of my
icer, which Is all that eis neeesary with
a persa after once ucing tham.
The Grocer
All Wsert Guarsatead. Rtpirlar
- * - OLO OLD AND SlLV . a
wn m l~ni ae n atda s mam"
ad doeMvessm
:c I
- Dealers In
Shoes, Hats,
Als/saICompJete Line of Ladies' Misses and Chldren's
Everythim9ng at Haed-Times Prices.
Nos. 316 anid 318 Texas S
Are the Leaders In
Ready-Made Clothi
Make a Specialty Of
Handle the Finest Makes Of
Shirts, Hats and Sb
In the Market.
21 TfEXAS STREET, ----- -I-- E Pt
Shreveport's Veteran Dry Goods lhrchnt,
-Lalgest Stock Of
-In North Louisiana is On Sale at This
Pry Gads Emperi
Dress Goods, Bo'
Shoes, Hats,
And Ready-Made Clot
Is just what is wanted in this market. Don't fo
place, aHl N sma's, Texas Street.
Times are dull and money is scarce. I need
money and offer the best Bargains
in all Goods in the
Ss~h7 a. U

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