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the new vidanguer has made
reputation thus far.
our ministers should put in
ional word in their sermons
the Sunday-law violators,
an excuse is in order from the
orks company for furnish
muddy water.
the eyes of the taxpayers will
on the city council to see if
raise the present license on the
liquor bsiness, so as to make
to that paid by country deal
the city taxpayers ar anxious
what the finan committee
to do about reducing sal-I
curtailing forces.
If the city intends to make
lines of business preferred
uee the license on them, let
be of reputable natures, like
es, dry goods or other neces
and not, as is now the case,
of disesteem, such as the drink
the new-old cars of the City
y Company need neither gong
le to give notice of their r
because their rattle while in
can be heard several blocks.
"public office is a public
seems to be an unknown senti
among some of the officials of
parish and the city of Shreve
it would be hard to make
of Shreveport's policemen be
the town would not go to rumin
laid aside their badges for a
some of Shreveport's police
believe that they bluffed off the
comet, and kept it from destroy
the earth.
the question of reducing the
a salary will assail the minds
tpxpayers during these dull
That Dr. J. D. Graybill has a
id preparation for preserving
color of pressed brick.
That those $000per annum which
's saloon men don't pay
Lbqild a nest iron fence around
es y, tn eletric , light
' ad -layadditional
a d sewerage ains wherever
That our four overseers, with their
earts and fogr n o m'are push
-torwid the w assigned them
as the work holds et.
That the last seen of the man who
that these dead trees in
rsthe ait home square should he re
k rw w b dmi' i dly toughmm
m Y ofWallaoe's lalse and
oast t the top of his voice in
glftiqs, "I didn't smy it."
t somes of Shreveport's monied
weald mok rather an enterprie
hbi they are not interested
talil t sanother h'eld make
ski share the gorly of baing
fie "big bas" of the town.
' th s ars two or three me in
:i to whom one of her odcials
- late repast from headquau
r. . -i. is shea.d. ex
by metiasul eapests to te
 t hl iset sb oud mind.
R i eesaf th peme e out
IS h See feme a rusaway
s hina their pease,
Wk wih the m s trik
er.LO k he rmer w ine
se m atmnt onesme
hbs aterae o she
whtiv at sees o
·- 'a a tedr ae
- st eawwshB.
An Enterprise Which is a c;
Credit to North Louisiana. d
It is always a pleasure for Tux a
PRooRses to speak of enterprises
which deserve credit and special men
tion for their business tact and en- t
ergy displayed. In line with this, it b
gives us special pleasure to laud and
commend the Southern Hardware t4
Company as a company which has 0
made great strides on the road of pro- a
It has worked up an immense and tl
flattering trade, not only in Shrere, tl
port, but in the entire bordera of 0
North Louisiana. This is due as much
to the splendid quality of goods o
which it handles as anything else. tU
Their stock of heavy and shelf goods
is superb, and it is being sold at
Rock-Bottom Prices. 0
Besides this stock, the Southern
Hardware Company is absolutely d
headquarters for. °
Levee Serapers.
Two carloads just received this ,
week from Western Weeled Scraper Ib
Company-both wheel and drag t
scrapers. We claim these scrapers v
to be worth twice as much as any on
the market. Contractors will use
nothing else, either on railroad or f
levee work. Ask men who usescrapers c
for a living whose make'to buy; so
don't make -a mistake now and buy ar
scraper that levee contractors would t
not se a
Call and see these scrapers and we
wiflthen show you exactly their ad
vantage over allothers, both in work
and durability.
Southern Hardware Co.
Jay Gould, the wizard of Wall c
street, died at his home in New York I
Friday last Now that he is dead, I
both the puis and individuals who r
used to do him servile &,y arm c
now heaping excoriations him. t
The lion is now dead, and jackials
are howling over his carems and rend
ing the helpless remains. Mr. Gould
was no saint; we don't' know that he
ever had an ennobling emotion, but
we do know that he did much for
aevilization, more for commerce. He
knew neither sentiment nor sympa
thy when he undertook to senre a C
raair ,ad, but the public generally got
the beneat of his manipalation." He
was certainly master of loane, and '
could no doubt control more capital t
than any other individual in the
United States Several en were
poesed of mor~ me p, but none '
had the ondene of capetalststhat
Gould had, nor could interest as much
oataide capital in n enterprise as he
scould, ro thema Hist
will no doubt have mush ianeace on
railroad steiks in this couatry. Jay
Gould has lived his time, performed
hi put, and now let him rest in
pmee ifit is possible. Let his many
deciensie, if he had any, be lot
Sbght at i the a-imenu monuot
oo ..d - s door. ,
g.It at h no litlemats. i fat'
we Preiet to or T. Ti st P1 s
ausinastilllargeredition. This is
the mecond tim that we have been
enabled todothis and we sincerely
Tu PaOe.msisnow oue of the
'.lmrumtwminthefavtl.ym to
othmer coi--npoilt of eml
Lesta we p will lyave maid al Ig
o-ur e amen t.erre to make the
err mbiticiu ei my r-ghl
I at homel mld it to thmdyr a tage to
S-r paper as - 4eutli med.
or  aring mrshm ta uhish Lu sem
mer.Dv a dilsatio of a paer's
Swwlthul v sm a qstlem
- uftuesed r -
5 will be se tMer
As part of the Sabbath school exer
cises at the Methodist Mission Sun- El
day school last Sunday, the follow
ing resolutions were adopted:
Whereas, Miss Imo Hood and Mas- chi
ters Charley and Donald Yoakum an
have removed from this city to Den
ver. CoL; and cal
Whereas, they were faithful, at- cel
tentive and interested members of
our Sunday school; and in
Whereas, they are missed from fot
among us,
Be it resolved, That this school as- in
sures them of its earnest prayer that any
they may be guided and guarded by
the Heavenly Father from the home
on earth to the home in Heaven. 1
Iesolved, That a copy of these res
olutions be spread upon the minutes
of our Sunday school, and one sent to in
the persons named.
L. F. JACKSOn, Chairman,
Miss KATIE LEAR, Committee. da.
Whereas, God, in His infinite wis
dom, has seen best to remove from inl
our Sabbath school to' the Home is
above, Lizzie Lear; and .
Whereas, we miss the little scholar, Hi
who was so faithful and prompt in lad
her attendance, and ready in recdiving
the instruction given her from God's an
word, at
Resolved, That we tender to the
parents, brothers and sisters this evi
Sdence of our appreciation and love col
for her, and insure them of our sin- col
oere sympathy for them in their loses;
and farther be it
Resolved, That the secretary be di
rected to record these resolutions in
I the minutes of the Sabbath school,
and furnish a copy to the parents. an
Respectfully submitted,
Mss. S. A. CATLIN, Chairman,
Mbiss OLLK CRAIG (Teacher),
No papert in Shreepiort will give
cheaper rates of advertising than T'HiE
Paoonxss. We gre not cutting in
prices because we have always been
reasonable. All of our columns are
cheap and we have the circulation
THx PsoouBss takes pleasure in re
ferring to the card of ,lessrs. Levy
& Battle, life insurance agents, which
appears in this number of our paper.
For the gentlemen themselves we i
cheerfully speak words of praise and ke
commendation for their reliability 0
and business integrity and judgment, j
and can consistently recommend MI
them to any community. Of course ac
this is is not intended to have effect
on our' own people, as they are so i
well own in hreveport that it r
would -be a wote of words to write
in their praise
The company which they reprsent
-the Hioe Insurance Compny
of New York- an excellent lnan
r cial 'tanding ibandance of as
sets, far beyondind above its liabili
Sties, being fully 25 percent more. Its to
investments are not only very remu- bt
nerttive but tO uhly secure, which bt
Smabes its anceedilgI reliable life
Sinsuran institution It issues plans
of policies which few can compete 19
with and none excel, giving exten
live benefits to its policy hold ,
t while itself is thoroughly protected.
a No one can do job work neater
a than Tas Paooases can, no one will kI
do it cheaper. Try us.
a It wes a conmiderable surprise to
STax Pomeass to note in the Cauas
ian of TkusmhJ that it had secured
a Wtry to posd o matts
lhih rM be or iseol inte to
I- our pe sad, "wit h anae to beesi
ime,' hae be en srtiniing the
it out for th. tie of "Bid- f or
Il- Prilag," s se notices ma ge" er
p dly vorded, Ia rder to mahe a bid
I etheweek. is to the intteret
a th, tasixas to give seek w o to
reia the o seposibility whisk will
1- p~'the service at the lowest
th tim s steo of a11, en ll 14
ea aedat? the nwaspapeaesof the
n weberse I am b the Times
m sad Ta Paases., whethe laten
- tioamiy or s Tm Panesses wes
b- uo MAh te M ti. Ittmh
E hin the eseramer ther
S a - -4 -o, ,3
m desr t Ne oim 4 SY
Everybody Read This and
Ha ken to What It Says.
Ben Holzman is considered one of
our most reliable dry goods mer
chants. He is a good business man,
and has proven it by the financial cir
cumstances he is now in and the ex
cellent trade which he has established
in Shreveport. His customers are
found all over North Louisiana, and
in many parts of Arkansas and Texas,
and allhave full confidence in his in
tegrity in his dealings with them.
Now, then, Ben Holzman is keep
ing pace with all dealers in his line ai
in the city. He has a stock of dress So
goods both fou every day and Sun- ,
day that is captivating to behold. He
likewise has in stock a splendid as- of
sortment of gents' ready-made cloth
ing, boots, shoes and hats, which he
is selling at remarkably low prices.
His line of notions and novelties in
ladies' wear is beautiful and pleasing,
and the feminine sex congregate daily
at his store to admire and buy them.
He is specially prepared for the
cold days in his big stock of blankets,
comforts, as well as wraps and over
He is still keeping up his
Bargain Counters,
and will open up on something new
and special Monday.
Remember that dry goods and
wearing apparel of any kind can be
found at
Ben Holzman's.
Buy Your Stoves
At The Fair.
Send to Wagner Bros. forfine pork
sausage, Vienna and bologna sausage.
If Tax Paoonusa is a welcome rvis
itor to your house tell the people so,
that all may have it come to them.
dO.A - 1ATr ad.A .2"E T.
Cettes larket.
SBnaRvroUr, La., December 9 -Mar
ket quiet and easy.
Ordinarl .... ....... ..... Nom'i
Good od inary .................... 8%
Low m idd g ........................
Good mjddhnr ....................
[This report is carefully corrected on h
Friday of each week, from the most ki
t reliable sources.I ti
Spvrlaslas. . int
Bacoe-Flrm 10.
t Dry Salt Mrest.-9.
Breakfast Bacon-1Z3o by the box.
Flour-Advaneing; famly, N&; extra
a fancy, t3.75; patents, 4.25; sacks J10o Ler
bbl. less.
Cb rnmeal-Steady, *2.50; sacks Sc per
bbl. lesb.
SCeIa am Tes.
SCoffee-Higher fair, 18le;,mediumgrade
5 19ju; better, 2W1 .
Teua-Iair. 40e; good. 505900; fae. 76@
85c; finest, 6101.-5 per lb. by chest.
s a sgar sand elass.
Sugar-Firm: yellow clarlfed, 4%e;
white clarifedd 5; granulated, a~e.
r Molaasse--Common, So0; prime open
I kettle. S81;ooioee reboiled,. ake. $
Onions--LI5 per be.
Beaes--Navy,5 per lb.
Potawss--Eatlug, e per bu.
bor lm purposes, lper
lb. by the bale.
Iron Tuee-4.15
to ham ad lubW
SCorn-Steady; wr he, seed monem·ld.
I oad--(Isrm; -xa, pe Westes.
136-55m0 per th.
easeie.. ;r lb.
white, S5 c; rasted, ic hier m ail
: l- N ek. N p.er box.
B~OrampsaIS .o.U per hox.
to" elnnlt as, ster. -
,, ee etmnt s, per o...
,, t ---------......... S.g-
M Ms p.lb........... .. Ii
·e****** ***)rrl..!
r Lc.1 -'-.. ..,--'.;'.':'~b~
--Dealers and Jobbers In
And Shelf Goods,
SPECI ALTIES: Munger's Improved ElevatoriTleders,
Gins an:l Double Box Presses, Daniel Pratt's Gtns;' Feders
and Con',ensers, Cotton Press Fixtures and Wire Rope for
Southerli Standard Cotton Presses. Kentucky Cane Mills and
many other makes of machinery too numerous to mention.
Have also a fine assortment of Agricultural Implements, all
of which will be sold at reasonable rates.
No. 206 Texas Street, Shreveport, La.
--Wholesale Dealers In
Boots, Shoes, Hats.
Corner Spring and Crockett Streets.
Prompt Attention Paud to Country i*
The Old Reliable
A big stock of V. Crimp, Corrugated and Standing BSea Boeeng eesMuitt a
hand at lowest market prices. Tin and Sheet Iron. abop: piMre kl al e
kinds of this work. Satisfaction guasanteed. A Plumbing Dpart ma eev
tion with the above, and is prepared to do work promptly. A Iarfeakst Oid
lng and H eat g Stoves just reoeived. H ouse-fur shl G oods, ePae y, ra .
m To.e& 1o. ýUE' , tLA.
123 and I25 Texas Street, Whlss$
and Retail Pealer la .
Stoves, Crok
Sole Agent for the Celebrated
BuALk's Brisat Stoves d ,
A F.. Line of Heating 9 or- m* 4
Country Orders Bespectfully Soliuited.
No. sal.-Aqng~r J. lgel ... G.o.ip or
By vbSmd S WIa w gf Sui. d so
to - y -as" .d"- mel mm
ewaa sof by Ho.. . a D.e.
~is =a eIr -o "a+ .I
of . mpAY.~w~l1ftU. t
Iw~ T. 1/ I I' 1rllrJI .
~L~ I~rric Bw4 )rrO
~e~mr ~ 11r M
chil Ii'
wIlsd weslir
* ~M 1
A·i :~~-

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