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In our last issue we closed with the
statement that the farm was now ex -
ting with fifteen kinds of
co nsiting of 465 varieties. The
amesry is not 'et complete as the
six asee now in cultivation in fruit
rill soon be increased to ten and the
=uaie. and varieties will be further
Leaving the orchard and following
ear conductor, Major J. G. Lee, we
sontinued our inlection of the prem:
ihes and soon calme to that portion
allotted to experiments in grasses
and forage crops. We found hero :,i
wvagitiM of grasses, 6 of clover, 5 of
ed;1 of barley and1 of rye. Of
the grames thus far experimented
with the.Bermuda as a Summer arti
Ae and has been found the best, while
f or general purposes the Texas blue
,gra ontrivals all, as it remains
.seen year in and year out,
and is in luurant growth when all
ether kinds has become withered and
hMlted by the Winters breath.
The past year tests were made
*with 45 varieties of cotton, 12 of
which were of various specimens of
the long staple. There were also 30
Mleties of corn, 15 of field peas, and
2 It. Irish and 14 6f sweet potatoes.
The latter was composed of Southern
UG, Negro Killer, New Jersy,
Sugar Yam, Pumpkin
~Ya. y yman and Vineless. Quite
a discuosion arose among the fiteen
or tweaty practical farmers present
as to which of these varieties was en
itl: tO the palm for superior ex
ellence Several had warm admir
em, ta majority were of the opin
in that the Southern Queen was the
best for the market, in that it could
&bgulmied thereon from lst of August
to lstof Septembera, and that it
was aiso the most prolific, but as a
tahho egetable the sugar or yellow
gal was decidedly the queen of its
Osiderwable information was also
me in reference to the Irish po
alr t was fully demonstrated there
dl that by an intelligent farmer iv
s hout six miles from the station,
t ih ssealy coald e rcaisd
..eo.e thit own med, bat like
-mil rraops could be made min one
S  l iienlean .is L~Mr. 8. N.
 ardo hes at Foedm ville, Union
dm hme esmibited piendidao
hilPiems e tfnm a aeesod
imiem their own seed. This sae
am sps planted any time from
5_J w,6, August 1st, the former be
V Irish potato can 4
-ld4s will preseved during the i
WaiJr y preadig in a cool, shady
d mand cover them with leaves J
snd a littledry dust or
adili deired. This statement was I
sdu %t b1eoth Mejor Lee and Mr. I
 theIser of whom .raised 50
t' o the acre in this second <
as the matler of stock there are
hibds of esttle, the Jersey, Hol-t
.ernsey. and Devon with sev
a; bogs. -mid sheep. These are i
aimply that stock raisers may I
owajudges of which breed
Ar Jerte siatry and climate i
sisoe l4trmns of chickens I
Lpgbcn and Plymoth i
 fav ses with the man- t
items of greatest inter
forest djutle
vsertable uwallfe in s
is twelfth straps
,-nes aetlied that sh
hedarrhed and a
4hk. asio m at Me a
'.h ai t
01t ie e -he d
s uld hbe bu- I
w1ad sell far a
pmssess andthoe a4
tIs eabjest wand4
but the to
km wMak a
.tw r loba
~i~ aI
TO Y? s FANC GOO c D10
AlbOms, Manacure Sets, Cuff and Collar Boxes, Dressing Cases
Christmas Cards, Boots, Writing Deoss, Wort Boxrs, Jewel Cases, Hadlierchief and Glove Boi
Prices Lower Than the Lowest. Country Orders Solic
200 'e :OU Street, S neve-port, L A..
e- practical test were Mr. Eugene Smith,
_n of Lincoln parish, near Haughton,
e and Mr. W. C. McDonald of Roehes
ly ter, Jackson parish. The former will
as plant three acres, the latter ten.
)r These gentlemen are thoroughly
is practical, enterprising and intelligent
r. and there is little doubt but that their
iO experiments will be thoroughly suo
4 eftal.
Among the visitors, it was the
re pleasure of the writer to meet Dr.
1- J. C. Christian, of Arcadia. This
r- gentleman, who is as genial as he is
re intelligent, stated to the meeting
iy that Bienville parish would plant
d 2000 acres in tobacco next year. He
ea said the farm was only a few miles
is from Arcadia, where lived a gentle
b man thoroughly acquainted with to
i- bacco raising who would give the
matter his personal attention.
r- Tobaeeo raising opens up a new
a field to the farmer, and will no doubt
t more than all de assist them in
a soling the over production of cotton I
problem. Itwill give them an op
m p n..tyto s om.ething besides
a ! nataipe which will as 'reay mad.
I at flr more atisfaetoily p s, ad
p and then leftto be determind on at I
Sanefutes meeting.
a jImeloulsi, we muet pay a juast
Jr to Lee.r He as unquesI
tioably the tohave in charge.
4 It ly ites onms admiration to
s t. how readily he locates the vari- a
-e a specmens of plants, , -
he at how he tall.'
toa e whieb. Tae oneas has a
r board, b t these are no guides to .
Sand who has ev 'l at his
telge's end. We s ,e could
a a et to eash spot which bear s a
Lig lnsprig or hrab at the
I hear of aia gt a not onlyt
Stlg wat isaabd l i bat what
SEs both a slioand theorse
. at ienw ar ler his mag e
I Iset the aperiment Janm will pover
ms w edatfl beaesa light to the e
Sinsemts eNth --u-a who ae a
wi M g to be tau t
seam, os esra.s. g
SWedseei or fMead, Mr. L T.'
aGem w i toello as Tm Paoe
g . shwe. tW iaietis a
sateli Et wrh bhin e es makes
ee ad th vry best h at rve e
CFhe * *i* b e at tim Heath.
bonade dmoselt a ag
1M a le-iasesaaesa
r- Notes of Interest Gathered From Around
il About the National Capital.
I Wisanroa, D. C., December ,. IaS92
•Special Correspondence to The Progress:
STboe who have been predletiug lhat
tr this session of Congres was to be an un
1. usually dull one were away off in their
calculations. as all indications now point
Sto one of the most interesting short ses
r. tslos we have ever had, and there are
kis lots of tlhings. controlled largel$ by cir
is lcnumsatlues, that will a,. uall make
things exciting, as well as interesting,
at should they get taken up. The Senate
Swill opsin the session with a fight over the
- anti-option bill, which was passed by the
House at the last session, that fromies
- to last until noon on the 4th d of next
e March, unless it shall adopt soue sort of
a rule to limit debate, whibch it 't very
w likely to do. The lobby that is iylng to
work up senatorial sentimentagalnst this
measure is already here, plentifully sut
plied with money by the great commer
.ial exchanges of the country, tlemem
bers of which are personally Inerested
i the defeat of this bill. and y kuown
d .am hsa a cham
Hav u , and
_ or . P  , rell wim andl
rrport f of the
ty come wtbes b ave been iavestigat
Ssag the Bomestead aL. othe:i.tlMs
tarubles, wll colme ltor siueb Ma trt-
dIg discuss e , botb HoefD and Senate,
Sand I is expected that tbetearof ebolera
I- next year will prove a very stroung if not
a winning argument in favor of the. pro
posed bill to be reported frm the Senate
committee on immigration. suspendina
- all tlasateoa for a perod of one year
I from March 1, 1I4I. It is regarded as
Sabout the only way to keep out the i
eeiera,whlch medical experts y will
aer saily make its appeal nee in Europe a
SagaIn next summer, and Itgtves Congress
s a year to devote to the lmmirmetion prob
dlea, wIeh is prowim very intriate. a
Ihe Wes o. this session passlg a bIl
SI pr ingl for a tax on all anunaineumnes I
eo a eses hof a, s ba enot only been I
Srm dbet it is a tually being ser- I
Soaurlt ed by slce of tohe est eeae
g~eUis ber saad prweut iadcations i
ie tha t will easily let thruth the L
I House, alesm Mr. Cleveland, who Is al a
d .eted tobe opposed to it, Ushal cail a i
. ras and eye then the chances are that
. thl wo emd be some eysyoplag1 sal I]
me sesubjsctbthth a it
~aheg vidola lsm the Moea
deasse . .the ear eals ttons Pam al
w su will e gie the meagrkeasmal
sle samtlaal ausamemas may buted le
* hard-headed amen, who tube s
a steeek t ruSa maaleet Ule
.tr is a t ,n Ir by lt is iair s ,
Itea to be, e early In the sesama.
SOssusuree of wramnlu w ehich uaslly
s eesoumre muas ise w the se bast
,aad Nose are ppe n patles wall s
Hat smae ay treuble thsllme, Tin. a
lpremties t to be mdo will set ben a
S W of . osr. " e . Sl ter
- -- " i sU ts w ' "miu l r - p"
See aMu i shpepPi..5SSL-o
`Mittl . iseu* tmats ts
x lzr"~:'br, ~ l16
,_ , r
friends favor an extra session lweoau-e it c
would make hlisa -eleetion almost cer
tain, because s here would aoct Iw time to
"d organiac the opposition. That is one of 1
the persounl reasons. It is said that an
extra session could pIas bills admittingll
Arizona and New Mrxico as 8tates and
at nuthorizing lthem to hold elections in
time to have then elect senators early I
enourh to take Itheir seats at the. regular c
'ir aession. Th;at is one of the political rea
nt oies, as the I)t'moruts would exp et to
e- gaill four slsutors, although somtee l(e
iliie.a ea a cl!llilu hit hw Mexico wotlad
eh elect a Relplh.l.e.na Legislature.
w (c1nt'i1n)HIn Ktine, the father of the
rr universal bal ro ue, ordinance, defends it
aaimst public. ctasure and possibli Io
terferetace leo tie assumption that the I
Et sale of liquors has been placed by the t
of Iupreme Court .f Louisiana on the same
hases of iegithiuamy and utality as obtains
waits any ot!ser cunnlsercial business,
l mand that, tlwrefore, it is beyond the 6
 rilght of any eiaen to objeu, to the open- n
l ug of a barrour and the sale of liquors
at any place.
r- s much to be doubted if the oemurt
a- has directly made any such formal de.- a
d 'sra'.io, amid .t assumption that any
a delive toe by , topu be
- taken *t auth it Ih e
d tle. is sc t oll St lI our
Uu ,oe, and perh a tuaois ci eun
try, where the ale of lntoxleating liquor b
,e i uot placed utnder resirsotusn that
Smark at sU u, raed 4,ist sst aCtuals-, b
M ta s hatcii. meowI· epe ta
I- 1 il tely Ir.hii, ed. In others a
P, majority of thb. it'z-is or voters have
a tlh power at leirt will and pleasure to
a fortit the trat.- sturely. Ito otUere, a3- b
. plloants tor hlt o mu It sel liquors are ir- re
i qmireid to pr odua evteue of good chbar
a lier, In othe m.eatnunaltes the bus -
v' ewI is rerlcted by very high iheonses.
w Now, everybody knows that there aire g
*I restrlO tiots wideno are never applied to'
i any repulabwe b..ineus. No ukh ro
e trauint are ever ionposed on the sellers P
Sof any other so. t material merohan- El
- dies. The e rest.. ealoteas ae the plainest w
sort of evidre. e inst the dispeaslg of At
il anluxk(anug drinks i" held in all coun
s tries and by the iasees of the people to
a be an evil, de,,r ar,ting trafo. tolerated SI
Sbecause It appear, to be imposiblte to aU
eeradicatethe d i0.k habit trem buman
Sna$ture. and th .t. aieusanu.s to reduce tme
5 evil tola miiansusls proms better re
Smanlts tan do e irn. to extirpate and Cex
 e have s iratmatsa that at was
m the aveuntls of She tate Cuestltati es
io relieve the lor teSo e
the diesatelems and B lteat. `ader o
t whish i is ehawheu andt most eal. MU
Svwleslly Md. We do nt believe that 1,
ths prme (bust sf leaman has d..
m*S uerh e !rat of sa heel
Iem whs .isc wish e, and M
fIwukmal bea * w a vast san
emm cam.. Sn m rh -| i
tr- enso nl law hsu a, s a
I sepate he1tn sads t oh Ma ms
86dr 1agg r
wam aermbs y phor th stat.
ti-i iiise teei m a pas a w alebian k
e a :Ishm A_ of P om tI.
it one-half as much license as those doing
" a similar busines just beyond the city c
of limits are forced to pay. t
an Please, Mr. Picayune, don't ad
dress the liquor business as on' en-'f
n titled to disesteem, because here in r
ly this classie city that vocation is de-: 2
ar clared, by the powers that be, to be one ii
a which is entitled to special homage, ii
not to say revrence.
ad -
Have you anything to sell which!t
.- people really need and want? 5
If so, why don't you get a move on tl
yourself and go and see them and R
i talk with them about it? * t,
. You can go right to them yourielf fl
e and tell them what you have, sa that o0
ae they will understand it. See "Note" w
below. g
You might write them a good a
a. strong personal letter, to help them
* remember it. ee "Note" below. a
n You might smod a salesman. or a ti
rt number io them, to prve how good D
Sa thing you have. ee "Note" below. gi
SWhy don'tyon hare signs painted
a taok theb.eponreeisand temoesI
r .s'Note" below. m
SYrou might do any of these thingp,
but what's the usel 8ee "Note" n
.below. ci
a Nors-Newspaper advertising is a -
" modern and common-sense way of
obtoining and maintaining trade
, buinae; so modern that mapy S
eling to older methods withost avail s
so eemmooseuase that some few fi o
to perOeive that it ean do them great
e good. .- ,* vt
Am Aormn Nor.-There is a paper be
published in Sbrevepoet, La., the
Sname of which is "Tan Paoeuss," a
a which elaim to be "The Paper for th
t the People," and it has sueceeded in Ti
making great numbers of advertisers
I and readers believe that its elaims r
s me true. At least, its advertising I
columns and its substription list W:
would indicate as meek.
rnaselcssakesa (iLh ce:. fin
S iRev. DrI. TIII ar, the popular d
Spsr ofti P~ byterian church,
osied his plpit Suday last, h
d a h  time aincew
Sthe iddl of September. On the ad
Slast Sabbath of tat month he was
Sstrite. with sao tack ot serious ill- m
I se hat has slass disabled him -
from ai selri e. We aee happy
to khawthat be As steadily e- I
He was on Sandray d by a ea:
my laoge and ga
/loo, altor i wit. wow to
s m is his plan Th* ae
hAweksealo homerve, a smi
moe vtota i h latseart Iteir - dd
ter's health, deeled it best to bold
bat eo serle. as hathm sad so
mdemed. Dr . VFaear weh theesor,
wt a ea b -
ms. ZT vaoR eb
P1.9~~3 6
ag The annual C
ity cursions to all poil
to Moemphis, St.
4- New Orleans and 0i
fo-`fare rate are annoy
in roads for Deaeber,
le- 22nd. The desirabili of
ne is loudly proclaimed, and
re, iority over all othersa
There iR or.e railroad
which no objections
it offers a choice of
ch the Southeast, either
Shraevepuort ,r New 0
n the Trxas and Pacific
d would be well if you
trip to the "'o!d
l Ifact in mind, and
it over the popular T. k
" will run through eatl
given above to M1
c and New Orleans.
m give you tU1 p
address the
a ticket agent, Mr.
d Dallas Texas, who
d give you fll
extra issue, and
will reap the bene4c
number of extra eopieu
With the "'old f,lk4 at
•authesterit Staris is the
lany Teasans air stri
of the year, sand to
to reach their goal. the
tloketa for the anmuIal
via the Texas and Paselh
r bema, Teonessee,
e North and Somuth
n Florid.. and other
eaqt to ft. Louis and
r thorlsd for Decemaber
n Tickets will be limited ar'
Sdays from date of sale, sad
at the remarkable low rat
a for tib rould trip.
K Htememb.r the texasu a4
4 way Is theb only ltiw
ru.Jles eit her vIa New
or Memphis and sives
dosily iratst rirre- t patyr
toiute, [ain. .*rvsv clti iio
r diversig lines.
, Your house tluket asset
Sto tve o l partle ies
· *ou.v obM tl
e adeeinlag either of the
.aston later, D o el " ti
Tkcket Agert, Dallas, 1hW
@ O @huw~ttlrr r:'
[In this dthrtameat we
services of all the chuaehe
1 Pasters, or thoese
are lnvited to furmub
a ny ebamPs for eth
than Thursday eveuaigel
-yrwt Methodit
o buth, 1ev. J. L.Pierce,
p Is. Juetesen. Preaehlg
-First Chnmb
'hathflinWai al.nal

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