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The Progress. (Shreveport, La.) 1892-1900, June 02, 1894, Image 1

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X'UL .;º.-NO, 1.,, SI I IIE\' LIP ( )IUF, A, SATIfR)A JUNE 2 189f. h > ( CNTS.
H ENR YDrETF s a Son
i'a; lr fent t v if- l'. l/ fiii k 'til' ir ' JliL
May t, -!w, ntootI ii li-l-hed ht rejiji"s'
ý " u ' 2 *, it ý.i lill Wi i .i lii it
grt'a:t i'- it" t1t'( <'t anti inllut'nt t"' Ill () )
'l'hti i1 lt jli tIi 'if. :Ief'h hnaiv g
gt'eater thjan ;my 1 C'~ i j tIi. kho
of thle h~Irtnau familiv. I t, ;t' mime,
ual~ c(if th r iiata for«', fititii'. ljt'i i
timi (stt hil iibivAtan to ti -
(ýºif the o tii i ft, and 1 fl 'n liii h''. 'inoii
olk' ric ;.;nin n, forn in_ I II- )lof
tIrpc th<' ill'hat r ; i art.j lit" I bri ll, i.
toI oii' ht'.1 t'i : 'tIlfj if. aiji li ii' . iI t" I
fily t ime t h, fn lift' , ii 0 i jitnt 111 it \ 't
I-ti t li 11414 lii At I Ii 'V1) r . ''illn '', q it i
touet Il l,.i1lilr ?1 i · '1`1(a II it}'. an~·cti rt'·(tt? {1
famrilyof dra tvigi, iii- at ti ''!a iii \t-al 1 i !
ithlig jltuti 1\t)1 tll 1ijlf4 ' '' \i liljl i i' t
he t1 r t'IhtI r ''ttr'rlt i tilt a I1 'i in
It's fll ' 1\ t I '. f lt (.llitiY iiil,
r Iraw ii "oli . Lii of I i' I alli Ii V'i : alr
Ltkd, a e! in ll ff ~a, l~lr~am~rt ttf ti ,'
pl a~ct eeiiy o l Li I i
pint ; I its ~ '. nt~itt' o 'i llsualtj,' ft I 't riii
"tR 'til ijr t g t oP. 'i' T'i" ' ý~ it Lt' 1 tt'liht'i ! ti
tade n g ua >la t a ruigl' I if thewit I .3ý s Ie>- tt I
nS7 'lt th L 1ht-) ýJt 41ft : I tt" ke fp -tllv ' h"f
rnhtb`.l l t t~l t-& fl t he; ,'; ,i l aI~'ttti`. J11 '
'ýth 1rt . 't 1o tu ' 1 li l !lt gol ''l
ih'ut, tic' have r wade-hfttu t Ynrhe jt't h- for
Lion hane-ilt't weW-h , we- spd itt ari I not th
º nti n-t'u undul ehra~s i at' nttittr qi h-l;;
It oe of our;ýt abletof dties tIe)1' the, het)
I : theing fOratom %htvhxt1. freijepntlive kno'
m~e sc o th elý ins (tiutioni o the at in I4""WOI
lies, osa wellr~ 11 thit of ut', pisaya ic- them
ribn 11-"ftti that. DOla ha epast'nl 1lou
But we thae fa~reel fttranom thtu n dfor
tS, undul unet- haiM grarea irt up
usied sowe of urabllnes,- aiins muLI afjile tj
Paides, te oec~iaui~oy ofe the corn )url wo
Ite s' cl sta o ~usaa c a
th Itou wIIIaI ovlth 11th 1ln5',id1a*,
4 v ltl o me tq0asig
III fi at 1d 1 u-nd. iid wI 11 i nn. an hicprove
ril ,nt iI attlnvl't' I.I tlI- 1 h'LItiattios'I
1i la!dite 'ulk.l a !,I/,"I' imit1titat iI the1
Iitkirti tf lil wife. Iltt..:11 r l 'I' iPus
11 11 :I 1 11 . ' i I '1 'r I I
11 1 1 li-1 ill tit t 11'1 II'
(I r h ( 11t 1 h1-' it 1 1 1 i alr a "
Id 11 I .i 'l 'tilt 1 '11 I_ laS 1 111" 1" 1 i l ;I t ll 1 11 1
! jf ha11 114 ' i(u ;I"lii at d II
Iii I
c ~ il l ll l f il I ll l 11 1 t 1 t !I I tl l I'' 11 1 1 1, 1
It i I ll l. a io1 2 t . 1i 1i 1ill III. l 1 I 1 I
( i 'I'_'lltt lt l l d I 4t h , al i t ' allii I 1. p et
II'I If1 . L1fi(1'iut11 t t tjS t iS 1111 11d w1 1k;
111 111i'111. 5 .1 '14 . 11`. I " 'l ' 1 1 11 1
111tid e Ii t 1 i1 1 'h e eIn u1 tof M 1 11 1
I sacI
11111'1<, Irr , l'illl)l l. I ;111 I , _," ; 1 ;1 1 , 1 1 I l t 1 1
if~ic RA WeSn *fie le , p
Eve ~ ~ cal by Mai noch 1-k
Irl' Ill ilt' 111100 1':11 11'If, I i IIlllI I.1 11 1'1' 'i
gt t (id eii1. tht1i 1ha I1 "t1h ea I it
flel were Ill IIII" nt l111 'ot ,er 11111 1 1 ' ý p"
t`Isal r i ti ( 11 I g I 11 I J 'I ý r~ i. )'ouI' I I u - hlO b t ', 1 1 1 1 ll i l M l
1ord, tht th 1at 1dict wals1d 1 '"edl tol m te
'11b i Iii , St i ll h. 1, 1;1, 11_ h ' II , 11l
+Iri n !. 1111 fem 111 X11;"I .1"
befouc 10 U b; e w le tated, and Thou f
knlowt··r hoII' dittcleult it is to keep, a ly
S " 1 fiding thing' a1parently 0 ,
ha'mle oa1. when no oI hat hei l·iege trc
10'1 11110 ,1'1 1:1 111 ;1 t 11 :11 I- 1' 1'.1 1 1 '1 11 11
IIII 1up'o 1.W:1'e S 1uw1thI a il' Uf wio) aske
dow she loml time lookil withl gr1e
uSpitjoti has told her wa h whong." j
'ut when we 'entct o in the g lories of It
ir v e ci t'ilIza'_on .; l1o1k lp u char
11 1'T h t !11 1 1-111 - in 11" 1] o p e<11
15hat f I_ 5":1 I 1tent T houtil' at it ii
1", 11, 11':51 t i t n ,I"f lly th 1 i1e 11'I `11 11
ru titea ing of Tl'h at 1111 1:11'- lelptll 111
exil. tou shal ot eal t ofit
.111 ha daily pet hreof"t ~I';~"a11:1 Int
1e ts rated 111andII' ou st or 11 t lI w 11
when n one rh'tI ,u h r iege 11111%'irl~
1 lit, Sotme a t~i %'of w Ish- :1), ] tl 11111
ha od het IItda tls iw IIlo t'I'g."h 111
cedcivliztin Fraupn ciThompon
Itani. I thle It ties andI granderti of our world:
silt- behold lordly woman and ehivalrous,
\We man as thitv art to-day: r'tnremnher
der- wh'a rare pl aturtrs we enjoy at these
k of annual press conventions : and with it
11ad. all, 'til ithave before u, tlt. eluct'idtlion
eltic of "tle way,. the truth, and the life."
ove- who will lc" prepared to ,ay that rta
mesdear .tn on mother, did not, by that
tilte ititi;tioit whicrh ha'.t made woman
itan fatlnmus penetrate ft 4urity, sCce tlhe t
itt tna ?nificenee which would be in store. I
t a nd cal of shah fIruit with the full be
lie tihal shec was doirng her postierity a
5t, 5re. and m other- like, made the sac
t ritire of hirt'lf for the benefit of chil
\,% t: ill v artrn' e tilth , a ertion that if li
at .Adam was rlie to-der. he would imi- '1i
l tat- the a) t tion of one of his male de-1 a
Ie ndants it one oceasion. This man ot
te I and a if. were in their htute when sud
tut oenly a b art whitic wails angryr and
k. v ichriou, eitered the dnooewav. Inud oli. it
at ately the tttan sprangr into the loft and
toin w s afe within its shelter. The
"- poor iomian. left to herself. in d ispera
itd tion jrabbej a good. stout eluj and
itiati I·~
i. as the lii rt(e bi te hadi made its (leat)), it.l
- m the hitalr tnls lu t iband desend ed ni -it -
!d by, fromt his ptureh. strutted up and \
!t Iquired of hil wife -ain't %t') brave sal
\\e kcan ant see Adami of to-lday, ra
if granted the opporttuity, thle sl . old hi.
n x sil ing up to his wife and itn that pi
d tcoaxing mannier wt icit thusands know 3
so well how to use. 1t)1 his arms artotnd iOh
lhet an ay prt oudly. look wife, what a
grand worled wi: have ftoutnded. dra
The part taat M.otses' mot hert and (in
Pharaoh's daughter played in public of tl
life raise.d tp a chieftain who lead the 11
people of Isreal front their long bond-'en
tag. fron
Naaman, the 'aptain of the hosts of '.
the king of Syria, was cured of his vice
leprosy by the act of a captive Jewess his
maid who, in the lano of infidelity and lBlai
sacrilege, did not forget the God of dear
Isreal, anrd had faith to believe in His has I
power everywhere. Typified by her band
Gentile sister ages afterwards, the It
story of which we find in one of MeGuf- purp
feys readers, when during a storm at disce
*a, when all seemed lost, this little and t
girl placed her hand in that of the gala)
trembling captain's. her father, and In
asked, Char;
"Isn't God upon the ocean, Augu
Just the same as on the land?" lane
It was the empress of Mhia.:. We ley's all we
character upon the live(' of her eon4 ter ko
it' world: J.ohn anld ('birnis. "'hilt tilted them
ivalrous fior the high Pilane .f ieelsistical
rember ,rrandiur nld piety whilt tI e buth
it these oie(Ipiei.
with it The sisters', Mar( an(d \lartha. with
'idlt lii) Mari Ma delene and the nother of
le ,f". JoseS assisted very materially in light
hat (Il' ening the burdens of our Savior, and
by that MaI;rdelene won his everlastin gari
Bwoman tllde by her considertatiorr for IHis great
;ct the trials and work. by anointing IHis
! store, head with a lprecious ointmlent.
fil t ea The iaid of Oirleans played a on
Sitasprerous part in the history of her
th sit- ime, and ariound lher name will ever be
cf i lustered tender memories of a heroicr
life whose end was a sad oine: but she
that if lived not in vian, for in the Ji-tiuiieint
Id ini- of Ihope. Iiher ian has atdded a star
tii dc-, whieb now ierkorns tio nOtan. press
is man onwardl.
Il ''ti- LeavingY behind us eharaeti r s who
t and
nli i 1(11d iii I lie aLe('s of tii long. :ago, 'we
ii 'i waill (liter" ; riea cia, receent Oulst. ;roll
ft a iniit li p rse nt. pausiti r just. loiiii euioiht
I to pavi a just trihiute to lii sadlltl
a ' jI- I )oreas of Apostolie ants. :air ii'
sweet and revered F'ltrenrt Ni lhten
wa vallti
soon Within ouo' rei'sent enntury we have
'ane,' tlthe lovely J .lhine, wrife of the hg reat
Iiii Napoleon. whose wise counsel and sae r
advic in rmatters of warfare even, is
said to have assisted hiul very material
lv in winning his fame as a great gen
i-day. (ital. A iid his first battle was lost after
v. old Ie hhad divorced her, anti was thus die
that lirivied of iher sugri'estions.
KIIOW Mslesamres 'ambhell ard Melirnllty of(
itrtl Ohio, y their participation in tih
t a d rarno of polities. have enabled 1lou' t Of
husbands t io Win renown in the hallIs of
and (Congrcss and thie goheinatoririal chairs
ibl ii of that gr eat Staite. ca
tlie Mr's. John A. Iog aan. ti her ine
oud- renius and tact. brought hlir hi ihband
from semi-obscurity in ivice life to the gi
s of U. S. Senate. and woruld have mader hiimir
his vice-president. but for the record of
wess his superior rfunningr mate. .James G. dh
and Blaine. And our personal friend. a he
1 of dear good woman.Mrs. N. C. Blanchard. to
His has been avaluahleauxiliarv to her'hus- ul(
her band in hIis ascent of the ladder of fame. an
the It was Mrs. It. B. Haves whose fixed wi
;uf- purpose induced President Hayes to BuR
t at discard wine fromr the dinners of State., hop
ttle and thus has: won a name among the on
the galaxy of noble woman of her country, atti
ºnd Iri the field of romance and poetry knc
Charlotte Bronte as (;George Elliott, gis
Augusta Evans, Ella Wheeler' Wilcox,. tha
Jane Porter. and Bertha M. Clay have the
y's all won fame. and made the world bet
n ter for their' having lived. Miss J31s- A
)Ih1 ,jour'nalismIn andtl made it a (-oration cti
Whlrl purity, honesty and honor have
itli place. Nor in thi J l ijlone will w, for
of get our Own liail \I( , 1 1iv"1( and ath of
lit- olin ( ole, loth of w1hm halve adledst
intu their starsii. to thie cIonstellation of IrIil- er
ilti- liants i t h 1royal diadeu ff jourl alistif P1
cit i (c Inaitions. of
Ii And wyeshall not fail to recognizit 1 tic
genius of MIedaoes nlinll, Ella H1n)- pl
1evy, (arret Brown. Mattie if. Williaots, ho
XrI l did u '_)L() l ratih LO. ILoni .lastrnltski. an
E. Land.
) i n life's battles ' Vo1. ;j*t. 0n11 t
(1)l0me tanl] N\atiVll Landil I Love. in r("; - I of
fhrnrr to Miss F fan ts . W\'illard, till
::I a)1d :1esý damc s ;u) II, FItlo Ina;n. W ll. tug
Mary Mal (i 'oodfIlu. ' is Nal aemi cit
1th)1 of thatl graild white hbo1l itIt', fra
whirI i puriftig Ii ,1 tl), l. i f! till'
' our 1ubl)c11 life. P riog- I t 'ei t
lId . lffi 1f t l il-( l,,ttf ( -iiM~t e t
in., Ilio to the low~n-c.,1:( an1 desl)nd
SInlt. '1111t n iln Vel\ W' walk of p0)I I 1 I t
lir)' haI, wt:om0an )-nterr d. and in eve the
i dlta nre h as she utna t fJd. fj" t . lf. w I3
- and e b- vat d the \rsit 101io 11
ITo-day ie find he willl in g fairte i at
t) aIher" in our' puldh* .. iol.. and in1 lot
nany othe" I blares wi hi)"h1 P'r)' jildi ,' ):It Kcal
,t few ,,',Iiº'; a^1), hart ~ )I- ide)) I))'1" i tc '1ff"
coa p tent to hold. hll i "I. i, .u 'loal
_ as sh) ,1u tainedI hýýrself. 1uain1taitl`I e ilw s
herself nor los.t iany I)f t .l cllharlI tl(d) part
fragrane ff Aniiian iolmianhoodII in Elits
doing; so. s
First at the 1 rucilixion. lint at the
resurlreetio l. was woman: and i1 e lat 0,e
to see the lda) n1( 0 th(ir i lsn tif for
of dead thelolries and false id as of the chie
proIprieties, SlIte alv )) bP Pflitttfd to Catie
cast the allo IiIt ihi will free Iheiihtolnl adlop
and children from the gitaj of t he who
saloon keeper and gal lin IIg tl pro- ij fitzj
aprietor. And in the sen Iieit of that I whilE
gifted woman and moth.er.1 Mr,. Wells, of th
when Ie men grow tired enoulgh fof c al
women's presence onl the rostrum.l to nall
display sufficient courage to hoI ttorial
her home and children by our votes, in h
then will woman gladly return to the of the
pleasurable seclusion of the rooftrie IattenE
and there perform only the duties iof it I
wife, mother, sister and iilaughter. rick
But until we do. men, let ui be careful franei
how we deride the presence of woman ural q
on the public stage. for her being theie for his
attest in language stronger than any It
known, that we are too cowardly to is aE
give to the home, wife and children I enotin
that protection which we proinised at d nori
the altar to bestow. and wi
*ed and
A. Zorn iet for the people Getoi
l Senator Caffery And Mr. Maurice Hart,
tof During last week there was
e n odacted in our State two scenes which
Iav present to the world a grim COldition
t- of affairs. [loth represented the
'at Ii
sll State of feelings under which the vot
I,,. ilers labored;, one being that of joyouss.
it i," pleasure and satisfaction, the othrM
of great indignation and dissatisfac
the tion, and strange to say, one man
,1)1- played a consplicuous, leading part in
bins, both, which but shows the perversity
ki and inconsistency of human nature.
I The first scene was represented by
.!l ai mass -meeting of indignant citizens
Sof New Orleans who assemliled for
too. the purpose of protesting against the
t imnjn st and corrupt action of their
itnl city council and mayor. in'granting a
ri'.. j franebhisp t
no franchise to a railroad company
"I' throngh certain streets.
I The second was the love feast helir
i at the State CaIritil to re;oCo over
he etlectiorn of Senators (.aftery and1
ý1t1 Blanchard.
In the first meeting unayor Fitz
patrick was denouredl as an unserntl
llous bI)9odler, a swindlerirl a polit
p ical robber who had betrayed anll ofli
ei aal trnst. 'I'he Ieneliciary in the rail
road transaction, Mr. Maurice Hart,
i was also severely dIienouncedl for the
A part he played in receiving these ben
'' elits.
[what a spentacdlo is now presented
The same oan who mIade it possible
Sfor Hart to get his uuscrnplonIs fran
chise n ade it possible for Senator
, Caftery to be elected, anld no doubt
Sadopted the same tactics. Mr. Hart,
'v who receives this benefit from Mayor
FI'itzpatrick is soundly dlenounced
t while Senator Caffery, the beneficiary
of the same nnscrupulous rascal (so
called by the mass-meeting) for Sena
torial honors, has a State difiner boheld
in his honor, and the select and elect
of the administration are invited to
attend and witness the ceremonies.
fIt is claimed that Mayor Fitzpat
rick was paid to grant the belt road
franchise. If this he true, the nat
ural query is what was he to receive
for his aid in electing MIr. Caffery?
It is said he does no politicial work for
notbhing. Then we ask what did Gov.
enor Foster promise Mr. Fitzpatrick,
and why should Mr.Hart be denounnc
ed and Mr. Caffery applamdedp
Get our p'rhes for job workt.

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