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The Progress. (Shreveport, La.) 1892-1900, June 09, 1894, Image 1

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\I.:l. \( ), Ilº. ý I f;1 ' { I; l'l( l'', I \.. S ,\'I'; i).l I\, ,! I ; 'N I ý Isil. 1 (!
HON. . f I WASS N TA1 .S
Hi, I:,<I Whnt linclt l ' m to Votº tor
H" 'rThnk, tlh Endis J'h ifv h1. M'RntR,
1'h'ret"yv Imtnnting the (rmnt sand
Only E. I). W'it.
yt or i.r;, * ltf May II ., ut FlV,, rm ld
ltorial.l 4(,P ad,,le ' -' , l I'tor .l , Pry'' 1I,'
tiIm," i whii t vt' li ,o R ,tI ,,'vorliy rit('IN4'
tho Iw'mb+'r'( (f tiho Alhtsto' f('r i1p
J$ 'rting (t" flt'ry '1.ºr th,, «'t.w. t0, ,. nrd 1
am gl lah, 1'r. Ir.b',r. th t in 81 11 in)) l
i1' the o,;,X;1' 4N1')4 b hith.t \I ''IOU IIt r#'
Mr. Itllll:uh rl "r ow.'' I) dI +tl' a l rt 1 (
4(l4 tP II ri't i1'. 'r snhy l.,tltotg'y to Tli,:
wIo h.iti' 1o t edr1 % , 1$ '1f H1114 ith (414th'
vilw, )1 ,If ,Is c' lit or,,r4 1,t 1 w1 ..+r to': , kli
It sltt e Srll lll. : for t lle infll, mat m Sf n
g'ttt4 t Ii',,'imetfm' I 'h tli %\i'' o fl II rit'
( l Htllt' $lll l 'I)t I;I,, ' 4, If, t' t' l;'
tli-ri f tio s et i wtlhr. :Iri l +it' 4 ir,', I'
,t l 'rrl,'l 4 (' Pt 1 "nl, f) ', 111
ut el ir ou t It" t, Ir'v io I",,, t'I:ulti i.
4111arlt l , t, t .i lo !t 444' t n h' t Il t ' $' a 4o'
.B rltnch or , I: ,. Ii l ..',I l't lit' \I
o to lr. h it ,h i t.4 ai ' thf )f eI
rm SI. h l . 4o ,Iin e th 11, , lh It it.Ile
%,,hm t, borougt f eav iir.l tx frt lhn
i;1) 414 l i t al t <I' h 1111 ith-1t;,
oiait help from South lo1isiata, ai\
i" getting th th rt w1' LII lad to
('CO to r. CsfferytIns friends as they
Spare he only ones that could insure
- ere he only ones that could insure
ri irh4 ,iiH dy Ir r ','' o vn th'and Aik f r l IIo b1
iI. rl . itt l lt 'i' I atn 'r h t) i, hc i (v f ('1
('it h i l1i4 ha i (' it 1 p14riiu'fu t (n Mir. a
litl;a 1 k . frl if 1i44' i Illian (' nwit r l
in,.t ,r at I'l n Uiv gh to iiv' , t -
IfatIrII hi t 1 1. 1 )11 I il t  1 pporting Ir.
( iff l iil who ti l yill IIriti. Ir it?.
1l ucn / irli .l i tIhe veIr t tha1 Mlr.  n his
filery harl leen de atedn that i'l, it. i
tl v 'r i ld ilt lb Wfl ' i Lt b they l alll ihviet
of 'io tb, f lrl i llr. ,\ r (fr y 'i-r tIl ry
Hi, llh 1 :4" \\'n th 1 ,h' s', (I 1 1 Iof l r ; ;1 -
g" ive'. t' leir supt i r t. s I Il .
8a ft . . ...' I 'l, 1r' 1, r ' ,I 14 '+ (1 -
And now Bro. Cal, I ha'~e tried to
'tig7ie y'o i view of the itua'io'' h'tre t
4 .,r 1 ( IIt :' I ( iJ.4 5 ....... 4 ' .,4lli"
mi . l:( ! nll l th 4 ' t i 4 i ' 11 11 l, ' . ,
i ll' lin 'li I il fl t " 1 1 lift .\ lll ti i l l'
,f (t'i l , i n w trl vili" ''I p' li rt '1 f I. I
sit i iir.n dill eiet 1'1 have 1 tc+ ed ft or
i ( t '14'1'u''ht (Io t alw' s ' 1ihv
i4in o'4 .ww t .e' ' 4l,'tio i lif .r . 1 I:,
1hIar' !. . i fo +r th ' lin ll ~r' w(' osIl
I atlls yo1i 'ivo 1 iot \ i' ortingi ii,
I;iOry and whon yon praiie for it,
, m1111 y ni'I' h v' votd for irt .
l('7{n4h!dI',! in the event thII at Mr. C1 f
fer4 t' it been defeat' d, that is, it. i I
very do(t btfu' ii they w1'obll all havi, l
,\iven teir s1 upport , f;I
I nd now Bro. CaTl, I n4lhve tried to
iv loln ia view of the situation etrOe
will yiewhnt allay y, ur lis4plitaurl
agtin4it 1nl th tu. iiiortei ('nitfIory;
but if it d, 1r ,,l not 1ar 11 it, will I (i 11ill ,
('us4( of r' foirm anlty good,i I RaIIy' go
ahond giving us 11. Hail olunhiia.
Wishig Tiiluv lo4m, 1 ,I 44$11 and its llEditor
IIuc'(,s. I remain, yoiur~ rrly.
WI. . 'V t(sV .
Not Trcý'(Id Fairi.
The foll,,wing notice we clip from
the ('lucaiian of ,Inn 5:
Wt ill you kin.Ily imake a correctionI
4f the gaine of base hall betweoon the
I ('ttion Str(' t. S lIggý,rs itnd F'airtwlil
111e104 ''The gtnl' itt til (t)i e11 of theo
ninth i inning wa 18 to 10 in favor of
thi Blut.i. The gannu was platyed atI
the ShrleuvOlrt nild li oIstn dlepi t.
uand not, at. the hia,-e hull park ~nar
(' inituin of itleuSp.i
AsR the riptist4'1 ornor was .Ruieilr by
T'l'n. I'.u-iin us .we 1 i t ink Oiur frieu(I.
Ma ister All Ort I 'rseoit t. ,houl have
Iirst c(alle i o, us 14 ito ar frioi, whou'e
WI' gasiiai1't ,ur tfin frmaliont, adtl if in
error, w'e on'.< glnldly hav,, 1a)he
tAie ('4rrie'ct ionr
If hi.s u11 in the ('uI, casin ) 4' er
r'ee't. 'T'(11 Il',I ,.(;P-4 hi14 14oiln 1litp14
,l:,nefully Irtut.el, i,' y living t..
I'r,' ulity imiip .)'- , i 4y tIoI ) (' i)
wh4('4e verll'ity it hat l Ithe utiuist ('I
1le'n1e'. " h \ o uht you t0ihought, it, it
icI ' jlki, llOy ! hut it is io jioke ut
;i1l. us it 1il14'),l 1s i1 the ioitiutun of
ulking a false 4 timunint.
T1) Pl:nour4s had intent el ti
III) III give an a('0oujnt iif their uiitihi
ý ton", 1(i if its iunliiheuice i4 tO ti)
'-i innf(',ligly itdl umnilesitntingly
Ibetray.'il. W~ie ill alter our p1urposHe
an1 I d(evi t its l p(ce Ii thoi isP i who
hte ai hiigher' regardi for veracity and
thie 0inliihne1 of Ithose whie trust
The Auditor's Report.
'linE PI'at'iurSs is indebted to Hon.
NV. \V. Heard. State Auditor, for his
report of the condition of the State's
affairs. which come under his super
vision, for the years 18912 and 1893.
This report, which is neatly hound
in cloth, contains a fund of inform
ation which is extremely valuable.
and we a&slsure Auditor Heard of our
profound appreciation of his cour-
I 1ItisiIna (Irip4 c((ntinne gell
(r'ally g' (1 strnl, ol', x 'i((' th't i
r4'lrnrt'l varial l0. ('a( (n is tl(h ri(h
grio d.Il )111 bu I ( l', 1 9( 1 t.4el ld ail t1 h
growth has Ihoo('n r'tarded by the' cruºl
nights. 'T'h(' 4hOWPJN ((f 11191 we('0k
wvr, sH(nttoer(ld, hu4 gonoral wa'rm
rains are ne''(1(1.
Trlixas I fll V a e the no
imal xcept near Ilhoe c ast. I'Temper
stire was Ilo tho Ih inormal. (otlton
ih well volrke'd ttue is Ih1lig well. Th'1
Wl.tat h trv('st i Ililntonr goodl hnl ewy
i' I ,he :rolp is go41iod. I'he oat icr'p
has ill ipr(ve( I.
Arkanlil All crops are in r1,I ll f
rain x0d1 warni welat her. I lis wrI
Iadly diai ageo I. \1 1 is ngoi d anllI
hiusrv'tSti ng has (.H 111i(llli(it . ('ltiI
is 1h1oiit at a sti iltltll. (',irn is ldo
ing fairly w~vll but is small. 'lil 'oilis
i arte lii andil well Iltiviat ord.
M slsissippn i I'll nty of senll ll iiuI
br ll rai fa ll haNi ly s lii(nt. ' il li
too 1'0((1 yinn o1st, ch'(king growth lf
hilr' sted with light y nhi. H n'
irn' laid )y. (''1"u llU'4u ' iV'ckwan ll
; nth rti lt I e l w -ll e i rn hti liart f
titat o.
Iistirio t I 'i the ights al a grliht
'fr'tly T iiu rslliay itill Irilhgty. c(ottonii
has 1 1a0e ni prgrss, ill )anr pl ks sick. i
C en t anl o.at I aist conditine. ('n
hsidratgle hcipy 11the'. ce 1tral )lh (t1(I
rain eadly needed.l4.
(onib Cargi n T -''he'r e ihon li liti
x'mlo in nrthwent (0d tin , e1al1
lir'e ir drop nght itn avery mi ('tian
nea a t mpsratln(-stil uch ( o ttonl iw
dni the e,,ast. M oll)h nsgttsn ha. Thle.
weaI' pto(it and 01t0, ot h set for wantVi
of raini.
oFlridha rThe sliowo-r wors 1hi adly
distributtld and t(ho rainfall was get
orally insnlaicient, for vog at.ltion.
Crops have, however, impr v(,dl in
so1m(e sections. llailstornms have
damaged crops in the central part of
the peninsula.
South Carolina -There is but little
improvement to be noted in th0 sta
i ple crops and they have remained at
nearly a stand-still. Much cotton is
dying owing to the cool nights. The
wheat and oat harvest continues.
Rsin is badly needed.
North Carolina---The first five days
,j!rul 14t biy f'rot in wltiirn and cln
irl p1111 rtii . :\hn1 hdnant ri1111fall in
",atl 1º1r1 of stat,, hut rain is groatly
n.44 1'4d in wl14yt, 'ortiti . \\l Ii .at a1 l
014 or'' Iu'ing Ih rv'tsfo, i ul, d (li)"
yide, 15 1)1'l,4w thu avergo.
''n, nH, ('e 'lhie Ii 4\ tm oratrnre
d111 ilry weatiher were vrl'y Ilnfav
1 J(a1 111 $  tih gri\wvth Of Iopro . 'oii
I ,rl , n(i' o corl rnri riue rain 11lly', ao'l
p tMt 11r04 11r" f1il iing rTuid ily. IThe
cotl ( 4 at h,,r hlt ,º rHiouHi y in,,.ur,
Th$' Louisiana Chautatuqua.
(itttit. W\'heat. l,,tk4 wll. I a)ttl ar
Thi' third ti4"ei(in of tilhe LoiTi'illlrnar
ihantli al' li willl ot n t i tl IhI I-t n oi
.Iu. ' lly 1. ii nt (' fi in' filour ulv te k . \.
ilii litrll 1i 4(1'-tllllnc'(l, ai ll (i54)1 lio
Ililt1ti' q, 1( '-ii,.u itn) i'll iniuk*
J il.ull. ItMr , J ]n7ti. L, amlx (v .l. Hl', It
to' (hautflin i11 1 ) u r re,
4{rt. 'I'ho ' 'u'st ;tdvnrit4+g, aiatg ur ' I
l itih ,''i' l v t't dl 'ti'(I o iild Ia ! rsl l
4,'4i'1 l (4,1 1 ,t (,) htuily 1,1' iti ihtr' ii.
.\ ri lr gllnl fp rali sii ll t r11.ntiii t.
*lintfi t re) i lort1e. rt eeuil ', Iv . t I, r
oit f ii, . 'I'l' 1)1P " idl Iio.
(irlatio r rikty the Dejocrati, will
ta people ; t.ly tve. road-id y. 'led
statume are tho'rialy in have I Plat
nationvld crital, tuly :
.Il ly 4 111i4 7, I i1 (hov. II,,Ih 0'li441,r,
"f T"1lot,"!o,
.Jl ly II 011i1 12. hlun. II. \l. .I.
I 1ii0n. ti1) 1 '4 l"hr tl4I 1 (h4T'gia hilt
,luly t I 'h s Ex( ,vI. IL I1. H l,
Ihrd, "ivor- tonlniguii ,uralt r if t1)"
!onr )1ir w atllt,.
,July 2:t atni 21. h' i S in .Jou4, ,f
initernati(onial famle. .
I"or hantli1homie At lluattl ('(41iin1 ring
full progrmun addres Mrs. M. EL. \i'
Ilin, tihreve1port, tnanagu', 4.r 11 r. 1I
±. T'.'Iholilson, liisto4m, ecretary.
\ lhile the [)emocrrtic larty i i no4t
1roi1d of its (Conlr(er, allt(1 (hwr't
hesitate to say ro, the Repubhlican'
have ,nothing to gloo over, as the',
have done nothing but bhxlkade leg
iblation. like the DemocratP, while
the people starved. Broad-minded
statesmen are those we have at the
national capital, tiuly.
PeabodlI Norial lIi st111 l,
'T'nr I' *v,1 u, 4M 1 A, f lttl titihll tI(
Iinl, piven 1l(1i ('c Ihltu this instit, nl
wt nhl ( , Pt ',, at t1 4 at1|1ointll '
illtutu'. M11ti , ay Illirili' g, .lii11' 1,
(il1it, a IrIrg, nrtniul, r of, ttIrbl: rs
from this RI1 Hilr trini t ug ariMh'.
i(lg allit att u en(' I,' ,lerII d lin tt ( this
1,;1sy work. I'pr ,f. (:thlwll ~ijl
Ilyrd, Mt 4. le(\'oy anl MiiHH law
loss coImtpu'$o t hE faculty.
'Thi ins t lillLtt is flt'r Ithl I)ttEritn g
ift' o Ir tetl'htE'.. i 4' '' vty pt,Sile wty
in th1 lit7n1tf t(,noChing'. All lit', IhltEst
Ih hlti tI tIi , r IUHofr s to t14 ml u'ar
Ibrtlght 1tf.,,r' Ibhis odoly of tac 'hrs,
Iltht th 1y3 mutty Iht' tht hotttor tIlalitfid
to go H uaclhi t Iloir lifit work.
Pi' ,f. (,ilI lwvll i('1,iis frm tt I ý
iliolin (ill) tI blihtc . (' 1 1hol ,n t n -
lit ItS wI') loth i ri1puation Iihat, 41a
jIre'?Ctdd(I hii , nt t l O r finest
('1 nt itl ors.
Mlr,. Ae(.Vy con., frr,.h fom tHe.r
I'nii r.ts.. N rmo l whi thIr shi e (t.11
tI'1I't fltr aI t11ji , ir'Ji ring flor Ito'
Iorlti l tvrk. Slit Wrts (' {wito ns
11,-E ( iii! i I f t, vi, tU' (,n(" (If Iho
I ,tllt ,f (rt l fI I (III( . rm al
11 :10 ,( ',-tr i:,t 0 It I vt, w i ll kntow n t I,
ith (',I ( t l Ir V fr '0 y w0 tV l iof
j ill -4 fll ,If I I, .
T hlII' l('i H , 1 l I, II L witii . ,il t10, it
ir in' II Ihis gr'tt
rli, I I r; '1 ct iv t w rr k It ',t licn , ih ol' .d
fir tItidrit, wh(trt' totwhprs tiit'h
' ,nre tlhet ti, rvi4 in If t Ii I' H nty.
Intit ther i,)thr work is whv hr 1t ir
ttatbhor. for it tirn, I at'i,n U a hIlii,
alnd snlmnits hJimt ( r hor.P/f to b1
Ir, im 5 t t) ( i'vry ,v,,niLJg ,tbh0t
will Jo' iurst rtlivoa. l Vttiroe on ollE5 or
I IW t(IJItt,, tt which Ibhe 1tbli(' is.
tv it oil
The tw- ttttry dwelling on C(o 'ko.t
jtrpot. near Tlexis Aveiup, now ocen
pied by Dr. C. C. McCloud. Has
sewerage, bath room and other water
works connections. Possession given
March 1. 1k94. Apply to C. Iý
Hicks, 205 Milam street.

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