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The Progress. (Shreveport, La.) 1892-1900, June 16, 1894, Image 1

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\\'het a fariier ep (lea rjr, to sc(,ii'I
rrtiJ4 ldy h11-inig scriri' Lmiualliti' he 2
paYS ,dearly fr thit, ' ," Ir,,. I':('io ri
mnyt , ! I,e ractirfcet. ut not 13by ln
the ue,' of in feri(,r :i,ck. ''Tae mna Or
jority of fail ures with forming are lu, 'e
to keeplig serr 1. 1 hey tii e' e in
yve ]llx ,i4 5s ,n x n'rlI.
- f te
Corn it pI t trai t (,;aun IIi ,i u ,rt ,v
t }" ('C'a-4fui Ivr!' tit ,n. It 1x ht n hllr
clainll tht:i1 . r:: rnt i- r uft i ln II I
f'secti4m'. Iut tii ,U I, n '' tr ( c. i r+' fi o
]essei. '; it h tt"t i in e thni n frt i w
any i lor c . 'Tri of e('rn .
have 1,t,,n p, t' iweI tha t ihav'(, yihe ,l w vI
twi" a it. mu.. lpr ,ier o tlhe ri t
inal vari'tI", rin \ whi".' t thlvy wvo , i
taken. l"vr. fiiruatr -h( it I , it -
tere, .tel it ':,vitfr his -'.(' Il, -l(,ect ' . i
Ite Iest Ie. frim tir,, large.st st.lk,. I
Those \ II' t* 'a . g". l s'ed at this t
Seat(!t i" r.r+iv' ,"n( lit thirvrfrirn i
hater o,
is Salt a .rtiizer? \
Sa.Vs " writer it: Country i(4en-th
mltr : Anvoan ,iliar tcith gri i p
,cnlturi' clhrmiPI.t;I hiniowi" that salt
(loes IA Iitalt : .' thing ihat iary
serve wt ilanhirt urisBitiie t; it iS a
siil,!. c.,,,,tn , :l, g o if edl:rin.e t,'
isidiuii." I buie that the intiiti-tt
muarks will 4ot t:' ( ie, that it yr yri7t it
he iIl 1. t I notrn rY('I.; ;siilef(for t-is
statemll etit, ( i:w rsist-," wit w ith f-ts.
_For we all wiI ccepit IProf. W. I
Jolhnrsn tw- ur wit.t ho is familiar v:ith
agricultural :,awn, istry andil he, is
what hl givs 4g s ,n tih l"` 1(it ri
"fh,' .\.Ih ot +a, ,(h . ( ,t 1,, ' I ,'. (
hl a , ('(tu tu: . .. . ;.0l .i<.)
in ) t, . . . . . . I.' t a . i1 i
I(v',' . ... ........ . 1 .I ,;:
TI ,ve nr. .. ...... 1 .
Ioari'tir _'.U :4
hite ie s 1ir(cl rc igurer of (cmii
o 't crops and, there is n(ot 1one n toi
full cntagiry that r'ighilt not given
if it. woe' needleh, to show that
these thl .,nih-t atie'tj are ri nd ripesi
be to thi , growth if all pl is, as
s'irt hll( ),', case, there wo'I, I he
no ani'iral living; f,' salt. is es o,otial
( a rtl niil I 'fe, afInrd tr it als ft  it l (n
egft ait 5:Iisirect.I -or inli netli4ct
rhell it illotwy thliu.t Us ia p;a:t will
not greu, t' nless vH-ty elet ti a in it
is supplie , m(l us r t is the c<'a" that
ages of wnasding of "te soil by rains
and tl4,.L have ,rried i, .,. t he
ocean oust. If th sat. that wa< iin it
iat the irst i iis ";irSipersile4 thiti
some he gi. en wecsCi:mu lly toi, aly
the need- .', t ohe cr s
l xperino cti has shewn thu1t <olt is
Swill not piel2 muroch tre all witl:'ut it.
I have always given my r¢ot .uv',ls 4
as wunch a144I,(co lpo.ntt)Ui;s 4)cr acr(: an(il
I have doh.lldl the yieil of grass imc l ,
C.lover lby the use (if '24)0 paouirl-i "r it,,
.aud oats a?,l la rl.y it' both imp)i-..-.vid
by there <an t,.i ityi v.
- A recent ~wSi,:r says,.,lit 'hlwi:'.
iftanythimg. i4,t ,-jiioT, 1 , planh." I
If o). h,,w hai wise . Yature graii
.esry pnji trt gr-,,-,,i at lea.st sorm,, ,f
it in the f,,rm lof ,,'alt / .oiubtless hie
is right if ie rcf4.ri :t1,. the i.-iln 41 I
muent uleDicatl(' !Ilhul41 ash1441 he i i wh hlie
_ays tihkat d is usel.e1s tof.tili,:e with
iodiun,. N, dih,,ubltt ]3ut pl)]arits 1144,
-not fee-t opin any s.i4.l- uwromltiniri '
Ielerent, Ili'V ti jnt be ol i raw)
It iay 14. that the sil UJ43 hliv'.'
snfliienit salt in i0. or it may not: we i
cannot kni)w this. Just as it may be
that a person's food, or that of an
Snimal, muay hav, sulticient salt in it,
but yet we take it with every meal. I
or if not we soon send for the doctor
to relieve us of the undigested food,
which troubles us. And so we appli
Salt occasionally, to supply the de I
iecrs of the soil in this respect. And I
asit is only reasonable to believe ths,
anything whatever that we tind as
sista in the growth of any crop is i
fertilizer, then salt is unquestton0bll
Mr. HItahhr, of Longstreet, was iL
the city Monday, and informed ur I
- at crops were good in his com
{ anity. .-.
I'r,,tl ,or I Ck-i ay. i, i I lur,'t oif at
iithilnateli, : "- i 'fr', T ip. I'Pa ),ui i
will iulluau(l the 'crruilt acts of ilr -
S ish andl ity alicia . ', a t whi'l' alre
hi , ro..titu tin of o, it ' f ,r j)(lIti'iaI tel- Ia
at'ita e., it. edlit, r wil' t d ti i hi i-' tlan
ir teli -Iirt andl s.ek e l:,tuli, ylie,'nt it-i t try
>y iieriial frori s- oue it -nest fartit'r. .e
la Our city and parish are rlt(tl iltl
l11 "In qu rter. atnd all wht l'sire (ant
easily c'nviti ce 'tti' + I tih plves that lh:s litf
a!t it, trut " ":x
Tl'ls is Kg (I tal'k Iut it will nrt
terrify the rascals whimn Iriirthier
Iklts i-, after. IThley w\ udto like ,
ii tiig htter tha lII to see liohn il,
hI , lltarel sNthirt' anmi con.t rt hiis D1. tl
n1' intt,, it l olVw-shiu'(. It strike,, il, that I
T, lrither Hlic'ks sho,,ull Ike it ý, in,
warIu-thr t hhotl e .1lurilns of his t,
i' v;l hii(. ip lr I'for thie 'Or,' i t (,Ili I
'ril vial, to wihti he' rtfi.'t thlt th ley
1(H \w ,n IhI 1)(' (+1ll'e,,(I to ',lu tnn l
t ; h rt 'it a td seek - 1 enial ln iti ins u il l
', th+, "tat,. l nl 1 t y i . "l I. m' (]u,. i ii t o'
It + it, I ii
ht'l IW fiv
iss ure hb, r that w(e have no) i(dea of
leavi:g tue tiehl clear to the uiuserup
tIll',ri Hiumi wit", hlave 'itr g(e (If tihte
ain'rirs. lit. fir, her i u t' rtiti ntiorl Wi,'
wi';I stal ithat in Shtrevel ,,rt wet have
a literal exletlljliiatiot o'f Mrs. 11(,,-'
ti- r' 's declaratin: i " l'he st('war ' l I
,rr i inl lar-kio ei ' , tht, niw ttay hcho l f"
(ilt Hll)printeraidnt awdl gamlting tig -saloot ;T
ay tkeepr Iro o t1 th1 ills artl vote tihe t
a kt tli io k , nd tt l Ithei on pUt olt ) l
t.i x' the i intn",i lral clts tit
lioli It is hu2niliating to aluit, but it
t is it fact :ni(,'rthtlee, that tte stew
this tr(ils Of thei MethllHi-t h'iiur,'h. thia
S('r(ns of the IHiaptist: t'hlhrs f the 1tir
'. ir's1'h iy -e'rili aniil vest ry-i nt1 (lf till) r,
:'it Epl)ieco),:td', some with ith+ir pa.stuors
IS ('lass-ledithers aniid publiic prayitig
I iOnelrs. go 114 tothe po4ls Mill 'ote* for
mleun wh'l ot the gain lhiers, fakirs,
draint-ihiop keepers and law-violators
atre s po( rtig, for m inister. uihiily1d
TJi'. is tith4 'rll'Tt .'a1d( we think the w
ifevi1w' will putrdii usl itf we H Iti( l'
tiTm'e- iidu Ige in rprt'essioius which
tend to1 sihovw a dpititiosin1 toI give lL.
D1t". we will nit 'uit the tiheld whilet
4r1 min has st+"ngtiih to wield a
Wt-iln p(. Our a:ti'i-le (luotlltd was in
out t,1dld ,i more as a rehiuke to (1soae (rf '4
th(e (U I(4 people alil lewspaipet'
V whi'it had ia eteni0'ny ti flatter utn
that righl i ts a(ts ',f plulliC Otcil~als.
mIMi- wL('r '1e'y k1, 1, that1. 11otii ig good
%''! '(deride. (1
The Ba,:,,Ior's W ill.
T hr" . v - t' ,),': h elW(,Io) ," 1
h11 whli if +11 e tat)
T1) "iti' n' liI haid hum lr "
hI) Ii i'k.< ' him () 11).1 ,
f.'r It lelanr d hr 1) wed ( to !1 ::;
l, I, W . r vI :
- e.,'u,,t g raa tu t t 1 4 L 4i\sl?.t oi,'
on its (ltW'.,rn4in' a  ,n t,) ulrhl ! tho
cu.,lr y ltw . \ h 'l. a ithill t,) abl ,,i,)h
it wa ,,,rou..rght ilup ,)1 f)r(i tl 2 h sl l y
4)11 lti ~lurtnhlay th*'e do wnIe(i it-. in
stead l .' t ii law ih rig al,  i-h d it i
ouight t(I (, mii(t stri'tly (,'f'),rt l
than 1,1 . 1 , T dwn alk.
\Wt' ar 4111 ti hIiv&) y'on slwa4ik 4w4) 0
firmly n tis t iu. t hin), nei`gh ur., sor
tei)o ( a r.ut wetu. e isuch frie l' is t -i . I
Stoat. J
()ats, wJ erefl ((t lit 1114 011i1 the g "m"...
is ii th l,.ikI . , makn e I),)ut the i )i ,,e t aI
rugh fe- or, hor s, ob.tahilh ,. 0.
l; ery far.:.r vwho li'ves ini S, utl;. Ih
west i) )lllts i arl II a',a 11n1 nltl) I , -
nH('e if such fi-t ia
Te inml)orta,'e ,f liv ýsilied fa rm
iI ,; is hI'il I , 'tt( rr r te(.i by o, ur
far:.: re A (,rv ye r. 'T'he, fa't tIl ,t
,)l'rL ia t' I 4i1 ,. i,'C., ri-lil.' (' 44 ho
,ulci-',-,,.fulily g',,n i nv i tlhalt therie g
inrore ii, hogs, ('Ws. hutter arid Iponl
)ry is lw,'cning generadly klow IW atnl
apprtEciated. - l,ako Arthur Hrltd.
1)r. leaick pe~tr'formiteed a very lino I,
surgical oplration this week, in which ,
he relieved J. S. Barlow of sctem n
roublosomne tumors, I Le C(ompte g
This is our friend, Dr. Rawley
Penick, and we are glad to note that I
he is achieving sntces- in his pro
fession. J
It, is a greater crime to walk on the
;; as in the capitol grounds at Wash
ogton than to attempt to bribe a j
ltlited States Senator or Congress- a
nan. GCoxey walked on the grass
tnd he is in jail, while the bribe of
rivers flock to the capitol without let
or hinderance.- -[Webster Signal.
hi', aWWI SU li(., than any (ither 11(
S pr dll l't t i l t' a lt . ti, Id. (" oltt phlant h
n ing will make this tilh, richest cnu- to -
i try in the wrlI if w' adhere to thi wit
r. r'esolilti ill ti raise (,ur suiIIIjl ', and 1 r
LiI the farm sl'lf-.sun1,jI rting, ais it was to t
I: i f1t' re tihl w:.r. - . At'erdol n i li,'.)
"Exasiner ahl
Is' ti s f('rr,'nt, far -t .,l tr the wIll
fl',,am nr.l ,r tallking throluglh its iuat ?
Vl Wi lrll iii 1, ,I a\'vrin t1 thi ex- ol .] t
Smui h t,(' k in an11 l n who(11 lv"(catl.s to
it, Cottt If thi rdon i VS Corn (t et, '
li hi el 'It 111 i ll t In Irgl11 t o r 111W.
1 (ur f i rl :ttr.I irtten ly to exlo ,1rt ,
i1 ",n,,11l1 L" ",' r ui-tl,. h,, ei }ll 1t ' ,, tllu
lisv yi' .r, -. , ll In"Xk1 I ll ,f i i i> ,I ,I tilt
it of ' "th~' lat 111 n rlla , rnts e .' Ct
11 l ,\ l -l llt hren (M iIt. tIt . WIr.
Cotton vs. Corn, atl
il'till t' f trlfts in (Ti;er ia arie nT. It O l
1tl" li h ing 've ry e0t ,rgy to make ai y
fral large crap olf t,)ltton, an. dl art' Iuyint tihl
pol fertiliz'ers in vxces. of aIty year past. pr
he hIr d" that they can got motrr, or ats th
citln h, fi,r the ntftin seed alltlie IS
th.ye ,('Ot l gow t fr t Wh coIrn m5alt1 ot
it t1l ' acre (ifnf ,,i lanI . I New Y rk i lt
t orlt. al
The alve, is I i e, (lin l. owThoere. il
Ile ar( very anny e"(,<t(too farmers t1' ,J
if rah Swas -whit nev'1r sIl cotilon seed( ,l
lhe in th ill future. There 11 i(at ruh tO1 e1
ri make (ln, ttiv , not fo r the sik r d, hto to in
iget tn(ney to pay for supply hills :
rs n oght n fline. sli
3 n sacrt of lan' hl tIhact ill prodlc
the worth now about $. wtltlllt yield 20(
bushelsof corn, worth in the south
lra et us tt* ignore~ the fact, howevelStri.
ilrllf the S(uth shuhl ( e true to her
lhost and twnust, sacrreo(l interests, to pro
(1 lte all her corn anp. meat at holle,
tf she1 has in ctlp t het anol cvttues -lSeld a
rlenlperativelwer uknowi to arty
Suthr section o tihe United States -
ISouthern Live-Stock .iournal.
(i(,omaniy for a coittol seedy oil mill, a
_ ratinunery aH, a wagon and caM'iag'e fae
S t ory. Sabie has an atu Ilrdale ofy.
raw mtat4erial for all thrse tiudustries.
(ittion auld wool factories aire not ir-ir
)robabihties of the newa fultu:re. l.tf
our i(oph wake up. The g,(Os help
those hto he tlp thesolves.- -lSahiitlne t
Ba. ner.
i ei illexi to Manke aSt :l the good old e
1; parish of SaIeillr MaTy lIoh grlw in
,;I ,teli.tIl 1t1 s l )I ros e rLor ti ; ty.
Wef mri e been iforo t t vei d f thit theI
lit ganied as h al ll lidug. l)t e v.plhur at
( rinre 11'Iinll tho n bote 11111 prhgres
i ,avou spI-it 4 sth, (tsr and .ulquet 1
I e to (lt felte thatlr they weiall eveg the i
.t laythae their gr ls oue 4th
wheth.r yI. Cry acceptet the heRihnge.w
i abittive Basiler ki OioS lt St-i
rdly, the po<l u ie weight of whavih
ine ied to onld.e aThe Iltrt of th em ofI
ih weigress whih is a . ew deturer
here illOrt )ewt. Ti hv ,11
of ill for the occR nfit ono f the T. Pu. - A.
ihet sChonetion Ht ilwaungs. aem, rat., June
roun at proudi t, note thicago, Ipr.,res
Jae 17th, f th to ltranb, t rate eople,
the lre $4.05 fore the roynd trip, good re
.for ret. CroSS das from date of sale. (It
8h urday, th wle mb iold frweight of which to I
a Iilwas 4ee pounds. The largest of onthem
sa nd one-third fares forWe are und trip
Sga8sport News. Ian0th orfur
hFor tne occasion appofl the T. P. .Don
18th to 20th, the Cotton Belt will sell
June 17th, 18th to 19th, at rate of one
tfor retur5 days from date of sale.c
Get our pirices for job work. I ci
t It \v iutll Ite ai t le, a fir itlat
"it nll iilt' and ,f tIetri iti, the .Al tlian i
Suiell iters- i (if the L ili ti r4' whill
i huve or1ganiz/1 l t1 i lro tl t t e allt, i '
u to lput lBeniit'i hill t , for iv th- 1 i ei'. 1:
i i ith ut wl iti fio t th at uuiit , t , i (I
( ITa I Itre ltl: a l mltOIL h ti mlaltt' a fighii
}ty A
a to thi e tiniih. 'i 144 tiilli fir h 4. } ha1 i 11 t
. : 1'pas td: inl fact it it i I, iingotr I'nri ,I.
able rl rii( i .111 i i io1 1 illtl, i, l i
lhe will fl t' i. iav,, 11 .\h llIia ',? linls.
'l'hi e 'r'frl,'. hi :l' eli' eii-l uear, ilur- h,'
x 1i]vIes for thi' ,,Ili't ' ('ii arrt y t i le \ ," l
ko i to .\fri(a" flre, t1 ullllilii-iratiit, 'TI'
,' s to s, h w its (,11'x1 jai l.I, tr ,r aýinln, if
.v,, U l~ ref,,rmi.
Trite fill gor onrql~l ric,,lliliiihall o
rt .llh legi-httion! ill hii. lio a-tX, bult v/I'
tilthe taici,,hu of Lt,e in.ls lati ialt ,11t, I,
hi thi, ,tat' lh ri 1 ,-i It nanl alln lpi'ialui "i,
y, iithiat lilthi fi yiit ftirl tot right ii it,
initm o.itI F"or thIat i a Ii411. .\lhance',
, e l i i perl' lll" e ri i . . i' I f t" l i"e iiod Il
co a tl' 10'(1111'' 'l h1' v v,'-,  0 1 Ilil(' (',Ilili lllili- 1i11
' wo lulth are iiilui, y',I; th State p i t''.e d fi )
y 0,0 services io. thi s 11 : Ih l i',tri' ( hI
adiance and falter not, strike ai d (1t 1
rlv 5)1 n4i'o t 1,t, i ,l vi't 'y i y lirou s, It ie tid
t yoi rsi ti te luekif y'i will buit iput forth tI
ii the l tpr hi exvrti h ft te,,r itII ii ite l
i l)resh wtill indke rsi yon, t he i),,Ii h ' wilo it
In1- suji1port ypn. and against tllh',, (01('i fit
a. the Mighty Fl)",ter ca(Itl l t rIe ail. ar
on Tie Pul'.a n l'oi;liwh' i ,wl ',dg's wilhsth
irk p leatsnure, all invitatioili tot alttt ii.s tlt li tI
anltl l (,Ilin i iinll'('lil4'!' t (x,,l'('is', t g l
er h olart J loens rasn it In-tiill,,. at F "rt
ally ,, p a
MAAl. Mlu1gin from thf tast \' rraYS (',il
2,tt' l,ll'l a
rill a t1l the .le,(,t e lxtr(.ci ,, 1, , 1 s*lw l-l
i, easily think thait the iustiti tii wasi
to, in a lourisih ing folitin lio;n iallly, .
ills aindi hkewiseslcculI ait high lpin' of Il
scholarly iearning. tI i
1 * .
nth Tthattt tih rBenoit n tl in ilil if n4,
celpted, will d11 ninch to ariuvei.l frat Il
v('t, anld ,orru tli' n ai t 1 4 O' .
11er Ne " t
p ,o T hat the N ew ()rlOth , - , tt 's i-, "'"r
ipo- i
reot wIou it says th t too Ii(l g I ifng r
tiets are hoWrling for havlt vr g00ii. t
|1 x for r ch sincerity war 114'tt'rlmii altoi I
au to carry it, t,) resut lheri'er oit .
'that Patrohfti Stalnlcp is .ro v
irg to be not itch of a n ,,, u t ekgetr. ,
t1k That Site wishes Itw th e ) , i t1yol
(11, ao)f irevilpNert w )roiud anrviM the pe
V ill Ster$11378 ird wuhtil'pay our h*ii/.i-I
ft- I selves to the dt.ngers .f oftici(ed ulrsulr
pof t rtion. as they are ,oit r; in other!
ru. cities. WV certainly have very good
•m- i reasons- to ' ibe ol t lookout.
hllýt1J That iian ty ofi (ir 'e' ihl v ir i mucih
Fine ly iiterested!, aii quito iidlig iant,'
toio, over -iolltest etweri;' the city
old c ll (F New (rOrllni aT.l the ni.
; np!e. Sheo says it will piay o~ur itizens
tottelli to witch ailair.c iie(arer ioni.
" 'th ;*rtl Ii' w P - ut 4rhi'l ,l ,:(v liitl ' thri
a ea,, gekt ..ivi/,r. of Shl'"re . plarl'---\whlilm
or .i , in . i ik n o m.i,' l-( ial i-itll- -ik oiw
'l . (iu rii .k. i- (l 2lii s.li 1+ an ali.ii j it
t ie tu 'iie . wllrd to ' sid i n earne.l,.ly t.
ro to iafeat.al n. l lic'- - iitllo.l
Thati t h ' h Si p , l l f I a li a. 0l I l'I o I Ixi'
taxF wuiii' .niflw.ii II 198liai 1,} ir it ialoin
[ .huh.- g ,g i-.w iei--jr- li i jugt o lin a d iqua,
r ut- l .sikt to, h fromh iim n '.hi
,aue T t Hai. ito l iii ]iig.'h. of and I'iiiri
8 tf se lll-' be guit e lj, all ".l r~ t. pa, !,ills.
rttle i 1. ilt dit o ilti ht is h ifi nl hliii 'i
S- fiilgi .hiif a Ullu 't ict f ' ktiC i>o law. li
h woid,'. if ' bi' h, ll. t i rA l o thl I' nil
e " I.ii whif h l ,f d, iii,,... l ; o I i 'l:ian in-i,
rt iis th ;i. ar te. I
T'hat the . V ius i i' Fhi, tinr,, - iniv i'af ,,I
reve thatnrnot. gorihy is sliowintj hin
tine b tt aier st tShf lIC , gt f a o i t hei ilifli'
,,hrtioln bsill. despite h' iis stif, cooinlii
worilds a.LdVocatfi|iag( rol'.l
Thalita St ue oaf,. the d roay th pai. g ,'
few t at e\'ry onlil Wil oI Iio .., th,,
lt tastage of a n honet t ,llction law w.
b och the liescit L agietueme, f t ha t ca1
r0 o tioi , fraud, briery, boodle ated i
tio n idation at the oftlhs.
That if aoveionr Fot 1 at y f hic is
he)inicten deit s the ippel pl tyo t.-e
lieve that he did not lo into a comibiinl,
with the notoi'ious. Fitz!)atrick, he had.
SbHttrer ake hon itdion oi the imsor
tantl question of the (lay, the passago
of an honest alectioi law. i
Ion iThat Cousin Da n Iecred ere vote
godfor s,,nator on the ag,'eement that aI
al.convict wouhl be pardoned. How lproud
o to ou' people should be of their State ex
oeecut~ive, in view of this.
That the attention of the poli(ce i. (
directed to the upper tory of the
Harper saloon building, in which is
conducted a husiness in o!lation of a
city ordlinance.
lift; I :,l i
le t f' t4h , I I " I l . in'.l n f:1t - Il -I 4't)'i 1
A.11I l it tI ,:li k I / i ,i 11: ! tl:. -r 1w l .f-i
r\ti ts ly 1 ilt I : i n' i fk l" 1, ýLt~t rl 1)i I-i
I l ')' a nitu m 1h , .i r i Icht l e-I, c ,·lr . ,n r tih ,l ,ll y .
AL n3:14 I n1 k , r14ll 1nt11r It fi,tIr n' -i ' 1 iit-re.
i i (hdl\ itii ,] I' lii w.i f lthe iiii ill t 1
A,,i al ' 1 t ' br io, k, in "tXad ( t1 I tlay.. it
f t 'e rt he -llt ,I l , % f n o f b luh a i Ml t t .' 'n
F. I. A t.
ine In l ttles. yll
T h ,, in 're.> ,>t' tilt Strt'ngth of \W1l , Ha lln
rix' b . ; . Iki; ,h .] !,-i ulptn w ht.thtr it is w it
" k( lit ii ("> l, ,,r lttle. If stored, ili cask. tiu ,
thre i- ;1 ('n)lrt ntil incereaie of alco'uhil. H81\l
i 1114l a11, ( j(i't 4 k 4'1e1w 1ha 11 ' II linr-Ir'oed it i
ilti if k('tt in ll at1 ,1rn11 Iolltsh , :n1 l ti th4 salnl i' (t f
r1 ul t ,- lX Xi' i 4 1hin- i \'(ll kt1 , 'l) llg it l iin \'1)( t1
t ill \l'ti stsl'l , fui r i4 th lie i' "itilwr v; 1(41-id
ti't l i l isa 1'1 1 rus il . l l w. h ytra t l' l ' )y w fa t 1 t1ha n
liv 11 111 8· lhenh ll E I\allllra l i rl n il sl.' s fro )
tl h )lt h, l l.but ilure frtely fromi1l \1';illtr, a l-ti
'I ,11 tl  ns\ i!lt0 uniii iUP l l 141-118,. 1.,c r tihlltr I't
t I in al't . h l l. (,In Fhrlh rT hand, Ih 1,, M in lipt
1(, ti1hit \ ill , h irow ll o lL inl- tt1) is. \1'11
:' 1 a1 d 1 1111 f iii i(,' l Ii ',i lll( ý1 (li' lfltl lT 14 th, al
t -t , su htly fal'-, I.\.:IAlt, nlr l-(l' 1, \,I r lI 1ifll'h rl
itIi- ti l li-erd lb1' tfli r a trk, vtl ill w hi hIll 11 ti 1, IV
, 1. flio ut rei l w ith oIf tnl a-irl "f -lii \\tI\. nil
Til nle explaation oIf ir tlllllill I
1'ir1 old h ihottled \I i(, r 'ich in al i,hIl is thiat I
1111i only fth 'r41nllgt'r winlles 0tt l t111li' lr,1s,1r l
I t , it 1d l li't, l 11 , f,, aInIk ,nas cat-ill oil ' 1:.lt it
r Ih t il tllts o lf tlIll( . Ai t f thel 111s;ii ti ,1111
l h4l itrhoe~ gh a1 ll %1 iIT fl IIIist (evIlu tllts y 1111
sI slihe( a ll l'lak'nle' d by kepi ilg it i ll
hoiii I ittihs, yet smlei kindls a'lonuirl, I1' :t
\''II first coi'-,ir 4luIlln ( of that !'aits.- \\h1(h
aftetrward hs- vrom thein, andI whclhs il th1
n ithyh-r iltrn an oi lest than tilh h('s e int;1 d(1
alt iatin h ih tc lthir il sttlu lhirtS1. l- trit; l" 4 ;1
itll(' h o1, sullli al(i t;i1atl .--il tiikly- n A l. 1 w
,l Aff glo.d 11111 l
-tt a d dti r g t f tile (,r 1tort tllit ii h
-1114 ll iil r th f l 'litl l ilt"o i li 'l4i1, t
',r' 1 W al" r dh, 1)rt ill't i(t ' it, r0- illlif rl'ntsr \V r"' I
) U,, l firs t ag lla ipt, d( b y t h e Ei tliyi 'rf )r V0l h' ri u - h ,
lh axiltl ( th 1( if t thaAt i ths ituti all tha Juy
W\V ll d ti'rs lit ll noil ll't llfr lliil f tn 1d 1y the o}
ally, s ltl i f t't 1ir own bloodlh . TIi this day ii
I, o f the ('hi 1r,'n of 11 Englatnd art( told that fr
i this is the rtasnis why Friench trooaps in
w-,h. r elid trousersll, alnd French children St
thel r( mats o)f thOl lritish. Thei( legion. ni
aries of allt iet 18 1 w ire flit' skis oll if i lt
SIl iearsnIt fhli f'iehl o lf Ihat)t lie to mlke tli- 1 l
ni- k tier ie. Fur the sai8, r'is,,tl thely 1 ,
illi lint figures of frightful hei sts tnltthvthh tl
shihlds aI ndt h hu1 ts.ll lrrw ln tihi, sd1 i (l (cut(l- l
c-r tom sptl ln rin ,s iiiode l !(' r c i'nt s llil arln i))riuEl t"r
cr ltearilgs. The idea of searing the lil nly ' f
1 bv susch -,lc\is : has ii e t11 ligrltre f uatrl d til il
ur li, tti qu)ite' r(eflnt tin. Tall earskin tI
i a, ttl hilmts w ,re olriginal tloly a looltd to naki i
t1anii tltuk taller liy the Fr c h ira.ri- c
siers, ea(ich of whi m re arricd ao handful u
rirov- (if rena(,ll(,ts for scatterihg amin{ the I
seleses S" i ,thus it(itha. i io
irn- It, hras a re n ostrvd that aftyr th c
IlrsUr- ull Spile  have t hl i l at a iiiiiiketh nihe
)tgl .Ir SUMii illT i1,1 hotter, just as tllhotgh lthere' I
w s molrhiire hat c olmin frol i lithe Suntill I
g(-ixl such pleriacs, and the fact has i-ei ire
counted for by supposing that sun ,pub ,
t uhc ra h- are cauns by vast cloudls of litter
oi a Theruptod frro i the sn cnd d in
Sthe surronding sp . hs act as
city creens alld prevent the stiul's heat fromn
pmo)- radiating freely through thetn. Froiii
"1 -s an -exam-ni atio. .)f statiti ics A. B. i
McDtwall, M. A., has found thai in (
) hi lowing the llriilinit of slun Slps, th(
h)On oiitih gof Atgut is notir than July,
ri"' i. lt lhffcti due, in all lik lihnoo)d, t ia '
kn-w nulaihon oif the h-eat.--Anwri in Re
or; -f ish r.
Tihe ofli nt liG uarln ,
Iy t.o e. mhunhr ,f tall inen hin ). ,,npany
na, in The I')ompany ov(er i ft I ichs,
8 lt' A(,llhtion of tools usd by wvorklin
TH i,, WA' N', ' x\;N( .(1 ) IT.:
w ` 11 1t' ,(I i4lying 1, '1 th (' 1:.: I, II II . ,I )"III ;I\
tut' , near (i' li, , t " 1 tr.t' , \wht al
Thow hat'cked 'lll ; with I ,at'ht'l (al
aling fr(,i th,' l,'l, ,t. li, ,,a \', thi , (':)r
whil]' ht' w :\ v y 't V .'l fl,,.t .tw ay, w il III'
mande ai suddleli flrl'\varli rush t ' it 1.
The' n1 i+'vemelnttt was alm stt in-t ,nltly
ch·,i'ktd, howeve('r, and het wanlked tI \\
Iv ft rwa'rd andt bai'ked to t'he 1.Ull, a'nutu .
h, and stiod there and gazed :at ti,, -..In
.s with a fttx look 'ii hisc unttllt an'i l tI
allut a; Ir utlll a pedest'rian a It.up
iiaw the hin :II a r 'eached for it tlndi ti
it in hiis i ck't Obii erving ttho ' ilttl'i ,i'
O If tin' ('Id nl t at tht, e;11111 tll!>;' It
tll'llur I An ll i q li'ri,' td.
S "It dldn't i ,,'I , ng to \'ll n, <i1 it i
1I "i W ai, I ti t lIi' ' \ it i Ie lilt' r .ti\i '
"W hat', thll, ºnattt r'",
'I T hi' it t i t,' h i,'r,'t ,lit u'i i tie i t i
I iv r stlruck Iit all fi r t rltf '. I t I: h,, i
up thi 's ,tr' 't ,1l-t } f iiu , 1It1t til' , t ha
W1 h t  '' I L . wi :t' I . 10'uit l i,' l l, .;11
a tbout h,''r'. I t at b rat itft 'll it, 1-1r
Ih (IX n L Iy I 'it' I I ,d r, tl,1 ill ,vt " T l ilt tt
ly golt ltup t t finid that It hey h'd, ;tt t! r 'l'
i on thlu ntu ny i an th hul pull t it Ilt,'
that doorwil '. i f '
I t . "A lnd ,k) tt ci wi\ r llt, hv Y r{l Itri til i
"YkSais, I w l\\;ssit " "h
"l\ii llat ' ia lit Ita d( lltr I, , tilt l 'itt
gj ii i"e-Ne" York Sut.
"YI ts, Ho ll half I Itr ll, r l . 1i n. ,
It ltn y''tu in al h t h iyry er
". - J r'k :all ih rry.f
I " 'al, I II h} \ tt fin l ,n o yt -, ,
tll d w' wit' i tt i lt fur h abouts i r been t lit lilt ,
ai II, il . bfro cnr iilnc ill, t l, r it
what's ;,,1 Xtl ltint to it a d oir w i f i ': itil
: i nuld i ,it illi kill f 't lIti ,'n to1 at td l '
'litr Fi t it wI' t wry. Sho, .
A (' i r'lManl li '  ' i i u.llr u ak
Tii 1i s o lit're i tll \\-h, il,i fo 'ai i tin . H e ini
r11 t olt New f th: 'k'ir t hi er ih Stur t tolt,
I1 llattlry the o< thlir day wa:s intilres.:ltd ItI
hte obstltv ' the 'co n lee .n't( ' of h1'r i'equnil
t't.; al t'rxt'nt tlt whn fi wnt forng the rivthr
t.- front. I, t t ownrful tliiups ;wy wk after'
},; inutts nrru 1'1ti , itsnts fr dirccting tihl
' 't'k, ire ai s u ltllp ihn urning iildin' igs ir into
ug the h1 hlt of vesel. filled hint with ad
ill mniration. Th. t he asked the engineer to
(t~f ho w ih irnf llw i t i torkit'thr of t he searc't
e ' ' light. i So k it for graint, thiat there
'liv ans all i'iid was tai lztfd to l 'rn that
eis there. ' l 'tricaul phItut ;. all oin
its- b' it'tltl. '1,ii wIt ionli alppgiar to b 1iia l.-.
i! Lit defi 't'n y in h t rtl t h t t wi i t'1,r
y fl' ily hat, !,lrt'. d v, .,i, ul it il t difrtfi lt to
11}, set, hiow , ,'!i(oUs a neti d c llifU l have'
ki nyl he nit ' (ver la k'l ill the builintg oI f the
ite New Yorker. Hw, outild. Im,llrlalliti'shtiel)v
rlu,- itiy ha led to a discuesiorn f thre nee
fifl of it searchlightI ait, thd may ,atl itsiaway.
the troep y tei on the boatw. It is ditted
thatew. uch light wound he of ut greh at- play
kest value to he New Yorker ie n fhnding
its whe ay iat niglt ahtell, llt asd andgthe
tr erowlhde and tligled lilss. It woulr;
it , i moreotr, n pai it rinsibl to dirct ay.
. e ; pi\ver1,i-ful light upot x thit. fro'til of w iar(
S r.t houss, toJ. th very great assisn Dieti andthe
Icall iremen. Electric lights oil the bo
Ifr would also ie t- pplel, d in ylae of thl
iter old fcthioned oil ]atty that twill lowt a
i ill use.-New York Sun.
ob lon How lie Wore -allo. o.
to "I'll bet any ol, in the party," ('olo
II. nel .Tack (lanill said to a group of ac
oblons as you live.-IHallo.

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