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The Progress.
Volume 6--No 42. SHREVEPORT, LA,, October 23. 1897. Price 5 Cents
:~~~~~~~~~~- - 1=•• ===i = u • m ....... . ....
J as:
Those Who Died of Yellow Fever DM
During the Great Epidemic. Joe
As a matter of interest THE PROGRESS
below gives a list of those who died of
yellow fever in Shreveport during the
great epidemic of 1 73. This was taken Mai
from the Shreveport Times of November
15th, 1873, and was gathered from the
books of the Howard -Association and RP
Sexton. Only a few copies of this paper M
or issue are extant and are highly prized B
as a sacred momento. HE
x. This list comprises the roll to November C F
1 th, while the last death reported oc
curred on November 18th, showing that
the great scourge was practically stamped J
 out by that date. Jen
Compare this terrible mortality with Ed'
that of Ocean Springs, New Orleans and Mr
other places of this year, said to contain Dr
yellow fever, and ask yourselves the Mr
question: Why all this alarm; why this Col
Sstagnation in buainess by quarantine ?
The first death occurred on August 2)th. M
In one month from that date 289 had 0
succumbed to the disease. The greatest G]
number of deaths on any one day occurred Jol
on September 15th, when 33 answered the Mr
last summons- This was just twenty-four Ge
days after the first death occurred.
August 20. J
PFrank M Nally. Unknown. BC
August 21.
James Lewis.
August 22. Rc
Wm Johnson, Oliver James child, Ai
Alonso - , Washington 'Howell.
August 24.
Amandd Williams, John Larrimore. Ja
August 25. C
Patrick McGa.nn, Anna Lawrence.
August 26. Ti
Clara Price. D
August 27. M
Philli ~s v Jas Barker's child, G
I 1 .J 's child.
August 28.
F G Matthern, N Jones, L
LZwally, CP Kachell. E
August 29. Q
Mrs Samuel Stoner, R Jones,
Julia Walker, -- Gracy.
Augus 30. A
Mrs N M Honlihan.
August 31. G
Samuel Wal~er, E Cromwell. 7
$ Washington, Miss Lizzie Booth. A
September 1.
Nelly Scott, . John Shaw, G
SC Bilver AG Beall,
COapt GE oley, C W McCoy. 1
September 2.
W Wiloox, B Sc an, child,
J Stao, Bessie Gswold,
C Stata. t
September 3.
Lewis _Byes, Willie Green,
Sadie Griswold, M Thompson,
Simon ahn.
September 4.
A Levy, J Dreyfuss.
September 5.
Mr. T L Walker.
September 6.
o eave Schroeder, Paul Yeereon,
i ik Thomas Murray.
ý, ;..a be t
R L Golston, John Mundy, Jas F
Elizabeth Zwally, Colored, 1. Mrs
September S. ers
Jas E Anderson, James B Johnson, John
er D McLure, Miss Fannie Norris, J W
Joe Howell, S Cohen
William Nocks, George A~appler,
Chester L Tilly, Alice G Tilly, H H
Colored, 1. F Hi
September 9. Be
the Oscar Thomas, Wm Spears, Bryi
MV B Thompson, James Spears, - L
:en Margaret Schnurr, Colored, 3. J B
the September 10. H
mnd George A White, Jane White, Colo
R Van Acken, M B Block,
per M Vernon, Otto Lebious,
zed B Schnurr, Dave Weil Mrh
H Hollingsworth, - Ripinski, Jo
H Bergman, Wm Burke,
br C Falk, John Keller. PeH
Lhat September 11.
ped J H Williamson, Chas Roper, Col
Mim Gooch, Chas Schrader,
Jennie Reid, Miss N S Waier,
Rith Edward Arnous, G J Riddle, EL
and Mrs Lattier, Mrs A Skelton, EaL
tan John Cook, Miss Jennie Skelton, EdN
Dr J L Hibbette, Julius Kahn, E
the Mrs W E Hamilton, Robert Wheaton, Any
this Colored, 2. La
September 12. Ber
!1th. Miss A Williams, Edmund Byers,
had Owen McGuire, C McClure, Mr
,test G Fisher, Joseph Wise, Sol
John Doyle, Mrs J R Sawyer, R I
John Klumpp, Chas Dugan, O 1
Lthe Mrs Buhlaw, Henry Rigdon, Mr
-four George Gabe, Colored, 4. BI
Mary Sawyer. Mr
September I3. TR
J C Currant, Frank Brooks,
Rosa May, Josephine Baker, Oti
Chas W Pomeroy, Chas Mannering, Pe.
Jacob Milgan, Emile Dreyfus, Pig
W T Brooks, Johanna Lundiy,
Bob Booth, Chas Herbert Nevlle
tild A R Englehard, Hugh Smith,
el. Louis Schmidt, Jr. Wm Pickering, E
Mango Cain, Marian Martin,
Mrs A Hedick, Carrie Keller, Co
Jas Stewart, T M Jackson,
- Benicker, Mrs S F Fleming,
Colored, 2. Mi
e. September 14. C
Thos Garrett, Francls Frank, Mi
D Shepperd Jaynes La-Choin, M
Mary H M TaNylor, EB Anderson, M
ld L Strodel, J H Meyer,
Bobert Crangle, Mary J Reynolds,
Unknown. Mrs M Schnurr, M
warren P Bmith, CB Jones,
L Asher, Henry Ripinski, Ai
Unknown, Jim koward, R
Eli Warrington, Auguste Cerese, F,
Moses Keller Mrs Nihill,
George W Cole, Jr Colored, 2.
September 15. C
A Kernes, R Joesey, E
Mim Mary Bercher, J H Meyer, F
Wm Henry Dyer, John Phlug, E
G Laigro, Chas Lewle, J4
N S Mcure, Jr Addie Morris, -
oth. And Smith, F R Reid,
80ol Simon, C H Schnurr,
G J Rae, W Cutress, A
GeoR Todd, L Deitcher, C
Ann Burke, Victoria Andreola, E
Thos Collins, E J Wooster,
Fred Hock, Mrs S L Fisher, J
Unknown, male, Abram Weaver, 1
child, Ross, Mrs M Martin, 1
d, LM Lawton, Wm Chambers, C
Colored, S.
September 16. C
Ann Burns, Father Quimhrais, I
W E Smith, Thomas Byland, J
Paph LaComitt, H S Segur,
Mrs L B Levisee, Sarah Red,
Mary Nihill, C G Calhoun,
Fannie Myers, - Camp child,
nnge Simon, Robert Bremier, i
SYerkerson, H Hoedler,
Henry Houseman, W M Dunlap, -
M King, W W MoCain,
A Bardette, A Jackson,
my -- 0lanton, Colored, 2,
Septemder 17.
Joea Jwual Unknown,
Jas Riiby, l:aii' \uhrnuin.
Mrs R C Lundy, - Brook, Jame
Mrs. Walker. D Ht m'om,tck. - S1
Rev F W Halstedt. Rev \. Pierre, 4 i I
John Hollom:an, - Riley,
J W Hill, Colored, 3.
September 1. Geor
H H Lee, J P Bonham, Colo:
F Hammel, Henry C' Prescott,
Ben Himler. Mar-garet Ochsner.
Meyer Hirsch. Simon Dreyfus, John
Bryan McClintock, L Schmidt, Fath
- Landreth, Robert Mc Mitchell, Lieu
J B C'urrie. Kate Ott, Ed E
R Millwort, R G Sadd.
H S Palmer, L Hanson,
Colored, 5. Joha
September 19. Johr
Mrs Julia Read, Jake Longbush, Ann
John Riley, James Woodruff, 'n
Wm Stringfellow, Fred Ba ker. ole
Perrin Spark, James Hoss,
T H Camp, Mrs E Fisher,
Moses Hores, Charles Morry, h
Ella Ott, Miss Barbra Schelling Joh
Colored, 3. E Z
September 20. Job
E Lindenbaub, Mrs M Barret Tl,
Napoleon Sardon, Auguste Meisner, Jos
°' Edward Suken, Josephine Allen. Mis
- Lamb, Virginia R White,
Anna Andreola, Dan Ackerman,
Lawrence Hedrick. Joseph 1tichard, W
Bennie Kahn, Colored, 4. N
September 21. Ed
Mrs Barbara Graf, Miss Alice C Simon, Col'
Sol Acker, Miss R Young,
R Bell, D Forman, J
O T Collins, Henry Allen, Mie
Mrs B Clark, A Sheekler, Liz
B Defoe, Mary A Gotham, Ida
Mrs. Nesbit, John Young, Cla
Two unknown. Col
September 22.
Otto Schnurr, Miss Bertha Mears, Fre
Peter Mechair, Louis Encreve, Leo
Pines Casson, J L Scott, Ad
- Pierson, Peter Kelley. CI
le . Mitchell, John Shannahan, Lu
W Hecox, C 0 Phelps, Ke
Eliza Vinson, J BMcKlttrick
R D Sale, Michael Farrell,
Colored, 3. Jo
September 23. Ch
Milton George, EM VanNostrand M
Charles Thorn, Theresa Gershback,
C Alexander, G W G Parry, Jo
Mrs Deutcher, Mattie Gayle, Lu
Mary Garrett, George Smith, E
Mrs M E Troegal. Mi
September 24. Hi
Mitchell Horey, - Zimmerman,
Mrs McEachern, Fanny Well,
Adam Ochsner, F Doll, A
R A Phelps, Dr. J A Richardson, Ri
Flora Rosenham, Colored, 4.
September 25.
Chris Reamerly, Dan Looney, F
C is Brown, mely, rs M Calhoun,
E Gannon, M J Ashton,
F 8 Curtis, Mrs Swanson,
ELTenny, FHetner
Joe De LaCroix, Mrs C M Prescott, D
- M.cSweeney, Colored, 6.
September 26.
A P Page, Otto Freeman,
C Dohert'. Chris Cosgrove,
a, Ella Hunsicker, Wm Nesbitlt,
Mrs E F lall, Rebecca Kendall, G
J W Gale, Miss .ancy MHoncure -
Miss A Gary, Jack Holton,
M J Asher, SJusti,
Colored, 1.
September 27.
Chas S Rose, Julius Ormand, C
, Louis Woliz, Fred Corives,
J C Elstnec, .1 Taylor, .
M Kelly. W Mccall
S D Lererett, Whitt Mckellar,
M Kelly T A Wright,
Mattie *ork, (h:as Wolff. Jr
Hester Rogers, W M Castle,
E F Pearson, Rev Fathr Bellier,
- ler, infant, C('olored. 3.
September 2 .
B Barker, ELCalhoun,
B Barket a Jas S Ashton,
HrtwLl Presott, H G Coyle,
TA Garrett, tMary Varner,
lEs1a Bereb, W. i auoper,
,, '.- g
September 29.
JameinS Afrnold, 1m Faggott,
H Schelling. Sam Shinn,
H E' Rankin, Colored, 4,
September 30.
George Tho,mpson, Cathe( ine Miller,
Allen l\ood. Anthony Harr,
Colored, 1.
October 1.
John Bertand, Charles Horn,
Father Gregard, Unknown,
Lieut E A Woodruff, Chas W Lewis,
Ed Schaeffer, Bettie McCall.
October 2.
Johanna Thorn, John Smith,
John T Pierce, Mary Griffin,
Anna Whitsell, - Delaney,
l'n known, Mal.tie Mundy,
Lee Blackstone, Henry Dreyfus,
Colored, 2.
October 3.
John D Chillis, Chris Miller,
John H Walker, Chas Noel,
E Zeal, Mrs M F Gill,
John Vfnson, Wm Dendy,
Thomas Hazzard, A H Williamson,
Josephine Carter, J Emma Curtis,
Miss Lee Sims, G Bat"allha,
Colored, 3.
October 4.
WVm Falkner, Ed Boland,
Normarn Brewer, Sam Bergman,
Ed Schelling, Leonard Sewell,
, Colored, 2.
October 5.
J J Clark, Joe E Gale,
Miss C Beaulieu, W U Ashmore,
Lizzie Rose, Millis, infant,
Ida E Brewer, Theodore Snyder,
Clarence P Boone, Frans Zeigler,
Colored, 5.
October 6.
Fred George Grey, Mary Eirman,
Leopold Neir, John idundy, Jr
Ada Prescott, Mrs S J Chillis,
C D Wuhrman, Chas H Walls,
Lulu Vinson Joseph Vinson,
Keng Ben, chinese, Colored, 6.
October 7.
John Doretta, Mrs Mary Wood,
Chas Mettu, John Dunn,
Mary E Rigby.
October 8.
John Smith, M D Parks,
Lucy Dorian, Dr T P Hotchkiss,
E J Elstner J Borchem,
Martha J Walls, Alfred Saville,
Hutton's child, Mrs M A Hargr ove,
Jas Norman, Colored, 2.
October 9.
A Wuhrman Mary Burke,
Richard Fields, Nat'Wright,
Lelia Sweitzer, Frank Brooks,
Hiram Sanders, J W Stuart,
Father Levezolet, Colored. 1.
October 10.
Miss Taylor, Colored, 2.
October 11.
Dan Ward, James Griffin,
Colored, 4.
October 12.
(4eo'ge M Lavingue, Stoner's child,
J B Doll, Mrs A Erickson,
G W H-aymakeure, Colored, 5.
ure - Norman,
October 13.
Willie Loda, W H Walker,
Miss A C Pennell, Cass Walpole,
Burke's child, Jessie High,
Colored, 2.
October 14.
H D Me<Cloud, Mrs C W Burt,
Flora Lemon, H G Hall,
Burt's child, Mrs Tabor,
Colored, 1.
October 15.
er, E Woods, (;eorge Ward,
Henrv Andrews, John Mouk,
Mrs W H Cathey, GeorgeCathey,
Mrs M E Norman, Colored, 7.
October 16.
Mary V Munroe, U_.rs . .
Lobert Asma, I a

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