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Ti coucOSIon PuWlMiIN COODUof
In a reported Interview with a represer
ative of the Alanta Journal ex-President
Cleveland is represented as aayliae:
**In my opiolon the great need of the
D:mooratle party is a return to thirat prin
oiples. The Democratie party bas not been
fatally disorganiled, bet It sadly needs r -
habilitatiom on purely Democratie lin.s.
What Is the matter wiLh the party?'
to hbas, Ia my'ramblejudgmeut, simply
wAndered of alter strange gods. A la*ge
mas of Democratto voters saw this betore
the last eleotlon, They rcmalned quist,
bat whet the time came to vote they salt :
"rhis te not Democracy," &ad relusedto
support It.
"As I &@e It, it is the duty of Demoorats
*verywhe-e to aid in the rtbabilitation ol
the party. There are *ome ignea ot an In
eisterce upon the neoslty of a return to
DeaLOeratic dootrimes tI the Soutb, Out
tMhy are *ot *o genera: as I would like to
"What et the future?" was osked.
"Wit. a stacere return to Its oldJ-tim
doctrines, the old-time [email protected] ot tb
Demooratie party wil) eortatnly be won.
-New <,riean States.
As a free born Amerlcau, Mr ulev<
land is priylleged, as is any othe
gjod oeitizen, to expres$ bie vlows o
auy subject, which may be pleasaug t
him, bhut he bas no right to aavanc
or to thrust bile opilton on the Demo
eracy, whicbh hb ha betrayed
When, som) years ago Mr Cleve
land ausumed that he was greate
than the party, through which hb
w&* honored witth the presidency
the hbighest offiee ia the gift of thi
people of the United States, he pa
himbleelf nla the attitude ofrebellon
and then ad there he lorfeited al
claims to leadernbip; and then auc
there ho lost hie lulnence and tbh
regard in which he wao held by thi
Demoerata, with few exceptlous, wlu
had plighted their falth in blm.
Having falled through the Whit
a*ys', the Byuunis', the Carlliles', th
Buekuers' and others of that ilik to
control the Democratie convetiomo at
Chiosgo, at which Bryam reoelved the
momluaton of the Deiocratic parsy,
Mr Uleveland's dieplesaure was di
rected In a retallatory spirit by glv
lag aid and comfort to toa* Repub.
lleani aad iudireotly, it be did mot
directly, contribaued to the plectlon
of MCKtoley.
Agalu, w~ea the Demooracy of the
Usiated States bad, a& K usas.cilty,
*omlnastd Mr Bryaa lor the prei
dency, ia whioh Hiall and others were
promimeat figure who had at Chi
«ago deelined te give loyal support to
/Bryaa Mr Cleveland, the great
ephynix, faled to reepomd and in
t#e campalgn contributed direetly, 11
B6t dit*etly, nla the deleat of Mr
Bryam and nla the Beoad triumph of
McKiley. This may be Uleveland
plitioe, but the fiArst duty of a uem >.
crat ia loyally, obedlease to tue au
thority, recoguised by the majority
to gtve it.
Tho socalled reorgaasation of thb
Democratie party u not what as
waated so much s the "au imbltaee',
om every man belag "loyal," jyes,
loyal In the fuleet meaning and la
terpretatioa of the word; and the
man, espelally Clevelaad, who will
preenae to dieaste his views, whieo
do not $mbraoe -loyalty" to the party
whether he lIke. or dislikes the can
didate er the platform, should be
made to fee], uderstaad and know
that he is not wanted and must stand
In war, a man, whethber a general,
a coloael or a private who would give
aid aad comfort to the enemy would,
when appreheaded, be subleeted to a
courtmrtial and shot Ignomialsosly
Cleveland, haviDg gives ald and
comfort to the political enemies f
the Demooraey has plaed blmele fa
the attitude of a traitor, and should
be keot oat of the Demoeracy, and
should ha ever be placed la a poeltuoas
Where do you buy them? AT TEKULSKI'S of course.-Fine Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, tmbrellas,
Novelties, Silver and Silverware, suitable for Xmas gifts.
419 Texas Street, Opposite Postoffice.
of leadership of the Demnorrary, be
will unquestlonably demoratize and
demtroy the party
How many loyal Democrate would
tollow Clevelana ?
Was Mr (leveland Iu harmony with
the Democracy duriug bie term of
Was be not virtually a president, a
so-called leader itboat a part y?
Did be not in part dicutegrdte the
Demecracy by bile appointminent of
Republicans and [email protected] to olfices
which should have bedn filled by
honest, loyal Demrnocrats, tried aud
Again, the query Is: What tried
and true, loyal Democrat would
follow the leadersbip of the btuffed
Prophet, Grover clevelaad, who
"fatally disorgaulzed" the Liemo
cra:ic party?
The 'rehabilitation on purely Dem
cratic line.," suggested by Mr Cleve.
land, will fil<ow when the comnmaud
be **loyal" shall be obeyed by Cleve
lind and every man of the party, of
bigh or low degree.
Ricb, warm, beaituy blood is given by
Biood'* Sarsaparilla. and thus It proLecm.
thLe system trom coids, [email protected] pneumonia
Liad other disases that quickly overcome
ik weak aad deollitated syLenai.
The favorite oathartle is HoodI's Pills
60. _________
Wheu it comes to producing ma
o velotus and gifted citizons, theb Units
States er6 gave other socuatries car<
& and spades and s*Lill be an easy wil
oer. In this sort of production th
a cauttry of ours is eo prolifln that tt
s efete mouarcbies of the old worl
are foroed tn %tare In amazemeut au
wonder what will be the result c
the nuexi dasb out of the box
Among the kulghts of the green clot
there is % sayiug to the effet that"
suicker is borm every minute," but 1
this country the birth of a sucke
is synochrouous with that of a geoal
and persons of the latter clas& ar
beooming as namerous as fles
around a country sciool house. Ii
the town of routia., Micb., reside
one Joebaa J. Axtell, who is not oIl
the leadilg barber of that center o
art Bad oultuare, bat he Is ikewie
deatist, keeps alivery stable, preache
a i la ndulges in an ocesalonal pris
Alght, and la the moet sosiable mao
oaar poeibly "*alvee in the slate'" *
hbis aeghbors with swift lelft swing
and upperouts. He alcoile*tures au<
14 now devoting his saare momntenti
to writing a novil of thrilliag inter
eset. Ii there is any country ou thw
fam of the globe that is aule to tro
out a man with more aocomplish
meuts that Joshua J Axtall, at Pou
tiac, Mich., ilt it eantitltd to triamph
aatly remove the delspadated linei
from the shrubbery.-New Orleani
We fully agree with a'l whîoh is said
of the product. of the Uuited State
sad appreaelate the gemerous word. Ij
commeidation of thb* Pontiac, Mich.
gentleman, but we are worried, per
plexod la mind and deinre intorma
tion. Does he wear stockings o01
soeks? voes he split his hair inu tLhe
Will the Boer be xood ? Wby will
the Boert persist in resia>ing thb tirit.
la yoce? Why will tbey not eur
reonder anuconditionally? The dght
Itg Boers give great discomfort to
England. Nw be good ana stay
lick, wou't you, Mr Boer?
*Arn't ye golug to stay licked and
be good, Mr Boer
."Youag man, 1 began late as an
office boy, and through long yeoars
of uaremitting toil worked my.
self up to the top of the ladder.
And now you come to me without a
cent and want to marry my daugh.
ter." "rhat's all right, sir. I am
only profitlug now by the mistakes
you made."-Lfe.
"1 hat a lrge and slegant crowd
you had at your wedding, dear ! "
,Did 1?" They ware our very best
people, t"o." "By the way, who was
that tall, iue looking mau with the
blond muastace? ' "Oa, he was the
detective papa hlred to see that
nobody carried aw«y auy of the
woetly preaets."-Chicago Tribune.
Who* Kay is bopereded by Smiti
thiere will be a cry in London such as
was never heard in Rome. Smith is
n Amerloa citiseO, unaftflicted with
bhlS f>API< "KEPI'SED1).
The worm bas turned again. TBe Hyio
A'lvocate esys:
In the future this paper will make it a
rule to publihb tibe name ofthe man wbo
mark* bie paper "refume'.' and etate how
far be Is beblnd with bie subserlp'ior. It
in Invarlably the lellow wbodeae-eamt,
int] we are glad to be rid of him.- Denlmon,
Tex , Heraid.
You are right! Au honest zi in
will uever resorte to the "iLtefused"
dodge to avoid the paymout of hbis
bubscriptiou. The mau whl would
iuteutioually aud deliberately swin.
dle the [ublisber of bhl subscription,
would go a little farther if hbe had the
uerve, and eugage lu highway rob
Sbery, but sU:ti a sp cimenfu ie conteut
iu being a "dead beat" aud asasutes
be is "smart" or "slick" in haviug
defrauded the publisuer ot a uews
paper. It is about time that publistj.
ere wtie haviLg a few of these "dead
beatb"exposed lu public priut or aeuLt
to the peuiteutiary.
Wben a iubscriber has tired or de
isres a cbarge aud would discouîiuue,
let him be Irauk and bonest aud esy
0o; aua it bfhe is in arrears aud caunoi
pay let him t(ll the publisher of bhe
stiortcoming, aud be will win the re
spect ot the publibsher, who will give
him ample opportsuity to pay, it be
can, a just and bouorable debt.
Briefly, it may be said that of all the
contemptible beinge of earth the
"dead beatl" is the meanest. However,
there is some coueolatloa iu tbe com
forting refluctiou (bat In the hereafter
Old Nick will claim bis owi.
The Dutch lu boutht Airica are up. -
setting all the Cbristmas puddlugs
or the Britisb. And all the trouble
with the Dutch ie to be trac d to the
Boers, who will persist ia makiug it
lively for Kitebhner. The Boern are
about 10,044 strong agalust Kitch.
uer. whose forces are 240,000, and yat
be le calling for more troops. The
Dutch are raisilug sheol.
The Pauucetore.-Hay treaty bavlug
been cllpped of nearly all its Engliab
frills and furblows is more like an
American document iu which Ameri.
eau interests are safe guarded, aud u
Is as unolike the treoty Mr Hay prQ.
poespd as day is nlght. The Seate
hbas given Mr lay and bie treaty tbe
black eye ad every good Americau
citizen will rljoloe.
~el istautM Trtanîlru.
The lollowiet traesfere of real eetate
were recordad by the olerk of the Dsriact
Couri for the week ending Saturday,
December 2?, 19iU.
S Ie Dillon te BRmby et al, s'utheast
quarter oc seotlo a, towuship 19, range 1i
UIS 61,
Joe Bo>seeu to Dan Moeley, halt soanr
ga ourtbeaut quarter and uorth west quai
ter of seeeUa U, towamhip 1r, range 14,
150 00.
Joe Boeleau to Caeter tlehardeon, oene
halt der* [email protected] quarter and nor khwest
quarter, setion U8, ownaship 18, rage 14,
lot 6, as per map, 709 00.
Parkview Land Company to W B Soott,
lot b, blook il, Parkvew, 30 00
J. 14. Jordsa to Jubo H Land, lot 14
aaa 16, 10-aore lot 14,2000 00U
Mie N No<& to Laom Dreytue, part lot 9
block 0. 18,000 00.
J M Oden to Jam"e Morgan, south hall
o01 outh-7ee. quarter, bection as, towauip
iK, raage 1, 3 "ale otton.
Same to Mro M E Heneley, 2U aores oei
laad, 60 M,
Birrt * MoDuMe to Edith ieckett, lot
18, D>îly VardeD tract, 76 00.
Liasie Johnaon to eith Viokett, lot Ne.
1. Dolly Vardea, traat, 7b UO.
Suooessien Thoe Heary Lo Abe Meyr,
freetloal sectlon 4, towuaship t.', raatge 14,
le"s thb northeast quarier of alid seoeton,
480 sare, 76U UU.
P, k. Kelth to J. C. Williams, west ball
of wouthwst qu r.er. section 2, aouthweu
qu arter senato 3, north hall ot southwee
quarter, nort iaiall of eortheae4 quarter.
section 11, towanalip 15, range 16, 400 sorse,
John MoAaney to J R Irey, lot om Law
re*es street and Belt Line Maairoad, 300 m0.
Barret & MoDaDle to J LatUlImore, lot
11ii, Dolly Varden lands, 1650 00.
C B Adam* to A J WVliamp, 248 acres in
etwion 32, townaship 15, range 16.
i L liellperin to Bquire Bradlord, south
ha.r of eutseast quarter of setesUO 26,
towdhl, 20u, range t3, 2,0600 0.
8 lirold to - R>Maison, lot 76, Brooks
aubalvialoe. 166 00.
Kitte Joes to Joe Lonrlil, one halt of
lot , Bankin's satibdivlsTloe, 380 00,
Ititasna' Bauk to 8 8 Pittmaan, north halt
i southwect quarter; a*rLbwet quarer
al sctUos c. towaship 2J, range t14, norto
kall of soutbeast uarter t saotsoen 1,
ownshilp 2n, range 16, 2,47s 16.
8 B NcCutoben to J L Leopold, lots 45,
16 and 47, oao subjîvston, 1,100. .
C M Moor* to A Currie, lot 9, Foster A
L.ong subdivislon. m uu.
Arkkameae rowasita Company to J A
£40, lot 8, blook 20, Kodessa, 50 00.
H A Winter to Jas Hamlta. e*st halt oa
borthwest quarter setuon 4, tLeweshblp l,
ange 14, luJ 00.
L M Cartej to W V Graham, lot» 2, 3 and
, bloek 10, Taxodo Park, 1,000 0.
Boast Pilrs and Turkeys
Beside* a full supply ot iije beet,
nutton and pork, Wagner Bros. will
iave turkeys anm pigs &ad pigs and
urkeys at their stallis a the mirket
ouse tbristmas morning. Leave
rders. Prompt attention.
Theb followino is a liet of letters re
maining in the postofficeat Shreveport fot
til? week end!r< Saturday. DLjemneber 22,
Ladies List.
A len. Minerva Albot', Raille
B4rley, lla Bennett, Mattie '
tfeasiey, Harriet Berdall, Miss Carry
Roennet. IranDe Brown, Alice M
Beashmer, Jennie Holden, Lena
Campbeli, - Clark, Mrs TA
ColmDan. Id» S Crawlird, kis* C
Cooke, Misse 1'darl (2) Cole, Kittie
Cumnmines, Mrs 1) D i>va. Miss 1> )
Daiel, iGeorgte latvi|, Rost
ldtel, Julia illiard, Mre Mary
Dimes, Anate blemming, Mrs u L
e nyu. MrA L K fullnser, Mrs N Kt
niitagh.r, Mrs M A (ineen, Lou
(iibson, Lillie (Glbano, Miss May
1{i4})on'. M.a M Holley, Mafrgie
tlinocke, Lucjy B Jusept, Milio Lille
lJudge, Mitle J >bnDn. lHeterr
L awon R y Les , [email protected] J L
i.ouis, M re A l Kingeoen. Lizzle
klier, L zsie Lo0d, Nora
Mais Idary Kilen Mercer, Lula
Mointyre. Matti6 Moore, IMr (t 11
Muoeon, Mi ry Newton, Laura
horandi, Nancy UlIver, C trine
Pu :b, .üre<nce Pitson, Neilse
laikanid, t B Rhodes, Lucy
K ,bon, Eiza
3wearinieen, Leddio Smitb, Mrs L L
Smith. Mr. Laufa SmilLb, Mr Ann
Sime, Bertba Sbields, tosanna
Veazer, Mies A WVarner, Mrs M A
Ward, Mrs J K Weeler, BeMite (2)
Wylie, M ude Wylie, MrQ M C
Wilte, Miss Tenner Wilson, Mrs C T
Wood, Mrs C H
GeetleBme's i et.
Brown, Berry Barues, Frank
Barobart, A ( Barting. Wt:iam
Baker, Geo Bisbop, Hirry
Br.ok, Jake Blue, Wash
Burk, LO Bu t, AC
Cannaday, W U C.rrutt, WValter
Clark, l u Cark, Will
Carter, B H Crawford, Hosey
Carel. Henry Gookt. J W
CioIllns, T II Cox, M B
Crow. V ' (Cooper,[ N
Collins. D L C(. yelle, A B
Carber. Mike 901i2iin, Jou D
Cuidiedge. Chas Cubertson, ,lobn
Dilion, iK 1 Dote, George
Decobue. E K liarîi, John
Iiliptt, m M kilbrin', C
Ilemmoing. C L Flynn, .as
Uiadney, I>-noais ibson. Henry
Hatter, Louis Hklaokwor b, Chas
HIrdemnan, B Hell, r. .1 8
Be derson, kitobard H-wlit, H A
H B, leam Ho-seman. Wm
Burd, Willis unuter, B D
IIuutes, Aarnn ide, Frank L
lobsncor, A E Jones. ten
Kt ton., tobt Kateler. Fred
lieat, M J King, Dr AM
KoineturX&Warley Lee, H 1
Lielbort, 1eT J levert, Hall
Longipay. Pdward Miliing, Jrie H
Merrell, J G (2) Merrett, Howar.
* ller, A J Mail Iv. J H
Hiaran, A P Moore, Biebop
iarphy, M Mooinnl., Ches S
looy, Jessie Newton, A W
(ei s >iî. Freddie Nienois, Frank
quri. N 1 Paillips, Jef
>race, Earl Routte, B irt Ä2)
tobiesao. Johntle Iton 0Ljn. R '*
tobâenan, Dink Rasse 1. E W
Lake, Vreeo ased, Johba
ker.ey. Matt Whbppara, Waltsr
Ibauri, Heudersoe Snith, I k
mith, M'rous blitb, t B
imitb, LD 1) silzer, J Y
Impseon, W B simon, Mr
Iquire, Joha Traiton, Mark
saylor, W H A Teer, P M
'riebsti, Jeam Tboratos. Elmer
Valk.rJ llj Waltonl, E
V it rJtobt Walker, Beatni
vortb»m, R Z Wesler, C W
viilli mr, Louis White, zeiii (2)
Vrikbt, dom r WilUss, Thomsa B
Parties Oailtag for abore letters will
lesse say "sadvertted." Offce bora
* Suaday trom 10 te 11 a. m.
Report of Vital Statisties of Shreveport
Becord ot Marrige.s, Birtbe, *Still birthb
&ud Death» at the Health Offoe for the
week endinag Baturday Doon, December 12,
bt 00:
Raymod B Pits Randolph &ad Loutie
L M Loacworths.ad EZ* Wat.o0.
H P isher ad"Mary C Grave*.
J RBddimg and Susile Galue (').
J A Smtapains and Desha Turner (ao).
t' U-vidson aLd Anate Aniel (c).
W Hi yman and M . O'ILI.
Joeb Herron and Saillte Robrtson (c).
J .asalIl &ad Je-Ie Stauolord (,).
H LgaR and Carrie Ivans (o).
hian Prewit at d Lewis (e)>.
A Bedlord an4 May Petty (:).
Hufue PArlb and M 8 Ke4ty (0).
Joe Thompaona and C aylyie (c).
W C and Augusta M Cooper, girl.
8 and Lucv 1p tiooker, boy.
lJo. apd N. M. YVasD, boy.
CVaas. and C. Buroae* (c), girl.
Myron B Hick', *ged 19 years.
Ne.tie Leonard Hargrove, aged 26 years.
liannab Jones (o). aged 78 years.
I W Teliry (0), aged 6 m )anihs.
onsumptloa .... ...................1
ryphold fover.... ................. 1
<alroad aooldent.... .............. 1
kAphyxi....................... .
DeatIjs irom all cau ........ ....... 4
Wate.......... .....................
olored ........ . ...................
blae e.. .
Femaie .......... 2
)er 60 years of age................ i
Jder b years of . ge................... 1
01 tie above two were certifeid to by
he ooroner.
J. C. EG AN . M. D.,
,„., ,, ealtia Ol'lu.r.
JNO. D. MURRAY, Health OP r.
Died at Charity Hlospital
* [Non-Rbeidento.]
Cha Bredie, aged 42 yeará; cause o
leath, tetanus.
Lulten Wation (c), agtl years; caise
1 death. Perltotil.;
Died at Sireveport Sanitarium.
Mrs Esther Davi., aged 43 years; cause
t death, Septlcaemia.
Telephmi No.: 5 we en 1 f r your pre
rap«oes and deliver theia. Purest dru',
<t ulllkared servlcs.* lla'. Parnscy.
New Hay-IPauincefote Treaty Makes
IZlations Stroniger.
i1e Senafe's Anipmndments Make Great
BIrilain a Party to the Neutral
Ity o' the ('anal Should
(oiimplications Arise.
Washington, Dic. 22. --High officials
well versed in international law declare
that if Great Britain aicveit- the several
amiend<mnents proposed by the senate to
the Hay-Pancef te treatv. she will bhe
allied with the United States utinder thi
treaty to protcct the neutrality of the
Nicarignan canal in the event of its
Article 3 of the amnended convention
specitically provides that "the contract
ing governments, desiring to mainutain
and preserve the general priwiploe of
nrutralizition" established in the Clay
ton-Bulwir convention, adopt as the ba
&is of such neutralizatioin certain de
clared rules. Secretary Hay provided in
the treaty as originally submitted that
in order to maintain the neutralization
of the canal r!l powers should be re
quested to adhere to the convention, but
the senate in its desire to block the cou
struction of the canal, less it insult
friendly powers at the same time, struck
out this article and left to the United
States and Great Britain the preserva
tion of the neutrality of the waterway.
Maaly Art of a Judge In a Ditrelsing
<(a' at Boston.
Ce.. at Boston.
Boston, Dec. 22.-The most remarka
ble criminal case tried in Massarhusett8'
superior court in mainy years and which
aroused intense interest in the fashion
able Back Bay district, was ended Thurn.
day, when Judge Bond probationed Ma
rion Rogan, who had blinded for life
Dr. Frank L. Taylor, a dentist, by
throwing vitriol in his face out of re
venge for betrayal.
A young girl had earlier appeared be
fore the judge and told her pitiable story
and showed the whitehaired justioe her
littl4 babe, of whioh she cla imed Taylor
was the father. She said Taylor after
he had wrecked her life, told her he was
irruesistible among women by reason of
his good looks.
In announcing his decision Judge
Bond said that from the evidenoe it ap
peared Dr. Taylor had sought out Miss
Rogan, "knowing sie was a virtuous
woman, who had in no way wrouged
him, from the sole purpose of auusing
her ruin, and after he had aooomplished
it by fraud and deoeption and made use
of intoxioating liquors, if not by drugs,
he anteelingly cast her off withoat ~
sistanoe and advised her to resort to the
life of prostitution and even boasted of
his diagraceful oonduot with this young
woman and with others whom he had
ruined. Sph a maa is so vile that I
have no sympathy or pity for him in
his unfortunate oondition."
Judge Bond samid he regretted Mis
Rogan did not leave the p anishmpat of
her betrayer a higher power than her
self. As to the possibihty of similar
acts of personal vengeance would follow
probationing of this prisoner, Judge
Bond said such cases were so rare-none
other having come before him in the 40
years of his service on the bench-that
he would take the risk and order the re
lease of the prisoner n probation. *
The Slaughter of Chritiams the Mos.
Distressing Ever Reported.
Vienna, Dec. 22. -Further reporta of
the Turkish massacres of Christiaus
ghow that their instigator is a Moham
medan fanatio named Haiduk Islam,
who boasta of baving slaughtered 200
Christians with his own hands. The
authorities have shown indifference to
these assacres and the outrages perpe
trated on Christians are beyond descrip
At Bituch men were crucified and
èails were driven through their hands
and feet. Women were attacked and
children natilated. Ohildren were
murdered by mnutilation before their
parents' eyes.
Women were maltreated at Omrummwa
before the eyes of their husbands,
fathers and brothers and then car#ed
into the bondage of harems.
Men were done to death slowly by
various means, their limbo cut off suo
cessively and children were thrown into
the river.
The fiends tortured the Christiaiis aut
Rihartz by slicing flesh from all parts
of their bodies before killing them.
A Greek orthodox priest was tied in a
sack and pitehed into the river at Geno
vitsa. TheServian consulat Mitrovilza
estimates that 1100 persou have lbeen
killed and 400 womenI attacktd and
placed in harema.
Au Inpor!anr iFviMnn.
Springfield, Ills.. Dec. 2.-The uso
preme court has ren.fred an opinion af.
firming judgentir in thlie ('ae of Hugh
M. Shorb vm. Katrina Weber, in whieh
It is held that dranishop keepers are lia
ble for the death of a man who loses his
life by reason of having become intoxi
cated on liquor sold or given to him by
l Just Wtaf YOR Are
Looking Fo.
Christmas Goois at Reasoi
ale Prices.
We have *just closed a
deal withi a New Yot
In>portinZ firm fo
mixul lot <of Art No
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that were selected.
a bankriipt átock, and
w. will lb. abl)l to sell
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412 Texas ;Street.
Telephome No. 5
No. t0S34.-lin First 1D strict <ourt of
Louisianst-Parlih o0 CaUdo-Tusten l
Weil va CL Bland. - -
Bv virtue of a com n'reMl to ell to gr
lfsued bv the Ilnnorable <4rit Jadiol't
Diastrict Court of C lbo paib4 L)ulslana
Ia the above eittliei anti numbered suit, 1
will soelil at publio auction lor cuab with
theb bnflit of appratsnment, at the plsoe of
bustiness recent:y occuptedl by delendant
on Jordan street, to 3hrevpport, La dur
log tne legat hours for sales, on
1 the lollowing desecribed persa)nl property,
t>wl': All of the *took ot merchbandle,
flxtures :and other property attached In
sail suit as per inveitory of same on file
In Ihe ofmoe of the district clert. Cadde
parieb, and ordered sold as perishable
J^ AH Ii,
Caucastan, Dec. 2<
This Is the Way the Matter 5a 5*
Somne of the British.
London, Dec. 22. -The general out.
lonk in Sonth Africa is regarded as
blecker than at any timo before or sine*
the Boer war began. Persistent reports
are in circulation in the pohtical oltik
of a widespread retx llion in Cape Oate.
ny. This is believed to be the causo f
Lord Salisbury's gloomiy speech on T~es
day. The situation is regarded wtth
deep alarm, as it is.< feared that Generl ;
Kitchener's supplies are in danger of
bcinp ent off.
General Kirchener is said to have se~a
a di.<patch Isinanding 30,000 mort
mout ' en us assential to the socariL
ty of theo Brirlsl position in South Afri
i. No pr;m til .m im fr providing
these ruii(>rcein.. tr as yvut b~e '
tirained by tîf. war tlhî
Npw . I.****.,.» 1 hiiter.i'r
Washlingtiroii, Dc. - .-At F moetin
of the boindrmnii of tIhe New Orleane
postoffice, Purn li Milner of N,. Or(.
leans was designatt-i ;is ili-ir repit -eii;
ative to reli-v> tmiuporuily J. l. riiki
as pToStitaister. Upnti receipt of his M
lection tie post4rîtr general accepted
Pilkin's r m-idnat.;î and appointed Mil
ner pJstmaHtvr ot New Orleans.
Bowers' is Headquarters
anwers i1 hemóquarters for Saunta
"'ans and premeuts for girls and boy0.
T# xas corner Market street.
- We are rerelvine our new line of For*
eign ond lDoepstic Perfumes. Cail aad
nepect the latest at Allen's Pharmacy.
Hl Appeal HVIII Not He I amsed
S ntil rebruary. #
New York, Dec. 22-Not until the lat
fer part of next muonth and psrhaps uos
until the middie of February will Ro.
land Molineaux know his fate, whether
his conviction on the- 'hlirge of murder
will be sustained Iy thre t urt of appealsa,
or set aside, and a new trial ordered. 1 4
Oonnsel for Moliinaux and the profe
cutiting attority liitv tinihied the pro
paration of their respective ca&.
Their printel andl hound briefs will bo
sent to the cutrt of |apjals. Theii botb
@ides will appear bftor" the court and
make argunwint. It has already beea
decided that tlie trgurnenta mi4'
made in Januitry. The deci(t n mafy -
given iu n i iiith or in few day2.
niatter of tuin-e resting entirely wit |
Subl>cribe for the C

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