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Miss Phoebe's
A Search For Quiet and How
It Ended.
N N..N*****
(n the morning of the 3d of July
Miss I aSrymple sat down to brenkfast
with an expectant glance at her elder
17 bousekeeper.
"Did those boys arrive last night,
flannnh Brown slammed a plate of
toast on the table with unn'customed
vigor. "Arrive?" she snorted indlig
gantly. "Wait a minute and I guess
you'll find out!"
Miss Dalrymple did not have to wait
alsty seconds. Hannah's words were
followed by a deafening explosion, ac
compnnish' by n series of shrill cries
and triumphant shouts.
"It hi seen ) o (uiet I hoped they
would not comne this fourth, although
I was sure the stage stoppsis there
from the late train lIst night." The
pretty little Indy behind the coffee urn
aslw uvu LvUYWuaruuy an a aunuuz
oraeker exploded almost beneath hei
I seen 'em around bright and earlj
4wglag their uncle for the fireworks
a pont. weakamnded man he is, too, to
Jet them two boys run over him. Hi
gies each one of 'em a bomb and a can
- cracker and said they shouldn't
5ave any more till tomorrow morn
g.'" Hannah lumped beck from the
wiedow as another bomb exploded la
As ment yard. "Drat 'em! Look, KiM
flble, that pane of glass Is cracked
S11 give Mr. Scott a sece of my mind!'
aosaph Brown disappeared from the
Nesse, sad presently Phoebe beard het
asposamtating voice out In the yard
A maeanl qiet, authoritative tonea
bapss doer out of the chaos of ohill
(piele emis, and a grateful allew
a* alpsd her gists and nibbled i
Ni of teeas with little appetite Per
swim sga had dr ed the coming o1
1sh nee at July. The last glorloni
Ussear had been a hideous nlghtmari
of asekt and ndos, for Leander Scott
fbe gaIst becheler. who had bought the
- met to her own. had entertalnei
* amdpie of small nephews for severa
W s, beginning on the Fourth o1
Phoete did not object to Leander
Scett in the least. In the beginninl
abs had liked him very well fora neigh
bar, but the frst Fourth of July had
been followed by a coldness on Mist
Shirymple's part that Mr. Scott wae
gioek to notice.
Phoebe pushed beck her chair and
went to look at the cracked window
pane. It was shattered into a very
strangt clipe. rather round or-well
eanneh was standing under the win
dow now. and her voice arose in amie
ble 'a.verse with the objectionable
"1 d.v'are. Mr. Scott! It's cracked
uig'et into the shape of a heart"
j'Iin"be drew back indignantly as
Lwneler Scott looked up at the win
"It does take that shape, Mrs. Brown
.'ry Interesting." he said In his
slew. drawling voice. "Please tel
hiies Dalrymple that I am very sorry
ft has happened and that I will send e
leauter over from the village to replace
It. As for the noise. I will take care
th~ the boys do not disturb her."
r crased the lawn and vaulted thi
%o ee into his own garden, and Phoebe
turned to face Bannash coming into
the rose.
To the aecompaniment of Hannah's
grambllng Phoebe made preparations
to ran away from the noisy holiday.
I safl stun cotton wool in my eare
and set In the north room with all the
doors shot so long as you won't be
beare. and I shall pray they don't burn
the house down over my bead." com
plalaed Hannah as she tucked the dusa
esters about her mistress when she
was about to drive away.
"Very well. Hannah. Make yourself
es comfortable as yeo can. I wish I
could take you along, too, but I don't
want to leave the house alone. you
know." apologized Phoebe.
Phoebe M1uttered a goodhy as they
turned the corner by the chiiureh and
tien settled comfortably back in her
w'nt for lihe' Ioni drive into the heart
of thie hill' litiddle IvaM it taciturn in
clivithfu l and c'onw''pos't Iv sno b nIt-1
chluriiteer. for Ml1 I4 Ihulrymnil 'N usii:iI
ly plantr d~is11ostbitio ewo broken by
1n3)3 33 e3o11 tions.
1I r't, she erns highly' indignant shat
4h1' sho ld practii)njly t t't ilrivi'n friom
her minie In order to eintiy ri Ii tt
day Mieuond. ihe thougiht ,he hail dI
te'ted i slight smodile at the corner of
Mr `rott's plena~nt monith when he
looked at the heart shaped crack li
the winlowibiwle
Fifteen 1mlles strnightnway from the
villange. ttmong circling hills that lift
ed Itheir blue green heights to the
tending skies. lay Uncle Morgan Tay
lor's farm. Uncle Morgan owned the
valley and most of the hill that sloped
down to the fertile pnstures Ti'he iarge
farin hne1 once covered ncreM of cutiI
voted land, but now Uncle Morgan. too
old to work himself. had dIcMharged
his fiarnuers. soll his stock and lived
on the generous income that wits more
than nalolle to supply the sMiuhole iw3nts
of hhi'self untd his wife. Alt Sany
When great-nivel Phoebe lantrym.ple
drove tip to the door in the hit suln
shi ne of the afternoon they c'i3e' to
meet her with outstretched hands andi
exclfmations of delight.
The old people went to bed early, and
presently 1'hoebo followed suit. resting
uitl'tly in tue best chani e uond' ) aer it
blue and white pntchwork quilt.
The next morning was different from
any other Fourth of .JIuly she had ever
spent. The de(d stilliess of the vnli
ley seemed to close In and shut her
nway from it noisy world outside And
yet, such in the perverslty of hommni
nature, Phoeh' missed ,ioniething. Aft
er brentikfnst she took n .ook niid watt
tiered away to n green mendow where
there was4 Ii huge rock overshildowed
by Ii drooping elm. Here Phoche perch
e'd and reid industriously. feebly tri
Otnphnut in that she had outwitted the
nerve harassing glorious Fourth of
T'lae sun rose hIgher, and the birds
singing in the thickets hushed their
notes In the sleepy noon. There was
the drowsy hu:n of bees and the long
ch'ir of countless hisects in the gr»ss
eM. A brook rippled inusuinlly aiross
the meadow, and over all was n deli
clotts repose. It Is not surprising that
Phocie, too. slumbered.
A crashing explosion broke the le stIll
ness and wa's cihocil iiwi' from thu
hills in countless reverberntions.
Phoebe DItarymple :iwoke to the he
wildered renizantion that something
dreadful had happened--nn 4icrthilun1k4
or an event equally terrible. Site was
quite stunned by the noise and sitt
leaning against the tree very quietly.
Then n familiar snell asstiled her non
triss, and she thouilht she heard the
iiound of voices- boys' ioh'le raised it
gleeful chorus.
Somebody-usome boys were celebrat
ing the Fourth of July In Taylor's val
ley. She was too much surprised even
to turn around and discover the In
trudeth. She Nat very stiffly, with her
back to the sun flooded meadow, trying
to stem her rising indignation at the
unhappy fate that seemed to pursue
her desire for quietude.
"Here's a good place, Billy-right
on this rock! Now touch her off. Un
cle Lee Hurray?" shrilled the famil
iar voice of little Jack Scott.
With a thrill of terror Phoebe arose
to her feet and appeared around the
corner of the big tree trunk. On the
rock at her feet sputtered a big cannon
cracker, and backing away from its
dangerous proximity was' Leander
Scott himself
He took In the situation at a glance
Phoebe's book. her white face and the
brown linen dress, so like the trunk of
the elm tree that her presence bad
been quits unsuspected.
Instantly be leaped back to the rock
and grasped the sputtering explosive
In his hand. Under the Impetus of his
strong arm It went hissing through the
air, and before It reached the brook
toward which he aimed It it burst
with a detonation that again shook the
hills and drove the sleepy birds from
covert to thicker shelter.
Phoebe Dalrymple sat down on the
rock and cried from sheer relief. Le
ander Scott looked at her with grow
ing discomfort in his mind. It seemed
to be his lot to pursue this gontle little
lady with an avalanche of noise Who
would have suspected that she had
sought retreat here of all piners! lIe
had chosen it out of a dozen isohlted
spots because the Taylors were *daf
and he had Uncle Morgann's warmest
consent to make all the noise he want
ed to.
The eight of the little boys fussing
over the box of fireworks decided him.
With a pitying glance at Miss i'hoehe's
drooping form be dashed toward the
boys. It was the work of a moment
to gather the bombs and cannon crack
era, the box of powder and the toy
cannon Into a heap and the labor of
another instant to drop them all Into
the soaking water of, the deep little
brook and thus destroy their noise
making properties forever.
The horrified yells of the small neph
ews aroused Miss Dalrymple from her
apathy. They cried noisily above the
box now containing little else save
fireerackers and torpedoes: they re
proached their uncle for heartless per
Ody and would not give heed to his
promises of gorgeous fireworks for an
evening display that should be appro
priately patriotic. but .mite noiseless.
At last poor Leander Scott left them
and approached Miss Phoebe with
humble alowlogiesw on his lips. When
he reached her side Phoebe bad dried
her tears and smoothed her crinkled
brown hair into a semblance of order.
"I don't know what to say to you.
MiIes Dalrymple," said Leander Scott
helplessly. "You see. I realized that
tih boys made the day tilloru for
io tist year, and when their tother
Ment theni down without wLIrini rg y*e
f'ordlay. nirrt'iii tIid by n hure biz of
tirell rkh I wau t' Ilit l I I'n iait'y. I
thorughit of n el"Zen I1!14r's 1% hoi- 1
t't hl t ti ke theI n 1 1 i t' 11 14 1 itio t 11" lit
ii' titrt' "I, t 11"c 14ished it tif ti ot I , i) it.
p lt' kn 'l rut 1.ri her o ferI' I it ,r1'
"11t4r f1' fromti 114lV to frIght."
h e io rrvel t half h111r Iwo nt1
'1t si i oi ninei f It r Tt I yi ir't coii ent to
IitInii lip the sitth IinltaZnd ii d tie keI
ill the n'ii e we wv i d ter d lf ' tremtintr
edl that his Uteri' wa~s around fil 0 n11
twihere, luit said she woiufir iot inte'1
the rocket. 5t- here we are. I ani sorr}
Nto h oet frightened you. find wr will
inke ourselve1s awny t- fas~t is 1)0544
hic I hope you feel no efTeet~s front
your fright."
'hoeil listened tt o the long speech
'ilth diru nenst et' ). The r'i w howl'
of the diuippointed boys fell upon hier
eunir with noursing chi'mr At lust
she looked ip. and l a inle trembled
ihol t her li'4 .
"'I Ini nfrnid I must n!' tptgize for
fieing such n 1 hfgymf' n The littil
hboy r iust think 11111 n l'renl Iful flioif
Ifhrt. thut thout' bhmb) fire horrible
frlfif lf'rry yof dfrowltuoe. l the tirewiork.
bhe'use 1 cf1111tld htf tIe g'lle ownl ' again
1k11,ovi' It hs ton, into niw to 'tay any
"'ore'" she asked, with aio anxiety
Phot wtnid have wsto t nled htr on rnh
Itrown h"d that gotd witean teen a
"No more in Little iifrtr. I hope.
hM 'r gi l t I i 'ple ' I fve got n rig box if
display firewolrks for tmnight that the)
e'nn eiliny. In the mteanthnue thy ('il
relebrite w tith firerrnekerM."
MLr e ott holuted himself tin to tllle
rock hoside P'hoche. sln' the'renpon ell
sued i eoenversatsiot t regnrefigrk. theolk
she hod been reelding and thy oilither
hooks moth of thema heel retand fie a'nt.
eel to) ren'l Moine day
The small toss stopplee their weep
ing will fired their rornker-s with rot
tling rollleys and snapped tinrrless for
pedoeM oni the ,ton1es with rntltetptit
oun prodignlity W\hrrn the bo'x was
empty they appr~onrhed the rock oln
which silt their uncle nurd the 51we'et
funrld lady who w15 the inother of their
"hungry, fire yon?" r.lepated Mir
Scott tgeniailly "Well, t'noe Morgan
retneh'llbe b141w the horn when dinne'r
wtai readly. When yon ho-u" the hall n
.Jist then 11he 11ill. echoed it blre
from in - he l frmbuih se, :Ind till little
hays darted awarty norrms the mleandw
Nil,. Scott tirlitw tit I'holthol "I ho0pe
our presence at tihl table wtoln't c1,111
your ettinymtent fort see, we didn't
know it wnsl you when we nreliepte
Mr. Taylor's invitation."
"Plea~se don't soy finy more.- begged
Phoehe its he helped her down froth
the ro'k. "It hit) been the :;tort excit
ing 1"otsrth I et er rl'rnt. aril I Mintill
be very Rind inde,'d If you fire going to
stay to dinner."
Leander Scott seenwud to tie very
much pleased over that remark. and
liwhen they reached the house they
found the 1mI1l1 hoi s hMiining with mollp
and dalllcillg a('(ta I l:i Illy about it Ihuage
tfrgI'ahel'ry x lim-takie It was a do
ihghtful dliner. and tha' yi0aali tA
quilte forgas i' I'hioaa fr her xsag 17,"a I
their (1isappointmentI
About 4 oia' ca is Mks Pi'ovIr l1 climb
ed into the runie hnat with Lent i 1 ai
Scott. while .Jiak nigd hilly sat ih tiiw
back with their feet dangiling-th' Imost
enjoynthe way of taking a drive If you
only know it.
Hannah Brown saw theta driving in
the gate. and her mouth open(-(] ;a1la
did not close until Phoebt en ue aad
told her -il that had happenedI
rLnte that evening. ufter the splendid
display of tireworks ihad been Uarned
and a grateful alience had fallen on
the two houses. Mr Scott toojk leave
of Phoebe on the front steps A bright
ihght in the dining roxgn threw the
cracked whldowpane into strong view
"HTave you notlued the shape of that
crack. Mis Phoele?" asked Lander
boldly an he held that lady's plump
little hand In hIs owan.
"Yes." blulhed Miss Phoehe in tha
"Do you teileve Inl omneasi?" he asiieud
again, reluctaatly dropping her laned.
"Somnetimes" breathedl Phoehe soft
ly an she entered the house ;g g( gegtl iy
closed the al'r
But 'she did not turn out the hasga
In the dlnitna room until he had cross
ed the bright latch of Ilght on the
grass and his own door had closed.
4" ,,Pitchfork" Ben Tililman
Conquers Illness
And Ilealthi Is Restored
VI nl I,444414443' 144411:0 111.11 14 '1114c
(4111 iii4 t'litI'4 1144' [i444 ,: 441.-.i!'1(
44444 4 14 1 t :1 qtr'4 11114' Ill \4 ''444 111 14
1V4411, "11191 11 1.I 41 o (44 -'4'n' x:".441 11't"
'1lt' h1144444 44'1f'411 tI '4I4'o 114444 ni 44' 4'l It4&
111i m oa' I. 4444(411444'44 (4 1 4 ' 111 :I4
"'(Ii 'r4'14444 'I' 3.4.1. 444 14 4 11 11 1444 11" '4llul 4444N
Rt4'14'(,4.41144 n 141 fill' 4'1k44 Iily 14l(414'444 III
1(14' 4414444lw1414' 41 4t1441 it (INKf1 ('4('4114 4u141
('44444111 I(4444 (444(44. II4m 4'44l114'4g414'N I'[
(44(44 144t t 144' 4444444444 (4n 4 (vl I't h im u:"ra:i.
'[11414 4444(4 (44'4'N (444(44m 44t'4'rl 1 I heir 4144144
,try 44144.1 Ii44, 44444 1.1 r444 1t 44'H4 4 14 it144
s4t'4'444'l ((44 lut. n'vitnl:'''. '(144 4'4414 11:4111
It, (:ri(4.
114t 111 ((44' p4'4441r 4'4'f,44''41 (44 '41411 '('(44
t444444' 44144s 411"t1". :II:14:ti.'i i.'ul (14.41(,-",1
141.4 I444g (44411144i '1441~ ~:''' 14411 114144 1'4
444f:t k1' i444441 (~r fight. Ain I41 4' 444444
444(44(44 4444 (44' hu414 '44o44 444 44444443' II 14"1''
N"h'414 tlhe 441414(4 414Z4144'4 14141 r14444' not
oil4 g4I'4'44. 114 414444, I'-.1 (V :4 4,V4t4144 44f
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44ar4y (':4, (444t thir:t.'4 (4444444414 it 4(4441.
11(-44I' 4141444kC'.
((4' I44 inn k 1I4 ~4414uI444,4ton4 doing44 (44441
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4411 '4'4lll (t'4 41 onl4'', :4 411(" 41' 4444 1 4( (:4411
%%I-I'1( All I (4i"4 I1.,' L1,44 444:414' (444"'i4i1!4'
ii(4 "'h4a''Z'4 44 4''4i4 n l,44,444 44 sItI (44444444
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''I 41141441t 4444:4:4 'Ii) '1 (.:44;4I'14'' lki~l
4444',' ma444 (h14' 441''444t4r 'I (4444(44'"..4'4 t-,
get t'4141 4444 if f 1443r' (44're 44 f1'wt t Pitr14
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saxAToR a. a. TLrrraj".
longer. I did both by a simple plan of
physical culture, and here is my syv
"First-Before getting up in the
morning take the head off the pillow
and stretch out straight. Begin by
kicking backward with first one foot
and then the other. fifteen times each.
During this and other movements.
where counting ls required, I draw in
the breath to the limit und hold it
while the movement 1s on from ten to
fifteen times.
"Secoind.--iPut the lieeil( upon the
led with the knees drn wi up; then
throw the knees :aparit as far is they
can he carried. ripentintg twenty tines.
"'Third.-'Throw Ii-st one fof a nd
then the other toward the h lad hoanr.
keeping the kinw- joints as straight us
Yon ran.
"Fourth.-Wlile still lyin'! on the
hark kick out with both feet as wide
apart a4s you cnut. and do the kick lug
with emphasis.
"Fifth.-Fasten the feet ntder somtn
thitnt and pull the trunk up to a sit
ting posture. drop hack and repent
four or five timnes.
"Sixth.--Throw the head hick with
the feet on the 1ed and lift the holy
clear so that the shoulders 41o wit
t4M4h. This will form an arch. rIt
penIt two or three tihtes. This is
elotch in l(d in the morning.
"Seentith.-Take eold hbath aw1 rub
flown lri-kly. ninli" volt do not like
cold watet or ihve not the facilities
to do it. Pult on underwear and take
fl liight pair of 414u1mb4t44s (the ti-'s 114
one hlif pontdafi in atv. lijPmint411
to the mtove ieitts. 1'. ia t)4 ft, .eC
the other m1t s1les which hove iOt vet
h0r10 (1t
"1lTh I j.- 1'h1'P st4ndni C'lt fo('ted
throw the -rit? (4 +rvt) Lv t*ie thiv<h
h-'k wv"''1 firt( ithteon up and repeat
ten t!hnls
"I ewe mr re'toratlon to the heiath
1 (lnol hlilrp to f4)1r th' u,. _-onu-ful
diet, drinking hot witer, d41"'p breath
1n¢ and phtlVial culture exerdcses I
have outlined."
Imporator Is 919 Feet Long, Beem 9
Foet-Can Carry 4.100 Passengers.
WýIfs I (' i ii ( rý I(Isuts 100 'tr
ru1i1111 flnl. the im e a o , th'
Ship f v er "t '11 111 I . ituil hi I it
ti II f\ i ":. le I I i iric i1 (' 11" ( : 1.
4i4 i. iut 1 1. rii" 4.r! (t Iiu I f l tet'
1(nrip :"ilik ftt" . .1'o the (Hilnl li(" nni
i li4 ill f At '1 T1'(At)1 4A Ii A I li 1 'i
14-11:tth of fheit(- IIpernt(r in 'tIl fr(*
Iinil her hoi n in ninet{ty 'ui t. fpi t. she
will enrry I.11 lMjuuNirsagers munl it crew
of 1.1114.
Sier keel wtes Iaxtl on .iume Is. 11110.
nl tillhe Way Inimihedl 4,n NIny 23. 10112
The 4 ast was:I abathi $ft.i~hitlONN
Irlhop. Inletitor exprei'in to ninke 22'){
knots no huitr and is ilriven by 13jntd
rup~le to Miles.
Your veterian skip uerii, with the rank
of full enpftntin in the (ternunn nuirine,
Ii':letl hp 4( muiniluore 1Innu hurter.
ti'nitinin Itituir "i', u til riee'i'tly
In ciouninu l of fliti iK:li rin Atiglu~te
V'Iitoria. 1ie lis fiftx twvo t4i'rxx nli nil
hat hliv n ti n iu t w ,IC e 1%11 1`4,i 1 fi 11tii-1
IT( %vns horn on the filIotod of F4"tnettli.
In Ivxiti lltir swat t Ie reetlt el his
Innnter's papers ini 1R»1 anil hali -1om
rnniletl in turn tlie rabiliurt Anteri
'in t et'nmilpi I'rinzsnqin V'iitorin tii
ise. Mioltke. ptincher nnil Knitiein An.
gmtte Victorin. In 11)00 he oitalneil
leave of nhainee for four years to take
part in the south pole expeditIon no
commander of the stenmer ners Fuor
his work on this expedition he rerelyi
edi the decoration of the Order of the
Red Engle. fourth ianss.
While the Itrperstor is the largest
liner in commission. the Hamburg
American line launched another leria
than. the Vaterlnnd. on April 5. which
is 950 feet long. Thus the Imperstor
will not long hold the palm In point of
size. The White Rtnr liner eliymple ls
R02 feet long. the new Cunarder Aqoil
tnnia 901 feet long.
Merl La Voy Carried Flag Within 300
Feet of the Summit.
To Merl La Voy, a member of the
Parker-Browne expedition to Mount
McKinley. belongs the distinction of
having carried a Panama-PNcifc Inter
national exposition flag to within 300
feet of the summit of the lofty Alaskan
peak. The trip was made from Sew
ard, Alaska. and took eight months.
La Voy and his companions went over
a route that was not traveled, and they
had to break their own trail through
an Alaskan wilderness. Often they
were oh' I ed It nait Itwo or three dtara
at n tihu fir -toiln, to puss hr 111a4l the
ti4o wi t4 set!h', :I4 it ..":i 114t 4:114 t4)
trxivi'l ,: 1. ; `. attivc i\ r Ott ,r44-ier
W\h"l!i w:, Ii itu fir 4.. iif the stormu'i
to itiar I:1 it i!'- 4 "it to xuiiL' :or
pwi-lot - ! 1 1:1t a fty it :it anti
surnirnit if flth' !t"n t lin.
The 1 nrtt ,.tn" 44.4 to tgot, leatr
Whi~ther inl i ;t 114 ( (00 r n~aini l antif
take a ilt ,xxnx:th 1f t!4. 1 iainnnt. but
at an eli'a : ri ii 4f i f-it t'hiv ran
iatii .. .i.tzz.r". .. tr .1 fI " fu,, tack.
Attempts to Determine
If Lobby [xists
At the Nitiardl Capital
lIII cnaIt," it by investlanting
cerilhit iii. C pcac hed iwiith ci
it"ý it atemptiig to deter
iinlie if ciuftiule iiluliCenie aret
irouiiht cIo b Iceuir in any m I eiiiiciir of lho
IUeited SMates HeC'ic Iti 1 dcii would tend
I to I in Ilie hi vCotc either ono way
or the ohIII . licci 4 ex inilied eacl inel
her oI thie Iioiy. The 4enitorii were
eciled in blc-i+ke of four beitore the seie
+i1l111onunaltce,. which0 eons4i4ted of Sen-,"
iatrt Ie'er ini of North I nrIitcna.
1 hnirmnln. Ieed of M11sourt mill Wa'ltrb
of Alanintan Iºteocrnt4. mud S1"nators
cim inIIIiiii I of loan nr1H Nelson of M1ne
twsotn,.114 IOp blilenn4.
TII Uioi cu4ti i hic ichi encu senator
wai cclled ion to n ihwer i-vereel every
iiiinde of the liciciby iiviehtigatcitii . liecb
eniitor wwi expected i11 divulge fell In
formaoition plertncnit g I)t his l uilnesm, if
it hi any way IN reiuiteci to the tariff
Iuest Cocl. The MjeC hi iiiciiiitttee was
nflijCntedl by the Meinate following a
statement iitln by President Wilson
in which the president cintrged that an
blcciiiIonuc eloddy WitN ini cx iltence' in
Wacihington With the altliiite alto of
tlefeiting the I emeocrttle tartif bill.
Jikewise the senators were called on
to maike known the names of any per
non or C/eriinl who laud in any way
used infleince in nn effort to defeft
ecrtaiu .44 Ni 4iclc icc In the Underwood
hi II. They were aNked to gi ie any
other iitirmic n ini ii Ii their leiMoession to
id the cccniiticie to na Complish its'
purpioe o thoron utlty probing the ex
ltencie or nonexIct ncate of the lobby.
Whil iIie virIiln Neditors lvelre being
Pxiniilled and in thle, eourse of their
tectiucoony other cices were mentioned
Photos by Amer can Press Association,
IsATs roses IExvaNTarTn No oOMrMf
Overton at top, Cummiaas and Reel its
enter. Wilson and Walsh at bottom.
-names of men who had discussed the
ariff bill with members of the senate.
When such a name was mentioned a
uhpoena was immediately Issued. sad
he man was called in ar a witness.
Each senator was asked it he was
nterested in the manufacture or sale
)f any article nwnoti'Ted in the tariff
'till. to state the nature of such inter
Nstt, aol If he hail sotight in any man
cir to iofluentt r" tuither senator's vote,
Ilreritly or indlirttitly. 'rhey were ask
ii to vii'' the uitntes of :II }"i persons
,v ho hinT :IIinarIdl hofore thorht during
he (u.nt Sr' I ii for the putrpose of
h tnf tl t ieci lse:Ilti I itn.
'T c Iii' Low of roy, or have you
In' i Tinrion tooif the use of any
roney or thing of vilhie or of any oth.
*r ITproi lr in':: s or inethotlti to In
itcnr i" :itctiiin p1ii ;Ily l'gislation now
irenline. In r'ougress'. especially the
Tai" rr 't'iw" oni' of the broadest (Jues
tiont thu t the cornmtitte'4 had prepared.
Also the stnators wire, aukted if they
knew of rmoney e'pt'iled in newspa
!tert to intlttne'e the iouttlo' opinion or
The inttieiTTntiron was of the, broad
est fn Ture. I-uth i oa tor was tinder
rmnth will xxa': iie h 'tai to ji'e all 1,
forinttit n h hily Tii' uTi on ' The p"
rnmination of ,ii of the, ninety-nix
setnitors t'ay thnithid to tlfft'en Inun
Th.' ' tornimitT T it t' h Tiitttvit made
knt' n it- wTiillin;nru"e to liar I'reed
1uint W'ilT'on The' bir'iiiii TtF 'ii wits
Invited to girt' a'n' i'f+r'i,:'ion con
reingn th I 1i iT T 'tt ' o' l he of
It +!': ui ct 'ii ' the ''n rse
of tTw ii' !' ' .ir r Itiom
h'rs of r,"., r fourdl !+rrative
Tier, " I- t , .i " i t . i n,us i xe
rre? . !"r .: . i ..'' '1 t!eeh. e upart
tirh . " ! rT e r.
Sl ri't !} i' (tof ritr'e nt
ntiv'ow f, r" irr'_re Ir trr tu },,for , " coml
uniti a' ii i o m or the in
t("rx' tali' + e rii: t rn ''i I 'rtr ijt T ifii'

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