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The Caucasian. (Shreveport, La.) 1900-192?, October 05, 1913, Image 6

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Murff (8 Thurber
521 (onin ru al Natirnal Bank Ilhg
,Long I atanw e PIht e 701)9
Shreveport, La.
W. A. tlabry
Omfee: CourtA House
'Long Distance Phone No. 6'(1
J. U. Foster R. I). We'hl
Foster & Webb
40(1 Commercial National ltank IBhlg.
Cailu ,erliand Phonie.
Where to Buy
1.1: I'l1EI11 GO(IDS.
Leonard Wortman
Corner of Tea and Spring Str reet
Silitl E IPOIl'T. LA.
Tombstones, Coping and
Iron Fencing
Shreveport Monumental Works
A. 1icGUIRT, Prop.
All Orders Will Be Appreciated
Old Phone 716
873 Texas:Ave. Shreveport, La
Elwood Standard Hog Fence
.b Fence will stand the test. Try It
G. W. Hardy J. S. Atkinson
Hardy;& Atkinson
Rooims 301-3 Commercial Nat. Bank
Shreveport, La.
Will Praetlce in the State and Fed.
eral Courta
in Shreveport- Don't Forget
Anything in Sheet Metal
Houseman Sheet Metal Works
Old Phone 1514 Shreveport, La.
1016-17 ComnerciAl Bank Buildingl
The Caucasian
Printing Co.
203 Milam St.
The Wrecked
A Night of Adventure on
the Honeyspot Road.
Abner liurton had quarreled with
.ean l'rhidlh. ali I had sided with hiu
anud lia:f thus1 f'aliln lillt of lthe graces
of lHinlrielta l'rimille. J l( 1's h;allutiful
Stimen. w\t were hy lrim o home.r
but the rold was famli'arl and we
ni1| illl-i ;ffa:ir that all four of is
were acquainted t with moi.est andof t
1ll llt 1 I i l 'r.ioll l il' i) our ilitL)p li"
Ahndmar s. Neithered hof s hadig muhotor
toar an sbutd over the the carg sland
roads to Montauk Point. It was late
when we returned and broequite dark by
the time we were halfway home.
The night closed in dark and foggy,
with a spatter of rain now and thenners
but the road was familiar, and we
were acquainted with most of the
landmarks. Neither of us had much
to say, but Abner drove the car reck
lessly and broke records.
We tore up a long incline to the sum
mit of what I knew to be Skinner's
hill. The road on either side was
bordered with thinly scattered yiong
oak trees that thrived in the sandy
soil. It was a had bill, for it d,..-e i' -
cii sl-e Ieply n. I. tlhe I ih r i ii . i :itil th11 v ri
h:lc l he io'. ,: . I, ' l at i'l t! 'u thatl
r ii'-t_; : t T. 1he hi; c,: r in .l, it'
ih ic-it :1l nviileit i ieavy imcclhi
h1I:t sh1)t1 o1; ut. oftt:1 .larkln!-. :Ilh ad.
Inakl, it tl ' road once I.1(e the ' ' l vhiri -
ingl tire s ilt hirtd in thle powdiereid
oystler shell,. 1 felt lhe tIitihiling
thrill as Abnlr let her oult to the very
linit. We woere nearing the foit of the
long hill when another paicir of htnd
lights emerged from the night. My
compani, n fullnlelI with the lovers,
mnultteinlug softly at his own imnpru
dn(lel. Olw-i.' morie our car swerved'
sharply to tlhe right and then plunged
ntil thick darkness.
We Jarred over a spong3f carpet of
last year's leaves, while low hanging
branches slapped our faces. We
bounced over a crumbling obstruction,
hung on the verge of space for an in
stant and then dropped into abysmal
I awoke to a strong odor of gasoline
and my friend's voice, holding a qua
vering undernote of anxiety.
"Wake up. Billy! You're all right!
You can't be hurt. old fellow! Here;
/ p J6y s
ED, 1ME O lS."
drink this!" I heard the unscrewing
of a metal cap and a tinkling clinki as
the silver chain dropped and the cap
struck the tlask. Then Ablner's irop
llng fingers caught Ile tirinly and as
sisted ome to rise.
Accustomed to the darkniess. my
eyes now made out the dimn outline of
Ilurton'tu's form. "lur;t. ,old mn-"" I
"Not a scratch. Lan'lcd squalrely in
the softest. ooziest little puddle you
ever siaw. fGot a mlatch,'1"
I found miy matchbox The feeble
:i:ht fl;ircd up afdl revealed the 'cetne
of our eI:tastronhlo-a great hollow
scooped out of the li illide --si;,ping
jhianks of yellow sundtl I'ruing ul, to i
young oak forest. The flare died out
again. Abner strdck iootler wlmit Li.
Thlit' tllme we saw the mul.,.tine.
buried hub deep in the sand. the bon
net crumpled like paper: the ruin of a
long, low building, freshly broken
earth on the edge of the embankment.
thirty feet above; the track of the fall
ing car and darkness once more.
Another match. Burton's pale face
absurdly plastered with mud. the flick
er of light on little pools of water
among the treed and beside us the
faint trail of an abandoned wood road.
Abner flung away the dying match.
. =11 - --- _ tI | ii
"''N tris, tr irll:.: fi. , .rItl.'h1n.i In this
t luiri. lilt I i ' , '-en ' fil,. 1 t'i,
rei:jil ,1 i .n if it xwil not bir'iu. r:- ouit
to t; I wlil :Ii V "
It ihead. I said,. iiand c we left
the scenle of dis:i.lt-r. The wooid road
wa'is softly elrrleted wtih dead leavesn
anid cunlingly laced with wild black
berry anild ct brier, for nothing else
could scratch auid tear and devastate
as did the vines that hedged our path
A thick fog rolled in from the sound
and cluring moistly to us. It was a re
lief, as It seemed to lighten the dark
ness of the starless, moon forsaken
I ploddilr'd along ibehind .% i riier ltrir
tori's iilky forin., which mRl1nvi 'd like n
flat sliiidlow ill tihe fig,
l'oir i li t~ i en "i-r,' fa,,ll tweil fIs, l,1l
wi)(il i're l4, mliitly 11i ..hm c. I)11 i ,t ~-'.t
;inn l:i1 .\11 ,1 ,"1;< )l41;('4'1' c:'4t elnx itl
eIl rol. 11 1 he 'on Ii' nil I -it i'll, y I'
thr , h 1 luc1 that ih l n v,. rlt nl ,n 1.
I iut l h e n olt 1 i ur . IoIt, Ii i, ! ,rin ::
hlil it I. ,isr- ir iitl'., xrvr 'l ii il' II ,, 1ii.'
the 1(70 of olur piaoli': ni1e nt, too unht
that hi. remlark s 1Er " iii t1n11 1 urc
ly I x1 is lithe inrci Et Vf tiI of t e nll
ridelt for which Alnrli's I saivge I fraii(,
of mind witisl a ilone ries,.nllrihie. Siirely'
telmpted was I as I situmbled all Ini
the brlers to remind him oif hi respoiin
sibiltity for our disagreeaible tramlp in
the drizzling rain.
So we proceeded on our trani-llt
may have been an hour, but it seemnied
much longer-along the old wood road,
which seemed to grow worse as we pro
ceeded. Once we got off the track andli
wainderod for n tnie In the birusfh ie
fore we againi got on the rioad. llid ias
It waS. it was oullr ionly hirlp'. To lose
our vway linelllit iI r1ust n Illil srt.,llt
night in tie' wvet arid gloomy wr o ils
w-itihout fire or i shtielter I:inrlly t li,
i.4(!l il'4r; ,alnld a Iittl,. :m4l ..,o 1 \re
ric:1 111 iii r nI L h r ll ' ; l . i I \'.
i l4 i II'\. \ ', ll1,1 ýtl) ll +,i4 ),, I n , :!11 ,
( lrtn1 r n" t ir ir :triny 1 1 i
" "..r 'll 1 ,llu ii "i h n4 "'i i I, . , 1i t
- < 1 i l d n '16'4 1 i hll!, 1 " ,1, t" 1 I -
sI t.1 f" -0 1 - ;t \1 " rut ii l 1
i II I lti I .t .i . 1 lt .\ l, , .. i l
- :] i 1 ii : l I ii- '. :111i1 \\ , I '..- ,. il" - ,
1ovi ,r" the, i t'11111 ol :i i, : ' ' . ,, i
f ill'hllym iil u)1 iln n' i l ii II, i lIIr
Swriuldre 'l iuri scn e a irso ` ir ir
m apll h:1l1t chant. ".\ 1h, -_ . 11i"l', 1' r ! .
,e.l 'le ' not in i it so r:id fi. : ii-ri in."
"I h ols , they w ill pii l I oi i!,, rtir 'it
road,'t I miltterel, ; iv i:nc ov',r fien lxt
st eileied i to Ibe ile i'nt :re 'l"',r xv itr l
ledve. "I d ' that see any i ll,e. .i
Where l here's a heilr. oii tlhe(let a
house.' lhe gruated. "Fotllw l4,."
I ftllow(e1. pawing naln. the w.rt
stickiness of the idg e huntil whe tirn
ed into thea irrow opening ald trInd nli
a groveled path tht .loited to vwind
sinuously around shadowy clumpsi I
boxwood :ind1 tall shrubs pucinient
smelling and dripping with moisrure.
All at ondce, without even a warnin
grumble, there eame a heavy clai of
thunder and a bright filash of lightning
that revealed a large, old fashloned
brick house.
The dimensions of the structure were
lost In the blurring fog. but now we
were chilled by the silence of the place.
There was no bark of watchful dog.
stir of restless cattle or midnight gos
sip of henroost. All was quiet--dead
ly still.
In the Intermittent flare of lightning
we mounted a short flight of stone
steps to a broad, covered veranda.
Something white was squarely outlined
against the blackness of the door. Ab
ner sacrificed a precious match, aid
we peered at It:
To Be Let.
Apply to Jonadab Little,
No. 001 Broadway,
v...., v...4 l'ir
"Well. of all the luck!" growled Ab
ner impatiently.
"We can't sit out in this drizzling
rain," I objected. "Let's get inside the
house and keep dry anyway."
"Not a had idea of yours. I don't
suppose it's occupied." he cnsented
and led the way on an investigation of
the French windows that opened on
the veranda when they did open. for.
of course, they were now securely
We had circled 11h hoI;se twice anlI
were debating the PrI:'dtnte of brea:k
ing in when there cailne :t s- l'rtlie
shriek from within. It v.- a 0 ihd
weird cry that setnetd to, etho, thTroita:h
tunte an ttod halls anld spent it(-'f in
distal t il ltn'urnllrint s Ihat aI t Is.tt 'It1l
aiwtly into silence.
"WVe must get intihi niyway," it
etided Ablner. "There is a om,11iin in
lie pulled opil n n <et:l:iir sh ltter.o
pIut his hl'ow thr ch t | { l, *n {n ,,~ .
fuitbled for tlhe t'.k, : I e'' l itIv i1
long wtnidtow s\V II w, 11W rd. et l iti inl
1 dlllll , mllusty 11.".or its 'of loh ts, c' ,,t'l
1 followed lhit. and it.1c'th er we lits
itated in the eilvt Ilh .,a k.n ' - of the
dark rnleut Aiotl ,.iRel for a
tcllth. w I a otc' Il ,' t' It n , lful
cry Ihurst irth t d :
and guided ,is in.I t i ,i,; h ilaon:'L. a
curtainted do-wtt it what woe knew
to Ibe the i1
Abtter's tin l lar-e 4,. di-c'tosic a
flight to ; 'I f" [ t' mt'l:1 ',a {t
Iwas tossed , , :-.. . ,-., : i
WVe c ro, I t~%"" it ti , stair aw y.
post. fotuni the ctips :tal tiltted up
our tread etroint. ftr,-t the lane hairdQ.
At the top wt .'tru-k a lengrth of car
peted hall rtnnlliltn right a:t left of tie
stairway. I movel forward several
steps anid wa:ilk-stitff into space to faull
clattering doti'n nmother bight of stairs
to the very bottoiml, whete, bruised
and shaken. I lay and gasped for
Out of the silence that followed my
f a i' o n lr'e sjTl , , tn . lthr )'y ---a o.vor hstlT l
Y,"i,., wv bth 1i, illutb :t m1, ~f fear.
" I h lve a 1istol, ;111 I sI tll shot Uf
You 'o.n 't go 1IVun ;1t onc4-"
" l' ' are at n )1 1 Ihats.' fit lgiz. id
Albner'. "W'o a:e imotorists who have
mnet with an an.cident ail clllle here
for shelter."
"Motorists on the 11oneyspot road?"
asked the voice derisively.
"We lost the inlain road, and our car
tumbled over an embankment. We
heard cries here and thought some one
was in trouble."
"Our troubles will be over If you will
leave the house at once," cut in aln
other female voice.
"Then we can be of no service to
you?" askledl Abner.
"'No, thank you.'" said the first voice,
rather t h kily ' "I'l i, t.I,:" '
" 't'l 'al ini ly - po,: t`,ln n1 " f~r" intrli', Illn ,"
a11l ..En,'r prilni v n ag:ln ý,,, t~ fall
.1|t 11w.• tsir-. ,,ins t o of u1,f iv.;ir
"),I ,l:!r, th, . nr: , t" ry l khat .," we
lit n tr, :1n ,1 ; h-..IHInt^" . 1,, c rl'v t :a' way
t, fian,{ :t 4 I, , ; , i,,,. o i n t It,. n i bh t
I I I ,"?'e \1 ': in . c h it h o u I-:s I 1 li ly
life. I havl'e i.1en tlher'e iriinc'o lldl seen
4 -
k I - -
it by diy'light, wlhei. roltbbed of its hor
rors of lr'ject'tirg I'ur'iture anid locked
and helted "nml double locked and
double bolted doors and( windows. it
resolved irito a neglected country
lhouse. But now we strayed to and
fro In the darkness, for Abner had
used his Inst match, and we had no
guide in the velvet bla:ckness of the
night. At last we subsided on to ad
Jacenit sofas in a roorr that proved to
he the library, and there we rested
until dawn struggled through the thick
damask curtains. At Intervals through
the night we had heard the repetition
of those weird cries from tihe second
story, but we did not dare face another
Interview with the Indignant ladies.
We rose to our feet, lame and stiff
and sore, to make our exit from the
lonely house that seemed to possess
some baffling mystery. As we fum
bled with the thrice locked and bolted
front door. In order to make a digni
fied exit from the place, we heard foot
steps on the polished stahso and turned
Four startled eyes, blue and brown.
met our unbelieving orbs. There was
Jean Prindle, bewitchingly disheveled.
with a pale blue dressing gown over
her serge frock. There was her cousin.
Henrietta Prindle, in a royal purple
gown over her serge frock, and both
of them looked scared and vexed and
very glad to see us. And Jean was
carrying a pair of silver tongs-her
deadly pistol of the night.
"What are you doing here?" de
manded Henrietta suspiciously. and.
having their perxmission to explain. Ahl
nor and I did so at gralat length and
with such graphic details concerning
the acridlent that the two girls tret
Ilied with fear at our narrow escape
from decatlh.
In turn they explain(ed that this houise
hellilced to llenrietla. ~i1d as they had
feltl the l ed i fr ( mtntor run that day
they hid ('cinT)o down to lit it in onlder
for the Sliii er ll f nth." l)I IIS eurie tta
inld a tein' t fIr-it. Wh'rt thyv realh
el the hi:it ie, lafilr sendingi the fli;mo"
hoi. ar-t they intet'1ded 'etluining the
nlii-! t alnd goiln bh:uk, lvy Itril., they
fouind thiit tnhe iartalker. old Mary Ml
iloey. hLad heI w l i huo lneunted. I n
fortrunately they did n,,t ilmke this dis
I. Iry until Mary Maloneyi i:i l locked
thlcu; into the room lpst-i. i : fromI
which they hnd ] iair]ed only to stl,
.sefqcutly entrlp helr and lIok her with
in its safe lunclsure. It was the cries
of thl eunr:aged Mary Maloney that we
had heard.
'All further explanuationsr must wait
until i fter hrcikfast." shid .heltY when
wei had linihi d. and there camine an
nal .ir l pau*. "I'll prepare it. and
l rIIIIitti c oit discus- s lthe' lh st mealnsn
' ,ttini Sl')ry Maloney away 'id
. d.i, kIeling;. She hu-s no people.
,l I want toi take arle f her."
"I'll hi l you get lraikfast." volun
t--e .\ iAer. alndl he f(uiliwed .leaa to
the kitchen. hleaving IlHenrietta and tre
Julone on the st:lirs.
"Now. let s diso.n.s the case of Mary
Maloney." said iHenrietta. avoiding my
"Not until we have discussed the
case of iHenrietta Prindle," I said firm
ly. and my sweetheart gracefully
((lll Ot'I I j i
Sa mt tit - it. h ,r '\t 'n Thi n :-;inp t.1-:
IJnon - IPolit i,\ mi It li itialn.
.. ' , \\ - I I- ,
I- lJ in l'l'llip . ;I,' ', I' 11 1.lt i ll, |t l',,< l
.lnt of th+, l+,,ar', of Co+uniy i;,,n -
miI uI.$ HI'I. Th0' I'+uItyI canII notH .'t
'ireIh r!venul t o t rN tll i nt - It"
ant find.. it mip, l>;ibl,' I, pay h,,r
ly incr'l' t-iln!. Th,, rece, t sl . od" th ,'
eilt. ;ll'p +,IurmIIIu bill !lk! m1111.%
,,lh ,r i '... <'ill+'.+ lC nte;i., . In- l y l
Hr ll;lii i..
l ll i', . , I x- I- r, lth i uttI IHi -t .
:t,,O i-i I +i ii ll, tr . 4 1n'1,i ' rEl
,' i 44 l',;l l, t+ Tti\l hi't Sl E ; 1 44, y.i!H
.' I I', t . rill" I" ,",+i li i l ri lt,' i -,
". fr _,,\,r ;Ji l t el. \lin '.th r,. ift -,
,i... ,. If lh,'ir ,,.riip <':ll unl be,
lriktn tli eily i t " ilhoi l hoi
C:hwag+ \wilh all h,'r gre,.n ,.+-. is
bankruipt andl .dhe has lh, blo., ii+
1"111+] - I I.,. 1 .,j
i-Isto t a k o h i-li iihlii it
hih it' nohuh it- thu-le-f.
Nointil Cenler.. Thnn foH .Moiel~v.
T'li, 't 1l- zi nl,: Twil n. r -..
,,lt ,4. l~i\ . x I ; . itlt i IIi, \\ I tI, ll,,i-t.i
plt, I l'l wrHh in',ll u
in 811 :treji ort full uj hoeti ' tif It
titys,, an 15- i la ilon- w ll' o n-- e
full . T, e I nf' l ti a tn r le lt \ iltit
4 ('. p l,,i l lI, I.p.+',Inh. 1, r Vi'o' n.-,,Iu'
S't eIm l e , \\l wijon 1.1 I nthit
,,r+ . \\ . . - m u n t h++, lai , \, u,+
fel l, ltu next. is : in +77 ,Ti le
t, in fall o lf | p ht e .'er 11-2 WitS t'.1I
i ull i l s. l l +mk , l ,
Z'+','l bl'. forIl, thill,, a l s. \ . I: .\.
w alllllll' be 1 I~n iol . 11hi, .,. i 11 ioil il-l
re tr1 o II N Io a Y. W . ] \ ~ ll',~~i+ 1/1 .l.:<'l
ll~i',. I';. Aliss Mlal',.il' t \\ il<.n.
thl, ibll!, l iI uii l or.ll' i,. ll livt'ly ili
iri'l,.ld in hIn Nolionau l ,Soc(inil (.,
1.,1 As\. itl, ioiini \ hii'h \\-i blh lbI rliw
theci u tr n'alll.- i leiighboh ood ganl t hl!l' l
oiinlx lp ines. ,',1it is vic'i c.haii'mnl n
f h' I ll+, h, i..hla iv., c, uniiiilel thti is
\\'oikingi n t h l ii. +uin.
Septlelliwrl Itinllh'lI.
As i'eportled'l offic'hally by ,!. \V.
Cl'nik, Ilocil lfnlr,.,aitel, tht, 1,ainfaill
in Shi',\eleport foir Stllpiilmb r of thii.
",o.,ari aggrlegl'al+tld 16.11l iiichi+,,. 'lthr, e
wor'+ !! ('lear da\y,-, ,5 p rlylr{ cIloldy
dayis', aiind 15 daiys onl whic'h Onl+
hundr+,dth of1 tan inc'h or more rain
fell. Th+, rainfall at Shr+,veport has
+,xc'+eetde all ,.epte'mb++r r++co.rds. Th,+
n+'xt g~reatl+.t rainfall i.s etwoanel+,d
Setel+mb+r t880, whlen| I1.<0I inche'.
f+'ll, th,, next i~s9.:95 in 1877. TII+
rainfiall of Sepllteibe'r 1912 walis 1.17.
(flli~il I'ioWPC4IinlI or tIhe IE'41 '110
ield %l'editne5sfht ()O. 1. 1913.
At. a t 5111ifl I ''l ~ f t1'(;+1
I f \'I'l lit :1111 I' I I II' 1 t 1 1IIy
( 11 I II"I 111 , f t l'111 \ \' I'l' 111i~·. III .1.
1ll. `+111(1 111. 1+i~l:l'i I'I'''+'!t ..1.;1I. .. 1
I Ii i f'' III i-\ IIIII fI f-u . I· I1
IIIm-f1 wif fthu I c'c .1I1 1f I f\'
1itt. V if i . \I . K+t , f I l' i nit - i ,I 1.'n
11'11'1'11; ~~i:l'. %11111 I;''.\Il- I+1! t';l'-l
%+111 ý l 1·1,·( 1 : 1111'1'1'.\\ ý'!' +' ,III · + r~
1'1'1';111+'\.jff t+'1 11'11 %1 ·1111+ (1.11' ·1 illy
1 1rr1 ý 111 1 11' Il ll l, 111 ' 1 1'' 1' 1 1`i '11/ l : '
Nuitli' itt ?ffiir·-- t~i-i 1
Harniti. Oht1 iiey. t t . Is-- '------ 111'
X 1111)' 'tl 1 I'l l', fi lil(·.. _ _,':._. 111 '. L
II1ý', x 1111 l h 1" 1'11!!1 'a+lu i < I11''_r l;(
! 11 1\ f 1 " 1 .1!ll :''Il '"1'"
.I >. I I M "1 I.'.
I fit' 1'1'1 '1 1 .l I41I4 .'V ý .4'. f4'1144 ;I4.
411.4 ". .- \\, "II V. ,4 44 11 4. 1 . .1 \I.
111, '411+ . + 1" .1'. Iv .1 II. .
aI '14 11 i' i.' I '' [I'l lit.' I44 ,1 1'r' a 14'4l .4!g
hlt f1' r'1nt r11 tl'rl \\1.111'11 1 h'' a'11·(1 I!ir
'. 1 4 Ilr 4n4 4I41 ,1' ' 4.'. 1414 I 1it' 4 11j 41' V.4
11 .1 rI 1ý14 I' 111 . 'f ,11 .l i. 111 ',I'I'II I .
1. :111; " 1' I\ 1'!"'I\ Iil_ : t'l1 lý''' III I1.'tt
'1 11 11114 1 4.4 11 44s -. I :I l .l .' \ 4' 1 " " j 4"' ' I \. 41.
4,t.'14 I';4-1\Il 4'
Ii. l.I'I1 '\ 11,1 444 4 . 1' I-.
44111 11144 ,ý' 114" 1 44 I 'I I _,':
'"41 I'II. I II" .1 II .1. .1 I:ý ;,1 ' 'I l\'
II.4'\I'44 ''4 . 4 t 4 4 4' ,4!
1111 414441"..11 4 .1_ '11 4 ' I -
"11; 1 1 1'" · 1 ~11 \ .I .! 'I 1', ..~l. t.l
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l'111' l44\vll: g hill wore readI a!
liW444l and441 4414141441 pa ill: W. A. KIer
1v y. 4,lIf g4414 9414: 'the Caucasian
Printing (Co. $7.11.l) F. F. Hansel! &
P'resij ent Sent 4'! report ed to the
Ihoardl tIhiat lte ii ad P4 11chas1 $500
5 p41' ('ent bond44 of Caddo Levee
Hoard at 1.0i plus accrued interest.
(I)lliltmotioiol f .J. .1. Lay, slecondelld(1 by
W. V. 14obM4, Presuident seit eils
11a14on was at iatied thte board.
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411 o i ' 1 1 , 4t a
ii4 4i i 4 , 4i . 'II I
\4. 44 44 44 I I". ~ .
rI W.4 A. 41.4 'W lY r' ,- 4' .'4

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