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. . . . . . . . . . - .- . . .. -
Wholesale Dealers in
Dry Goods, Notions and Furnishing Goods
Corner Spring and Crockett Streets
- a, gets , rich thes~uglh HB e man utays poor th ogh
sdos spulesto a u e add he slow methods of aving, a
m ay POOR. h.unded get RICH.
The Wie Man Choss the Better Part, and Places
Hib Mmey in the Savings Bank
Shr.veport. La.
Henry Rose
moved to
tI miter-Busbey Bldg.
Foot of Texas Street
ST-h"pifying of Funeral Rites
of aemI.m svaa emastms and the adoption of more
"a ess eamTly metohis t *ee of the features of tihe ood ser
Srleh we have lwais .tei.
AL a C' O'D 3iwardsl
; Wool, Tallow, Beeswax, Furs
e to sellers the best prices obtained in St. Louis,
Vicksburg, Galveston and Houston markets.
S_ Undertaker
Clv ( r t 8A1 YiýOR, LOUISIANA
\ + axk yIadi.
O1LY 3.I
Jbry .~i
· * ~ Md!>a~·p
" Office of The Caucasian.
Shrevpeort, La., Nov. 8, 1913.
Shreverp t o Market.
Market closed quiet 3-16 off.
Reeeipts 1,.'9 bales.
Low middling . .. .... 12 i-16
Mdini .-g -------------- 12 15-16
Good middliiig - .... 13 5-16
steck on hand Sept. ......------
_ceeted: this day "- '1,17.
PRec'd ireviously ____ 73,i 74,003
Total tok to. d _at------- . 76,065
Shipments to date'.-- ----__ 5,120
iNet stock on hand ------- 25,103
Same day last y . ____ ----- 21,175
Since yesterday ---, 1,167 -
an day last year' 1546 • _
far this week- 1,17 ...
T far u.a.1.4 year 1,5.6
hSice *epitbea i . 74,a03 75,80.
Fit stock sn bn.- 25,103 o it75
13 #Ila
Several Thousand Membel of the
Order to Participate in Celebration
Sov. Com. J. Cullen Root, Father of
Woodcraft, Will Arrive Today.
Tomorrow, Monday, is Woodmnan.s
Day. From every section of the
State there will come hundreds of
members of this fraternity. The
States of Mississippi, Texas and Ar
kansas will be represented. It is I
estimated there will be from tive to
six thousand members in attendance
at the State Fair.
The committees in charge of this
event have completed every detail
of the programme. The committee
consists of L. P. Butler, oistrict
manager, chairman; Joe I). Fields,
T. R. Jones, Charles Stoer, J. F.
Welch, J. W. Cronk, Max Goslin, T.
M. Tucker, J. B. Hebert, W. M. Mr
Dohald, M. A. Kear, M. G. Leopard,
O. M. Posey, J. L. Clarkson. W. C.
Hanna, Joe Artele, A. F. Stevens, Joe
Mustachio and Andrew Stewart.
In attendance at this gathering
will be Sovereign Commander J.
Cullen Root, father of Woodcraft, 1
and Geo. F. Wooley, manager of the
organization department, both from I
Omaha, Neb., who will arrive today :
at noon over the K. C. S., and who
will be welcomed by a special com- -
mittee. Sovereign P. B. Showalter, 1
Head Consul, will reach Shreveport i
at 12 o'clock tonight. Sovereign H. F.,
Simrell, State organizer for Missis
sippi and Alabama, will arrive today
over the V. 8. & P. railway.
The exercises as programmed will
be as follows:
930 a.m.-Parade will start from
intersection of Texas and Sprague
streets (head of Texas).
11:30 a.m.-Programme at Colise
um. The welcoming of Sovereign
Commander J. Cullen Root by Hon.
Lieutenant Governor T. C. Barret, in
behalf of the State, City, Fair Asso
ciation and Woodmen of Louislan.
Address by Sovereign Commapder
J. Cullen Root, father of Woodcraft.
Address by Head Consul I). B. Sho
walter of Alexandria.
Adjourn for dinner.
Special-At 1:45 p.m. all Woodmen
will assemble in front of Coliseum
to allow photograph of the bunch
to be taken.
2:00 p.m.-Reconvene at Coliseum
in secret session.
2:30 p.m.-Introduetion of class of
about 900.
3:00 p.m.-Conferring of protec
tion degree by the W. A. Frazer de
gree team of Farmerville, Texas, thet
champion degree team of the United
4:30 p.m.-Adjourn to take in the
8:00 p.m.-Reconvene at City Hall
for initiation by Texarkana, Mar
shall, Natchitoches and Shreveport
degree teams. I
Police Jurors Indicted.
Leesville Leader Nov. 6: The grand
jury now in session in this city re
turned bills-of indictment against E.
E. Lanehan on a charge of offering a
bribe, and Police Juryman J. H. Tur
ner of Ward One, J. M. Marcus and
T. J. Addison of Ward Two, J. A.
Wilson of Ward Four and G. R. Car
ver of Ward six. The bills were re
turned yesterday.
The indictments grey out of the
pi'sistent etlort: on .the part of cer.
rain members of the Police, JuF- to
pass., a resolution: I.ting a.contract
to estimate the tismtr lands of. Ver-,
n6n Parish in order, as the matter
was put to sound more feasible to
the public ear, to reclassify the land.
The contract for this work was
let some months ago at 3c per acre,
a fgure that would have cost the
parish something like $30,000, had
not such pressure been brought to
bear upon the jury that the contract
was rescinded at the same meeting
at which it was let. At. this time
there was a strong suspicion of the
existence of graft; in fact the jury
was warned by District Attorney
Lyles that they must keep within
the bounds of the law.
Disi. t Courts.
The District Court, judges T. F.
1ell *nd Johnb La I.,a will hold a
btrl uesso* Mepdly to beer mo
-alli P h ned
Four Days of. Succietis--the Wfeatiel
Splendid and All That Could Havi
Been Desired-lndieatione Favol
Four More Days of Fair Weather
Great Gathering of the t/Peuiy
The fourtlh day of Itl e 0 1te -a1il
is another recorId tl eulces'. 'l'h
weather yestetrday was ideal. fht
Caucasian forecastel five fair Sty!
for the Fair. but it will re iiue ili
reckoning by adding tliree additiona
days to the five, which will give
eight days of splendid weather foi
the Fair. This is an unprlc'iedent-cl
record, which io being appreciatte
by the Fair Association as wel as
the visitors.
The Fair in its entirety has ef
ceeded every conservative anticipa
tion and is a marvel to the visitors
Especially pleasing is the expositior
to the officials of the State and t(c
the gentlemen, visitors from other
States who have come to see and tC
be informed practically with what
Louisiana offers to intended invest
ers and to homeseekers from tht
North and West.
The attendance at the opening day
was good.
The second day beltl. indeed
The third was a record breaker.
The fourth was equally as good
and the fifth, today. promises to be
unpreceden ted.
Tomorrow is Woodman's IDay and
will draw thousands of Woodmen
with their families and their friends
to the Fair.
In every department of the Fair
the exhibits are creditable. There is
something new to be seen every
where. In the main building some
of the exhibits are gorgeous. In this
building Shreveport. is well repre
sented, namely:
Henry Enders Furniture Company.
Hutchinson Brothers, jewelry.
Schwartz Optical Company.
Hearne Dry Goods Company.
Bauman-George Piano Company. -
Trichel Drug Company.
Peyton Drug Company.
Ideal Laundry Comparty.
Johnson Furniture Company.
Hart & Kaufman Co.
Elliott Electric Company.
Shreveport Saddlery Company.
Carter-Allen Jewelry Company.
I)oyle's Millinery Company.
I)raughon's Business College.
'Louisiana Cot.ton Oil Company.
Shreveport Fertilizer Company.
Louisiana State Life Insurance
Prohibition League. Booth.
Christian Science Booth.
Scientific Temperance booth.
The Shreveport Times.
Baird Dry Goods Company.
Excelsior Laundry.
Other exhibits are:
Imperial Self-heating Flat Iror
NatllOnai 8,asn t.egister oto.npazy.
Ewing Incorporated Photograph
ers. ,
Karo Syrup Company.
Grand Union Booth illustrating
worg for children.
Duntley Primitive Sweeper.
Whitney Shoe Company of New
G. H. Schoelekoff Saddlery Com
pany of Dallas, Texas.
Meridian Fertilizer Company.
Spirella Corsets Company.
Cotterangus Cutlery Company of
Little Valley, N. Y.
The Louisiana University.
Louisiana Experiment Station..
Besides scores of displays of
merit. Every foot of available space
was llled with exhibits.
S.The Poultry Department.
In the poultry. department there
are birds of every size. kind and
,pedigree. The poultry exhibits, in
which are dubks and geese and, pig
eons. is sp.lndid it. its every :-eat
ure. It is worth while to gvX.e'this
exhibit close attention. It is there
that the fanciers of poultry congre
gate in large numbers.
In the Coliseum.
In the Coliseum are exhibits of
the things good to eat. In this de
partment is served coffee and cake
hot from the pan. AH these are
specimens which are recommended
for the home use of the visitors.
Educational Department. *
In the Educational Department is
exhibited products of the schools,
the beautiful in art, the useful in
home-making and flowers and ever
greens of many varieties.
Meehanical Department.
The Mechanical Department is
filled with all kinds of - farm ma
chinery, the implements needed on
the farms. and in the variius. occu
pations. It is in every respett ered
Blankets and Comforts
I.he ea4 s~oowing 9e earnest, tetete, enie('t4ate eqserP poso
Sibte sant in these lines. Not only did we tooL Lo prit, but qualitp
and nec deaturts entered etronglp ilnte lorir rlehrtion. I it in a
eotto. blanket want, it is here. U w .oo, it is lso. bhrae au4 ll at
pir'es ahic. wilt astondi pou Ifo weasnWab.w.h ise
* Blantdet specially o Oe reeommemndeR is out
%WOOL MIXED BLANKET, extra large size, white wit% p,6I
or blue striped border~ silk bound edges; special at---- .. ..0
SEW COMFORTS, at prices to suit the most thrifty buyer ,
silk, siikolene and satine covered; cotton, eiderdown and
wool filled. Maish, Comforts, light weight and warm, at
grice- from ------------------.. $..30 to $5.50
Where Quality Reigns Supreme
pedigree records. The swine are fat
and sleek, so are the cattle and the
horses. In these dpartments is the
evidence visible of the possibilities
of Louisiana. In the Boys Pig Club
collection there are 125 hogs repre
senting several parishes.
The Agricultural Department.
In the Agricultural I)epartment is
the one great feature of the Fair. In
this building are the exhibits of the
parishes of Bossier, Claiborne, Rich
land, Ouachita, Webster, Morehouse,
Sabine, 'T'errebonne, Livingston, Lin
coln. besides individual exhibits.
(addo has an exhibit but, is.not con
ITetitive. The Boys Corn Clubs have
a splendid show of their products.
In this department the agricultu
ral products are from seventeen
agricultural schools. The Corn Clubs
are from twenty-four parishes. The
United States co-operative demon
stration displays are from twenty
six parishes. In this building is dis
played the products of the girls'
canning from nine parishes, togeth
er. with their exhibits in domestic
science from various sections.
The State Conservation Commis
sion has a uniform exhibit of varied
hi this department are the ex
Itibits of the State Board of Health,
the State University and of the In
sane Asylum. It would seem incred
ible that the bereft in mind may be
employed to useful purposes.
In this building is in evidence the
display by the negroes of Caddo Par
ish. This exhibit was suggested with
the view of encouraging the colored
people in useful and honorable pro
gression. It is the flrst(attempt at
an exhibit by a few, The agricultu
ral products embrace all the things
that can be raised from the soil. In
this exhibit is the handiwork of
women and girls, the'bffort directed
at domestic science.
The Fair up to date has proven a
success. It has inspired an enthu
siasm that is promising of the great
est progressive development.
Violate., the Milk Ordinance.
For having violated the mifk ordi
nknce Joe Laggier, Ashby Long, S.
Bates and Theo Nougues were each
fined $100.
It's easier to train your boy to do
right before he knows anything
about doing wrong, than it is to re
strain him from doing wrong when
he has no desire to do right.
Con.titutional Convention.
The delegates to the ConstitU
tional Convention, limited to seven
ty-nine, will meet in Baton Rouge
tomorrow, Monday, Nov. 10. The
convention is to provide the ways
and the means for refunding the
State debt aggregating $11.000,000.
No other measure will receive atten
tion or consideration at this conven
tion besides the State indebtedness;
the session therefore should be
brief. (Gov. N. C. Blanchard is the
representatnie from Caddo Parish.
A Lighting Plant for New Orleans.
Commissioner Lafaye has an
nounced that he has been authorized
by the City Council of New Orleans
to inquire into the cost of a munici
pal lighting plant which is designed
to supersede the plant furnishing
light to the city by contract. Com
missioner Lafaye is confident the
plant will be in operation before the
city's contract with the light com
pany is at an end in 1915. So much
for progress.
Drummers Day.
In Drummers Day and Shreveport
Day there was a combination that
assured one of the Fair's greatest
day of success. The attendance ap
proximated 30,000 people.
The Same You Pay
$3.00 for elsewhere.
To Our Friends and
When you come to the Fair make our place your headquar
ters; have your mail and telejgrams s.nt in our care. If we ean
be..of any service to you in any way, advise us, as we wish to
do everything that we can to make your stay a pleasant one, an4
we promise not to mention b.asiness to you while you are here.
The W. K. Henderson Iron Works & Supply Co.
Caddo Street, from Spring to Commerce. : Shreveport. La.
Henderson's Garage
Fannin and Spring Streets
Ford and Velie Pleasure Cars
WaverlytElectrics Velie Trucks
Largest and Best Equipped Garage
Complete Stock of Accessories
W*rk-shopFacilities Unexcelled by Any
Se Detoro IMore,No Less

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