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Of the Benoit Con'uruetion ,om
pan.. .
Mtatt' ol' ,l tui~i lna. 'ar'lsll ofl IIc;I--a
do: le it I1niiu" TIhat Ill I lus l:ay ht
lore ii' , a l tll'a y Ill ln'. wi lllltin aI
for Ihe .lae l parith ad p hfresanl.
dit y nttinHisi.ilttvI ant sI Iorn, .I tl.e
and appearled the si e ral plarutiesi
Whose l lt ' namsh al Iherunt'IIIo 0 5stll
scribed, who declared that I lhey
have formed and do by these pre`
ents form, organize and uconstitulte
themselves into a eo<poration under
the name and style, for the objects
and purposes and under the condi
tions and regulations following, to
. AR'IIt E . -
ihe name and title of said cot'
poration shall be the Ienoit Con
struction Company, and its domicile
is hereby fixed and established at
Shreveport, Caddo Parish, La., and
under its said corporate name said
corporation shall have power and
authority to contract, sue and be
sued; to make and use a corporate
seal and the same to break or alter
at, pleasure; to hold, receive, have,
purchase, improve, alienate, convey,
borrow, pledge, mortgage and hy
pothecate under its said corporate
name, property, real, personal and
mixed,- and to do all the things
and acts permitted by law and
necessary and proper tp car
ry on the objects and purposes of
said corporation, The president, or
in his absence tlhe vice president,
shall be the proper person upon
whom legal process shall be servted.
This corporation, unless sooner dis
solved in accordance with its chat
ter. shall exist and endure for a ji'
riod of ninety-nine years from an;l
after the date hereof.
The objects and purposes for
which this corporation is organ
ized and the nature of the business
to be carried on by it are' hereby de
dared to be to buy real estate, con
struct houses thereon, and to en
gage in the business of constructing,
and erecting buildings of every na
tare or character whatever, and
geaerally to do such acts and things
as are necessary and incident to'
such business.
The capital stock of this corpora
tion shall be fifteen thousand dol
ar ($15,000.00), divided into and
represented by one hundred and
ffty shares of the sum of one hun
dred dollars- (00.OO) each, which
said stock shall be paid for at the
Mae of subscription, or the same
may be issued at not 16ss than par
in exchange for property or rights
astualHy received or purchased by
the Morporation, or the same may
be s u full paid for money, ad
vasp d bi other italuable considera
tieoa he the board of directors may
detamine. This corporation shall
commence business as soon as five
thousand dollars ($5,000.00) of the
capital stock shall have been sub
The corporate'' powere of this
eompany shall be eoeled in and ex
erelaed by -a boar of three direc
tor~ who shall i.r' le present be
tA. 1enoit, J,. sba, and lrs.
W Bli enoit, of which board A.
a be pjtesiidet, and 3. W.
Seotlt ~e prelenut; aretary and
t~reshrer, and who-.shall hold their
4wll1 until the neit .replar meet
ig of4 tb.e stootiodids for the ae
lejtin of the botd of directors,
whieb shall.be held not later than
the wrt day of Dece nber 1914,
aid wshly thereafte stoekbolders
pti shall be hld, and of which
JaeetIb ritten ;a.otisUs shall be
sivea and ilireted to the last known
0plq of residence of each of the
The board oe difectors shall have
fPll pOWer to All vacancies in their
msnbeida st ed by death, reeigna
ttias ore',A erie and from the
alookhilders of the company; they
sMlos have' full c29trol of the -prop
rj o the oomdpany and ihall so
e-snt paset and use the sine
Ias th -a deem b.slt and so is
ilStdUa qwith the objects and pur
0 d thisn osaar;. thiey are atd
gIISq4 d pepi ered 1t fmrsne
et . steek by.lath sad regae
teas u t es ahfirs ean n Mte of
* go mpso ha6 remph sau eas
~ se: r-s, agemts, emanpdo
serants . d aclerks as they .ay
dosms fpecasy, sad fix the elerats
oa SaS'05pho!P ~s well as the sal
s6 of itheatersi provided Aor by
e stiptlatoos of this charter.
This eharter -ay be ameaded, al
todred or abOlisd or the ospital
ate thereof insoreased or dimin
Iebedl by a vote o two aPirds of the
ftiekltders- iast at * meeting
called for that purpose in aooord
iage with the laws of the State of
Louisiana, pro ided that the notice
of day meetint a1)y5 be waived by
ibe ui ou eaent _of all the
At each stockholders
b:_ shae of stackshall
*m ro Sipto by
proxy. ald whliel not othlerwi.se pro.
vided by law, ten days notice of
clio l llkhII lf rS .htirol gh lh,11 , I inm lt. t1i
t he I ak of' th . ilhe olIIally, and lnt
-lo l,c shall b,' pe 'rtllt' tle I toll' li otil
y' alln Im I'liI other l hanll IIsd m u\ inor
as s wll il by the Ihiok, of the citll
I aity. \\'h n thll is croiur ralion i-, llsi
thrled, by linaid li li tlof' o lirwIi
its alTairs shall he liquidatrd and
set tled by one or more liliudatirs
elected by the stockholders at the
mleeting called for the dissolution
thereof, and said liquidator or liqui
dators shall have such power and
authority and give such bond and
security * Ithe stockholders may
No stockholder of this corporation
shall ever be held liable or respon
sible for the obligations or faults of
this company in any. further sum
than the unpaid balance due the
company on the shares of stock
subscribed for or owned by him, nor
shall any informality in the organi
zation have the effect of rendering
this charter null or of exposing any
stockholder to any liability beyond
the unpaid balance due on his stock.
Thus done and passed on this the
10th day of October A. D. 1913, in
the presence ?f the attesting wit
Attest: 11. C. BELLO\V.
It. WO( ,.'.
Notary Public.
In dorsed: 'Filed and recorded Oct.
2i, 1913. S. 0. WILLIAMS,
i I1puty Clerk and ex-O)llicio Deputy
State of Louisiana, Parish of Cad
Sdo: 1 hereby certify that the above
and foregoing is a true and correct
copy of the original act., as the same
now appears on file and of record in
my office. Given under my hand and
seal of office this 24th day of Octo
ber 1913. S. 0O. WILLIAMS,
Deputy Clerk and ex-Officio Deputy
Recorder. Oct. 26.
Notice for Publication--0405.
Department of the Interiar, United
States Land Office at Baton Rouge,
La., Oct. 22, 1913.-Notice is hereby
given that Elvira James, widow of
Dan James, deceased, of Forbing,
Louisiana, who on Sept. 22, 1904,
made Homestead Entry No. 04095
for lot 1, section 22, township 16
north, range 13 west, Louisiana me
ridian, has filed notice of intention
to make five-year proof to establish
claim to the land abo\e described,
before the United States Com
missioner, at Shreveport, Louis
iana, on the 29th day of November
1913. Claimant names as witnesse
Charles Jones of Forbing, La.,; D.
Shapley of Forbing, La.; Andrew
Jackson of Forbing, La.; Jim Staden
of Forbing, La.
Caucasian, d0t,23, 1913.
I will sell at public auction to the
highest bidder, at the front door of
the court house, in the City of
Shreveport, on Saturday, Nov. 15,
1913, during the usual hours for
sales, for" cash, the following de
scribed property: A certain 40x1211
feet in the southeast corner of that
certain tract or parcel of land
bidught by George and Josephine
Clark from A. Currie, of date Feb.
12, 1906, as per act in conveyance
book No. 40, page 568, recorder's of
fice of Caddo Parish. The 40 feet
fronting on Sixth street and running
baok between paralel lines 128 feet,
being in the Forest Park Subdivis
ion, as per map in book 38, page 321,
of Caddo Parish, La., with all th'
buildings and improvements there
on, the same being sold as the prop
erty of Adolphus Orr, Pearl Clark,
Matilda Gatus and Lily Paterson.
W. W. OTTS, Auctioneer.
Caucasian, Nov. 2, 1913.
' OCastae bale.
No. 4--Ina Justiee curt First Ward
of dde Parish, La.: Samuel
Feist a. Harriett Popp.
By ,irtue of a writ of leri factae
issued in the above entitled and
numbered suit by the Hon. Lon M.
Winston, Judge of the First Ward of
Ceddo Parish, La., and to me direet
ed, I have seized anti will sell at
public auction at the front door of
J. W. Dixons store in' the town of
Belcher, La., between the legal
hours for sales, on
SATURDAY, DEC. 6, 1913.
The following; to-wit: Twelve hun
dred (1,200) pounds of seed cotton,
more or less! Seized as property be
longing to Harriet Fopp, the above
named defendant, and to be sold to
pay and satisfy the debt as specified
in the said writ, say forty-four and
41-100 dollars, and all costs and in
trest. W. B. GULPEPPER,
Constible Ward One.
41f INw 1oil `ily Tradingp and I)rilling
I tle 11' f .l , . ;In4' a, I ';1 rlit ,I f :1 i
do: lhtfore mr , Ie, d;nan \\'ill wuno .
; n1tll y I t IIl4 . in I ndl 14 111 the I'ai
Ish 41 l 44la , a i.n\ \irillten, dilly
'lnllil-lln 1 144. nd q4In j4al:lie4 an4d acd4
il 1 as ell'l, p rona'Illy ' n;lne a11d
Iapplwa led the severa- l l pe lr' s h allse
nmies are "ubscribed herelo, arid
\ho deat o tiare. hat iheyv d(o) by these
)presents ol tstitule anld flIu ll hem
solves iilo a hody 1poiiti or' corpor
ation, as well as suchi other lper4s'ls
as may lherone associated wit h
them, under the laws of the State of
Louisiana, in terms and conditions
as follows, to-wil:
The name of the corporal ion shall
be the oil City Trading and Drilling
Company. Its domicile shall be at
Shreveport, Caddo Parish, State of
Louisiana. Citation and other legal
process shall be served on its pres
ident, or in his absence on the vice
president, or in his absence on Mach
persons as may be designated by the
law. It. shall enjoy *lceession under
its corporate name for perIiod of
ninety.nine years.
Under its corporate name if shall
have the power to contract, sue and
be sued; to make and use a corpor
ate seal; to hold, receive, purchase,
convey, mort.gage. pledge and hy
pothecate all kinds of property; .
name aInd appoint such I1na1Iage4'1,
direclors and oflicers as i.s inter
ests and ca41.tvenien(o may require
to make and eslalish such 1 y-law,-v
a ti rIules for thel plrolel regulalio4n
of its ff4airs as Inaot he deemed
reqliuile and necessary, ianl shall
hai all Such Ilher and ftl y rll 1"
( I 14ers as aref l W' iv r 4lay lheretl.1r.1
iye (. 4Inf1l"et'rd by law 4n o4111 I alio u ls1
n14tl taSS t alita4 i4:s of S(n4 e a1 d si4t4 -
Silar kind.
The purploses for which this com
pany is formed are to buy. hohil,
own, mortgage, sell and deliver
property, immovable and movable;
to develop, drill and lease property
for oil and gas purposes; to market
oil and gas, and to build, acquire
and operate such pipe lines, tanks,
tank cars, and other appliances as
may be deemed necessary thereto.
The capital stock is fixed at
twenty-flve thousand ($25,000.00)
dollars, divided into two hundred
and fifty shares of one hundred
($100.00) dollars each. No stock shall
be issued until fully paid for; no
transfer of stock shall be binding on
the corporation until transferred
on the books of the corporation.
Stock subscriptions shall be paid
for in cash, 'service of property,
provided the service and property
be fixed at a valuQ placed by the
board of directors. The corporation
shall commence doing business
when three Ihousand ($3,000.00) dol
lars of stock has been subscribed
and paid for.
The corporate powers of this cor
poration shall be vested in and its
affairs shall be managed by a board
of directors, three in number, to be
elected by ballot by the stockhold
ers at a meeting to be held at the
domicile of the company on ,the
second Tuesday of November of
each year, beginning in 1913. Until
such election the following shall
compose such board of directors:
W. L. Carter, president; Alex Pour
teau, vice president; and J. J. Dear
by, who shall be secretary-treasur
er. The officers shall be elected
viva voce at a meeting of the di
rectors called for that purpose. Va
cancies on the board may be flled
for the unexpired termn by the re
maining directors. The board merT
bers may by written proxy act fo"
each other at board meetings.
The board of directors may em
play a general manager and
such other agents as the in
terests of the company may re
quire, and discharge them at pleas
ure; each director shall own at least
one share of stock in the corpora
tion. Three directors shall consti
tute a quorum of the board for the
transaction of, business, who shell
atlead in person or proxy. Tihe
board of direm AigjUha bI ncreed
or dereased 4.."1' ie will of the
sookholders as evidenced by a vote
of three-fourths of the stork at a
meeting called for the purpose.
The corporation max be dissolved
at any time by a three-fourths vote
of the stockholders, and when it is
dissolved, three commissioners shall
be elected for that purpose at a
general meeting of the stockholders.
Such commission shall liquidate the
affairs, sell the property, pay its
debts and distribute the surp!us
among the stockholders.
At all meetings of stockholders
each share of stock represented by
the owner in person or by proxy
shall be entitled to one vote. Stock
holders :shall be notified of meet
ings by publion for thirty days
in a we r p ews.paper at Shrev,
port. L.a.. anrd also by w rit;[n unol e
L~v tail to .irclr <lbwkIir'IIt'r err av
/1rifir I n X 114.11 111 rig. 1 1g, ! Itl4't 11111
ia1;\ 111" 111"1s1 \\'Ill jl iti f ·r l. l 11111 41.4"
II . t\ 4'I I\ /( I '1 1,' II 11'. i
,1 1 (',! 111' 11 1,1 11 , 11 l r l ilc' i -1 4I
1ha 11n il' 111111x1 41 k1k!: 144s' 1','.! 111- 11
Nh4 ,liak'h"sl14!l.4' 11'1; sih~i'1s+ @ ilt
11 v ll M ll. )111' 4 :II;1) I 4 4.'. III.: Ii
rirllrI iii 'rgarrzirlrg hr\.' till' 49¶1'4l
\o (i III oX expsiing any4 5t444'itlI!410i'
hal a iii's.
D one and signrets at. Slihr"'4'9'o4t,
Caddclo Parish, Louisianai. on this
25th lay of September A. I). i19:3. in
I he presence of r. 6i. Meyers and E.
Wayles Browne, competent Wit
nesses, and residents of Ihie Parish
and State, who shall *ign pith " id
appearer before me, notalr! e "ft
driS reading to the whole.
S. (. ME\YEI1'.
Ilotarp Puhlih.
Fildor·seet: Iib'i 4 anti ri'loi'd044
Se-pt. 25, III43. .". M. 4l.E 1li.
tDeprr ty Cle'ik .nih ..-.(bflusi' "I *'l4!
hale14 of L44risiaOna11 ~I'a4jsj of *:att$
4t14: * hiIr'4" i-'l4~ i' it'9 1 t s!I he altos'e
1w a Iills' 41141 4o'4r1'44' ('4 4j4\ /1t' 11
l4'aR' 1 4114 liii' a1511 44! I'l ' j1 ill t I1\
ips ia'.* I'll ril ui.' ' 449 11 f I i;? 1 :4r ally
ullr4."ý\4n uld'rto" ha ihitI s4:l
414 h 11 14"' tirt r' 1 i h ' 41! St'j4'It s rI IIt~ 'º
.\. I.. 1:11;!. %. S. IhAI ºIf sI .
1)41'11161 1:1Ilk; 11)14 4'\-i I~i ifII Ib'lprtb'
*;harler , iended from the Southern
Nil anidI Gas OmpaInI y.
.\AlI rgIlar meeting of the stock
holders of the SounlthPn il and Gas
Company. corporation organized on
Oct. 1, 1913,. held Oct. 13, 1913, all of
the stockholders being present,
waiving notice and signing the min
utes of the meeting, on motion
C. I). Keen- was made the chairman,
and R. W. Norris secretary of said
meeting, who notified the stockhold
ers that the name of the company
had already been taken by another
The following resolution was of
fered by C. W. Lane: Resolved, that
the charter of the Southern Oil and
Gas Company be amended by sub
stituting the name Adelaide Oil
Company for the Southern Oil and
Gas Company.
This motion was seconded by S. B.
Hicks; the motion being put, all the
stockholders voted ip the aflirma
C. W. Lane then offered the fol
lowing resolution: Resolved, that
Article I of the charter of the Son
thorn Oil and Gas Company, as re
corded and published, be amended
so as to read:
"Article I-The name of this cor
poration shall be the Adelaide Oil
Company, and by this name it shall
have power and authority to have
and enjoy succession for a period of
ninety-nine years: to contract, sue
and be sued; to make and use a cor
porate seal and the same to break
alter or amend at pleasure; and un
der this name to hold, receive, pur
chase or otherwise acquire, to own,
convey, sell or otherwise dispose o0,
to lease, pledge, mortgage or other
wise hypothecate, property, real and
personal and mixed."
This motion was seconded by S. B.
Hicks, The motion being put, all
the stockholders voted in the atfit'
Whereupon it was ordered, on
motion duly made and carried, that
the amendment be recorded and
published according to law.
There being no further business
before the meeting, same was ad
journed. C. D. KEEN,
Attest: R. W. Norris, Secretary.
State,of Louisiana, Parish of Cad
do: Before me, the undersigned au
thority, came and appeared R. W.
forris, secretary of the stoekiolders
meetingof the So~kierm Oil and tGa
'Company, who being duly sworn de
poses and says that the above and,
foregoing is a truekd correct copy
of the minutes of the stockholdervs
meeting of said company held Oct.
13, !943. R. W. NORRIS.
Sworn to and subscribed beforei
me this the 13th day of October
Notary Public Caddo Parish. La.
Endorsed: Filed and recorded Oct.
13, 1993. WM. M. LEVY.
Deputy Clerk and ex-Officio Deputy
State of Louisiana, Parish of Cad
do: I hereby certify that the above
and foregoing is a trite and correct
copy of the original act as the same
now appears on file and of record in
my office. Given under my hand and
seal of office this 18th ,day of Octo
ber 1913. WM. M. LEVY.
Deputy Clerk and ex-Officio Deputy
Recorder. Oct. 18.
(riminal ecnire
Iº' \il \XF.s I ~strot rtisii ig t Ii
\\i'ii ,"n, 1*sI1 I( is l n IIs i Issz
()1'~ 1111 1·. ; V1111 -1 I11 Al (.111 ki N. -; III
list1111 XIr i.I.Id\ III c s\ *iii ' I~46*6
2 9i~ 1,11 1. 'Y. 0 hsi. %.
Hilt s¾\ iu ýI. 3. 111 e 4 it . 9.
p 9I*iiic. 3. *.. 0 l,:ilini".. 9. "
6 (tnizsi. $'. IL 0 *4111 44 , 3*
h t tlOh I 1, 0 . \. t, .
i ,r lshi·Mai. . OX IS
16 Ilowdi. 9. V. S J y I J. A.
15 ,)del~ ·l, St. It. i 111i"1"w, 1 . ý.
6 B~owdens. S. 3.. i 1a's. l 3. W.
i Dowling, A. V Marto n,.~uocl'lc:
N Hendersmon *. 0.6 boat?." f. A
I McMichael, W. I,.
i Saple,0. !, osel, 3'. U..
6 Ansir, MIatlhei_ 2l riggao, 4'.60. J:.
SFlouirnoy, Spenco
9 Caidwell, W. . .4 oww, 99. L..
.i Moore, 9)seai 3. 6 NotlgurO, 0*'ie@G
t *'!sirea, N. 1'.
Wow 9hr sse· EoI er inte1incie tP
fourth p3ondav is November 6913,
for She trial (of criminal cases:
'e 9'reedmran, A~aron
6 Stall, *,. 1. 9951a1., 3. 910.
0 Matlin, I. 3. 6 !wooe~tr, Nidlne,
* PBuntis. io~lis' d 01tati'., 1. 91.
* 9Elulanlks, Hioms'
9 Fraswss. !:. M1. 6 9light tier,. N t.
l 1i'isot'. F. 3. 6 *)del,. W. (;.
6 Itlustoniii. 401110 3 9iallat's, 9F. *C.
:1 .rls d. , . C. 6 Izianeg. It. P.
2 .t1)5t or. *t. A. 3 º:,I o iIgton). 5. A.
6 R 11;:,. 6". i9. 6 41'aIiy 3 . P.
''.n l !9* a. e: a isitis1. V. 9,.
8 f'oshing. 11. 14. A.
o4PicI X . 3 . :, fwlunii I. [1t.
-' ? . filsi I.* T'kS,3. W.M.
.ý I hi1.1 V s ek Oiiit~~i
9'i r't Wir~mIszi sill 60'srtsnl'r 191:3, for
t ho trial uof *r~iotninl v:asis'
I 'Thigp'n. A. E,. 6 Rlei, (. B.
McCoy. II. .. Picikens. R. C.
I loseley. \'. C. 6 Ratcliffe, W. P.
4i Lemle. Simon 2 Edwards. C. M.
4 Car', RI. T. 2 Beazley. J. I).
4 Lucas, George 2 Norton, Chas. A
I Nattin. F. W. 1 .Hill, W. B.
4 Brown, K. W. 4 Lynn, J. F.
7 Miller, I. W. 3 Jones, J. E.
4 McGibony, Charles W.
2 Browning, J. W.4 Dambly, J.
4 Valentine, C. E. 4 Jeter, Chas. i.
4 Little, Newton F.
I Godfrey, J. H. I Ballard, W. L.
2 Lake. John I Howard, E. C.
2 Gallaway, James
For the week commencing the
second Monday in December 1913,
for the trial of criminal cases:
I Stroud, J. F. 7 Hendrick, O. J.
I Atkins, C. H. 2 Barlow, C. W.
2 Ober. Jacob i Thoman. W. F.
2 Duty, D. B. 4 Snyder, H. T.
4 McGuirk. A. I Chandler. J. R.
5 Hill. A. W. I Austin. G. G.
6 Johnson. R. N. I Ownes, M. C.
4t Bartlett. Curtis I Steere, A. C.
{ Lorant. Danes I Carter. David
I Cayce. E. S. 6 Hudson. J.. R.
Simmons. E. B. 4 Robinson. H. C.
4 Addison. U. C. 4 Banksnn. J. iH.
5 Evans. W. R. 5 Carter. J. M.
2 Harg-r. Homer ' Sellers. R. M.
I Lynch. W. W. 4 Goff, A. K.
For the week commencing the
third Monday in December 1913, for
Ihe trial of criminal cases:
2 Anderson. J. S. 2 Childs, J. C.
2 Heflin, W. J. 8 Waters, G. R.
1 Hale, J. M. 3 Flowers, R. M.
2 Bourquin, W. It.
' Ritter, E. C. 3 Barnes. P. R.
1 Lenoir, H. J. 3 Crisp, Leroy
I Ross, A. J. I Elder, E. .1.
I Peak. W. J.
2 Mastin, John 4 Nickel. A. II.
6 May, J. L. 2 French, J. B.
4 Ward. Marmaduke
2 Bullock, J. L. 4 Welsh, J. R.
2 Everett; R. M. i Andrews, A. A.
3 Cushman, R. H. 5 Attaway, J. M.
8 Jones. A. C. 4 Pritchard, J. G.
4 Moore, E.,E. I Severance, H. M
5 Flournoy, Silas C.
.Tury Commissioners.
e . N. KERLEY,
Clerk and e?-Officio Jury Commis
4 true Copy.
Chief Deputy Clerk.
Caucasian, Oct. 23, 1913.
Of the Flournoy Mercantile Com
The State of Louisiana. Parish of
Caddo: Hofore rei', E. H. iHeridoin
Jr.. notary plilllic in and for the
Stalte of Lou isiana and the Parishi
of Catddo. diIly conlliissioneli'd and
swornl'l, on this day can'e and ap
peare'd Ithe seve'ral Ipe.rson'i whiose
nalmes are hereunpto sulbserihed, who
declared to me that they dot h*er'tby
form Ihemnselves into a corporation
und'er the laws of the State of
Louisiana. under the stipuolationp
u ri u- II ri , It Il . - 1 0 1 ' , W
;!1 I 1,' . .l . l r% ll '. I- 11A i i '
iut l. nl 'll li.. n i d al i l c l: ,e h in .
.l44i111 44(. I I1I i II:t,1II: '.
i c er i t at ion ), r lRniz l,', :orie )l nr -
i z',' ,if. ' tIns ian ·s t n ll bc·i .,rrien n
ill ei lynarll ri-ls 'lll it l iood Im ro
ile sel'l in oth4irj is' dual in oroI
unl ofner.l fercnd11 i r c , sIenb t
orr on law. rl lani ui
Tle j, Ior the llri'osi of i dv'ncini
parati- s is +'gani1 0 1 . n fIsl nI
ppio, (t tb,;1111 and to obn id ope-#
on batey i re o l ein, to il atod serr
1)1 a gener1l ,etail '11' oo'I, *ro
*11oLo, Iand to do aythrwis dall tingo.
crines, 4ry -goods, &oote nen 'hoeS
ian4'd; and eii ereandi to re, iny to
all Ioin . generall ld anlitln, u il
teio fior the rlrpos of oje ancing
The capill ,.locs k t ,n lhis .nr'porat
uppli , etc., andl to own l olared ope
,ate a .ln i1 gin, to .i y lioand se .
roton, andi to do any and a thingsly
incident shl ,t othe purposes above
o. flurthelrane of lllc'i' ojcts ain
iiThie capita s ock of lthis corporas
Iion is hereitby flixd and declared to
he the smin of twenty-five thousand
4-15,H0.001 and no-100 dollars, di
vi4I)d into two hundred and fifty
':' ll. sha of on) hiindred dollars
$101.(00 rath: said capital stock to
1e paid for in cash or its Iquiva
lent, but shall not hte issued anr.t
corporation is aulltliri/'d iP eoml)
1nrnclhl) sin1Ss w\'l 1-er six thous
and dollars ofi its craiital stock shall
h) shlbscriil)) and Icidl for in full.
The corlorale piowers of this cor
poration shall he vested in a board
rF' directors consisting of three
t.ockholders, who shall be annually
,elected on the first Tuesday in Jan
nary. The first board of directors
is hereby declared to be A. G. Flour
noy, A. D. Hatcher and L. M. Flour
noy, who shall serve until the first.
Tuesday in January of 1915, or until
their successors are elected and,
qualified. The officers of this cor
poration shall be a president, vice
president and secretary-treasurer;
and the first, officers of said com
pany are declared to be A. G. Flour
noy, president, secretary-treasui.r;
4. D. Hatcher, vice president. A i
jority of the stock shall ele..et
directors, and in all electio r
proceedings of stockholders each
share of stock present or represent
di by written proxy, shall be enti
Lled to one vote. Notice of all elec
lions or mleetings of stockholder.
shall be given by written notice to
eachl stock holder ten days before
such election or meeting of stock
iohlders; directors shall be chosen at
the oflh'e of the company.
No stockholder shall be liable on
arccount of any obligation to this
corporation in any other sum than
the amount of the unpaid balauSe
due by him on stock subscribed for,.
and no irregularity or any infor-.
mality in organization shall have
the effect of rendering this charter
null or of exposing any stockhblder_(K
to any liability beyond such unpat1
This charter may be ameqdq '
(except as to the increasing or de-?
creasing of its capital stock) by a.
two-thirds vote of the stock repre
sented at a meeting of the stock
holders convened for such purpoeir
after ten days written notice as
above prescribesd. Whenever this
corporation is dissolved by limita
tion or otherwise, its affairs shall be
liquidated by three commissioners
elected at a stockholders meeting
who shall have full power to wi4
up its affairs and settle its indebit
In testimony of all of which Ibe
said above named parties have $
s ,-,r 'imanaures on this tol
3rd day of November 1913.
Attel: I,. M. FLCMRWN .
E. B. .ERNDT.M 4.,
Notary Public, Caddo Parish,.,a.
Endorsed: Filed and recorded Nov.
, 1913. S. 0. WIItIAMS,
l)epuity Clerk and ex-Officio Ijputy
Slate of Louisiana. Parish of (lI1
do: I hereby certify that the abovi;
;..ll foregoing is a tfrlle and correct
copv of Ithe origmial art as the same
now appeals on file and of record in
Irn- oflir.c. (Given under mliy hand and
-eal of otTlihe It lis 3rl lay of No em
her 1913. 6. u. WILL 8,
!'lºutlvy Clerik and ex-O)flicio Drpuvty
RlPcordelr. Nov. 1.
If it is a question of qualitt and
price when it comes to slatioralry.
we avuid like to show you wilt to
',.ve Into offer. Phone IS.

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