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The Caucasian. (Shreveport, La.) 1900-192?, November 25, 1913, Image 3

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'0eeadktn ,(rises
taker, t if I hin i t w illa
preciat4 Ihun at r II thaItl llI'i
lII4R PeneR.ar1 ' I' ishiti4Ij al at
--I hu' arpuijintlutinl will hi'
high classe. antiu a Iatty iin
derlaker 'will allomt Iliii l,,
efasiiI if i i e to la tl\ w
('iltih. am]u Iht Iii fhiiilnltiM
eurnrhid out vi;jllt I ha t igtit -
aod ul Si)n Ia kinii in 111( 'I
prr-snnt day:i\ fniric r·;il s \W(
ware i'nI itltt t I rlii'tt asIf .
lug wviIthoii. a let'r.
4D4mand'o. U ndertakler
"P T'ap St. Phonies Ir7
?t'rff 8 Thurber
.521 Enmmerial National Bauak Bldg.
Long D~istance Phone 7M)
Slaevepoi4, L.
Elwdod Standard Hog Fence
iLbm Fenae wilt atsnd like tesLt iry vi
Edenborn Line
(Loulsiana Railwa. & Navigation C;o
.91 PORT
Ind to All Points East
'- , ~ sd Soutbea.st
ti hrLuagh Sleeping Cars
; Free Itclinlngl Challr (;Car
.: IFor information rogarding iante
. te, ap.ply to
: . . ATTON, City Ticket Agt.,
248 Milam Street, Phones No. 135
t .. IpEW, Commenetel Agt.,
4*t Spring $treet, Old Phorn 2t%3a
S.t 4, 3 .3R P. A. BLAtICIARD
Sy. ee & Blanchard
: At ormneysand Counsellors
at 1.aw
I..Mee ContMnental Bank Bldg.
iqueti la. All State and Fed
.pd ' ,
40hw's ie ' Stainm and We a
jqu5id Veneer
's Pliers
ssw w WARtING
.*-: "1 ~ .AlrJ'.
O1f -Ith Sbwerepow Iagti Copmany.
St.l.t. of ioU . S. pa, i.sh of f.d
:,'Jhn , "D fr.,e', ."ohn D.' Wil .dnon.
a nutlry Ilphldic in and fdr shid Par
'ish i:ii Stiti',. duly cimr missiofned
; ii w.\ioritli, pi irisolially i~tlll and ap
l'-r i I. It. I Mahson, a resident of
Jo,'la o ille, Iia., V ,. C. Miller and
Janims Furlong, residents of said
l'arish and Stale, who stated and
d ilarvi l Ito i', notary, that availing
Ilh nls~tl s of' tihe Constitution and
lawmst of it h Stale of Louisiana, they
haiel i firil and ionstit iuted theim
s,5l's ail dio by t hose presenrts
iford aind conistitute themselves, as
well as s Icir ot1her persons as may
II-'rvaftl r i iv'iunle associaite(l with
thill tIlo a corporatioil and body
iico'irat, anld ihave adoipted and or
dain.l and do liy I li.se presents
adolifl andil ordain as their charter
and alt of iunorporat.o. fie. Sol
l.wilnM, lo-\\wit:
,k Ijt'{I' I, t.
ITh, namie and title of this ..Iºr
al io shall I e thile W6lwiepol* Hotel
4;oomnpin, withl its domicile at
Slrv,.porlt. *,ouisiali ainl under
said corploratI.e name it shall have
anil enjoy succession tin at period
of lifly y.ears, unless soolner dlis
soitved as hereinafter provideo. All
legal process shall be serv al on the
president, or in his absence on tihe
viie prrsidenl, or in the absente of
both on the secretary of le coim
panty at its domicile.
T'ho purpose for whiilch this cor
pirati)on is foriied and its objects
are hereby declared to be to own,
lease or acquire hotels, restaurants
or rooming houses, and to conduct,
operate anid nmaintain a hotel, res
laurant, or rooming house, together
with a rate attached thereto, and to
eigage in the pirchase and sale of
personal property in the State of
Louisiana or elsewhere, and gene,
ally to do any and every thing
necessary or usual in conducting a
hotel, restaurant or rooming house,
and in purchasing and selling such
property as may be necessary or in
cildent to the operation of the same.
The capital stock of this corpora
ion is hereby fixed at the sum of
fty thousand dollars, divided into
Five hundred shares of the parl s
alue of one hundred dollars each, a
vnd it. shall commence business and 1E
ecoile a going concern whenever ti
live thousand dollars of its capital a
rtock is subscribed for and paid for s
in full. All stock may be paid for o
in cash, property or labor, at the p
liscretion of the board of directors, h
and when issued shall be fully paid d
nd non-assessable..
The affairs of this corporation t
Ohall he managed and controlled by a
. board of directors consisting of t
three stockholders, two of whom _
shall constitute a quorum, to be c
elec'ted at a general stockholders 0
meeting on the first Monday in No- -
vPmber of eaclh year, and to hold t
ofile for one y'ar, or until their a
suceessors are elected and installed. d
Until the election in November 9ti4
the following shall constitute the t
;ciard of directors of this oorors- c
Lion, to-wit: H, B. Mabson, who I
shall be president; James Furlong,|
who shall be vice president, and C.
C. Miller, who shall be secretary, C
and they shall hold their offices un
til the first Monday in November
1914, or until their successors are
elected and installed. They . shall
have .power and authority to make
such by-laws or rules and regula
tions as they may deem neeessary
for their government; to fill any
vacancy occurring in said body by1
electing a stockholder for the un
expired term, and in fact to do and
perform any and all things that said'
corporatiOn may do under the laws_
of the State of Louisiana, except as
herein otherwise provided. The
president of said board of directors
shall have power and authority to
employ and discharge any and ll
employes, clerks or managers, t'is
sue any check, note or other.obliga
tion of the oompasy that he may
deem necessary in transacting its
This charter may be altered or
armended, or this' corporation may
'be dissolved on a vote of three
fourths of the stock east at a meet
.ing called for that purpose after
thirty days written and published
notice to said stockholders,, as is
now or may hereafter' be required
by law, and at such nmeeting,,,5 well
as any. other stockholders meeting,
each share of stock shahl be entitled
to one vote, tobe east by its owner
in person by by written proay.
When not otlietwse required by
law, notice Of ail stockholties meet
in gs shall be given * welaten no
ice r mailed toi the stoeokhleld at his
usual po.stsoI-da es *a -
-ace xOtElf#8 i
otherwise. its affairs shall be liqui
dated by two liquidators to be elect
ed by the. stockholders at the meet
ing *alled for its dissolution, and
suglr liqurdato's shall perform such
duties and give such bond as tlh.t
stock holders may require.
No stockholder of this corporation
shall ever he held liable for the
contracts or faults thereof in any
further sum than the unpaid hal
ance due on his stock: nor shall any
mere informality have the effect of
rendering this charter null or of
exposing any stockholder to any
greater loss than the amount of hlis
In testimony whereof, said parties
have hereunnto signed Iheir names in
presence of me, notary, and the at
testing witnesses, and have set op
posite their respective namiºes the
amnount of stock subscribed for by
each. which shall constitute * sub
scription lio l~t the stock of this
corporation, on Ohio tlw *8118 at (o1'
*oennber 191& .
N. IB. MAB(SON, 20# sharºE.
SAMES I'URLON(6, I sh.gtr.
C. :. MII*LbR, t '4a4 .
T. ALER A i)W$)
$*HS! Il 'u gljiS(5P .
notary Public.
latcing ariefully examined Ihe
foregoing charter and finding noth
ing therein contrary to law, I here
by approve the same. I)one and
signed this the 19th day of Novem
ber 19t3. W. A. MABRY,
9)istrict Attorney.
Endorse*: Siled and recor'ded
Nov.19,1913. W. M. LEVY,
Deputy Clerk an4 ee-tOflicio *)eputy
State of Louisiana. Parish of C:ad
do: 9 hereby certify that the above
and foregoing is a true and correct
copy of the original act. as the same
now appears on file and of record in
my office. Given under my hand and
seal of office this 19th day of No
vermber 1913. W. M. LEVY,
Deputy Clerk and ex-Ofllcio IDeputy
Recorder. Nov. 20.
Constable's Sale.
No. ----In the Justice of the Peace
Court in and for Ward Two of a'
Caddo Parish, La.: J. M. Land vs. 8
C. E. Latham.
By virtue of a writ of seizure and
sale to me directed by the Honor- Li
able Justice of the Peace Court, C. la
E. Dunson, Justice of the Peace, in rE
the above numbered and entitled 11
suit, I have seized and will offer for d
sale at public auction, with benefit 84
of appraisement, for cash, at toe Li
principal front door of the court ir
house of Caddo Parish, Louisiana, if
during the legal hours for sales, on a'
SATURDAY, NOV. 29, 1913, L
The following described property, b'
to-wit: Lots numbered seventeen v,
and eighteen on block five of Chris- Li
tian Heights addition to the town of d
Vivian, La., as per the recorded plat c
of the said addition in the recorder's I
office at Shreveport, La. Said prop
erty seized as belonging to C. E. La- 8'
tham, the above named defendant,
and to be sold to pay and satisfy the
debt and judgment as specified in the c
said writ, say int the sum of eighty- e
two and 95-100 dollars, with five per f
cent per annum interest thereon A
from the 30th day of August 1913, E
and all costs of this suit.
Constable, Ward 2, Caddo Parish, La. t
Caucasian, Oct. 19, 1913. c
Couatable Sale. .
No. 43-In Justice Court First Ward '
of Caddo Parish, La.: Samuel t
Feist vs. Harriett Fopp.
By virtue of a writ of fleri facias r
issued in the above entitled and i
numbered suit by the lon. Lou M. I
Winston, judge of the First Ward of I
Caddo Parish, La, and to me direct
ed, I have seized End will sell at
public auction at the front door of
J. W. Dixons store in' the town of
Belcher, La., between the legal |
hours for sales, on
SATURDAY, DEC. 6, 1913,
The following, to-wit: Twelve hun
dred (1,200) pounds of seed cotton,
more or less. Seized as property be
longing to Harriet Fopp, the above
named defendant, and to be sold to
pay and satisfy the debt as specified
in the said writ, say forty-four and
41-100 dollars, and all costs and in
terest. W. B. CULPEPPER,
Constable Ward One.
Caucasian, Nov. 4, 1913.
SEstray Notee.
I Taken up by Will Black at his
I pasture near "Three Forks," north
I west of the city, about a quarter of
la mile from the city, about Oct. 27,
~ 1913, one mare mule being marked
as follows: Mouse colored, about 15
r. hands high, about 40 years old, no
,' brands or marks noticeable. The
F owner of said animal is ordered to
prove ownership and pay costs, or
said animal will be sold at court
s hetse square, Shreveport, La, on
- blawtday,-Dee. 13, 1913, between the
hlegalsh a of sales by the city mar
S...t.o. lw Dn. e D , a±,
;tb ,he As& day
01 the eall £pWAe wd , Aum.
State of Loulaie. , Peisg *ft Q4-,
do: Be it known that on this day be
fore me, a notary public, within and
for the State and parish aforesaid,
duly commissioned and sworn, came
and appeared the several parties
whose names are hereunto sub
scribed, who declared that they
ha.e formed and do by these pres
ents form, organize and constitute
themselves into a corporation under
the name and style, for the objects
and purposes and' under the condi
tions and regulations following, to
The name and title of said ear
poration shall be the anIt Con
struction Company, and ite domicile
is hereby fixed and established at
Shreveport, Caddo Parish, La., and
under its said corporate name said
corporation Shall have powel and
authority to contract, sue and be
sued; to make and use a corporate
seal [email protected] the same to break or alter
at pleasure; to hold, receive, have,
purchase, imprope, alienate, convey,
borrow, pledge, mortgage and hy
pothecate under its said corporate
name, property, real, personal and
mixed, and to do all the thing
and acts permitted by law and
necessary and proper to car
ry on the objects and purposes of1
said corporation. The president, or
in his absence the vice president,
shall be the proper person upon
whom legal process shall be served.
This corporation, unless sooner dis
solved in accordance with its char
ter, shall exist and endure for a pe
riod of ninety-nine years from and
after the date hereof.
Trhe objects and purposes for
which this corporation is Organ
ized and Ihe nature of the business
to he carried on by it are hereby de
clared to be to buy real estate, coar
struct houses thereon, and to ea
gage in the business of construhc 9i
and erecting buildings of every a8
ture or character whatever, Lad
generally to do such acts and thtiga
as are necessary and incident to
such business.
ARTIICLE ill. lr1
The capital stock of this corpora
lion shall be fifteen thousand dol
lars ($15,000.00), divided into and
represented by one hundred and
lifly shares of the sunm of one hun
dred dollars ($t00.00) each, which
said stock shall be -paid for at th fr
time of subscription, or the same to
may be issued at not less than par 4
in exchange for property or rights 4
actually received or purchased by 4
the corporation, or the same may i
be issued full paid for money *d- t
vanced or other valuable eonsidera- i
Lion as the board of directors, asy 7
determine. This corporation shall 4
commence business as soon as Ave 3
thousand dollars (*1,000.00) of the 2
capital stock shall have been sub- 4
scribed. 2
The corporate powers of this g
company shall be vetted in Apd a- 4
ercised by a board of three direc- 2
tors, who shall for the preeet, be 4
A. Benoit, J. W. Benoit and MR.
Willie Benoit, of which board A. -
Benoit shall be president, and I. W:
Benoit vice president, secretary and I
treasurer, and who shall hold their I
offices until the next regular meet- 2
ing of the stockholders for the a"
lection of the board of dtiectors,
which shall be held not later thaen
the first day of Decepnber t, d
and anually thereafter stMkbholder
meetings shall be held, and .a whh I
meetings written notice shall be
given and directed to the last known
place of residence of each of the
The board of directors shall, have
full power to fill vacancies ln their
number caused by death, reeigaa
tion or otherwise, and frons thes
stockholders of the company; they
. shall have full control of the prop
erty of the company and shall so
. conduct, manage and use the sanme
as they may deem best and as is
consistent with the objects and par
I poses of this company; they are au
I thorised and empowered to frlame
.and adopt such by-laws and.rigts-!
Lions as. the affairs and busineis of
the company may require, and ern
ploy all officers, agents, apteye
servants and clerks as they tmay
deem necesasry, and fix the salaries
s of such employes as well as the sal
- aries of the oficers provided for by
f the stipulations of this charter.
d This charter may be amended, al
5 tered or abolished or th eapital
o stook thereof increased or dimftn
- ished by a vote of two-thirds of the
A stockholders cast at a mneetin
r called for that purpose in 'accord
t ance with the laws of the State of
n Louisiana, provided that the notic
e of any meeting may be waived by
the. unahIous consent of all the
tockbplde. At each ;,efthR
htaawe *bafr f c
vided by law, ten days notice of
every stockholders meetiug shall be
tive, by letter addressed to the
stoekholders ,t.brouh the mail, to
Wip Aof.loe address -a recorded on
the.bobks of the company, and no
t*~'ck shall be permitted to be' voted.
by any person other than its owneri'
as shown by the books of the coin
pany. When this corporation is dis
solved, by limitation or otherwis",
its affairs shall be liquidated and
settled by one or riore liquidat ors
elected by the stockholders alI Ihe
meeting called for the dissolulion
thereof, and said liquidalnor or liqui
dators shall have suclh power and
authority avd give such bond and
security as the stockholder'i may
No stockholder of this corporatiou
shall ever be hold liable or respon
sible for the obligations or faults of
this company in any further illm
than the unpaid balance due the
company oni the sharies of stolk
sebscribed for or owned by him. nor
shall any. inforlmality in Ihe organi
atlion have the Olfer el tider'ing
this charte null or eY exposing iany
stockholder So anp liabilitl Oeeond
the unpaqid balance dire on it eItock.j
Thus done and passe4 on this the
10th day of October 4. IS. 11913, in
the presence 0 Itle ttllestling Silt
S. J. LYONS. o
Attesl: .I. E. lElOWOa.
R. WOLf.
J, W.PlVIS. ARE PIli;..
Notary Public.
Endorser: 'ile4 and recorded Oct.
24, 1143. i. O. WILLIAMS,
Deputy Clerk and eS-Otficin 6ieputy
Slate of Loguisiaila, Parish of Cad
do: I hereby certify that, the above
and foregoing is a Itrue and correct
coepy of the original ant, as Ihe saune
now appears on file and of record in
my ofooe. Given under luy hand and
seal of oftiet this 24th day of Oc(to
betr 1913. S. 0. WILLIAMS.
Deputy Clerk and ex-Officio Deputy
Recorlde'r. Oct. 26.
Crtminal Venl re
Of the First District Court for the b
Five Weeks Commencing the l1
Third and Fourth Mondayg in *
November, antd lte First, l'cend a
and Third gondayw in' Pecem- n
ber 1913.
For th4 week commencing the b
fourth Monday in November 1913,
for the trial of criminal cases:
4 Freedman, Aaron t
4 Bell, G. i. i Hale.. J. f
4 Mallin, J. J. 4 (ironer, Sidney 9
1i-dndy, Noliie 2 Rates, S. B. S
t .obanak, Homer
i Francie , E. M. 4 Lightner, S. S.
7 Rsisor, F. J. 4 Oden, W. C. U
4 Houston. Collie 3 Ballard, E. E. '
3 Arledge, J. l. 4 James, IR. P.
2 Webster, E. A. 1 Covington. .I. J.T
4 Igdge, F. M. 4 Sealy, J. P.
2 Angell, M. 0. 3 Currie, W. L. t
8 Forbing. H. S. A. 1
2 Miller, 3eo. 8. 3 Dunlap, B.
4 Duck, W. L. ! Allison, J. R. P. I
2 Moore, John T. 5 Hicks, E. W.
6 Alfred, W.
"$'f the week commencing the
aseeda Monday in December 1913, 4
for'the trial of eriminal eases:
I Stroud, J. F. 7 Hendrick, 0. J.
I Atkins, C. H. 2 Barlow, C. W.
2 Ober, Jacob 4 Thoman, W. F.
S 'Duty, D. B. 4 Snyder, H. T.
4 MeGulirk. A. I Chandler, J. R,
a Hill, A. W. I Austin, G. G.
0 Johnson, R. N. i Ownes, M. C.
4 Bartlett, Curtis 4 Steere, A. C.
4 Lorant, Danes i Carter, David
4 Cay.e, E. 8. 6 Hudson. J. R.
4 Simmons, E. B. 4 Robinson, H. C.
4 Addison, U. C. 4 Bankson, J. H.
5 Evans, W. R. 5 Carter, J. M.
2 larger, Romer 4 Sellers, R. M..
4 Lynch, W. W. 4 Goff, A. K.
For the week commencing the
"third Monday in December 1913, for
" the trial of criminal eases:
2. Anderson, J. R. 2 Childs, J. C.
2 )eflin, W. J. 8 Waters, C. R.
o . Hale, J. M. 3 Flowers, R. M.
2 Bourquin, W. M.
S, Ritter, E. C. 3 Barnes, P. R.
I Lenoir, H. J. 3 Crisp, Leroy
I 1oes, A. J. I Elder, E. J..
It eak, W. J.
' 2 Masti, John 4 Nickel, A. H.
f May, J. L. 2 French, J. B.
I4 Ward, Marmaduke
SStulloek. J. L. 4 Welsh, J. R.
* 2 Elverett, R. M. 1 Andrews. A. A.
b 3 Cushman, R. H. 5 Attaway, J. M.
I- A Jones, A. C.. 4 Pritchard. .. C.
Iy 4 Moore, E. E. 4 Severance. H. M
-5 flouroy, Silas C.
Is Jury CommissiCners.
1- S. N. KERIEY.
of Clerk and ex-Off.cio Jury Commis
0e . sioner.
by Attest:
ar A. t. BARDMN.
l$ AU . s CsPY.
he ·-;; Ci9**r* cker
o? thbe fteswnuv Meorgt4h ( *"
Thie al at. e, LouinAisna. Patist. 0i
(:addol : lfl'ore, lIP. I. jt. 9ernia is
ir., notalry Iilhtii in 0il4 fii" the
state. I ,' ,onli.iinSnl l.,n 9iu Parish
of (I;:ldo, I di llr m I' u1ni i oi5i 1 .ln iud
s.worn'., onil IhiS daR cramfi' *nt "P
ape arid Ihe si'sVYeroeI *1peiSes wh'18
forn, Ihlierisei e intilo a ieir orlr in. i
rind,r the la . s of IhIe Stite of'
Louisiana, under the ni4pilli inns
helire' i in e' iset outl, o- 1ilSo
The M.rne and style of I3ri" for
lipraiilion is hereby bv dolare4 to be
Flourlnop 91leeantlle 'el palmp at
shall halive the right to *njol O*t
re,.iir l f'r eilnetl.y- ine' 9(.8e ars ilti
!ite righlit to roilitraet, i le n14 be
lie',l, anid to oli., ll'purchal , 1riuse,
siell and It ypthehatep proplerl, teal
iland personal: its domniieile hihall e
ishI, Liioisinai , lnlt all itati oS aid
ither egaIl rr*ass ?shall t otake on
its es i4Pnit .eri i toie absence at
41 , O Iq' 'II.
prtlt iiro is orgaiizPd antd h nIa
Irit l 4' tih hrllsiness to be carried
oni lyi it are ldeclared to w to carry
onil a general retail dry goods. gi'o
rlry aindl imrrreanlile hbusiness, to
iuy., sll anrd ont herwirP deal in gro
l'Plies, drl goods, hools and sIoeo
and general mer'.handise, and to
rairr on a general advancing busi
i'ness, for' t ie purpose of advancing
supplies, Ple., and to own and ope
rale a riatlon gin, to buy and sell
cot ton, anld to do any and all things
inc'ideniiaI l It lh purposes above
iinamed; and generully to do any and
all things nicessary tl o le done ln
lh., furtlheranc of such ojectts ad
pl ip'lloseo.
'The capital stock of this corpora
lion is hereby fixed and declared to
he the snum of Iwenty-five thousand
($25,(1,O.0) and no-t10 dollars, di- Lb
vided into two hundred and fifty ci
,250; shares of one hundred dollars Li
,;1t.O.fi each: said capital stock to th
be paid for in cash or its equlva- tb
lent, but, shall not he issued and is
sold for les& than its par value; this
rorporation is authorized to corm
mencre husinsAs whenaver sis thous- th
and dollars of its capital stoek'shall U
i~ *,hb'rihed anl paid for in full.
'Phe corporate powers of this cor'
pIoration shall he vested in a board It
of directors consisting of ' three p
stockholders, who shall be annually (I
selected on the first Tuesday i Jan- Li
unary. The first board ,of directors ca
is hereby declared to be A. 0. Flour- 8
noy. A. 1D. Hatcher and L. M. Flour- ti
noy, who shall serve until the, first ,
'Tuesday in January Of 1915. or until q
their successors are elected and u
qualified. The officers of this cor- l
poration shall be a president, vice b
president and secretary-treapurer;
and the first ofilcors of said corm
pany are declared to be A. G. Flour
noy, president, secretary- Ltresurer;
A. 1). Hatcher, yioe president. A $a
jority of the stook shall elet bhe
directors, and in all eleuo-t& i
proceedings of stockholders each
share of stock present, or replresent
,d by written proxy, shall bh enti
tied to one vote. Notice of all elec
lions or meetings of stockholders
shall he given by written notice to
each stockholder ten days before ,
.such elect lon or meeting of stock- ,
holders; directors shall be chosen at ,
the office of the company.
No stockholder shall be liable ea i
account of any obligation to this
corporation-in any other sum than
the amount of the .unpaid balance
due by him on stock subscribed for,
and no irrogularity or any infor
nrality in organization shall have
the effect, of rendering this charter
null or of exposing any stocktolder
to ariy liability beyond such unpaid
This charter may he amended
(except as to the increasing or de
creasing of its capital stock) by a
two-thirds vote of the stock repre
sented at. a meeting of the stock
holders convened for such purpose
after ten days written notice as
above prescribed. Whenever this
corporation is dissolved by limita
tion or otherwise, its affairs shall be
liquidlated by three conmissioners
I elected at a stockholders meeting,
who shall ha\e full power to wind
up its affairs and settle its indebt
In testimony of all of which the
said above named parties have af
fixed Ithir signatures on this the
'. 3rd day of November 1913.
Attest: L. M. FLOURNOY.
Notary Public, Caddo Parish, La.
Endorsed: Filed and reeorded Nov.
k. 3, 1913. S. 0. WILLIAMS,
Dupmty cleu k air az-o io bhputy
·Mrlr-J ra~llkir1r~l
toLte of Louisiana. Partlhi of ;3Id
ip;: I hilrebg ceitify that the abu'"
gaij .o~regoilI~ a true and c'rre':t
iop, 1" the orig inal art ai tlhe -:ira"
neo appelr'; on file :iln l ,) reord', tti
tIrl *lice. ) l1vPl n li t l '' l.i hand nii i
seaL t1' o tie I1 4 . :r ,1 d N,. 4 n i
i )er .-3.. I. . \VII I 1.\\S.
1-,p1119 Cler''k ;nIt ,. + T hf'lic' lIilillK
W. W'. Page x. Sarahi 'laxr4. .l1-
Slirfi lll tjnite'.
It! virlue of ai m ! f t `,., rt o anili
sale *0 mhe directednt iiow tI h 11111
arable First Judicial li til ;.ill
otl (tti> o ParishI, lauls.. io ;i, in Ihl
abioive numnterd aind a enuillt-4 i.Ias, I
have seized an; d will oll'.f r fI'o sal.e :it.
Iuilic Sliction flor taslih aiind wvilthilt
the bpne nt of aIppenlIse n'l'i c othtflit
princif'4al front i idoor oi f 1til 4 I al I
bhoose of aildo IParishl, Louisiatna,
duriing the legal hours of .tli,
194'JWRI AY, lDEC. I:1, 1913.
,ange sitteen, less 80 areis oft' of the
easit Dide o4 said selltion sld ito 'lis
l. iavit ,51 n l acres, with all huiiil
inge Slid iinprovements theru Pi'n.
Said property seized as heliongiung to
the abhove namied defendanliit and to
be iNrld to pay and satisfy tiii d.ebt
as specified in said writ, say in Iihe
sum of three Ithousand dollars witlhi
eight per cent per arnnun interest..
thereon on five hundred dolltars
from Nov. I, 1908, and on like stim
from Nov. 1, 19(19, on like sum fromr
Nov. I, -1910, and on like sui n from
Nov. 1, 1911, and on like siunr from
Nov. 1, 1912, and on like sulrn from
Nov. I, 1913, and all costs of this
suit, as well as ten per cent on said
principal and interest, as attorney's
fees. J. P. FLOURNOY,
Sheriff, ex-Officio Auctioneer.
Caueasian, Nov. 11, 1913.
sueccslon Sale.
No. 17,597--In the First Judicial Dis
triot Court of Caddo Parish, La.:
Succession of Sylvia Davis.
By virtue of a commission issued
Lb me by the Honorable First Judi
cial District Court of Caddo Parish,
La., I will sell at public auction at
the front door of the court house in
the City of Shreveport, Caddo Par
ish, Louisiana, on
SATURDAY, DEC. 13, 1913,
The following property belonging to
the Succession of Sylvia Davis: The
undivided half interest in the north
east quarter of southeast quarter of
section 33, pnad the east half of the
northeast quarter of section 33, and
like interest in the buildings and im
provements thereon, and all of the 40
(forty) acres off west side of sec
tion 34, beginning at the northwest
corner of section 34, run thence east
6 2-3 chains, thence south 60 chains,
thence west 6 2-3 chains, thence
north to place of beginning, together
with all buildipgs and improvements
thereon, all being in township 15,
range 16, Caddo Parish, La. Said sale
being made for cash, for the pur
pose of paying debts, according to
Caucasian, Nov. 11, 1913.
Succession Notice.
No. 15,863--First District Court., Par
ish of Caddo, State of Louisiana:
Succession of Mrs. Annie L. Mil
Notice is hereby given that V. Ir
vin Miller. executor, has this day
filed his final account in said sue
cession, and unless opposition be
made thereto within the time speci
fled by law the same will be duly
homologated as prayed for.
Witness the Hon. John R. Land,
judge of said court, this 3rd day of
November 1913. S. @. WI&IAAMS,
1eputy Clerk.
Caucasian, Nov. 4, 1943.
SIheriff Ba.
No. 7..31--in the First .u4lcial I)is
trict Court of CamlJ *arish, Ia.:
A. Rosenwald vs. C. L. Stand et al.
ly virtue of a writ of Aeri faria.s
to me directed from thte onorahie
First Judicial )istl.rirt Court. Of Cad
do Parish. La., late o seib'. and
- will effer for salte at'piblict al'trion
a for cash and arcerr~ri to law, aI. the
principal front. 4nor of i e roº.rt
- hmouse of Caddo 9arish, Louris'ana,
e during the legal hor.mr of sale.. tn
is SATURDAY, DEC. 3. *. 3,
s Lot five of block %telve +4 t Ihr
Queenaboroigh subdivision of lhe
e City of Shreveport, Caddro #elrih,
' La., together with 1t. hruilrin. anif
9 improvements thereln. Said prop
d erty seized as helonging to the abhoxl
t- named defendants and to he holl i,,
pay and satisfy the diebt as specifliI
le in said writ, say in the sum orf four'
- hundred and fifty and nro-Io dal
1e lars, with eight per cent per nrl.nrr
interest thereon from the 13th d:t'
of September 1912 until paid, and all
costs of suit, as well'as ten per rcrt.
on said principal and interest as at
torney's fees. .1. P. FLOURN)NY,
Sheriff. ex-Offlcin Aret ionher.
Caucasian, Nov. 9, 1913.
iv. Your. subscription will be appre
elated. One year only ote dollO,
y wh.b is less than 2 cenats a week.

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