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.. 0,
H~C~P: hXso -a. ag ~EI~C,
S. B. HICKS, Pres. and TreaD. a. . COMEaYS, secrer.rut
YALE HICKD and T. H: SCOVELL. Vice Presideatn
The Hicks Co.
Wholesale Grocers
Sand Cotton Factors
Warehouse Corner Spring. Travis and Commerce Streets, Shreveemat La
. _ _ - . _.. . ... 1.... . .. -.. " ...... .. ......... ... -- .- - - - - ...... ..... . i
Established 4870
Member New York Cotton Exchangq Jaes OIrle4I CfP tse*
change, Liverpool Cotton Asseelation.
Will pay the beat market prices and will 'give Tho elese Ste
tention to all cotton intrusted to me. Prompt returns.
OFFICE:--ommere Street, Corner Crockett, Nest to V. . ý .
Railway, ibrh veport, Louisana
r ._,--,.--- -------- --W ---.-- -
Potatoes, Sow Spinach, lMstard, Carrots, Beets, Lettuee
Cabbage. Early Cauliflower, Early Peas, Set Out Onion
Sets, Cabbage and Strawberry Plants. Plant Tusten's
Challenge Brand Seed if You Want to Beat your neigh
bors. New crop seed just received
Mail us your orders now,
Tusten Seed & Produce Co. t'g St,,
Witch Your Small Expenses
Nickela, Dimes and Quarters go from YOUR pocket ever day
o o one oeho will put them in the bank. Wby don't YOU puo
Byavinhthe small change-you "throw away'--by deposiUtig
it in this baik, where you Ret Four Per Cent interetl, per annum,
computed quarterly, you will soon have a bank account wbrthy
of note. One Dollar is the s ,ater.
Continentul Bank a Trust Company
"We Take Care of Our Cuomacer'
. . .." uWe ~ ms • u m, s -- . . .
Executed in the
neatest and bst
style, from a
Ssmarll card to a
poster 30x44L
Printed In clear
legide type of
latest dean
Tlptinttng we
.1 dldwayngood
* ~ · '
No. 24857.-In the First Judicial rn
District Court of Louisiana.--R. R.
Emery vs. D .T. Manning.
By virtue of a writ of seizure and ti
sale, to me directed, from the Hion- t(
orable First JudiciAl District Court
of Caddo Parish, Louisiana, in the n
above numbered and entitled cause, P
I have seized and will sell at pub- a
lie auction for cash, according to ti
law, and without appraisement, at S
the principal front door of the n
courthouse .g Caddo Parish, Lou- '
isiana, during the legal hours of a
sales, on li
SATURDAY, MARCH 29, 1919, 1i
Lots 1421 and 1422 of Cedar Grove, c
a subdivision of Caddo Parish, La., 0
as per plat thereof on file and of
record in the clerks office of said
parish, with improvements thereon.
Said property to b6 sold as be
longing to, above defendant to pay
and satisfy the debt specified- in I
said writ together with attorney's
fees, interest and costs.
Sheriff and Ex-Officio Auctioneer.
Caucasian, Feb .20, 1919.
- Wt ----
SShreveport, La., Tarch "7. 1019.
Tho market closed quiet.
Receipts today 104 oales.
Good middling ---.....------------ 25
Middling ....----------------------- 24
Low middling -----------------. 18
Dihrev" t taeeelp*
Sto6k on 1hand Aug. t.---...11,720
Recetpts today ... 1Q4
fne'd prevlouefy _.- 100,198 100,302
tdpmeftts to date_,. a - 70,121
Net stock on hand1 _.. . i50,72
Same +ti1st year------- O0,68
gsp.ertiwe SWuieg t.
i0s yr. Lasst yr.
t m :.... . ..: _ý.lr r
"'kfisdic-~ ~ rr
-ah 1,421~Ea:
President Wilson Speeding te Fm'nwel '
-Is Resting and Taking Things
Ea.ily--The World Will Back
Wilson, Declares the Bristol Press
Hindenhnrg Fears a Bolshevik in- i
vasion--Compromise on League of -
Nations Possible.
As given in the news, President
Wilson is resting on the George
Washington ant is speding to
France, He applies his time to the
greatest limit of rereation and ap
plies himself only to such affairs of
government as are required from
him. fn resting , he proposes to
reach France in the fullest. vigor .of
his manhood, and on arriving in
Paris will resume his activity in th,,
peace conference. The Bristol Press
gives assurance to President Wil
son of the worli's support.. hut. at
the same time th.r., is being sug
gesteit some possible compromise
that will allt.iate the .lpposition of
the eonore conservative liepublicans
ie I(he Olni.iit Mtalte Menati* who
from a patriotic sense otf dutni, will
ji~n the *)emocrats anit make safe
the vequireit wo-thirits rote ,iec.s
saiw to approve the Leag.le an4 the
treaties w'hiele are being provinted
thromis. the peace eo.fee.rcco it
As indicate1 troIis Parie. this Al
lies have practically agreet ore the
amount tierman. will bp requir ~d
to patf ar teparatio>l for bringing
on the war. for pillaging ant to
struction. Englan'6 demamls full
reparation for all tosses at sea. in
cluding comlpensation, for relatives
of marines who %ave lost their lives
at sea resuilting from (German ects.
(;ermanl is threatening resistanlcr'.
but, there can he shown no pity or
sympathy for C4ermany. If 6,ormany
had triumphed l'rance would have
bees ground into dust. termany
has no right to exp,.l h better treat
ment. than would leave teeon a'cord
cil to the Allies it dIefeatet.
It appears froni reports from *io
penhagen that. Hinldenhurg is afraid
of the Bolsheviki who are gradually
invading (German!, spreading the
seed of revolution. G(ermany is bhe
ginning to reap the whirlwind.
---W B+------
Weather Forecast.
Weather forecast. for lShreveport
and vicinity: Unsettled and warmer
tonight and Raturda-y.
Trent All Alike.
New Orleans Item: some disquiet
has been caused among relatives of
the troops of the first seven divis
ions, which are now in Germany,
by the designation at army head
quarters of these divisions as "regu
lar army divisions" and the intima
tion that these will be the last to
return home. "All troops except the
regular army units," says headquar
ters, "are going home practically in
the same order in which they came
to France."
Except for the numbers, these are
not "regular army units." They com
prise 25 per cent regular army men
and 75 per cent volunteers and na
tional army soldiers. The United
States has not enough of its regular
army in France for two divisions.
The men in these divisions were
among the first to arrive in France,
had the longest service on the battle
line and sustained the heaviest cas
ualties. Their retention abroad out
of their regular turn appears unjust.
- W SS-----
A Betterment of Conditions.
There was held last night in the
Council Chamber of the City Hall a
meeting of owners of property lo
cated in the restricted district. In
attendance were members of the
Anti-Vide Commission and members
of the City Council. W. G. Hudson
of the Anti-Vice Commission was
called to preside. The purpose of
the meeting was to discuss and to
devise the ways and the means for
the betterment of the district by
transforming it from a discreditable
to a reputable district. There were
offered several suggestions and the
necessity and importance of organ
izing the property owners into a
5 company was stressed successfully.
There' was named J. G. Hirsch, L,
D Romagoso and M. T. Rosenblath a
committee on permanent organiza
2 tion. There was appointsd a com
I mitten on constitution and by-laws
2 comprising J. G. Hirsch. J. H. Bo
8 denheimer and H. S. Lavine, who
are to report at the adjourned meet
dng to be held In the City Hall on
r. Thursday, March 13.
There are a number of. vacani
lhoues in the district which the or
ganmattion will try to have filler
with desirable- occupants. Thi
ig lnu is in the right direetifn an
Slaprove to be saeesstunt.
lhie A.otdgI a1d t . lnlt orh jiutited i
fiuhlicsly t" President wilson.
'hle littleness in ftitnA ilS. at
imes, bristle s air -.. 's lark
-and thit Ittlen *i-i11. .e eon
spicuom*twhent the Ct t .r'stk from
he hack of .t.pd-clan_ itisi ns 1'
who would begPeat. i
In the (frngrless of t ;nit eul
faItes. andl notahly the Senta'. tht're hb
re the few who. reveling in the ahur- S
rogane o tf their self-est(eelfs. ws usid '
mintaint ad n wh-,len They can- fo
not rI'ule. ,i dge of .assfiels usetti ft
s a spe'inenn of this species of 1.n.- t
naniily and the eoxemplan' of the New
England spirit.. whose poli'ies of II
greed and self-aggrandlixzlunt. have h
heen intler.etett into the affairs of I
Ithe Nation since the tvreryfolindatis i.
of the governmllllent. Lodge is all as- It
pirant, for the Ieptibliran foinie- t
lion for President. Senator to' rh hIh
s of anote Ihr class of 6solitirians
who is also asn aspirant for the go..
idenet'. 6i tas heels seekiSl proti- li
i e * 'u t hrougl. Ytis unitignifiel and i
ssnwarrantle' attack* e., Pres'idl.nl
W'ilsoi. fil tl e uhtrse of tile etehlat'ii
oe tIh file ,lue'stio of the arls-' it of
natioiss 6re Itas gi.'vs full etreas ,s 5
hii siposiitio n s tt t. his lut iw oi n t tit
,vwhose only suroeee is+ ttlh 5l rolthesi_ I
Iltne awaer i rf tt1, wirhlt. ioral' ,s ,- I
tagonism t l'President Wilson is so t
intense that he wortld make th, sar
rifice oI' Ifpi tIspeae" of the w ,rhl to
idiscredit, lthe IPresid'ent. |u
St is un4t singular lihat resitlnt.
Wilson. accepting the r hallhnge of
thei lodlges sand the tstrahle. thas 'a- I
pressed his amiazementi over' the ig- I
nirance of his critics. 91i his speech I
dIeliver',4 in New Work 'uesdtay r
nigt tiso a r riit' audienre in the'
tet ropolitan oijel hloulse. ini an- I
swevring the radical .ioneentstm t t hel
league. he saint:
"Andt 9 n am maze.t-n- au irmne -"
il.t aiazed, that Ilthre shonh hlie in
solie s(lurlers suchi a comiprehensive 1
ignorance of the mstte of the a'rl. d
'l'These genlt nen th not know what !
tihe mind of me+s is just now. dve.'
ollyea else l oes.
"6 dto not. know where they R ave
been closeted: 9 do na.at!iow by
what influences the'y have been
blinded: ui$ 6i dir know they have
heeº, soparal.edt from the general
currents of the thought of mankind. I
"Asnit 1 want to u1ter this solemn i
warning, not in the way of a threat:;
the forcea of the world do not
threaten. they operate. Thile great
idHes of the world do not give not,ire
that they are going to rise and run:
they rise in their maj.esty and over
whelm in might: and those who
stand in' the way are overwhelmed.
"Now the heart of the world is
awake, and the heart of the world
must be satisfied.
"America's soldiers went overseas
feeling they were sacredly bound to
the realization of those ideals whioh
their president had enunciated when
the United States went into the war.
"'There is another thing which the
critics of the league have. not ob
served. They not only have not ob
served the temper of tihe world, but
they have not even observed the
temper of those splendid boys in
khaki that they sent across the
And the boys in khaki, when the
opportumnity is presented,. will not
fail to rebuke the Lodges and the
Borahs severely and effectively by
an endorsement of president Wilson
and the League of Nations.
"- ... .W BSS -... ...
With a disturbance of low harom
etric pressure covering central and
southern Rocky Mountain districts
uard adjacent country, precipitation
has been widtly scattered and mostly
of little importance. Freezing gen
erally prevailed this morning over
the interior of the northern half of
the country, and at Havre. Montana
the temperature was lI. degrees be
low zero. Unsettled weather is indi
cated in this section within the next
36 hours, with a change to warme.
until Saturday p.m.
-" WSS---
Help the Mothers.
Wyatt, La., March 6.-Efforts o
authorities to locate Arthur War
ren, aged 18, who disappeared fron
his home here about. three week
ago, have tus far met with littil
success. The boy had been livin
I with his mother, who is now MRi
Warren has black hair, blue eye'
fair complexion and wore a bil
serge suit when he left home. Th
I mother. Mrs. Annie Warren, of thi
place, has requested that anyone It
I' eating a boy of this description no
Stify her at once.
Is Awaiting the Arrital in Paris o.f
P'resident Wilsom. Who I. E
py·led to Remove the ikeptieism
as to( Amereia' ?al' i''ipa&iIs inl
"he URagw.
LonrldotP, !larch e.-Morne tearss are
'nfertainet that mintil Wilson's ar
rivat in France the peace confer
,ne' will have to mark time. It has
,eeto suggestet that during his ah
senc. delcisions would be arrivel at
whicle would bring him face to face
on his return with an accomplished
fact. itut in the best informed quar
('rs this possibility is minimized.
At. the same time the corollary
that if nothing is aceomplished he
Iwevn ciow and the arrival of the
Pr1'sidrl'lt ime will have been lost.
i< 'tit admitteut. It is recognized,
however. that 'ne Mr. Wilson's se
tu.ne o 'Pari, the conferetne will
take esi a new aspect.
W, ,lt qlualifiesd ,bservere with vio
Jpronlll'Oieit .prediloeeions summar
iye thiio tloolk fromn the Furopean
tpoint of view as follows:
A oiew sitthation than been ereated
lyr Mlr. Wilson'. visit to the Unitedrl
-:ta,' s. Ilim ,message to Paris. of
coors.. will carr.y weight, hut I
Ioui if it wilt ,'arrv convietion. On
tlho rontrary. skeptics will 9ave.
thelir ' ouths am to America's practi
rat partic ipation in the Leasgue **f
Nations ron firme6.
Ferint', ulnquestionahbl will insist
IIn s4ctrities which will hiave to he
foun, in the termns of peace impos'd l
,.r.s * irmanor if they'-ar not provided
,r America fully hacking the
league. otl nonly in its present draft,
but with entensions in *he way of
military sanctions.
"It is an interesting ,ommentar.
that the March issue of the pound
Table prints two rommunications
troii Americans on the point whe
ther, as an introductory note puts
it. 'having made war to achieve a
highlev state of peace, the I;nit.ed
ltat'es would assume furlher obli
galionn* tc'ressary to maintaia that
"One enoqtributo' i+ forced to the
conclusion that 'we are mot. at all
prepared to assume such responsi
hilitles.' while others believe there
will be an emotional response to the
moral appeal due to the fact that
the American people have a fund of
moran earnestness which the poli
tician, is seldom sufficiently .on
scious of.'
"Most Europeans would he influ
enced rather by arguments adduced
by the first contributor thain ty
those of the second.
"The task before the conference is
a difficult one, but the men there
have both brains and good will. and
it will doubtless he found possible
to reconcile such extremes as !lr.
Wilson's enthusiasm for the league
and the smypathetic cynacism of at
least one other plenipotentiary.'
Clermany in Dsiauloe.
To the Caucasian:
On .November 17, 191P, I published
an article labeled "Autocracy," and
had copies distributed from Charles
ton, $. C., to Abilene, Texas: also|
sent a capy to each member of the
House and genate at Washington,
D. C. Recent developments in Con
gress emphasize the fact that the
"Yellow Streak" and "slimy trail'
of the kaiser spirit that begun just
after the Civil War, when one of the
kaiser's "ilk" remarked that "The
crows would have to feed those in
his wake on the march to the sea",
continues to exist. It is this major
ity element in Congrets ivho have
been controlled by the gamblers and
spinners of the world, who have
kept the cotton planter poor, who
saw to it that one tillion dollars was
appropriated to protect the rich
wheat grower and nothing done to
protect the cotton planter from the
gambler and spinner. Reings (not
men) of this caliber have no right
to associate with multitudes who
can go where they please,hut should
he furnished wearing apparel by the
government, that is, if allowed to re
main in the United States, and their
clothes shouli4t ave horizontal
One of the "3?" remarke4 in his
i disgraceful speech, that the con
summation or adoption of the yeace
I conference measure would be t1ec
beginning of war. I agree with him.
and let the first "war." even to the.
shedding of blnoot, he t9 .eradicat'
Congress of the "37" and all of their
successors. iteings of this kind have
" no right to represent ang commun
, ity in the IUnitet$ tates0 and entil
. thev are "waededo aut" oef Congress,
- as remarked by a cotton man from
- Japan, "the United States is easy
money." T. U. THIITUMOND.
New Spring Flaxons
In Airy Stripes, Dots and Checks...Soft Cool
Colors...Sec Them In Our Window Display,
yard 39 cents
Shreveport. Lou-l-i
___ lull~lL( __
Indllratel hb tha Election of a tDseso
e*rati ins Plennryliania. ta
o- T~w
t'h,' I,,i?gv's. thi Floralrs aiul the.
Reed. iin tlheir ,6)positios tr"* tie
,Leaglue' of ation0.. *ml: becali',e it is '
a Wilson mS1easuri, will soon realiie ir
Ihat Ilhey have , reurkne4 n lyodrm4 .
their anticipation. They wilt so.on ,
te politicall tdriamne4. l'kIe straw is91
to reporte 'l 'onse -reeisbort. edl
Pei'il.. Iby thlie .,'"ctioi of Attorney i
.ollh 1l. W'ils.ni, eat. ifni la. t- 8 ud
lr. inll the twenty-seconl rongress
hiuna ilistriict ve.r Jolin t. Iamison.
lRepublican aln \wellI tIr coal .pere
toir .f that cit.. elf',lueratic leaders
claimn4 ithati tii' . iiment te the
people in tle 'resident's league @shf
ration ilanre haIs iWhorws tor the fir.st
'h'ile ).nocirstie wietor. roninie 91
in a district whie'l only once since "'
the tirlh li the Rlepublican gparst i
Ilns tein representeit4 t a Demo
erat, is ronsiderei as a whole-heart
ed endorsement hr the peoples of tie
President anl his plMieies. lnit at
the same time a slap at ith Rieputl- hI
liean filihuster which strangtei$ the
aienats is ilt closing thotire ?imvtiO . a
.... .-
Wheni ,oni meet a wilin in wee.
Walk straiht. uip andt sa. "tlelft':
Saw "Hello" anm "Hlow d'ye do.
How's the worlul been lusing IoeitO
slap the fellow on his back.
Bring your iandi down with a wtaet :
Walk straight uip anit tlon't o slow. /
lhiake 6tie han4 an4 say "iH.il.'
Is he elothei in eags #9th, se.
Walk straight up ani say ,ll"He.lls"'
Rags are but a cottons volt
Just for wrapping up a soul,
Ant a loul is worth a true
Hale anut hearl' "Hlow d'pe 4o" t
Don't wait for the erowi to go,
Walk straight iip anHA sa "lelles.°
When dig vessels ,net, they say.
Thef salute and sail away.
Just the same as ol(l anit mos,
Lonely ships upon life's sea,
Each one saiting lis own .jog
For a port teyoni the fog.
Let your speaking trumpet t to,.
Lift your born and rlr "tleti."'
Say "le.nto" 1n4 'f1ow 'ri's es* !'
Others are as goot as rots.
When you teave your home. ol stay,
Wandering in thil far-away;
When you travel thru the strangeI
(ountry far tbeyoni tlhe ang.:
Then the solitls oiu'e ebthere Wilt
know *
Who you are. and sal "Itetto.'
Sanm Walter rose it %. n . Weekll.
Preenemw of u liS4l
1 °---st <i:Ii"
Thise any friends of ftev. A. w'.
Tlurner are eongraulauing thin, e
the resne r 9 his daughter Annie
Tchaw Turner, who. escapet fortIs
tl nately witk stight injuries resulting
t from her garments ieling ehlas'. iihe
D was standing hesiAie a gas styve
Swhoa tier Arl'os taught fire. ant in
. her fright rat screaming intA, the,
- yari. Ir. Turner sush"it to tier tes
r cue mni extinguisheI the tlblaze.
it He receiveiA slight injuries.
%e. Itcmds PArwjftto&
Now I rvianc Itehi, ht d. co : re11n
rari !*eir. how'l o1 trao B'3at' Ifigit
waW lb"t~uirii.it, haa, IiIt4 fpmit
va4ahiteIer.u that f'.aa tire ?Mral
igtlil'.i lt Iv 11*rrtinsi 24ates ka-ere
1ºr.ºt*4 tin the I'fntrd % latee Rlrracl
i.E luh l it IL.aft%, 'tm'eeo alt te t$e WlI
are illk cavbita. Cevering Ste9 titilts
39)42 flio fit %V1ut Ifateig hutiac nv '
0,49. roturiiii~ii III 33.! ha.. Jula for
I Iia. Ii'w 3(ipe'Ieti 'vlt 340 *4114r
Wisell Within tico grnit tlrdi !ae. ii,
was *Yateit (ironu th1e ptlvy gl t th
fedfral engaewrigs~sae 1931ts Pee Jirla -
itibhoi biujidinig.
16.l roal tusgiilinI I: 1teu1 RPston
319ifog pr 5430' is aiwitfitf tIi&~ 69n 9lip
.effersoo. tfigteww, 3t nitrat. Wiifrom
Alen to tafl.41 IIwe ig, m istISri 111)
tier Ease tia.ºn 04001114, lawrrtille mitt(
P'oilnte t'.1.iui. tieslis c'S 8?gm igtlerna
I. spat a v'if ire,
%e3?(4 34tl qiP'4IIO Wi8 blly 41iv -
I4, tlO~in U'~i' Zit5 G~l *)l.6i t'( INII,
Souisitijini. son sit Icilcire t14 amn.,
1131(6b 33, 24911, for tc en-6664l lcticii
ºi apprwoimlafilp d*hI1G iI-1are
Itlrts oil gyia~ffr u vrer.9 pPave
oent ant4 IIwE liois3t frot wf orn
crete bea**e0 aat sin lIce 5rkan'4a4
line rgoad.
A e~erlifiie4 ellwr% fed' j~er repot
of the ttiil, lcea4. paiti" to flIh
PariSc TrwssweI Wil 3.t *ectuiretl.
Thu aette'eeftil iollip will he -re
mtlireen to Ci)Vi 1wu tog 'ft Apr rentll
ecimlract ant plan. in fitD A' office
of asriSt liuuineer,
T161 right is tl roue4 f- re~jecrt
eio all lut ..
pt'gesifem Poiche Jury.
1.. at f u1'Ua. parish f nineei'.
Clravsiauu l et. 'f Igt`S
- wit---- ýTYL _
StT41~S~it MW.b
fis. tl,?,O-t-S tic. )ifBI Juidicial
Isiuteaict Gqart oi t OfZi Suibn-TD the'
39irctl of tor. se,. 1k j.awrason.
fl W5irT495 691 S geiU51Iis4W to Iell.
9s we divretf4 IfHi tic' l1 nrahle
rie( wlnieial Iuistrirt 6enneoirS Cad
ret PariºYh, i* Lsnsian', It *thie abnov
mi.nnbhe~re anw etnitIe4vd ra5, I will
*eil at vahlie anetibwr fi, *seh ac
oreitlg to law, at lb. gw.mt'ipaI
front .?wr ofl thr i ruarthe.oºr of
Caddo' Parish, taº1i'uqa*n. uteieS Ph.
legal hole. rel eatp'e, gi
I4AJITrtl4%, AmrltU Q th. V46),
Pare loI d 5e1r4rio Puibitisri4o, 9city
oi Stroi'epgort3. tIsiait$4311a gu'nc
eng at eE!Wfr tot 6 at iutfefveti.e of
utt en ad Irveig ptate, 1148 ih4Gce
ato.'a I-e.g n le.i tlat'ts lot 7 a
*lislanee Ofl No IceS. tIcbrw, 349p9n
dficst tts jirirnie o tar thbroctgis but
r, (oe all(y to tYea f il M A, *P4(Wl(r
I 5tlfn5 sasi atkep to rgovv cr n l hey.
uitriiniilptolsS0104, d G ImtitSI (f 5I)
feel, Iheiwe 59mg Mmii S ?A. 6(9 5)114'l
I elf 1egi5lnfinl5 With tllautl14" got ienl
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A Ant ftooloiIlg deise uib4 1t(.Vetlul
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The W. K. Henderson Iron Works
and Supply Company
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Machinery. Mill Supplies. Oil Well
Supplies snd ql evy IIsrdware.

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