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The Caucasian. (Shreveport, La.) 1900-192?, March 09, 1919, Image 1

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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·P~;p ~ iC\. i401
t" Ta R. E. CO
rd r. ýi ~ .. B..HTCKBg iF!.ýsG
.Hi~cks C ri*
(LIMITED) .. s
G Orocers
rld, Cotton Factors
Warebouse Corner . Travis and Commerce Streets. Sbrevinit LA
Estahbllshe4 £9
nerri h New o'% toPie. tuaange, New Orleean£ CoUor ea
rhange, tlwelp04* Ctta Aproc atios.
Will pay the kee mwkel prices an4 will give the .toses4 St
tention 9. all Iottoo inttiwte to me. Prompt returls.
oFFII2:-Csrtn4e S Oerec v (:ormr Cckett, Nest seW. B," i t
PMIs.Va. mb" ecpoil. 5oui~iams.
r ~~~~- p---.----
*?cqatws. Souv Splaicgiý ?ustard, Catrrot, Beets; tettue.
C bbage. Barly Clflower. Early Peas. Set Out Oniom
Cabbage # wberv Plants. Plant Tuatea'a
ritege & if You Want to Beat yor uitgh.
bv e Ns clop sei'$s ugcsiv.4
't .our orders acrer .
Tuste 4 d 4 [email protected] Co. 'ng 5tn
llchela Dimes snO Quarters go froms YOUR pocket ever? tW,
to some one sb SdU gieat heum is the bak wiir 4do'S YOU out
thr sar I*lOr sOm cSDne sou "throw swap' -b. depositing
it in thi. smk, shbet poro ge.& Four Pet Cent interest per annum,
compute quirierlp, poo will eoo1 have a b*ank acoi.Y4 Wcrbh
of Roe. Ors ViMr ir r 1b sbir.
CoatiatataI gazA 'A Toras Compmny
oW. TWO Car. .tOn Cusiboera
etrate in thte
styli, fiom a
smal tud to a
postCt 30:44
Printed in leat
legible type of
latest design
The printing we
dois always good
because we know
how to do it
Prompt and sat*
1sfactory atteat
tion gives
We will apprecl
ate your printing
The Caucasian
A30 ma1m Street Pbhoae t1.9
.is. tie5.7.--la the First Judicial
U)istriat Court of Louisiana.-lt. ft.
Imervy s. l .T. Manning.
DB virtue of a writ of seizure and
sale. to enm. directed, from the Hon*.
orable Iirst ludicial District Court
of Cadds Parish, Louisiana, in the
aborve auunbered and entitled cause,
I hare seized and will sell at pub
lic auctiona for caso, according to
law., and without appraiserent, at
the principal front door of the
coirthouse of Cadd4 Parist, Lou
isiana, during the legal bour' of
saLe, on
PAcTUtl)Ai.'MARfCH 2, 1919
Lots 1421 and 142 of, Cedar Grove,
Seubdivision of Caddo Parish, La.,
as per plat thereof o. file and of
record ie the clerke office of said'
parisl, with improemenats thereom.
sai4 property to be sold as bee
longing tfo above defendant to pay
and eatisfy the debt specified in
said writ together with attorsley's
fees. interest and costs.
T. It. HlGiHEA.
Stwrif. aind I.-Officit Auctioneer.
Caucasian. Feb .21, 919.
lu1 roeptsrt. La., Marc? S. 09 9.40
tlt1 market .losed quiet.
i-ceilpts t+odar *W haleso
Q1oosi enit lieig .--------a--- 4e*
Middling ------------------ 249
tow, sniddlling --------------o 14A-e
hnrewcpos4 lteeipta. o
Stoc on hand Aug. 1 .------.-1..70
cei0t1ts day ------ ---
Reec'4 lprviously --.º0..2ie tt0,333
Ilhipmne.te to date -------- $30.92
het stocli on han .--------- 50,951
Samie ds last tear -------- - 0.i
Conlýaati.ls tatecinnt
This yr. Last Yt.
Receiae4 totla! - ---- e o--
•This day last rer__ - ---
Thus far this wee _ 8 --
Thus far last year- $3 --
Since .August I- --- 9. 09,333 4s5,941
Net stock on handi ! r )... 'a i.,b
;lit: w1'1 a 0'61r, ý
'.0w-t)ll. %Iri'tl,; %inqº0ctvl6S '
IS..(t ' r t',V3N.ito f~)bU4i0'te t %I0' '% .9
%191S- I9."' r.'.4.S %545404*.13;11 I'e*0\®
0-410014410l en;*9e('. 040 I90s 10eYr ---It
130.410111 Il .j .*'&*l . ., I'4
ali 9!?il,0V, I 9 o9e v"1 l30 0. 811'
S1.49"0o .51 .IPt 9! 9-` 0 [email protected]' \\0I9l'li . (
t1H1' ý0II iiio3 T @1 bo _,'l' 349 t' o0 191 .9 3i
r1"9ý0 0(11 Ilia ;ett \;t 91tr $14";511.4"pl
yr·sfc ao o lo. o·ljtlr f "'c · e1;,·,O /'P 8;81
pnah 0) 1110 :0, Ol e., ;h1' 3 0''e
h i f1l" \ s.; o '\4'oo' n f Y la = 1 '11 1
rmc~i~LO 94:04..';1 ol1' 0.1' gIfi ff'i't .90
Eflnf t 9. 1 Will' 9, i hQ " o f.l· O~it m -f1,I
?f~Ji10- 90311f'o. '*3011040 "' . 1.1si! t>, ii Sii. he l
11" 9' Vi I 10 (1Q. i9i" f o9i- ll9/ . I :;3 j1;1
1409 It, V114 1(1" I9 :11;5,1(111 9s·P 8'1(. .lim
;4t "fe)0lf 01 % 0?il n "j t 5.11
1.I~jI * ig i t 1. 0:1 1110 @Itii io in 1,)If1ff9
S f 3~lit M O. I'la1 3:4Io 0 fY1il~fjiS1If144'r.
Thif .ttlel j,' + s 11.4,3i1\\. ii t 9l(f 4114.1.9'
1Un49rr o?(lcr0p(l 16 o o ~t/I . 1r(ttP llf·'l t
lrlbel0.` is 61f 4 '101 9.6 1 0;e-tlO' 44 II
111i14 9tUOI'l' ehi+1 13nY I.1 .'p sf,4'
ai' 0 iol 494fIII13 oft II:"1 -1" I 40 4 '--1
\rr0'0 ' :1 5,431)09 1 ",1 !". 0'hl tO' 193,2 I1t k
(1 1, 41,, 0 9'' XXý1 i 190 1 9' 13011 8?
I 6 10 91If 6 It,'fll ff), I i -413. " 0 39
I ll i lt ;,101933. o 0 1i1 815' .$.9, l : 919
o"ýI1111 0 9 139 !I io o·;tltl'b (Ilu H ol).
3? 10; H.i'l30 ? ;9014 f 'o .Ii,?; 9193 341340
ý 41f0 '00 t"o " I t;1 et 8 ,0 95" 9e 0 93-51
;31" 0'1O 13t"0I' 1. I.4910.'1. e.0a11.4 Arle.'s-'i'
@140 Betl~rl. 8.0 9Iio ?:01' *o O:*'4 *1i.4"b9tl'?
_b , ;a!i"" 0 OC 10 9119ti'!0. 'l? *- 0.11 .4tlIl t0
(0 3 4 ? Ye t II 91 t'O" ' 912.I"s * t .' o l' t1 .
0'1'. t'hiii 911169 0'b 911 i 04M t ie ti4o
1TT i0 Of 195 l81 30 1' . ;, ,01:0 :t5't o, f 1(o°
Ali 41.1 1"i'.i9 94Ol i101 0.01 ;i1341 1ftg'l0 r
R9iztfl 0 Se :1 f1;o~a")!9 ! e t:I·,l'tl 3)10a
itf'fiO 891.t t+ 0 ,1'ffl 0 9?
81 01""18w911? F I o'f 0" Ov."titcb 9 ou-40
( j1 b j 1'Ol t $.4? S1131(15 11 efi'fO io l'g101) .4
itO *' ii 111?t'flf'. i 61. t1 Ifl 440 *tf'9t10'3 2(1
t I. *f1 l fflllt) . 9f 1910' in *it iS Of' "
} ffonucrm't f $401, f4tl9 61)159'tl 9)
T011f , 1.1i91t1i'!* Xi II. 9)(19 tn 0:I ti"?_fi
;?w fin' 9tinr .''.'e(in11n ..f ' 5.'14mr4"
V 0a*i 1" 10)115 ti 019(1." 6 t914'ei(10? I~ nra , 1
itS .11 Ofill~f 'If4f10ift( .e. ll1j1 e4a a
l v'i'siittd e't* i I('. i(i a Ii(' t1 , Y r
citillenaI o ef I th eýe o',q n"it *. 5e wa
,Iste at So. it'sse ii. this uitY. Utin
iravi. ohe 1- evacw telt i hin yth rear
tosts 0+o nlieer 63 o ,i taen+t ealr. He
-was i1ttr.i inll i:lerratte. atliStl a
arita. I.ernllier 1i. t(R 3ai. He lha~
reaitetL iun frtveporlte ice'u te1r lear
Si6a. .,l' w-ae ralte wills -ithl,' bet
Sitizenu of the b.onnelnit.. He was
alwas. active iihl romltilng the
teitadit pl'ogl''re of this ofhionlnity.
IB.'Mina of genial temperament anti
sociahte. he -was iehl in the tigthet
lrteent. IHe waIs a lurlIef' stliu tti
Ia es matn, and .rwas a ulelnher f lthe
City Council dhlri.i the aii. luinistral
tion of A. Currie. . ceonltapd. e iwa
ta drotiher of the latio imnon He'ol,
ant ra lift ani Ife rs hlate w'nas preai
Sident of the IHebrelw- ion Congregae
tiorl. At tle Si te of hill teath he
lWa honorlary presoident of this oon
liregatioln. oe is survivcd 'l his
w tiue anti pmn. Jaconb I. Hterotli. li
Sclltphews Joe. K. llerol. hidney L.
IHerld, t.r. A. A. Hirolt , anl hli.
ii',:so . Mrs. Ilofheimelr of Rich
nontd, Va.. ant Mrs. Rap% Hah., anti
Ilrs. Rober' Mandel of fihreveport.
Tihe funera l will take piacet tim
lay a- i 61..m.. 44'110nd the JewiAl tynl
asoaue. Cve"nwe elf eottuson andll Coist.
etl ,s lrottu le. t t l t oli o lle
S ll? Ned Rite Brtl ye"e
I rue She Ie %car .w e oP 9 Ohte
3Ioesier lannerl' . ltartli i. t9l£uo:
"- 'The ,lridlge 'I nnitte of the Po
ilic. lurb ofQ hlio parirle'Will hold a
I joint eionliferenc' w itle thil b.lidge
omminttee sof tht* City CIouncil tf
Ia hrep port in that pllace liest 'lull
*I dla. ti* disctusm and pas *ilpotin olet
l ere relative. s tO e eo0structio i ofl
:on I1'.l traffic lridge act*..o Rced
river at Ahreeeport."
The bridlge is now their,. nal i it 4,
pl a fine one. 0ut it tia sevlral times
_born thllreatene-i by t,?·vi:ig 1'inke of
t0,e iver, and wota dtoubt, will oln
timlo' to Be. Thlle total toli collec
tions at thils bridge last year wert
S$56.031.55, of wliclt surn $21,?96.4
r> ee CoelI9,t,":P on ) t1i3 bitie eiedWo
I ..0 'o'' iO I *
' 0 0.2" -0.o~e ios'1 00, .poop0 o 0
1._p. . opp -o '0"o' 0e!'o o. 1.01 9! o99."l
10' oli;&. O .,tII9f 99:,.oo 9T0.:0.0 0 .01
,", 0 ot0 o o... . ' o t of
\ U? * 9'o TC 4,+0 - '0100 0- 91 0-'. 0 o'9 9.
IIe O0 v _ :a'Itl,.;o!. 0? % \o 1P9lio · " -,ap;
IoO.O.' -241 A'0 -9. o'.o,-o0 9~t' 9.0. ~o~i
01i:1- 0 9 0:.04 '\0I91 910?, * .919 ;o .
9:o 0o 9 AI . 1 1 1 , 0 * ".9 9 969)d't T. . ", '0
oi,:o 4 95..- o . : t0 1 yil.'y. o'o' 0 014''
9;oin9'1 9y Inn ,.~....-~ riftlrt? 9,,.:ono9
< 9 , 0 6 1 1 . ,% f 0 0 9 1 o o,, o t ,* , r 9 ?. 00 n . -
111;etie' *4":":01"II- 0(9t1.'.4 61o \q:4 0:,.1 e
'1 "! . i 1 .11.111." 91:0I-"(!9
tie Sllir it-je 9 e1.e" %%t1.'r otubl:9;o49
~141 r" 4( rt9 3 erw l0 01? 9j!11:1%~ 0.+;1O-8
9iIo I ' e' tuln .l - 01:014?*S t:"
ii.9 shll1461910 .0 *¶9A494il9(i. 0201 9..n
3)119 f(or( e ?1tlh'4r1101* *' 02,914o11 -. DI
1 111.1"" I4- 1611- Olt tt lg- \c:" 9. · lae": b0tic ·n
9!,.rl \n ;9i. 9 l I' \ 9e" Iw itl "91.0 9114 0 0?' ý
1*1(0 O* 9h. .t 1 19&' o-l *ll.t lIi
it: or~ 9914lI :t191.h9 f:,tlt-o..1q "1{19014
: I.~o S i 19t 4-0,1o411Sol?' 940 11 010 i014e119
94 11 0( '.. 9110" -9.'a e 9(4 (9 t ll*914 . 0 l
$091""1 96l, $«o.tY ~ 4 19. I *
".Ibo o . 96,.' 1":lli : .;. "t1 t e91 ;.9' i ' :i /"t S'
1,91111 0.11 9% ill jO t~t-,'tr 90 o *?.:0? 410
flow 11190t b"" 91:01 \5 9 o "'." o rf -
0110 91. ` o '1:w l' fi 9 t- *~of4 111t? 0?o1'
i'll' 49": S. 00t~1¶1ii9t u96149" 4? will ~.c
I l ?.l /.. 1 +1010? 1.119 11 tW 'l4I %'.l :10111"01'
Il " rtihi1'. Of vol, 910? h. . so ~ t" I 0~i 4
1: -s 1: I'l: .1: 390 ?u e, 1. 1 f1"n "
U~t "149 Y-et1»I..il? Uii* 91 . P
9 ~'b' fi i.. 1 yiiat1..1 11'"1./ 9n1' Yach *t19 44
%1o'8 lo. t ".., t 9" ".-:.fo 38.- 1""uht
P it- , . 1.. , i e .so..a... . p ar.
.,ear Shtore eIri .u..t. hht eels puhlislset
it hll' ifficiat tHuhletie which says:
" t ereihr onoltify the aforesaid prare
Sanlatiotl ,Qlato em Ithe 6th day i(f
.1ttembOer'. 1911. to tho, e'aten Ef
,ttrtetitting She tiSe of graiit in lthej
atllllnlaetrl of .ov'erages which are
slot inttosicatinu."
It i. readily seen Ittil thti artiler
wollltd ,ave bSeel more satisfactor'.
tat the Presidetll diefine4 intosicat
ing tteveragee.
.tate S ,gis!aturem in Mefininu t*h
ternm do tot agree. otme dtefinitions
elmptl alcotholie beverages tolitaiin
ins tSles thats ? per cent alcohol.
some inctude all enalt liquors irre.
sepctive of the amount of alcohol.
Perhaps the limit most rownmonly
premcribei hyr state taw is one-half
of 9 per cent. Congres in the Di.*
lriet of Columbia Prohibition law
Iprohibits all malt liquors. It is evi.
Ident, therefor.e that near hSeers are
Ind1er the Stan in some states h.!
reason of the fact that thew are malt
liquorI. regardless of whetheer the!
,contain much or little alcotiol.
On' oif the ommonest abtuses
growing out of the uack of a ctear.
.cut detfinition of injtoicating liquor
is that the tdefinition being a matter
of proof in sacle ease for courts ant
buries i it is oftet at * ,xc.se for eot
cosivictinl .iffentiers cinder iwoleibi
'tion taws.
The m 'el fu r a vtea-ritf 'tefiniti(tc
of intonicating liquer with refere~itcc
Sto tl., en forcemne.t 'ft the ei*hteelnt
- low ra)46h0'. OpporIn-ilf.
_Is"hotro' wae st on nt ,til"te.
"I'lenn.. on Thursttay tfe:' .9it"alaclhia,
Merc.antlo .wn1at b1,at?,1 . at
- hitlt ..enakr oilatrk .. a RaIt.
.In fiia ahthlrs* t ,e ,.oin"it4? it th. otl*
I portuni.t e the sitotuttti t*e ,eir,. tihe'
Saltin t Amoe!ican tlat:'. Inlit le ourt,'
o- f lhis atltre.'e hao .ailt that heause
- of it l nearness fte tht" Olationts of,
' Souttl| anti COecitral r metica its 91ia
I een better pr1ilt1)ttunititn thiant hr,9llr:
parts .*o th qoutlll tr to b1lil t !p a
l'tralth ltelntt 'writh ttitti. aindt to 9*.
* nlaro i',lirtts o siiup&el *tfoiy, 9flit
f wlar ity *iorl'lanil n111 oan4thir :ilre,
- lean inaitionii.
- It taking uep 9tie tiioetelirtoite h o4 fl'
e pt.sihilliti's o*f fioreign trai't: ' for tl'
3 *'nitft Statue, tlhe sIeak' r et',plaidi
le8:ýSt L ist'icali lthbbla fail, to te -
Our W aish Fabeic Department Offers
Specals this Weekj
9; 1-;o.2 'e " 09, 000 0 8 " I o !o p 9 g!, o .."_ý"i, gil
Ui ' o- Oo 0! oott *roI. q [email protected] * @0 .o @.. oo-t *.Yi I' oS~dg~o
III o 0 -, 9 to 9. o! '9" *.o~ !$i *00 . 0'" 'o oo0 * .e $' :o ~'u itt
0 oi..oriO 0'o 9010" 0 0' .0" ; -V0 f 90 0. °j o . 0- io 0 010, o a :0! ·( d.·"o !i!·li.ý.
$ @.. 8 oo $i:0 o g" 0 o of%". @0
Shrevwe r!. 1 EF Louisiana
Foster's Weather Bulletin
Foamed Maec2c. I M Cogytigntcd
3.;.- . I·I~. 9,r 4r\* ?.i o'r;.-9- e·l x\ .00 H
g1'9.;.nll(o. ~Ol5/ :glr..9 ul sot %.ol?$
%'d.x:9. ~·I·I n ~~ dlt *. ouT~, O~;o,:
;(Ii·o r hill 99.· 0449 e1t 9h*I 5':,c~41.c
Me:r'?', '*L· lf4~'t9e 9,.'0rO* Will 9411Wc,
Sit0"4' .. 94tti ll 9h '4:0g' 9449141
9 "1'114'1 11101 !1(01i1~ 10 I. P ~ %44t· y14114t.r~
lainttlk of MaPI4I c'V~s s10r4.14 91P104C ,r
j44~49 *9040c rtc~i~ts. n'il6 *444'941044 it
.'4 .,W t9.e..' irill *,.* *4o~** MI0Il0~. a;
&'¶i~n9 anil( 44'S* .'Attwv ,n10ttlwinQ .rPO
.1091 orC Ihiats etoital. 541041 i4115101'I
1419c~(1 falS1i41 *4440$hI a. i'
n, 10 - 0.1 It ol l l !:"I'S-1-10 t ,"!,ý.
Lo B i~ t ' 9 ,. y .lil'' "t .iI i -.
9900? .1115 Si"i. 0 ,:1 1 *'F't Io'qu Iii' *M
brit i;1 Vic n d I'.,llt] i : "4 h' tr' triere f j t p
ti. ;i. Tl lytI4 . '1+9 1 it nl'" 'i ;
).1,1 I4) f S itil r. \1 i ,it *9 . lbitil' 1 1 han
o. tonr II'' tl '11 ':1f"" "' t,1;:llli' l :11 ih'".
luiilg l *i4i..t iot;.l $.'x if ti 1:0 it IiFt;
P14t * i'et t is .prh .-:e. . 1t~ II4't" \el ectI'"t
6Is':61 "tts s4s si.'a. i t I vis-1 iii*..
'!'hat f;1r . 0tl nift"1t -w:" t't ,ati lt` fiti
that59i .55911 . 11;1 X. :11 1 "i '91' gorill's'.' "'f
p95,,i' pht s', O il .9at 1"h " fa t) tiirp I'll
Ox wnkint f fletr l:4lltciCcL'1 Cte'o
,·li "tlc, f 1111i~. irt1,1 Irt trn"1lchere' be,
9til.~ strae fi~ew 01101111$ t'utw thie~
1'le Q otheg es dl ie iIeo 611ºs$i tem sit C
ship bui111ing allot tc(Llc'"ºeral 'stcoclsicuý
Oj)5al'e0 :ONa r~k 0, thati fill ': I'iiO'st1
rlata~e. eluat .0 foico *hiiel* O gLu.
'l'each FLapaflish i1" the )InirVrsit~it'
snot Oi'aiuling pctloosla; buiht adleiluate
ship lij) ii; i"º ake ºulr gocrl0 am Latini
AmericC wanits tliem male ansi pact.
as they want. aKot. finallmr. ariaun*
.atisfactorpr banking facilities.
Tihe ."peakse gtointct out that Oti.
$siutI& Amnisr~iaij are Bii Col~ bhait "t4
pariny- their bills Pvcer* pis IH(ºnths.
ansi that if the ginisisit ")f Amer$iica
ii O traj ,i I I. hs'. .le ttsi t must
M"l~llc arade according I. lheiel e'ts cn of
9sac' "tilsan. ltemt : Nthir I IIL 00
- s)lothl *-1S t Oais"'t *Ia'im OS.lo Last1'~
*Isitti tt.'. ct1«" Otti\ ditis$tTh.1' s hirts
and .591 tt-. utc, 1ise foo'i roll' Ohs. e chute
hI Ohi.' 9tsi'ko~ eel" xsnot aI 'rititie . arits,1
Otis. tl " i'iiiC t:e r t1.*o htii.t·'*;"c t" t Ial
tll oh. *iae'. Oa1.6'11 sije" -. to Oh:e? Oh
I +ti1i. s's'.sisoYs }' 9. "'Ot I"[email protected]'t. sTld sill
St'he' taso tile) Q¶ynif' tiesn ":
tI?~ Q1a lohee1imi*I. t1 b0'. o'l' Vt. 0 Y\'9 4i1
$ S Heuins nui ii 9iande .
tral. /h"" ritizreii· .,of Minitei: havi
iiiea o suil'ºriiec'l .Dee thr e . alizttior
*Iiiibootlegger in aina' t. n 9w .'wa. ?n
elie ti' *ront, th* s ignal of March ii
*9l *h.. *.no.blonencite .4 ntspvadei
the town WeitneII~1day. aftersioon whhilr~
it beciames plic that y thtriisaLf
rgain. hoot~ggine ball beet)n quihal'
.ocina "ºt for revcral clav., vith tlii
*e aet a1t a to'tt her ?tiY. pIil ?I
i lnirtc( *I in all tot b e exact. Tour ot~i~
!·ttie trtiitnh"'r wto tity, Mali been Baught~
ian~ *4o mYaw. 4i'telawa ei
"+ ..uut niloog et .4 af WI) g ?
it ti .'y.ýtnt . towr p h a
I+"r. 'IIg4, lnatc** +, all 9ivro two he v,
fh.'etr ma+Itp il nh ic toy t ifir ',111(u
I'tl r ,'btlt`Yt '' ýg !'e wi " .r+r'tr\4 h!'
tie arº fill, p'tt.}' ttl*iit. :&u+] *hy' ' i+.
t YtM'i .)t )iý\\. 1'h ' ýý+tlý'+YL' +'r'" i+ý
I;\w\%-,illi iii it l:/+'ti· t° i" ++711
++ el+ i. 1 . ýO"
l~i "+tt .ý+ý i
The W. K. Henderson Iron Works
and Supply Company
Hdm ufaenuter sad Deater ia
Machinery. Mill Supplies. Oil'.We
Supplies and Hesay Hard2,.re.

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