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The morning comet. (Baton Rouge, La.) 1856-1856, December 25, 1856, Morning, Image 4

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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M il. 0. W. DlîÀlltNôj offers hid jm>
I" fe««!onal «»trice« to the public Residence
and Offles da Muln, betw#etl Church and North
Street- __ _ i0-J.
i \ M RM fit SLA M <k .1 AM. K. Ü , A M.
' ' J. M. A ). B. fttsw, Attorneys and Counsellors
ai Law, BHton Rotigé. nitgïT-y.
0 M. HÄLLj.Attorttey at Law, Lattre'
t\ street, ÄttWti itoitge, ta. Jntjlt-y.
I I > RI'IT \ ttf, Attorney nnd Conti
' ■ » seller at La *—Laurel Itreet, tttay98-y.
t Ell» R. POWBKl. 6«n. A. MUH.
1 K I'OWRRS ,ti OH., Hcgtilftriv
' it Onttitalssltttlcrt Auctioneer«. Will attend
promptly to the »nie of »II klttds nf Heal and Per
• "iml Ë«'t*te— Houses, lidts. Lunds—Dry Hoods—
Hardware, Iroeerles, Itifnittire, At!., *c,, to tie
ound fit all times ftt the Comet Omce. niigïli
inrnM v»n îçni mftr> amt — Oenefai
I Pio«1tice fttid ftotttttifäMött Mçfghfttit, fto »1 dPul
rtlüftÜklHda ofÔrofcëHfcf nhd Proviens-cor.
nf îhffrd rttirf fiuttrel fit*« t»lher*t ra?h odraoe®»
on Sugar and Cotton. attgi-y.
î UStîtfA 13SAL, (letiefftl Produce
'* Oealef Ac., Church 8t, between third and
Lafayette streets, augW-î .
4 Mi >NTAN tV îltt( ', ' Jr oners* cor.
• » « Church and third streets, Baton Rottge.
I olflM UHANDPKK Acll(i!iopf —
Ii Office, st the Mayor'# Office, Raton Rouge,
o. stases. ». UJttMÉI*.
(^pcMfOntô fi. M. 8<tH «t- Co.*)
roWMiPfiio& ifitmctfAirr.«.
W«Oi.R!Ut,t! 1) SALMIS I!»
Ffit'HT StffFFT
JA VtNO succeeded the firm tifS. M. H îrt ACo ,
we »te prepared to curry on thu satne busi
ness heretofore conducted by tlietti -Will Imy no H
»oll on eotntiilsslon i make liberal advance! on
,'riffi)», St^AÄÄHfl HOKASSBS, ahd attend
promptly, to a UEXEHA A < v MMtKVV jV RW
lyksS.' Our »rraiiecmcntü for regular receipt»
of il 'i&iriftttfPRPtfWE, oremicli n< to enable
h * to fitriiish retsll dealer« at rertttccd prteo,
orer the New Orteat!* Mantel".
t#" A large atiil comttiodiotii fire-proof «are
hoinc, etinbles «» to (the the best storage.
may? y ItABRRK ft BKWaMIS.
To Kngliirrt« Athr Pire OoimHmriit
A S AGEN TS of the iMaiiutacturfro, we
i X offer nt Pue for y prices RtJR
AJiw. Oak tan a. «Hehpd «ml remente'l
Leatltor f)»lting
Description as follows :
3 ply Intlia Rubber Belting, frotri 3 to 10
incttei ; 4 pi y India " t: " (! to 90
Hydrant! House. India Rubber 1 to IJ
inches. Warranted to stand pressure ol 70
lbs. to sur. inch i Locomotive St File En
pine India R. Hose lj to 3; warranted to
stand pressure ttf 170 Ilm ta W{r itich. Pure.
Plain and Mi*ed Packing by the Ib.- ; Oak
I'an'd., Sticked, and Cemented Eeather
Belting, from y to 2(1 inches wide,
All onlers for the above goods filled at
«bortest notice and flillv fuaranteed by
Of Rn§ll«h, P>h*lfentl floor Mnrtltrnrr,
r pilE undersigned now inumti direct from
X Birmingham and Sheffield et« Liver
pool. large and varied additions to their
stock of Hardware and Plantation Goods.
Call and examine our atock when you de
sire to purchase
Plantation Hardware.
Mechanic» Tools.
Iron Steel and Tin.
faints, Oils and Glass
Manilla. Rope and Cordage
Cooking k Heating Stoves.
And all articles generally found al a well
««sorted Hardware Store.
Cutlery! Cutlery!
ROGER'S. Wostenholms and other cele
brated makers—one to four blatled
Bone, Horn, Buffalo, Buck and Pearl han
dled Pocket Knives. Also the celebrated
l; Ramaps'' and patent Guarded Razors. Ra
*or Hones and Straps. Best medium, com
mon and Entra fine Table Cutlery, Shears,
Scissors and Graduating Button Hole Cut
tert. Also No I Scissors in complete sets
at [octay MONTAN St H COURT'S.
Juit Received.
1 / |A SACKS tresh made BRAN ;
lUv Î20 barrels Heavy Rump Pork ;
100 Bale Hay ;
500 bushels Ö*ts j
000 barrels ear Coin ;
88 boxes Louisville Star Candle ;
S<14 " " "
23 Î " " " "
10 New Bedford Sjterm;
130 Assorted Sonpg;
10 bags prime Rio Coffee j
10 Pockets old Java ;
10 barrels fresh Soda Crackers.
Can be bad bs low as in any other house
in the city —fw rath,
jnne24. A. M ontan ft Bao.
freali SiinpUm.
NO. 3 Mat&eral in bbls.
» •< *' « è do.
" 2 in kitts for family use.
Levering'« west Loaf Sugar.
Loaf Sugar in bbls.
Powdered 11 " "
Crushed " " "
Fresh Goshen Butter. Rose bud dairy.
Olrine Soap
French Brandy,} casks, low priced.
do. do. in cases of 1 do«.
Roanoke Tobacco, •"■s.
^'îildres Honey Dew 10s.
'•Ma. Cape Lime.
Plaster. <
" dement.
Plausferer's Hair—large quantitv.
Fresh Hrcelpta.
OBARRELS Fancy St. l ouis Flour;
4>0 :i0 half " " "
!0 Bbls. Sweet Apples ;
10 " l^arge Nesnanoc potatoes ;
10 '• No. 1 Rump Pbrk. Cash or no
sale. lag'WI A. MONTAN A BRO.
SILK SHAWLS. Woolen do , all sizes
and all shades. Also, Rl'k De I aine do.
rov.lt J. SIMON & CO.
WhotMBle and Retail Dealer In nil kinds
Conner of Third and Laurel Sts., (nearly
opposite the Bank)—Baton Rouge
Having this day «fcci'mi his prices.
he is prepared to furnish all kind of
CA N D V at Wnnr.MAt.t- and tiBtitti,on
tiofe favorable terms than can be had in N.
Orleans; and having experienced worhman,
his candy will always be and nttrstt;
care being taken that no "deleterious Ingré
dient" is used in its manufacture, ni is too
often flie rase with confectionary purchased
at Al'C l ioni and f rom it responsable bouses.
He tril'its that the trade of this, and the
adjoining parishes, wllf give him their orj
tiers to nil, which bp is prepared to do fo
anv Amount, having made arrangements for
the best quality nf'eit^ar In market, and be
ing in correspondence with one of the large
est houses In New i f ork, to supply him With
fancy confectionary and nfllcles in hi« line,
September 1,-y.
MOMl RSffiltPlfSB !
I'ntuig Ainerlni steam Flour
l ing bv the atldUlöii fit otic ttfÉ. k •*
riarlt> Celëhi'Atëa Pntetif fl^tirlhg Mlllu, î'oltfhg
Mftrhltlfery kï.. tthrt hftfltipflilly If« Cfiptti*
Mr tadd cinpf« *wrk. 1 rtrti rwit folly {tr^fior
to give my ffltetttta tttiti ttinse. of home
prls é pretierftfly sati'*wttorj erfdeticp, fiittf H ip?
not? tiped tint go bpyötlö Unfon ttoilgp In oflef t"
«peurp io fttifeintfèiteg flour that will compare fav
orrtbly to any bredtteiti lo thecoontt r, no mnHer
by tioflr extensive a romplleate«! macnlnery.
A« the ohjpct. will be to prodtiee Hour of the
bp?t charrtcter and ?*fatidlnp 1 trust to meet with
that Hbetality of patronage n* will #u«tiiin the
undertakifig. fatöliles or orthers ordering flour
from me nt:iy rial a"»ttred my be^t ehdeators
«hall be glvp»i to please theni, orders should he
spot to the store of the tmderslgned. For tlie
fleeommodatlot! Of famines, floor c?tn hp ohtaloed
when not wanted hy the barrel, In bsg* of M Ifl,
25 of oopounds each, or lu s tifch oiher quantities
n!» they tuny wish,
Wftrîn JOBRtJA UPAf,.
lüle^mit Ntock of Full k Winter
I 1 ", ARE RECEIVING our new sttp
Wk» nn«1 «reu* (lands,
and are determined to sell at prires to dis
tance all competition for cheapness. To the
numerinus customers who have favored us
with th"ir patronage during the past year,
we will now renew our asstirrn.:e (bat
every pfT"rt will be made fo rentier if their
own interest to continue the same. They
can rely upon being always received and
waited upon with politeness, and upon be
ing supplied with goods at less than ordin
ary prices That this is no empty boast,
the eruWt's that; daily throng our Store
wilt testify. v
Everyone says that fhe cheapest and
best goods are bought at the
Plilln<1el|itiln linenp Cash Store.
Call and judge for yourselves.
2000 yards new British and American
Piitifs, finest qualifies made, 30 diffetenf
styles, all Wool Plaids, French Merino
and DeLaines. New Styles Black and
Dress Silks, at low pjices. Embroideries,
Crane Collars, English Hossery, Bonnet
Riubons, Trimmings, Gloves, Flannel'.
Domestic«, Cassimeres, Ac.
Remember the place.
pH!!,ABKM>l!M CttPAP C ash S'lORR
octlS. Lafayette street.
fltiiRlieft! Iliiinfie*!
Hearth, Marking, Whitewash,
Paint, Oust, common, Horse,
'far, Dust, Rxtra, Yankee Phot?,
Floor, Must, fancy, Handle»! Shoe,
("crub. Printers Lye, Long Wis.is,
Hh*vln)f, Wisp, Oom. Bream*,
Blacking. Popes Head, Heck Scrub,
On hand and for sale by,
I'sst ik Orrmnn Slerl.
A FULL assortment of Pqttare and Flat Bar
f^ist and Herman flteel from ,'tf to il Inch.
so American and fingllsh /Ulster Mee at
Hardware t>tabllahment.
To Plnsteeer«.
PLARTKRER'S and Pointing Trowels; Rd line
Boston fflues; Lathing Hatchets, light and
heavy ; Oment, llair and Plaster at
Cor. Lafayette and Florida ft».
Heul"« Corn Mill.
ÎS in motion three ti-nes per week. Town
I and country customers supplied at as
low prices as the extent of trade and price
of grain will permit. JOSHUA BEAL.
1|jj\ BBL 5 !. Cape Lime received per
I V'vr steamer Virgiqialast night.
oct -18. B arbkk A B enjamin.
Cape Utile »ml Plnsterltig Hnlr.
I 1 ))! BARRFi LS Cape Lime, and 4il Ilushels I'las
I. |0 terlng Hair. .Inst received and for sale by
oct-14. UKO. M. HKROMAN.
IHare Olasal Wore Pnlnls.
(9AA ROXR8 assorted French Olass ; White Lead
«1/11 Pure ."now and No, 1 Zinc ; Zinc Oryer
Brushes etc. Turpentine and Llncesed Oil ; Fire
Proof Paints, dry and in oil ; at
eept-30 l.AJlUtîlKR tf- I.ANOt.'F,.
Prom tlie St., t,onl« Shot Tower.
OHA SACKS assorted Orop Shot: Bar, Pig and
nil Ml Sheet Lead at
«ept-30. LARfttJlEH Jt LANOUK.
Rerplvcd per Inte Arrlvnl*.
1 HO BAGS Liverpool ^alt. in fine order;
Iv/U 50 Bbls. Crescent Mill's Superfine
Flour, [septW.| B arbke A B kn.iamin
r pHE subscriber having been appointei'.
1 Agent lor East afiu West Bation Rouge
for Smith McLeod A Co's superior and
pure Bt-Sulph of Lime. Clusters will find
:l to their interest to buy here
tiovS. W m . B o<i f. i ., Druggist.
The Ornamental and Useful Combined.
J SI MON A CO., at the Capitol Cheap
• Store, beg leave to inform the public,
that they have just opened a superior stock
of the following articles. Very large linen
Table Cloths, with beautiful designs of
Europsan Cities, with Napkins to match—
something entirely new. Also a great vaN
iefyof Linen Towels, Diaper, and Irish
Linen for shirts. All extremely lnw for
fnrpicr & fouoitr.
1850 HilRDWÜHIU 1856,
TJÎI5 nndei'sigfied h«ve ön Iiftful tttnl
A iWi dally reeeîtlna per steamers end salUoe
vessels, direct frotn the MantifsCtorlea, a general
assortment of (»ono-Mlt- I«ttd FèMlfR
llarilware. which they otfi?r at prices not to
be esnEfisote. L arucim A L a S opk ,
Jan.lJ y. Cor. Lafayette and florid» »ts.
«rRtMj Orfltcd and fltovi*!».
ANEW Simply nf flto alinvo fur pur
lor and olnee,' with and without stutimer
front«, (look Moves, large and smalls Pgg, 8«*,
Barrel nod Franklin Flores, for Wood and t'oal,
assorted jlses, b»sldes the articles which general
ly go with them— stich ns f!on| Hods, Phorel and
Tones, Ac. At the Hardware Ptore of
jan.it y. LUmt'lKit A f.ANOt'R.
T i» Sfiort m e ii.
.4 l l'AV rW. Lest Knglisli, Mtiil» Twi^t
'* tlonblo anil f<lng!e Barrel Shot (Itia*. Be
p|r't»,(lame Bass, Powder Horns, Patent Wadding,
Polled Lined and Oentrnf Fire f 'nps: Wad Ont
t -ro; Httti 1'abes ( atid ererv ihlog ohe ctitinecf"d
In that line, LAROOIFR k LANOttP,
jan.tT-y. Onr. Lafayette and Florida sts.
st«>siin I'nchlng !
. HJ ITA I'crclirt Sf>'!itii FrttiMfig
" * Kentucky and Oolton packing; 0* B kef
per and Ne ry Oakum ; Steam JHbs, Iturnifhed and
Polished; ÜHeftm Stops and Gua^e Ooek» : lirais
OottpllHg und Ooonectfng <)oekp f for iron or cop
per pipes, alwnvs on hand ot
Jan. IT y. liAttOÛÎRfl k LANÖÜP5.
Curt nnd Wiirboii Mnnipaa.
Haines, Blind bridles, Cart breeching,
t nrt «addles, tl'apgmi harness, Trace chains
Ac., which we offer at moderate juices.
To ItlnckmiiMli«. I!ni |ipiitn8
oi»d Cooper«*
Anvils, vices, bellows, stock
and Dies, Plates, Wedges,Tongs. Files
of all sire« alid tl D Scti|ition, a|«ci a full as
sortment of CarpetifetS' and Coopers tools.
1 A sitperioi lot of Table and Pocke!
t'utlery. pist received and for sale by
TO l»l>y| STKRX,
H ALL'S PLOUGHS, Nos. f to D with
and Without Cutters,
Assorted Nos. ol Subsoil
«ml Flukes,
King's Ploughs—refended bars. fsos. 1
fo 4,
Hay Cutters anil Corn Shellers,
Ox-J.og, Back and Trace Chains,
Ailles A Bow land's best Spades and
Hoes—cast steel and forged, from 0 ill.
to 10 in. lilade.
Blind bridles and Cart saddles.
Collars and liâmes, for mules and
Axes, Yankee nnd Kentucky paffem«.
Besides any ôtlier article generally fount!
in a w««ll assoited Hardware store.
jan 1 fitly I LARGÜIKRA LA NO HE,
Cor Lafayette and Florida »f«
Per Nhlp «eof«e We«».
LBP. pur» and e*tr i White Lend ;
111(10 do. Phnw White French Zinc i
tötl Boxes snorted siaes Window tjlass:
Ilia cans Chrome t-'reen sml Yellow Faint;
Zinc Oryer, fdtlmrge, Ppanl»h Brown j
Yellow Ochre, Whiting, lied Lead ;
C-erman Black, Japan Damen and
Light Furnitur" Varnish, tlhiülxr's points,
Oralne: s* Philadelphia Olne, FI telles' Hash Tools.
Brick Liners and f'utty, for sal - low at the
Hardware "tore of MONTAN A HlKJUf.T,
septlS. Ohitrch street, oppoAlie Harney llouee.
Wooden Ware I
XE, Hatchet, Tile,; Auger and Chisel
Handles, Clothe Lif e Reels, Horse
and White Wash Brushes, Paint Brushes
ml Sash Tools, for sale hy
Lightning Bod#.
NEW supply—just, received of the la
test improvements—put up in the
best manner, by W. F. t UNNARD.
IIIM mmi ' mid Trimming«,
pV STEAMER Black Warrior from New
1) York, I have received« large and beau
tiful assortment of the above goods.
sept 18. W. D. PHILLIPS.
l/iitllc« He ml Pr«-*«e«.
W D. PHILLIPS has just opened his
• assortment of Head Dresses In all
the latest styles.
»eptlS. W. D. PHILLIPS. !
I/UPSH «ROHB KI/OT'tl.—Purchasers
F of Flour, would do well to bear In mlntl, that
fresh ground family flour can always be had In
Baton Rouge, and of her own manufacture. To
Insure getting It alio. K. lend your orders to
mar20 JOSHUA BflAL.
C1ITRRY COM H S, Cistern Faucetts
> Brass Faucetts, Molasses Gates, Ac,
I) EST Cast Steel; Cistern Hoop Iron;
) Iron Wove Wire, and Iron Rivets, for
Cape feline I
1 Hfl BARKELS of this celebrated
1 V/U Lime. Just jeceived and foi
sale by I julyS.| (»eo . M. H eboman.
Corn «t Coli Mill.
TO ARRIVE in a few days direct from
the manufactory, assorted sizes of the
celebrated/ 1 Little Giant," Corn and Cob
Mills, at |ap3] L aroiiikb A L anouï's.
Embroiserld handkerchieps,
from If toSlO each. Hemsti/bed
Cambriedo., Linen Cambric do., fit all
prices. 1 nov-111 J.SIMON A CO.
LADIES Kill Silk and Cashmer Gloves,
Also, Children's Merino.
Ladies Gauntletts, all colors.
nov-11 J, SIMON A CO.
Clonk«, Mantille 4 at.-d Talmas.
ÂLARG'* assortment of these goods,
inst received in all Colours, Shapes and
Qualities. Call at the PHILADELPHIA
CHEAP î»TORE. if yon wish to ««cure
bargains n«*7.
ÜH ! m »I J .-.J- .
|rn(l ant ^Irtlrinn.
IffttfitSt and Apoftieiurf
"I /ËEPS constantly on hand a large and
JV well selected stock of fresh Drugs and
Medicine«. Alibis preparations are rue
pared by Northern manufactories, antf put
up in the very hestmannei to preserve their
medicinal virtue«. In a climate like this
persons should not overlook thli important
frr- Prescriptions filled with care at any
time of night or day. octlh-y
THE undersigned has pist received per
I Empire City,
I r i0 lbs. Gum A rabie Lozenges, of all flavors
00 do Gum A rablc Paste. Vanilla A Rose.
.1(1 do Jujube Drop«, assorted.
1.1 do Licorice do do
fit) do India Paste,
I no do Tolit Drop.«.
ÖÖ do Pate de Gtiimsuv#,
50 do Marshtriellow drops,
?. r i0 do Jujube paste, rose, lemon A Orange,
•in do Tolu do. 13 boxes Spruce Gum.
100 do Chocolatées Familles.
66 do do tie Snlif^.
fill do do & la Vanilla, etc.
For sale at reasonable prices, by
Oct 18-y. WM. BOGEL, Druggist.
«itiifllrles per Steamship Philadelphia.
1 UU 50 lbs. Black Tea "Superior" ;
•2o do«. Claret Wines;
0 " Champagne,
0 boxes Jetriy Lind Twi^t Tobacco ;
100 " Virginia Smoking " >
0 Drums Turkish ;1
13 dot. Olive Oil, qf s. and .pfs.
I y ,l boxes Windsor Soap ;
3300 Superior Havana Segars •
(00 nunees French Quinine. I dlletlers;
fs -Jo*. Preston A Morrill's Yeasf
Powder ;
In store and for sale at New Orleans,
prices by WM. BOGEL,
nov :i. Druggist
iV Parents should use these in preference
to any other Drug,
Dewpe's Crrminafive Balsam, always
triade ftesh. when wanted
Bocel's C'liate ol Iron Syrup, an excel
lent and harmless Tonic, for children.
Also, Lactate of Iron and Manganese
All the above preparations can be safely
administered fo children.
You should give them a trial For sale at
jiuieO. BOGEL', S Drug Store.
f ills I 1*11 Is I
JÜST rereived by the undersigned, a fresh
supply of Wright's Indian Vegifable.
Moffat's Life, Brandrelh's, Morrison's Hy
aenia, Lee's, SappimrLms, Greafenberg's,
Jayne'sjSpencer's, Pefer's, Cook's, Hoop
er's, Beekwlth 's Leidy's blood, Holloway's
Swayne's Lerv's, Degray's Champion's,
Jones', Sear's, and McLane's Pills; for
sale iu any quantify by
jan ys. W m B ooki ,, Druggist.
rpHE VERY BEST.—Persons desiring
J, any of the celebrated medicins cal
led Rtandy, can get some of the pure autl
undulfrated Pinet, Castillon A Co s. at the
Drug Store of WM. BOGEL.
Uier ConiplHlirl,
C1AN BE effectually cured by the use ol
> Hofflands German Sittels. Price te
dueed fo seventy-live cants, can always be
had fresh at the drug store of
netto. WM. BOGEL.
ALE AND N.)RT ER.— A large supply
of Barclay, Perkin's A Co's London
Porter and Tennent Scotch Ale, warranted
genuine just, received and for sale by
„o 34ly WM. BOGEL, Druggest >
«loin fort A Ccnooiny.
TUST RECEIVED.—An assortment of
t* Ice Closets A Coolers, to which the
attention of Purchasers is invited to the
Ware Rooms of J. PIPER. A CO.
June 0th fS-'i-'».
Otisn Drops.
JUST received T-Olfis Gum Arabic Drops,
Tolan Lo/engers. French Jugube and
Lifpjorize Paste, Acidulated Drops of ali
flavors,- Spruce Gum, refined Calabra Liq
uorice, ect., by - W m. bookr..
Petroleum, or Itock Oil.
THE most wonderful remedy ever dis
covered, procured from a well in the
Alleghany mountains four hundred feet be
low fhe earth's surface, will efieetnallvcure
Piles, Deafness, Old Sores and Ulcers, Sore
and inflameu eyes, Rhumafism, Neuralgia,
White swelling, ect. for sale by
W m . BOGEL, Druggist.
marchîsS. Lafajetl# street.
Colt's Patent Herolvrrn,
JUST received on invoice, by
dec 19. T heo . C olomann.
ftlie«;t Zinc, Lead, Ac.
LBS.. Sheet Zinc and Lead,
— ■ ' ^ v Pig and Bar Load, Block Tin, Brass
Rodder, doddering Irons, at IbeHardware Store of
Boring Machines.
A FEW more left, of fhe above labor sa
ving machines, with three augers, as
orted sizes L akovikr A L anpi p,
Bulk IVeat.
A, LARGE lot Choice Hams and Should
ers in store and for sale at less than
nothing, by. BARBEE A BENJAMIN.
Axes and Malls.
AL()T of each on hand and foT sale hy
may23. N. E. Cor. Court House sq jare
For Children.
YARDS very handsome, all wool
small figured De Laines. Also
a beautiful aaaortment of De Laines, in
Dresa Patterns, for Ladies, just received
from New York
-eir. W D PHILLIP».
. i;?i ni! '! . —
1 Stationary fttaHtmary !
1 Pi Tissue 11 « «
Sold '•
t>rs#im " ai*or<#a *f»ei;
Ferfbrated " "
Letter, cap, and note Writing paper rail«,!
and anrttlled ;
Brisk! Boards attd rlee Paper ;
Blotting ■'
Red Ink ; Blue Holt ;
Carmine fbK ; Blac* fvtk ; Indelible Ink.
cuves ko.,
Mucllsg» ; Liquid Wines ; Month (Hoes.
Wster colors and flrswlhg color* In oll ; frenel»
Crayons; Lead and Drawing Pefieits : Fffts 0«it
vsss Boards for Palatini« j India Rubber for
dr#wings ifc., atid a lartelot af otBer Stationary,
novïô (JfüRfle M. llÄROMAR.
Consist ing t>f DR ESS GOODS of all kinds,
And n any more goods too ii!«m#ious to
Some very handsome fancy articles, which
are also »old at our low prices. no*22.
OOMOT* «OOtlflb-A large »toe* of Cassl
mers, both tllsek and Faney, SaHnets, LitttI
t VSt received per (lark Havana—Oft tank»»
i! Ploughs of A. Klag A O j.>, Manufactory,
made exprersly for the cultivation of Corn and
Cotton, «»«orted from N«. 1 to 4, extended Bsra
dec I Litft&tfitfis A L a book,
Western Bntter.
I^RF.SH from the Dairy, In large and
small keg* for sa'e at
dec-5. BaRara A BasjaMiN'#,
J. 1j. Vf AI,KT,
At his Drng Stor» on Thlca 0tt«et.
I H IN consfflot meipt of PVHti,
I mm/ i>n vaMÊpfvtttlsB, cri kmi
ft AIS, mn Ft/it & ft IMA, *e. Hi h»sju«t receiv
ed per ship Tempesi, from N. f. Ihe fallewing :
I Barrel Refiriet Alum;
I do. CoperiS s
1 do. Gum ;
I do. Gum Camphor, refined ;
i do. Bicarbof Sod«; I do Cream Tartar;
f ilo. Fine white Gum Arabic.
10 On«. Sulph Quinine;
do drachms Sulph Morphine;
Best African Cayenne Pepper,
OH lbs. Best Bermuda Arrow R«ot ;
American Scarificators;
Turkey Rhubarb, Pulv. Ipecae. Ac.
All nf which,he offers on the most ren
sonable terms. nct'iO
SIROP Ariti-Pblogisti(|tie de Briarit, foi
colds coughs Ac. for sale by
may-34. J. L VIA LET. Prnggist.
TEECHES. -7O0 best Hungarian Leach
J es, just received and for sale by
M> U'l. J. L. VIA LET, Apothecary.
KADWAYS Renovating Resolvent, re
solves disease, perihes the blood, arid
renovates the system for slile by
feb 'n. L. VIALE'f, A potbecarv
DR. Oedghegaii's Compound Extract of
Hydrofifer. for sale bv
may-it. J. L. VIALET,Druggist
O RINGE Flower Water, a superior ar.
tiele, i tst received and for sale by
feb M. J. L. VIA LET, Apothecary.
Bryan's Pnlmonle Wafers.
JUJUBE PASTE, Pate de «t.i«ri*ove
Ourn Drops, Locoeks Wafers, and
other preparations for coughs and colds
for sale by Wm. Booth, Druggist,
jan 29 Lafayettestreet
Brown'« F sténo# of Jamaica dinger.
3 Gross of Brown's Jamaica Ginger
just, received from Fred. Brown. Phil
adelphia. and for sale at his prices, whole
sale or retail, by. W. BOGL e.
feb. 14. Druggest, Lafayette St.
AVERY large stock of Emhmiderie», the
finest and richest patterns, Collars
Cuffs, Chimezetts, etc., at S imon's Capitol
Chea?) Store. May 8-y
Churns 1 CtinrnsM
(1ROWELS patent zinc lined Thermom
) eter Churns ; also the Cylinder Churn,
for sale hy MONTAN A HUGUET.
Hungarian Leeches.
KAA Hungarian Leeches, warranted, just
liUU received and for sale by
sept 8.
y/n. Bottai*
Contres« Water»
OA DOZ. in pint» k «uartos for saî»
L\1 ^ ]oc«4 WM, p,mrj,.
A FEW barrels and } barrels Molassas,
an excellent article. In store and for
Book«! Books !
THIER'S Fiench Revolution ; Lossings
Field Book ol the Revolution ; Homes
of the New World; Memories of Aron
Burr ; with a large variety of cheap pub
ligations, josfc received and for sale • >
jun24 (JEO. M. HEROMAN..
Blankets a msauo ooom.—i he
subscriber has just received a large
supply of French Granier Blankets, and
winter gooda for negroes, to which he in
vites the attention of planters.
octl8-y. W. P. PHILLI PS
ST LK VE LVET, üdie»' Cloak», very
rich. BPV and col'd Cloth Talmas, in
every styl», fnov-11] J. Sî.vON A CO.

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