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VOL. 1. SHREVEPORT, LA., MONDAY, JUNE 24, 1861. , , :j
Shreveport Weekly News.
Published erery Monday Morniing, at
O 2.O Per Annuin.
'Ofcer, on Texas s/retd, n.ear thec
,layor's Ofe.
g;l*ntrance on Spring street.,
-- )o
Specimen ropiesj;ermartded tuny ctd.
dress. but ui rubr.ption., a,' ot receit'd
unless the money accompanies the name.
The News will be sent twuo vears
for Four Dollars.
it published evrery 7'k.sdy, II1d
nesdaq, Thursday, Friday, andl Sat
urday morning, at 6t per , :ar to merail
subscribcrs. It contains all the late
Inews. Any pers.on s.ending the names
ofsix subscribers. accolmpanied with
the Cnash. for the Daily o(r W'eekly.
will be entded to one ropy gratis, fr
a year.
Our Motto--fione M1anufactur '
[F r thet l)tail r News.
To the New York Seventh.
fly J. t*. I.
The New Yark Steventh. the N'r-h,.nr taw.
JI mrniustrout drlled and n drillitig;
But lack the saidyv. the gr:y; raw,
And lack h ck the nackf killinig.
W'e've got a few of T, xan stetl.
And with thn, I'urikh ('adi,.
,We will meet tihem r,,l an T"en field
And t h ith ,.., ,l in a 1. ,.
Twi t,, ont.. thi,., u m '. !: ,du,! -
A I, ail tt -e r l,;:'' , l :..,t d;;'ing;
it\ nil ilt Jat' +i .cI' hi. tllls '.
W e twour i no.t a-:,on ti. 1:"11+h :t<',".
"i',t run thit:n ,," e:ai.,,i n.
f aIt ,:! :it i.trte we'l[ in'.,: a ll, .'
\nd rlnt tihelml like .*hunnlltitoi.
h\'. it they tight a -. if t e" h: t n't b, t..
Thn tit e- their thii. i, t pIl 1 .nkels.
\ee'll n:; : t, , t !~. ll, .I.
.\, tu.; r t at (' .
"t ,u : aI t . v .rt t 'i .d , \ lr . 'ih t' "
"V lrli ." v. , h, . i . rply 4 ! .v i h
-itch tis tt t t i. p i fin. i
h i t wli a l:h r :+ i' , .L4n .t l , ii ' " "11 11111
cioi.n w e f.i r a It.i,: . T h, ;I ;iir i
h ,t m ch lit h t, I or i . h : , ii it ! ,
what littl- th r,' wi ta - t ii l r Il. " I i,
wornk in the i ! l i u, l . ii t: t f . -
rt" :id thitl,<'r. A\ l, ,-t,+:l .. i i,,
:a ciorller, awl frot lht-nilet,, i cril
w att draw n. an l thr 1, lt , 1:i11ift 1 .hii.i
faces ,m i tld in .l.ri . ,i l-u tin 'r.
A nither f ,bm I, " ,n rh. Inh.t l ,,.i
- i tt was that of It 1,,,: , .,pi,.-lr,,-.ke
hia of tenL .i t -t.-, I -:::" , i t v,-s wcr.
wille open. iv-i.n :u that ht,,u : oh .t
brow ,Lhome r halfill n hit,' in, the
midst Iofi th,, di .a tln: ti ng -halis.
.As a matter of c-,r,, the. furnitnrn
was slthlh y :ntil nt i ., andtt i thi e pal..
.ew e tr hl ,l nt i. rc i thno - to d ,", ',ve ti
her hoi.,,,Lh,,M ,It11i,.a whilh l,,, t,,il+
ed to give hrta nid t,, her htth- c-hilrn.
It wa- t i aturdat n iit ht. lpt -t the
hour of ning. .ihe ha hetn hir ,ir
edi in her a ork oni a, oiunt ,If thr.ti ,r
fiur hours did fuidehn illnts < hiehi
had pr,.trateid her in the tu,,rnig.
anid now ,ihe was hurrying, wthih. her
brain reaeld anti l ntnch.d, t, get
through withi her n ,l tah-ki.
Oet' ,t" the-e w:a- the finist.hing oft
a small dr.--, ul,,,.n thi .h Oh.. was
s eettin g th . In - -ti ,,h : Alr-, ( ;rea . s
had call-.d in, :id it tir-t ;t IH n ,rs ou
and unpl as.a.- t t,, find t l,." ,trk %a - nt
don.; lut wh,.,n - .* -:aw th,' ,."a v
eye lifted, :t t,. r tr.mbling ,n their
lashes,, sh,. hld u,,t the heart t,, -av
anything i( n t-ante, hut -at ,lipiet.l
lown, and a". t -he ntic,,, th,.: p
ing fiormt and trt.lut.nt ,e ighingd, .-h.
maid in h,.r kii.h ,vmtpathi-itg voic,
th e w o rd .  h i ,h !, , g in o u r ,t ." ,. - .
" You have not h,,-.i in our neigh
borh,,"d long?" a-k,1d Nl.-. (;raves.
Onlyi'ftPtt mnlthl,"wath lie ani:-wcr.
"I co,ld not pet cuough to do at
the place frout which I mov.d, Iut
have uone much ,,tter t.in' I came
to this place."
".L ull hate vnU nits a'' letri ai
dress nuakerf" a-ke,i Mrs. t rave,-.
"That is eny trade uadam. \Vhen
I learuad it. 1 little thought I hbukld
toil at it like a slave." she conitnu,,d
her lip trembling. ,. 31y lather w*aa
doing a very good businei..., and bl,
cauc,' 1 did not wish to ask him for
mau.sy enoug'h ti, support n.--elf I i
applied my.elf to thi.- kind of work.
I soon after wa: marri,,d, [. I did not
,ew a great whil,., lut now-" her
voice trvaishlingly faltered, " I am
,,li;:ed to sew."
"BHtw lhng hate your In.-hand btenh,',
Fron*i ny oI i-r 1ip-, thi, i ight
have sounded harsh and uunf.e-hll,
but evidently tlihere wag at deep lihor,
of tsy'nlpathy iu the kind heart of
11rt. (rave . and her voice brtiathe,,
it- Illilu :.
•'I" huetbantdl ha.- lien d.ad thre..
tni:."" w-a' thi" a:i-tr.ltl rtip'.. i
the .t",",_ t.,r ,ue h-tl y t; ',u-h,,.i ,, ;"I,
the finger tips. "Jenny, my young
est was born on the very day he lay a
corpse." she added a moment after.'
*"It is a dreary world for the- widow
and the fatherless," she added very
" "Iudetd it must be," Mrs. Graves
responded earnestly, watching the
t-e:amstress fold up the dress. ""And
Ilmu.st you sew more to night?" sihe
asked, seeng the widow conrmenceon
another dress that did not appear to
h;1e quit, tiniiihezd.
•)h ye,'; I expect Mrs. May is
di.iappoiznted, for I promised her this
dress should be dotine by dark, but
illinesi prevented."
'"'hel give tle a Ietedi- and thimn
ble," iaid Mrs. ;rGrave-.
The dr.ess-maker lookkd up in ut
ter astonitisllmet.
,"Stop. I hlvz yoW ty oirn hilzlbhi-
give mne your neledles; I will take
this onl," -lie added, helping herelff
fr'omi a needle-ca-e. ."I unt gingll to
tIew for ou. I :ti mnuch llioret aiIi}
to do thel whole of it to set a -titch.''
(hi, Illy dear itndamz ! exclainm
ed the .-~anlstr.-., ; i"no ! no ! vour
-sweet, kind words hliv- li dtine uir,I
,toward aidilng ie thana your ncedih
Ico' Idi . Ill,-s y-.v, ! tihere art-e .meiti
'heart. that caia fe'l t;,r u. ;" and
sllt( dathz-d away t-anr.-. still init.nt
upon her work.
At thisl ulormnitil the- frail little hell
received .tuch a wrenchll that it sltruck
}violenitly artiiist the wall. 'lilt
dlre.---rnlker niirvotusly aitn-ie mi iillr
ried ti. the door.
"alla. y'oi thlat dr-ess done ?" de
"A lul..-tl" shei tried to spe..ak
cherfully. "lWon't volo cone in l"
"Y,* - I s-i- I-,pp . 1nlc-.t..-.itv i ill
colmpel in. i- : hut let tm- t.ell vYu.
it is the -l-t pi, e oft w.,rk that
ever t on' will tdii tor P .''
ih'ii ntic. d th, -i l. -iir :, l. the. , rltiri- .
1i- · .if t!i !-- l *li, l , II ti- ~ . :l l l.
ih: t-h ',,,.,, ,I v-.- , . l : , t :ll:. ,,
18-6·ui i~ii 1;ke rMinote Ve~ 1 .-1i
1·l ltc.lr--it. ay, d th-i t- . tit
ca- chinelii r t.p th l dry.>- l,,.,,r, th,.
,th,.r : cur,'el, v in ide th,. r",,,nu.
"l :. vi e, that', l!wai s th. er -
t -,:. I. i"t't I..It' e i -tti so two ,i r
:h .". :T,.-:m . : ,lt, !'c,, ;lP 1, l it h it
h.,an- t. ,, ''r, I. ..i t r i.l 1 'ish ti
hel,. ".,u I ,ut I r..l! 'k :ulnt , -l,
.nit t+, I, h ,. i. ,l i ' " i t ill " :i .
4TL , !. ," r ,,: -.1 i ri lit,
,t" in f i. , I.. . " r . ,l nit -1 ,
11:n. RI ,-ILv. -'11I ,,.* :,+e fth.
I'the' o,, ' e i, ',, . ,at- n, . r, t', . , -.It
Sth. ,..:k -L 5 15 ' ,,,
Ihlt , i i ", zle tn .Ili th il hi it ,- . -
: ,it h tian th:t--ui i h h,-, rn".lli,,I
\Iir.. lhall. "1 u.+. - :ll. n quit: , i!l
I t - i t. i t t,, -.! .l . i , "tiy. .. r lr
Ih uld ni it zi- l i-ets' ir to g o.
Sit* :-,i -izli i," ' -i e iz,,,t it . ... ' "
; 1, I .f,: . (:ro ,.
':uik yotl t ' iir t II -t =.ai. t- ilin t.
ii" hy. ' r. Li i i r v. -, I ,e .h - ,i ,,t
lkni-u Vloi "ilter.i' Ji t,. t' i.
"Y1. . I :., '- , ,.," u~ nr-'i.;_ \ t.-.
Ifall t. let i:.s tit- is he,r." r, idii.'l
.Irs r t ...-., w it1h a ct.,hl in llu-i it ,
,ti-lg. hoawl. -It r alyv nik,- iustn
ihe ar tloh. to -e ,, i.,r itierg i1."r .no .
late andi tired. 1 ~i-h I ci.ubt lli,
May. t,. rilyl- ,i-illt.' rr-a.s.d, ti ;r fir,-.
us .- . '.M a.- , i.t e i titi s weli . tir
Ii,..h-t-.-:u alf hi t "u , IhI.
I, t u ` -.... i l v --u ,,,' i. . t','"
varn --ik t.-v, ',iiit i'i ur c t' ' ittu '
th, dhct,,r' t it . i r;l riig . l-,av..
"1'll call ain n tMday," s.h,,aid,
tut, -lippinag a ,l dolar int., tl.e hand
..t' irt.. Blall a- ih , turied to go.
""1.,"ere i. to"r." than my pey i rlt-.
"N", matter- T .':hll h:'." |,I.l.ty
t:>r" yVoui to d,.: d, 't st,,p t.hrlham e:
good liight."
Mrs. 31:t' sat Sipeut utal uneasy
while thf.' th'hiuzg w n,:t ,,n.
*"* hy did v. it ni0t tell mnlv that
.m,,eho ,,, ten was hr,." .h,: a,-k", al
must cruetl!'.
"WVhy -hubt 1 s?",ked Mr,-..l:ll,
g,'ntly. "Ladies are here quite ot'
t:tn, and von know MIs. (~rtavies ii .
srtet lady." The cheek of Mrs. May
"Your dreAs is fiiushed," (:aid the
,e ,instre s- thhlihn it. up.
'soft voicie like a rich flute camine front
the bedl:
S"Doll't cry, mnother.
"Why, Jimmny, are you awake?"!
asked thie mother.
`" Yes, I heard that kind woman,
' rand tlhougly woman, too. Dou't cry,
mother; oune here and I will. kiss'
you. I love you, mother."
" God bless you 1" sobbed the wea
ry one, as site touched the white fore
head of the sick child with he.r burn-'
ilug lips.
"Who, ditd you say it was forl"'
n.-.ked thi fatsh<ihnale .Mrs. "tarriva'e.
"" Mrs. hall, the dr.srsmakr. Slh,
is just up front a sev.ere ftiver, anl'
not one to help her and her four chil-'
dren. I hIave a:tlretaiv c.,ll:ecte.d over
tforty dollar-,"
" Is slht a ni. uth ,r t"f tlt- church,"
qut.ri.irl tin, "p takir, i, tiliingt grat'
full i ,.
*" I'm .,ut-e I don't know if .-he i, a
ichutrch ieml,.-r at all," r, pliel MI i ts.
1; '...c, nd hr i sic. tl',m re ,b .ld as
1h42 -p-ik'.. " I tnev r a-kd her, for 1
-.",. ,,dL t., f('-(l el,: , w as (, t ' til'
.,,r,'- I....r. A-t any" rot,', it' (h." i%.
nut :t t']ri-ti:tt, w , : ill -ho,,w h},"r
it hat rlit tia'it , ctt, dui."
"" lv.e ha(ve -o liu, 1h t'. d-, for !,..
crhurch poor," -n-id the lady, ill n l!it
tiel, ti"rulou v ,it e..
I" il-t IhavI a 're, otil;ritg." -aid
" it 1,,, tio l I w ;i1 -.e. - d ,'t i
vi -, heri it t tivt. do llr 'o ld4..
in nlvy prt-mou nIi,'. O(f c,,r.-:. I
1hav,, Your wrd f ;r it th:tt sh,. it t: d-,.
(''ll :t4i i, I i,:11 11 tt.'
"I lt le wereI. , tetr r it' -hi' toid
he. etlh 'd a t. :'- r fin :.,.- 1 - , 1,.ly-lik,
wouum. n" -16. 1. " iledlienitlt".
.1 fainr r' lr ean~ tr. ri v , cheek t,
l, r1 fri 1'4d. A.di i u. - i r ,.-'chai n.' , .
at:, ' the, t a t..
,.:u thit .i. thr e Lh,.. ". ,, :hi, drl
u il k,.r. the, witd, · n : 1 ,,,'thr -.tr
hl art. ow ':ltn tr.,id -l,, . . t-. Th".
liii it.ti rl had - i e, i ittill , , t a-', .
tn ,t ht" h." .tit. a- ti a. .w , ! , titit .
sii,,')t tilh it' r.t' ntt g r lt .1 t ad,, thi ,.
ht d f .,e , c,:try- l rtnit, ] fiy r it . litth t in
v:'i; bI': - -I vI'. r.t I ,,Ar.I t ,h ir little
T itl . to". - u , u_ l - N, 1:ill t.a :m t ,tn pr o
tl, try' in " i, . : l. ' I 1) 2.1 o, n' l"t r.:
,"' l e r t.*." . ,. : . - . . h, t . .:, ..ut .
M i'r-.iaIll-ett iy tif' ',:t tir.:hi- k
in,... '',n1,. -h," - . n- -a ,triltl:- h .t,,r,
lti t nt h t,.i' I l n .t, I'tt t in' _, I tfr
V-it-t" .t rt i i t i outli 1.(." I 14:1 V atttl
, nlh liltl. ,u-. v , d r.1 ,,,. " - ..... t
u1other,. it,'v. : .- bt 'i .'illg -.,l thing
,,1 a-k, l if' \{r-.ll:.l livi , ,i tht,.: .
"T -i,.., h, c i. :m - i.,. tit,. hi, . fr
.It mu2 , 1 ,, . a. n ,.h, r M c'-. 1a]l. ir.,
ln:W:0 0 i. '-. ' t l' tr:w . - .. n." ("i+,f e -
:il :11", '" it f-i r v1 ,1 .
"" l it,!" cried fl:, M,,W. ".:,-p- :,
ilu .hd ,.it i,."r he.k- - a ."u il( in.n- t
.hill, t'" - il.'' . t
I, t. the.r.i.-2,'t it h.-:nit~i l!" 'cried
littl, Cu \-. I
*\ y1 m,,t ).-. whlr nt r , r t e",r itz t1
t'r " iill:ired littl, ..A nni.. the,,ht-,- t
,..-t. " I s..Ihou think )'oi w,.o ld 1,, I
priectly laplpy.'"
" I ;,,t know, how l. llpp I ,',
isr;ori t l !, wi,-t t .neh 2,,I -r ,
tar-. ( )h. n, y (" ;.. vi-it with tl: 1
h",.nriut who d",ce t hi- ' I....l. ill,.-s n
fhu m! hl,-, th,,m! f,:" their vi-it to' U
the wid,,w -nl f.0ith rl..-- in the* tin~'' it
",f thiir 'ttlhierin. Ia b. 2iy 4 ;,I! It
t1le,- then h0,re and h,.r, avr'."
\ "No10 atlll i.ll.-:tv, ,h.<-. v, eIh ha ,' v
,n,.xp..-o:dly r(...iv.,l o,,n, - 2,r, t h.. i h
in tii ." of vr,-:e t t.lpre--i,,. h,1"' t,,, +i
Por widrw tilt. it -r. t2,..1 thi:t
he.alth em'; - t . h .r m:,-t'-,I 12',n2, :,I- t
12.114 tniracl v. 'I'l,, kind,. 21hoi
oils l,.artcd doctr's witl- carne in 'Si 2.
I ut t ,, lu ,tl*, h:,lpiS !,y fh,. -i lht
ow11 rtt,1e1" h"o,,'. 1l,.r, hl.! -t 1,ugh
t, r . bids tiir to .erenne ;t tr,."asut.,r to ' t
h ,.r m ,o't lrw i a tn irna m enl t to nen ie- n
t v. Th', p,,,r. d, t;"". rn, d I,,, is. niiw -
th, e.nd, th, ,hiny gate. fha't o,1 ,,e
Lotuisvi-ht, June l,--Capt, Chatun
-y of the retired list ottinands the
Susqueluwa. The Coloraldo hay her
ordlers and will sail 'lon.
Neiw York, .June I .-rThe North
Star has arrived.
Cairo, Jun 1:.--A stamner, w-ith
two Federal rcompanies, anda a squad
of artillery, are cruising.
When a few miles below Colultbuit,
Kv., her macihiner-v broke, and tlthe
boat 1drifted ashore. ''lhreet pers.ons
wenlt anshor, and cut dlowin a .-'cfv
"Vauhliniton, .TJunu. 13.-Dan. Sick
ir's' five regimle-nt,- were- Itltustteretd in
.ti=tour:i ha: been adderd to .Mv
(.'lullnud': departme nt. Eight t",-re
killed at little Bethl,! and f, rtv--fiv,
were wottnt'tlI.
A dispatchti to arrt-nt Wnt. 'Trap
mtnann, of ~mlithl l (':irllin, sttidl to he
thi. h.a rcr o-f privatir pint-rs ttrand
other ',tnft i -'rat it' tl i ut itt,,. reacltid
If'to.,n to,, late, th..-te:unt ,r ih.ad sail
(:o~'.-il,.--Th," Siuthuern camp at
ll,)tnnyv has: bllee thr,,a:ontted.
Mc("lh:ll' 'nd ,,re.s hiope to attack
('h1:rl,. sal tt it. a w,'"k.
lh.n.t ,: i-.d to t Vest-.rn V\irhitin to
ojperat,. it, Kanawhla Vallhy.
('incinnrti.Jmtt ,. 13.- .-1 r'ih in-v t
,if I'",Ih -rali.-t- hat.*:' ttack,,d I ,ninutc
in 1:ireinAa, ,n.ccstt.lly.
St. lr,uis, . lune I:.-W. C. Brooks
ll u r. . o ar l'.i e tFr tr tasoin; "0thetr prniiin it
citiz_. i : rec ilmiplicat-d. li.t- Fe' deral
tro,,p. ;Lt, heirg di-tributed in 31is
.Intiri. iThr - ttau t rlllt, are- at liil. ar-,
- ak:l r;t-it .I tr iip lltfr.Ji -a :io C'ityI .
-. Lrid ... o n the Il'ai itic Rlailroad'
Ih t- lte. iurn. ,i. A. truice' tJiggedI
. -.lacli ntI ha;. :t-rrv.ld :It ( -reat l--i'
thit-I -rui 1-;t : - 31 r-'ia-i t, Lury
t ttth .i' t l r .:. t i
ltiv..tai k-,,i 1, , il hi.. pr,,cla
t!1n iii .that " . ries oi f uni.ik. ,i h r
land ui npar;,h . d~ arci:it.- have ,en
ilfli ted up1,t thi- pac.i :d ligiity
of this I cr.-,l uii al- t ,h, ail up1on i h.
ri -httand lit rti.- ,, of it- people,by
icket ,td ui i rittncipld ii .1,, pro, -
..i-,: to act n lu 'ir the authority of'
wi. t".d.ral ov 'n e n t.lltf. I
M V , t,. h . ',it to p-re rve.
p e a n',':lw l al rt : l ir f ml' , t l l u r uIl'i
li i- :not wliti l i :i l i, w (;,.-ll- i .r.
I'r . .l' , rr .,' ,I  :r, w ith i,. .
thin y :vih r. t". i : a r., I
If i -i '-1 itt Ii 1.-- -
tl, . l, , ,1;, 1 . ... "i " .' . , If ... . : . " .
i ,n I, . , . MI .tu ri. I . - .li, it."! . ,
i :t ,. 1 l t ' i,, " I, 1 :'n. n i. v - n , : ,i l . 1."
tph r- titl , lort ti L r ni , Jnd:.i l
:1 I', .cl. h: - 1 .. 1::11 t:."< , l. ti . t i-i
Sn -i. ' Jikt i -it' . I - it. ar:sni-t iot--o
" idt,: .t-,. , I i t il h, i l,, ' i d -
inr- i,lit . thtl militnia tnnol 1,:oid
r.'} t i -- : 'll i- ',' tite ut .:t f t orul 1
Il-trict n:. u, lit,. Iu - i- - , :i tE -,
a '1 aoir 1tat"" `l th. h-ri at - itt
sdar t u i, "al i:,t, itnrt. - i n' ,, tt hm toak.
11', r %.' , ut p:", " " '-ition , bi t
t'h. 'Lioutn hnc1,:ntm, nt i , of y.o-
Lii - i-Liter h'a't- li t. n t l: t ihl . i. r
r .1 -ht ",.., ! e..: hMi ti ., hn" , art , .1,
,o ,.t c tlto n rv ,t" ,w'ith lt r States h:,'
.,u ,. T t'h' - ,hl . . ; . . ,tl.u! -n u,,
i' ,t to:,h . h ur ,! i,,, "1:"l ' ,f :,rmh
1"S + li.y : paui , fd! , -itiz' i- ha
h1 -. ,t ,ris e'1 -. .u t ithou t arranit, tu t
..tit i : "! -thtl, t ,: .
up +hI,'.t dt' wun' n / miur,t_ ta,t a -thcri
!t al., 1 .." it :diT | i.i- ' lo-. , ' 1 ..-",.
hin ped u t"l ih. ur S tet.r ,11 i1t our
~ lv,,s. T'1o thi, vu o, !;,i". th bmr ,tt f,
n ith p n aI' nd '" nnt t r1 1 ':l ,ra w', , V. L , I
Ih ,s .n it t: ' l'.ur:ti' n. tl " 1 .:1 r'iltg
« . t.1 wk , ..u ni , ! 15 --- '.t :', .r o.i!,
, :l tit'v r o. . t',. l Nhnt herti Stat, s
hse latft hr Eur_ ft' the phrptte
' fittin o",t ('1,, nfl rat.r prih ' ten rd.
t th. :,m 'ri than tilt C nf. d rat'
art' lult li ,g on W a,:hi, gtt, n, but in re'
n tit credlit, .l r
St I .Li' _T',, .,e" tli ('.l. wr.i.n -t
1 special Agent ofthe Associated Press
.just from the Maryland hIeights over
lookin- ~Harper's Ferry, says the
!'erry eas been mainly evacuated,.
1o11y about 2000 troops remaining.
' The route of the main body was'
by turnpike bpards Charlestown
and Shephordstown.
i'lThe bridge at Shepardstown has
Sbeen burned
''Thi Southern pickers have been
withdrawn from WN illiamsport.
Alexandria, JTune 14.-Active mil-'
itary movements are progressing in
eonsiquence of the evacuation of H [ar
'per's Ferry.
An eflburt will be mada to prevent
Washington, June 15.--Gen.Schenk
has been ordered to cross the Potomac
with his brigatde.
Richmond, .June 15. The vail of'
Secr.'cy has been re.move'd from vtes-:
'terday's proceeditgs in the Conven
The vote on Virginia's net of s.!
Scession ofApril 17th stood as follows.
For secession, R8 ; against. 5i5.
J'he journals show changes, and'
i the final vote stood 103 in favor of the t
piasage of the ordinance.
SYesterdtay. 14th inst.,the ordinance
w was signed by 91 members, several
dlIgateut being absent in the war,
sickness having rleterred others, and
mine. Capt. Slarr, having heen killed!
by tlhe F'deralists. at Fairfts.
Various runmors are current of bat
tlies and nmovements of the Federal
troops. lint nothing has as yet been
, autlietiticallvy :ioe.rtained.
New York, .lJne 15.-'Thetpriva-'
teer, :Savannah. in charge ot' Mlidship
man Cook, has arrived here. Her,
crew. nItnl.,ring :i5, were put in irons
,n tlie Mlinnesota.
Sr. lJuis;.TJne l 5.-;Gen. Me'lellan
delivered In adlires. at (':airo, in which
he said that they would Ie the lead
ers of thi. t(reat VWVsternt army, and
.ere 'l,,g wuldl have ni opportunity
to naiet the ( ',onfed,.rates.
('hicauo, .1 un.e 1..- -irders have
bi.e, issue.d ftor twelve reginments to
r,.u.lez\os as tfllows: 'Four at
qt int ' , t;,ur at Alton, and three ;at
( 'ti.tvville, on the 18th.
I ,rtret-s Monroe. June 14, via Bal
tinore..Tunt 15.-N, intornnati'n ha.-s
been rec.'iv,.d here about the move
ti-nert . t' the S'outhernI ers.
Ihe tfirtres. in reality is i.nvested
\xt.,pt 1,by S.ea. N., egress or ingre'as
i-i'. Ml vment ar,. imp,-ihle..
Si.i enati, Jun. 15-Mr. J,,ihn A.
iikt1it . t. n ari,'st,.l ora l c.inu:'t
Sd I,. j::il fur .hilp iing buttr it tide
`: . Y"~rk. June 1- . . "tton iii r
l:,.i . ,u el ls ,'u , 1.3--W," hai v r,,
p,,rt- tfr,,11 iarler's F":rry, \ hich are
,oubt. d h,.re..ht: ,ire. r'ui,. with
in t ', k w i , .di, ttc., mI,. to cr,.dit
The News From lEurop:e.
\ .i:-patth frm St .i. .iihni , N. 1.
t. i . Nwi Y,rk pap,:.-s. .-iv.s a
s-u.lazr," it the. u w" s ibr,,uht 'lv the
-hi , I 'in.. AlIhbrt. wl hich i le' on
the;: : t uii . \V,.. ',t 'x a11 that i
Ir.' ,.n, lr:i tr.l inr t i
l" ,t..l..- . u a 1nn ln,.In tI tth,,
tbtiu w .:. 1 i ! , ,..; , ",,. ti , sI, 2i 11
Sf .I: v. ", th.. e t .'" that w. con,, ait
t.. L,,. i .tr 't',.l t( divi,!. th,, ustomst
:a:, reanu, bill, thai t e.ach nt v. be
-,"laratly tr't:u . .
M t. Ca:-iu- 31. ('hlay. lii At m etri-a
,ant I inist .rti t I'r itu.--i l. ti tthe
tiL oitn Timn i, on the. Amnerict tan
ltr _ , in iri, t'andl .d' iivi.ie t iler -.:
II, lnitv'u the rv il.d StIathes It' 'n hI,.
-ui utlI,l. Iti it is no it lr itp,-eil t.
iutijtgat, thl, :n, LUt simply t, pisu
d, lu n tii r,,i-l a itize, --. u t ' gllind'.
riiu rh.-t is r .ti -t 'l iy the reio.,
It, i sittir, hther "l'tnt huid can
ati;,rd t, ,,tlc,.d tl , [nited ;'tat.-,
anl if Eding:u;,l i.t io ,chre in the
futhtgt' :tg'rilt tho t t1 revol ution anid
t1 ,"ieln :lu ,i hii li a t - eti lr ut t itso -
- .,| of rv ien_-, . a 1e conchlle:
ttht in.h-lan is the natural ally oftl
h, Iliite.,l taat.es.
I'l:.\ i +r:.- 'hc brpel- ,", iencrc,: Di",_ee
tt,: c that Lrdl (',,twh Iy ha- prl tc.- s'
:",' . :du.-t ii,,, right at ,f i.'hat,.d it- ,
t t r n toIon in Syria, cli .,d ly tilt
Frl" inclh mllin::ry. A thtt tta.i ,sx-r
p,.ctidl to sail tin tlw 221 tr Ri y
ri, t Iritn ithe Frenti armyn hot I.
]li+.0.,it \.---Th.e l ieli.aut Cliullhr 1
of 1)i, tih- vtid l nniiitoiuly the t
niw l trea:y ,f , .i'nn ' withi %i 'F .,
riil'l.-'l'hire St,:i.-h (davrn uutnm'it
ha- dri.d Ito naee Ti lit t'the e>l.n ul' I
stlt D ittoing'.
IT'l.V.-- tilt' hundr..1 thou, ani
' FortiftcMaons .of the- seather.
r States.
. SZptljoined (says the Wiridham
, Journal, Greene Co., N. Y.) is-a list
. of fortilecations, takenfrom Col. Tat
S'ton's report made to Oongress a few
years ago, giving the cost of each,
and the number -of guns they several
s ly mount t:
1 Ft. McHenry, Bal
timore. $146,000' - 74
- Ft. Carioll, Bal
2 timore, 135,000 150
SFt. Delaware, Del.
river, Del., 539,000 151
t Ft. Madison, An
napolis, Md., 15,000 31
. Ft. Severn, Mary
land, 6,000 14
SFt. Washington,
f Potomac river, 575,000 88
-Ft. Monroe, Old
Point Cont., Va. 2,400,000 371
Ft. Calhoun, H.
It., Norfolk, 1,664,000 224
I Ft. Macon, Beaun
forlk, N. C. 460,000 61
I Ft. Johnson, Wil
Sto N. C.. 5,000 10
I Ft. Caswell, Oak
I Island, N. C. 571,1000 81
I Ft. .Sumter,
Charleston, S. C., '677.000 146
Castle Pieknev,
Char., S. C., 43,000 25
Ft. Mioultria.
Char., S. ('. 75,000 54
Ft. Pulaski, Sn
vannah, (in.. 923.000 150
Ft Jackson, Sa
Svannah, Ga., 80,000 141
Ft. Marinn, St.
Augustine. Fla., I1,000O 25
Ft. Taylor, Key
WI est, 1-"
Ft. Jeff;irson, LTor
ti'gas, 298
Ft. Baranca,-, P'ei
,Ft. Pick.nsa , Pen
Ssacla. 739,000 21e2
Redoubt, l'e usa
cola, 109.000 ' 26
Ft. McRae, Pensa
c la, 384,000 151
Ft. IMorgan, Mo
tile, 1,212-,000 162
Ft. St. Philip, m.,
Mixs. river, 143,000 124
i t. ,Jacksnn, Miss.
river, 817,000 150
Ft. P'ike., RIige.lets,
Ltxuix-ianta 472,000 40
1:. .Macxomb, C('he.
3Men., La., 447,000 40
Ft. Lit ixgstn,
Bar, Lay, La- 342,000 52
Good for Rocky Comfort, Ark.
Says the Soutlh-westerrn Democrat
pjtblinsld at Paracliftin:
We, a,.- really rurfeitc, with good
Inew- from ev.r-v }alrt of our olunty.'
The citizen, oi' Rocky Cnmfrt, we
und,.rstanld, lhav, raise-d by private
r',nrribution the, sum of .$-;.O00, to
erlulh,' cx,,mpa:nx- of"nmonttrtmd vxolu-t
t±,r gun-xnl. fur the ,-lbfuse of tihe,
.',,nifd,'xerat.. 'tants iriand have sent an
:xgu to exp'ndl tli- 1aime for that
IlThat's the right way-k,,eep that
hai! nrr.ing. W\hl- wt. :11i peProudl to
iay that Cadil,, I'arishl, in th'e Ilx bellllt r
i' her v'-ilu teers,', in the a:tx ntilt xt- 1
her lriwttx e contribt'tiiti,- s, :nix liast hut
ixt, li,.i-t ilhx rx e,.it luxli c aplro
priation lit h,,r Plic,. Jilr., hats n0o
tIly do,,ix, her slhare--vyet thle tcauselt
-iotld not :lm etishl. It-. should' ire
mblilrntll that iour cotucntryl , in its very t
ittI. ,'iy, with esiu.i, 'i.ces a-s yet iultlde
v,'lx1 d, aniid with la t n'iit. ,xtxh e( itqe',
i- xtc'rlel into enrt.ll i ,mit.s xp ttditixre
t,-alili ntxaix lpoil n thl e batle-filt its 1
iewly" at- : rt.,ed ild lcr}lenhtce.e
Thi- northi'rl paper's boast their
nadtltirItagenl h i ln the itun~ r l t"' soldie.rsal i
and well etabli.-hed puhlie rerli:-
hlievintthis siieu credit wacs, in t-li
:main. 'stall tislid hy exactions ixn thex ,
rtal. i- tlxlxaioni- uon our ection,
which the vxrsatile initenulit- of ali
c,,rrupt yvnkex g'ver't-lint hat s i- 1
t isd,-lt ius stp frward, antd slhow
til-lltit iliw, 'l ii -lst'iii oxux gi Ot'oixl
lgnt-it, ," voluntaryv ciontribliton froml
thil xiei- slrolre.
Extrexnxly w:r-I u' weather, and plenty
of dust. 3loner scarce. Merchants
li've by blartxering with ont, :anothr.i
- lxlo Cx\l.t;tgx tt ihts 'ix r .~ o x titoln,.
othwr r-ive ',tict. ll thr Iains. River
i'isin~ a lixile-so i.x prodiix-, t'n
talxl,,s lutl 'oll-ciirs all very busy.
Gc,,od hlwlth. liNo fights. 'l' remt,-i
dlx'xs di'm'ixnd thxr Shrevp;oxxrt Unily'
The dxi -ut n-.I1' lx- our T'rsi
ilent ,Ti-flxrson Davis. w,a lxIoperly '1
ohbservx'r,'le bl" :ill of ox xr citi'zens, xo I
*fir as we noticed, all the businesix
xhous's, anxl placri- of retort were
'cl,,sd. and thi linginxg of chxurchx
bell,- ,r-'at,,d tha xxt iu every direc-c
SMr. L'd or l I a i an ol" ili
and like minst`oftdMen, ' l
Speat--its cherished ntu4nqtq
sacred to one with little ; S4m
to hope for. Now, .j ir; s 'rb e s
a youngman, the United S ;ta ' Las
youig .too. ,She had Jus&t angi
from the war of..1812,t ,.t1apefd
life. Like everybody imse *p-I
loevd the Union., For 1hid il -f t
at Pensacola and New t
my father and uncles. , o t
battle fields of the BleyYgltiL ,',t
we did not fight under the ataarsiat
stripes *as the accursed Yanlkete -
tend. That hunting was, hot ,iopt
ed until 18-if I recollMtr.ig-li  .-,
Well, sir, I was a staegTaglli~e
man-as warm as any in tl * n.
I even believed Caliohii'.
name was Cataline, or ioar 'oe
been, and that he and the otinth
Carolina politicians deservedtietpI
But when the Union tell itntb'le
publican hands, and it became as:in
gine of oppression, instead of a ahieMl
of protection, I found out the ieries
of the State rights doctrinies audlde
came a right good Yanceyite f'ore
old Whig fogy. ,,w-a*a'
Of course, I was for seea it.s.
But, sir, in giving up the Old Unideaj
because it was pervetted by~ bad.ien.
I gave up nothing that was goo4
nothing that was national., Tlhetold
Constitution, free from abolition ian
terpretation, is still ours-we adpt-.
ed atMontomery. Every great prigs
ciple and noble truth enunciated in
the Declaration of Independenee:i
still ours. We, the secedem, are
alone vindicating the right of·Waffu
government-the right 'to.rc<ist .
pression, and to withdraw from the
political association of the oppreasms
The pestilentpuritan Yankeeraie the
revolutionists-trampling under feet
all the lessons of the past.
We gave up nothing that we loved
or cherished in the past. Everybat
tie field of the United Colonies ana
of the United States are ours.
They tell me that there are sQne
in our nmidat that are for rejadiatiag
the birth-day of Canstitutional Iaib
erty along with Yankee-doodle, aim
ply because the scoundrels keep tfae
day too-or because they had it first?
They kept Washington's birth-day
and Christmas and Sunday: Shall
w' give them all up ? Thq accuse'd,
fanatical anud round-head tribe has
robbed the South of enough-God
knows-let us not foolishly give
t hem everything.
Bl,,ides, boys. the 4th July was
nto more a United States affair than
Christmas. They adopted both, but
both are older than the United States.
They bothl belong to the World-the
onte sacred to Christianity, and the
other to freedom.
Our ftortfathers signed the Decl.
ration on the 4th Jul-, '7h. and fought'
the battles that made it true. . We,
their Soluthern sons, will not yield our
heritage of glory to the groveling
umininrt~ of the autocratic Illinois
lahoon. SENEX.
T'r Richmond Whig of the 6th
itmst., says:
From every quarter the truly grat
itying intelligence comes, up of an
abundance of wheat, rye oats, and
barley, and the corn never looked
Ietter than it does this season. The
prospect of a superabundance of fine
bread ti sustain our tamilies and~ar-
,aises a lile struggling for our inde
penlden.ce ha:, elated our whole poput
D)Ecl-tvi B.'rtL:-- Cojfederaies .
Vic/orious.-Tlhe fullou ing dispatch
from C;en. "atridge was received at
this otficeelast night:
Richmond, Va. Jun,. 12.-To6the
T,7ig ,vier:-Decisive battle at Old
'Point. 'l'he Coufederates victorious.
Over two hundred Yankees killed
an1 wounded. One killed on our
tur cotemporary of the Herald and
G;4azettP must excuse us for giving
credlit to the .Teff,-rsonian, to an ar
ticde clipped from tlheir columns.
''hey request us to gi're the devil siu
de. whlich rwe do with pleasure, ho.
ping he will forgive our overaight
W, presume the articlC alluded to is
a flattering nIot ice. of ourlvea.
TIhank ort f;' it.

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