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Lsir!W ltM i a or w war.
Spedal the Balty News.
CAM, Smvms. st RBeg.La. Vol.
,orkblk, Va., June 8, 1861.
Der Dai: Neows fromn the seat
of war must be very stale by the
tise it assrrives at Shreveport by the
dilatory postal conveyances which
the admlnistrators of the estate of
the deeased Uncle Sam have organ
lied. Otherwise I would have ven
tared a letter some time sle.. Of
all plates isasgl able, camp presents
lenss failislue for Indulgence In call
gaphy. Imagine a man writing any
thing Interesting while seated on a
stark of bayonets and using a ear
tridge box for a desk. His narra
tion might smell of powder; but it
will hardly savor of wit, fancy or
sentiment. Everything written from
an eneampment of grim visaged sol
diers must be tedious as a "twice
told tale." All the secrets and in
tentions are known only to those in
the "high places." We see or hear
but little to brighten the monotonous
feature camp life anon presents.
To day is .noday. How different
from a Sabbath at home. No chiming
of church bells-no rustling of crin
oline-no gossipping of "the boys1
and girls." Instead of the chiming
bells welcoming this May day -.f the
soul, speaking from their matuftledl
throats, peace! peac e! we hear the
enemy's artillery lelelting fromn its
brazen throat, war! It apllwar to an
ostuaider that the operators in thunder
and lightning have declared the ports
open and are now turning their ele
mental wrath against the 1st Itegi
There was a time when I thounght
the murmuring of the winds fresh
from the ocean, the beating of rain
against the roof, etc.. were musical
and suggese ive of poetry; but I now
enter my protest against any musmie'
attrtbutes being referred to said ele
ments-like Byron's idea of war.
Our encampnjment is now enjovying
a miniature flood, and maybe troubhled
with the experience ,f the mail who
built his bhute on the sand. As yet
our swrd, remnaint unsheatlhe.d ;thr ihat
tie--our tayoners still glitter with
tbeir jritine gh.am. Howv long otir
flag w ill float ove.r thlma laurelle.:
Io,,w l.nzg ere its ne.wly set stars and
gorg.,nu. tl.l. n ill he incarnaden.ed
with the g-c .of the ee-my. is kmswn
-slyt to .lars ad.! his pvers.
h.ind': may'-to-,orr.,w--..e an.
mother sight, or lloodl'-.s may r.:main
the zuntr.ideun snw.
No. elnga;'mlll't,, hatve *'*erred ill
the State de-."sr in'g t1,. ,ligoiti..t 'it.le
o*f battles. The,- .:ulapg- .,ie ill all
may Ihe rhr,,ni-le't in tw a word..
•*noa, ly hurt." I'airfaz an.d P'hil
Ri1i amr the m..-st illm-,rta-t. T.I
fight at thei- trrmier N as ,othing mor.
thau a skirmilmh. The. rut .,r de.feat
at l'lillipi at tlhi i- eri,,d .f the war
is iundeedl unft,rtulnat:. It ill he. a
souree of .great gl..riliati-in t, t the
Yanlke,, and with their embellish
meLort will i.i ,equal to, Msar.ugo.
There was gross and culi,aih" nIegle.t
on the part of (' l.,z,-l ecointinaditug.
Ther' were alout r Iico of the F'ede-r
als a astout :ik of our forces. ,.e
lost several. lThe lo-ss of th,, emll.ny
was tmuch larger than ouirs. Ylet to
retreat (and be routed) front the ad.
vance- of these vandal hordes is
awful. Th'ey had bett-er not tackle
the first reginient. (t )tg 'ood thing,
some of tlheir ,carcass--r lav unr-,pul
chered on our roil to pay for their
wanton ottrtges. 'T'hese nomadlllic
C'imbri will not long devastate our
fields. Th'ey will soon he drivesi
back to thuir .o,rtlh.ru fa.'tn.-zzes's.
'rhe vol*a.t ij swelling. Aetivity
is manifested in bolth armies. Every
thing evidences all iunlmndiate b,attle'
either at this point or Ilarp'r's. LTrrv.
.incln is celcentrating his threes at
these lioits. We hlut await a st°., of
sggressiou. Alrexandrila mlo hi, tre
possessed. 'Fhle ,nemy must he driv
tn from Virginia's sil. But policy
eemis to indicate delay. We are
nuxious to begiin tihe work. We
want to replace the stars and bars on
the "Marshall House." anti avenge oln
Hickory's mnamesake,
The fleet off our coast continue to s
exereise themselves by shoting at
our batteries. T'heirtargets will eost
them dcear. Newport News was re
infsrced to day by nearly three thou
sand men. On and al-ut this point I
there are twelve thousaznd Federal
troops. We cannot check their laud
ing. A kingdomtu for a iavy! Our
Rlegimeut has been divided. 8ix
eompauies occupy quarters near Pig's
P'oint. We will join thermn to-morro-w.
From this point thle enelmny call It,
teen, and their drumn and fi.- easily
keard. There will heu more interest
in our next camp. Their tantalizing
sight anml musie will amuse uis and
make tle sentinels vigilant. I thilnk
our comauy aundl another w ill I,e on
the outpot sunder eointsaa l it Maj.,r
Every faice see bright with the
hope of an egagemaent soon. They
want to test the mettle of their steel.
They seem all to the '"manor born."
Major Shivers is still their Captain,
and will lead them in battle. lie is
loved by them all, and truly deserves
to be so. Four sples were captured
n Norolk yesteday. I do not know
how they were disposed of. The
Shreveport Arays are in Richmond.
I have seen none of them and do not
know where they will be ordered.
Our Now Orleas Correspondence.
iterital to the Daily News.]
NKew Orlears, Jame 1 i, 18e1.
Another engage-iment has taken
place. (Great Bethel,) in which our
troops. thonugh inferior in numbers,
completely routed tike Ilessians. They
leaving 100 dead on the field. You
will find a detailed account of it in
your city exchanges.
We have advices to-day from Ma
ryland, whichl report another fight at
liagerstown. in that State, between
two bodies of troops. in which the
hessians, of course, were routed. A
few more nevere checks will d.,ubt
less bring the unprincipelecd horde to
their enuses. So tar our sue-ressa lfns
been glorious in every engagemenlnt.
A decisive battle tlmust soon take
place.. as the two great armie-
composed of about .500.00 mens each
are in a short distance from earlch other.
Mannas.s Junction will most like
ly be the theatre of operations. (;en.
Lee could doubtless draw off every
hessian from the sail of Virginia ly
a march against Washingtona. but as
Ihe is only on the defensive, such a
rcoarse is not likely to be pursued.
'The readers of the News may sootn
m::pet to hear an -*exterminating
vi-tory over our demoralized ft',,'.
1Many predict us a short contest, and
one thlat will end in an honorable and
glori.ous peace. The northern jour
nals give very gloomy aceountms of
their tropsls now at Washinlgton.
Th'le New York 2d Itegimeint lnave
last over 2:Oo meetn by ,liserti,n
m.use--lad treaten.nt aund w..rse.
" wit tl."
Y1e'sterday w as a ayv lonmg t., be re-'
nm.-ntlnt'(.ll l,r -.u.r eitiLa.ms on0 accountIIII
of its m.lmIlnnity. I inhave never wVit
ne-.seml a more- sole-nan lvay inll New
t)rleans. Eve ry .tore of aly notei
was lal.,usd. and Alsothe iotle,-, ho.ms "s.,
anad ,th.r plae.--, which one woald
rapect toI t he I tI.- bfrt to ,I. so. The
-,;..e Ptio f .~ ,omir t,+ i. ' Presid,!n anmld
im n-ri)rnor Iat: 1. 'l u*n ~:r-ri, out t.. thli
Itter. i'The ,humr-ch,-. l. r litirally
.eran,, z I. Thi. 1 di-., ur-e ..tf liTm. IJlr.
inlmem' r. .ft tih. I-t !'re-. yterian
I litrch. ,. n. '. i i , t t" mli t-t Ilotty
n ti ,-l.m i0u. it atn-i .. -,ul stirring .lie.
'oulrs.-- of time m latih cenltulry. It i n
pmIllim'heml-1 mili sm-l von a e,.pv.
i--akiig of' the othsrvnmce ,t" ouri
Nationali iThanks-(:i.ing ana l ant,
thie I .r'iatiune so :
S.e',r Oreiasn. in. the Ier-/.uti,.o of
i~1.i.-. l~ay i Genrsereal Fasaten;l
and 'Prayer.-I-h accordance withI
tile- prorlamamltiom .of thel l'rmoi,io nal
P'resi.lennt of the (:onlfeqderatm-e Stat,.
Genl. .Tleti-rnoni lar is., nine milm ilhit'n.
annd halof I ,frm,.emni kaol.It iwke mr.
the throne o.f hiavetlyi grae. in hI
mmiliali.tn a1m, piray-,r. t., awmk f.,r tii.
rrmtetim adm uPlirttf Iiv in, t r,,
idence in limaintalitig their hall mowedtl
rightd . in te sard cause ote of treedolm a
mand indmillepicn , t.m mmc gint th I,'yrin
ical loppress.ie.i nril ltnrmrital tr-nurl,
aitio it io unr ,onstitu tinal righlts , ll
lib.ert is.
Not ,iinmce tihe-ir irt strutell."e for
liberty m ld the rilghts o, ' frmte . il
tie early dany a. thei rlpubllics of
(;reee., nal Ilmimt., dollll to ti lt dayI
whl the ilslepnmd,' uce. freedom i nlid
mirigrllltty of thme coilotli of .atn'rl
ca we.r, .1"arately acknowlet.ged . thal
there meeli : tni-,r. ,uttilimi. aund right
mius l. e tael,.' preemi,.mtld ta t.e- wmorld
tlmamt lohat .f tln. ir-e:-,.min Jmmsitiqmi mt tht, '
emligimt-mnmd. i',l, ht'rrintiln linpl.h d0.;e.tmm
iog their am- tic i uinitamiial rigl.ht.- a:mmd
hlenmrtlaitmem,- mmgzmilimm.t thi. itmliammi, tm.stt
ical crusadte ot emahiil .i" rmligi,.mts niad
anml political herm'tie... s-e.kimmg t.. elm.-- I
triy aim inititmutiin ,mrdai,,ltma hv 1.,d.
anlte name o0 thie ama. st hlutima-w mmv te'oima
of laimmr over lmr,'ment,.d t,, tha civil
imed w, rld,
In thims city the day was tlmm,.'t .ac
redly and universally ombs.rved by all
clac.-es and religious deuomanailons of
our citizens, in compliance with the
prolamnations of the Governor uf tile
State. and Mayor of this cit'. All
tIme st.,rca, offices, banlks, pmlmc insti
tutions and bar-rnmanas were closedand
a t'eelitg .f devout solemnity. and
andmelmst earnest supplnication for thie
blessinmg ,ef Provid,,tnce t, attend our
caused prevailed.
Ammniog time arrivals iam port thia
-,ek, wa a tmuit from Mmtaplaim load.
eml to thae Gl.rals with fl.ur, bacon,
pork. caarn, et',. ftr our masket-t-a-ll, I
melieve, the productimeni of 5mouithbrni
soil. .1 faew mammre arrivals mmf " jich
like " will plac,, .ahrahamm's ideat of
starving tiS (tat a "','.- tie matiartint."
Thi ,steama*r o" war ii' niow ready to
receive "'viiit'mrm." ,lhe looks. le-au.
tifed., uemt al Ittri. and tmit eremdit fo
l,-- ,,inbil.-in I ,,,,lcer'-,-omuil thin tsp
uaptaa Cravia, of HL )Iaqjeey Abe
let gun-boat Crusader in the Gal, in
which he tells Capt. Eugene that he
can sink him in fSfeen minutes. Our
Tar feels a little .-riled," and is
"bilia' over" to get a ehance, at the
Guerrila tub. Thlo Sumter has elev
en guns. but is not as large as the
Cruaader, I believe, but she is the
fastest propeller that ever left our
port. The blockading squadron are
still disg;acing our waters by their
hateful presence. Amuong the latest
exploits is the capture of a little
pleasure yacet, the captain of which
was put on shore to find his way to
the city as best he could. Certainly
a man t brilliant adventure this. of the
brave blockaders!
The number of troops which have
left the city for the war. is over .00o0,
and they are net all gone yet. There
are a couple of regimenuts yet remnain
ing at Clunap Moore, but they will
soon be off to glory ! Weather. roast
ing at present. Our city railroad is
in full blast, and a delightful ride
can ie had of three miles for fi ve.
cents. IoFg may it roll.
An Iteroir.
A b},rush is re.,erte.d to, have taken
laee at Geneva. The Southerners
have lost Capt. Shreve anid two men.
Scott boasts that the revacuation 4f
Harper 's Ferry is in perfect accord
ance with his ielans.,aul that n. South
ern noveumelatts have altered his pro
grantmew in the slightest degree.
The ove.rnn,.nt have infornmation
I that the Sathlcrne.r have set a trap
biyr them fifteen miles from Alexanl
dria. into which they expect to draw
the federalists. The same seeuts re
port that Indilus are lurking in the
uneigihborhovo d of the alleged tral, point
on the In,,k out, and Fortress lounroe, I
will be erunlected by a submarine, tel.
It is reported that there has hI.erl a'
collision at Vie-ena and that the South
erners have possession of the hlrieldg
ther- over which the invaders nlust!
The NebIraska ,,ffwcials inclluding.,
J. Sterling Mortona, the Secre.tary;
Addison A. Gilmore, tile Receiver;
Vl. P. re.st and H. P. tRankin the
Mlarscals ar;, heavy detaelte.rs. .An
inves.etigntor has N.t.n .-,nt.
Detalcati.ens are ale. .e1, l, .picng in:
jtithlel ue.tcrreun i:eve- Iei .,n ,oet tee
Giel. Iltal-r i. threatenieg (;reas
leithel. Th. AcrqIsa I'reek det.ccnd
era are heinog ilte.rease,l.
'lITe I.eertr... .lonr,,eiet. s .le p on t
their armns.
St. Ie.uis. ultne il.--'l'e Federal
treolps hayve tired, asining at the win.
diow.s f the RIec0rel.r'. ',,urt. killing
t;-er citizen- and wuoundieng tw-e. A.
e..l.lie.r icn the, rankli aceidetmallv tired
a gun,. a:t which the whole conlpany
fir. d indiscriminatet-y.
Thice Fe.deral troeps in the- interier
;enumber 1,t.000,, lecated as fllew. :
.0tl, at Il,rtan anl Jet fl.rseu C'ity;
:t`.,an at hiellt; 2!:,f- at Sr..,.eiejlh anel
aln.,, the Flhn:clhal railroadl; lov u,
N.-rthlercn .Mi.isiipji railroadl; lu0401
at Bird I'..int, in aedditie,,e t., 2:,ie
$t. .Louis. Nethling is knowcn of
.*aeksl'e 4t4eu "' ll'tct.
L.oui.-ilh., .Jet,. l.".-Tlew, thou-I
sacl M'liss.,uriaten are. at lee nvill..
andl Iflu ,ti the Plpe..eite hank. Ar
tille.ry arer l,}i.,:e celluaudilg thel
river. l.ve.e is waiti~g fe t inft ,r n
ti-eJ I, ,ltr dheeri ie, a hetrer r will adl
vane-- !v river er jtlnl,,
V:elingtou.- ,fe e,' 1 +.e"'I, I aeld
e'raei.t: arc at 'itcRna w ithi 1iot, Itut.
A r.lcport t,, 4,tee . $ctt that "'.,u tulrli
intl a curve,. itJi1 qsiUarter *of -a tilth
,of Vijtlll n , the.- wernt ' tiee it I,. :s
ceekudl hattcrtv with shell, .hat at,,l
griape,, killiice :tilld woutdillig ol'i ntt
the ielatt, .rer al car .
'flthe trail was a"t.ppe.d oi elcc eint
5)t ilijerv to the cittchite, We
ahanda.,edi thc. train acnd tI,.ok t, the
r.dl; tfinding tih ,letterv "'ue e.rte.l,
bhe l0o S.eeuth t'areliiance, swe 1-ill
back throwing. uett skirmnishers oni
lotih tliltcJs, andi then retired aith
tiue kill.ed. live weoundeld and tl.e
Ilelt.tirtt. 'hIel.lee 'I eehnne atollneelh mIaneI
hal.vereack. ide hlaehcekerlc a.nl a lfe'
llrilr. ( ene. Isz t.hhio ite,.
.Alcelcl g th.' kill:ed w.. ane editor eel
Ihe 4 "1i.+ .lte al ilerell.
F',rtr,'e.e M,,Feros,. .l lne i.-h-'h,
tr et ' lue' ] 'le firee e*I etc tey ate-au,
eThe. S.eCthlevll.ers are.T erectilui. a
watger-hattrry at rewell's Ploinutanll
e'onceltratillg in force ol .JetIceis. rivewr
SSt. Louis, .lurl.n I .--Col. Beerteiu i
has ietn aleeinted courmmnalder of St.
Louis aad Cohe counties, ntel hlas i- I
uuedl a proclanlatiol.
L.vyn lcs a Ilsi-. ieue,.l a prol.,nai.
Jtlrsi , t City, June .--I.voon's
expdcition on two steameri proceededa
towardnl UI, eville yestcrday.
kirilcg has heeeu heard for metve'ril
hlurs, bunt thle telegraph wire is cut.
Walhingtonc . .Tune lR.-Scott has
ordered the rcgulars and several regi
ments of Peatternan's command to
Patters,,n', tferce will occupy Iar
lwr's Ferry.
More troep, ar. eceutceutratitg at
Southerners' are mueving to various
llaltimore, Joiine 1l.-Re-port freom
-tortreen .Monlroe state that a Britishl
war vese\el is creli.ig it!f Ithe Clhesa-'
The lHarriet Lane is e'omitg in.
minus her whe.l-hnuse.
IThere is an itnulnnse .,utheenforce
letwe~t Yerkl,,s n aund Grecat Icetheal
Baeer is still s P sP s -le'
Leaveaworth, Jtne 18.- The Mi
souriansat Independence have burned'
the telegraphic dispatches.
A Kansas regin.ent is enamped at
Gov. tobleson proclaims that as
Missouri has declared war against
the United States. Kansas is subject
to invasion, and urges good citizens
to organize.
The St. Louis IDenocrat learti that
an advance guard of federal cavalryj
eneountered a eicoiderable force of
Missourians stationed on a hill with
cannon cannonading the road. Three
federalists were killed. The cavalry
weren not ,ursued in retreat. Misn
sourials are concentrating at Blue
Anl Iowa regiment is advancing via
tile itR. to Itnek whence they will
take a country road to Boonville.
Thirty Missourians attacked the
Federalists guarding Dardanelles
creek bridge.
The St. ILouis Republican says
that immediately on the acceidental
discharge of a gun, the federal troops
commenced an indiscriminate fire
without orders, the slaughteredl fell in
every direction. The firing ,,nly
ceased when the vicinity was desert
S.ven were killed. The firenen
are engaged washing the hhlut. from
the streets. Col. Buoerntein is sciult
ing in the country.
Col. Hlallowav of the State treops
is re.preseinted d,.-al.
Atrcltiet' of the Enemy In Ellia.
beth llty (.etly, ' a.
The Norfolk (Va.) Herald, ,of the"
:id inst., has tile fillowing:
Mr. Frederick Jett. formerly of
Elizabeth City. left Williamsburg a
few days ago, where he had just
iioved with his family to avoid thi
Vandals at Fort Monroe. and cane
round by the way of Rtihmetond to,
Norfilk, where lie it engaged with
sc,ne work on the fortifications.
lie found at Williamsburg a num
ber of tfugitives fronm iamuptn. fromn
wlutm he learned somne particulars iof
the villainous doings ,of tlhe Federal
troops after their descent upon New-;
ports News.
'rhI.y commenced on the. farm ,f
Mr. Wa.n. Smith, which the-v left a
complete wrck. lie had a finet field
of wheat. besides a number ,f truck
crops; th.ese the sculllndrqTls conn
pl.tely devastated, besidesstealingor
lshoting down Mr. Smith's stock and
lsultry which tlhey. found ranging
about the fann,. M.r. Smiith thought
he. would he a little het",ri hand with
them in saving his ibacon, and had the
conItentsI f his smtnk., honuse carted
,out int, the wood.s anl buried it
w lhen is.t tIhen approaching. Bunt
in tllis he wa.s foiledl; a treacherous
darkey who assisted at the burial.
told iupon himn. and the robbers liadI
the mieat disinterred and carted back.e
This .tllcw. with s,,everal others oft
Mr. Snith's negroes,. they took te
Fi-rt Moore,, and str t:hem to work
m the trtitiea-ai'ui. Mr. Smiith mls
timnates his I,,s. incliding the negre:-.,
at full .l.3,,isiu.
They next .isit,.l4 the adjuiniing
farn of Mr. West. thichli th.iy" tre;tt
ed ase they had don.' Mr. Smith's.,
cuttilng npl and colnlel.tecl destr,,ying;
th-e crops- ,-f -evrv kintd. At Mr.
WiV.,t'.- they iunh'kilyv found a uni-'
trun coat. upon which the. held hinm
a close' prisonet r amnd senlt iff his tw o
daughters. grownt womllten, to thei fort
as "~hlstages" for his "good hcla-.
vi,,r." Nothing was allegi.d against
them. but it woee the simphle arbitrary
act ft' Lin',Ihts': hell-hounds, who in
this, though ili vi.,latlin of law and
eiviiie-d usage., aits itn all their pro
e.ditngs. lut tol,,iwlct the example.
.of txi ln lh- ,,Jt.1 tyrant, their mans
(i'rtl r tlr. lcrthey passed ,v.r
ti, theu farim f t Win. I.:e, w hich had
on it one. of tmhe tine.t crlps of wheat
it the. county, bei-ide.s otlher vaaluable
ipruii:ts. 'l'his they complletely de
S:.tat.,d a., they had done tlhe. fa-ts
we have -ihreadv lnetionlle-.
1It lhnrt, th.'y t ctntinule, the. work
--f ruthlh.-- andl reckl ,e. . destructi.,n
otn v,, -ry fartm, fronting liamlptin
tRoads, froun Ne-np.,,rt's News to,
lantlprtn., coiiuniitting eve.ry- species
of strucir3 rin, outraging the pe.rsons
of inegrm pvnimenn, girls, and even fe
male chldreln. iln a iniitner too, inhull
man anl revolting to dwell iupon.
'lhe fanmilic n'reiding oan this range
,f farm.- lit. g,-u.rall'y Itovcd off to
lhi interior, and thus av',ided thli in.
tliltan untl ijnfaliousn tro'atlllentt of the
,arliric etlntllV.
''The wmu~l iback ,f llnampton w-ri.
f;r several ldays tilleid withl the fugi
tiiv' fainiletroi dinht once smili.ng
and hliappy vilinge., and with sucnl of
thei.r houncholi stuff as they cu,,ld
carry off with tinr-m in the hlurry of:
thiu alarm. They havi prolably iire
this obtained rnre ,.elsirahle Indpgings.
l'rovidentiallv thy-v hav lhad tine'
i enatlutr.
It is aecertainied thatthcre ar, full
tlire' hundri-d slaves I'·lnging t,, the i
citizens of Elizah-th City, tither fit
gitive.s or force.d ilnti, tie- u'.rvice, eui- i
Ijloyu.d as laborers in Fort MIonro.- at
thi pr.se.nt tinme. It hnas already',lenc
.t:ets-d that ',ol. Mallor', if Elizabeth i
City, went with a tlag of truce to tihe
fort to demandl the return of fuigitive
ilegrous ; but the demandl was retiused.
A similar applicationll was liadu on
thii ftillowing day, by another flag.
and alsi r,.fnsed. 'l'lih, bridg,, ovi.r
Ilanipton ('re.k was thlini hurned ivi
.our pt)ple, and thue entim'y tide his I
raid -upon Newport's News bHy water.
There are only four of its inhabi
tants remiaining in Hampton.who are
pirvn.neUd by clhronic iliseacses and
other Iunavoidable causes of detenttion
from leaving it in the entirei ps~e.
sion of the eniiyv whllo tnow- occupies
'The l1i,-. inchlding negriesc. suts
tainrd hby bthe e.rmnty of Elizabeth
S'it-', at thie htniie of these r.tuorse
'ess sarders, is estimated at W00,
A tradin character named Mellon,
whllo had formerly held the buttler's
berth at Fort HMeaoe.and tillrecently
I had beten too frequently exchanging
visits between the Fort and Ham p
ton, was at last admonished by Mr.
Cooper, of Hampton, that he was
trongly suspected of being a spy,
which Mellon denied. A few days,
however, satisfactorily convicted him
of the charge ; for when tie Yankee
troopsentered Hampton, Mr. Coooer's
was the fist house they broke auto,
and the one worst served, as they
seemed to pay partieular attention to
smashing hib furniture and destroy.
ing every other article that came in
their way.
An Experimental SAot.-We hap
pened to ie iresent yesterday when
Mavyr iBaugh tested his alarm gun,
mounted immediately opposite the
Exchange- building. Several shots
were discharged in the direction of
tihe point on the Arkansas shore,
about a mile and a quarter ap the
river. They were thrown to the
place at which they were directed
with remarkable skill and accuracy.
We learn that our indefatigable may
or intends to nmnout alongside this
"dangerous customer" four more
gunts, forming a most fo,rmidable and
lestrluctive battery. This, in addi
tion to the defensces already made by
Geno. Pillow, will place the city of
Memphisn in a very safe condition-
so rate that a fleet of fifty ioarts
could not possibly run tihe gauntlet
without l,,sing two-thirds, if not their
entire number, boats and men.
.Mnmphis Appeal.
Folrt Pirkens Ilill Fall.-" I was
shown a letter received here to-day
from an ",flcer nIow at Fort Pickens
to his father in this city. ie says
the firt cannot possibly he held cuat
against the Confederacy for twenty
fomur hours, as Bragg has so arranged
hlis batteries that he can lodge the
shalls into the Fort every minute."
il iahington C('or. Cia. Enquirer.
Tennessee Oet.-The 'I',ennes~mc ,.,.e
papers contain a large nulimber of'
scattering returns of the election held a
onl the .stth. In Middle and West
rTelllaessee the votes are very onle
sided indeed, averaging fifty for seip
aration to one against it. Itn East
Tenmnesee,-. as far as heard from, sep
aration is ahead. th,uagh there i.- a
respectable: Union vote. The mna
juritv int the whole State is estimated
at from .aolt500 to .;.Oele. 'That will
do,, for thel volunte.er State,.--B,,,nm
/lunge Ad.cr. e'te.
IMot o,t thi,. wheat erop in (;corgia
hans ceean cut. lhe vield is reqpresen- I
ted as being larger than for manya
years previous.
A nulmber of gentlemen from 'Vir.
ginia have presented a Iltaglniitceett
horse- to Gen. I.ee, as a taken of their
admniration of tLhe great military tal
ents. lofty eharneter, atwl nhoutndeidl
en rgy of t I," illustriou. Virginia
Ex-t,,v1vrnuvr Vise, of Virginia,
has been al,pointed a hritadier.ggene
ral ilv l'residtnt Icavis. IIe* lis ruis
iltg a legion, Meantimtc hI" goes to,,
Western Virginia to arouse, the latent
patriotism ,f thet, people in that jluar
7T, Irie.h etr ins Linerln.-W-\ .
learn b,v a private l,.tter. rece,.ived bi
one of our b,.,intces ldten from RIicL
mand. that 2.;U Irish mretubers of the
G.th New York Iteginantt have de
serted the ')Old Wreck" and joined
the: ('ctfderate ti;rc's in Virginia.
Th.. etth is an old established regi
ment, anvd has enjoyed a eonsidlerable
reputation f.,r drilling. We would
inot ,e surprised if we dlid not have
the entire. regimeit *rce long.--.i, at
goemeryT .auil.
A fire occurred itn .htrman. ec'r
ge.,ant county. Texas, a t:f-w weeks
1g..: loa $3:,0,0.
7hey care (;,cm'c-.r frms r thl,
,South.-'l'he "" Moutguinrv Confalde
raltion" says: ".' vessel arrived at
New (lrleans from Europe,,n .Monday
the :,rd instant., with 26a,),0O00 stand
of arm.s atr the Confederate- States.
This is the same vc'e,.l whose arrival
has been expected for sever'd days,
and to which attention has lbe,n re
pccatedly called in th'e shc.t-s of the
.itteh i'illian and old Sluitnt ecvo.
.\ftcr ,dl the earnest entreati:s oft' the
'Tiaes and lhcrald, that 01,1 Abe
,ould keep a look out for her, she
reached hereratilv a anl lanuded her
We' I arn frmt, the t',viclgtot,
(La..) Wantd'erer, tilat Mr. J. lciwie,
accused ot'anurdering MIr. L. Cutlhbert,
at that place, has bl·en adm itted toI
hail in the sum of twou thousand dol
T'he Snorthern Iiailroad.-Th-'l'e first
fruits afte the completion of tile South
ern Railroad mtade their appltmranmee
this morning in the shape- ef Vicks-:
burg newspapers, onily twenty-four
hlurs old, and from other pcints in all
that section of the country of propor
tionatelv recent dlates. The waters
of Mobile Bay and thie lower Mississ
ippi are now ceonducted hby rail. A
very iminprtant object in tb.hese times
is kchiceved hey time opening of this
route cf rail comnaunicatioan betwefn
Mobile ancd New Orleans. It is not
as direct and convenient as it might
h'., it is tnrte but it will be of incal
culable imlportance should the .ntemv y
cut otff water cocnanntication between
the two cities. By this route, we pir
stame that the tintte between thie two
cities could readily i1e made within
twenty-fostr hours, connections being
prfcct. The distanc, is about four'
hundred and tifeen mils--a little
more or les.---.Meobl .Ald rtiesr..
The Charleton errry of the 5th
iet., ays a privateer pilot-boat from
Savannass captured a Portland brig,
loaded with sugar and painlsues ane
Georgetown. The prise ww carried
to Georgetown. It is vala'ed at 40,
A Boa lito-O rigital.-During
the fight at Pig's Point a shot from
the Harriet Lane passed through a
tent and split a sapling in its rear.
A soldier standing near the spot ism
smdliately ang out : ".1 my, bys,
Old Abe has gone baek to his old
trade of splitting rails."
"King Cotton" still has egress
from the port of Savannah. On the
4th inst. over 3,300 bales were ship
ped to Liverpool.
Hoe. Albert Rust is now raising a
IBe(iment for the Confederate service
durang the war- WI ahiSgtos (Ark.)
Nichols Longworth fell from a sec
end story window of his house, in Oin
cinnati, while dosing a few days ao.
and had his right arm broken and his
face much bruised.
According to the census taken last
summer the population of North Car
olina is 631.489, whites, 30,097, free
colored and 331,081. slaves--total,
Four vessels, loaded with failroad
iron, deceived by a false light near
Cape Henry, have been captured by
our people and brought in as prizes.
The light-house at Cape Henry
has been destroyed by the Contfede
rate forces, and another built forty
miles farther South.
See notice published elsewhere of
the Secretary pro tem. of the Shreve
port Fire Co. No. 1.
Our article yesterday relative to
the opening of a letter addressed to
ourselves, casts no reflection upon our
postoffice. It was openedl before
reaching this point.
Gen. D. H. Cooper, late Agent for
the Choctaws and Chickasaws. was
was adopted by the Chickasaw legis
lature as a citizen of the Nation, and
appointed Commander-in-Chief of
the Military force-s of the Nation. He
is a man of tine talents, and brave'and
gallant, and will be a credit to the
Nation as a citizen and an honor as
its military commander.
Mr. Celos of the Ilonwr has our'
tianks for papers.
The steamnor Cat-nadian. tr..m Que
bec the I at, hound tor Liverpool, was
lost on the Ith, near Belle Isle, by
striking a sunken icegsrg. l'wenty
to thirty lives are lost. No names of
the lost have as yet been received.
We hope that the gentlmann who
opened a letter addressed to the edi
tor of this paper, stood the disap
pointment, lHe should remember
that editors sometimes get letters
without anythingaccompanyingthem.
-the thief.
Mr. ,Jno. Lofton. the worthy Post
master at Hellevre, and agent for
the Daily News, has our thanks
ftr his kind remembrance of our
Capt. Dick Bell.a nephew of lion
.TJohn Bell, a "* Bottom Planter" in Coa.
homna county. Mississippi. has ninety
men-.most all wealthy planters, well
mounted, and armed with Minnie rifles
and bowie-knives, and having every
convenience for camp life, furnished at
their own expense -ready for immt
diate service.
Ready Proof Press.
Patrated .lnt r. st., 1X61.
To Country Publishenrs.
i lIE want of a cheap proofpres.
haw long been felt by publishers of.
country papers and small Job Offices.
The undersigned knowing this front'
,experience, has invented a press of
this sort (similar to IIe & Co.'s) and
offers it to the craft as the cheapest'
,in the market. Instead of a solid
cast-iron cylinder, it is made ofsheet
iron and tilledi, being a decided im
provement, as it gives elasticity to
to the cylinder. The cost of an or-'
dinary p;roof press is Sftso, while this
! Only $20. -a
Terms cash.-Boxing $82 extra.
Printers know the effects of taking!
proofs on thet hand press. The pro
cess being not only slow, bqt injures
both to the press and the type.-I
This press obviates all these disad-'
vantages. It might also be used to,
print small bills. -
It is made light for transportation,:
weighing not over 75 pounds, the bud
being made of seasoned inch plank.
I:t can e placed on a table or box. and
requires but little room.
Printers visiting Shreveport are
*requested to call and see the press.
Address J. DICKIN$ON.
Shreveport. La.
Papers publishing the above will
b', entitled to a deduction of ten p.'ri
ircnt. in '~*e they pnrbaste.
I Stu tE. . *
CC setet t itsirea.. r *rs Dowe rtse.
scotu....... ::,.. To
Corr.......... . Yb 22
La a i...........i. "
I acon, htoulderni. t -7
{LaRD. 17. 17, ,
L~ao............ I .".
Irou. ........... . lei "
IRO. .......... 4
Co vaL S .2.... 23 "-
CHMsaEs..... ... 14
IPNVARsN..-... 270;
LEA. ....... ... 9 fO
Wminnv, P gall .. 00 't
MoL s...... 35!35 t
OIL, Lan ...... $1 50 iO0--=
Liunned.... 1 00 '-
Fw,:a, P barrel.. 000 [email protected]:
Po a............ 26 00 "*.s
L*.tE............ 5 00 r
V1'rISU......... 3 50 6i 0t6
Ca.m,.E ........ 4 "00. .
PerAToEs, 4 barel 3 50 r 0 JO
Bausu, India... 15 '0
Kentucky - ar 15s
Cos., 4 bushel... 1 00 r)
OATS............ 75 re-
Ba.s, 4? cwt ..... 1 15 0-
lAY............ 2 76 a-
- 'OWDER, ' Keg.. Is 00 'd-- 00,
NAILS ........ 4 50 r
Snor, 4 bag..... 2.25 r 2 37{
ALT., P ,ack.... 2 00 -
I7' Fa .nwr ...... 50 ! 76
Dow.p C(YTrro .. 1 00 0-
tIhre~ -plrt Cttnoj na Mrlset
o'rrected ripredlyfortte Deily Neas.
Inferior .............. 0 3 9
Ordinary ............. 0 0
Good Ordiamry ...... 0 a) 0
Low Middling ........ 7 @ e
Middling ............ 8 '0 0
Good Middling....... 9 Q00
Weekly' News,
Published in the city of Shreve
port, Parish of Caddo, every.Monday
morning at the low price of 82 50.-
The News will trot be forwarded to
any address, until the mubsriptiom
money is received, as it is published
on the cash principle; and the terms '
being put at low figures, will not ad
mit of credit.
It is the cheapest paper published
in the State, the sheet is 24 by 36 in
ches, and rontains twe.nty-eight eel
lmnas of reading matter, set in tolid
type. The Weekly News is made
up of the reading pullished in the
daily, and eontains the latest news re
ceived in Shreveport, and well se
I.cted articles. In fact it is one of
puhblimshed in the South.
Specimen copien will he forwarded
to such as dese ublscribing.
The columns will contain articles.
selected and original, which will prove
of interest and tend to the welfare of
its readers. It will be devoted to the
interests of the South; and internal
iiunprotvements in the Parish and vi
cinity, will receive the undivided at
t,.nt,.n of tihe publisher.
The columns of the News will be
nIlnn t., every person. Personal arti
chks will not. under any circumstanees.
(either as eommuniations or adver
tisemeints.) be published.
Corrensp,.,ndence is solicited from alt
1'apers publishing the above three
nmonths,. will be entitled to an exchange
fbr thie Daily.
I' Congress has enactned the fol
lwinng law in reference to nwsrpa
pers, entitledl the
.ul.seribera who do not give express
notiae to t te contrary, are considered
as wishing to continue tihe subserip
If sueriberts order tlhe discontin
uance of their papers. the" publishers
mayv continue to send the;n till all that
is due he paid.
If subscribers ne.gl.ect or refuse to
take. their papers fronm the office to
wlhich theyv are directed, they are held
r.sep',nsiblh until they have settled
thneir bills and ordered the.ir paper dim
I f subscribe.rs rwalllov.¢e tootherplaces
ithnlut infrmnning the publisher. Mid
th, n. per is sent to the former direc
tion, tlhey are held responsible.
Thie courts have decided that refus.
ing to take a papn. r r periodical from
the ntlice. is prima facne evidence of
I'onfederaols lRstnara3.
S(Vormnneriy Gaiety.).
A diini.g the Cefederation
Coffce Ionuse. S/,reCep~ert. La..
IMIIS wenll Iuowa andti poplmar ue
Stablijshment has been removed as
lnnove, amnd is opun for the accontmo
datinn of the nlblic. Therre will be
fomund the bn.st of gamne. fish, oysters,
and everything that the Shrevepot
and New Orleans markets affordt
M.als nfilnished at all hours day or
nighlt. Famnilies anid parties will
have t1heir orders promnptly attetdned
no. no37vly
1. D. O'BRItEN.
.ewms paper Advei*Idl
(ni'r.e courner Canal St. and Exchbangq
Plasce, N. (.,
Nmw Om.tasxs, LA,
Vneeklv City Correspondence in
lFnglish. i'rencih, (Gernnan aind rpa,
ish Langa.es, fnrnishned on nmodcr
ate terms.
Bill. unn 'r t,,m- ction ctoma y /w
or l #)-frientd., olt I. promnly left r
,j9rl al.

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