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'"  ...::" ".. . P U -IE L JSH E D E V E R Y " M O N D A .Y M O R N IN G , .. A T!_ ~5 . O P E~  %1 t " L  C'
...... - ,- . ,·~i ° 9 C t'. 5
* -:,--' . " SHREV.PORT, .L ., W N YJULY 29, .1881... - • . . '-:, :.
. ...- . -
100D1, -I
S2~~7'pR ASD P2WM~R3tTOr4
.~iaP~T~ 1E~~L~
"i ie .doubt lives ilk time secotlec- l
tlmoidf the' most of edr rieders. thit
jjtsbefrse the. arrival of Madame
Malibeus this se a(eo .the lese0e of
thr tt past r theatrets ame tothe
i. aigun of .elosi them tath- a
orp'!f jwiuely. A notice to that
t abEti'saiu consequence, posted in
ases room of -both theatres, with
as *"ailaeio thit any performers
ders.sae treating for the or sea- .
soiihbou dae od in their proosals on
beforeM certain day. Many coin- n
alied beiwb were engaged. 1t aso
u ed, that a certain tenor singer,
whoo kner Lslthi servicea could not
be dii~pere with, took not the least
notice of the Va oestated intiPtption.
which caused o m4ael uneasiness to
thicuresat lesse- (One evening dtd
na5b-peorfon"uco, the tlanlagtw
ttir- drese,his first tenor, at thew
m*ohn, my boy. I wish to have a
few =words with you ; come into my k
.1 canna do that'--said the wily
Suotchrmats'for*yot see. Aifred. I
am just th oa te stag e.'
*Why, man, yvo have plenty of,.
time to hear what I have to sla, Lh- -
'ore volt are wanted; so comllie l,,tg..
usdik.e anlm ager. .1
a-, luv. L unuiot budgee now.
At1(c ; I "ma.er lilk, to keep the
stage waiting.' -
SWell, tlh.n, comw to in.- when the
scene h laver: V.,c +ill titnd mt in
my rooll "
1 rhail n:,t n.,r'i.-a' % ,or biddng 
Xllfred'--and at-bte- ,rnd of the recine
ireimtn-Lgh lMr.'il"aetr -rnlk,d into
the sancturat-manrtormu of the imighty'
-$it dowe...lohn, sit down, I'm glirl
" e hnu -seatted ill a twinkling.
' tell, "ihn; I suppose I nmay
reckon on your sorvices for the after
,sason-although yin have not
thought fit to apply ftor an engnage
meat. You know I have 'engaged 1
illhbrinat ain'enormnins saai-, ad 1
I can't do iithout yoa to sing with
her in La tomnamnbula, an opera
which has made you. my boy.'
*Thstaay be aw vary true, Al-;
fred, but I lave intmenions to visit'It
my ain rountry, where I shall be
able tta mke a good sixty pounds a
week. apd you ken I have only eight,
peuna-ednro you, do ye see?
I can isetle that matter, John; '1
must make yaw salary: ten pounds a
week.' .
it's aa use, Alfred, I muset Visit,
my ain contry; I can make slue of"
sit;ynpounds per week.'
" Saty dervil to make a bey ofeJ1
-aroe you mad, John ' shouted the,
'Yes, Alfied, nearly so-at the.
thoughts of my trip to laid Scotland
sad the certain siaz per week; so
vou must make up your wmhid just to
oIe without me.'
This wua imposeible-who could
pl his part in La soammbla-- ,
W'loo ,wSas engaged atthe EagIlsh
Opera House-and there was no oth
er opera ready for the great Malibran,
who ras engaged for certain, nights
ahseady aasmoaced. at an enormous
salary. 8ometeiag meut be dose,
t ught the greaO. lessee, and that
'Well, John, if you will defer
youar trip until after Mallbran's en-,
gagement, I will act nobly,;ndt .make
yoew salary fifteen pounds a week.'
S danna do it, Alfred, it woald be;
just robbitg pgioself, og saee; _but
sinoe you are so vreyalýte se for my
services, I will give yop ap the great
prospects in my atan eeeotaJi tto ohb
lige you, if you will aske my,salLry
thirt pounds a week.'
Th manager nearly sank through
one of his own traps at the enormityy
of the demnamd. JWha had his haad
upon the door.
Stay-stay,' cried the despairing
manager. -
'I canna just new, Alfred, for the
stage is waiting: so I give you until
to-morrow to think of my offer.'
The morrow came-the manager
was fairly caught; so, to make the
ieat of a bad bargain, he boldly of
ti red thi, enotehmnan twenty-five
pounds per week, which he, prudent
mItti, vas taio onit n judga, to r,.efu.l,.
kss 'Ce'l l q says an tII
raer,cs BlabDMpilbltcaa paper.w
giveus.tth. detalir ef another feat of
thhreae Lsae*lta y. Theactsiev- re
atut hasibeen b~iedg .noted by tele
gra ~nh s robbery was committed
in the name of the 8tate of Vitginia; I
tothhe bg ttro e -tovernor of the
ePaI ile" and hiseonventet·tol. et
the.. Wheeling paper .eposta the e
Wots if te case, it is the m9st" inta- a
-mnoas ta>baticMr wehave yet.heard t1
G'Ept' Johi -List rturtaed to this
city last evealngsiavinglbvilahischae oi
twenty-seven- thousand dollars in t)
gold, taoken fret the bank at Wes- at
tm. Virginia. wher it had. been p]
lad to the eriditof the Weseern b
Lunatic Ayls,by the State ea- 1
thorlties, Cajt. IAl*-wu eommi uaton
ed-by Go* tiepo ato go: sddihe re
charge of this mosey, the -work on e
the Asylum' having been stopped,
a·nthere biag, reasoteble apprn- i
Sow that the golW4iigb tfall intathe at
hands of -etcher's s'over n t. ol
The Oaptain proceeded to Grafton, be
aul upon making knowa his object to
to Gen. McClellan. in'less than twen-. at
tygteur hours a regiment of en, un- It
der Goe Tyler, were on the marel. - I
-'The expediuan left Clarksburg on
Sunday evening, mnd marching -all +b'
night reached Weston on Monday I
morning, about 5 o'clock. The pe,; 1
p!e were all asleep, but the pe band
which. &cconrpawed the -expedition Id
aroused the drowsy population byr a
playing the Star Spangled - Banner. h'
Col. Tyler . took poses-sion of the
place, and Ca.ptstist went down and I
demandod the money intlie same of 
the State of Virginia. No resistance I it
was made. and the money was forked rt
over. Some of the bank men thought V'
the amount ought to have been ta
ken itsn erre-lcy. hut Capt..List said C.
he did'ut think so, and that was alri
of'"t ' "; -" /e
The troops captured .same. twenty
odd prisoners. all of whli, wre re
leasedL uposm exanmiuatiun, eatept the
following who were brought up trti
G(rafton and pl:aed nudur guard: a:
J.amLne T.. Jackson, GeO. J. But!ch.r, 1
.Y. E. Lively, Jlion Kearns. Jr., °
aind J. Shtumnt. Against these there
arn' especial charl,s. A guard oft-ix ae
men accotrpanieml the inunerv to thist
city, and hlat  dght it was uaf4lv , le- .t
pasited in the Nortwentern l3rk, t
andi will be urhetlv those to whom nt
it truly h'-.ntrl,---r'tt tree Lmte Gov
.S feriags of tde M]rs n (.ule.,el n
lUuryr's 1(girseL.--A young .law.
vi.r of New York, a private: in C'om- n
panmv F of ('ol. Luryea's Zntave-a Fs
(nov stationed at Hampton Creek. r
Va.), writes to a trieud in New York
a doloftl auccount of the sufferings of 's
ilIe men of that regiment. Tlhe fol
lowing is an extract from hi: letter: i
I. The great trouble here is that, t
when a man feels weak through
sickness It is very hard to get strong is
ain with the diet we have. Last !a
nmghbt a frienid of mine went down to '
the firt and bought a beefsteak t
which he gave me. This seemed to 1
do me more good than all the modit -
citwa I have. taken during the last t
three weeks. I wish the Quarter- t
master woult give.as our thirty cetta C
per day. and let us get.- our own pro
visions. I think we could make it i
then very comfortable. As it is now,
a geat many of the -men must die
beforlongfor the want of decent;'.
Ifai. I have lost eighteen pounds;
. since I have bheen hee. I weighs
now only one hutndred and twenty i
pouurle, others who have not been
on the sick list at all, have lost as
mueb, even, more, through mere want
'of food. Boxes come every day for
some of the bove, and it is this only
Sthat keeps as alive.
SIInerestimg g Co Gefral Mara.
doer's Coamad.
We have been favored with the fol
lowing extracts from a private letter,
t; written by.aone of oar beat known eit- f
iseas, now in Virginia, to a friend in
r this city, who like his correspondent.
occupies 'a dietinguIbed position in
the commercial world :- icayvnne.
e RSscAmsd, Vsa,.3ly.3.
I returned last night froni Yothtown.
,t and Young'a Mills, whertlusaw many
t' of our b`ys.ll, well, sod in the fineot
"-=apirife imasinable. ' .,
that·the 6namra *ere cornmittiskg dep
r iens te miles above Hampton.
S iF ht eit Be'ordered four omsanien
each fiet Iv rsgeiments, to march,
gand at ItO 'clock'they took up the
Sline of march, and pawsed withint one
ei mile of Hampton, bed on the picket
i guards, and went close into Fortrees
lMonroe, countermarched and stoppedI
r at Yonng's Mills-in all a distance of
a thirty-two miles in the mud and rain.
f. Many of tshm lost their shoes. To
e wards thi. end some gave out. Our
t hoys stood it manfully, particularly
,. (orge Norton.
lThr,y ,-nainid i, t h, wonods with
I,, to i. Ulr~;ga. o.R i 'to 0 o11r k o'lCk
< . |..,,,t., ' i,,, I :m. ted. the m iii
ettes a tjnst cdmo is and rep6rted
the enemy four uiteaoff.' Ip large snm
bere,-id-va*td4- raplly. The boys
waiitOeworkethrowingupZ reastworks '
Alling troee and prepatfgfofa warm e
reception. - o r
They worked like devis, :got their ti
gns ik position. pnd the most intense i
iatastlauam and exeitement existed a
for aboutt ts hours and a half that I fi
ever itneqaad. Every mnoment we a
epectted. the atack end a more eager a
*t ef hllou never were seen I fS
aho.gll t. was laehljrji st to get there i
u eathek of *tme. -'
Dr. aybmrn, who with ne, picked o
out two oak trees aaeanaureigareund a
the waist about as much as he did, o
and about five feet spast. as a hiding c
place, and said let them fire away, s
hei Was ifes. Well, after the lapase e
of lly . hours ond half, Gen. Ma- g
gruder  out videttes again, who
repor.d that the enemy had retreat- to
If turdaed'ou to be marauding pps- p
tieen large nambers. Wlto commit all t
sorts of.depredation, aid I think the I
object in fortifvingYoung's Mills into e
be on hand' near and either put a stop a
to these things or bring on a generalt
action.arlfith the Geueral kiciary to' o
provoke. - * 1 a
Ceoa-Pfasters' Cearrntis.-This
body met in Macon. Ga., os the tsh tl
inst., as we learn from the Telegraph i
of that c i t,and was organised by leOt
ing James M. Chambers, Esq.. preei
dent and Col. J. J. Gresham., of Ma-
con, secretary. Ex-governor More
head, of Kentucky. addressedthe con
vention in a spirited and patriotic
speech. On the second day a reso
lation was adopted declaring the will- Z
ingness of the cotton planters to aid $
the government with theirentire cottona
ersp. The ennventlon -aAjorned, to'
meet again in Maconn on the 15th of a
October next, when all engaged in ag- u
ilcultural pursuits are earnestly inuit- r
ed to he present.
One of Lineoln'l Points.--lonw the r
Yankee anM the pettifoger, t.e devo- I
Lion to the almighty delar of the one
and the mendacious cunming of the
other, stick out the fullow. i clhnsa.s
of Lincolha mtessage:
-l'he nation is now in l,bt. ftrmona
e applied to thel benefit of these so
clllted c eeded. tate,. in common with •t
the rest. I~ it jest. either, that credli
tort shall go nnpaid.rorthe remaining I
Ittates pay the whole ? A part of
the present nationaldebt was contrac- .
tod to pav the old debts of Texas.
Isit j3let that she sl:ll leave and pay
no part of this herself!
"Again. ifoneState may sc-ede,so 1
may an.ther: and, when all shall have
seerded, none areleft to pay the debts.
Ihs this quite just to ereditorse Lid -'
we notify them of this sage 'iw ofgl
eurewheu wchnrrowedtheir mnnney.? ' .
Tlbhe old rogue hopes t il doubt that '<
the, world-has forgotten the fact that.
thet Confederate Government, as well ,
as several of the States. sent commis- i
ioners to Washington for the purpose -
of adjusting all matters of account'j
with the Rump, and that he refused
to holdany communication with them.
The Confederate States have never
intimatedr an unwillingness' to pay
their share of the debts existing at:,
the time of the dissolution. Nor
can the president of the Yankees.
by any lying inuendb.make the coun
try think so. [RIichtnd Whig.
Immense FPert at Sandy Hook.
Thie following is the descriptionii of
an immense fortification now in pro
cess of c,nstrection at Sandy [look,
fbr the defenso of New York harbor:
The walls will cover an oblong
area of about one mile in length. It
will have fire bastions, the length of
each of which will he in accordance
with the extent of its particular com
nemand of some point on the Atlantic.
At present, the north-eastern bastion
is nearly ready for mounting guns,
and the eastern and northern curtains
which protect it are .sufficiently ele
,- ated to lay the embrasure stones.
! Two are nearly ready for the geuns.
sThe stones in front of tihe fort are
• from six to eight tons "Weight, and.
were brought from quarries in Quin- .
cy, Mass., and Maine. The tiers of
gums will have strong and spacious
casematea. The foundation, which
is laid in concrete, was tasde seven
feet from the surface, and the breadth
a;of the walls at the base is 14 fet,
and on. the top 10 feet. The case
'.artes ase igdented about 36 feet from
the ounter walls, and commanding all
the points surrounding the ocean.
The fort will he protected by deep
tresnchea at its outer poanf.
i Coaeictio of then eved (.,
, of t~Ae Prinseer 4m.--Th
at Richmond (Va.,) Enquirer, of the
t 6th int., says :
_ New1has beenl ceived her that
i Thomas HsEaison Baker, of Charles
S'ton, 8. O* and his aesociatea of the
privateer Savannah. recently .ap
itured near Charleston by the war
r brig Perry have been fotmnd guilty of
SPiracy by the U. 8. ircuit Court.
In South Carolina. le state bank
ha i . j-u.,1 hill- ,t -h., <,,.uom inati,,n
I at t .t''n trI e ''it.- m*l, ttfit l e' t
E -S&essiaew FlIe Captured in Cov- is
ingtrs, Ky.--tev. E. (O Nicholeo, tr
of the M. ". Church,' SoutJt re.- i
viently -apipeid missionary to n 41
tral Aierlca, ht ssoarrnig tempoi't-" at
rily .in this" citY. Mr. Nichol- to
son's daughter, Moilile, maiden of pa
fifteeti years, as a matter of amuse- ma
meat for a littl".sict-r'of vibe years, ti
made a- mlhiatia'd lag of the Con- b~
federate States, its dimensions being
about four by.aiz inches. The ex- .
1s~tence of this little toy in the Rover- tl
end gentleman'slouse was commat is
nicated to. Captain 'Amos Shinkle, di
one of our *ealthy citizens, and the fdi
commander of an unconditional' (con- t
stitutiotal) Union Home Guiard
commonty known as the "short gpn tI
ga .". of
h-e Captain announced the fact b
as company to-day, July 4, upon i
his return to their armory after a F
public parade in honor of the eolebra. of
taed Rebels and Secesoiosits of 1776' t
He submitted a ptposition to his al
company to' go forth and capturb he- a
miniature emblem of liberty;-mnder ce
which the Rebels and Seeaeionists a
of 1861 are fighting in the Confeder- hY
ate States. Wearied- as- they were
by the-r fatigues of a halfday'a march, a
they enthusiastically responded to ol
the darinu proposition of their hero- Y
ic chieftain, to the number of about at
one hundred and forty men. After ac
a forced- march of half a mile, the It
place of assault was seen in the dis- If
tance, just beyond the bridge over it
the railroad. In anticipation of a m
"masked bat-tery." a hid len maga
zine, or something more or lees dan- I
garous, or for some other reason beit u
known to himself, the valiant coam- 1
mander drew up hi. forces in battle I!
array on this side of the bridge, and tl
at a safe distance from the clerical zu
Detailing a body guard of sixof ?
his bravest braves, he marched them ,v
boldlLy into the Rev. gentleman's it
yvard, presented themselves at his n
door, and reaperfullly but couraage- t
,,usly demantded tIthe secession flag.' g
-Mr. "Nicholson called his daughter tl
Mollie, anti inf;rmed hwr of the de-r
tmand ftr her little sjialis' toy.- i
T'rembldng with rage. t hte usuideu said n
tto the warlik ,e party- before liare '
*,*ou'tb er men wi'l',d not itnvade- the n
rc'tUisseK ,t a gentleman in this way." '1
nne. of the party,sanid: "-I am a n
'Suther. manIt ; I :n f .rorn Telne.- r
sec." "'Then," said the indignantI
imaiden, "ybiuare very' fttrfruo: ha:nc."
Mr. Nichols,in told the captain "'the u
flag was only a child's tor." and di- t
rnted his daughter to bring it forth. t
She dnd so, and waving it l.ftiaiutlv
at them said: ",Gentlemen, it will
not be long before this flag will wave
all over this land." And then she
delivered it to the captain with a
,"'Hurrah forJett. Davis!" The gal- ,
Slant captain took the flag from the
indignant maiden, and on reaching
the pavement was accosted by Ma- t
'jor S. K. Hays, of the State giuard,j
who said to him widt an air and tone
not to t.4. mistaken : "You are en-'
gaged in a very small business, sir."
'Blt thilt "etonqerinmg -hero" was so
elated with hiss proud achiev.ement,
that he did not stop to bandy words
witih the oflicious Majoir, but soon
juoinu hi cnmpar., baearing in tri-'
umph the captured flag. His return
was greeted by his men with lound.
humzzas of applause, while many in
the crowd of spectators alternately
groaned for the "shot-gnu gang."
and shouted "llurrah for ,Jeff' I avis !"
S''he captured toy was carried with
all the "pomp anm circumstauce of'
war." by the victorious band to their,
armory, where they expect in coin
ing years to exhibit it to admiring,
eyevts as the first grand- trophy of
''Captain Amos Shiukle and his:
shot-gnn gang."
Within the past few hours, seces
sion fings have been displayed njmr=
the streets by scores, and the bear
era of them shooting "hurrah for
'Jeff. Davis." and no man dares "mo- !
lest or make threm afraid." Two
Sgentlemen ina buggy, with a secess-
Sion flag atta shed to their horsebhead,.
- have traveled utip one street and downf
I' be next, out one and hack another
' with revolvers in their pockets. and.
a courage in their hearts. But tlhe
1 valiant Captain Shinkle and his he
t roic company having achieved glory
enough for one day, allow the defiant
- "'ecessers" to display their lags and,
:shout for Jeff: Davis without inter
SA special Richmond disatch to the
SMontgomery Advertiser ays:
*, Several promineantfede'al tmoner
now in RichmOnd and at liberty on
Sparole, have been confiea it cse
qaence of the recenuf aeolt of ftdtral
t Muthorities against the tbw ofthe p.t
" vate S 8avanMah, who have ifeen
a convict.etif piracy.
ir We notice published in the Ghar'
fIlestin Mercuri', the obituary of Ex
go-u'rnot"r .Isue Ii. Admts. le
It died. at Live Oak, on the Ilth inst.
.u DL leRussy, lato t thje gS'ig . v
ment eo Lumisiana Vohmtteers, anivd P
imiis pleseon 8unday eveningdlrest
from Yarktown. He rerpprtsmoeftrop o
in good coaditios.. ready tb. meet
thwemyn.. e et' her~ny i isiaed,
aItt few were laid up ini e htspi
tal. Col. DeBuassy as rig·tie L.is
position awOlonel- oft the aRegi
meat, hiving been ipoitd upon
the Staff of (en. o1k, and he will if
be htnea8er statioaed it3Iempbis.
Rumor seigns the oSbe vacated by
Cot DDefussy to St. John Lm o
theparislrofCttaloule._ bl. Liau
is a-graduate of West PQIat, adjiso
doubt, by harweUlkrow a decion mand '
firmness of character, well Atted for t
the-responible positibt.
Col Defueassy epresse the 6pinion. be
that in the evint of the eontineau
of the war, importint opestions may r
be expected ppon the hae of defence
in the petaltr~nhag .' It is eva matks
Fortress Monroe must fdunabaie ilt wi
-oftmovementsofthemeiemy tpouRieb- th
mond, and that having conentrated Vi
at and near the Fortress a sufiestitL
untber ofr fmpt to foer an invadi
colman, their advance -towards Rich- wI
miOnd must be made right through
An examination of the map wilt
show at a glance the im portabtance fei
of our defences at that plae-. At
Yorkfown, the distance between York H
anal James rivers is about six miles, be
and the most of that apace it rendered
impassable to the colrmns of g largaf P
force by the nature of the ground; be
ing cutup into ravines, and-filled with or
The route must, therefore; be by the
way of Yorktown, and even if the ene- in
my should select another route, it is a
hardly to be prestmedthat they would
leave such an entrenchment eausp in in
their rear to embarrass -their futre
advance or cut off their safe retreat.
We see by a late number of fhe fo
New York Tribunre, that the same !r
view is taken by our enemies of the
importance of this position. That e
notorious abolition sheet points out
the peniinsula as the true field of ag-' bi
gressive operations, and advocates vs
the ntcessity of acctumulatibg a-over
whelmin; frce at Fortress Monroe,
from which point an advancing cal
Imn, resistless by its numbers sinij o
materral. may pass along through the i
neck of the peninsula, sustained by be
its ,hips of war in both rivers, sweep hs
away our forces at Yorktown, and k
ruslshin serried ranks upon the city ofj e
ltichlimor d.
We :nay not despise the suggestions V
of an enemy . and the plan is one not P
to be overlooked. A force sufficient
to repel any attack,should be entrench- C
ed at Yorktown,and thatpoint,if nec
essary, become the Therniopyvl of the li
.soutth. [M onroe Intelligencer. G
Interesting communications will: t
h,. found in to-days paper. i
The following are the officers of' i
'the Shreveport Sentinels, who were i,
elected the other day :t4
Captain. W. IP. Winans
slet. Lieutenant, Thee. H Morris,' o
2nd .1. J. Kline, a
3rd " T C. Leis.
let Sergeant, A. Schaffuer:
S-2nd " . .J. Elder; 3
3rd R. J. Looney ; 1
4th " P. H. Kyne;
let. Corporal, 31cCutehin ; d
2nd " L. . .Haris;
3rd W H. Dashiell; t
4th J. W. Miller
Louisville, July 16.-Two of Roe- -i
seau's Captains. had a rencounter.
(hne was triflingl' shot in the head,!
Sand the other is in the Indiana tpeni- i
º tentiary. Tinecause of the difliculty
- wa, stealing each other's recruits. I
r Joshua 4 ,Jewett is dead. I
A trunk containing booke and but
, tons was seized at the depot here. I
-" Pistols were drawn, but not used, the
+ owner.of the trunk being' advised
' that there, was a masked battery of ,
r forty muskets bearing on him.
1. rew York. July 16.-The schwoon
e or Ella, from Tampico to New York,
has been eiptured by privateers, off.
~ew Orleans.
it Jefferson City, Mo., July 16.
S!Four thousand i tsourians have
" gathered at Georgetown, with three
(pieoes of artilery. The -e are
i flocking to the State atanalmrd
o F]ortress Monroe, Judy. 16i-Rue
i sell, the coespondent of the Lon
e idon Ti'sao, says the American campn
Sare worse tha the Orimean.
- Washington, July. 16.--Hoes.
a1 A bill passed leavug out the militi.
- i to sappress the rehetlion. The mill
n tia ate to be discharged within sinx
ty daya after the meeting of maet
I Uongres unless Coneagres otherwise
r- directs
STheM 600,000 military lil, with
Sthe Senate's - amendments, passed,
and anL additional amedment that
t President elhect Brigadler-- rrnral's
Sa nI d th a t th, , '.l I i ," (. , ,l-en l- tro i
the re,,.nh r - a .', -,vwnn ase ,h,
volunteer~ wn will resume their
prsentsanlk a. the close -ithPe tart
Sea& oe-4rftekihid is aj saking is
on:rb-gajuitE ion lttl. : •
Louisville, July 16.-Garaet's
fo nmes beris 6b,0o0.- . -
] ate~ hatsoaisome d a 2 itres 7
eolemas, ]xorrie had dais , peat- a
vieta on tae sorth; and ea.Itrm an
t e'&eud hwithlRomermtts approai- A
in.in front. ..· -
-TBe pariets stood their gpobad
the la"pos«sbl . of dsafety.
TA]e rnebati nssantsbnea bieeri lrs- *4
angeds; sis she e-bd
e. weil-a thvow- ghsd thet b
tsughh .in-she retiat, weweresw eu., -
flBanked twice by ote* t -
sat El0 were- zulsed. - . --
At The last accounts the ConfLd- .6
rates were .-letCaing towaids ~l '
-The 1ederalMte hope tat*Oeui.I At
who is now at Oiklaid, will harrs -
the Confderates is their retinea ssq
wards arndy county, -butnit'9 mt be
rmemirered, 'tt -their troo eu=ve a"
kepLatClel an colsia in d br
-t.t.e. Iou.isi it-A military in
has been fired into, twelveinlernabee 1
St. Charles, severely wounding ·.t.e
fedmalists. - di
The mail carries aepost thatWijor -i
Harris, with 3000mea is twelvemiles li
beyond Fedton. -
The Federal Col. Mtdeli;-is- ex- a
pected to rieaeh ultop to-night.
'Thehousetr atonghe iosad are des &
erted. tl
J. W. Tuekers-asmakngspeeches, T
0Col. Ste Mii at Leinio reorts hay
ing diseoyeued 20 of .povwder t
and machinery-for mnatiýieanon. m a
Steamers are peshibited'from pass
ing Jefferson -ity, unless under, the tl
.American flag. - : "
Harrieburg, July 17.-~3Bereeve. t
force at CumberlandepmpPledmne tI
and New Oreek village.
The Southerners attacked ' w N
Creek village;tlit were tepalbesL
Washington; July 17.-The House c
bill to increase the efficiency of the
volunteer force has passed.
The Senate Navy- bill has passed.
McDowell will advanme- to-ntght.
tcott apd stair * viited the troopsp
Son the Virginifa side4oa-d. -
Cinacinati. July" l"m- oodiur is
between Mad river and-Barbourvlfle
has been attacked.'y the Virginianst
lkill and wounding pveai. - One fed
eraliet weeakilled.' "
the- army has advanced from a
Washington, Mel)ooell left at 3:30
P. M., yesterday. -. t
The advance guard a.ea at nmt1"hg.
Creek ten miles from-Waesington. ,
Washington, July 17.-I- is -be- t(
lieved that the design of the Federal a
General is to avoid Mamnsa. I a
The positive intention, haeweru, is t
to allow no delay in "passing on to.
Reports from Arizona asd New ;
F Mexico represent the secession feel
ing as -strong. It will be -necessary i
to reinforce Fort Bliss. 1
It is reported that the forces att
Aquia Creek, Dietfrie (7?)Ma several 4
other points are falling baekon Man- s
It is believed that J. T. Pickett;
late American Consul at Vera Ows,
is a Confederate agent in Mexico.
Fortrees Monroe, July 17.--The'
3d and 4th Maesachiasetts- regiments
whose time is up will leave for Beston
,Hudson.,Mo., Juny 17.--'ighthun
dredo'ledralists had a- ht with ena
unknoswn - number of rieseuriais,
thiriy miles above St. Charles.
The Federal loss three killtd and
seven wounded. '
The fght is still progressing.
A Missourian caught with a gun inh
his handwnas hung. Another-attempt
Sing to escape as -iddled with batls.
r Grafton. July 17.The Southern
, era escaped General Hill,passed with
i- in a mile and a half of his camp.
Wahinngtonn, July 17.-tHoa e.--The
Betimore.Police Cemmissioners c 1
fined in Fort Mclenry. hav. petition- '
ed Congress to ltafeein their be
s. half. It was referred to the Jmt.iuary
i Committee. -
d 4A bill authoriing Welles to par
f chase rebeels to mppress piracy: and.
complete the blockade, a" applopri
i- ating-13,000O000 was passed.
z. A resolation appointing a comnil
,. tee t& investigate all war and navy
contracts; during the discussion on
i- bich Van Wyek said that fi oj { 1
re months they had "been a sysae of]
se plunder, which foraudaoityandwick
re edneas had never hee rsed; was
ia Louisville,-iJly aZc.,Asrict r ert
.- is made atthe dep'; sere traki
pa warw aeised here lat night. .
Richmond, July 18.-Be-faueegs.
- achievedi a greet vintory to-day. At
in day break the enemy appeared 9*
ii- Buiape Rm with a force and attemP
a- ted to cMss that stream. Several
at battles ensned three milts North
so west of Meusasas. Beauregard con
manded in peaon. The name of
th thle commander mo the Federal side
4,I is tknowun. The battle was at its
at h,.ight at 4 o'cldock in the afbtreol
's and ceased a A5. tje enem having
11n Ihop Irph-.ef thre, times. 'IThe
It,' :[i'T| 1"6 1"t;1' ] 1 ,'1 Its|'; . big.]lz
Mem~i Elir*dli
'lltýºSias · 'eiP3 '
year h -l.u
Waemi :sly '
db*3 ý, -
A) tie l~~E7 ~
tr-Ierer l2he~~ILQ
I ystO pp9
th. Nbrtbcrn beig lalc
ik lfoa-zbill "ZFpn;ii·i0YI;
t taut " ary~~i~ioS! d ;. liJilr ý .j
thea Bir rji a u bsjs ".
iGeneral CTox droe ýQ +f
Scommannd out.of Biiitqid:-·
1 Cinci imdi al2 1i
oorreapoden if the Giaetie.
hn 18tht, e y that twe
two gumm add 'b
asteordered' -to`.
j inciiium s tt lamJu~O . he
" Ohio red4mArt'ia
4~trncha4'~ ith a masked - -
l and Cat.
amtmiuitiora e hebt
The Con esd
Itucick, ad Col
lub Ohio reieeut, ITski'k ea
On the-17th, t1.- [email protected]'ae 4heyte
r killed or eaptured.
- WUdri'ngteng fatl' 26. 7 F ,.
r ordered that fu rtiLih UtGS vi
pretext aIr permfitte to r adt', at
t, mach with-thimn 6.
1 News from Bull etwek,
- day afternoon states tinat Mirr.o
T fe Uonmderate.nri .trIe tp.
saslon of the three rwi al' I'halve
tier~s.d ieik ia
I, rie seen movingo ..right #d 1
n , th ere are nor larle bodies oh a > :
Jpecial to the Delf.]J
RICIANONO,,1U4D f#, 19, l
i I have been Cbi. W. 7
of Gesa Garnett's -Ands,`! i" -
d G cnet~ jt iflU IuO'tttfk Gear
t-idti1both#ands- tf yi'. titd
lMcClellana hd itt~ 4 a
Grafton. Mde.
s. { haveleft hon to bc'liiM: i thllii .s
a-" Oarlos is]u'Psi am
Iýý t9he woriamrnd9er.
M. "Oar-troop were rmiay'tiag Sad
ordotier upopnwerategey;
y' dun o' deah ofh,
dt 'S tr - isa anabout
'aI u asbeistilee
Po d as60 . . -.
jidri' A brt iuigerhna
fiti-i.d o ni. ¶'

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