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jW Uawe at Large.
fb Dbai~iguly% of Orisaws.
et Cli·eu of Earn S Feliciana.
~ilirSt. Mar#.titocoaesr
'Pirt District .
B.aui w Augustin. of Orleans.
Fi'raswia Gardere, of Orleans, Alter
&Sesl District.
"Jae. P. Fresut, of ( hatm.
J.1d Blslhs.df rleaU5,AhmaUte.
TA" Di~nmt
aIwurd Duffl, of Ascension.
I ,eia Bash, of Lafourehe, Alternate.
Fourti. District.
Wue. L. Bamrw, of West Folieiana.
QisaJ 1> +re.St-Loadry. Alternate
BEstlirhoisw Egan. Sr., of Bienville.
Hubeit Hodges. of Bossier, Alternate.
- &ZWk District.
* B. L; m bliss, of Carroll.
QMsilbMyo, of Caetalaela, Alternate.
New Orleans, Oct. 8.-Charleston
papers report that the blockading
steamner off that port had in tow yes
terday a small schooner, apparently
black, without foretop mast. Slhe
is supposed t6 have been seen off
Port Royal lately.
Some seamen have dtesrted from
vessels at -North Edisto, and it is
supposed have gone to the enemy's
Richmend, Oct. 8,-The report
abort McClellan being wounded in
rreo*ntnskirmish, is denied by par
ties who left Alexandria mi Friday
Stanton, Va., Oct. 8.--An intelli
gent gentleman, just home from
Geeubrier river, furnishes some ad
ditionaldetails of the battle on the
34.. General Jacksont's brigade still
holds the firmer position, with pick
ets stationed as before the battle.
His bgpide consisted of Jackson's,
Bett's and Tall orro's Virginiaregi
pmets, ambrgher's Virginia bat
- taliq, Rust's Akanses edgiment,
ths_ Virginia artillery companies,
with two betteries, commanded by
Captais Anderson, .Shoemaker and
Ril, and the 1st and 12th Georgia
Regiments. Captain Shoemaker
ras wounded by the bursting of a
bomb shell. Captain Rill had a per
tion of his foot shot of
TheCoefcderate loss is seven kill
ed, twenty weaded,and twelvemis.
he. Thless of the enemy is evi
detly sevene.
Memphis. Oct. 8.-A great flood
as ecem-red in the Ohio from the
tributaries, doing much damage, and
cseyiag away the bridge of boats at
a4np artow, iGreen Brier River,
Oct. 3,--Whe enemy attached m this
moemig in cesieable force, eatima.
ted at M0. sand with ui pieces of
dat ,af loager range than any we
bre.- Aer whot fire of four hemea
and-dair draties, and heavy at.
tampebssagrg4 r nassp he was sm
plari lsmi ly with easiderable
lose. We had sme aualry to pusme
him onbsi rta. The loe onour
sle is iaoeasidaemab A fller re
port wil tegisven trngh the regu
e Zmviasville Journal of the 4th,
repor of Fremont's Wal
~aseington under chargas
Sak, who is undersa second
wgreakat St.14 tie.
W.iemn pommplrmafn of troops
i].tie est te protect
ar coneentratitg at 1
aS-4'he Waing. I
$qfi netwilbe coet- c
Wool a alseedegiover c
Jemi a ue enggesd u
~ m& laer t
on im d
the epatiesia to b
1each, aroh Cas n 1tl
hna, *.ove eminently 1ful, un
der onelWright, oth'lrdtee
iment, who et tit&4
Sat , a e} the
eaisi twenty two take g Aiirty
one prisoners, one, e aand muskets,
six field-pieces, all hetents, together
. P vi o s. socks. ace-
d trate res-was oneOeag
ia,. who fell dead during a double
quick aluch. Colonel Wright had
his hone shot from under him.
the trial MoOlelsa has issued a pro
- clamasion declaring death as the pen
alty for ineerferingwith private prop
No hi telegram report that
Reynolds had obtained a decisive
victory over Gen. Jackson, at Green
The Tribuae save the Vanderbilt,
Atlantic, Bah.ic IRoanoke, and Cost
sacoaleas, are takiang in coal and pro
visione,and arranging berths for troop
fora Southern expedition.
7" The Wilmington (N. C.) Jour
nat of September 30th, says that a
gentleman has arrived in that city,
who was recently in New York, and
saw the great Beet fitting out there
for the South. It was said in New
York, and saw the great fleet fitting
out there for the South. It was
said in New York that it was inten
ded for Savannah, or some point on
the coast of Gen.agin.
The Ladies.-..A young soldier,"
who has experienced the kindness ofl
e. the ladies, when the, wasting hand
e. of disease was laid upon him, sends
to theis paper a highly complime.n
tary article-, detailing the extraordi
ar y" t. .rtion: m:de lby them through- i
C. put the South, in helhalf of the troops
since the begiuning of the war. In
the course of his trbute, the writer
says :
"Ouur mothers. like true Spartan
in matrons, bid their solns go and free
Sour country, or die in the attempt.
Devoted sisters wear mniles upon
their faces as they impress the last
, kiss upon the soldier brother; wives
I deem it a privihlg., to offer their hus
bands upon the altar of our country :
nand of maiden cheuks the mantling;
is ti:. -e . : 'r. tic ' l011 ;low-. ill
,. bidding farewell to I neir bh.trothlod.
called forth to strike a blow in their
rt defence."
in 't'rue, the ladies of the ,South have r
done, antI are doing, much to
Scheer and comfort those- who i.:ii..
gone forth to fight for their unti,'.
laud. We endorse all that the wri
I ter says in their praise.
1- Richmond Dl)it-itch.
I ~1 ' According to the statement ot
. the City Recorder, there is upwards
e. of 820,000 worthy of property in
s, Chattanooga (Tebn.) belonging to
. the Yankees, and which is which is i
= within purview of the sequestration
to act.-Memphis Appeal.
y A Hard Hit.-lThe Charleston
d Courier hits our Gcvernment very
a hard. It says :
Ir We beg our telegraphic correspon
a dents to remember that Gov. Jolan
r Letetier, of Virginia, is not good au
thority for anything relating to the
I- rights, honor or interest of the South
i in this city. h
i Gov. Letdher sold or gave Fortress
Monroe to the Yankees, and has been
d very dillignnt since then in propoga
" ting rumors of imaginary victories,
d to pevent the sending of necessary
. reinforcements and supplies to our
brave-soldiers in Western Virginia.
Let no such man be trusted., i
The Editor of the Near York .'1 rn
ea Fsgithie.--The Hon. Ben. Wood
has been missing from his old haunts
for some days past, in fhet, ever
slaisie his confrere Anderson was ar
a ,ted. Where he has gone no one I
knows, not eyed his loyal and amia
Sbla iroeher, Fernando. It is report
ed that Sauperintendent KIounedy has
been aitng anxious inquiries con-t
cringn the whereabonts of the Hon- t
orable metaber from the Third Dis
triQt, with a view, ilobtiess, to his
joining a pasty of gantlemen who are
having a very pleasant timein a gov
i-rniaent huilding in the lower part of t
iNew York hay.
N. T. World.
fI The Richmond Examihnter of l
the 28, it., is advised that the ap- t1
pointments have been deinitely made i
by the President of John M. Mason,
of Virginia, and Mon Joh. Slidel lti
dLonisiae, as Ministers. Commia- a
-ioness, respectively, to tsm courts efj t
Lsglsnd and Fran.e, and that thesefri
e~t n will immediatre-t take
their d,'-:itrL for Eu.epe. Ta or- ts
der to iaume thqir pan-age out, ithasl o,
becsnettled that they will proceed by d:
the way of Tianpioen, Mexico. ci
hae St~ahent spirit is Kentucky
Sis wimiug up. 'ThIe .Fanktbrt (Ky.)
r Yeoman says of Hnston's bill, ofter.
ed in Keuntucky Legislature, for the
_punislhment of rebellion (i. e. ,eean
n It isa bloody bill. It is wholly
u1 nworthy of the civilization
of the age. It is disgracefu
to the inittitutions of a Republ
- le. Its spirit is caught from
the spirit of the times of the Planta
t genets, the Stuarts, thle Bourbons,
R and the Hapsburge. It ignores the
t fundamental right of the Ipeople,
expressly reserved in the Custitu
tion, to alter, reform, or abolish their
Government when and how they may
- think promper. It denounces pains
and penalties cruel and inhuman.
It makes an error of political opin
ion or action an infamous felony.
And ilk this connection, it is perti
nent to observe, n every legal mind
will detect at a moment's glance. that
it seeks to evade the constitutional
definition of treaton against an ac
cused party. by calling that a fi.lony
which, if any crime at all, is treason
It puts a political offence on the same
footing of murder or larceny. It as
sails the frelomn of thought and
slpeeh. And all this is done, as
every man of sense mnst see it is in
tended to be don.e, for political efect,
under the ,pren-xt of extending the
penal cod,- of Kentucky ! But this
bubble pretext will be penetrated
and exploded by the instinctive sa
gacity of an Ionmest pee.ple. jealous of
their rights. and vigilant for the pre
servation of the safegnuards of human
It is a bill intended to terrify brave
freemen. Ilt it will prove an abor
tion. N - such bill can ever disgrace
thle sttatuttr l,.,k of a free people. It
couldl b1 t conceiv,-d only in a brain
incapable of distinguishing between
inumrrectin. or rebhllion and revolu
tion. It is. therefore, utterly devoid
jof political philosoph and pratical
e! tatestnanslmip. Evn if the absurd
bill were enaclted. it would prove,
as all despotic measures do. ineffeectu
al, from the very extremity ot its
mehltv ; unless. ineeld, it hIe mceant
to inaugurate a ihletdy and re-mores- -
,-..- so oi ee h as we shuttdder!
at rea.bing of, in tie-, dark ages ofi
Sentutrit ag,.
-.4---*-- -
imferestiug from Texas.
T'he. Mobile Regietetr anti Adver
tiser gives the following intere-sting
i aform:etlon :
We were ple.ase.d ti.-day to great
once more our friend Wm. I ,teFor
re-st Holley, IEtq., one of Mb,lcihes
old and well known citizens. wlho
abandoned nmo scet,' timre simnre t.,
adopt the indepellnde-t antl patriarceh
an life of a Texas stock raier and
wool grower. Mr. Holly is just from
his ranches in Conmal county, WVes
tern 'exas, and, with his family,
has been nearly a month in accorn
plishing a journey made tenfold arlun
nem by Dr. Lincln's bluck.uhle. MAr.
H. givets as an int-res-ting narratiotn
of the toils of the- journey, the crols.
&c. The returns of the cereal crops
are .unprecedeutly abundant all
through the grain regions, tle cribs
and bins not sutficient to hold the,
abundant yi* Id of wheat, cone, rye
and Iarley, great quantities of the-s
latter varieties of grain being raised
by thll, German poputlation. Thlw
cattle upon a thousand hills and
Splains were never so thriving and
well conditioned, and if there were
railroadcomnmunication Wusterun 'ex.
as could feid and forage all the anny
of the Counfideracey at the lowest
Mr. Holly and the other wool
growers have abundant "clips" on
hand, aid have bought up great quan- I
tities of wool at ecxceedingly low
prices, but tlhe difliculties in the way
of getting it to market keep it on
their hands. Could it come forward
there wouhl he no lacek of wool to
weave and knit into army clothing
blankets and socks. His three thou
sand sheep, as well as the myriad
flockts of his neighbor Kendall, of
the Picayune, are thrivinS womler
derfully. On hls ranches are horses
roaming numerous enoaugh for a bat
talion of cavalry if they were only
here, and tl.,y might be bought by
thousands in the neighborhood at
ridiculously low prices.
Mr. H. encountered the' iransporta
tion party which was toiling its way
across North Louisiana with a bat
tery of four Columbahiada aid several
rifled cannon, with ammutition,;fer
Gatreston. In this herculean under- I
taking of the Goveunmeat, adraught I
force of between two and three hun- 1
dred oxen were Omployed, and the
eondutctor, were endleavoring to ob- f
' two hwdred more to aid in drag
gieu the vast weight t)mrengh the
asA. mau -seked seeds. The con
I dca va mm a1ki1ge.prneo s utkftt
mtes aile per day, tbb.lae of aitds
having been takes tpt at Alexatldria,
on Red River. where the ornlmeanee
was disimbarked from New Orleans
The Read hke/llJfir 'uer Seacoaat
Defearea.-This efficient and very
eeonomiial prqjectile is in great de
mand for our seacoast battliepw. The
Navy Yard at Norfolk, in addition to
a variety ofimportant services which
it is remundering the Confederaey, is
now matnufacturing sixty-four pound
IRted shells exten-ively fur heavy
ritled gitna. Several foundries in
I Ilichmond, and also one in Fredericks
burg and Isynelhburg, ar, to secure
imminediate orders for the same. This
projectile, fared from the l'arrott
guns, has already deon good service
at lBethel ('Chnrlh. Sewell's Point.
Aquin Clreek, and in the closing
lsene, at Manasnsa. It is adapted to
guns of all calilbre. tPlm Gfeld pieces
to ten-inch ('onlunbiads, and its geno
ral manufacture is urged by General
Huge.r, the accomplished officer in
command at Nortolk.
1Drawings aud pattern shells have
been sent to Charleston. Mobile, New
Orleans, and Memnphis. Lead and
its alloys are becoming sminauwhat
scare.' and high priced, btt forturnate
ly for the county none, of thel.sc an.
required in the, manufacture of Itb,
Read shells. They are composed
simply of cast iron, with a light ex
panding cupi of wrought iron--mate
rials which art nhlea tldant at every
Rirhmtnod Dl hipatch.
Sharp Talk.
The editor of the London Weekly
Dispatch is "nn slouch." not he,
when it comes to "putting the 1e'P.
per on." From an article of thel2th,
of Aug tst. a column and a half long.
in which lie tnmerileslv l.pelwrs the
raw srr of the "'gnlle.d jade" of Nor
thern pride and vanity, we take tihe
foullow spe.i.e'nt "pinch"'' if the hot
stuff. If the- IL,ndon man im New
York he would drive Raymondi .aul
Bennett distrnacted with envy- of hiil
Sblack-guarding capabilities.-31yi tu
1i' e'll, llmt a it Y ,'te ., a .l- hayIe.
in Pauis l," a h.. itg ' hel re ,t tee
Siathy with thie drs-puts ,i-,nmore. .nd
Russia, and was in New York have
l,,een howlingtor a war with Elnginud.
Ihil, thlev have ,een Imnatitng tbhir
lrenat.- like gorillas, to lash thebm
s.elves tip lto ftirooity, and braggiing
anId bonasting "*enough to make alne!ti
key imik.-," the Southerners have'
said nothiniig, p,rserved their dlgni.
ty as meu, hy wise* but effecturl re
ticences, have quietly blown up tlhe
Tiims*' correspondent with canards
and bosh, letting him apparently see
everything and really know nothing;
anld steadily puruenLt the policy we
have frequently foreshadowed, of pre
tending to retreat until they had led
invaders into our Southern territory,
that they might rise up behindl thtemn.
The- result is an ignonrinous defeat of
the vaporing gaseous of the North,
witlhin sight of their very capital,
in a great pitched battle, and a de
molinostration of the utter unreality of,
the pretenasions and the entire hollow
ness and treachtery of all the' aplpear
ances and detoniistrations of the'
Speaking on th., sutject of Lin
coln's proclamnt in ashout Fremont,
tile New York lerald say.:
Gen. Fremont ought to have aide-d
the P'reysieent in Mlisoms , t.Intead
of that hle icrame a .nree of weak
ness to him. When he entered amon
I his duties in that State the rebel. had
been swept out as chaff before the
wind. But now more than half the
State has bee-n conquered by theOen
federate arms. DiMaster after diss
ter has be-fallra tir arms there. The
death of Lyon, and the rtret from
Springfleld, eamued from want of
those reinforcements whieh Oen, Fm
mort oatbt to have sent, amu now frl.
lowed up by tibe Still tmor disastatn
captuore of Lexingtn, fem the same
cause, (1 ) i)chluding the los of
3600 of thIe best troops, wise were
sacriileed by negleet, the gain of all
their small arms, artillery, ammal
tion and eequipage, together with
3000 howes, to the cause of the rebelh,
to say nothing of the moral effect of
such a misfortune.
It ia very evident that there mwt
have been terrible misamawnaeent at
St. Louis; otherwise the brave iel-i
ligan and his devoted little buand
would not ihave been thus lefl to their1
strlpip ais It r Ar .
SThe Riehmeand ExeanIt r regstly
reaserks that terseeawe do tt1
but that many pAeot~s fli gartl .et 1
of their proper places in thei military
servie, of the Confederacy. Boys,
who should be reading classics, a
jeopardising their lives under inex
perienced oice.m and the wretched
sanitary condition of our camps.
Should this war last several years.
where are we to look for reinforee
rmeute when our youth are already
in the fieldi And when peace is
uially attained, where will be oar
educated men-our literary rank
among nations-while education is
now being needlessly neglected, and
mere boyaspetmittedta join the ranks,
because carried away by seal with
out discretion, the novelty of ramp
life ptesentlng more attraction to
tihem than college discipline ? Gym
nasiums and military exercises com
bined, with a regular educational
course, might do more for nour future
than the slight addition of th-se
yountg lads to our future than the
slight addition of there young latds
to otur forces now, and parents should
1 spare no itluuence in ienforcing the
education of their ions, as a matter
of vital inmportance to the future wel
fare of our country, which must not
be lost sight of in thel excitellents of
tnl' presenlt.
Lord Lyos,. r the (' S. Passpor.
SSystmi.-Thie London (Otlicial) Ga
zette. of late date, gives the, following
e.xtract of a dispatch from lord I.
lns. British Minister at Washington
WAsetolll.rTu, Aug. 19.
I halve tile hoI..llr to tranlsnlit to
your Iordship Ilwre-wilh a co,lpy of a
copy of a hotice fromn thi, State. )ie
partutm.nt, whlich has a-qpiwanrd in the
newspapers this enerning. It de
' elares that no p rSoll will he Allowed
ti o go abroad ifroml a Ia rt ill tihe Ilni
ted Stcat.y, without a passport from
the State Departne nt, or a passport
1 counter-sign,.l by the Sr.crerttv of
Stnte ; and that no pe.±son will t,.
allowed to laud in tihe I nilied Stlntes
witlhout a paimplort from a Miuist,-r
'a tlourul oif t. I'. uiteel Stat-,, or
(if a foreigner) fr-,m his -wn (iGov.rn
r,.nt,. cuntulersigttlrd by the. nited
States Mitisater or ('oentl. This no
tice' ! as been issue.d withoult any pn
vioun_ commuinieatlio on thie -part of
.. u. -cere.tnrl of Slat- ,eithe.r witll Ile,
,r. )-, far a,, I k en,n. w..itlh an - . f Itor
,oll, h:guc, . nor hin. It N -t hw..11 ,,lii
S.ially ailniinceld to tlte.
lh,. l,,c 1n '.ost re-to r-ks, up l n t his
that it is a i,-st nllcit ii and ,litrr, -
:ptectful act, iand wl, i,.-fr tlit it is
to e- nttrihelbele t., tih,'. xtlr,enlt-ily
hostile views wshichl Mr. S.wardl Ii.,,
always V entIrtained to orI- Is Egl:llicl
I-- fi-elingi that Ire' i,,lt lik,.1v to t,.
mollifiel hb ithe fir,-emlt olf iee.e'-1k
which prevails in tlhis coutl,ly. andti
whiel may have. lrune. in intflueine.
evene in the Northern States, nlless
Mr. ieward shoumld follow uphis pnee
port system by prohibiting the im_
portation of English newspapers.
The Neat Battle.
'lt- New Iork ll rahl savs. ,Wi"
it -
A terribl, battl- it at Ihani be
tithe 400.000 troops on tlth, Ibankt or
Sthe 'Potomac. in the vicinirty of'
WaI shitil-on-200.000 nn either side;
--a batile which will tb. greater titan,
that of Waterloo and will probably
'be decisve against tihe party which I
i lons it. The mighty rnsults deh tpen
ding on it involve tIhe. destinly of the
people of this continent, and perhaps.
of modern civilization. If there
shoetld le a partial defi.nt of the FeLd
era] army. let te abolition Ie.dlers
who insigated the rebehllion and thie
war l'Philli p. ; arrisoe. Greely, lieech
er, Cheevur, 'l'appan, Jan. anid their
aOAcialItes, look olut for alnothler coun
try as this will be too hot to hold
them. If there slouldbe a defeat of
the Federal army. together with the
capture ot Washington, let the anti
•lavery deenegoguea who, for the
last thirty years, have been stirring
up the embers of strife which ended
in the Southern revolt, look oat as
fat as they eas for some asylum be
yond the laimits ofthe American con
tinent, for thI is i the only way in
which tlhey con consult the afety of
their imperiled necks,
IC.;EGoun r de Paris and Due hde
Chartres have got the-ir commisslons
as Mcleldla's stadF offke. l'hey
are coming the Lafiayette over the
'ede., magnanmimously refusing all
Mr.J. H. Cunnoinghaul, Eeq. can
didate for the Senate, will addre'ss
the people, this evening at 7 o'clock,
at the Court House. Let him have
a gmood reeption. Dr. W. W. George,
wi1 also address the people, at the
ame place and time.
See noticea in this i'siu abottt
steamer Era No. (,. 4
Artillery Earperianarw 2'lei
on boasJ the 0i6bs t.Go
riled by )leasrs. Cameon o.
were tried on Saturd y 3a
once of a large nttmlner of military
genltlemen and eivilians. The guns
wore ranged at an elevation of S1
degrees, anmd two shots dred with six
pounds of powdet. The first di
charge was almut 15 seconds, strik
ing its grate ahnnt two miles and a
half dimtanit Ifrmll A\t.ccommlnodation
The seennd shot was tried with
an india rubber Wad, the Inventit
of Col. Bird. The time was twenty
two and a half scconda, and the bald
was seen, with the aid of glasses, to
drop beyond Fort Sumter. a distance
of at least four miles.
We. learn that it is the Intention of
Unktmel Bird and otheras whlo witnces
.d this last shot which gave great
satisfaction to tihe party, to obtain
the constat of General Ripley to
make another trial of this new wad
with the gun. of fort Sumter. The
first trial has certainly shown the
invention to ha an effective one, and
we hope hts may sulccPed ill his e.f
C(!ham. Courier.
nocwguit i b F '.rgg Pwer
We are heartily sick oud tired of
the weakness and want of self reli
auice and self respect evinced in the
disposition to learn upon the recon.
nition of foreign powers. W\hat Is
the practical value of such recaIgnai
tion f It diw-aa not tnuntut to taking
sides with us against the North; it
will not provoke the U. States into
a war with those powers, for sune
nreoguition would be no casun belli,
and, if it were, the Lincoln Govern
Slment. desllite the blustering talk of
thte New fo rk Herald, could not be
kicked into a war at this ttmue with
France or 8ngland. We ought to
be contenlt tlt tlt the foreign powerrs
have declared strict neutrality be
twe'ena the two sectaions. As' to thaeir
active aid. we' eithe.r nemed it mor we do
mnot. If wt. do tlhent of coarse wa't are
unable to, achieve outr own intdesien
idenct'., iand1 eveni smlaupposimng any liu
rlaowan ipower willing to take utp our
tquarrel, we tnutat expect to pay a
prace fur such assistance, which will
siaply amount to tranaserrinlg us
trom the vasatlage otf onte lmpot to
!lthat oif anolther. If wt do not smed
foreign aid-a-nd every battle of this
Swar mprmve- that we are ablem to defwmd
aomlv,.hm--w h i ty aifmmt na solir
atmfll whichl inltlimete.:" that s ,. dli,'tnst
*ltr oWlu t Strenlgth I A antion that
delmlsendm. upon other for the means mit
mhievtaing its iandlependt'en'e, nmst
Strulltinlm to d-epelnd pama talemlt f.r
ith, mteans of pR--em.rving it--a most
e.ixtraordintary state of indm..Isnce, in
'We ne1ither knaw .,r tnar, a.h..tlh
.r thIe." grint li me mat of i'a ra.m will
aem--gnizm tiur' i,;.m!'- jm lm-lencme. If twe
amaamrt, mslak,' it ta btt th. y will Ant
help o1, 1lm it ; if w' enal. theyv need
soet. It would t" at tfar tfuoler r""
et'mamion that wa had achievcdottrmwna
dle.ivtrtamm-. thain that we had to lt
ati,.ld inn t La Elglantl! ialn Frammce...
tlh mammjmt imaflua'at-m mrf mmu ttinm.emmt
ttruopqh 11,11..n hi. pride' nad self-re
limane,- oit 'or un m paepe.tl, Woultd rmu
inm'alrnlaldle. W wa'nt h to be under
na ,mImligatimtoa t, l':uroplw'. to, g-i e tnm
cliiml t, uimar gratitimm,. Antd moi *ar
ranit or pr,'text of superinrity tmm aty
Snrro,.nlt 1,nwm'r or sna -.riiolin' lample
in tIe O lid orld. Wa'e Ilieve' that
the .4,ha1hm is at this mommuent thei
most military nation in thi. world.
tl.1 m tall te exce-pting maliant antd mhi.
S'alri, )'rane,.; wae felievem- that lthe
S.-hlhi-'r of the loatllhern army, led
i" am Napolemn, ram eonqater any
mmtuald number of am'n in all ('hriste'n
,l"an. VWe know.- that our aarienltmn
ral rurlI'er's arm' ial-nxhauitible. tllat
te. cran f.'ed said clothe ourselve s,.
t: Rall that if the rest oft' te world we-ere
sunk ill the moe-al tom-llmorruow. we
lshouldl, not Im tIahe worse for it in an"
sina l raspaet. Ift tihey can a o
.witlhout ai, we call d fatr I,,tt'er
without them. We mnny desire their
friendahip, we maiy admirn their
pmrowess, we may have chase sympa
thiies with thloue of thiel whomn we.
know to be generous and chivalrous;t
but theiv thIwlameles' will respect tis
all thn- mcre,. if we show more ns i-re
liance andl reslaut t*or otrmelves.
tuorio.--lt is wonderful to tee
heow old a maan can grow ill the
short space of five days. For in
stance, there are several jolly, good
old chaps in this city, who previous
to 8mnday last. malelmanly asserted
ammngst their frillt'sl that they were
not olh--at one of theme over dtiirty
nine or flrty ycearsof ag. But, alas !
the lapse of live days has muade ae
awfid chlange with them. The spruace
looking youth of 39 has let his gri
almed, froety beard grow omut. and now,
after only five daysgone, he has smach
'd th agem of -.l years. (ttor~0s, isn't
It --D.lta.
norts Cuaro'isa Grees Tes.--'The
Wa-linlgtom (N. C.) Dispatch am
nouncea that Mr. Shelby Spencer. of
ilyde county, has succeeded ill rai
ing ten or twelve buslh.l of green
tan--the veritable Chlina tea---on his
premimes, the pr'aent year. The
seed were obtained years ago, from
an English Captain, and Mr. Spen
err's experiment demonstrates that it
can he suemssfully raised in tht ' old
North Stahti. It is saidl to nmak- a
heverngmm a:mraly ,m1mual ta the' ('hina
earwhbille, Ugs 9. soýe ra to
day ". Mor
ged Penga
f N rmishl
road. be
yond Gremn ver. Fourteen feder
ala were kiliel. Morgan's lose, two.
'IThe Lincolnies Neod.
Now *s rSiie. l. cs..A speolat
dispatch to the Hobil. Advertiser
and Register, from Pesalcola wt the
9th. save that one thousand lOofed
erates. under ammand of (len. An
draonl, cmrmsd the Bay last night
gaend landed on Sanlta Rens islad, at.
two o'~cloek this mohalag. Tleyt
tlormennd the camp of Iily Wilsonl's
san~v, l1arasly . andt 'dtestyag
every building except the hospital.
Imamense itiaties of rationas, e
m.ut satdtotea ower also d.et.;L
and their cannon spiked. The caml,
was totally destroyed. The (onled
yrate loss is forty killed and wouaded.
The federal loss is very geat.
(Uapttih Bradford, of Frlda, and
Lieut. Nehulnt, of Georgia, were kil
led. Walter Bugler, od. the Conti
nentals. is desperat ely wounded.
John B ,tge~ s waZ kllEtd. O(n. An~
derson was wounded in the ann, and
ie.ut. Sayne in the hip.
The list of the killed and woun
lded is ainpersect. Il's insposible to
get all thie particulars.
Our forcea &seaged were composed
of three comlpanues of time (Georgia 5th
regiment, fourteen members of thue
Coutinentals, three companies of reg
ular, a detachment of lniipsippians,
detacrlents of Georgians under
Lieutr. Hfalloquest litt ehlms, two
hunudre Alabamians. a detachmenut tt
navy offiers iand manrines under Caplit.
liojor Vodges, ef ti,. ric"itne States
Army is one of the nunwermlus prion
era in our hands Lieut. Slaughtcr, ot
the Continentals, was eaptured while
calrryngallag oftruce. The victory is
lli cimoed, Oct 7.--The lRailroadl
('onvenson which acss.miblch-da t t'hlnt
tmnooga, on the 4th inst, agree'd upru
a uuifohn rate of tranhsportationi,
twecty cents per hundred tor every
hunedred miles.
The lNavy lJclrtiienlt llls rece.i
ed dispaticllc confirnming the enltur.
of the United States steanmer Fan'nv,
on the Nort th Carolina coast after at
short elng et, by furces unlitder
Gen. .Jaekson', Irot at tihe battle. o.
(;nreenlrier; as fficinally reported to
the War Jiepiartlue'ht. Was tibttr kilned
iand twentty woltuded.
1 r. Warren Stonle and ex-J.cc'tir,'
.Johnd ".. 'asclneli hav. arrive.ld.
Lrenejs-a Palm' i l Jc l"cer,.
i'h, l.nladon Shippi  tn~ .:tt., ..,f
Sept. 11. contints the t;,lie. iltg is
relnation, t te.' positiou nd nll disp'.i
tion of Ecurolpe--lnrticj t nlr:ly g
lalnd nud France.-tolw:nrds, Me1 cxico:
"'The xp tatr io tc:ct a ctc',ti inel'nt
.hegI. ILr.Fr ch aent:l aIl n.ilitinry e'x
pedition i-, to be inuneri.intely orgnli
ize.'c . te. ouiltnii :rdr sn. fair then indig-, .
,tihc-s aul. injuiries intlicted on liritislh
and l Iuruich iinterests, in lexin.., ie
regarde-d with satisfactioll) by all whit,
,have watchedL the. paiicfntl 'en1sqcen-ii
res of tdi-" l t, ratiee  dto r loIi shli ,le li
t l tihe' varins gllllvelrnents in thatll
.countrr. It is re,.-rteid th tit elieh
lhe' is-. une i t.-- d.iV rle-e f 'een llils n ,
Srespect:bl :tdjuistnesti that titer plnt
,n' e-1 4 tlo ih.- pire- vailing lilrr,,r,.
an ld tie Itrivate letters, inset receive,.
S'irnt .tei, reiterate ithe aser"rtin
that foreign itienrvnitionl is prayed
for by the hole plaolatitn, withl the
Sexception of the military or l.lithinl
robbers, bliy whomni thie existing :u-nr
ch'v ih Icc t, n crc.ated. l'nler dhc.
circ tnistanlcc-s, tuno, it is acssuied thlat
the .tedertit ('ctinet of Wiahinghis
irill 1,e 16miu.epd cctdinlallyv to coonle
rate4in the work, so that it sthill per
tnaniently c 'iciliate all ratiolnal claiwus.
W -hether thie question is teo be deialt
with by the general eomhiatllio
which seems thieus il prospec.'t, ,r by
Englandl and France alone, it is evi
dent that is ftther dceldey is Altan nul,.
It is a.lrnisl in smie quall'tere.
that it is the object of the two pow
ers to havt'e ai .truti forr" in tlhe
Mexican waite-rs, ant.1 thu take ait
vltanage of anr contingency thiat .may
arise slering tile pending conflict we
-twaeen the Northern and Southern
Si'Tlhe Now York Tribune, of
21st ult. estimates the whole numbler
of_ -rolunteers ait 3 n0,000. of -nwhom
80,000 ha e, ben dischiarge iy ex
priation of term; 10,000 have desert
ed, and 10,000 proved ine812uent front
diedaae, leaving in the flield 2.0,000,
with a net incutase of 1000 a day.
iThe Sgar LCrop.-Tlhe wcather,
we learn from the Franklin Register.
has icen very favorable for planters
during the last two weeks. That
paper says :
Tihe plterae to use an old phrase,
are making hay whih. the un shine's,
and are now, with but very few ex
ceptione, ready to commence har-vest
ing the imupuena nnger crop. whilch
will exceIed-if toet cut short by awn
early front-that of any former year.
by a hundied thousand hopiheadc.
All agree in saying that they ha'ew
never seen the cane so large and so
full of ancharin' jaice--although we
are yet thirty days behind the cut-of
tim" to comumnn cet rolling, will yield
fnily fifetee hnundred pounids of seigmir
to the acre. All our planters will he'
fully e c,pl oy d ic rolli lg le,,tw ,,'i
now aiend lhc' 20Ith cliay .t" tif ' t u iith

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