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The Shreveport weekly news. (Shreveport, La.) 1861-1861, October 14, 1861, Image 4

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II' is proposed y the Mfieml of (apt. a.
C. Head, to raise a coatpan- for hit in
this and adjoining parishes. All who are
desirous of uniting their fi.rtunes with hi
-r r Coumsatudl r, will report thientselves
at dfllotf cattoun in the city of 8hric,
,pr*a, tsWaea r aras will b retseved pltt
-srt mtln.G -tebervie givenh
RHeruithatgetdflvnm willson beestablldihed
by the undersigned at othelr eligible pointl.
in the adjoiuing districts. tiu.lyv nticel of
which nwill by given through rthe paper.
Uniforms wil be funishedd; thaln." who
first report themaseves will, of course, he
theftres sulpliled.
H.A. 1)RIw.
oct3tf TOM. T. BI.EAL
Bracb or the Citizens'' Bank,
SHRav~rPOnT, 23d Sept., 181;.
T TIS BANK will. hereafter, pay
and receive at its counter, at pir,.
the Treasury Notes of the UuCu dtle
rateStates, and the Notes of the other
Banks of New Orleans.
Owners of paper deposited in this
ri$ k fot collection, nrless willing t.
be governed by this regulntion, are
requested to withdraw the awle.
s2 4-( Cashier.
PARISH SCRI=PT, (Original) No. 1957.
dreauin frvr" of J. K. Ahlmere, for thi.
umn of 60.18, sad bearing date June 7th
1861. The fitder will please leatve the
same with me at the Confederation '.llf'ee
oct3-1w S. C. I1EAD.
Pri.m.la Paper.
On Hand and
Fifty Reams
Size-24x3G. Two tqualitie..
'Publishers of New.spaper. in want
of paper this size, enit havI. it t:lr
warded to them in any quatttity, i.tr
Cash Oli,,
By inddressiug
-ews( tffice,
s7 Shrevepoprt. La.
The undersigned leaves this even
-ing for Virginia, the P'hvsicians of
this place have kindly offered to at
tend to all calls for ine.
T'. l. Morris being my authtlriz,dtl
agent during my temporary ahsenc,..
W. H. WILLIAMS, 1. 1D.
Shreveport Oct. 10th 1861.
A CARGO of Ilokland Lake,.
Crystal ICE, just ree.ived and tfor
sale by A. EN( l.E & CO.
Shrevepolt, April 25-,-I t-tf
W. W. George, Canndilnte to re
present Caddo Paris~h, will addtre's
tp people on Saturday night at 7
o'ck at the Cburt Hluse. Ile in
vites all his-opponents to attend.
s10-3t W. W. (;Elit'l.
The Era No. 6, Captain
John Kouns, will run be-h
tween this place and New Orleans
givingdarough bills of Lading.
Oct. 12th 1861.
SBetween Spring and Market, .?
5satVRVEWiI5, LA.
D ' smt.VnM r, r.A.
Watches and J,,wielry Repaired
ad.Wamraated. al-ly
M ONK'S Large American Mal
with the States of the PRate Union
lad off in counties. Also Mexico
ald (Ohnrai America, can be found
tisreae at Hya ', Ball e DIthilel'a
l.orris' for less than origi
been purchased at an
A. . IlLLER'S 9
Sand Sda Water
tweeL Maaket &
i.Mi.We.W, oll Stand.
to inform ladies
tahs has t scopened.
BisRb etc., sal
* toecve r visit
¾ PfWI,
& t'Kt l 4-'I 'Irei.ell .d
1'oI(R'1(Y 'I:,lll. , Texas 1t11i 1:. ..11 Ell
al3l'lloul (:'I tll·Hi·r' 13.t' h1. Jlilall st
1l':111isti r~f.Unrkar klrt tintl lllilat sts,
lit'reeter M111acric.Re.I.'ikr
cornIer irt" 'ake, Meerket toil-TE't, eeeisss
l'lllllser''re-ttieN I Rlev t $. ,113v. Srat
corner- of Ma1rket anetd Fiannin sts.
MEPISCOPAIAN'te IC m-itu . RcvS. A3. Seee
stereets.fMrkttnt 'eceie~s
Eric' eet'.u' CtA t.iieR,"t-.t. Pleie-v. Iii
li"eese-ll, cbetteee're "l a1 teekr- cuedi Aeit,
:a'll s-tret.
ISRELeeeITE C1'Tt¶:ae , J11,"t-. 1". l"e-1,rre, l
To Country Primers. Meb; ~lcrchant-..
lant itti itle-.- ""1 i-:.i ee hre I a l -e co'
Dae~ily ret "et
Ist Ji'r- eiltte"Fet. "-.1-'. te-ee.
:u 'exle' s ruc a:, e toic c1," itr i1 leiui-.
e1111nure zieevee-gi.l e.
tll re 5il1.,. Ii . pi .'I¾' I ti,' ., el i 1. .: u
Prin;eetere-. ci.."ling u-11-. reae 1131-e
.it 1ls el-u . t.. et -et!ici,.e-je a Inv j e-ir..-t
.'ee hl.l te-teC ee . .tir, " z- ca tai. ' e.fit. .n
I/,r /.",
I .-eetevt eeeercleeeeis, cant -ax-- tiet,'.
ce--eeehl', aetel l'' h) tet... lee semeilng aell
thei ir o ti,"r 6 r.J(I I !l: I \"l- I \( a
tlee N. f-'-C o C live,- . t . I. I . I.e.
PRePL 1 1('e
1 'elt i eeem- L
"rll:: cju .Slnt-rli . IlN i i_ l nl .l
aet Ilielle-veee-. I~.e at til -,. - l.
.eeeeeetoee t -e -eee.. ri1--i- \.In
ti.uou s l-1" ii 1 In r II .11. .
t.te lire.--' , le ssI.- ettel .u,1 e"il t', -a h
iiel ie e t ie..rtei .. If i t..1 "t"--i-cia!
ceecl iee-liees,--.ar.!- nn;. e" .". ".l.
Slime,', iCollnilil. ri i lpt. tilline
pee-aneeeee tit-l-lla- te-,-i t c-c e"lnte.
Aeilve-rti'e-.e,-"t,. fur t1," \--;rt
MI -. rt.. 1I~,lncct
'te e-re liie.-e l te.. n-. '1h"le.- I P.
.Fale ite -hle. t~le-et jeallr '- :e,,' I l.
large ne ec rciet tote .e - lint. i-' ," I , e
lsie-hel ie Netpthle . Jl'i-"ieel. Al'lc.-.-
I'elit,.ean eerel i..j.e-.,r.
ve ie tiep ,.xi.,e I"; , e eOtl
u 1e le tllt tee its` feeloen
til l' } Lli1 ofi, us tr
pLteeAmLeet , frtue I. S.rervF'ie.AN'
totir An~ eecljeetcent Nc 31e npartee-z
TIeachz~ Feal College.r
Purify the Bloeod Strengthen the1
syS~stem 1
I t'E:(:n.\i MIT014'INA1.1)R1?KU.'l'ill·.
A,; ( I.:! $'
I vi.1vl"ti7 1g .2t'nl 17111 l Ii l j"lI'l'tt1 1'?
Fill., It t1. ~It1Il1,1t. & 1']nI l :4E:Cltr.. t:
1.Vnsi: I: TIIE .f 1 * r11a 'Iis 1 " -.'
jitiI·~ b iiil tita~):ityl . oo-.( iiij d-l~ii· j kiter
1 : .11 1 .\ 'r r 1: .\ " 1 '1 rl i · ll 'ti. .llll t , :~~
I., - tut ulr~t i- a d ii t, llimll
:I u\ i' tll. I7;1.. '- . IT'n :, I 7ol.a iiZd 11".14
4ruai ..,,j \-r tn l-. .-l
8141 n!'1? t\1 by "n" it'441illVll i'll.r.l
i ll II:4. ! ·il~ ,-: iia · d rin :
I'ratic ofthiry',:u", in4141 ltte
hart of. w ii-. Lc a-" to." .017' .
: 1. 1.I ijil l ni 1 7; . tu 7. :. 7 .
11," 1:, \\ iI1 ' tll -,:u:111. " ; 14 11
1'1' tuk atulotlt of 41(1,1.181 411.."8 811!
· 11 h,·1 -tilu lll ? ·11 i:I\ d r.ir r1r 1' '' till';
(.'.II.LL. C () of (.li."-ti~14 ; 4141l,811 \ 1111.
It-w \-,",k,, t ,, 1 ill afI, rd c·R \ I n
j\r",1,4:i tit " an41 1''1 r t1,," ir rcl tn I ~t
(11 -.P Il' l,"lt r" - ".iný (11:L: . ha
phsialC'clltiou tol * i
r.-ii. · I i CI II. jut'cc l~l 11..
,"njny1u"1 t '1':1 -,.,114.1 Lnr ti ai ! .11441,12
17l7, Inn 1. t77" Iii ..2Illrl lilt. '.1 1$,·
F1r,1 11 t lI .it' lt.iiilv miit inprtilh'.'.".
ill' - ·-cr~kin I4( t".:u "4 >t.,.lil -14,.","14 ;lilt
LritgItrl i ,41i tliiv- \ i \n\ ill17. i ll -1'"
ntocr c\c~i. r} 1184" ~t' II..IIr1n1~tinn nr jnf~
1,1172 11,1i14 114l , fai"I.l a
cl,,";. I t-'.r - 11 t" 1, ( I n t-i.i 'iirii*..n"" L,
1I o.aflratinll a n.
tr I i4 '.-i'i.h I ~ j t' 11 ji~ 'I ,31,' 1 rt1121
tu liljS bme,.lt. nhasbe i ?il ' i,! , re. , "t In. -
.,ink.* :4n ,iu it~18r14: ~ A(tOttti .
lhlitiflii(if tlie u_ bi . " '.t' ~I.1 84ii. lhe I-n
"..it u .-r, t- (1, 7 \ i, r 1 r.2-. h2712-7
t,"tl 1'. "i . sr:,t t,, t, til - t:..t, : "1 :11
toi 14 " . w (:1, I ,'tai -tim iril.
'trot.i. f'triii.. a,'I n7 all\ i arjotlltta l, , I -n
vIi.i-jl n. i JI37'.-h
IiI 11 i'ttv h t- 8i121. 1i.i1iil
1'111ine t t.I~441 aia "ts ri 1."11i'i t,."d n
cuuit yitomiry4a. I fro 7t ti'cnck A'. M". unti
\i P 318,1, ith w1 arm or. co1 d t tl'.'Iilnlai
481,1 '1To ,ll a i r 1,-\ y4:1 awl .11.t".:-1
\ kt . Fil, i7t':14,41 4hiit' jut 1 4i-il17 :t.!ttiil
u InEml';imdit N mc T i m
uotit t to tlm n t li lll y, :41( 1)11 t /l
mlmmm w Is'mtht to jmmil . ltilt- t11· s1r111
I fiii -mum1 hih r nt. 'i I tim'' hlint' mm:t -
mi~ t 1ht7i Ip'r. 11 4.1
Deslur in Fine Watches, Jewelry,
flm m;m" mj ftlrm :m/mm.m" ' //"t . /ht i II I
tit to tah't,--: N t.1 Iltmam/mm mm,?~
III,(- to fT . mm .mm',mmm or mmm 4 11111.1
l'c'ias~ itrcel. oI.Iommite ('lai~der~ &
the l;ir I·- I
Itlrrill ti-li ar-, :, til r.,n i l."atint litr
tLAII-v ' f HOI YU ,kFR.
f ,mmiml-:a m: m I.. ts i
.l. 1. V h: l:.·: :~· l.~~·i
Dealerm in Fine W atchesJewe. l r
1,:. r ,, rl" .1/ .,, 11m m r , /,t . --Im mm
-i'e1as t m m *milder
,t" t i · I ," I' t. , ,, , 1·· t .: ,,., .
..r t e ý ,, " 1, .,. · I t . . .
rrrdr.tra Iron oroii...
I IIt, t im t .
Il , - !o t 1t ..:d I.,' .-: \lmmm
\i'. t mmtl''. mmI:U tut, .,tim t 6.' t!:hL1(
A l t.\m .:u, \ m".. 1 . :."..I Ir ltmm mm1
ctr l m~~t"t' 'M tinmi lmmm
mmmi r. mmmll mu, m. 1'. Iin t a. ,l mm"amm -
alli mm. mm-1' t- am 1r.' t."~ . :1mm.
mmml. tti: u'mmm _ in Nmmmm~~r
\\.,t . t \ t 1"h mmm. i. 1' I; -."
1 .\1' \.J)I1.\ :1(11 n 11·1 Jlilt ·(( -.1 . d ill
I I ,'mm 1i ant N 1 rmm. mim immmt.m, clam
mmhtmm-mmr rm atmm .m ra mmi mmm tm i. n,1:
'ml A ~l inimim 'mll \IN I 'u1 N I''
mim'i. mlm min...., m i m. . ml:r.' 1Imtmm iinm
t'mrF~llmmml~rmmlm mt I.d 11mmni~r mmmmmIm'mrtmrm4
\\'llbb R:nmtlm tm mmmA~U1'mlmmr m'm'y mim
c~n i 1L )N lrOIPcl~ RAILI(4S
Smmm~tlmmmrm, Mlamid Womrkm of
('oIrnmr of I',~mxn~ mll.1 Em~lwnrtim' Sttm.
MIm 1'mom. Ottic·immmi $brmmmlmthit. Lam
II) (. CIý IN : (V N !&
Rh'u( lyPrI')OtPI' SS
t' 1j~a,. .1, . I .t inn. 1ii"tif 1 .~
'TO countryr ~ Pulhfishems.
Iiusi I-g Inw 1,ii lt lby jinllilie.,.ri. ot
'Iili. 'Il e Irtigind"I knot iiig this iront
Only $20.
t1,i,:.1 -t (a. ti'eiei Iti-tl. I '.. ',! :un1
i !.11f1 1.- it 1.. illi,- raf a, ( "ii
in i i t ' i -i. --iii i. it I.1. ia lii'
Ti· ·- ra ini l. r. i t i a I .f I--
i i-r . ii . I.."il ·· :, ,., . ·1. .o
,l li -Il r .,t bie l ii I
Onlk~~ay $20.
.1.:11,,"t J . e r
Sii "1" .t \\-ilr. .'lll :'u"(
rsnbptl"! t jnrfr. ttil : I1 11th~.-ti,tli8 In
I .n'ult% . 1'h"' 1 "u1 "_tt "1. t i i
tti ! 1 1, u I( ,:r, iunn..i ,t' -,t1".rin
t.. 1. - .. I"!? i lt'"r I '~~ t'rn" ."n
/;.,,,.: " . , i/,. d
- t II . - . . II , .\ It I : r, -
ii iT oh.- t I , -ii itt * l.,, .
1" lII- .- ii- -I r. .
i T .r . 1 I, .Ii . h ii t I .Iii . I "u. :,
iiia a."! " ii? - l tit. ii-,l."r ii .t
i-iTI it , r" it . ,? : - : I1 : 1 ! _ ,'
till. uo ,Iti . iil 10 r i jko or
'k l.l-t
t'i lv 1 a titI In.1 PA I IV Itk-. 3
4.p to (it~ t li, ii. ' ,- t: !r ;:t it. t:.i
vrln I or .11 1"1 :ing. r Ira, " , eI. 1', _,, d."
1, ItaWP 1 y , ui- cre mal1I::- :1 :", ..1 m , "lic t.'t-r
9J of Drj"'- id Ilrtffoli ...i.i trr"imiin :111
"n,:ii. t.ie wIll ,rl ,ie' l !t .:,j fe, t a,,ula
byt i .:1.'t. .. h l- l
To Trtt: V\t P.RN of 4Ab)DO PA1tI*II
A h"1:I 1 tut qaIm.putttanlt( i of over twn? t
Jean. with the p )rop1 of thi.arleab.
.1n not~ I IIOt~r e thusl Ihe~r will exact a visit to
eacrh ofC thnuul So I p~ru toou adldreytaugyou
aIt it,, ( oft wItI g canIteid pl tiut andt tihtts, and
rrrla , " I fll, i i i it.·l( . Illy oppo(elit to the ltituat
( 'nlvo"tt'. 4tt.1oolhtio.s. ott '1.tt'rdfa Ct . l "n
"1'a} ::r'..e Mtti.i"t..rE 4 und,::nearW. f i. oj
t..:iio. itt M:.nn .ji Oct. ?at.
*t,:kfoam.*4't'.. it , .n.w, :.t:s -, t.m.» Iia t I'. -~
U .'.iir ,.I. iII.t . tr, , i .dli.. f A t t
Snmmntr ftoe.'. .,, M~titud,lt. Ih~ 12hf)I
\\ 'i%. t;E5:fl(;E:
ýI~, s l rot. ..-trtl»"r9 h.lo;:
T'Iexas Stage & Livery Sinblle.
(h, J.lf/a,,i S'i. ofpp., rithe I n./
dah hotel.
['I 'lIE propriotor hIa twee to fgr.-:t
I teslx jiv to snake. tliji the. tn.,s
li-tirmbit" Stable iti thle. city, it it c u
...". k or m ,oath,, otn the mIoist rutmL'. tt;t
I.1." terms. I'ulsona visiting Ylllr· t·
I,,i t oir goinug to No~w OrlitnIt.. I,'
i.:v-itlg tihtir lmrse: at thiist tstiulhliolt
u,''it, cant restt ,uooutred that 1114-N. m ill
."ci attenatdied to. I )ni(g':. give ti
ac tlli and satisfy vourtno'veo.
.JOHN '('.\LDWEI":.l..
office of Dr. Leslie,!.
iii -
"I'ti IIAC- t\
I' I 'I I 14 1 . *" .- 1' X
Foreign and Domiestic Stationary, !
e,%eration Iou
II.' t,," , \ :.: ill! I. i~t id .
r ii''
Iý I t o - ' It.
I~ajaerrr I' '. rt*I.t~
'.I'alro ti 1. ul.im1/ lii. t /
'thelI ý.1:11 (.1. .
.s.n . N. i' '. r'- . t . '. W.i. . . .
Belting, Packing,
\~ " i I~1;
ate, au~ Iliru, it.. t. ~lv il .t..
L. 1at. b. z
r.IMA~l ' kF F.fSct'l loc)H8.
Liquors~ aud Tobacco,
\-"1 J "'1. I .'h- el s'it I t ". Ill.'014l
i. "t gu~i t.-.ir ir.'t.pt. th t :o ti2;vr"'
n.. .-dly. r ct.iti /
For the Bemelt .1 I he gotjifr .
'I'la.. ldies 'if tht.' Militar~y Aid Sn
'ciet{ 1ill l,4 ',1 At~i'at In rr'/tiv-, t"o"C
anti &'tlN. 'ir to.i. L "ad knit. 11a
i:,\ it,"t ttt, 'i" " un.'t
The Shreveport
I .Itakaiiledg..d to It,'
Thrue Best and Cheapest
a peIr. ·.u{lirIah itt il ' $the ate, #,aatujirl
oft ht Incity of' Ne'w O~rIlaan:.
II 4ouotnlinm mllorc than
01 Read jiugg,
.%III1 i, p'libi i l~·t at th. l,,\ · 1c ivce .,I'
$2.510 PER YEAR..
$.. td t ,lt n'.ml )t i~ ,l~lat-,.".i a,. LPL,,',
tIlttintn. 1 *....at................
t )ta. }'. . e x .tlrt....... L)P1)
'1. ." W .". la.' Nl ,l~i·'ill l 111 ta1(. 1 all 1.1h1
l,. n,1. i..~l :Llr il it."uIW ,.f( illl."lli.' I u."."
i. lI.Ii.h.I alnrttaig tin. 'at.k iii th
"" h r i. It Daail N.it.-." It i. a
I.1., a \t' and r.au iiiI Pape~r',
%I44iImen iliumum 'rr. t334l
ýL.4 1 I .. i t :.. ,1 i t "" ."inu . lt ,
i-a :111.1 4{1til , ý: :
li eE" h:I n i· r..t e
It I"tln -:t a ti.aa m ~r. },t., .i l
1111 :ntirlt i Iil 1II· l1wr: I .. ."1 .Ilrl~
:lit.. ita -L i. . 4..ln itt.lt I-ti - i-t; . tilt it-I
"n al"."it.titi I . ad :Lt :ilt . h :,t
'rIme, b.it Lroo.rt o oa-ta
A1n41.1 liv ittqt t r Tag le f
till tigi- , ia.." in i ..-.a.ir% l:Ll -, Wa
,Subserilic to tin e I.' ni. S,'
-1 .1' it Iat ta1 ''a it all r. n-,ia at li tig
114- n aI-C.-.· all. a-t,4tic 1 aadalrat-i
'l-]at, -t uln- i..t u t wi .t - i - ta ul i- I
i r.crib,-n InLa-.ja, dn.r
.taal"r tita halmua c-... 'Ia M' iarq i riaaa. f
IO1I-~I I lit( nr aitt-*~l Iraijaiatr .1' ~tlAoH
a Jl..r1'..r..1 M lady taaadI I t ki - ." .11.%y
hr I-1.1.: r.i, dat at, cd rit. Ia,
hit lihlaflrimoi.nlir a "l" c rta t~ai
i itO . .l 1 u-a l tr i,. i lt- pa-i
tC?' agar'tlwa gng.l t.a ing l ~alna
curit I.a ,tita. nt-l"lry-t lilt -ant'.1111a-

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