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Marr< . O•iOatIs N..6, Exeiange
S Oriean, i . our authorized.
q,+l8r d ou eundertaking, who
f, anl,ca or or ther items, that
prove of i ito out readers, will
r oii býa>iag in ale ame at the office
. 'W u4l'-be pleased to receive contribu
t onsi o'urfiriends,iuand around Shreve
]port. ;0ccasionalerticlefrom ourplanters,
relaitiveio thecrops, will be very acceptable.
Lnt fact, we desire correspondence from
everT section of the States.
i naarticles will not be published,
communications or advertisements.
:ag Postmasters are requested to
ac 3·d a geintsfr the News, and re
taint sper cetfromn amount forwwarded.
Wild Goose Chase.
We were strolling along the street
the other day, and. met a stranger,
who was. evidently suffering from the
effect of exertions made by him to
ascertain the whereabouts of a good
establishment to get a-watch repaired,
as the poor man appeared "green,"
he was made a tool of by the b'hoys
of our town; he was sent in every
direction but the right one, until he
finally gave it up, swearing in an
awful manner. Should he or any
other person visit our place with a
similar intention, we would recom
mend the establishment of Mr. V.
Shidet. Read his advertisement.
Strangers should make it a point to
refer to advertisements in the papers,
for what they may want, and go to the
places; this saves much trouble and
Read the notice of Mr. Staley, pub
lished elsewhere, relative to a large
quantity of shingles he has for sale.
See the advertisement of Geo. W.
Kendall, Esq., Dental Surgeon, pub
lished on the first page of this issue.
Mr. Emmet D. Craig, Attorney and
Counselor at law, is prepared to at
tend to all business intrusted to him,
see-his card on our first page.
Such of our readers as ma&y wish
the services of a good Dentist, would
do well to call on Dr. HIinson. See
his card.
The New Orleans Picayune and the
Weelly Mirror, have been forwarded
to us during the past week, as ex
changes, for which ire are under many
obligations to the proprietors.
Job EPrinting.
.Persons who may be in the habit of
sending their orders to New Orleans
f* Job Printing, will please favor
~swith a call Billheads, Cards, ecir
sulars, handbills, labels, wagon re
ceipts,tickets, etc., neatly printed.
T'o ,.dvetiserrs.
Oin the first page of our paper will
be found the contracting rates for ad
vertisements, which we have put at
vtery low figures, and consequently
expect a large advertising patronage.
iu reading the rates, remember that
advertisements are published daily,
inot once a week, for the prices men
tioned, which makes a material differ
ence. We shall be pleased to have
our merchants and professional gee=
men to pay us a visit.
Our types are from the establish
ment of Messrs. Thos. H. Shields &
Co., New"Qrleans; gentlemen whom
we take pleasure in recommending to
the crift, as honorable in all their
dealings. We publish their card
nue iaber of: tohe aiiy
we make our bow to the people
ofh inepert, hepimlg our outer e t
theish them with a daily paper, aw
be appreciated, and that due asllow-t
ance will be made for any neglect ona
our part. A vast amount of labor,
talent and money is requisite for the
publicity of a paper every day in the
week; more particularly, when we
take into consideration, the drawbacks
which present themselves to our view;
the labor we can do, but we are not
over blessed with tremendous talent,
nor a great surplus of sinking funds;
however, such as we have of both,
we risk; fully determined to do battle
against all; obstacles; commencing
with this intention, regardless of the
troublous times, and depression in
business, success will ultimately fol
low our enterprise, if the citizens of
Caddo so wish it, for with them lays
the power. Our paper, as the name
indicates, is to diffuse news, not poli
tics, except when absolutely necessa
ry, for we desire making our paper,
eventually, a paper for the people,
regardless of their political opinions.
Neutral we are not; independent we
are; and decidedly ifi favor of, and
determined to have, Southern rights
at all hazards.
We desire the patronage of all per
sons who have the welfare of Shreve
port at heart.; and trust that every
one will assist us, not beyond his
means, but to such an extent as they
conscientiously can. Let each assist
a little, be it ever so little, and we can
assure them that in six months hence,
Shreveport can boast of a good daily
Our Name.
It may appear strange to some of
our friends, that we make our appear
ance under the title of The News, in
stead of the Counpelor, as proposed in
ourprospectus, thereason is, that some
of our friends in this city did not ap
prove of the name we selected, and
so, to please them, we place at our
head the cognomen chosen by the ma
As we intend trying to please those
who favor us with their countenance,
we shall always, w o long as not too
much inconvenience is attached to
the wishes of the people, endeavor to
follow their suggestions relative to
improvements. We must acknowl
edge, while on the subject, that our
present title is far better than the one
we contemplated having (the Coun
EPlease X.
Papers receiving this number of
the iews, will please place it on their
exchange list.
Our 1a;ils.
As it would be altogether wrong on
our part to find fault with the mail ar
rangements, in this, our first number,
we have concluded to lay this griev
ance on the table for future considera
tion, and will therefore not say any
thing about it; however, if we could
persuade the Post Master General to
make this the distributing post office,
North Louisianawould no longer have
any cause of complaint. Let our citi
zens get up a petition to this effect and
they will succeed in having things all
right about the post office, and do a
good act for the people in this section
of Louisiana.
learn that the tardiness of North Car
olina to assist her independence of
Abolition rule, has determined many
of her wealthy uitizens to remove
their famnilies and effects from the
State. Among others, we learn that
Richard Ellington, Esq., a *ealthy
citiszen of Rockingham county, in
tends removing to our district. Mr.
ngtoxi r t. tobacco ufrcT.
;turer, an removing his to
hbacco sciews a e ysesses to' lout :
Carolina, : aid tnidaufacture -tobacco.
from the ra m eraIal. Besides be
ing a gentleman of means, we learn
he is toe trustee of the Douglas ee
tate in North Carolina. This estate
belowng to Senator Douglas' chil
dren by his first wife. [Grgenville
What was Said.
Before coming to Shreveport, we
made many inquiries respecting our
prospects, looks of the town, the affa
bleness of the people, etc, all, we are
sorry to say, were discouraging; we
were advised not to come here under
any circumstances; determined to
satisfy ourselves, we visited Shreve
port, and before landing at the wharf,
were perfectly satisfied with the ap
pearance of the place. We find in
Shreveport an energetic class of men;
persons ready and willing to assist
or embark into any enterprise that
they deem advisable for the enhance
ment of the place, in a commercial
point of view. The first impression
cast upon our minds when walking
about the town, with an idea to see
ing things generally, was, here is en
terprise, we then decided to cast our
lot among the people by whom we are
now surrounded, and we now call this
our home; being bent on but one ob
ject, i. e. earning, by industry and
perseverance, an honest living.
Many think our chances of success
very poor; they look upon our under
taking as an experiment, while on
the contrary it is a fixed fact; we have
a daily paper, established with slim
prospects, tis true, but we did not em
bark in this business as an experi
ment, for Shreveport can support such
a thing, though it is not for us to say
she will. Those of our citizens who
may, at any time have been connec
ted with the press, know that it is
not a business that will admit of ex
periment, and further, to the point,
we are not experimentalists. Our
sheet placed along side of our cotem
pories of Shreveport, may appear to
the unreflective mind a trifling thing
(in size); so we will inform them
that we are young,-just born-and
calculate growing. Our motto is,
"to commence small and get large," for
we do not approve of making a grand
appearance and dwindling down to
nothingness. As our patronage in
creases, so will our paper.
Many of our citizens who have
been called upon for their advertise
ments, or names as subscribers, we
understand, desire to see our first
number, others wish to know how the
news of the day is to be had, and re
fuse their countenance on this account.
Persons desirous of the prosperity of
our undertaking should not speak
thus, for, without their assistance, a
goodipaper cannot be published. We
shall use every exertion to make the
News what it should be, but it can
not be done in a day.
If our citizens will use a little ex
ertion toward aiding us in our under
taking, we promise them a larger and
better paper by the time business
commences in the fall. Don't forget
this kind friends.
Discovez-y of Secreted Arman
Tvup lnndred Tomahawks in
the Woods.
Says the Alexandria (Va.) Sentinel
of 22d ult.,
We have in our possession several
samples of a murderous instrument,
some of alarge number, of which the
following account is given by the
merchant in Washington City who
hasd them for sale. He says they
were brought to himiby a man Bai
ley, who lives somewhere in Fairfax
county, with inStructions to sell them.
He says Bailey informed him that he
found them -ecreted under a pile of
leaves in the woods, or in some out
building. T'here were about two
.a.j'e wbap itaelf isi to rm like a
otým wk, :iexept that the part oppo
site the :blade "ip beaten out into a
strong spike or :spear, slightly cur
ved inward, and terminating inasharp
point. The blade is tfve inches long
and three inches wide at the edge.
The spike or spear dart is four inches
long. A stout handle of ash wood,
two feet long, is very strongly inser
ted and secured by jaws six and a
half inches long. The handle lhas a
rim around the end to prevent it from
being drawn through the hands of
the holder. The metal is considera
bly rusted by the exposure.
Altogether, these are fearful wea
pons for a hand-to-hand encounter ;
Their numbers and their secretion.
and the weapon itself, indicate an ex
tensive scale of murderous purpose,
and point to the agents expected to
be employed.
Whether there are other military
depositions, we know not. But cir
cumstances have been mentioned to us
which will justify distrust. Mysteri
ous and suspicious lookingboxes have
beenreceived here from the North, and
taken into the interior. Inquiry is
already on the track of some of these
but the discovery of such deadly wea
pons under such circumstances and in
such numbers as above stated, is of
itself sufficient to make the utmost vig
liance of our people. Who are these,
that while good men sleep are collect
ing in our forests, and by hundreds the
instruments ofwholesal em murder ?
A soldier who served at Harper's
Ferry, and became familiar wih the
weapons captured in John Brown's
mountain depot, says that the appear
ance and the finish of these battle-axes
and of the handles to them, are pre
cisely similar to those of Brown's
pikes. Like them also, those do not
contain the name of the atrocious man
We have deemed it due to the pub
lic to make known these facts, as re
vealing the necessity fora greater
vigilance than we have yet displayed,
and for adequate military prepartions.
When we obtain fuller information
we will recur to the sublject.
See notice of Election, published
to-day, to be held on the 1st Monday
in May, for a Mayor, Treasurer, and
seven Trustees.
1tead Caretfully.
We place in the different boxes at
the Post office, the first number of our
paper, with the request that such of
our citizens who may wish to sub
scribe, will inform us of the same. If
you do not wish to take the paper,
please notify us by returningthis nuim
ber or calling at our office. The se
cond number of the Neows will be is
sued on next Tuesday, and continue
regularly thereafter; it will be sent or
delivered only to such as signify their
willingness to receive it.
Our terms for the daily; delivered
by carrier is 20 cents per week; but,
if delivered at the Post Office, eight
dollars per annum, in advance, or $4
in advance for six months. Il'he
prise of our paper, is sufficiently low
to place it within the reach of all, and
we cannot, under any circumstances,
deviate from the cash principle.
We announce in this issue of our
paper, the name of Jonas Rol,eson,
Esq., as a candidate for the office of
Mayor of Shreveport. Mr. R. is the
present incumbent, and, from'what
we hear, will probably be re-elected.
The New York banks, at the last
account, held overforty3- millions ofdol
lairs. The Herald, in connection with
this fact, says : " It would be a great
relief to our banks, and assistance to
trade, if exchange would justify the
reshipment of some of tlds surplus
gold to Europe. The decline in dis
counts and the increase of deposits
tell a sad tale ofstagnationin business
and general iniuidatibns. Unless
times mend, the banksa will have hard
work to eairn dividends this year.
See law card of'B. L.Hodge, Esq.
and notice of manyvotera. Also the
card of T. W. Jones, .
/\ .
S(oti&oe fthe Press.
Wereceived 'the following flatter
ing nietlces, after issuing our prospec
T'a COUNStU O (NBws.)-Under
this title, Mr JOHN DICKINsoN, now
principal manager in the office of the
Natehitoches Chronicle, proposes to
publish a Daily and Weekly News
paper in the city of Shreveport. The
fieold selected for this new enterprise,
is a good one. Shreveport has be
come the moseet thriving business city
in North Lonisana. Admirably situ
ated for trade, commanding, as it does
some of the most flourishing agricul
tural regionsof.Texas, connected with
New Orleans by the Red River, and
about to be connected with the Mis
sissippi by the Vicksburg and Texas
Railroad, which already extends fromn
Shreveport some distanceinto Texas,
it must soon become the most impor
tant city of Louisiana out of New
Orleans. To all its natural advanta
ges for trade, it possesses within itself
what always gives character and
growth to any community-an enter
prising race of citizens. 'The profeis
sions are there filled with men of high
attainments-her merchants and ius
iness men of every walk in life, are
distinguished for their liberality as
well as enterprise.
In such a community, a well con
ducted paper cannot fail to meet with
success, and Mr. Dickinson has all
the qualities to secure such success-
fine business habits-talet-mindus
try and perseverance.-Natc/ itoc/ser
The above flattering notice is from
the pen of Judge Chas. A.Bullard, of
Natchitoches. ''The views' expressedl
thereinregarding our city aitd its pros
pects, are the same as entertained by
ourselves, in fact, no inteligent per
son in our community whli will take
updn himself the trouble t figure't ri.
hereafterof Shreveport, cat say other
We were favored by a ca from Mr.
Dickinson, who is at press it in this
city perfecting his arrang nents for
the establishment of a daily paper in
Shreveport, yelept The Nevs. Front
what we know of DMr. l)icl;insonPwe.
have no hesitation in statilg that the
enterprise will be crowned ,with suc
cess. Persons in the city wishing
to transact business in ihrevep,,rt
would do well to intrust tlh:ir adver
tising to Mr. D)., as the Nt s is sta:r
ted with a large circulatiom and will
command a great influence ~m Shreve
port, which is the gatewayi to Tex
as.-N. O. Mirror.
\While in New Orleans 1lking our
purchases, our friend J. I q Wilson,
of the Weekly M1irror, g, us the
above notice, unsolicited ohtour part.
We forgive him for sayingthat the
ercws is started with a largy circula
tion, but trust that such wi soon be
the case. The Mlirror i and al
ways has been a good fauily lper, and
should he patronized in on, Parish.
DAILY IPAPER.-Our "fr'iud .Ir.
Jno. Dickinson of the Na itochles
Chronicle proposes to establl , in the
little city of Shreveport, a dl:y news
paper to be called the "l)a.t Coutn
selor" (News.) Mr. Dickinso, eserves
and we believe will contnan< success
in his laudable enterprise. e shall
publish his Prospectus in a jeek or
two, to which we refer our itde rs in
Our friend C. J. C. Puck e, edit
or of the Alluvion, lays uhter
obligations for thile abovel notice,
which, though short, is to t. point.
Friend P. hereafter, in rt ing to
tihe city of Shreveport, far us by
omitting the word little bet city,
for we canl ussure you that isoundls
as well, and is quite proper.
Said the Caddo Gazeltte:
"D)AILY CoNsaSEIon."- is is
the title of a paper which r. Jilno.
Dickinson, of Natchitoches, 'oposes
to publish in Shreveport, 'anet
inl April or May, 1861."
paper is a great desideratun t
have entertained the hope J ti
Gazette would appear daily "
times would justiy ch a
penditure. Mr. son
confid.bbe, howe e ae
the di4 ulties td be encount d d
calls 4ien our citimens to

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