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ZItrwctport Wi~ig Ncwo,.
OL. 1. SHREVEPORT, LA., RIDAY, MAY , 1861. 0.
11Wlie Shreveport Dail y News,
£':'hfli.4u' every ,,,urnetuy! (Mrn'Ilatj excepted.)
Office corner Texas & Spring sts.
i$rerr Lloir's Store-Jntranre, on Spring street.
I );ile, per year- iu adtlvaiee ... ..$L8.00
1Iºelicei'ed by erlier, 20 cntllt
jael week.
\V.lerklyl y tily) ll 'l dvfllW adva ..... .2.50
V'.r la ;tlt ti~n of I Weve~ liues or" less
fiu"til- frstius rtiot . . .... ... .. 1.0(1
z=clll;1'C, .......~.............. .... 5
jll 3: 50=
___ OR~ 'I'IIE h)AI LX ____
I i'~ K K~
S . .:. 0 P I' 1371 210
pltt~ r L ". l_ .2! 14 I it 1 1 ýI . :;t,1
.3.iet't:t rv i, - 1' I i' -) " *' *)1 *r 2 11
I -( mares, . l. . l l. ' I I 2 2:) .47 ;11, 40l) Zl50
P: lt· d33Si, : ; I :1) I -l 1i5l 71f
; 4a it LI-e-Ail; lI, 3 4111 1 1:U f 111(
""p -1 31t s .:ti '- 1; .-4 t: iýý º 1
I "rproi". iattl s jul I 'ti.Itl cards, 1311
4 31 'iftl , .. t t he-Dil jl t ilI' titt l xds n ine.
X itid' Ini jeil lito ttid stat i't-- ille trli
XII rtl--tee tlts tilt lll tslk~lijii th tilti
I ý} 1111 II : 115.1 ii ~ j l3 tS Iltil~llr . 113 s rI il~itetlt15.11
New Orleans Cards.
1). 1). O' BRUIEXV,
Newspl.ajper r Ad ertisin g
C'( )L1*;1("rJ N( AGEN'I',
4 fl~ies, c'rrii r C:11110~ St. :Ind EXehang t"
1i:\\ ( )ILIE.\ S, Li.\.
\"c c 1:1\ ('it\ ('orri -1ºtpondiiiet ii
i~td I:at uat fi, x, irhed.t (1 ont IuuhI"r
:a0t tilBui-.
.1ttl /t111*'
El) 11 :l!I) (C)NEJ1, L
WVIaolecmne Grocer',
Aox. 2 I',v'nt! t(i tl.) 1 Fllon S'trere/.r,
(,LoJ?(1L IL"I I 'J'AILX
1'A1'i'LRI Vý .i '. AliEºIIu I: ,
10; u 1(i"YIR o.\S'I ~ttIA. N. I )RI.EANS.
"il in ;ut 1li description, at wnitii
A; \ltr \ F'R u '111'I S. I.:I OF
It. I1)1 & COS . 1 rUtsi.; $.
.Ttt ttR c (iin i·t" S- .1u t0 ' 7 i jIA('.
101.lb *TY.'E T'AKE: IN R.X('IIA(IE F'OI
'1'-1'": 1(.1R.:SIfl *i.nIdBNKSPLC,
r to iN'.",1 vi Orlcauiiu. i-tli
1'ct1c~t~, "
Selected Ezxpressl for the News.
Berby and His Twelve Wives.
[From an old English Magazine.]
the road, to take all the by-ways he
o could find to the house, and not to
take them up till the dusk of the
= evening. In the letter, their daugh
ter enjoined them to he secret and
discreet, and assured them her for
tune was llmadle beyond expectation.
0o All these precautions being taken,
the good people, who were rather of
the lower class of citizens appointed
the evening focr mtaking this extraor
-tlinary visit, and Mr. I Ierhyy pronis
Sledl himnself much satisfaction firomin
Stihe contusion and surplrise ot' tche
Sparents. To add to the nmagnificence
0 of tihe aphrtmnents. Iprepared as Ihttiere
ý describecl, they were eleganitly illulni
unted with wax candle's, eleven of
o his wivcs were dtlressed very gen
Steelly, aLndl not. withlout jewels. But
as fur their daughter, nothing could
('Lequal the splendor of her apparel;'l
i she almost sunk under the weight of
her jewels, and se'ated under a ctano
a pY in the Ilirgest apart meat, with
u riich coumpanions stuanding on each
Ssidle of her chair. In thdis muannir
shel received her parents; who Iwere
led into the presence chamber, by Mr.
*r iHeru' y iiinmselft,-who, on this occa
siol, apper'e'd as master of the cere
loonies. fi'f Tu'rkish servants were
ranged in the nticlhanlrbe to con
!v peite the scene ; whlich succeeded
beyonlld expl'c'tation. Tlhl old conl
. pile coincluditied lthey were ill ole of
ithe royal palaces, and that their
dlaulghter had maice a colneltuest of
_ se eie' prince of tile iHouse cof ilano
'ce r.
tulp"t'r was se'rved with the scame
profssion all muagnifi~ence; nodl
whieni the guest were fully satisfied
Swith the situaticlon of their daugliter,
. r. l'eriy eIulde thie'ln a t' seniti of a
lelrse et goeldi. ii 1us tihe evening
Ma"ssd very magreenlliy, and a little,
aft'er ue iiigh it they t ook leave of
theiri kind host, 'ii cltrhubly to a
cniilition e ntioned ill tiltel ter.
11(1 IT ii~~,?~ie'it iic'fill;. tin'..( lette
'iihe' thtlii(r, holeill cer, 'was mot s
- bliilele ci v tile ele ati n tof'his dc:u'ili
ter' its lo et to perceive(, that all thi
. ntvstetry 'culd i ly be ni c'essary in
t" ehse crtie'f a disiethollulrable i'colll e"(
tioen; iend c'oicluhude'e that his dauith
t 'e wlt- riuiied. IHis susepicious de
terini tel him, if possible, to tiied outt
the leiac' of ice h aleele' aiduc the'
ilight was not see e hebsculre' as to lee'
Vitwl his obhsurviineg soeur, particular I
iitraiks ,ni the 'd, aixd at 1the eil
ttabce intote l n. he" which lie thought
le s: !enic Ice able to t'race it the nlext
dah . l int 41,t1 he ' iighit not give
,tutv -sllpic'iecn to \lr. Hlerbv's st'r
'tnits, 11. :nit! hiii wit'" quit'el the i
rc:ic'li ill , eel I-less mlannier ill tile
ltrect s, :a11 1 'ealked hote.
Bitut Ille' coiJc'c'lla (lilt.y le sicceed-e'
ci so w'11, :1s to enroe his t av eult ee'
1-m n Iw tilt road 1he hail toferedl. I
:11d 4 phic.tnile' be eh 1 ire' h4t 16b )u1' the i
distalic'e he imtidt.in tel the' eechtL'hu h I.
e'etii'e'e hiti . uttakitg ;cilc e'ctte' lot' ;
ithe tutlnin.s :ntd c uinditta'. the c'aell'h- c
,tiaci had nitlle, IIe' :irrivel il tie e'
nieighbor.hci te l. at il~ .',le':t (listaetlic t1
fromt M1r. Ife"rbv'. litv ;ter h
lc'adl'nt .Snlitiic'ic; tee (e tiltjt'ttl heim ill tili. f,
ceplilii i tie 'e it eu tcill Ile lice eehl e
tHai tile 'T'urk, Nelt(, wuas r'pjc.ed g
to ice' see ietllniuslc1te riht atild hvi
w"co haed eleceeveel :1 auai his dmelerlter.
\i'h the elulieig C' Ii'du 'cvuctllv- .I
illillnedltI eict t, lie ci 'I etenici11 1 to hee r l
tile leeS' le hite idaughcter'i' hotnioutt ci
liiiie'itlV. 115 lal 'Vil 'cithouect i''lel'dy a
ndue c-tetiecelt lcllli t.. alt itlL'cttllh.
lee hiijtelt' trd fahecil a ccihis (h-h15- Ic
etn It
1 0e vl' ertci ist'! lty II ibebnieing let- i
ter to Aeiir lIelley. r'c'inescnttig Ice
hicut tile' cne' ueetec1tbc's ec thle disitoi
clrabule ccuonnetectin that. existed hcc- n
twecui ltimi aiic his chauglhter, antic U
informuisig hjm,tleat iifhe' chil not ineke tcl
htin specedy settisfcr'ieao lhee thee ieiju- ti
I') hie had done htitm. itt woutic ci,
* himself justice by prosecuting him.
The featr of being exposed, and an
entire ignorance of the laws of Eng
L land, made Mir. Herby imunedi.tely
submit to gratify the avarice of the
old man, who stipulated for a life
annuity for himself, his wife, and his
daugltter. T'his adventure unfortu
nately transpiring, through the jeal
ousy, tuneasiness, and discontent of
" his other wives, Mr.. Herby, to quiet
0 those tiears, which now interrupted
his domestic happiness, compromised
matters in a pecuniary way with the
relations of his other wives; so that
now he had twelve wives and all
their relations to provide for. The
tranquility of his little seraglio be
ing thus restored, he pursued his
usual course of life for some time,
without any appearance of fiuture mo
But on the 5th of May, 1734, one
hof ta varlets going into his lmaster's
chamber aat his usual hour of rising,
Sfound in his bed only a bloody car
("lse, withollut a head; anal one of
t 1's wives lay murdered by his side,
w with a rumnier of wound(Is, which ap
Sp1arel d to be the stabs otf a poignarld.
'The screamls of thile varlet soon
-brought the other women and (dones
into the apartment, whose ihorricd con
sternationi cannot he l.:zressed. Two
of the Turkish (domestics w-ere miss
ing, and never heard of afterwards;
all the cabinets were fotlund brokei
open, and the treasures carried away,
inot so much as a je-wel being left
but what was in the woo iti's apart
mnents, and had been long since given
to them.
As soon as the oiclers of justice
arrived, the followintg ci remnustances
were given in evidence to tiht jury
\who sat on the bodies, lIv thel Turks
who cane with tlheir late manster to
The' real name of the portenddl
3Ir. lI'rliby was Cid;il Achli ie(t, a n11:1
tive of ('instantinoi 1,le, of ii llstrioue s
decent, aind in hiigh tVor with tiii
G(rand Signior l ; unt having aspiredl
to marriiy the (;raiid ulignior's onli
Ilautgilitr, thei Sultan healishe'd 1him1,
a1n1 gave hi'er to the oldl 11aluhaw of
t'iiro. unt tlihei Sultana having con
ceiveid a recilllrilcal jlnsioi tor Ach
nwit, hl-d it sec~ret correaponllent-e
withi himll), anid at last ntiiltd meanus tol
escape trout her hushanil, taking with
her iniunenlse triastiue's lelonirinig to
1e:r tather :and tile BIjaw. Fort une
tivore d their retreaii t lto Venicei, where
they lived veryl happily till the Smil
tuatia die'd, whetn Aenliet, tiearing he
was too linar thie Grand -ignil r, and
havingti no lionger a limde itat ix to ap
las·e his vengnae, ettilimbked wit Ii
Ilis ,le'tts iii a vessel boundi toi Lon
The'( carrying ofi the ei ad, and the
;ih svo. inh g if the Turks, left 114 titore
1'04011 to dollllt, that the (Grand Sign
iior a1](1 the Puashlaw hail phlerletrati (
this imuider h\- thiuir tugenits; awil (ItI
uinakinig fuithier i hetnquiri.e, some Turks,
twrlainlits il L.iiiilidiu.gttve thll giwrlerii
mv'nt it elli&,etmce, that three 'Turks
haul arrived ahout i tmonth beth1rev
this eC' nt: wit Ii whillmi th'y hall seIve
gl cdll clrsatiills; thlttmill they cou1ld(
gal her from then] was, that tho'y were.
charged with ial iiljiortant Secret
c(itliillis..ioni, noi they w ' re verb V ~ly ce- i
till to procure a list olIt their arrival of
;111 the 'lurks in Lon~donl. It was
thumitl out that these three m11i, illi
lomlillianly withi t w othiiirs, left i i- I
gl 1111. and embati keti t"a . toeIf olilnd. the
lery day Aehlmunt was t40utd utliurtder
111. Amid as it is the prl.;u'ti.ie of thel
'l'Trks to uritsue a mteditated vel- I
giulicie tor twenty year or inure, till i
iuiv h1m,".. executed it, h . .u.lii
win' tumil; eionviine.,, that the ( ;tntd i.
.uignuilr wams :it thll Ililttom of this
ilere hut liritig iin their yiedict-Wil ;
titl Murdiihii, againist Plisrltls tuniknioin.
A gemil joke is told oft one of the
tiew recruits of tile airmit at lBarancas. (
C'l. Forney lately visited the thlrt, I
1lnli liin0 hit aleaiCJig bet le' tho seni
time'! was challenged.
"Wocines tiere?''
"inspector-General," was the reply
of Forney.
"I)on't care a d-n whether you
are a respectable gentleman or not.
i Can't come in here."
Not Deep Enough for Praying.
We heard, a night or two since a
. tolerable good story of a couple of
raftsmen T'he event occurred durine
the late big blow on the Mississippi.
at which time so many rafts were
swamped, and so many steamboats
losttheir rky-riggings. A raft was
just emerging from Lake l.'epin as the
Ssqualll came.· In an instant thle rnft
was pitchitig and writhing as if sud
denly dropped into Charpbdis, while
the waves broke over with tremedous
uproar, and expecting instant des
tri ctiion, the raftsmran dropped upon
his knees and commencedl praying
with a vim equal to thlet emergency
Ia ppening to open his eves an in.
stant h' obldservedl his companion not
engaged in prayer, but puishing a
pole into the water at the sitle of the
"What's that yer doin', Mike 2"
said he ; " getf down on yer knees,
now for there isn't a niinit between us
and Purgatory !"
"lie asy, Pat," said the other, as
lIe coolly continued to pnnch the wa
ter with his pole ; "be asy iow ! irhat'.s
the use of praqing whken. a feller can
te/c/i fottoem wit/ a paol ? "
Mlike is a prietty good specimen of
a large cl:iss of Christians, who pro
tfer to, omit iirzyer as lionig as they can "
tetch bottom."
A Baltimore letter saystithat about
500. youngfi' men hve left thi s eity du
r'in~ the paslrt tp)O mon1ths, and tculis
ted solders of the Louthern Confed
rTte armyllv.
Paticulars of the Excitement at
The Richlmond Wit ig, of Saturday
Inst, tle 20th, gives the following rx'
port tflate i\evts at Norfolk, of
which we ihalve d httpjirevious accounts
liv tchixma ph :
I 'ier on, which arrivid here at 2
o'click vest*rilav moirniiig, Irin mg- in
tilligitici of suidi iden Aiotst ratiioiS
;tt N 'rth ilk atid vicii ity, comisi.que et
leiumi the uInuIniitciiiemint of Nort herni
voil Intiir tnr lills lii ming abti oit ti le
sitt t di l irr- iisio tt iel ntoil ticxit s iin I
Virgimiiat, and thu jiti' a oiale course oil
the Virginia (invent ion.
W'hiin the ( h'irgiata lef't YNorf~ik
at 5 o'clock i in Wednl uesilav attiniti ion.
Ili light bouis had loimn sxuink in thIn
iairlbir mear Ž'irtihlk~ ito lprtvit tlmi:
igress iii thie Immitit Status wiai vi.
sils ioi rde. I to lii ton it oit 'it thn
1iiit. lThe Viam stoaluuim ( *inzil.hut.1.
nithmmed Jutil -oVimettal ittmi th. nat o't
'.iilf i m t , ii 1 loin, as to j1'e was
nunor t hat the yard was to lie attack
'h'hi 'Ad custonrilomise liadi 1 len 'in
teriit amnl sivinrl caunoii 1 eliihgitig
Ii 'the riviniti cutter taken leiseesiiia
'it. It was rtuomireil that a hat torv
ieas t,. be thmi,'n up on wl's
Islutmno. ( ov''. I etcltcr wa:- ix 1icti
ini Niirthhk 'on WVeinisi1;m cvninmg..
Th'le cxci tiuient was i mcreasinux.,
;uni xmmou wviri claulinios tot tie lin
utei t.. slizurii of U irtriss Mi uirn i
Th'le I'i'ihral (Govi'rment lad, a f 'we
days ago, the tihl'iwiitg three witi
mai liing distance ot'tht i hasp. i yaid.
1ut to tinliliiom IFirt 11 tine :
rieiveiug s hip 1'. svlvatinx, :;;5u
lai; martines at iiie I ~ur nck.. ito
statnilir 'oicalmomnis, Iii) mu. h'it:I.
'Ihe~ coniitutiiiio ath m n. sses at this t.
, ardi is as tilhiws :a
filumibus, unless at lirosent ; liner I
l.eii'ware, unless ; liner New Yiirk it
never launchod; tnizate (>kxodinus. v
''lt of ordir ; Etitnat. Imri'ax 'ait oh li
aider; steum~ frigate. \eet.::;x:, n.w a
r full repairs,; corvette Germamntowu,
almost ready for sea.
n- The Merrimac, one of our largest
- steamers, is 3200 tons burden, dar
ries 40 guns, and was built at ]joston
in 1855. She was late flag ship of
the Pacific squadron, is in good con
dition, and could be fitted out in a
f few days.
The Plymouth was last employed
as school ship for midshipmen, "0ld4
Ironside" relieving her. She is not.
under immediate orders for service.
SHer tonnage is 989 tons., She carrica
S22 guns, and was built at Charleston
in 1842. It would take six weeks to
make her seaworthy.
The Germantown is in good order
and a slight overhauling will suffice
to make her ready for commission.
She is 93% tons burden, carries 22
guns, and was built at Philadelphia
in 1846. She cruised on the coast
of Brazil, in command of Capt. Lynch
of exploration notoriety, from 1854 to
1857, and subsepuently in the China
The Columbus (Miss,) Republic
says that within thirty-six hours after
Gov. Pettus issued his proclamation
for volunteers, thirteen companies
responded and in less than five days
fifty would doubtless report them
selves ready for service.
The hardest thing to hold in this
world is an unruly tongue. It beats
a hot smoothing iron and a kicking
horse considerhly.
Gans for North Carolisa.-A large
number of the guns which recently
did such good work in Charleston
harbor, have been shipped to the forts
in 'North (arolina, in compliance with
special request.
Capt. IH. B. Favro.-We under
stand that our honored and respec
ted friend and fellow citizen Capt.
II. B. Favrot, is at work mustering
into service the free colored men
of the city, and has already about
thirty of them enrolled. We count
on them as a host in any emergen
cy; their lives and property; the
laws ulnder which they live and re
ceive protection from tyrany and
despotism, are all in jeopardy in
this perilous hour. The recollec
tionlls, of the 8th of January 1812,
and their comIportant part. bravely
andl honorably maintained in that
action, nerves them now to emu
late the heroes of the iolden timue.
I'or his patriot'c move, in this di
rection Cept. Farrot deseves the
lasting gratitude of a generous
i'people. Success attend hiui.-Ga.
t'/te 4' Carit.
Yort/i Carolina's .iep1/y to Lincoln.
The fhllowing is the reply, by tele
graphi, of the (Govenor of. North C(ar
(ºlina to Lincoln's proclamation, ma
king upon himt a requsitionl for troops
to coerce the South:
RALEIGH, April-16 1861.
'Secretary <f liar L'thelt States.
otrt dispatct has beeni received,and
if' gienuie, (which its extraordinary
cha:racter lails ine to doubt,) I have1
1o say in reply, that I regret the levy
of troops for su:ljugating 1 hi' Stntl; s ot
thei South is in violation of the son
stitution, and a usurpation tt powt'.
I ran be 1no party to this wicked
violati ion of thi' laws of the country,
and to this war upon the liberties of a
tree ps"ple. Y1 XIu can get no troops
liir n1 N 0rth1 (iiirlini, I will reply
or,' inl detail when your call is re
ce'iNve lot ma:til.
(t'l"'ig ) JC1 %V. ELLIS.
Governor of -orti ; Caruiiia.
TIh dah after t4he p'i saig of' the
4 1.'i'1'r liii Lh " i' nVy. attached, to
Norfoilk Yord·( ol -r vessel on tha:t stas
lhb slt:lite'rs Yorktowunanid .Tames
to"w11 IrcI A'tlvlV seized at. Richniond.
are being fitted ul) as transports th'
Virginia treoolps. i'hle r'vc'nue cutter.
Dobbin is also to be brought at (lnce
into the service orfthp State. Every
vhser.' the spirit of the 01.1 Dominion
1' 1 -

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