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0Op. Wt Sewz. _L
Tlhe Sireveport Daily News,
Pi .blishe everyTaeedty, 1i4edsesdap, Thurs
dag. Friday, and Satrdagy soiriug,
Offce, on Texas Street,
* Above Spring, near the Mayor's ofice.
S aDily, per ver:i in advance,......... $8.00
Delivered by carrier, 20 eeutu
1 per week.
tWeckly (Monday) in advance ........50
' or uach square of twelve lines or less
for the first insertion ..............$1.00
For each additional insertion, per
tei nr~ -~ ~ u
ý llltl(" 13 .C G I
1 square . 7 9 9 ij 12 1I 17 24
Sy(mmst, 11. 14, I6; 17 1t` 251 34
:3 eqiiare', J. 151$: 21. 2:1 2::, 31 4U~
4 squaresc...p . J . 2f 2 2. 27 :3) 40 1
e squats, .. ,l'.',; 311' :4 371 404 :T0 611
tetsqunres,- 20 2t-I:35 4114,4 .W uf tii 711 d
2: 3"' 41i 4r1. 51 E'4 dl -4'44
`+ squares,. 30 -46 54 63; 744 1e (l44
1' sqIuares, ... X44 t' ti.6 4.. i7?, t41 '44411 44
Is i.epiare hit di 0 44 1 94"11 67 1 12) '15
Fo1' tisr C...nal and liniiue.,s lars, (iin
luuing thet IDaily pliper.) nort exc:ellhiii
lire lines , he r 1"l tuolnths'. $.ii-5--witzh, ,u
' ap r, Ii).
"h privizlege of yearly tee ve~rtiseers i
iil'.,t\ Iliuutia I to tle r :,\.,n itol~, n"~i rett: rilll
i1giil~it (31I31t)** Itid the" hII-ifle'-i eIt' all
.i el -ll~ll ttu.i e. ltii t I.. litt "eet :,; le I
,ling; tlut cut it i~u~tlij itl nieci cle"n.
ict "rv oh'. I per ,celn:ere" tie eac-h mn.irean.
ýuueneuxc cigI citlti laisie. lt~i c 1 )iu'trc t ii
1 iiv ~tin~ e, :+$.:-tt, I~ heluted inu ilIn:tezn.
" h Al clvert jl aelt:nT I fril st eerctn eel 'ir trait
',3it- pei~ccI4.:, 1)3 4,: lcaid l nt Ivuicvruv.
\~u~hil, unIi i viu t 111, ckilt C3Pt)I
cit iuiri~ue crin i. leath %c *il hIe ptulhli.,hed
tis I''v .. ecleiitutti,.- trilnire- iel r.-:pjeeri. and
t113,": iltl% itILIieIea. u, i, kertT t~ilve1"irltj,c,& tsr.
O i .'. IIIi\'r! 4 theiV
Offlie near'y oplposite the
(m1:7. 1Vi EXD.1lJ.,
f .ffo , coruer _I arket and Mi lani .tt..
op/aox ile t/he Bank.
(?4icer at 7 11. Il orris' Drirg Stort.
('orner cit Sprin~r au'I f'airri i
S II RP: La.
* No 9dv
8M117'f 1 ý* LE 17.5,
1 i I)F \t.IZ.Rs iN
Drugs, ' Lintrcs, O~ils, I itrislcJ 4.
i4ra14 ga'r: U HOLDEN MORTAR,
ShreveIport, 'i'ncas St.
No 9)-dlv
Corner of Mdilam and Spring sts.
I(.LEFP; tlu 1bIet brandsi of Liquors
aid ?nixse'd drink,. to plenase e'vetry
4%Gvo'rMnte or nu. h;hrge.
,JA; ~ Pro-n -t or.
Attsruikey a t 1itLa,
OjiEover Chilnders 4. Beard's Store.
Cor.'r.'aus and Spring Mst.,
nl-lyd S- RswVEPOR'T. LA.
L. .31. NUTT,
Attorney at L.t nw,
Ojice, corner Milam 4. Market Streets.
Practices in Caddo, Bussier nnd
DeSoto. n lO-lyd
I.RON D. .IA KS. 11105. r:. I).5.OtK.
Attorneys & Counsellors at Law.
iShrerEpy art, La.
PI? ACTIE 'E in copartsirsrslxip in :tII
the courts hissd iu tihse city 1f `,hrsevs.
port, and in tie; parishcs" ot fI Soto,
and Bossier.
Office tn Mlarkwt stre',"t. nhar M ilan.
Attorneys 4. (3',unase/orbr at Law.
intshe Supr~t~sses (. ,or-t at NSt 'srni Mo ult
A..Ie";ts hIiis. ) tti cs 'is u l: rk. t sti-lc it.
slets.a t he I'~ tutzi, , ýltre~t allu, La5.
iii L -lvd~
Attorney and Connselor at Law,
«"jil p>r~ecris i~n :is, (". , :; ts
*'},eiejo IhiF"lt , :Irsil fl ,r i Iv
C1jiccR with L. .Il. .Žtiitt, ('irg .f.
3Ii/arn and .¶larký't .ctrl ft. '"t1,!-1 i,
ev?1rI(I X Mtlu n. : I'. >lt
.J')IN 11'. .JUN 3-, . M.
.Arrt'rpnr: ( h.,jntr ~:' 1. A. M. N. lit,
Shrercport (v'unuil. U. ndt S. M. \u. :,
u ti 1'It u t i I let iug. :.. rt irt enj Iu t 1.1 ll)
Iftl It Lti C, (Vt ar ·! r '·. Tilt .. u -I
- i'1'f a ,l,.t'~ ,~ ,v tn- t the~ Jla; tluit" Bllr l
I. U. 0,. 1'.
S'I In' regnulatr rnif'tin~r of
NL'17'I! LoDl)(;:, No. 21, :rlrt. held
on 1V t'lnesd,,v t.veiii ig.. at 7 o'clock.
at their Ltodge& 1uIttcin 'u bxatu- itri-et.
'. 11. KE YES:, N. .(
J. E. PHELPS. J. V. Ir;1EG
PI-lps & Rogers,
(,uc''s.trr to T. 1I. .i.,hridge )
Grocers &(onmlnission Mrclants
Cor. ('ommnerce and 1til/amn ./..
Keep scowns'tantly on hand a lartge as
sortme'llt of ,Stal ae d and Fanc~y (;ro
cerie.s, Jfar, Corn, Oats, etc.
Adva:!Les made non consignmtnts to
our friends in New Orleans. In 1~I Iv
. 1. I. Simpson. (,. 31. ('alhoun.
Sianpson &u Callhoun,
R'ceiving and Forwcardlimg A~ent.:,
having leasoed the popular and conuno
dious Warehouse of Mesers. Howard, Tally
& Co., and having had long experience in
business, we hope to recefire a share of the
publia patronage, and pledge ourselves to
do all in our power to give entire satisfac
tionin all business entrited to our care.
All we a.,k is a trial. n,)25
New York, July 1.-The Timee
has a letter from Russell,denying the
report that his correspondenice was
tampered with at the south.
Cotton is firm with an upward ten·
dency. 1200 bales sold at 14j.
D)enver City, June 25.-A scces
sion force left their rendesvous neat
(herry Creek, to day, fr the purpose
of taking forts Wise rand Garland,
T'hey aru well armed and equipped
'['here is mtuch valuable property and
some money in the forts.
Cairo, Jluly 2.--'T'he troops hrere
want money. ''lie Colonels haven't
five- cints to buy niwspapers.
The three months volunteers ax.
all going home.
11agerstown .July 1.-Two sr,uthera
regiments at Harper's Ferry destroy
ed the balance of the railroad bridge,
and crosse'd into Marl land, capturing
maniy boats.
(;Gossip-the 'Tribune says that a
tol' rard mnovemncut will be imnpossibl
until more wagons are supplied. A
thousand will be ready by the 15th
.J ul v.
''lhe Tiines says tihe coutest for tlhe
spcake:s' ip will he exciting. IThe
e'hianc' s i i favor of ( ow have |ocetb
in ljrilIcl lvy l",rnr-,-i, he is workine
flu" Illcit.
for Bllai'r.
The 11, r.dd says that thl goveru
lnit.Ir doi l.s i '.t r' ar,' ll i,. ,ct:C patiot
"f lHarper's Fetrv as ii of any
coi,-,qi:,c,, , sinct.e ever' tlhing there
hat.s betenl detstr,,?',d.
iTh',. ,lu.'nail (,f ouImerce says
tiat reci.lt d,.v,.lpt cents show that
Scott do,,s ntot intinlc to nmak. a for
\tward lmi', v .lllt il.xto Virginia this
Rl+:tinat, r,t'.. uIlyl I .--Sine, "2 'cl, ck
t!,is m,,nl'l ing, .-'artling' d v.',. l, ,nt=
ha n taketlui '. 1', c inints ,of
artillhr' ante iihtcutrt ,cC1lu iteild 1cti
titni.i .-ljar', El c hai l ,i I'lac,,ini the
Eigth i Vardi, oin Bri;tdway, and other
p,,iints. l',t;,r,. dai li ,_'ht, all the m yrn
irs , th, |ii b r tii olict i and city
autIiiriti,.s, except the mayor were
-rr..-c-td, oil tilhe alle.eruld discovery ofi
s piili liti-t(e .ulppisie to render as
sis-tinic- to tht( 'iiit*4kratc army.)
,Iulv L.-( rait. lollins, late ot the
usi Luc ihanin.let , as iii bOci tllcl h. n
Nichlilas. dlisguiend a't a wmatlan. Af
r hri sizurte, the St. Nicholas cap
rurli th!i vL-ssl.l4 ldeni with ice
n;icll eothlee, axid took tllilu to Freder
.\xleindriiar, .Jul v .--Anith,,r n
ciontur of o.kirnlisihers is reported, in
which two tidt.ral pickets were killed.
Wiashingi't.oin, July 2.-Fifty dollar
tra.nrv a iur.-, r.idletiniablle alft..r two
years, hate blelen issud tir thie benie
tit of busiiics, circlc.t
1'lie ti.dcira.l steiarers are gioilIg
tol the iottli oif tihe lioit i t t'.
It is iruiir lrd that Wlls his re-t
siited. ii minodol i.sMlucktoin and
aidcerhil t arne ioniiitited as his suc
l)u. Sickles' blrigtdc has bien dis
The Pl 'st says Wells has not re
The c-xpross says that it is not the
object of the Federalists to give the
soutliernors a hattie on a grand scale
Uiitil after August. The southerners
can hatve a hattle by advancir, btlt
Scott will nmako no advance towards
Richmond until Seeptoiiber.
July 1.-On Saturday it was g-n
erally believed that the Federalists
would advinice during the conmin g
week, and. would not move sooner;
but Scott desired the military con
trol of' Baltimore, leaving no enemy
in his rear.
Five regiments arrived last night,
making 51,000.
A large force is advancing to the
support of theSouthernuers at H-arpers
Johhnson is at WVinchester with at
least 15,000 men. 31agruder is pre
paring to advance on Newport News.
Four hundred disabled voluuteeri
were discharged to-day.
Fortress Monroe, July 1.-Two
regirwnts will [advance to New mar
ket bridge to-morrow. It is raining
Col. Carry Jones, of Hampton,has
been arrested in consequence of let
ters found on board of the prize ship
Tropic Wind, which also implicate
several notables.
Independence, July 1.-Ten thou.
sand Missourians have crossed at Ma
rais, one hundred miles south of In
dependence. Three thousand Fede
ralists are within twenty miles, wait
ing reinforcements.
Louisville July 1.-Burwell and
Breckenridge are en route for Wash
ington. Powell will go also.
Three half filled companies and
Rosseau's two regiments have gone
into Camp at Silver creek, Indiana,
opposite here. Their exodus excited
more laughter than indignation. 11
is a very rag-tailed set.
Alexandria, July 2.-Henry C
IIarnes, a citizen of Richmond, wai
killed while attacking the Federal
The Pocahontas and Pawnee have
sailed for Mathias Point.
Washington, July 2.-The Fede
ralists want Fairfax by the 4th oc
1'ThIe Southerners are running cars
within ten miles of Alexandria.
The Confi-derate steamer George:
Page is cruising in the vicinity of
Acquia Creek.
Cd. Stone is to occupy Maryland
Heights, coanunanding lLarper's Fer
r v.
WVm. Brent, of South Carolina and
lHenry Scott, of Maryland, have been
arre:sted as alleged spies.
Fremnot has been commissioned r
regular M :ajor-(:e-mnral, ranking next
to McClellan.
( )rders have ,been given to supply
the whole force on borh sides of t'tl
whole frce on both sides of the Pej.
tornae with extra rations for six days
Patterson's delay in advance ke.ep
evervthing waiting. _overnment
has hdecitded to take hint out of the
It is believed a general advance
will occur on the Ithle Julv.
Louisville, July 2.--Cotton is
tguin,, as Station Agent, to Frank
lin, Kr., the first station above the
TIn l.,,see line, to le)rvenlt the trans
mlis-ioin ,f contraband articles of war.
('ininna:eti July 2.-Lewis T.
lelirris, President of the bank of Sa
vanuall k died hlere on Sunday.
Fortress Monroe, July 2.-The
Massachsetts regiment moved beyond
Hampton. Butler dislikes the Mas
sachusetts regiment.
A naval brigade, with a battery,
has crrossed Hlampton creek.
Clark, a Louisiana Zouave, has
been captured.
Lieut. Butler goes home to induce
Massachusetts to furnish a regiment
of cavalry.
A vessel carrying a flag of true has
arrived from Norfolk, Lincoln's doc
tor (Richards) wa.s aboard.
Louisville, July 2.-Single letters
addressed to the -'American Lettqe
Express Company, Nashville," in
order to secures transmission north
ward, must be accompanied by fif
teen cents. Foreign letters musthave,
in addition, foreign postage. It is
not necessary to use i. S. postage
stamps or stamped envelopes, as they
are not recognized.
Memphis, July 2.-Arkansas calls
out ten additional regiments for imn
mediate service on the border.
St. Louis, July 1.-Nine Missouri
ans, with powder to blow up the
bridges, were arrested at Chillicothe
and put in jail.
The Pioneeroverland express leaves~
to-day tfor California. The telegraph
line is progressing to a rapid ccau
pletion. Emigration is heavy.
Washington, July 1.-Capt. Cra
ven conunmands the Potomac flotilla,
in place of Ward.
The Freeborn is so badly crippled
she will probably be condemned.
Fourteen Conferate scouts attack
ed the pickets on Shuter's Hill, kill
ing one and wounding one.
Grafton, July 1.-Skirmishing
still continues, but the details are
St. Louis, July 1--At last ad
vices, Jackson was at Stockton with
2000 men.
Alexandria, July 1.-No indica
tion of an advance from here.
Fortress Monroe, July 1.-An at
tack on *Newport News on Friday
night was only prevented by inces
sant rain.
Washington, July 2.-The ship
St. Nicholas was seized by Southern
No diplomatic appointments will be
considered until afterthe adjournment
of Congress.
Blair was serenaded last night. In
response to a call for aspeech, he call
ed the Maryland Legislature a nest of
copperheads, and spoke tauntingly of
Southern chivalry amusing itself by
picking off the Federal pickets. He
declared for war till not a vestige of
the enemy was left; abominated acom
promise, and complimented Lyon.
Memphis, July 2.-An express at
Little Rock, from Fort Smith, brings
intelligence that Missouri is being
over run by Federalists from Illinois.
The Lincolnites possess the towns on
each side of the river.
Lane and Moomtgomery are march
ing for the Inrdian Nation,
Springfield is filled with Federalists
intending the invasion of Arkansas
through Fayetteville.
McCullough has issued a proclama
tion calling upon the people of Arkan
sas to rendezvous at Fayetteville to
drive back the invaders and assist the
From the Rio Grande.
The Brownsville Flag of the 13th
instant says that letters have been
received at that place from Hidalgo
county, announcing that acts of out
lawrv have commenced in that coun
ty. It is said that a party of throe
Americans, on the road from Rio
G;rande City to this place, were at
tacked, and two of them killed----the
other escaped back to Rio Grande
City. A Mr. Sheriff has been shot,
just above Hlidalgo, and now lies in
that place dangerously wounded
The Flag learns from Colonel Nickles,
of Edinbttrg, that Mr. Winm. Sheriff,
of that place, was shot about the
5th instant, about three miles above
Edinburg. The murder was com
mitted, it is generally believed, by
Mexican assassins who were hid in
the bushes.
Three Americans, who started
from Ringgold barracks about the
same timune, were fired upon from the
bush by a body of concealed Mexi
cans, near the Las Cuevas ranche,
and two of the party killed. The
other escaped and made his way back
to Ringgold barracks.
The Flag mnentions correspondence
received by Mr. D. Trevino, Mexi
can Consul in Brownsville, from his
Government, in relation to the de
predations of lawless men on the
frontier. It is said that these mur
ders were committed by some of Cor
tina's banditti, and the authorities of
Reynosa, opposite Hidalgo, have no
tified those of the latter place that
Cortina had himself crossed on to
this bank, between Rio Grande City
and Hidalgo. They propose co-ope
ration with our authorities in sup
pressing this band. Colonel Ford
has been fully advised, and has beeon
prompt in taking steps to punish the
In Zapata county nearly all the
Mexicans are driving their stock to
the other bank of the river.
Resolutions has been introduced in
to the Connecticut and the Iowa leg
islature asking a suspension of hostil
ities until the meeting of the United
States Congress, which is recommend
ed to call a convention for adjustment
of pending ditticulties between both
lMajor Auderson of the -United
States Army, has three sons in the
service of the Confederate Army,

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