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irtvc por t WailNw :
A- I I .. .TTORNEVS AT LAW .. m ..f w "' I "F . I "
The S ,rieveport )ail News.
• ý,dish1d trerrr'l usday, Iiedntcsday. Thnes
dy. F'riday, ar.d SatutrdMay mnorning,
t<iec. on Texas Street,
SAb.rler ,i.t'. near the 3alyor's oJfie.
T ER 3Et S -
"': ;1:. l,c7 v-rI r in aEvL nelll+ .......... lJ0
!),iiverid by carri'-r, '0 cents
,,or week.
M,..kly t Monday) ill ad.-';nce ........ .5l)
';-r 'a.'h :qina3.ri of twelve ilines or less
:or the tir..-t insertionl, ...... ...... $1.00
1or t ah a,· t liti*.nld insertion, per
. tl tr. ............. ........... .
,. - -- : . ._
1 s 11,a: . 51 7, + ,i 1:.': I J:: 17 '2a
.-qll ,s. .. l i 1]4 ; 1; ,7 1 5 30
sq ua, wr . . . . . l :l. 1 , 1 t 2 : "2. . 4 )
4 equares ... I :1 . " '_; o :it 3 4', .il
Ss q l la :r .. . . 1 : G: +- ' : :" -l ,, -1 , . 5 0 G;I, 7 (
7squatres _.... 2. It .33l 1 . . i r( 7,
S elquatt. -, ..." ":t. .| 54 ' :,I 7o en, I1
10 e,,tir,. , . 1... ,.1 t1 41 75 "li U3 Wo
1.: .>,qunl ..... }071 ( ;i; t7 941J100 :12):l.0 )
I' r prefc. ional and busiin"'.s cnitis. (in
Sluodin" the la Iily pape.r.) not exCet.,linii
t.cv lin .., t;,r u' lntih.. .13--,fithu t
,:ipetr, $1 0.
1he priviSeo oft yearly idvn-rtit;s is
t:ri'tiv lirizi-l to their own imnt.dia:t- andt
*fular Iuii1i.-s; : idt thna i . i t- iltss-em of :i
tilt,.rti-inl; li:'n is not c',,nshbhre, a- ir:,l
fi,: tr h tt ,. i- p indlividun tl , ,in _utb,.rs.
A.dvrti ,nlcntrs pu h!iil.r d t: irne,,-,lar:
I.nter!ral. 41 ,e; sq utl t r 't e l ht," .-t. l ii seltiu.
.n oltliit.tiin an i'lj t,. o. t' J i-tri't or
S ta, oli,'. $1I0: tr in P-rismh oatie. $10;
t<ir ritly o .,-:w...- to I,, ptud in wt,lh:'dat, .
'.ii tvr'tlli, :t s ,,r s li t r . or ;ran
Sitlt I"':! !: nun, , I l:t id iln Ital i ll'ti.
.d v 1e itin zt z s not i lark"d o, :1t O O'titV
I,,r a .sp,.-,iti,. timte, will be in-vrwcn till
forbid, asI payt"l it t.xa te'tr-l.
3it.n'iatn.',, ant.' d.atlh will he p bli- l
t,.n ral ;. vi'ittio s: as other tdVerti.cuta n: s.
.J. - i T A. L SURG EONS.
O(fice nearly oppesiie the
1'o. t ffie, . .
-r E (:. TI'. KEI.1)tLL.
I ) lC "< r f I"
, .?e, rorn,'r Mark t. antd M ilai sts.,
~l s!u!ut:v .:I'.r:T, 1.4. .
(.4're at '. It . IIM rriz' l),rn *"!.or,. I
o .rn' or o . Spring and 'n"rrii ':"
"9o -di-2v.
.S MITH .1 LEr WIv
)ru.,ý, Print.:, Gi;'s, |-arncsh es , ,
SIt;;.. F TIHE (oL.rE. MonRrAI, I
hr(',ve!port. 'T 3x.':w ft. .1.
No :--(1"v
Vickisburl: TVihig.
Publishedl in Vicksburg. Miss,. by
A. Shannon. Terms, in advanee,
.saiiy per annum, $8: Wteekly. 83.
ICE' ! ICE! ICE.' <did
A. .IARGO of Rockland Iake,
.'rytal ICE, just received and for do
alo by A. ENGLE & CO. ut
Shreveport, April 25-nil -tf
B. L. IHO1)E,
-t.to-nqeyv at Lawv,
Offie, over Ch/ilders 4- ,Beard's Store.
Cor. T''exas and Spring 'ts.,
L. Mi. SUTT,
AttEorne. at: Iý t -,
O ffice, corner Mli/lan - larket Streets.
IIRI'VE It 'r. LA.
Practicrs in C'dtldo, Bossicr and
I)e>,t~o. nl 0-lyd
..LON D). '.1\RK . Tr it . G. POl.L.of'K.
Attorneys & Counsellors at Law.
Shrerepowrt, La.
i I.\1('T 1( 'E in colartne.'shiIp in all
the courts h,1,Id in the city of Shreve
port. anul in the parisehe of Dc Soto
and, H .-i,-r.
( )tlier .on 1Market str.et r near Milant.
,::-d- v
..Il/orneys :nS.eO.rs .at Law,.
I l.1 LL prac:tic' ii, the Courts ,,t'
('taddo and surrr tlntlity; :tri:-hes, and
inl lite Sut lrt,:. (tuirt :it Mronr,,e and
Ah-xanri,. <)i. on Markt -trer.t,
near the I'ustufii.ce. Shre vcport, L:a.
ui 1-1- I yd
E1_1.11 T J). ("IH.4 IG,
Attornmr and Counselor at Law,
W ill p:a ti, ir, th, ('nrt- ,;
`JI.. 1I C. 1..,
!J.;". ter r;I L. _1/. ,t/. ,','r 7,r" r ,)'
1l A) O. ... 1
Sll 1:P, it~i," I ;[:c, ii.. ,
:10) . . .4 . M . No. I ., I.*~.> 1
evenr Fr'; at at 7.' 1'. it
.Irntt. \V..iXq:. - ,'- . II
. . II. P, rrr *,; n wt . . %, , ., v .it
Nhrr i'rt i,,t r ... i. 3 i. 1 ti
mc;. ts t,. . t:,: . n I: i . : 1 , o" .,, l, h
month, , t : 4 1'. JI J. ( . M t I[.i..,i s,
T (' . 'Wan rt,', lP'ocord,-r. 11. P. tl:
,ýira r"prt r('unri!, . Iand S \I. N,. . tll
m o, , " th E 1("n t , I a> .\!:air ',n . 1.1 '
tot ti"n , l . 1. , .. T .'. ( ; .
Her y l ., - .. Ik . i i)r 'I"..(,. .11 I
.8 P , ,f:t ,,'.in.. " :.t he 31,:-reo:iv l u:
on "Te uxas sItret, ov<.r M\:1ywr'. t tlib',. ,,"2.'i
-+*"rgr " l6! . I, tinx. o|
\'ITHIi LuJ)(IE. No. l2. are I ,. d1
,,n V -dirt', ,.- v ,,', i,.s. ")t . o''lck, y n
at th .ir L !i'nt. 1:,, :u0 ,n 'l', xas sti'r.,t. L,
f. I IA . K EI ,'"I , N. (
}tIt (
G- roep &.,&lul m.Li:tsstl ony Mnl'er<c'lallnts l
or. (Itt 'mat , a/ .11// m .t:( .. ir
Sin t I It :c " 1pe Io lo)()r L" l " tit
K ,<p ('mnstaintl" o',n |ictng ,J ol .l',' :s- t h
dv:tu't ant ofr 3:.l t, ioe aen irotam'Fl(t r-)
, ri, I.t, li'. N.. (C',rn. (it:(s, r t,'
.Adll'ucet s vo l tIil tmiillnosi;ln nts tou tI
(ur1 'rie, , < i: N\ .\ ()ri .:.. n l R, 1 , :t i
.I it. aim'.aon. (;.. C'a/lhooun. o.
iinpion n& Caililoun, ,:
* l1E11.C'HAN7'W, L(
Ier:'ic'in,' and L.rtruardin A4,ti,., wa
SýHR V.:E (.TL. iA. at
HIaving leaa-ed the popular and commo-9 t.h)
dious WVarehuae of Mcssrs. Howaurd, Tally it)
&. Co., and having had long (aperienco in tilt
business, we hope to receive a share of the
public patronage, and pledge ourwelves to a
do all in our power to give entire eatisfao.- ap]
tion in all busuiuea entrusted to our oerne.
Ari we ak jis ae ,1. -n.25i fed
RIcHto.oND, July 19, 1861.
Everything is quiet to-day. A
flag of truce has been sent in asking
permission to bury their dead, a work
in which they have been very busily
They have probably lost, in killed
and wounded, five hundred men.
Our loss in killed, is less than
An attack is hourly expected.
(;orge Muse, a privato in the
Washington Artillery, of New Or
leans, died to-day; also, Maj. Harri
son. of the 11th Virginia Regiment.
Two cannon and live hundred stand
of arms were taken from the enemy.
Gen. Patterson has crossed the Po
tomac, at Hlarper's Ferry, doubntless
for the purpose of makingl; a junction
with (;en. JIcDowell.
Fifty pri.soners, principally Plenn
svlvanians, atrrived here to-day ifrom
VWi ichester.
(;Gossip i'" \orthern Journals.
New York, .Tuity 1.-Special dis
patches to the Comnercial from
\Vtatshingtoni say v that information was
received from the VInir Depl)art nm.nt to
th- eff;'ct that the Bull Crfek butte
ries were taken, but no particulars
arc git V'en.
'he T'limes' WY'ashington teleramin
says (" )ur loss anrtunted to 100
killetd and woundetl. It will has
ten an attack on 3Ianr:ssas, which
Iwill duouIl :,h's oc(tcur t,-t , iitrrow. Tihe
t',ntf.hde;att, Ic s., . smai : l ll."
'Thi XWashtin t l to ru t-rtsionndent of
the' ' 'ribur , trlre",; I,1ls th t the See
i'(talV of W a11 Sr VS t I-I th "iet re t t(I' .re
Sth:at lifty killhd, :.udi'g five cp
I tains aiti six 1i'ut+-ta:ants. :dt fron
atoIthier source it is r'tortd tht l tt
talcl f'retok wa:s ciarrild 1v the Zo;
ave',s an i th..l- s a. .hiusi.tt*. Fifth.
1 ichardson, i hll, left itu!i l criek at
's ,'elotk this ,or,'ni ,g, ri',eorts t hat
n, i gentiral mi ovtie;ut , h:, ,c i t rt'ctet
iint,( et, e rday, wht.n the l"eth ratlits
ifrt hark, lut La. a, .r!v il, the m ,orn
intt ccati trial ti -:i.t- was heard from
the' skirimisthl:r.
.t , l. M1 Cl);,-d well trihl ie!'-.trdls,,n
Sthat he shoultd hItre.fter first ex:atni te
t,;t lita itoti "-f tllt eo n-my's b:atter -
ltftort te nca-in: tIe enmtyt°.
Shar the te' York l ,r,'tl and,
'st 'S'ag.
New York, Jtuly "-.-''LT, Wa~ri-i
-ay, thret is :it, truth in th rttort
Sed ithting at Bull's lut, t,,-flav.
( t-ii. Scott says the :Ti,'n V iltltlttl`
I- w jntv'l(t,uitnt to-day ir is I ik.ly to
1Th.o tPost a'vs an official report art
,aunces that 1' were killed n:tl 111
wo' dtttil. It is sij ,ttst,.d tho at mr,-e
w-'re killh:(1 and wtotuded in the roads
nt'ar tit creek.
F.rom Loutiscrilc.
louim-vilhle. Jtuly 1!).--l)ispiatcts
fr.tnt St. Louis anal other prints are
uttic- i useltess. 1'ivatt l et:ters are
e(!qually co.
ltniie-tntins are ,lain tihat the cn
tirt State is in a blaze, anit nrtihung
is allowI'd to be 1publishitd, or go,
t:hrogl the mail, tenditng to, encour
:ge the Ipatriots.
Nothin.g but itecms stating that lien
tc('ulloch quarr_.elhld .- ith ( ,,v.
:tJacktson, and has gone hurne, the im
possible annihilation otf secession
camps in districts wherte all are Se
.tessionists, and where ti,, St. Louis
_l)utch or lilinois sthliers have ar
rived, •re allowed to le puhlish,'d.
Riehnond, ,ruly 19.-An oeticitd
account t" the tiattle at Bull's Run
was received at the War J)epartment
at tnon ti--day. This reltort- states
that the Confiederate loss amounted to
(it) killed and wounded. The loss of
the enemy was over ,500.
The Federals did not, make their
appearance this morning.
Everything is quiet in the Con
federate camps.
Northern Account of the Fight.
* ashington, July 18.-Full par
ticulars from Bull's Run state that
three companies in crossing a ravine int
A received a raking fire, killing a num
bg her, but they stood their ground,
k covering a retreat. Vr
y A brass cannon and Sherman's bat- rot
tery, the horses of which became dis- 7 1
d abled, with four regiments, supported
by cavalry, joined in the battle.
n The Southerners used their guns
well. la,
The Federalists in again advanc- un
ie ing encountered a raking fire. The dii
r- Federals' guns were put in position,
ai- and poered grape and canister into
t. the Southerners till the ammunition
d was exhausted.
-. Several Federal guns were disa
- bled.
sa The total loss of the Federalists is
in estimiited at 40 killed.
Gen. Tyler ordered the Federalists
a- to fall back on Wilcox.
m A division ha;s been ordered to at
tempt to outflank the Bull Creek bat- tr:
teries. ad
A dispatch received at the 'War cel
Departmeut to-day says that fighting
is still going on at Bull's Creek. tra
From RIich mond.
S Richmond, July 19.-Col. Starke, 18
in aid to Gen. Garnett, says there was
s no battle, but mere skirmish fighting,
to the day Gen. Garnett was killed. tra
e- The enemy occupied the hill, and ch,
rs tainsay's (Gorgia Regiment was or
dered to dislodge them.
n The G(eorgians marched up gal
a lantly, but the enemy appeared in to
such overwhelming force that Ram- 1tO
h say gave order to retroa'. It is be
lieved that four ,f the companies did MT
not hlar the order, but marched on on
1f and weret probably surrounded. It
.. is hoped, hiowtever that the four conm- ag
re panies may yet reach their camp.
(;en. (arnett's comninmand only lost ch,
twenty killed, tuless s,,ne of the
fur cnaipafni,.s \werc kiilhd.
No, official details have Iecin re- m
ceivedi. All the balance of Gen.
(t (iarlett's conunian:d is s:fe.
t 1'assengers fier( .Mallia: ss report co:
j that 140 ('onft;.drates are kill, d.I
wounded at miiissinm, and that !ib;
l -'ederals were loft detad on the field.
A !:out thirt wounded were broughl it de
here in the cars to-night. also, one 1.o
i dead |,dy.
'lhe it" Federals s rnt ia flag of t'ructte va
Sthi: morninr, and an amnii lico to
bury the lad was granted. Ia
&an iti .llhigint and reliali gentit - ix
i man, ~wo hli hft taulltn ii thins mr riu, ,n
sa 's that all .the lniissinIg comlpain ,
I of l'ttisav's (Georgia lie;.innt a:ir." :
t- at Monterey safe. They were pris
1 onlers paroled. un
r . pecala .iipaitcihtt, thf, D)ebt,. [ t
hlal/tN a.ssa.v . .Jl.. I -,
" ' The Washig::iu art ilhlr'y hayve
-1 covered themselves with gl!or.
'"' t 'itlt s 'ftmous batter'y played I
s a1uinst tlhem with tien or afto ^' urs, aIt
w hlichtthey linally siletc d. after ituiak- the
in, g m lu thlangu their p,.sition hifitteen ,
tilll, s.
'h'Fe W7VaslinTgtri Art illery workedl i
t f'romn four to sevel: g ltis.
c 1eorge W. Muse, killed Capt.Es- -tn
chehlinati, wounded, aiso privats th
ker, Zichel, and Tarl.ter.
g Hay's Regiment cf Louitsiana Vl I- r
altite rs was .engam'cd in the iight. Thv 1
made a noble tight with the bayonet. .
ainld -catered the enemy. t
\VWe took ilve huntdred stand of ,
(i Get. Mcl )owell corniianided the:
n Federal columns. his loss is large, h
hut the attack is x 1,'tcted to be re- th
, iwwed to-day (
SA runtawayv slave named I enry-, di
n who has killed a number of people the
it about Mobile, and lhas concealed dec
s himself in a swamp near that city for mi
o several years, has at last been cap- the
f tured. lie was undergoing examina- rot
tion on Tluesdayv last for the murder pu
r of Mr. Reuboen Nash, some four years mi
ago. It was with difliculty the people an
- were restrained from hanging himnt at als
once. He is owned b y r. ir. Otit all
Legal Rates of Interest
The following are the legal rates o(f
interest in the several States.
Maine, 6 per cent.
New Hampshire, 6 per cent.
Vermont, 6 per cent. except upon rail
road notes or bonds, which may beasr
7 per cent.
Massachusetts, 6 per cent.
Rhode Island, 6 per cent.
Connecticut, 6 per cent. By the
law of May i 854, banks are prohibited
under a penalty of 5500 from taking
directly or indirectly, over 6 per entr.
New York, 6 per cent.
New Jersey, 6 per cent.
Pennsylvania, 6 per cent.
Delaware, 6 per cent.
Maryland, 6 per cent.
Virginia, 6 per cent.
North Carolina, 6 per cent.
South Carolina, 7 per cent.
Georgia, 7 per cent.
Alabama, 8 per cent.
Arkansas, 6 per cent. Special:,:cor
tracts in writing, in this State, will
admit of interest not exceeding 10 pt r
Florida, 6 per cent. Special en,r
tracts, 8 per cent. is allowed.
Illinois, 6 per cent., previtis t.
1837, and 10 since that time.
Indiana, 6 per cent.
Iowa, 'S per cent. On special co,
tracts and judgments ]0 may be
I charged.
Kentucky, 6 per cent.
Louisiana, 5 to 8 per cent.
Michigan, 5 per cent. It is law ft'l
to stipulate for any sum not exceedirng
10 per cent.
Mississippi, 6 per cent. Sir,
1 March, 1S56, 10 per cent. is allovwed
r on special contracts.
t issouri, 6 per cent. Parties c-r'
;0agree fur any sumn not exceeding Ilo.
Ohio, 6 per cent., and all inter,-:
Scharged over this is illegal.
Tennessee, 6 per .c'nt.
Texas, S per cent. Special agre, -
.ment iln writing not exceeding 1:'.
S\iscrnsin, 10 per cent.
C:itortnia, 10 per cent. On spee,
coutralrs any ra:te of interest may l,
::-reed upon or paid.
G.1:(.+1. TI'EN DER.
The 'l' aw regulating the payment .f
debts with coin provides that the to?
lowi.:g 'n eis he legal tenlder-"
1. \ il cold coins at their res,-r Ir:
Svalui. t:,r debts of any aumount.
2. The halt' dollar, quarter do!U-.'
I ilf di:e and(t dime, at theirii respo-
i . v'anl s, for (debts of any :n.,..
initer live dollars.
3. ''i: 'ee e it pieces for . tl.:
:.my mo1111unt inder thi-.ty cents.
4. ( hne cent pieces for any narr,.::."
Sunder ten (.cents.
-- i--=-
i [ F'o the Louisville Courier of Frida .
Th 7 f'hi,' i i,. li.souri--1700d/e.derc
ists kiiied and wuounded--2.70(,
ta/.kee /risoner.
We .earntroim a gentlenmn , n.^
arrived ft'rl St. Lot.uis last night (.-
ti hle cars, tha:lt i:a the figh At : 't (artag.
I3_1o.. 1.00 I'ctcral troops wreere k;l:.d(
and wouudeoi, andl 2,7(00 taken r1:
B. (;ratz Brown, Ca ,oltonel Ofa zo
irent, w.as among the killed.
It is al.- reportited that 1:..,!- : -
i ur i. surroun:,med ,,y 5,000 Srta,e.: t. .
;ro.,l 1be is ere. tilis a prisonc-r.
Sionce writir.r tl,-. ablovc we ih;.1
rec.eive tihe St. Iltis Daiav I.:r.::
ot l'rursdaVy's dare:
( ,,apletht d'e/cFt of thfeotcra.'.,r.:.
in 1t/ so.ut/-u't'st.
A telet' railhic dis.patch rcceive:,i .,r
this city iast nighht tom a ge(lAtlu::.r.
(understood to h,. Nathanriel Il,: ol..
every iwai reliable) says that Li.e iig!.
in the South-wes: cormmtnced on F'.:
davy morning at 10 o'clock htct , c '.
the Sta9te troops :r,,t the Federais, a:
Sder Seigle and ,others, about twei-.
miles beyondl Carthage, resulted! '
Sthe Federal troops being ..-ormjlot*e'
routed, with great slaughtter and w; .,
pursued for fourteen miles to tw
miles below Carthage, whennightra..
an end to the slaughter. The Pcoah'
als troops were taken prisoners, an"
all their arms an equipage cay,!.crC..

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