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$: $~~1& r " t. · ··
VOL. 1. SHREVEPORT, LA., TUESDAY, JULY 30, 1861. . 78.
= --.'78.
J lie Slt re I'jOr I)Daily News.
.i ''r . er4 19 tr~r~ Tiu'/ag. Iltdnrsdag. Thurs
Way;. F ridayj, "ill' *ut4,urdaqy 1MorMi4ng.
9Illic. . on T'exas Street.
it,:, ( Ipe-r t ir in ad~'Jner ........ :i.( l)
I lei vt.',,l 1ev catricrkr. 41 t1:fllM
I·~r \\ek·.
T( ,..~. v NI'ltlltdLv) i1 nf llllt'4 .. .. . ..e. l
r u I ýlu~arr of iti v'kv, titre's ((rleg
'er f." tiz..r il , ,ei-,;e .. .... . . ... ..: I .) (
.ilui!erl ins,'-mius, pl*
.. ..... ............. ...... -,I)
1'(1 I{ THE DAILY: 7 9 ltl' 1.1 1:1 17' 20! i·
,, ,-' oie . . .. . 1"S' j1.1J'1 17; 20"1 , :1
'i uel ri',." Iti7: 'El ""1 "1:S 1R :5'
: '1'. '.!- 1 ':17:if 4( 1+ 5~f (1
2l;:~ , .",'I;2r :Mt :1l4 :17 2 I; :,(1
:;3 11 a'4-6 61t) 7e0l rjflS
-' tn'T- II::. 4" - ' *i 4 4;:3; 70' 54'? l
4 ,l . (it, ( -, 75 ' lr ' 111;11111
I.. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I 'llt~ . .6:7o H j 4 1(1111'''V '1:,1
1',"r p~r. :'.i,,~ :tu,I letsiTle'ss e'ltr,1.., (ill
!Ill-'o Daly! I~aelI(r.) neLtX (e'('~ding
1- i2 moulthls, J +5-'-withv~tt
lI "1 rr jt I f ,
111 j.' o fleg(e ,el yearly' lltlertisE-r.5 i
:" t: eiu, "l tee their ('Wiu limmediate ucil
* ilnd thte business ut' 111
i";~ ~ ~ I +" ?2zee trl . r-t 'eeiisdered as judol1
"::is j ~ 1 1t h i ti4'denil ilctiiil r,.
ý' :- 1l"t 1eht~ledjhs at irregrular
",; v*:s 1- ilt squaret'I~r ("111. insertion.
X heel 141144 eOalletiellltt.5 for It District oir
?i1 itE: tr na Paerjish "teetie, $IEI:
Le Iut~i~ ill EJ(illtltec.
1"f Ir ,rI-jrlce.t fo14 1(2 trlngert~s rter 0111
,:t let pil Iii :n!V:titreg.
.1; :,"tl'. e :totl. t lictarked tel the' Atje4V
-11e'1el hiene-. will lee ijiierte ,l tli
]hi 110ltýrt llhle IsiLctE~l.
.. 1 l~titr '- . tIbulltes ot re:jCE't* mid
~1 1, :;It 'ifllen as utii-r advertist'ie -,its.
.I ) N .17 1 T,
Offici nearly opposite the
ilRIeV EPOýRT, L.1.
1:1ive, vnrnlcr S-I~IrkU(t an , Mila..
1:1 ttf~v'tP~j'r, ..A
at I'I II. 3horri.;' 1)ruj /.W,.
º'-ni r tht Spriing 1 r arr ini.
!):l~l Dcr SIIll uivit~:roIIt·'l, La3.
1o 9-.-d I .
II.L:: IN / A'.'.n P if~t/ , Oil:.x. l (tUIi../u'x ..%f
`tý .FT III ( xOL)HNlk .1M4,T 112.
No 9-d" I
Vicksmburg Whig.
1'uIbli$IId in V'icks~ierr". Mfi'--. by
'4. 'Shannen. 'I'wiiis. in atdvance",
Daily per annum. $M: \1r eck~, 83.
ALCAII43() of Itocklaind Lake,
(Irv sal ICEk, just received and for
a;alc by A. ENGL1E & CO.
Shreveport, April 25-nl l-tf
B. JL. IIO1)GJ!,
.&~tt OI) to-Y itt Law,~
Ofice oI'er CL(kil~ler* 4- .Beard's .Saar.
(Cr.'l'exntc andL -pring: sts..
n1-lvd t'1iiiVU,'e, 1,A.
L. M!. N'U'J'T,
AL Loin -y >7t Lf.n4,
(i//ice. turn er dldsens 4-1 MIarket &rn'Vs.
rUklltVlIPO RT, LA.
I'raac~t I ees in iii (ddeo , IMossie r and
I )c.'Soto. n10-lO vd
I.Kee)N H. 1A Ith'S. THOS. la. P'OL.LOCK.
Attorneys & Counsellors at Law.
Žhervrtymr/, Let.
Pu.1" T('E ifleopartn rlrhile in all
tlhe eourts held in thlee city of Shrevet
peor~t, aned i the. jearisli-s of 1)e Soto
)ilic~e on MI:arket street neaitr Milasn.
iUie'r. 1. 1eeONEYV. ýA 1'I lý':LI.s.
Lor) jI" L" IVE:LLS,
:Attornys. 4" Cecwelorc. Ii Jat uw.
W'I ,1, practice in the Courts of
(Caddo nd s~urrouendling ptarishes, and I
in the Supj'rc"eme. Court at Monroe antl I
Alexan tlria. t)fflce on Manrket street,
iear the. ~ototlj ce, M$hrevcport, La.
1:.11.11:T D). CRAIG,
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
a lii' ,ep!'iejc Pai- V/1 7wc'
S}ItIlahV'I.~teeI. LA.
\\Vill praLctice~ . iii the. (Courts of
('addlrc. ý~e-Set",an ;tjttl t I(ei-r. IdLy
J. ('. 31(1 1I?L';.
MiRkEVEIo'tIrr. IA.:
Ell/icer wi//h 1. _11. ru/f, cor,e'r ,t'
hli/cmt curd ifarctr "~.etrectx. e..trbI a/
IfI'E~",1OUTLd (b1(1 of F.
antAi :1. t[. o. 115. nticets
.veer I'rietev at ? A'P. %I
IJotW..1. ii. ltruvt!-e ".. ..c'v.
Skrerr. ':11ft Chapt~r~er o ..M.X.It
tt-elis eon the' 2Itd andI -4th M itt.cIns of rackIt
loitile. at 74 P. %.'t .. l:~. 1CICi.I.t.A~lS,
\ 1'. . 1ti-. ]: et1rder. 11. 1.
."rervrpeprt #t 'ettiec i, It. tiand . 11. \et. 5.
110tt1S ,-t, t1:." 1:t :11d 3.1 Nitttrel1avt o tI ed-i
mtonthi. t1 7A 1'. MI. l zivwr I . l 4u.
lit tery Ivvv , It'e~ttrtle~r. 1'. .(...MI
t af Ilat cef Inteotiettr, at the- Masontic I Ic ii
en 'I'. x : .tr.e et. uve r Mayor's oflite.. let4."!.
1. 0). 0. 1"
Viý` The regular uee~etings of'
Vi Irru1 LODGE, No. 21, :ire held
auLte X lnt=d ay..l~~ e'vexexg:. at 7 o'clock.
at thtetir iLdit. I ttejnl t(,I i-(is stre.et.
P. 11. K} Y1;, -N. (r.
S.* ";:.'l:N.t~l 'N. S'ecretecrv. n 141
J. 1.. eeeiieFs. J. 1" httERSt
Phhelpi &. Rogrme".
.......orn It, '1'. 11. Ltheridv-r
it, 1,ocllr·&C(' mll Ill ioin Merchantss
t c'ca ( ofntl2/(// and .211 i/ar .eftx..
ShettE~vI:Ittert. LA..
h'et-t'p ettiletaiitlv on hIteud a largte. a
:-et'tttet-tt ci' S/u/j~c' and F-n,u,-c art-e
Scr. s. hIla/. ( o,*zt ats', COr.
Adva flees macjott' Ofil e!ulsji tlnl1tt to I
lair tftittI. i1) New~ ( )rl"ans. a I S41 v
.imuipteon & GC.alho.un .
lI'rc~r- i tl~cL ttcd l'rv ~,cctrdring Agv-~nt.e,
)linving It-toted thee-_ prejitiar and t'oneene-,
dxtie~ls ~Vure:ieettote cit Me'-sis. Hoivetrd, 'rally
&-~ Co., and having hald long eapericnce in
businec~r. we heipe? to receive a a are of the
aulcptcng · nd pledge ourselves to
do8.1iR inour power to give entire satiafac.
tionin' all busrinees entrusted to our cuae.
AIL wec 4ak isa r iel. no25
Washington, July 25.--The Fed
eral pickets at Fall's Church were
driven in early on Wednesday. Mc
Clellan will arrive to-day. The War
Department is engaged in athorough
reorganizing of the army. The old
system is to be changed.
Reliable officers will be provided,
subject to the examination of the
board of officers appointed by the
War department.
Two Bradleys, one of them a stu
dent tfor the ministry, were arrested
at Alexandriaas Matiassas spies.
The Federal pickets have been with
drawn two miles outside of Alexan
dria. It is reported that 80,000
troops have been accepted throughout
the North.
France and .Englanid are undoubt
edly discussing the hlockade, with a
view of making propositions.
The New York ]Herald says the
tmemorablelroute at 3lInassas has set
the Government back on the defences
occupied three months ago.
Col. Bartlett, of the 5th Missiesippi
regiment, has been brought to Wash
ingtoun, a prisoner.
Indinopalis, July 2(;.-Two regi
ments muster'ed out of the service,
have returned honme. Three other
regiments are on their way.
Louisville, July 26i.-T'he Cincin
nati papers contain the Tribune's call
for the resignation of the whole cabi
net on account of incompetency.
The following shows the reckless
ness of the Lincoln attempt to, man
the glorious victory of the Confede
rates :
Washington, July 24.-"There is
no doubht that the reason why the re
bels declined pursuing the retreating
forces, is that apanic occurred among
ther. 'lThey retired to the Mfanass
as entrenchtments.
Boston, July 25.-Chase asks the
Boston Banks for a loan of five mil
lions tfr sixty days at 5 per cetnt.
Fort Monroe, .rule 25.--mpnortant
reconnoitering is taking place to-day.
The Tim'es says our regiments are
mno:;tly demoralized, and will be dis
heandtled and recognized with more ef
ticient officers.
Washinre ton. Julv y"25.-Only a ria
jrity of the famllous 69th rei'inent
will re-enlist.
Philadelphia, July 25.'-The ]lul
lotin pretends to have int;rmnation
from the lips of a wealthy Virzinian,
residing near Manassas. to the e(fl.'et
tihat the (Confederate loss is between
three and four thousand, and that
only two hundred were left of the
.vhlbrated Black I lorse Virgii:tni C:v
alry. The Viriginian says the fortu
nate Federalists didn't i, to iiantass
as. where the powder mines covered
tuniv nacre:. 1' dehclar'es the santi
thing existed at lHichmuond.
Col. Miles. who coninanded the re
serve corps at ('cnterville is under ar
The ('onfederates are planting bat
teries at Fairfax ('ourt lHouse.
Baltimore, Julyv :23.--Thlere aire
numnors of a hattle at Iiarper's Ferry.
The fetderalists claim they victory.
Beauregard is rilorted to have gone
A private letter front P'atterson at
Hiarper's Ferry, dated Monanv, -say s
le declined to attack ,Johnson. lie
says: .Johnson was too well prep-ted
and my fthr~es was less than 2(',000.
Ninet:te!nl of the regiments' timne will
be up in a week, and all but four de
clared that they would not serve an
hour longer.
The Great Battle.
The Ilichmond papers of the 24th,
contains the following account of the
great battle fought on Sunday last:
We are able to give the reader an
authentic statement of this battle.
General 3eauregard diaposed his
army along the banks of Bull Run,
from Union Mills Ford to the Stone
Bridge Ford, the stream being be
tween the two armies, aid our Brig
ades so arranged as to guard the va
rious fords between the two points
above named.
The enemy advanced withingrango
at 8 o'clock, P. M., opened a heavy
fire on Gen. Bonham's command at
Mitchell's Ford, and kept it up some
time to deceive our troops as to the
real point of attack. It was soon dis
covered to be a feint, and the left
wing of our line found to be very
heavily pressed. The enemy con
centrated on that point, hy rapid
marches an overwhelming mass of
troops of all arms, and at 10 o'clock
the battle raged to its height. Gen
erals Beauregard and Johnson ar
rived on the scene nearly at the same
time, and both exhibited great per
sonal prowess and courage in the en
gagenment. Gen. Beauregard rode up
and down the line till his horse was
killed; Gen. Johnson seized a stan
dard and rallied a wavering regiment.
Troops were rapidly moving fromn the
right and center to the relief of the
left,' and by 3 o'clock 15,000 of our
men were there in the furious action
against :3.,000 of the enemy. At
that hour Gen. Kirby Smith's Brig
ade arrived on the railroad from Win
chester to Manassas Junction, at a
point within two miles of Stone
bridge. Seeing the violence of the
contest there, this general stopped
the cars, and dismounting his lmen,
marched straight on the enemy, with
out orders, and without going to the
Junction, thereby saving a five mile
march. (*:nu. Beauregard did not at
first recognize this brigade, and be
lieved it a flauk movement of the en
emy, till they came near enough for
the flag to be distinguished. On their
arrival in line, a general charge was
mad,-, and the enemy broke and fled
When tile armies reached 'Centreville
whert? McDowell hadI 15.000 fresh
lmenl and heavy guns in position. he
male a desperate rally. Blut another
charge of the ('onfe'derates broke the
new lines, and his disaster became
A bout half the members of the
Federal 'Congrress were distant spec
tators to the great battle. At (.,Cn
terville was found a table bounteous
ly spread.s urrounded by, e:pty seats
and twenty baskets of chaml agne,
where Senator \Vilson was in the anr
of tentertaining a large dinner party on
,tic arrival. He him.nself itarrowly
escaped. He got out of thI, village
in the ti::sguise of a driver of a mar
ket cart. A.4mor,- other curiosities
seized there. was a nuntl,'r of tills
of fire of dinners Mcl )vweli inrtended
to m'ivt' at dif'merent points.
We have take nl G 1 pieces of can
ni. %0,0(00 stand oft arms, lmotre than
:511)1 wagons laden w;th stores and
mnmiions., and a qunantityv ,f provis
tns.. -tated ait so great a fiuste ts to
be absolutely incred(lible.
\We have killed and w.,unded
t,mtw 7.000 or 8, t01 of the enmitmv,
anal taken nearly 1.000 prisnetrs,
vwhile o-th'rs are ecusttanly bri ,ught
in from the woods. .A;.ong them
is E:ly. ti member of ti:t' i'etldral
('onnrese from New York.
()Our own loss is 500 killed and
1,500 wounded. No prisoucrs. Our
regitme:uts most snlferinug are the It li
Alabamra, the t th and Sth ( Georgia.
F"ish,.r's N. (. Regiment and Ilamp
ton's Le"gion.
We are unable to state on the best
authority that tihe loss in killed, on
our side, does not exceed 500-,ro
bahlv not much over 400.
It is currently reported, and even
vooched for hv sonm of the passen
gors, that (4en. Scott was near the
sceno of action in his carriage.
When the retreat of his army took
place. Scott left the vehicle and es
caped in one direction, while the
carriage drove off' in another, Our
men of course pursued the carriage
and captured it, and in it found the
sword and epulets of the old Gene
Washington, July 27.--Gn Me
Clelan has arrived ree. A commuit
tee froni New York are endeavoring
to have Gen, Wool put in active exr
Alexandria advices say it has been
ascertained the Southerners had ae
curate information ofthe federal move
ments. The withdrawal from Fair
fax was a part of theirplan to ambus
cade the Federalists.
The Senate bills have passed to
punish conspiracy and for the supers
sion of rebellion.
Cincinnati, July 27.--Coxoccupics
Charleston on the Kanawaha river.
The- Southerns haae burned the
bridghs and fallen back.
Washington, July 27.-A Michi
gan regiment lqst 9 officers and 103l
men. The regiment went into the fie ld
475 strong.
The Southerners are concentrating
at Winchester, causing much uneas
iness. An attack on Harper's Ferry
is apprehended.
St. Louis, July 27.-Frentont has
organized his staff.
Later from Texas.
We have Galveston papers to the
16th inst., giving three days later
The News, of the 13th, has the t;A
lowing about the blockade at Galve.
ton :
Our outside visitors have been in a.
state of quiescence since of last, except
that yesterday morning they captured
a lumber vessel from Calcasieu, called
T. J. Chambers, and Thursday the
schooner Tom Hicks, with lumb.r
from the above place. To-day thr,
tender, the Dart and another vessel
are cruising; the others are together
tbout four miles east of the bar.
The same paper says:
Wharton and Fort Bend counties
have promptly responded to the .::it
of Brazoria for assistance in coast d.-
Some of the blockading fleet were
it the mouth of Old Caney, on the
,th inst., taking soundings.
The News, of the 16th, says :
The crew of the schooner T. .J.
Chamnbers were released bvthe block
iding steanier, and sent ashore last
Sundayi. The captain and crew cot
the schooner flicks rnemained aboard.
the furner prefering to go to tKey
VWest ratherthan come off without hi-,
vessel. .It is reported that three in. :
irot (i:lveston Island got aboard the
,teat:tlr on tSaturdav and enlisted.
''he Civilian has the following ,.x
ramt from a private letter, dated.l ul
Several of us took a sloop and wer.
)ut to sea fifteen miles and spoke the
Fairfield and schooner Trov. 'Fi:.
loop went out again the next dam .
tand tkiled in speaking the Sam loons
;on, but spoke Water Witch, Zark
Sabel, Alexander and Clarinada.
Water Witch is here, having come in
resterdav. We Spoke the Hope-.
oaeded with melons, but he kept to,
,ad to beach his vessel. McCloskv..
iilot of the Bell, came up in the yawl
ti went down in, and spoke the Tl'ex
is, whlich is now hero. Yesterda'
'aorning a schooner camrre here frori
lih westward, and Mc('. and four ,(
he Bell's crew took the yawl atnd,
started after her, saying he vwas goinr
oa catch her or follow her to (4alvestio,n
uar. This (Thursday) night. h11 hn.s
tot got hack. The Bell dischargedI
,icte of her freight here, includiing
eve nty hogshead- sugar, and 1,.rt
ip to lBeaumont.
'.lhe Cuban slave trade, since tit,
sithdrawal of the United Stat,
qual:dron from the coast of Cuba. iL
aid to be carried on with redoubta
le vigor. Six cargoes have h+,1',
anded on the "ever fitithful lise'
ince the 24th of lMarch. TrheBritisL
mdniral, Milne, is said to have re
axed his vigilance, and does not hoa
tate to say to American merchants
hat he is not going'to do double du
y, slaves hunting, as he has been
:ompelled to do since the withdraw
1 of the Yankees.

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