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Shreveport daily news. (Shreveport, La.) 1861-1861, July 30, 1861, Image 2

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Ct TT .. I
. .iI G 3 L E . M . . - _ _ _ _
ý-IC--·.r*2 · iA1rr'zglýr ~rrr ~tLru.
* any re
kipiot 'fir0148 of our
- -I--- chamln
N·O.I )ICKINIýT4CIT trovill
Tluesday. - July 30. 1861. and
~__ _ - -self a
.Job Work must be paid for on d- be 1all
ti\"e v. ----- 1 o~rI
ý1r. .TotrN w. T'I'AER, is our authorized were
:,cgt in Natehitoches. `till
Mr. 1). D. O'BRIEN, No. 6, Exchan_"e . \c
I'lace. New Orleans, is our authorized gt
Agent for that city.
MR. H. C'. C('1.KI·t. 1ookseller, is. )r au- whic.
hltorized agent for Vicksburg and Nati,'/nz. afbrt
Mr. J. H. Lor'TOs, is our agenit .t Itte- wool
t tit-, Bossier Parish.
Mr. A. L. HIAY, of the News l)t9pit. is ... le;1a
tinthorized agent in Jetfersonl. Texas..
Wet will he pleased to retcive" cnlrvi'i- of tl
,.a' froi our friends, in aitld ato tud S1hilv - t
let. An occasiolat l articlth.ronll- ir ,l:ii:tr. th'le.
r tla:ie to the crops. will be very e't1cc t;id . Itic:
in itat, we, desire corret'spndcel" t rno t re
aevery section of the rtatte. i '
Personal articles will not Ih t,, li.hd,,l in1
Xth'-1''1: i 0 lllllll ma lttlitl)d or a ut1I -tl'tlli'l .
4On last Saturday, we were visitd
.,- a very heavy rain. tar
Melmphis is getting to he ore nf 11 Iire
treat markets ofthivworld, whith salst
in the city JMhnday of upwards o"fl it
:;.ON) barrels of pork and 260 casks td tfot
!)lon, which realized about one huIn- mu
d'ir.d thousand dollars. Th'er. w.t
.dir a sale of 3,000 buslhels ,i wheat ed.
,at .1 10 to 81 25 per bushel.
t__ par
The river at this point is still l'all
intg; weather pleasant.
MIr. John F. Eagaang:t, oft NTew Or
htans, will accept our thanks frn a
y of D)eBows Review for ,Jsulv. -
in this number of our p;aper wi n "i:
be found an advertistemellt of Itl' .
1 ansfield Female College, under thit. ,
-uperintendetnce of M[r. ('lhl:t. P,. Sta- ti
art. We know of no better institu- tr'
ti . than this, in the Southern': con
ty., and take pleasure in ca:lilig the 1
:att,;itiont of )ar1ents to It as w rt h; j sil
hi'ir patronag,. l
)Mr. Sims, of the .vsry r ;talsl. was ,.
th:.'wn out of "a hurvgy on S,,n::., tl
inL -t. Attached to the hiut y was 1
1 icit':' mule, Iover (ove'r ý\ ic i b hi :?l i
no) control. We are -ileais:d a t:atote
t ::"t. with the xcý'stl,toni sot i; w e1,:ri- . .
.... r. S. was not iljure',. .,lh:i,ti 1:
1: had 1 n1;trro, 'i- l'.
Jefferson Guards,
'his: cC ompany uiitllner thell h t ,',,lnan:i i:1
, apt. ljarrie W\. Dluke, imadle' their
A;ie'arance. in our city. aon Sunlayl
morning, and after partakiun of rie
t'rs-imenits, proceeded to the' srinlgs, I
.::il pitched theii terts.. '.1They are
a :lte looking h,-cd oaf lien. t
Persons wishing to- enlist ill this
c mtlpany will iiittl tilthe (pt::in a good i
~,rOmianderl. and frietnd.. The I(;crds '
propose leaving for M3)i.i.cttri to-day.
Mwa HIeaveil b)liss tilhi, in the
o,-d cause flhy intend fighlltig .ior,
.A tale is told in \'ashingtion that
di, Ab'e w(ent ip with PIr'otessor Ilrwe
i:: Is, t'hnous baloon one dhy lnst
w,.ek, to, roconnoitre the positioln of
t!.t "rebel " forces. They had not
proceoded very 'high before .Old Abe,
tapping his companion 'on the shoul
:i.r, cried out, " lolR, Professor, I
think I soee a masked battery just be
!ow us here. Don't yoU . think we
'h.d better retuirn ?"'
Particulas In5g
ae rt
:-a 4r'ru4l the t, et. - ,
tioned in a previoUinnb of our ur cil
paper. On the day Of.tbte battle at ''oba(
3 olelock in the after noon, only taken
15,000 of out gallant soldiers were Govew
opposing more than doubletheir nunm- meat
bers, 35000.. Judging from the tenor courst
of the dispatchea, our enemies con- belle I
templated walking over us without ly evi
Sany resistance, whatever on the part Sont
of our forces. A bounteous supply of that 2
champagne, ete., was found at Cen- .tro.ni
Streville, whore Senator Wilson was will 1
in the act of entertaining a dinner ilmxx
party on the arrival of our troops, ."e
and was prevented from enjoying hintl w'Nell
self and friends. D)inners seemed to andl
be all that troubled the mind of Me- reet',
D)owell as, bills of' faire of such inten- ni/lat
ded to be given at different Ioints, tor'e
*d were,,seizod, among other cnriosities. ile s .
Still later dispatches inform itus that l'
ra New York ('ouom ittee are trvint' to the
u-whlth, should thi:bv sueceed in.' will ,:.
i. afford our peoplie nii opp4(1n rtunityt f it
wooling the old sc:uitp. \wh o i theatn"i- ..l',r
ctued at the o sEt- of difi .cutli't-. t . tr
lead au army upon tII,. 'h,,:.tlt :n ,1l
.lear thc Soutlihernruers ti roth I't '.I
n- ,f their ,=l,orious cm-nl ry. t . .it, :-i , , -'i
tin,-i th e, zt cr:tl has s si i kellpt gl
t i ,tl a l. t l r : f at in, W I', n o"' '
, in to be linced a.t th , h a ,d ,, th,
fitderal fet-c, o tii .t ' r~ir. Ill'
are i akint .x,,r",s ' t ,, i -"t him ini ti,.'
the fielI. hut w th .''hat sc,..-, , pip
- it, h resistalCe, but t .a ill , - .-it. I
". victory thlan, tih , e a,,v,' u nt .
parti' ulas ,f , h:1,ii . b.:tlr
'l" New Orleaas 'orre:aiondene. s
:1 rKiki "nut'r iunt-t.: 1 1" I*
t in ith , t e' t- ' - :-I' , in.. r N
i t it- I" li et l ' l'ti"t.i -Iot t' tlh ' ,
th e dt cit h , -.,', s ,,t ,tur ' - !
t-l tin l, ,a a ,iltn t ---t n . f tnitl. < I " t,
(.1 t ill asi : "r-.lI .x'v c mnt h(it llI c.,
tttu1i ,ll ire 't'" \,t inr' It r a - l, i " -,
\a - ieti i'" -'. t ii1, th ' "-t HIiCh- ittt tii,' i
the l n. T'1- e \\' ashin , .i,,t: l t'r
,~rn ..t n the ,ig'ht. Ti.. galut
.1t" a l 'tiilr ll)er .e l -'itt' . il it
o. w - i 'gl l -: ": . i /T s l 'I I i t" ' o l th nr '-il .c i.i
\ :,I 1the 11\"st drilh d 1!t"t\\ .ry wain :',.:1,
i-• . ' t\l . 1 l ,,.-- i . - tr, i , , l 1 1; :;; . •
" tlit ctnllc ,in l.- t lh t 'i cil l` -, ttic .: . : ... i;: "
tl t. itei t . 'la t , t- lt' fift ' is ": itt . l.. .
- a t'li' - T I t ):i- hrt ,i t . nlUt I ,l , ' :x be. .
T1,'l-.5 wt 1'_un d -- whil, ltlat rt" Ld e:a '.
it r i lv.-. e inV i t ilh.h, .;. .i
St"ort, ln7 t'"1 t -.t , 1.". 'r li e, akni,'g no,\'thn g
unk ts. \'hit " jutI -y th ut, ' itiS . to
,n , ,I t I n ini.'. ' i th, ct it and s 'c',i"' . i t lo
th e 'i . ll fr , ti me hin. (illn. kll , aui':.'- \1r'. in
,da, l is di. :,a ,.t.h se ys: .'It ish , 1,' ;1',, , t,1
of rLe- v icto'e '. Tih- lo-.s o! ," side iz
ii i- l ' I1. u w , tholt h in' thtrn t'c',;t:l; .,"
i 'Lire lat t it a t G Oi . ' lr ci tat' i ilai bel
v lrae of" t .xt'lit lu' nt alt. ll r ii'ty a tn hten
f ofr lige our g'allant tr pul wlS.
li thli TI :.1 linesag' of Presidnt j vis/
i notd bs ]?ublinhud. dnidiI . rjuatid oe and
nards col'" "Wh1,n .ont-at (1'd with'that of
d' lAbe Atri its .-uo ricrity is very e.p
ahY' l(arent, for,_ whin,' tli w, is blood a
othe, thIr.t I ard vicitus, the other is able
" .;rr i nd ittthe.i'-na like, a :king nlothl Ig
|that i.s not jusyet ,+ubnntting to
n haIt b ', uhin t io at adti:nd e wttith hon
r lowe or ind juisti e. r We ll may we be
SIlast iroud elt t.in leadert W nd it e -t
barought against it. With the 4th
Regim on the coast, The h
nt to p t
point o.
o ilon t edpn 'Utbct ml that eit eri
our city. Some large transactiollns The
'T'obacco (so report says) have lately Frenc
taken place on account of the Froenh W-H*ar4
Government here.. 'IThat (,overn- least:
ment as you are aware, has the mo-l The
nopoly in this staple, and will of propol
course" find a way" of getting it to la ral n
belle France whenL it is needed. Near- has r
ly every paper in the Confederacy hi ,,f thi:
somiething to say for old Riug tt t- of the
ton, and all come to the coincl.ivO .ar a:1
that 31nuchester must have i. a.nd York
strange to say advocate a ('ills'' th'at ollc'
will be more injurious to us hlin they nit
i imagine, i. e. take' it fo"r gr:11'', thl t upl l,
thoset E trolpe:1 pow\ets \\ 1 ' , I_(,:-,!
S nize us it' we give thl,:: -i o, - .,' i :,,ll. (111:
tWell, tihe fmct is thi:s, itf i;. i: l
> :nd _. 't our aottlnl ,io tilt` 1,,r",".',::: (t , f ,.'", i
- reclgl ition, wVt will nie\' r 1+ ,"- lit-''('
1 %niz1d.. - I trust that tion ' l,,,mill ,it c('It- 11,;11\
ton 'ill I it l, rw ,u" px ., till v " f 'r n.
l'arr dlclar''d h\" timhni ne t' ,t e ll't- w}i.
ily ,i' liuntit ll s. u
Lt 'ovisions are llilt nt\ '. ,l with ,.u!
Sthe e,'xcpioni,i of a tv art :i' -. :ilit it:."
imold rat' i prnices' . 'l- h' t 'rin t crotle ion
is nusualiil y1 a llar1.'(', as (ell'lr mnarkt'l s :!t- lot, n\
it (t \ 's. I trust lee ti: \ 1,1111i +1". ' ,fit
, I i{,' l. , . ii i- -i: .i ltt i-t -i t ."e lli- l t' n jt :
Si',r the' N\ ;"\" w il! 1 1"t' \",, r :iin ilr, i- l.,r.
nl N l: 1] , i ,r .St ".- w\`,.!l ir : thl '' . 'f . ,t' -
1 ! ! ,. u i, ( I il- 1 \' II. '' - t 'ii l , - 1 i '.
e" , f' , l, ' 1,' .'1!:!1 :L lam " i t :, ' 1 tll till. : •
1 ti-i- In n'_ . a d ha l II-n1 :il ,
alt . ill'- :t, cl:t-: ': ,} ! ".1.n . ' r' uit . (11 !.
' t \t ,".{ ! ' .t "t ei . !' . + ,,';. i , ; ,,.
" v
t . . Ne. `; \ i . rh .1t1 1, cl l ut" ,, ,l i,_ , ,
i lt
S 1, " i
tI Ri: 'Iit(o It (oerrscpondenlCC. r
i . , ti i . : "
i- 1 .. 1, t
it" itll t i lle - . i ' ( i ii
'."i 1 1t'. i t it : s ,i r i . i t i ti l.'i. 1 ."'l "
'. t , i . it ' it}, ,ar.-, ,ii: ::i' .' ý ,
'net i '- -ii ý,tlc : i-iie ' `'i. 1 '.11. tal i. tn i'-t
h at.i 1'1 1 -t le t' t i '. o i
. .. ; .1! t:!, .' 1 . ." ll d lla 1 .'l tl,: dt. . li' 11 iti,.li. tix
- atb le 1\' t, ,t ' i-t ., , 1 1 ""re es t 1 .au1 'i. :*hi: . t
. th IiPti , "it tjlt Ili. ) -It (', /t.t a t
S.ion ou 1 oi', ait:l , ' .til r ti', lt,:- tu. - ". il
1" 1 i t' b ta lt I:I ll i 'l's ,I'll ilh, i 'e t fel
n en- confident o : itor t .ill h'}'utt
(i :t.. it' : ',, :11 " .jtl rat ii li \'.;ll "1n..:... I .:.I:i,
-il .oa.s we lar; st\-glye7trenched.
; 11( . 1 i i lI 11 , -i ' , i.ll 1: 1 t- ( '! . l! 11?; 1 l lr ? f !ai" + ; t I \\.
rýtllltf I \: ri~t l h:." \ýri. t " t a .!,lt \.- i ,lit . ..rl,; ,i
neairr 'l'ýi ]t'." ,ctrh " dril iom v Iles fro:l im t I'l
..l.'. 2 ' o-. :u , 'cl' ,1 .' W' i.: l" t . 'l it :i !!
l"' fI tir le :rt ri,} t \ 1111r, t".t \- et,.a . .L ne
l bi.e t he, nt ' , < :ll, t,'r d i, f 'ao r br.  i.ngr ,
hat of u u .+ ol t ld i ' ; ti;ýrt . b - : v.ý hl 11" .H -
l11oo. a , too t : ll'(. ]ii:( 'l . ll l i l'lt:.. i tit.
. i h: t.'irl ,1ear t .l isi :to' .l'es at l` [auas. ,it mI lt" " !
o. rtot f or : odrill, 1 li w ite you again.
-11o n to urT B ai'" ~ li n 1 . ( il i' ,or' tTvtL
'nay be and. ini~ts in hasi te, e
i 4th J.et o iy a. l tLM.pe Lo
11 i1ot i dla \ %I ('1 Itron ll entr ench ed.
f t o d rill , t . will we ite to -a n .
The New Line of Steamers be
s e of .
The project f cstablishinig lines of
French mail s eaners to ply 1)ctwe('en
Hkero anid the' LTit~il Status is ait
least on the point of being realized.
The question of accepting certain
propositions, submitted by the ,cne
ranl maritime company of France,
has received the favorable attentrtiiw
of this government and the atunction
,of the legislative body. Two lin ,,
iare authorized-tne direct to New' A
tYork and the other to the Antiills'.
tlulhiin, at -,some .-outhern 1uirt of tlti
Iluited' State-s, not yet dttcltetlinlidtl
fupn, ne'l left in nlhe 'ance u:til tl,'
o' of the existing war. Accor
(dilt- to the estimate- l'trn.euited toI
'th,. t ,r'ps legislatif, the alm outtlt t'f
,. litalt itv h i i i iti ii l i t e t('t o
t lie-s by the ,_',ni,.l mariti t, r, n
-' .. .., is ti , lit set.. 'n m illio ,. ti
' i : t n -. i.(iU0,0( i f ;ranc a . tot,
1bt 1-ou!mme'(d hy tthe l:'rench governj
S .unut. Th,' wh, ,le ,or ri ' I
; nran:ll. 1it 1, \ i( 1 Striil n:-. Icin
0 ion kn1wn a- tlt ('redit 31,hilir,
- t, \'h'icl th,. m:u'itiln cm l uy i-.
b 1 : is t, e,,.it ," fl u, . ,< m' Sr.,
- . i. ,\,t it i(' A nt } i s,
"1 e' ; ' .i e l ,:' ., `,\ i:ll 1 :.1_'1 : '1 . ;!
- h t-.-, p I ,w,-r. T ,e . ' r te ' h. 'l t-1'
\, t i..
biVC It --tu li *. i h i
th ,' .,,m ui - ti. ,.f t' . t, .i:-L t i  i - '
,- :1t' 1 .1 ,, ~" l'' tt |" " ... .. 1 . .t',. !
, t 1+ 1 b I 11: . I '
v ,, . 1.i-u : i1 \ : t :' t, i .l;r
- , ... ,_ : -
1:1, . ;, : t i t:' ,. .-."l,:i _ ",.1.  '.. ii "
: \'. i,,", '" ' - 1 '. .
.:0 ' th , ,-:-rl s,':t 1t' . ," , . :,' .. `,V
''1]1 , . k :t1 , ..}" ,,,t1 that l \'. ",,.l '~: -, ' ,
,{r :lr: ," ;.m art b, tth ' 1. :l . . Itn -. ,' '
"S , 1.'. .!t: l (':(_ ''" in , ito pr t he .
try. i't th , a tt n ,t allh i. t1t ':1-h
t .. tr,- it.rL il l fa ir . t al.lt -'.rtp " lt1 " e i' ,
''" r l ail , - ', th f) 1: rv'ia , F ",l ',',
•nl ,,,Iu1 itropr. - , cay . ...ll'ne
\ ' 1 n i . ' t i _' h t : i t _ t h : " " , -ni , : 1e , :
" unu.,t give it ui ); \ hil,.' ifth,.vi
. : .. . . . ..I _ I
Salil'l"*eel I C'l'"uia 1.rt' 'C ol.Pleg-
I )i:S.'xo P1.1ttti LA.
7 Th fa- "l ýix of this Institution
1I ,o, o We,"clnVdneslayV, 2nd
i()tclr 1; i. with " il and efiieient
I.ac.enty. '['hº ,, t ie diplartu :nt
wL- i!Lo. under the iliantudiatc superm
teltlience of the l'reWident and his
Indsy, land every efiitrt will be madde
to, 1lroilote thel'ouitllrt of those nll
trustd to their chirgi.
For other intormation,- Address.
(' lLL. 13. 6'I'L: ART' , l'reident.
Manstiold, L.n.
4 0 ,a,,o. ,, ..for a a.cos., It is x
cellent for burning, or can be used to ad
vantage by Painters, as a substitute for
Linseed Oil. Apply at the News Otfce.
hIk ls :.i l j1tern11t i4 l It
L iq u ors a ur a J - j ~ iC-C c
Is .-17' S II.?!? Ill!.
TI~jN J1'11E1T:7.
ii~t ".th Fit ii ..
'I I
li _ _ - t Ilt ui I .t
'it t IIt l
Ati! l :: , :' i 111
.! f . I' . ' i i ii t. `ll( it' t . 1 IItI ..
I It ,i'ii i'.
. 1 1 1 . II . 1
iii. 'i4 t't xi, A1fitx 1l
lift t"I. 'i t 'irs klow til t~ ltjet -it IIi .
'thu il
11' - VfilltfItt-t' . it - l l ilt Lt-t ' Ill-t'
Illat .' I~t t rI h41 :1t I 1 o tallo t i t
i~. is I t;I111 ct i be p \laced 1'.-: tatle tl r bo.: , al:.
('lft t~jlr~ b tlit It'i' OAU
v~i I,
--1 -, reHle let to~I atit Se C Tth pr('1
ii.t_ .,
%:/. t.l ':"AddresSi ill\. D1Ct't l., i' N.
Ito,' 1 pers publishing the tbv r (.
:lf ." I ,A tilt ('\ 1 11 A' I i . l '' ? At : il "
,t ffi ( cfl t. iin case \'. puch

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