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toot etery day in the presence of the
tw. Houses of4?pW iL ad etg
great on one sejs· e n
the hour, and 0 asoio stu
pid amaze ne oth that we
take it as natural, as right, and as of
,ourse. We are rushing, sir, and
with rapid strides, from a constitu
rional government into a military
despotismn The constitution says
the freedom of speech and of the
press shallnot be abridged, yet, three
days ago, in the city of St. Louis, a
military officer with four hundred
s.Adiers-that was his warrant-went
into a newspaper office in that city,
removed the types, and declared that
the paper should be no longer pub
lished, and gave among other reasons, J
that it was fabricating reports injuri
ous to the United States soldiers in
Missouri. Is there a Senator here, a
citizen of this land, who will say that
the slightest color of authority ex
ists on the part of a military officer
for depriving a citizen of liberty or lip
property without a warrant of law, or
to, suppress the freedom of the press?
And we are told by.the s.'ame dis
pateh that the proprietors of the pa- ag
per submitted and intended to make
an appeal. To whom? To the ju- P1
dicial authorities? No sir. But to
Maj. Gen. Fremont, whnl he should
reach St. Louis. The civil authori
ties of; the country are paralized. and
practitcal martial law is being estab- '
lished'all over the land. The like
never happened in this country b.,- nt1
fore, andit would not be tolerated in
any couutrv, in, Europe, which pre. I:
tends to the .ejemcnts. of civilization po
and liberi'yv. Gt-orge WTaslhigton r
carried the. th~Lcen1 colonies through ý°
the war of this. Revolution without
martial law. 'Tho .President of the eil
STuited Stat;.dý~'j not conduct the
(overnmen;t tree months. without .m
rescrting tpt, . L. presume every Sen
:,.or has read the .pinion of the Chief 't
.*stice, to..which.,I have referred. 1
.bhdl content myself with reading a
few extracts, to prgsent my opinions
on the subject. [Mr. B. read from,
the closing part of Judge T'aney's t
[ Concluded To-morrow.
We are informed, says the Delta, t
t hat inadditionto the Louisiana troops
the 1st Mississippi, the 2d Virginia
and the first Alabama regiments were
in the battle at Bull's Run. We have C
been kindly furnished withthe follow- I
ing list of officers of the 7th Louisiana
regiment :
Seventh Regiment _.Lotisi ana TVolun
trer..-Harry T. Hays, Colonel; Chas.
l)eChoiseul, Lieutenant Colonel; D.
H. Penn, Major.
Baton Rouge .encibles.-Cavutain
A. S. Hlerron ; 1st Lieutenant J.
Duncan Stuart ; 2d Lieutenant, Oscar
if. Foreman i ; Junior tid Lieutenanat,
l..hu H11. New.
Livingston Riles.-Canptain T.,' M.
Perry; e1t Lieut.nant, A. G. TtlckLr;
a'd Lieutenant, VWm. Patterson.
Continental Gucar,'s.-('aptain 2'co.
'Clark; e1st Lieutenat'. A. _k . XI,r
ri:an; 2d Lieutenant, E. McFarland;
.1 unior 2d Lieutenant. Davis Anrmn.
c(rescent Ri/les, (cnTopany .--Cai
:ain H. T. Jett; 1st ]LieAte(.naut, XW.
P. Harper; 2.d Lieutenant Andr wv E.
Inox; Junior 2,l Lieuten1ant. hIenry
Ciresc1 t .f17,, Coini C'.--C'al
a in .J. fCilimanu; 1st Li tittnant,
W. C. D)i;-'c; 2.1 1I. eitenan1t, ,1 unior
•. fLieutena:nt., ('ourad (rec'n.
Sars.ieicid . Ir'angers.-(;aptai J.T.
deore Wilsou; 1st Lintcteiit. (West
Steever; 2d Lieutc:aut,l le:,ry ('irthly;
.J utnior 3d Lieutenant, T (:'.o,- rllgan,
'Iris Vobpunteer.,.-Olpnain \V B.
iatclif'fe; 1st lieut, nant. 1.. W. I .ew
itt; 2d Lieutenant, Sa,:r gv ItVyntud;
.lunior 2d Lieutenant, Thomas Cat
Virginia Guards-p.-C. ptain 1 c.Bt.
I'. Cceott; 1st Lie:Oten'11. )outnssan,
21 Lieute:nant, i'. (r.mupre..,lJunir
21 Lieutenant, L. II. Miarcehle.
Virginia Blues.-Captain D. A.
Wilson; 1st Lieutenant, C- A. Bell
,ager; 2d Lieuitenant, II. C. Tholpp
ion; Junior 2d Lieutenant, R. A\.
..lneri,'a.. Rifles.---Iaptain W B.
Iickarb*y; 1st .;.Liquteway.t; Samuelo
l'ower'. Lieutenant slauel Brw
ar. Junio..;l Lieue.nt ,Jhgm Row.
1131 - .1 j., "~
1OM1904 IVIt1UA FACT *2E
Wednesday, - - July 31, 1861.
Job Work must be paid for ou de
Mr. JolIs W. T' nF.R, is our authorized
agent in Natchitoches.
Mr. 1). D. O'IItIEM., No. 6, Ex,'hange
Place, New Orleans, is our authorized
Agent for thlt city.
Mu. HI. C. CI.lIE:. Bookseller. is our au
thorized agent for Vicksburg and Natchcz.
DMr. l.. It. Lor.TN, is our agent at lelle
vue. Bossier l'..rislh.
Mr. A. L. I[\v. of the News Depot. i., our
authorized agent in .Jettiirsol, 'exa's.
We will be pleased to receiv\e contribn
tlos front ourfri,:nds. in annd around Shreve
port. An occasional :trtielefromn or planttrs.
relative to the crops, will be vetry a ietable.
In fact, we desire correspon(dencc fromt
everv section of the States.
Personal articles will u:ot 1+u pblh;shled,
either as cotntnunications or ad-vertisonn:ents.
T.l, friendly to our undertaking. who
may hear of any local, or other items, that
will prove of intirest to our readers. will
favor us by handing in the same at the oltice
the News.
"- . .. . .. . 7 -
1 L--Y PosmInaser-s are requested to
act as agents,/br the News, and re
; tain .rn per Cceft fronm amount forwarded.
rThe establishment of our friend it
John T. Beard, (the Ruby) was visi- t`
ted day before yesterday, by some of
light fingered gent, who proceeded to es
help himselfto seine tempting dollars, in
which lay sur.g in the drawer of the I,
countrr. After taking the money he h
proved himself -ome on the run. It sl
is not known who he was as ahe was a
too quick. id
A lot of knapsacks sent to a New ti
York re-iniment, were only pasted to- w
gether, and do not sustain their own
weight when till.ld.
The ~'ay. T/h Serve Soutlhera- ,,
ers at Cairo-.-l11orrib/e Disr'oc~r,,-. a
A day or two since the river guard at ti
Fulton di:cover'ed a body floating in
the river opI.msite that p, int and a
procured a skiff and r-ecuted it. It N
proved t) be that of a weýll dress.ed
young man that had been .in the wte
ter several days. It was tJemmash,,re, .
and ulp'ol the breast was foutl w iit
ten in indelible ink the words : "-La- L
test from (':aire." The body wa.- lit
eraily riddled with musket balls, :a',,
the right thigh to the head, on' l:l
having penetrated the necki, j.t be
low the ear. The body was I,"ol,a
bly one of a lman who had fearkel-.sly
dared to express his sentimme1ts ii, t
Cairo, and was murdered thu: cruel
Iv by the scoundrels there. T'lhe
day of retribution is near at LhanId,
however, and we be tothem who ths
tdisgrace humant ity.
Memphis Avalanche,
Tlhisky i, .the Camps..-The f!dl
lowing is fromu the Martinsburg cor
respondent of the New York IHerald:
( en. Williams made what the boys
c' all a monster toddy yesterday, by
knocking. in the -4eads of two Lup
dred and liftyv barrels of new "old
rye," alias corn whisky, at the still
owned by, Lieutenant-Cotonel Start,
r of the Comnfederate forces, and pour
ing most of it in the neighboring
e.brook. A guard was at first put over
- it to protect it, but the smell was so
- strong that it overpowered them,,and
L. they slept.on their posts. Then came
the thirsty.ones and.their name was
legion,.and drank of the liquor with
i evil con equoeces to themselves and
- the public.. lRence the General's
r great toddy ,fk.irng,. A drunkensol
di . now is like. snow. in sunimer.
Svve ence .in to-day'paper an
the pU~bl Iation of Hon. John C. "
Breeckenridges speech, and will con
clude it in to-morrow's issue. It is
bold -and statesman-like, being de- Na
livered by this gentleman on the re- fla
solution pending in the senate of the T"
United States relative to the appro- pa,
val of the acts of Mr. Lincoln. We set
fee1 confident that every reader of nu
the News, will think as we do, after ed
a careful perusal of a speech, as m
could emanate only from such a man col
as Mr. Breckenridge, he takes a he
bold and defiant position, and fully
sustains himself in it. Let this doc
ument be carefully read and preser
Our fellow citizen, Col. B. L.
llodge, arrived yesterday. from
Richmond, and proceeded to Spring
ridge. It is the intention of the Col.
to form a regiment of mounted meon
for which pturpo.o lie has a comnmis
sion, and will cuinience operations
inintediately, we iiundtrstand.
New Orleans Correspondence.
Secial to the )Daily Neow..
New )ORLEANs,,
July 24, 1t81i. j
lon (.Cr; ('C,/on,l :
'T'he excitement and anxiety occa
sioned by thel receipt of the news of
our glorious victry at .Mala:-asjttlue
tion, ihas atated but little. A very 1
naturalr des'londl'ncy pervadcs aInly"
of our tifaily circles as each ut moment
they expecct to hear of the loss of k
sotie' oine near and dear to them. Not sI
witlhstant ing this depressiou, there i si
a manit;statuon -of exultant jy I,,'r
vading theli conlunity which serves
in a Uneasturc, to buoy the spirit of H
-all ciasses anlu look the 'wrst in the
face with fortitude. 'TIhat hundreds
of outr brave Louisianians have shed V
LI their life-blood on their, countrys al
ter, there is no doubt, but our losi, st
is small when coxuvared with that of
C our dcspot ie etllneluy. From dispatch- o
0 es received last evening, we may beL
i, nclinied to believe that Lincoli doe
Snot know hIow to "appreciate" this
suund thlrashing, forht is muarshalling ft
hi.s demoralized forces again for
t slaughllter. According to the enemies
, account, terror would -give but a faint
idea of rthe teeliug that pervaeti4d the r
ilying hrds. 'The "race for life" at
w Great. Bethel sinks to iusignificcnce a
- when compared to it. Less than
i I 15,00( pt to flight 32,000 of the
glorious -'Sons of the Sun." The
passage in the Good Book which
- bays that one can clhase a thousand t
- and two can put tell thousand to
t tfigiht," is in this case clearly appli
Scatle. All their celebrated batteries
1 art,: urs, seige guns are ours, loaded
It 1Mukets antd Litles, by hundreds are t
d ,urs, together with wagons, flags and
et-utipmilcnts cuttgh to supply another
s :tlilny. uret'ly the God of Battles,
t- has .sliled on us and to his great Inal(e
: be all tilhe glory.
- The blockading squadron at the
moithli of thet river has been incrcas
1 e( tromu tw, to tive.. ''he presen'ice ot
an English sjqu(dront shortly in tihe
Gult, is doubtless Ote of reason: fur
lOld Ape's "t'.trnal vigilance." A
i frigate has tieen round visiting amnti
'1 gav Mr. 3Iertvite Admiiral etc., ,of Ii.
IltY. 1l., to know that he was: not :tt
i td, tending t, his duties prlo.rly. It
a cllision ti twet ,ei 11. i. AJ. ntvatl
',,rces and th,,s,' of 1. . 31. ever
occur e hte tutt of the river will
doubtless be thlie scene of iaction.
A card signcd by nearly all Cotton
r Factors appears in the morning pa
I: pers reque.titug planters to keep their
cotton on their plntitations until uo
y tikied by their mertchants in this ci
- ty wthen the blockade, is raised. It
ld is only anl unnlecessary expetnseo to
ill send it now, as there is no way of
rt, getting it off1 1)oubtless English.
ar- speculatcrs lhere would purchase it,
ing for they want it, but we should be lts
ver magnanimous on our side and "lert
so them want it" until, such time as
md they recognize, us as a nation, a
mne great and a free people, and thes.we
as shall return them the compliment by
ith letting them have .King Cotton.
ad Planters keep your cotton for there's
al's a good time oming-just wait a lit
ol- tle longer.
The O.. . war steamer nmtar is
ayin Jessee with Ale' craft. She
;n nRearly a dozen into Cuba,
an bhq ed a number of 'other*s
1Y'~iik s re in,a rage. Tip
Sul n~taniaF. ]Ddvis, have com- FA
pletely out witted them-the latter
having actually taken a prize off
Nalntueket shoals, under the French
flag which she sails-another is re
ported taken off Long Island Sound.
The latest numbers of the New York
papers have copious details of the
seizure, of those two privateers. The
number of prizes seized and captur
ed by our vessels to. the present is
41. The weather for the past two
mornings is very bracing, and almost nt
cold. It is welcome, after the long Ni
heated term. The city is healthy.
Au revoir
For the Daily News.
To Bettle.
When hope my heart with rapture fills,
And bids it to aspire,
I think of thee, then all its ills
1)o rapidly retire.
I think of thee when e'er the past,
With ho]ile's uand ti'ars combined,
And joys that tire too briglht to last,
Conme rushing or'e my mind.
I think of thee when e'er I dare
'T'o) hople for future bliss,
And ct',ol rti, g'r,-ater lpleasure share,
With a world like this
I thinitik fthee when fancy brings.
'Th,'e ilittre to lay view,
i" lt.et, nil," hopes, my hlnppinesy,
Are cente-tred ill in you.
.1. ii. I(.
Alother Jackson .-(Capt. HIowell,
IT. S. A., was killed at Canton Mo.,
on the 4th irst, l,v Richard Seward, C
keeper of tlihe hotel in the village, who
slh,t hitui fr hatling down a seces- I1
rio) tfag.
A ZIarnii:r , to Lincoln.--'he
Itic hluond correspondent f i'the Menm
lihis Alla'tl, in a letter d(;ite'd 12thi
inst., uttl' r gfivi tgt the lpart:ic ulars of)t
( ol "l:athIr'.s vi-it 0o Waslhing:on rn
I)(ehiLlt ;,t the crew cf. the Satvatn'inah,
ttu'thtr t ai's :
It s oa;ks well for the 1)romp)titidev
of this (Jcve'rnmnlent. that it did not
wait t~, r.eeive inlorllnatitni of th*."
senteuce of 'tikLl;kr autl the second
officer of ti'e S'avannlah, before inter
fering to arrest the further progress I
of ])r ct'(edings. As soon as ll(nws
real'ch.it this eitvthat the trial throughi
whlic thlt i ji>:ýitnel "wVere hurried had I
resulted in theeir convictiou, Prei- -
dent D)avis dir,. upt and displatcttl'd
a lett er off warning anid icltirostilst!r-aice.
i ill which, after duly settilig firthl thli
facts of the case, as well as the law 1
applical,le thereto, tle Lincoln unstr
pation was w;:rneud thalt any atterltt
to intlict upon the pri~conltrs tilth til
'alties (,f pliracy, would Ile folloh%-wd
1,1 itncetli att r.talitticon upon the
6 prisoners th, , l:,'nalti'e of piracy,
i wru. lt ht ftillwaed lby itntlie(liate re
Stat!iatii, uIpon tihe part of thie (;ov
ot'truaie it ,t tilte .'c!:(oi der'at:! States.
r That this warning is ino idle threat.
,every Ot' whtr kno tws ithe ironi will
' and itufi'xitl' purposet ':f' tiho L'Presi
d.tlit is fully aware, tIti in flit' pur
e suit of thel plicy thus i:nicated, lie
has the cordial and 11lim'llttiitous al,
trtval of everyv tiinlber oft' the Ad
d ministration, as well as the sanction
i,, th.ie topiular t''eiliit!. Se it rests
- twilh tlit,, F"'ecral I oviI.rnmlii.lrit ti diue
t iernine whet'hvr it will innutirati
i one ot the bloodiest and umost rel'e'it
- h :s cit il wars that ever dark.nedd
i. the pig' tfl hiistory wh\itL te llstor
l ofi,, its atrocities. Will they-dare
rthe'' dcit ' We shall see.
M71anwlield Fefuale College.
I).SoTro P'AtIst LA.
r |[:, Fal session of this Institution
\ will open on Wednesday, 2nd 1
October leti 1, with a full and efficient
l:icuhl 1". The dolnestic department
will he lunde(r the inlnediiato superin
tendencii of the President and his
lady, and every effort will be made 1
to promote the comfort of those en
trusted to their charge.
}For othe.r information, Address.
CHIIAS. B. STUART, President.
Mansfield, La
4 (iallis for sale at oost. It is ex
cellent for burning, or can be used to ad.
vantage by Painters, as .a smtstitute for
Linsed Oil. Apply at the News Oflice.
1 olesale and 1Kitail Deaile r in
FAIL YV A FANC)Ir WjE !"'it)f
Liquors and Tobacco,
Sh-eport. I.:,
A good assortment ot the : b.,V:
nwuned articles constantly on handl.
No 6b--d1v
ovt . \rt, . ," .
Ont this out and put it in <a:
pocket, and if you need anvthin,: in
our line. try us.
COURT .oUSE Texas stret, %.l r)
BR,..CH CIT.IZENS' BANt , i , "l"n
corner 3Market.
'llu ,S , r,.1:I.AN CI(:,( on, R,.v. I,.
3I'A llister,on Nark t a"d Milan -..
)BAPTST CaHUR( , Rev.o (. Tuck, r,
c.rne.r of Market r.d Tr:avis .:-.
o 'l r I',. CIR o't1, {e.v S.1t.*uurat
corner of Market and Fanlin st.-.
CErle -jI.ALIAN CuciH, Tihe'. A. Y
Ru"le:l l ,corner of 3ak:tand Fla. in
Str lee. t r s.
CAT'lUi(IS CHeRcl'!, Rev..1. ]'i'l rc.
1 Fainu, lbetweCen E:dward and .Mla: -
sall .t reet.
IsRlt:Lu I.i ('ncllicII. Rev. PF. t n- t: .
TI xa\L- str. near the ( ',urt ,.us-.
Ready Proof P r' ss.
Patented .Tlune Ist., 186i1.
To Country IPublisht:rs.
liii: want of a l,.l:: 'lr. ''f pr,
has long be.n filt Ibv publishers ,t
t.utltry paper s and .n'all Jlob t ºtWc",.'.
T'l'le un,!,:r.igneld kn,,w ing this tr,,zn
Slx.w'i,.nce, ] s iLn ventdII a b l 'ss (t.
thi.--1 - rt (similar to l le f ('1.'s) and
,,Iuns it to thle ralnt as the cheapest
i, th," a:ruket. Instt':lt 'if a solid
ca t-irll vlinler, it is maile ,t ftheet
ii-, and1 tilled, le ing at decided ian
provt-etlt, as it "i ' elasticity to
t, the cylinlder. Thte c,,t tof an or
diii-y lrof pre.- i..- 3J, while this
Only $20.,
Terms cash..---Boxing .- extra.
Printers know the i.th-eets of taking
I proof. on the hand pnr.s. 'I'le pro
cess being not only .louw, lut i ouriou
t both to the nress tanl the yvpe
This press ob ia.tes all th,.-e dio.a
vantages. it might also be used to
Sprint small bills.
It is nude light for tr:ianportation.
weighing lnot over 75 pounds, thn bed
being made of seasoned inch plank
It can be plced on a table or box, and
reqtuires but little room.
1rinters .visiting Shreveport art
requested to cull and set the press.
Addres .1. 1)DI(CKINSON.
Shreveport, La
Papers ublishing the above witl
She entitle to a deduction of ten pou
ecut in. comae they purchase.

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