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The tDaily News.
Job Printing Office.
Pamphlets, IBlanks,
r.T And erlery de.criptison -f .To0.
()ur facilities for doing job work
ar: uusurpass(ed by any establislhnmeui
in the State, and wef'eel confident that
satisfaction will be given to those
who may favor us with their piatronage.'
WVe have on hand a od a articlel of
and a fine assortment of fine busiune.-s
and CHINA surfae-d.
White tnd colored.
llons for sale at co . Itis x
v-ztag- by Painters, as a subtitute - or
Lias~ed Oil. Apply at the News Office.
.IT Postmast&rs are requested , to
nct a- agent. for the News, and re
£ ,in ten per cent ftomamount forwarded
NstaL Aihliws of the ejtedratee
" States,
*AN ACT, to be entitled an art to
prescribe the ratcs of puostage in the
Confederate States ~,t America, and
for otlur purpo.scs.
AeC1'ION 1. The Congrets of flee Con
t'derate States of Amaerica do enact,
That from and after such period as the
Postmaster General may by Iprecla
ilation announce, there shall b echarg
td the following rates of postage, to
wit: For every single letter sealed
and for every lettor in imanuscript or
paper of any kind upjon which infor
nmatio shall be asked for, or counmu
nicatein writing,or by imxarks or signs
conveyed in the mail tfr any distance
between places within the Confedrate
States of America, not exceeding 500
mile:, .5 cents; and for any distance
exceeding 500 miles, double that rate;
and every letter or parcel not exeed
ing halft' an ounce in weight, shall be
deeumed a single letter, and every ad
dtional weight of haltanu ouuce or ad
ditional weight less than half an ounce
shall be charged with an addklitional
single postage; and all packages con
taining other than printed or written
matter, and moiev packag, s in
cluded in this class, shall be rated by
weight as letters are rated, and shall
he charged double the rates of' postage
on letters: anda, all drop letters or let
ters placed in any lpostAlicec not for
transmission but fur delivery only,
sh:dl be charged with pstage at the
rate of two ceunts each ; and in all the
foregoing cases the postage must be
prepaid by stamps; and all letters
which shall hereaft r he advertised as
repmahning over or uncalled tfor in any
postoliee shall be charged with two
cents e:ell in addition t t the regular
postage, both to be. atc'eouuted tor as
other postafges of this ('cofeehkration.
" e'. 2. And bi, it firther enacctA:d,
That all newspapers not cxcee'diug
three ounces in weight, sent from tithe
office of publication to acttnal and ho
aj fide subscribers. shall be chargedl'
with postage as f;llo)ws, to-wit : the
postage on the regular numbers of a
newspaper pulblislhed weekly within
the State where lpul,li-hed, shall ,hef
cents perquarter; Iand papers publish
ed semi-weekly, doulle that rate:
and puapers pullishl'd thrice a week,
treble their rate : and palpe,,rs pul lish
id daily, sii times that rate : * amd
the ,po.stage on all n.ew-papers to ae
tual subshcrilcbers witlhout the MLate
where publi,-lied, shall he charge'i
double the fitreg . ging rot 'es: antd in-ri
odiicals sent from the otffice of publi
cation- to actual and h,,, .idc, : uscri
hers, shall he char-edl with postagoas
ftllows, ti-wit; the' postage. on the
regular numbers of a peridclicad, itot
'exceeding one and a half ounces in
weight. and ptublishw5l mttonthly, with
iln the State where pulblished, shall bII
3 cents per qlwirter; if pucbliseed
semi-mnonthly. double that rati; and
for every additional ounc,' or f ratct ion
of an ounce, doublie the t;,regoding
rates slhall be charged; and periodi
cals published quarterly or li-imonthly
shall be char'edl oue( cent n otunce ;
and: the )postage on all iperiodicals
without the State where publlisheid,
shall liet dcloble the al,,ov- ,lpecitie(l
rates; anud regular sulscriters to
newspapers and periondie:ls --hall bt,
required to pay one qluarter's 5po stage
in adlvanc'e. And there shall bc, hca'erg
ed upon ewrv e other net wspapcr ald
each circular not sealed, handIlill, en
graving, pampldet, pelridical antl
magazine which shall Ile utcunlutected
with any manuscript or writte'n mat
tcr, not exceeding three' Ounces ill
weight, 2 cents: and fhr each addi
tional ounce or firaction of a~n oiunce, 2
cents additional; and in all csc.'s. the
pistage shall be plrepaid by stathilps.
And bonks ,hound or unbhound, not
1reighling over fcur 1ioundis, shall hbe
deneed mailable matter, and shall be
chargted with postage, to lw prepaid
by stamps, at 2 c(nts per ouince, fobr
any distance. The puhllishers) fnews
papers or periodicals in-y sond te,
each other, from their resjeective fffi
ces of publication, free of postage,
onile copy of each publication.
$ Kc. 3. And be itfrrtker enaucted,
That it shall be the duty of the
Postmaster General to provide and
furnish to all Deputy Postmnasters and
to all other pdrsons ajplying and pay
ing lerefor, sitahble postage stamps,
tndttampted envelolpcs of the denom
ination of two cents, five cents, and
twenty cents, to facilitate the pre
payment of postage provided for in
this act; ,ad any peison who shall
forge or counterfihit any postage stamp
provided or furnished under the pro
visions of this or any former act,
whether the same are impressed or
printed on or attacked to envelopes.or
not, or any dies, plate or engraving
therefor, or shall make,- or print, or
knowintly use or sell or hlave in.pos
session,.,'ith ·intent to use orsell, any
such false, forged or counterfeited
dies, plate, engraving or postage
stamp, or who. shall make, or print, or
authorize, sr procure to be made or
printed, any pastage stamps of the
kind provided and furnished by the
Polstmaster GCimteral as aforesaid, with
out the especial authority and direc
tion of the POstftlice, lepartment, or
who, after tmuch postage stamps have
been printed,zshall, with intent to de.
fraud the revenues of the I'ostotlice
L)epartment deliver any postage
stamps to any person' or persons other
thani such as shtill be autlwrized to
receive.the aune by any instrument
of writing, duly executed under the
hand of the Postmaster General and
the seal of the P'ostolhice IDepartment
shall, on conviction thereof be deemed
guiilty of felony, and be lunished by
at ine not exceeding $500, or by im
prisonment-not exceeding five years,
or by both such fine and. imprison
nlent.; and the expenses of procuring
and providing allituEh postage st anps
and letter envolopeu as are provided
fori or aqthborized bythiýr act,-shnll be
paid after being adjusted by the Ap
ditA ef"tbhe Postofliue Department on
tlhe certificate of the 'Postmaster Gen
eral out of an.y iniey in the 'Ireasury
arising from the i~'enucs of the P'ost
ffice i)epartment.
"Sec 4. And ,,e it Jurtlwr enacted,
That: it shall be the duty of every
Postmaster to cause to be defatceud in
such manner as tile Postmaster (;en
iertl shall direct, all postalge stamps
of this ('contftderacy to letters depols
ited in his ,tlice tfr delive'ry or to be
seat by mail: and if any 1Po'stmaster
sendimg letters in the nmail with stch
postatge stamllp attached shall omit
to dlfwe the same, it shall be the
duty of the Postmaster to whose
oftice such letters shatll be sent for
delivery, to deth;ee the stampsantd re
ptrt the dcelinqll.nt P'ostmiv-ter to the
Postmnastetr General. Ans if any per
son shall uset. (or attemlP to use, in
prIepayment of postage, any postage
stamps which shall lha! been befo're
used f ,r like pmurpose.,, such pei.rsmns
shall be suhject to a penalty of fifty
dollars for everv -.uch otfojnse, to be
recovered in the name of thl' Conitfd
•.rate States of America in alily court
If ctclq ., u jurisdiction.
"' ,c :i. And 1.c it /furt/,"r cuna,'tl'd,
lihat firoii and after th," day when
this act goes into eftect, tihe
frankingip ri vilegh,' shall be abolishe.d;
prorc.ded, that thli"e 'otmalster (l;cer
al and his chief clerks. amid the Audi
tor it the 'l're-surv for the 1'ostofhice
)elpartme'nt shall 1be and they are
ltereb authorized to tiai:simiit
through the mails. firee f pitostage.,
tny hltters, packags, or othe.r mat
ters r'lating e xclu.-ivc'el to tli.ir oili
cial duities, or to thle bsiness of th11.
Pn-tsifie l)elpartment; hiut thei
shall in tvery such cas, ed,,lrs,,e
t h1 back if the letter or packages to
he sent free of postage over their own
ign:tutires, the words, 'O()ilicial busi
iess,'and for :UiV such endorseitelnt
s;'ely made. tlh'e per-o:,n so, ,ofil'ndinig
itall frtit anid paty taxes !:tt00; (and
proriilned f tr/her, th11 several 1).lpuy
I'ost ,llt r. th lru e, ut thel ( ' mid'ler
ate Shall shall be and hereby are au
thiriz.ed to send through tilt inailh
teW of,, postage' all letters and pack
g.es whiich it may be their duty, or
they may have ,c.t-i,, ii to transmit
to ainy persmnt or place, and which
shall relate exclusively to the busi
news of'their rn'.-pctive offices, or to
the business of the- Postoffice Depart
ment; but in every such eaise the
L)eputyv Postmaster sending an y such
letter or lackager shall endor.se there
on, over his own signature, the words
'Postotlice eusiness,' and for any and
every such iindirsemencit, falsely
laide, the' peraon making the same:
sihall foirft'eit id pay 8300.
See. 6i Amu be it furtlher eamcted,
lThat the third section of an act en
titled an act fu't1.'er to uamnrend an
eact entitled an act rto reducenndnmod
fi- the rates of postage in the UnLited
States, and for other purposea pass
ed March 3. 1851,' approved March
3, 1855, whr-eby the letter registra
tion system was cstablished, be and is
hereby repealed from and aftor the
dlay when this acot goes into effect.
"Sees .BRe it fJrthrler enacted, ete,
That no letters shall be carried by the
express or other charterdd iomlpan
ies, unles this sante shlall be propalid
by being enclosed in a stainpl en
velop of this Confederacy; and any
cosmpany violating the provision of
this act shall forfeit and pay the sumi
of $500 for each offelnse to he' recov
urrld by action of debt iU aIlny court ef
this Confederacy having cegnizance
thelreof; in the name and for the use
of this Confede.racy.
Sec. 8 Be it j.rther enactedl, That
the Pstiaaster (xGeneral of the Con
ftederate ,tates be' and is hIerhy, a'u
tholrized to mnakxe all n.cessary' ar
raeg'emlents for the transl,ortation of
mails between the territoriehs of this
and othe'r Gov'errnxments, subject to
the approval of the Presidelnt until
postal treaties can be efliceted."
"'Passed Feb. 21, 1 61."
oF T1i.l
111NS01 It. BANNEIt.
T HE Bossir lBanner is published
at Bellevuxe, La., at three dollars per
anlltiun to single subscribers. Adver
tis.-elents inserte'd at. S1 per square of
ten lines or less, and 50 cents for each
sulstNquvnt insertion. l'Protifessional
:ntl businiess cards not exceeding one
square, including paper, ten dollars
lper;ullnul i ; livedollars tbrsix months.
Aldvert istse ftr tihe year inserted
on very liberal terinms. 'T'he Banner
is an independent paper, and has as
large a circulation as anyI paper pub
lished in Nortl Louisiana. Address
Editor and Froprietor.
To Country Printers, & Merchants.
The thrilities of the Shreveport
Daily N," .
iwe such as to enable us t., do prin
t anI descril,ption, at the Shortes.t no
'riinters se.nding orders, can have'
(101idoue. at suiflicient low prices to
enable theml to realize a fthi, jrocit, on
h' sane.
7he 31/a0m / mu.~t st/W,'. ac!"yo:aany
the orde r.
Country merchants, can save time,
r,,ubhl, and expene, by seanding all
1heir orders for .(13-' PRINTI NO, at
the News Office, Shreveport. La.
IIorser Shoeing 'Two i ollars. ,(no-2
e IRl'l' IlolsH ''rexas stree.t, on Ed
IRAve'II C'rlTz.I.'s' |LANK, 3lilnam st.
c-ornlxr ~Market.
POS'r OIFxI :e'l, lMa'rket street, nh.ar
M1'Allishtr.on MI-lrktet alnd Mi ilatu sts
iAP''lsu'r C(xeite'li, Rev. G. Tucker,
coliner of MI :rket lnd T'dravxis sts.
.IET'ODIms'x' T(,t'HRCI, ReV] . B. Surat.
col'utxr of'Marke't and Fanxnin ats.
FPi'I'OPAIIAN ('lluit'll, R1ev. A. r
Ituissell, corlixe of Ma]lrket and Faxlin
DATnIOLI CIuvaRCl, Rv. J. P'ierre', ou
Fannin, between Ed~wrd antd Mar
shall street.
•T[exas str. near tite Coulrt Ilotuse.
"lreveport lPricow ( "l .'il
Corrected Erxp.rrly for the ID)il4y .w'"
t.l0ta. _ .......... 8 r, 1
COFFP.......i. 25 'a :;
I1cE:.......... . . 7 a S i
BIACON, Shoulders. 14 ýrw" )-0
.Hams .... 11 % 00
`ides..... . _. 0
LARD.............. 5 '. 17
IR ION ............ i r 1- 7
I Ro. COTTON T'lEs, 0 10
CANDIPj2 ......... ,  ',
CIHESSE IE. ..2..'3 .
SPUNA R 2 -r. ...... : a -
LEAD............... 9 r'a . j .
w .IisgKY, P' gall.. 45 ra, ,
4MOLASSES......... . . . 3 4.
OIL, Lard ...... _ l 50'- 1 0,-.
Linseed. .. I1 7.3 ',- 4
F'Lorn, P" barel .-. ( 00 'atl) 00(t
ST'exacs, 100 1 t, 3 00 a 4 .4 5t
PORKi............ R 0 'a :i
LI.MJ11E ............ _ 1 , .
VINF , IAR.......... 4 ' I6 :(1
CEIT:x'r........... 4 00 I.
P'oTA'r-RoES, +' barrel 3, 5o 'ii. 0 (H ,
LB3;cANo, India... 16 ' ' 18
IKentucky 18 [' 20
Cons, 4 bushel..7; 55 ;,. (o
()AT-...... _..... 00 O0n
IRA., 4' cwt..... t 15 .
HAY.......... 2 75 r
I',WDeR., K... 18 00 ru'2(4 4)0
NAILS,._ ........... 6 00 ' 7 00
-1'r', " bag ..... 2 :37A, 2 7
SALT, P' tack .... 0 )0 a, :" (4)
It F'RI:II;H'I'...... 1 00 .. 2 . ".
DOWN., ('or'roN . . 00 -- "
al rrov'p ort (.'oI 1 , alarhl-ti ,
Correrted ExpresslJ for the Daily \.cw .
Inferior.............. 0 r2 0
Ordinary ........ ..... 0 'G 0
(;oud Ordinary. ...... ( r', 0
Low Middling........ 7 0.
Middlia _ .............8 , -
;od 3Tiddling........ 9 ra '4:
N (,- O(lrlenns I~rices. C(urr,.,
,.......... 3 ra. 9
-I-0 :.fP ..... ... 30 ', 35
lICE.............. 3 ra 4
li.co, Shoulders._ 12 i'. 13
Imnis..... 17 rda 20 t
ides ..... 17 , o ,.
LAW',...... ..... O16 15
lu,. ........... 4..'a ;
1.'.1 DlI.;.s . .2...... 1 ra L,;
CIuI _ . .S ........ ..... 00 a. 0t)
SI1INYAIN ...... 00 "d
L.t. D ............ 0 ca 00
W. l.-k ', '' gall.. _ :7{G
I.As iS-: .......ra' 2.5
i.AR 4tI1.,........ 1O0 'a. 1 2.5
Jinseedr, ... 1 50 'a' 2 01)
FI!r('1, 1V; barrel.. 7 00 ra 6 o0,
'ORK............. :10 00 "i00 00
LI Er, ..... . _..... 2 00 'a 3 00
\'I E:;A l . .... - .... : 0 0 0 '3 - 5
EME'rt. .......... 00 w
',r'rmTEs, t' bbl. 1 00 d. 6 00
lIAtuINt, India... 14 r 15
Ke'ntuckv.. [email protected] 16
CoN', . 3P i)uhl el... t' 5
().0 S ............ 00 ( a U 10
.NL, 'P7100 lb.- I () 00 '
1lAYi , P to ..... 39 04)0 1a.'4l1 11
Pt' usI.ix, P keg... 13 00 r3a 1 o 4)0
.IIx.s ........ .... 0 07 'r,
SiT,'i, 1 hag..... 2 50 : 00
H.LI.. aek0..... 3 00 t 3 0.5
Ne'V ()rle-sula IC'attl 1NIarlrltt.
'l'ex:as. 'P head,l I(Ity 0 O(l0'a ;;n0
:-d titv- .......... u1 0Ora18 I ,S
Ve .al ('att-le. P head. . 7 (11 (10 0()1
DlI ep, 'P head, lstgqty .1 00ra .3 05 '
I iInerior.......... 2 503(, 4 04t
1l1/,, 1(00 lb1). grm.-s. 0 o41'a 6 44
\iltch Cows , P head. :'4o i a I0 O (1(+
a2d quality.-...... 1G o0ri:30 o(4
ishrleveh 'ort 11ide Allstrintt
t+crrt ctrd Daily by N. (;. "T'ryon
L)RtYI ]ui'I ........--... 'i3. G
;REIeN do ........... . :i
I)EERl SKIN.S......... 10 'i, ]2A
"r"t'z "d ........... ..'3 r 1 00
rITTR" ".. .... 215 ' 31 r -
l'ALLow.. ............. 6' -
Ice Cream and Soda Water
)n 'ITexas Street, bhtw,9'n Markt &
E'dward, at Mrs. "Well'.s old ltand.
'Takes paamure "to infirm I' dii..
und genltlemen, that he hau i~re-opund.
and keeps onhand, Lesides the ablJ)ere 4
confectionaries and fruits, etc., and
would 1e pleased to receive ;i vi.it
From his former patronls.

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