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SIirceveport Wi £ a¶
H.'wae Shreveport Daily News,
/',df;...'`, d ?arl! sdvuj. lWedlnrsday, Thurs
uaI, .rindag, anwi Satuirdtiy ,,orniun,
o)gffce, ou Tevas Street,
W.RM 6
l1. ..i .* ;rr t ear itt aldlttlP('-- - -- - ,i".(A)
I ib t,r, ,f )~V (Jtrlil r, 2tt . ult
%V I.I? .'hltit ;by) ill adrl-ca '2... ._'d.$)
i ".· ti: I "1'IL'.' cj \1-I":L:Ki~~S O.J(.Y.
I ii i Ic 0 of twe'rl Ilns f't 1155
i ll f, ir.st tilertiuau.. _ ... "_____
1*.. 1'eº1' l'IIE ju ci jg,
__ ' c c o
ri 1U; 1- )) 17 20)
-'.Jl 143... 1 4 I7 1 X 30
"1 -~urý *j.<p lr~ 1 i.i ' ;1: ' :L5j 40)
I t l re:" ' ui t 9 *0:0
"ri~lr~u, lrýd:' :11,::4 3 j 44) 5e.
' `'i 4 45 il) (' 711
41 "t; :I:1!i f 6t) 701 4)
- 9. - ti 4 Ii) 7(1 9I9 90)
-n"; : . -. 49t:0 1;n` 4)9r 7-, t-( 9' 4f
91 rII . 4927''M ' 7' 11"l4j(9J:..SJ54
*'" plni ot 'i,tIulJ tnd business cards, (iv
nthe Dily paper,) not exceeding
" _ to'. f 1r 12 Inc,1t19. i15--wtllotlt
S.i *.. .ti r a'ii l f irs! Is unt tlnl iildl , iticlu
\ 'it'i.:t'iipts pmublished1 It tuirreular
* . , 1"::1. -"I 1K"1 Sq ttai-c for nawl iru It'rtiiin.
Itau) nnwiu;" * tO i jltittt". i rr a I)isith t or
*[Ir 1 . - 1i(t'. :10: i*4u' a I itri sh (242ic , 1
' i~i. t id (i'-- tt.Ie pa -id be pulv icite.
:I ý11" 22 0411i , lih e, ituer ttde c isrted till
ur"i~. It ! lner?- llh·, r s:iI·tted.
! *nlii~r (,' ~primlgand I arrin
! IIRI~vr nI L i''1
l)1.ALJL'- IN
/ ,-. P :,;,fS. 0d* . .5,",OFis/as(il l~:\ M 1:1.R
Sh;lrcvepout, Ucxas St.
Sý. I~JlX .OX,
Office nearly opposite the
Pj)t. /_ (8ir.
'lice, curnh~r Mlaxkt~t : -J1 ilaiu . st:..
(.)jqm.idc /he LBunk.
1 I{ I : c (: IO '', TA
1). D. U(YBH1EA',
%e«-wpilpa i Adsertising
Itfilt, culrle~r Gorr!1 St. and Exchili l"..
J. l'e(CN. 6 I,
NEiw ()RIaEANs, LJ.A
"\ %V.eklv City (Corrrspoiid(mcin in
:In hliA. 1rench I, (riiinann ant! "Span
- h l.:inguntes;, furnishled oni Ifll(Ie~r
JL UST RECE1VED.-A tine lot
!J of Dried 'Biffalo Beef from Tex
t:. which will hbe old cheap for casli
'2 a 1i:) j2-,f' L~. BIER.
Attorneys & Counsellors at Law.
S/rercyort, La.
YsI ACTI &L in opartnershiip iv da
port, and in the iiarisliiw of I)e Soto
aud Bossier.1.
Office on MYarkct sltreed nenr ,ljlnin.
11:3-d-y .
LOOXE1 Y 4. T.EL Lf'S,
Attorneys 4' CWunIe/lor at La.;,
\XlJrL practice in the Court of'
Caddo ac id surrounding parishe'., .11(1
ini the SuJprelue( Co.%urt at Monr1o,. anul
Alexsaiidria. f)fice on MJrko -trui't,
near the Postoffice, Shlrev1,port, La.
i44-l vet
H10 DGE 4' A US TIN.
Attcxrit~y~ at L~ax,
O(fLue rcurr (_'IihlCr.n 4' 5" Be(rd'.,tore.
-Cor. Te"x~o. ,iud Sprin ,t,.
111-1V(1' SuInI VV ruu(r~r. LA.;
fl)fire u'ith r.. jr. ivw/t. (r,,frC
;3unim and .1J1o'rket .strtets. ,,:t4,J- Iq
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
(Aifire, opjio.ri/te Po!vt (/icc,
SllREV FPOitT, L.\.
WVil pruectiet in t11e4 C(oUrts o'f
caddo. 1)(aoto, and lossie.r. ld11'
L. 31. N 7'J"._
Att u1Iley y at JlldVV
0/flue:, 'rrnerl 3Ifi/am 4" Al~ekut Street*.
I'rictices in Caddo, Ii(,. ier :ad
I)eSnoto. nJl O-1 vd
I. U. 0. F.
iý'"'~ 1 11(" 1'1 r ':!~ll ll1ll' It i lft:_ c (i
NE"/ 1 II LODGE, .X\o. 21, nr' held
,oil Wied'ne'sday 'i EVEiin ii. :at 7 E'cI 'eck.
1 ~ . >a,'J .S l c.
;Lt their Lod- It~ r r l +, 11 l.\. JI. S(1' l t.
N. `F. L11111ti( IN, ý;,1 :(I rt llt l llr). 11111L(·:
- --- -- 1 I T L4S U N1 c - -
A ~~~~~~1 / 'J VIF~TLoD t1
J - and IA. M. \ . nlv5, ?t
I' ( . l·\ ; t. '' I Iii n i i'' i"lt rti ii II. 1 .
J. C 1'111:11"".J. V. ftO(:r".1.S
Ph;elps. & Ruer'er.
Grover's &'ollmhl iaiol ii eivrvi iit
1 t'c'l) lllllliit:i 1IV' 4 11:I1ii'. t In :. 1
lnrv pl 'aar11"l-t :1111 .-/U/- (( ni l/rg .
Ault:' lli e iintlaI." .'uI tvi1Ij- i tIn1'n t$ to
!!]r lriviifl"' ini New~ )r'ie'uv . a l''lil \
.I. 1?. Si//).ww. (. 1T. C'vdho,''i
Srimipuion & Caihovbn,
Rcc(itriii.' and L~irwvur(lºszte( i1gT'is,
H-aving loeased thi' popular rind eoninnv
dihnxR Wareo~u use ot :Mstes: Hoiward, 'I'clly
& Co., and having Ivadlong ex 'lllrienetin 1
business, we Hope to receive a share of the
public. patronage, and pledge'.murselves to
do all li our power to give entire santikfoc
tion U i1l bqineea ehtrustedi to our core.
All te* ask ;s m . ri(r/. : ,
e"It should be borne in mind that the
Daily News contains the latest intelligence
received at this point. Thie pIaper does inot
go to press until after the arrival of the miail.
It is delivered by Carrier ftr $8 per year or
$4 for six nionths..AS
I . Selected for the News.
may friend." said he you had better
take care lest your pig bring you into
Sa scrape. I just heard in the last
village I passed through, that a pig
lead been stolen, and the people were
making a great noise about it. I
fear-1 fear you have got the stolen
pig there; and if so it will go hard
with you down in the village yon
tier, a ducking in the loch is the least
you can expect," The simple Hans
was dreadfully alarmed at this piece
of intelligence. "For the love of
lheaven, do htelpmeontof this scrape !"
exclaimed. "You know the country
hereabouts better than I do,-take
ty pig nnd give me your goose."
I ought to have something into the
bargain to make all fair," said the
fellow : "but I will not be too hard
upon you, seeing you are in a sort of
herai et." With these words he took
tlhe pig and gave Hans the goose,
with which Ihe marched off right
glad of the excllhange. "I have not
got tlhe worst of the bargain, me
thinks," said Mans to himiiself, as lihe
hastenied otnward with Ihis white
goose tal 1; l his arm. "First, there
will it' suihl a roast: then, it is so
falt, I sht:" have seasteniing for my
broth a tfull half year; and the nice
whiite fiathlers will make me such a
sorft colflortrilde 1,illow that I shall
sleep ais contfortatltiy a- a prince. My
mnotht'r wiltl 1 ai happy woman when
Ssin' s'ees 1- All !"
Wiheti itnis hadl reached the last
village which lay onii his road hour-,
ihe perce'ived a scissor-grinde'r withi
his wheel and harrow, woirking aul
ngig very bvlitpeily. Mlans stood
ill twbile and gpi at hli-4 wek
at lase hei said: "Yos," r'pllie the
sti-:t-qli dir, t eliadv work is a
tiine orai liel to ireI . Youtlr title Cirs
Su r-gnilelr is a g Titleman. _1 eftett
a he puts hiis haul iutoi hl s puck* t
lti d Til l= d .eil l the're'. lut thait ;1-, :
iie ibirtlit of yýi"tlr : i h.eire did oiu
I itla-i. 'i~'L is lyc' gntitev ;t . j;.!* \\~sr.'(
" 1i l W d igi l u t lv y it :' aIi:: e r- I
e L ' alov, "It only giveI iny pit f. r it."
Iwil\ y rite lily c 3e " ;,)r it.i" --Aii,!
--Anrd howns g(otr c you ah. pig i"*Rb
ile', ..itv 'W I ghouvIa.' li, t-.' I r
St;nlght hint tor a pi'e iof gold as
ilrgi'e as my head." '' Anti the gild '
lAye. that was ;y \tages for teveil
good 'ears of seirvi' !' ""1ou have
Ieenl a Ilt' ky tellow hithterto, I per
ceiivt',** said the grinldeir ; 'but if 1ou
Could tied gold in your pocket as easi- J
lv as I do, yoar luck would be con- a
plete. ''And how shall I contrive to i
tto that ?" inquired Hints. -You (
lilust become a scissor-grindeir like
te ; andu ail that you wantt for that n
is a grintdsto&dite trest will comme of r
itselt. Ilere is Cite, a little the it-rese
ot thit wvear to le' sur't' lbnt it wiil serv'
Voltr pIrpose, and ax a trietld I will k.
let vou itave it fir little nmtre, per- t
haps, than the matter of your goose;
will you have it 't" "Have it !" an
swered Hlans, "1ow can you ask me t<
that; to be sur'e I should like to have s1
it; and it' you will give it to me I y
will hi' the luckiest man iin the world. ft
c What more could I wish than to find
e gold in my pocket as often as I pus
t my hand into it !'" So Hans gave
the grinder his goose. "Now," said
the other, giving him an old worn
out stone which lay at his side,
"here is a most capital.stoue for you,
only manage it well and you may
make an old nail eat with it. TPake
it, and begin your gold-winning.
r HaIns took the stone and'marched
Soff with it in great triumph. "Sure
tlly I mItt have been born in a lucky
hour," said lhe to himself, "every
thing goes so well with me !" Mean
while Hans began to feel himself
very hungry; but he could get noth
itig to eat for he 'had given away his
last penny for joy when he got the
cow. At last he got so tired that he
could not walk a step farther; so he
fsat down at the side of a little pool
with hTs great burden of a stone, and
was stooping to take a drink, when
the stone plumped into the well and
,sank to the bottom. Hans was over
joyed at thus getting rid of his only
plague, the great heavy stone, and
leaped briskly up to his feet, exclaim
in : "HIIow lucky am I! Sure
there never was such a lucky mor
Ital under the sun!" And with a
lilght and merry heart he walked on
till he came to his mother's house.
Hello, Sainbo' have heard the news?
Yes' iass:l, I hear mass Jeff Davis
bin arter old Ahe Linkuna.
SWell, what do you think about it
Sanibo? Tink! Why ever si iee I
hear him I biu tink old Abe jislike a
tian wid de guit.
With tihe pgut, Sanlbo! IHow do
vou make that out?
Caz all him misery is in te t/eat.Yah!
yahi! yah!
An Enl'k. l icr.-The London
Post, ( L'almnerstoian.) in its issue of
Aiuigst 13th, classes an article on
the war in the fAllowýing lanurage:
Actual warfare iii the United States
lhas now been waged for several
onthis. E very advantage, with the
-xleptioi of General 3cClellan's
tacc.-s in Western Virginia, has been
oi tlhe side of thie South. 'What has
Icl Northl gained ii exchange ? A
disgr acetui defeat, an aiiuunt of tax
attion which is u1tiarallti in the his
tory of Europetan nutijots, the utttr
sbversioll If c usiiititutonal liberty.
:nit.d, by . ais of prolhibiturrv tariti.
t he itlienati ol of the syu,athies ot'
their best cutoulters and. friends. It
:pilleais, furtther, that siavery is not
lie cauisc ofi thli lamentable cointLst.
It ;tlise5 truim conunrercill *jealousy;
and thuis VtLe see that in America the
great battli of) tiree trade as opposed
jirotectio is tynglht out. not by bus
tings :id hlattotrux speeches, but by
the Jlt'-, rat t?/io ruglalit.
Ti~" lc-atction in. te - Wst. he
.Jackson \Whig says the following is
ai extract tuinmm a letter to a citizen
of that place from a gentleman in
I shouild like to see vou very'
much, but I suppose it will he ome
tiumi before we will see enacl otlhr, as
youj hav-e mad up your mind to tnke
your chances with the No~uth. I
know I should do the same if I was
there. One thing is sure, and that is
that I shall never light agninst tl$ 1
South. I understand they are going t
to impress men into service, and if it
should be my luck to be ene of them,
you may look for me down there; x
for before I would fight im this Abo- I
I lition army, I would be shot. Tlhere
t was a regiment of <nfni left 1ie6 last
Snight for Missourir They were the
I most inferior men I ever saw. There
- is R great reaction aoingon 1eesince
,men begin to look at things coolly:
,Six weeks ago we did not dart say a
Sword againt the war, but since th'ey
are beginning to make'it an Aboli
tion war, we talk and say just what,
we like. It has& been very dificqlt
- to get volunteers, and it would he
nearly impossible to get them at all,
if they could-get anytthing else to do.
Testimony ofa Unionist.-The Mem
phis Appealof the 12th has the fol
Ion. Henry M. Waterson recently
returdied from Washingt6n, made a
speechon Monday last atMc-Minnville.
'lThe \EW - iA Says: "LHe reminded
his hears:i., his former devotion to
the Union, and informed them that
what he had seen at Washington had
thoroughly weaned him ifrom his
devotion to the "stars and stripes."'
lie said if we had no other cause, the
imbecility and wholesale rascality of
the Government at Washington was
sufficient to justify a disruption of the
old Union. He rtsepresenllts a complete
reign of teror at the old capital, and
expresses the conviction that a more
despotic and tyrannical Government
can not he found than the one which
acknowledges Abraham Linclon as
its ruler."
We hear it rumored, says the
Louisville Courier, that Major An
derson had telegraphed, or written
to Lincoln, at Washington, that if the
(Government endorsed the infamous
proclamation of FIr"mont in St. Louis,
that he should throw up his commis
sion and resign at once.
Some of the Efects.-If the north
arn press and letter-writers. are to be
ber eve'i, the effocts of Mr. Lincbln's
war arn beginning to " hurt" all hbran
ches of business. A letter from New
York says:
'l'the war is pressing hard on some
ef our tirst class educational institu
tions. 'Illhe general theological sem
inery of the Protestant Episcopal
church, in Twentieth street, I un
dePtand, is reduced to great straits,
financially speaking, so mucneh so that
it the etouirse ofa f.w days the trus
,,,,s w-illis nm an appeal for assistance
to the church at large, and failing in
that, the doors of the seninauy will
Irl'nably have to be closed until the
advent ol mnrre Iprsperous times,wh.en
liwv shall be able to convert to nc
count its immenlso landed estar.',
which ha:s been the ample source otf
its support in ordinary seasons, but
.w ihihl is now, like all of our city retal
estate, entirely unav;iilable.
The West Baton Rouge Sugar Pla
ter, of the 7th inst., says:
(ita of the couinuuittee appoipted to
colcket blankets, etc.. in his tour; lhe
received from s'veral slaves. and tltt
too, without hesitation or without
beini asked, the hew blankets givetl
thtu by their masters for wintor ls .
Are not stlhl donationsusnorv patriot:;
thaln those of the richiest white lumen
As soon as this fact b eca:mue known the
"poor down-trodden slaves" were
doutbly conp eusated tfor their temp ra.
ry deprivation.
ll(-JiduMinanil-[his feeling if
vye- e anly (levelopet d in Americt.
witneswthe following. Two boys wr-ntu
out to play with their hoops and kites,
Sam with heave, Joe without. Jco- me
his return homne got aflogging f;r his
presmuption and trepass. TPhe next
time he met Sun, he hailedhimthns:
" Sam, did your father lick you yes
teday?" "Poh, no" "Didn't he1 Well
my tather licked me, and I don't sFe
why you aiu't as munh right to a
'lickingas Ihave?' lie gave him one,

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