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"I'li Slhreveport Daily News,
Pu/'lisi/rd t-r,tr Trawdiy. Idinesicsdaq, Thitrs
aitt. Prrdayq, and Naturdery mtorneiagi.
Ofice, .om T'exan Street,
.1/, u,. .,i3,..#,,(T r /te,,la!/,: mire:
TERIV . 8:`.
S lJr iy. -.r ',:l r i l . lvv ,t-a . ..... .. .. !tl..i
"Ve.kt" (. i l a,, It:.) in advnur. _.. .. -.jil4
Al . ..r..I. ,r c R .A S
i"Il' TL "'L: 1tEJOLY:
l "r ,*.vh ,;uare ,t' twelve- Iines i r l .ts
ar ti,. if 1 itserill ...... ". _ 01.00
F-,r eaet'h dditiual insertiau, p-.r
N., *-.. . ......... .. .(1 .
FOilR "rle I)AIILY:
rI r ,,r...... 7 9 I o 1 1: 17 2(1
: alaq, . !' IV. 14 I;' I e-. 25:i 30
i-· an) ..- . I .2- l . 1 'l 2 ,1' 2 .51 : 40
" -jlu*'"... I I;:l 22 *~;. 27. :lo, 40 O50
-' :" , ,-., . . ], - :iu :"4 37; 4 0, 50" ft)
t-qalr, ...- .. "*:3 .1i' 4(1T i s50 till6( 7)
414qt1 es 2.. "-i 4.1 4"T S: 111i 7l l t
- ajiillina - :l -It1:ll 4 "4 a 75 9lJP X11. ;HI
iit alal'i , .- " l 4 1-4 7 r " 1, 144 9112515)0
1 zrI p ,o *l1 a t ullatl, l id ulies aral , (iciar -
'ala.,n' th, I)arily" piltIar,) It exctredilg
1a ling. fur 1' tatilt.hs, $15-witholut
I'h ) pri'l use aof yea'rly adrlverriasers is
- irt I- Iil nit.a te too heir own innnediate and t
ie l;r Ita.-Ilatss; and the bIttaine.. f ai ,L
i.tv.ti)in l l tranl is nIt 'eu4usiderea as ic l lu
ian that of its intdividuil ueemberrs..
- a"*iitrtientints pjublished at irrgtlllar
erliltria., $ 1 per Marltue ftor eaila iunsertion.
\Iullliuntlllrnll caitulitd tes tir a l)istrict or
-lt: tiijtae, f810: for a P-Irish otlce, $1);
tI 'atbiha, .t----to be eald in advance.
All arti.tt-.etl..a far stlralgers' or tran
-. iut lierolts, ato I. latidl in advance.
A.ia.it-i.iseleluts not maltrktled ,n the copy
' : ,r .-p ifie. d time. will lb, h i'n.irrtda till
rtbi,. aIlI pa) l P tYIi t exaietedl.
1l.trria.. sanl I dealaths will be pullishled
- i 'wi a: alituanrie,, tribilutes  rei peat , al nd
a) ,arul iit i% at- l aitns t as otheifr uldvertiselauaints.l .
I) E TISr T,
Office nearly opposite the
( E. - . i. KENDALL,
ilic<, ~orner .Iarket and Milam sts.,
)pposite te Brank.
$114t VI'V1'OR'I . LA.
S!!ier at T IH. Morrix' Drug Store
',orner off Spring and Farrin S:.
N, ,-di y.
S• ffTII '- LE WITS,
1)ra.,, Paints, Oils, 1 arnisk e.; 4r
1Si0% OF THr (GOLDI'N 1oR' I R,
Shreveport, Texas ft.
No 9-dly
(ICOMPANIES will receive their
arinas and equipments, ruady for mus
rer, at Headquarters, 36 Natchez
-tre-wt. Reference E. & B. Jacobs.
D. D. O('BR IEN,
Newspaper -Advertising
)Bice corner Cinal St. and Exchange
Place, No. 6,
Weekly City Corresponden'ce in
fEnglish, French, German and span
sh Laugahges, furlished on moder
eto terms.
Attorn.eys at Laa-,
K)Jfi,', orer %Childery. .4- Beard'.s Stre.
C(Jor. 'ITexas and Spring stts.,
ýAttorney a.t Law,
(Iie w1i~ L. 31: N at, .corner of
M7illam and 3.Larlet se reets. itdayg
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
(ocr, oppo.site Po.t Ofire,
Will practice in the Courts of
(ti e11 to, l ot and Bossir. lda"
L. .3. .VUT' "T,
Attorney at Laýý-w
O//ice, rrrnIr Mlilam 4r- lan~ et StrrneL.
Practices in Caddo, Blossier and
l)eSoti,. nIlo-J yd
Attorneys & Counsellors at Law.
Shreceport, La.
SRAC''ICE in copartnership in all
the courts held in the city of Shreve
port, and in the parishes" of De Soto
and Bossier.
Office on Market street n.ear Milanm.
RoTll'. J. LOONE V. .~i.'I. RELL. ;
Attorneys 4 Counse/or., ait Laic.
W ILL practice in the (Courts of
Caaddo and surrounding parishes, and
in the Supreme Court at Monroe and
AlexaeUdria. Office on Market street,.
near the 'Postofiice, Shreveport, La.
4-1 vd
L O. 0. F.
'I'" T regular nltrtings of
A EITH LODGE, No. 21, are held
in Wednesday evenings, at 7 o'clock,
at their Lodge Room ojt, n Texas street.
\. Sra.lnts.tN, Secretary. 1110
SA S O.N 1 C.
k] and A. Mi. No. 115, mniueta
every Friday at 74 P. MI.
JIotls WV. JoNs., W. M.
J. Hf. BIownlee, Se'v.
Shr'report Chapter of R. A. M. N3o. 10,
meets on the `nd and 4th Monday of each
minith, at 7.i P. M. J.. G. ci'I..tAMl, t,
T. (C. Waller. Recorder. H. P.
Shrercport Council, 1. and ,. M. No. 5,
meets on the Ist and 'Id Saturday of each
month, at 74 P. 31. E. 3IrT 1). CRAIG,
Henry Ievy. Recorder. T. .G.'.M 1
S"I'lace of omeeting, at the MasoanicHall
on Tel'xas street, over Manyor's office. no'24
Phelps & RogerM,
(Successors to T. I. Etheridre)
Grocers &Commnission Mcrehants
Cor. Commerce and Milam sts..
Keeli constantly on hand a 1n I. as
sortment of Stacle and Fancy Gro
ceries, Hay, Cone, Oats, etc.
Advances made on consignments to
our friends in New Orleans. nli8dly
J. Rz. Si 'mpson. G. U1. Calhoun.
Simpson & Calhouum,
Receiving and Forwarding Agents,
Having leased the popular and comnio
diolts Warehouse, of M'esars. Howard, Tally
:db Co., and having had long experience in
bAnsilne0, we hope to receive a share of the
publiepatronage, and pledge ourselves to
do allit our ower to give entire satisfac
tionin all beuiuess entrusted to our care.
All we .sk is as trial. no25
Attention i C a nyaanmy No. I
BEAT NO. 2, 3rd REG'T LA. MA.
All Persons subject to Military
duty, and residing North of Texas
Street and Road, are hereby notified
to attend a Company Muster, en
Thursday, Oct. 17, at 3 P. M. on the
,Muster ground, adjoining Joaes'
Foundry, armed and equipped as the
law directs.
By orderof the 2d Lieut. Command
ing. [o16-2t] H. P. YAMS. O. S.
Just Arrived and for Sale.
A LARG lot of FLOUR. from
Williams' Mill, at Bonham, Fania
county, Texas, superior to any Extra
from the West.
Iwd-ltw Texas street.
Texas Stage & Livery Stable.
On 3Jlilam ,St,. oppo.site e the 'aran
dak Hteld.
THE proprietor has been to great
J expense to make this the most
desirable Stable in the city, it is con
veuient to the Steami boat landing.
Horses will be boarded by the day-,
I week or month, on the most reason;a
ble terms. Persons visiting Shreve
port or going to New Orleans, by
leaving their horses at this establish
nient, can rest assured that they will
be well attended to. Only give him
a call and satisfy yourselves.
no 39--l-y.
News, Book, Wrapping 4- Printin,,
Foreign and Domestic Stationary,
New Orleans.
* It should be borne in mind that the
Daily News contains the latest intelligence
) received at this point. The paper does not
go to press until utfrer the arrival of the mail.
It is delivered by Carrier for $8 per year or
$4 for six onluths..
Soldiers' Pay.
In the midst oft the excitement of
war. its incidents and alarms, the
subj.ect of the. soldiers' pay has not
attracted the attention it deserves.
A variety of causes, unnecessary to
emunerate, have concurred to satisfy
the public mrind that what might
have been a few mouths ago a fair or
liberal allowance bythe Government
to its soldiery, is at the present time
and for the future, totally inadequate
to their proper sustenance. The en
hanced prices of everything, and es
pecially articles consumed by the
soldier, since the wa:r began, attest
the truth of the above proposition
without further comment. It may
not be generally known that the
monthly pay of a Conlfederate soldier
is only eleven dollars. At the time
this sum was adopted the prices of
articles mostly required by men thus I
suddenly thrown on their own re
sources in remote portions of our
country, where the demand soon de- I
pleted the scanty supply, might have
been suflicielit ; but when we reflect t
that the prices of all articles of con- t
sumption and wear have advanced
one, two, three and four hundred per
cent. it is readily perceived now in- i
adequate to the proper support of the
soldier is the small pittance doled I
out bi-monthly for his increased C
wants. In the Lincoln army the t
private's pay is fifteen dollars a '
month, besides a bounty of one hun- t
dred dollars, twenty of which is ad- t
vainced at the time of enlistment, be- I
sides promises of land after the war
is ended. There. can be no godd
I reason why our Government -should
economise against the gallant apirits
try who have sacrificed every comfort,
5as and who iiaperil life itself in defense
ied of her rights. No murmur comes up
on from the breast of those brave and
be chivaric men who have gone forth to
es' battle that the pay-is inadequate be
he cause they are imbued with patriot
ic sentiment which elevates them
rd- above the feeling of complaint, or the
*. love of lucre ; but it is, nevertheless,
incumbent upon a just and reflecting
C. people to provide a reasonable re
muneration for the soldier, so that
)m the ordirany necessities may be, at
lin least, secured to him. When we re
tra flect that in Virginia it takes a half
month's pay to procure a pair of or
dinary shoes, which last only a
et. month, it is easily seen that elefen
- dollars per month becomes absolute
ly contemptible as a compensation
L commensurate with the services ren
dered by the soldier. No one has a
le, proper idea, without actual experi
_ ence, of the innumerable little exac
tions soldiers are subjected to in the
at hurry and bustle of the marches they
st are obliged to make at times, where
n- it is difficult to cook or carry their
own food, Buiscuits are obtainable
with great trouble at five. cents a
. piece. For a cup of coffee and a
biscuit half a dollar is freely given,
while everything else they may want
-is ii proportion. It is to be hoped
11 that Congress will not hesitate at its
next session to increase the pay of
the private to at least as much as
tkat given by the Lincolnites. Many
good and valid reasons, therefore, i
will occur to every mind in addition 1
to those thus hastily thrown out by
us. Let the soldier know that the 1
highest object a grateful people can
entertain is to alleviate his wants on ,
tihe tented field.-Delta. t
How Louisville was Sared.
We find the following circumstaui- t
stantial "cock and bull story" in the c
SCincinnati Commercial of the 30th.
The fact that Gen. Buchner did
not take the city of Louisville, in
stead of stopping at Green river,
e where he invaded Kentucky on the t
e line of the Louisville and Nashville
,t railroad, is due not to any foresight
or force of the United States author
r ities oroftlhe Union men oftKentucky.
but to the loyalty, courage and tact
of one obscure individual. The Se
cessionists had laid their plans to f
appear suddenly in Louisville with Is
a powerful force. They had provi- K
ded for transportatioc four hundred v
cars and fifteen locomotives, and had d
eight thousand men, with artillery t
and camp equipage on board. Theuy
had secured the services of the tele- si
graph operators, one of whom for- ec
warded to Louisville a telegraphic 1
dispatch explaining the detention of
trains on the road, and were moving
forward at a granud rate. Every thing it
was going well with them, and Louis
ville, with perhaps the exception oft
the few Secessionists, was unsuspec
ting and unguarded, Gen. Anderson y
being innocent of any knowledge of di
the movement, James Gunthrie, pre-,
sident of the road, totally in the dark,
and Gen. Rousseau lingering incamp
on the Indiana shore.
But at a station just beyond'Green
river, there was a young man in the ye
service of the road who was a warm n
friend of the Union, and who, com
prehending the meaning of the muon
ster train, when it came up, seized a
crowbar used for taking up rails to
make repairs, and while the locomo t
tivts were being wooded and watered,
ran across a curve, and in a deep,
narrow cut, wrenched the spikes froma
four rails. The train came aloung at a
good speed, the rails spread, the lo- in
comlotive plunged into the ground, gy
the cars crashed on top of it, and it to
was twenty-four hours before the
train couldgo ahead. In the mean- be
time Louisville waa saved. The in
hero of the occasion had not had qu
ear time to get out of the cut before a the
add crah sa spt. 4 was litep, frfr
nld the confeeri iadr pYeqement, got
-ite away, and is safe.
>rt, These fdts 'are related by Dr. R.
Ise S. Newton, - ha was 4 Nasligile
p when the secession army adviced
-was detailed there 'several days
to subsequently, heasrd the circumstain
be- ces narrated there, and was' told of
ot- them' :' afteriw&rd' by "Geni; Buknuer
em and other officers-of the Confederate
;he army.
as, Referring to this, the Louisville
ng Democrat says:
re A gentleman who recently visited
rat Louisville from the vicinity of Mun
at fordsville has assured us of the fact
re- that such was the Confederate pro
dlf gramme. . "The best laid seleme of
3r- mice and men gang aft agley."
a The London Post, alluding to the
en appointment of Viscount Menek, as
te- Governor General of Canada, refers
on to the responsible duties which he.
n" will have to perform at this particu
a lar junction; chief among which,
n- says the Post, will be tomaintain the
c- neutrality of the province; to .pros
lbe perity, and to show to the world that
3Y the monarchical institutions of Cana
re da confer more real freedom,andhavt
ir in them elements of permanency far
e greater than those of the neighboring
a Republie.
n, Neew Englaind 'td e War.-The
at New Bedford (Mass.) Mercury, in a
d late article urgng the people of that
y city to "m e sacrifices for the war
s says:
y "Certainly, in no atode at all conm
e, mensurate with its wealth aml inatl
nn ligence, has New Bedford demonstra
v ted its appreciation of the terri
ie ble nature of the struggle and the
in vast interests depending on its rt
n sult. We think we do not overstate
the case. From a city having more
than twenty thousand inhabitants,
not a single company enlisted for thw
war. We know of no sacrafice worth
r- the name that has been made in any
e direction."
i. That does not speak well for New
d England patriotism. We should
have been in a had position if the
Northwest had not done far better
than that -Cincinnati Enquirer.
S Adiertisitig.Stephen Girard in a
t publication he made in a Philadel
phia paper, over his signature, he
t said :
- "1 have always considered adver
tising liberally and long, to be a great
i success in business and prelude to
- wealth. And I have mtade it an in
1 variable rule, toe, to advertise in the
I dullest time, long experience havir.g
toaght rme that money thus spent is
well laid out, as by keeping my iu
siness before the people, it has secur
- ed me many sales that I should
otherwise have lost.
To the Chinese ambassador toss
ing restless in his bed, his old eervant
said :
sir, may I put to yon, and will
you answer three questions? First
did not the Almighty govern this
world very well before you cane into
it ?
Of course,
And will he not do the same when
you have gone. out of it?
I know that. ' ,
Thrru (do you think sir, that He is
able to govern it while you are in it ?
Thre ambassador .miled, turned
round and lept soundly.
As the marriage ceremony was
about to be performed in a church
in Troy, N. Y. recently, the cler
gyman desired that parties wi,1hing
to be married to rise. A large numn
ber of ladies inunmmeliately arose, and
in confusion, all but one set down
qunickly again.

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