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Chece of the People of the Con
t derate States.
A. *. STEPHE 'S,
For State at Large.
Charles Derbigny, of O)rleans.
Albert G. Carter, of ]East Feliciana.
James G. Campbell, of Natchitoches,
(:. . L. uslier, of St. Mary.
First Dish'ict.
I)onuatien Augustin, of Orleans.
],'rancois Gardere, of Orleans. Alter
Second District.
Tanes P. Freret, of Orleans.
J. C. Ricks, of Orleans. Alternate.
T) ird Disftrit.
Edward Duffet, of Ascension.
Louis Bush, of Lafiurche, Alternate.
Fourte Distriet.
Win. R. Barrow, of West F'eticiana.
Cyprieu Dupre, St. Landry, Alternate
Fifth District.
I:1rtholeiuew E gani, Sr., of IBenVile.
Hlobert Hodges. of Bossier, Altternate.
Sixth flistriet.
S. L. Chanhliss, of CarrolT.
(.rinn Mayo. of ('atahoula. AFter.natec.
- -- - 1(---''T-..--
S..- -- .... - o ti
.. . ~.-~- ·-- -7: .. . .. .
Wednesday, - Oct. 16, 7F61.
A letter from IIelcna, dated 11st tl
1it.. -savs that Col. Henry L. hi-ico
,:il nhlenly on that moriniig of
:t,,plexy. lie was antomg thin o}dest
l:ha;litaints of Arkansas, having em
-·r:ltetd to that State while it was a r
:,rritory, in about 181x.. 1-e was a
native of Rticlumond, Va., anld hReld
:.:mny respoisibile o.tlices in the lute "
t',rritrv., as wll as State ,t Arkana
kYesterdayl morning we hltd a dampl,
tinme of it,--drizzling rain. Thle
weather fur the past week has beCu
very chlangtiablC. lThe town vester- t
.lay i ,Vke,,l lively, there being a little
!:'tsiness transacted.
-\ cynical writer asks, "Wlhen will
. I,,en cease-to alnke fools of theim
-, .s. !" Probably when . menI
..s to make tools more than w'o
Sr!! otf sele.
,omeictirfmes, in musing upon genius
i:1 its saimplr mnanifest.atielus, it seem
;it thiegreatest of human culture
c unsisted chietly in preserving the
ŽJlow and freshness of the heart.
'lhe Southern Sehtinel, .publiihed
at \VWitnfiheel, has changeil hands, it
I',ues 1 to us bearing the name of the
, Comnfederate Strtes," and miuelh itn
pIroved typographically. WVs. wish
ti h,' "resent l;oprietyr, HIensay ,.
4 reer, E*~g;muelh ~ncce-ss.
ad.ce by the overlaud nmail f'ri
ahlif6iia, state that fouirteel famini
lies of emigrants, numubering. over
,ne hundred persuns, wex. inhumwanlty
tmurdered~lby Idians at Fort Lake..
'The New Ol1eans banks have in
specie $14,173.258, short loans $12,
M'31,101,exchange $3,438,159. T'Iieir
oircttb ti n is 96,481,816, .deposits
I 4,2096"i12..
ibe 4y is' "And stilt Anostber' that
So .st do our forces gain victories ro
oveor ose Qf the exemwy at becomes
almost a matter of :impossibility to franf
keep an accurate minute of all their µhoj
,uoceses. Victory upon victory.is =
continually being heralded to our c
Southern people, and the glad tidings Ft
ae received. wiith no great demousta- frri
tions, but in the breast of each indi- fail 1
vidual a feeling of pride arises, un
expressible in words. The enemy,
doubtless has, by this time, conclud
ed that Southern blood is not easily
made to flow without resistance most
terrific and disastrous to a foe. Thl is
is not all, for before the ending of .
this war, they will be the worse beaten will
people on record. .wil
The last engagement reported was inute
at the Passes, below New Orleans, rtil
as published in yesterday's palpe . or n
on which occasion, the eenemy was is
treated as in all previous engagements I dist
they exhibited their valor by turning
their faces and dispersing in "double l,,c1
quick time." So much for ,.ing in vreiti
the wrong. he 1
If the federals ever intend to gain l :
a victory, it is about time they wNre in t
putting their wits to work to anconm
plish it. They are doomed, it alppears I
to meet with disappointment in every hay
encounter they have with the forces ve,
of the Confederate States. In every bua
engagement there falls into the hands pas
of our forces, arms, amunliti 'on, etc. uta
in no trifling quantities, fully repay
ing us for our trouble, and thus, in
isteadt of injuring, they aild us, and ter
keepT theniselves busily employed clh tetc'
tainig those requisites for our beL- l"u
. fit. When they attempt carrying a:u
oaur their grand schenlls attachel to the
the so mucht talked of expedition, ple
, they will be found lacking in tlhese of
ts thlte were in courage at Maa-,sas. .at
Now that our frieeds in the inte- 'i
rior and in 'T'exas are caitn.nciig to l
la.ake tlheir appearuance ill our cit y to «i
' mnake purchases. u 'n wo'dd dirct da
t their attention to our adv',rti.r-:rs.
AnbLrotypes can be had at 1)-1.' L
f tosen, 'Texas street. tie
(t rroeeries can be. tound at Mte:rs. te,
- Simu p.ou & CallLou's, 1'heLps & I-- (;
a gers, both corner of Milainstreet and ac
-the- Levee, and also at L. Bear's on of
l T'exas street. (heod artiches can 1be,)
tobtained at those' es.tablishnunts. E
I)rugs,good andl fresh, willbe tofuni di
at Messrs. Smith & Lewis, on 'I'exas a
street, also paints, o,ils,. etc. i. '
,]' Wacntches ; nd Jewc~ h', ehithr I'. 1". 1
Ii L. -Frank or V. LShidet, both on 'I'xas t
'ii street, will be found the right places III
,r- t, visit. Tr hboth of thteir.
tle Hardware, Iron, or castings, oft'the'
1)'st, are kept by Thomas WV. .TJnes,
ill on Texas street. d
m- Marble shop, W. Hecox,.on TeI'xas
.en street, has beautiful sperinlens of
0'- marbleh works. i;
Restauratu-i,-good ueating- either tl
ins the " Confederation," or "Jehble's" h
•"mI botll on 'Texas street.
are Private Boarding-Mrs. T'intor's,
he on Travis street, adjoining tihe Bap
tist Church. t
ued Ladies Shoes, best quality, and
it home made, Simon Eirman, Market 1
the street near the Post oifce.
ish The New York Post of the Ifbth
h ult. says that seven hundrie& and
twenty-three letters, addreksed to
persons in the secede1 States hadi
miiu been received awl deBtaind at the
mni- Post oltee that week. • Of these, no
ver less thur three hundted ad sixty-two
nLy were received ton the 15th, and a large
ke. part of them were brought bIy the
,will. gree
that e i anlmi detail one or two x
ofs in ehrs to go horns an4 get
of socks, a pair of panta'
toi n at and .a blanket for enca ,
,;'and attena ' to i teiteiit
transportation and .delivery of the for th
whole. By this lneans, it is supposed, t thi
SthLikil2kee weeks the whole ar~y ,
CL he wiell prov ided against winter It
cop., · lhis:. clothing will be in ad- by t
dition to such as the authorities can i
fnirnikit; an d the two supplies cannot
fail to Mhink' our soldiers comlfirtabhle. tirst
Richmnond Whig. the i
The Militia Drill. -
Th'is imupurtant. step has been lpnt
into execuition, and we are pleased to 11
notice tlut nearly every person sub- 1"
Sject to tlhis duty comes lorthl with aý
will, some few pVrhaps endeavor to tir
evade it; very few we trust. We \ -
intended suggesting the propriety of Brt
' drilling the citizens of Shrevejiert in
or near the city, for. when the order
is issued to assemble several luils . 4
distant, we think it unrea-,nrable that
Sa punctual attendance should be ex
e pctcd. «Ve understand. hlnwevr. -,
S' with much pileasure. that this will uot .i11
lie the case ill fittutre. Sv'stii is re- two
S illisite iu ever -, thing. let us have it iit
C in this.
Persorns leaving New Orletuans now,
Y have to, get a passport fromll the (;o
8 verl'nor's otiic_. Captaints of stcaim
Y boats 'have been iotitiled to take ln,
Is passengers foir that city, who may be ll
c. untko.wn to them. [l
a- Affairs in Lower 3Iarylaid.-A
id gerintleuian hilo with Lis tinmily, et
i- tfieted a very telltpesttnls anlld per
:,; t escape fiit'llt Marvlanud, reachled
here yesterday, and reports a contiu
anllcl; the Yankee oult rages ui poi
to the iights and liberties iof thle pI..
In, plh--of this gallant State-.. I'roperty a
of aill i, seriptionis-slaves, Lis/ s,_
cnttle niid plroduce---were being daily.
seized upon by the ruthlelss invaders.
t. t'he .alctity at Ipivate dwellinil_"
tii was no lhnger recogniized : and itn
dtividtnals, sutspeted of sm nlat lhizing i"
to with the oiuthl, were ieiint. evrvilI
t" dtay arreiited throughout .l -. State, t'
anili th .rie1,d itto Con tie1Nrnt.
l." TIhe nIlltor'll. )n artSickles lad
tii eil his "l'rigade"l' of rutlians ci- a
tirelvfromui (,harles cinttltVy. nudl qiuar
r _ tered themi at PJit'lalway. Prirme(
to ,- Cor,'-- col, tut. Siekl.es himaself.
lld aceeV a :lied i a ie: .st g l tl4- telr1uentit
of cavalry, left a dlay or two ago,' on
a recoJItmoiteringL e'xctrsionit to litdd's
Sl'oiunt, which is directl opposite to
E.vanxsport. '1T"h e,1 'ject of the ixplie
uI dition is said to lite the. surve .'tof anfl
as avuiilible site for tthe , nstructiont of
etitretnchiiteiits fr, iii which to lopposeD
atn ntelptto enter •.larvlad iLs that
. poilit. Le is said to have dic'l:ared
gas that the L.ilicoln (I uverlitalitt was .
, alouiit to erect strol.' tirl'titicatttins,
extending. ftrol leudld's f,,oint to lit
dia ll' Iead.
t l' The citizens if Alarlvand. are re
p1', prt.ed to have become excee'dingly
d;sponudet ill their ,xiiectatious of
ma aid trout tlh Southeril (,ln fetdleratv.
Joope d'l ,itrred has sickenledi t.he heairt
of hthe noble oldi State, anid the fear
is gauitiIg ..gotuiid :atitlg atll Clatuissui s,
heri that tle '$tate will e ideserted by
ie's' her sister's it the South to the brun
tail dtlSl:t isut of Lincoln, Seward & 1
.Co. It is feared thiit unil,.s gison
ar's' nidedlea:uy intfiuttial citizens will
"p be relutitantly cuonjelled, f-r thepr |'
tection tiftleir fhiilnlies aIid their .ro-'
and perty, to takt' the uit h of all, iau're,
rket as Lioss Viinas, Esq., has ,lreaiy
and Arret of 'a !Pr1cuhr.-T'he JAk
I to sonport (Ark) Horald ftirmeishes h|.
had followig :
the We learii from a gentlemnan. who
passed through this place a few dayts
since that a reacher had heu dot~c
-two ted isauing ouuterfeit money in Tti
large lip, Dalia county, Ark. He had, been
the arrested, axd all the necessary tools
tfound. It was the determination' of
the citizens- to:hnng him. He im
tsy ilicated, inierl .planters, no doubt.to
L at- divert the vengeance of an outaaged
it a peopleo f-isited.upon _n;,
inuke bt the ruse did tidt, win, Ad. qre
e ts le ha bhee made to ptull' Won..
]Recruiating " Notice.
Sis " bytit frendp of gapt.am.
Vtcia c p iary hbims its
dtit a K. A w~h Are' R1.
deli of limartunes wit'Prhnl 
for their Con er, itl report themselvesn il
at the Confiderncto in the city of Shreve- rish
port, vIhere their nawme wil be rTeeivedmand veti
particulars of the service given.
tRecruit~ag t~iheers will soon be establishled
by the under nred at other eligible points (1i?
in the adjoining districts, timely notice oft
which will be -given through the papers. I O
-uiforms will ie furuished: those who 'ruIt
tirst report tlhemselves will, of course, be
the first supplied.
H. A. DI)E1"V. nan
,Ctltf TOM. T.1'. BEAL, r-1
Branch of the Citizens' Bank, ("
t vteltlon'r, :' Sept., 1861. I
Y 'ý1141 T BAN K will, hereafter. ]ay ate
it and receive at its muntmtr, r1/ pr.
the 'Treasurv Ntes orf the ()Cant'de- the
rats .4tartS, anld tihe' Notes of the other
HIBank, of New )rlhtans.
(Ownrs of papIer deposited in this 1)
f Bank ttr ctllhctiou, unless willing to dat
S.t governced by this regulatiin, are
r'cjtluwited to vitlhdraw the same- N
s -l-tf ('sltier.
S- -- ---- '1'.
The1 Era No. fi, Captain V(:
t.lehn K,,, s, will rt1u 110- '
twt.elt this plats and New )rheitnn.a
givhng through bills of Lading.
Oct. 12th 1SGI . -
- Watch aiaker, o
d t Brltwau .(.ipring and M auket, e'sit
V ateltws and .,.welry Rupair,- i
' aI u Vt rratlt td. I l- ly
- -- - -- ------ of
I· ti
l \otice. t,
The mnldersigit'd leavesa thid even
ing iun" ,r Virginia, the l'h lsicians of 1
this. place have kindly ofr't'd to at- of
' trl t" all calls tfor m. E
'I'. H. Morris ehilng my autloriz -
ageint dtlrinl tal? t,,mporarv abl)soncI.
tr- \. H. WILI.IAMM. 31. 1).
l, i S hr -veport I ct. 10th 1 it. - t.
,tt - - -- It
ul Watchtelaker and
" .Jeweler.
,, P. F. . FIl \A.K,
S- l ýent ./;r
anl .. LITT.ILAf1R. I
of Dealer in Fine Watches, Jewelry,
l it mrLr' Brazui rrlirrn, P./le .p'trc
tr.l,., et,.. .1// -mod, I1 al dre~e "+r r
ttrated for o re .a/'r. ./ob icortk 0,at/ll
a-',,r , r t'/l'd.
l- Texas Street, opposite Childers &
S111E.V E-'t) 1I I,.
re- Vol. I nl,-.;---ly.
I -I--O - - .
rof(> ,Fil'OHize Hollle Idludstrv.
art I nooa olloM .21 ,
' lS lrrtaa'rc s arkCet, ncar' Poa(t-jic,.
by 1"ILL give .-pecdal attention to making
)U- I` 't,.e, t;r laulies anld Misses, and
& ho!,.. tt, receivei a libersjal" 1tronage, in. this
newt entttJrlp'ise. .Repaiitipg neatly e'et edtl
at hott noltice. mlt *
The cerq bealt Liqaows kept at thie
en Bar. . nlO-dy
'Im- PA.RISH .SCR.IPT, Orl nal) 11. 1967,
bt.to drmawn in favor of J.. K. bAe moing d r the
agseum ot 6 o.'tI and bearing date. kitne'olh
S 1861. Tlihe. finder will please leave tihe
samesmitlume atthe Oonfed n4atIitdshe
aut11QrL..d.. .t 1 n TI.,
cAlndidat4bttor ;411F.1 !V1, ..ft lit, !'::
ritsh of (-addt,, at tiio , 1.ttiIUL ii N,:
voetaber. - -
( i tFN)ItUJl I I. ('I! I I,)flS ftr ~
We are auV. ,r zI.i )I i.i n' at',
III ill' I .tPgt... +d \\'ll ii
n"-cccticn%, to hll e 1'.~ intihur, iiuptlc 1't11:: i
\'."i.ti' IiaS l tlliz's( t., a11.101-r
1)51 Af. W.. Lt I-F.NS, t .iti ý
(latezt' '' til' e , It il V ct h" 1 il.r a::;t"'1
- o uti! XSSIKS~tbt Vi. fI"r111,t il I'li i l lU tit
4)11..111~ lt'l
c RW1 V tilt' ltittil:1lt,'.Id - an mcutti
II date. W. II.e Nt. ie1iA.( tivltA.O.
Iritali Ilad. . i .
atlit .Jh : 1.:.l
I".. 1« fll t u l i tii st~lI'I lt.I+ i lu1 l U I.
'1' l.I . tii Nat1cl .tl]Ie'.a.- t iti e;lifr ri""
i ltilt it I i ittl tL t 1K EI;N Alt)1:1:
lacctiui l on th- firt M hi ltli iit X
\\"." arl" nltllrhorizl.tl to a\2i 1:('( it!
nal ilrC :Il C. 4. ('Ii i )(.t l 1(i1't11.. 4.1t'
\'I. art. :ttllt<.Cri::ci to flllci\1:n'
o For tii. f ot ilic" of Ah."rilC .:st tilt- ,'l -1t
W e-~ ilvI1'(· h(ltll c%.i% t to ;111211olillr," A i
tile lllili"uj t:iectiul. trol
tlidatt" tl·· tl l.ý u! ict. of i~it. 1'111. at !11,;
.el L C R .A1' tl1" )reelt in u·tl
4'onfederatiolln 1stauraunt.
A.' orin ri / ; ( ' ,,rl tt
C(,'n f/" 110,,. "S/~ (r c J,,., I. L .
a ,,,\o i, anx , ii L-,, n i'r h t , a c ,1. ul ,
,lation ,fl the l ubli 1. 'l rc nr ill , ,
f')uud t,, best t gameu. liI,. N-tr
ulland ,.v, rv'hi 1 that th, If~.pr
and Nw . € rlhetus mark,.t. a;f;rd.
31eals frn;l iýhtdy, at all hcurs "l'ay "
nigh t. F amilies "f,1 i , rtie's Nil
cUto. nfr: rn 7 'c"k, M Util
r 1H4 ttndersigned would t re '.ut'
fully int; ,11m the citirzº"nsof Shrc"%,;
port an"i vicinity, that he has open i
a Reek, i liArl 'c: on Texas strleIt,
"ear Market, whel- he is prepared at
all times to, satisfy his fricuds and
custolners, fi'n, 7 o'clork, A. 3f. until
1 t, 1'. M., with watrm or cold mealz.
["'To Unotrd,,rs by the mouth or
week, a liberal deduction *ill be mad,-.
v1n54-Gm J. A. JEIfLE.
(2 doors below . & . fJacobs.)'
Texas Street ShrerefPtrt, Louisiau.
; arIlwar e, Iron, Castings,
i M1bcaekac ' * 'ef TQl"r'l4.c
. Oandnps of. all kibdsu:onstafitlyoet
a~id.rtwaade to ordtr. -o-d .

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