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he iy News.
S- I
4ob Printing Office.
I e
S.LAýwr&ES-' aaIES .
Pamphletsi, : Blanks,
S"A,nd ecrery ,ldecriptIion ofToibs.
Our facilities for doing job work
are runsrpassed by any estahbiiahment
ia the State., and we feel cgnfident that
satisfaction will be given to those
who may tvorous with t heir patronage.
We have on hand a good article of
and a fine assortment of fine busiuez-s
tand CI-NA surfaced,
WhVite and colored.
DI Yau '' ;0.
dL1 3ei
-L'It. Col. Edmonston, who ser
S in Mte exican War, is now fii
t'igt up is Battalion to its full com
lemneut, fr the C. S. service. '-,
ou: (tu ies attaching may report
to tthiie Adjntant No.' 36 Natshez
Postal A'itrs of the onafederate p
states. v
'AN ACT, to. be entitled ax act to p
prescribe the rates of postage inx the is
Confederate States of America,. and tl
for other purposes. k
IcC'rION 1. The Congress of the Con- se
t'ederate States of America do enact, s
That from and after such period as the 1c
Postmaster General may by procla- si
ination aniounce, there shall be charg- a
ed the following rates of postage, to- p
wit: For every single letter sealed k
and for every letter in manuscript or 1
paper of any kind upon which infor- 0o
mnation shall be asked for, or comnmu- ti
nicate in writing, or by marks or signs %
conveyed in the mail for any distance b
between places within the Confidrate fi
States of America, not exceeding 500 1,
miles, 5 cents; and for any distance si
exceeding 500 miles, double that rat.'; t
and every letter or parcel not exeed- r,
ing half an ounce in weight, shall be u
deemed a single letter, and every ad- h
ditional weight of half an ounce or ad- tl
ditional weight less than half an ounce s]
shall be charged with an additional g
single postage; and all packages con- a
taining other than printed or written p
natter, and money packages in
eluded in this class, shall be rated by .I
weight as lettert are rated, and shall a
be charged double the rates of postage a
on letters; and all drop letters or let- t;
ters placed in any postoffice not for
transmission hut for delivery only, i
shlll be charged with postage at the tl
rate of two cents each; and in all the
foregoing cases the postage nlmst le a
prepaid by stamps; and all letters ,m
which shall hereafter be advertised as
remaining over or uncalled for in any 'j
postoftice shall be charged with two I
cents each in addition to the regular
postage, both to ,be accounted for as ,
other postages of this Confederation. ,
"Ssae. 2. And be it further -enuctel, ii
'l'hat all newspapers not exceeding
three ounce: in weight, s.ent front the.
office of publication to actual and lo
an fide subscribers. shall be charged
with postage as follows, to-wit: the ,
postage on the regular numbers of a ~
newspaper published weekly within ,l
the State where published,sh:all he 61
cenuts perquarter; and papers publish- I
ed smni-weekly, double that rate;
and papers published thrice a week, I
treble their rate ; and paplers pullish
ed daily, six times thl.t rate ; and
the postage on all lewspapers to ac
tual subscribers without the State l
where published, shall be charged
double the foregoing rates; and peri
odicals sent from the oflice- of publi
cation to actual and banaJ frld'subscri
hers, shall be charged with post age as
follows, to-wit; the postage on the
regular numbers of a periodical, not h
exceeding one and at half ounces iii
weight, and published mronthly, with
in tile State where published, shall be
3 cents per quarter; if published
semi-monthlly, double that rate ; aind
for every additional ounce or fraction 1
of an ounce, double the ftregoing
rates shall be charged; and periodi- 1
calspublished quarterly or bi-monthly
shall be charged one cent an ucollt.;
and the postage on all periodicals
without the State where published,
shall be double the above specified
rates; and regular subscr'ers to
newspapers and periodicals shall eit
required to pay one quarter's postage
in advance. And there shall be charg
ed upon every other newspaper and
each circular not sealed, handhill, un
graving, pamphlet, periodical and
magazine which shall be uncomnected
with any manuscript or written imat
tt r, not exceeding three onices inl
weight, 2 cents; and for each addi
tiona;l ounce or tifraction of an oulce, 2
cents additional; and in alll eases the
postage shall be prepaid by stamps.
And books bound or unbound, not
weighing over four pounds, shall be
deemed mlilable matter, and shaill be
charged with postage, to be prepaid
by stamps, at 2 cents per ounce, for
arty distance. The publishers ofnewa
papers or periodicals may send to
each other, from their respective offt
ces of publication, free of postage,
one copy of each publication.
Snc. 3. And be it further enacted,
That it shall be the duty of the
L Postmaster General to provide and
- furnish to all Deputy Postmasters and
r to all other persous applyingand pay
- ing therefor, suitable postage stasips,
- and stamped ewvelopes of the denom
- ination of two eents, five cents, and
towenty cents, to. fascilitate the pre
t payment of postage provided for in
a this act, and any peirson who shall
form:t or counterfeit any posatage stamnp
provided or furnished under thm pro- e
visions of this or any former act, iC
whether the same are impressed or b:
printed on or attached to envelopesaor
not, or any dies, plate or engraving c'
therefor, or shall make, or print, or tl
knowingly use or sell or have in pon- 01
session, with intent to use or sell, any ce
such false, forged or counterfeited ti
dies, plate, engraving or postage tl
stamps or who shall make, or print, or of
authorize, or procure to be made or
printed, any pastage stamps of the tl
kind provided and turnished by the ft
Postaaster General as aforesaid, w ith- tl
out the especial authority and direc- -r
tion of the Postoteice Department, or ra
who, after such postage stamps have a]
been printed, shall, with intent to de- ti
fraud the revenues of the P'ostofiice p
Department deliver any postage
stamps to any person or persons other -
than such as shall be authorized to
receive the same by any instrument
of writing, duly execxuted under thll
hand of the Postmaster General and
the seal of tile 'Postofice )epartmment
shall, on conviction thlereof be deemed
guilty of felony, and ie punished by
a tine not exceeding $50(S , or by iln
prisontment not exceeding five Years,
or by both such tine and ipnllriso
ment ; and the expenses of procurilng d
and providing all such po,,stage st'aips
and letter envolopies as are provided u
for or authorized by this act, shall be a,
paid after being adjusted by the Au
ditor of the Postoflice I )elartlltmlt on
the certificate of the P'osttmaster Gen- tl
eral out of ally hiney in the Treasury F
arising froln the revenues of the '(ost- i
oflice l)epartmetnt.
"Sec 4. And hIe it fur/her acrted, 1)
That it shall he the duty of every
'ostmaster two cause to be det'aced i 11
tsuchi mllallnner aLs the Postmaster (Gen
eral shall direct, all postage stamnps t,
,f this Confidetracy to letters ldepjs- c
ited in his office fior delivery or to be
sent by mail; and if any P,stmaster I
sending letters in the c:tiil with such 6
postage stamps attached shall oinit
to def.tce thic same, it shall be the c
duty ',f the l'Pstnllster to whose
otffice such letters s.lha ll e sent ;or
delivery, to defaee the stamps and re
port the deliitiuent l'ostitmaiter to the
Postmaster General. And lfalny per- 3
son shall use, or atte.mp' to use,, in
prelpayment of postage, any postage
stamps which shall hae a been before 1,
used for like purpiset',, such pers,,ns
shall be subject to a penalty of' sifty
dollars for ,.verv such ,fl'nse, to ble,
recovered inl theilt uie of the nlltitdl
crate States of Ame\lrica in any court t
ef comlpetent j.urisI iction.
"sec .. Adl be it feurther evnetefl,
'Tlhat frionu ani after the' day whllnt
this act got s into, efltct, the
franking privily l shall Ie, a;llislhed; I
pror".drd, that I ht i' lstllmaster1 ( ;..' er
al and his clhi -' ,rks. and tlhe Audi
tor of ti'e 'Tre.asury fur tie l',osttflitce
l)Departmient shall he and they ..re I
Iireby aut horized to ti:tcstrnsit
Sthrough the mails, tiree of l,,stage,
aniy letters, packages, or othletr illt
ters relating exchlusively to their ofli- t
cial duties, or to the hbusilte-ss if tile.
P-stftlice D.epartltlnlt; lut they
shall ill every such ca:lse endtllrse' tll
the back of the letter or palckiagea to
She sent free of postage, over their own
signlatttrces, the: words, 'Otlicial busi- I
ness,'and for any suchl eelorsenllent
falsely made, the p('ersonl so ctfilllnding
shall forfteit and pay taxes $:o00; andl
1 roridcd further, tlhe severnl I)epy
o'stutMasters throughcut tiht ('eucfeeder
ate Sthall shall be anltd hcrebhy are :su
I therized to send through the rn:tils
free of p,,stagee all letters andl pack
ages which it many he their duty, or
thiev mllay thave occasi'nl to trnlulsalit
Sto anyv person or iluace., atnd which
shallrelahte exclusivel ., 4 tihe usi
ell'S, of their respective ctiices, or to
tthe bulsiless of tile lostcftheic, .lejart
ll ent; but in every ,liluch case tilCe
DI.eputy Ptostmtaster seuling cany such
letter or package shall end1crse thlere
Son, over his owln signature., thc, wcrds
'Postofticee business,' anda for any and
every such endorsement. falsely
lmade, the person lnaking thle santie
shall forfeit and pay 8300.
Sec. G And be at further cnactfd,
e That the third section ot ant act en
etitled an act furt'er to amendl 'an
act entitled an act to reduce 5and ulod
Sfy the rates of postage ill the United
States, and fbr other purposes, pass
Sed March 3. 1S51, -approved March
1- 3, 18fi5, whereby the letter registra
d tion system was establishcd, be and is
Sheaeby repealed from and after the
I day when this act goes into effect,
I11 "See; aBe it ' t tkcrted, ,et,
p Thatno leutters llcsU criedt b 'the
express or other chartered comgpan
ie, ubiMss 4h s e shall be prepaid -
by beint e stamped en
velopef tlis." ed racy; and any
company '$v the provision of
tiffs act shall tineit and pay the sum
of $500 for eac hffense to be recov
ered by action of debt in any court of 1
this Confederacy slaving cotnizamnce
thereof, in the itame and for the use
ofthis Confederacy.
Sec. 8 Be it fj'ter esancted, ThatI
the Postmaster General of the Con
federate States be" and is hereby an
thorized to .make. all necessary ar
rangements for the tranuslrtation of
mais betweeft the territories of this
and other Govvertlments, subject to
the approvil of the President until
postal treaties can be effected."
" l'assed Feb. 21, 1461."
cif Low .tate of Red liver no drrawhack.
Attention Publishers.
® l'uhlishle'rs of iN wspalier
in forth Louisiuana, snu,.
Texas, who umay wish to
dispose of their establishments in
whole or palrt, by sending ue partic
ulars, and locality, will fiud it to, their
advantage to address oile as below.
I'erso ns desirous of establishing
Newspaper r J.o, Establishments in
the interior, will le furnished with
lstiauites free tf/ c/,rge, lyi address
ing nue. And if they order Printing
Material or paper, ear'ds and card
hoards, through te, will ,be furnished
-foir cash otlyv or its etquivaltent
the best bargains, at Foundry prices.
I offer thei following estaclishmneuts
t'for cash, or good negroe's with uinen
cuttlllcred titles.
An old establishedl -ook and .Job
I)ritig ( )fliCt', in a large city. I'rice,
The material of' a Job oflice, in a
city. Price 85000.
'Thle Clhe ,apest
Prititinr Materials and
A. N2i%-wspaier ersta:lilshmenet and
.lob, (tlice couiintected. I'rice S: IO0.
A NeWSl alWer establislnunuIt anid
go,,d .1Job t)lice conllectetl. lPricer
I8s 00,
A newspaper and Johb Printing es
tablishmuint. Price *,4000.
An A Man,'s Book P'ower P'rts.
sectnd hiand, in go,d order, mnedium
size. Price lJ000.
A utghles Card and Bill Head
press, will print uany ordinary size job
at the ra;: ,of 1 500 to 2000 imlpres
sions per hour. (New.) 1'ricte 225.
A l{u rhles Card and Bill II,.le:
press. old ..iz, a cond hand. P'rice
Pinu I'rinuters' blank cards, Chlina,
Satii Enuuelledl. and India, frti,,m 81
tiio s perIl thlossanld. Fsnertal, N&te,
anld othe.r paper.
Se- None but cash orders wi ll re
cevive ally attention. Paper "21x:;G
Sto arrive.
I have also for sale, the follvinmg
se-cotl hanld mat,.riuls :
A funt of 500 lbs. Brevier,
a.. " " 150 .
.. .. 510 " L.o1g P'riiler,
- i tfots 2 line Breviuer.
4 l .oug l'rilner I' uldenlsed.
'1 ' tether with the c,luiii, hiead. ad
- vertiin lg iand dash rn -s, leads, &c.
Also-A 'Meditun I tin'tiing Pres"s,
ItBolh-r Mould, &c., all . ont.leit, and
uthe following llmaterinis usIIed for a
-lshort tim in the p it ion of a
weekly paper: At ,: ~.50 lbs. of
Bourgeois and Minimx, with two line
letter ; co'loiiui, head, advertising and(
dash rules, cases, chases, etc.
Thiese imaterials will be sold low
s for calt.
All the requisite mitenials for a
paper 21x2S, will lit furnished for
S8750, decidedly cheap.
iAn entire outfit for a ,apcr 2,x40,
, I have the disposal of; for the exceed
ingly low price of $1000.
The Job T'yl-, of a well assorted
- Job Office, toge-ther with the cabinet,
and Job Press, Lead and Brass Rule
. Cutter, etc. Price $550.
s22tf Shreveport, La.
M. Shannon. Terms, in advance,
.0)ail per annutin, 8; Weekly, 83.
shis*eVoart Pricea. (u1srmiut.
Cortected Eipressly for lth Daily New
SUGAR.......... .. @ J 2S
COCPEE........... 00 6W 40
lRlce........... 0 ra 7
BAcos, Sihouldters. 14 a 04)
JIuns .... 1) rte, 00
SSides ..... 00 'R 1S
L.Tto ............ 15 4v 17
Horný ............ . 10 " 12.4
l iix............ . rw 7
J it,'x CI o '. t Ti.'s, 0 10
Cuis a .h .......... 121 e 1.1
SPt'NVfARX ........ 2') -
L A. "...... ..... 9 u I0
I l.qK ', 1P gall.. ti(t, 1 0
MoLssrs....... . ::; a 40
OIL, Lardr..... 1 5O '.-
Liuise-id .. .. I 75 la -
FLor'c, 1P haLrril.. O 00 I00 ()0
" 'Texns 100 1li, :; 0(10 ' 4 00
lt(,Hts............ 2S 00 'ai30
LiM.E'I'......... 5 00 z-
1'ioTr.loEs, i barrel :; ii 'a. 0 O0
IIAI.tiiNu ., Judia... It ; Ia
KeIntuekv 1 'a 20o
CLons, F4 busheil... I5 ( io
S)AT '.. ... ... .. .. () a 00
IRAN., dir cwt..... 1 1: 'a
iHAV............ 2 75 ra
I'olWl i:t, ' Keg.. 20 00 ra 2: O0
NAIi.. .... ...... 00 41 9 00
Silt4l), ". hag..... 2 :31. 2 e15
SAIr, P Sack .... 4 50 "a 5 00
r 1' IltEtlil'........ 1 00 ' 2 DG
D)ow, COTr'roxN.. 4 00 1a
tlirvi~lort ('ottollt 1.arket
('orrclctId irprrssly for the I)aily N al\w.
ullatirior................. 0 -a, O
()rdiarv. ............. 0 O 0
(;(oaad (Irdtlilarv....... 0 ra: 0
I.1tw hiddling......... 7 0
3liddlig.-................ -
(;odl Middlin....... 9 'a 1
N t " ()rhilir, LIrice-, (!lrl*.t aI
.1t:.AI....... ...... 4 a 9
(',v -"F' --"......... 01 a' 0O
It r, _.. ...... . 4 g 4a
.A1 : ,N Should r's.. 00 'Ti); (0
lli: s. .:.... 222 'a; 25
SIts .... 00 ,' 0(0
LAR.. i, ............ 00 ra) a 2,
liLtiri ,. ...... ..... 00 a, 16
1 u,x...... ..... i, ..
(' .\ l .S ....-.- .. 3.5 v 42
('II- t i: .......... 00 'a 00
1it NYAN........ (01
I-:.1D ........... .. 14 i' 15
41' .1ay, g gall.. i5 4t 90
I,.A SIS) (il ........ aF 2
S.ilAn'-d, ... 1 7D5 p 2 00
'.lt'Ir, L Uir re. 0 00 a S 25
I'n,tut . _.....-.... . 4 ) 00 aOl) 0)0
1Ii,. . . ........... 4 400 'i 5 00
\ slt:; t, ....... .. 3 00 '
C'iME ', ......... i (10 'a
'ta'I':AT(iI:-s, hil .1 i00 fa 4 54)
IAI til.1i, ludi:... 19 ga 22
KIntucky,. o00 Is
(4,iR\, P liatisltl... 'o. 9t
)A'j s ............ 0 00 fi 0 70
13l.1,, P 100 his . 1 95 fa 2 15
J[Ay, PV ta.ia...9 00 ra 40 00(
]'Jtlvt' :li, P kta'... (11 04) '.llO 0o)
NA:I............. 0 07 io 1(
l0r1t('','P h1.g ....... 3 25 G 3 ,50
1A.'I, , stack..... :" 00 a : 75
Slhretvaport, 1- ida. %1iltai1tc
('orrectr'd )aily by N. I;. InTryu
)uR 1li.Es.............. 5 % 6
1( ; I ;I N 44 .......... 2 a;
1 1t.iil SKi. ........ . 1( ]2.
( C.'(lN ol- ........... 5 . . 10
f )I'rri:n.. . ............. 25 a 1 4)1)
. llia:. a\'.X............ .0 'a -
TI 'a.il.tDa .............. 6 r -
Sutiba, 1 rihlrt' w haa daa !ot iive aexa trsl.a4
not ic- to tile contrlary, aret caniaiicdra|d
l.· wi.shinl to coltiiutte the suIbscrill
If bsuril'lbers ordeur the dis.contii
ua ti t tli'tii r phal yis,' thla Iltulishislia
t iay cOtilaIluce to teid tlhei t ill all that
s due be laid.
If subscribe'rs re'novle to oth er 1pla'e.
Sithout intfoinilng tilt, pullisher, aind
the " "ler is sent to tihe trnmer dirtec
- tion, they are held respoisibale.
'T'hl courtshave decided that r, us
y' ilg to take a paper or periodical tfrom
c,I the oftice, is pr-ima face evidence of
3.1 fraud

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